Okay, a fair number of snags.

But I’m adding the forum links. There are some glitches, due to how the forum is set up, but everything is now working, mostly, as intended.

Hopefully things will be really done by Wednesday.


Site Update in Progress

You know, that SHOULD be apparent from the previous news message, but the board users might be on here to see it.

Hint: If you’re getting a 404 page, Vox is working. Come back in an hour.

I don’t know… rewatch the Volume 2 trailer over and over.

But hey, new front page is DONE, son. Just need to renable the navigation stuff when the board update is finished.

Under Construction

Things are starting to shape together. This is a test news post.

… Well, okay, it’s the initial test page that WordPress generates. But screw that.