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Hey, Iím back! Also, an apology.


Hey guys, Iím back for a while, though I do want to say sorry. These apologies are for people who I said that I was going to do some certain stuffs, but ended up not doing those. What I said at the time was true, but I changed my mind on those ages ago, out of a lack of interest. Things change, Iím sorry if you guys were looking forward to it.

To those who arenít involved, or not: Heyy! Iím back, you donít need to worry about my apologies above if youíre not involved. I donít know whoís serious about what I said, but Iíll see. Anyways, Iím back. I hope I can have a good time with you all. See you. :)

Greetings, returner! I know thee not, but welcome thee anyway. Here, have a muffin.

I was expecting your usual Muffin launcher, Riven.

I'm in the same position as the aforementioned, but doesn't stop me from extending a welcoming hand back :) You may need to revamp your character slightly to get up-to-date with the current standards, but with the help of mods this should be easily done. If there's any trouble, the RWBY spreadsheet should give you plenty of ideas.


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