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The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter and the Hunted [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 03:57:08 PM »
S C E N E ~ M U S I C 
Misty Mountains
by Derek & Brandon Fiechter

Spring in the southern Sanus mountains is certainly not without both charm and peculiarity. As life re-emerges from the long winter sleep it leaves its mark everywhere, even the steepest rocky outcrop. With plants and animals resurgent there is a lot to take in... and, unfortunately, a great deal that could conceal the days-old trail of a missing Huntsman. A plan was most certainly needed.

Just after Kisha put her Scroll away, it chimed with an incoming call. Given the remote and hazardous nature of her assignment, the academy leadership had thought it best to assign support for the young portal-wielder -- that said, the timing hadn't been particularly good. Those Huntsman and Huntresses operating in the region were either incommunicado or unavailable, and Beacon's own teaching staff and experienced teams were running a bit thin on the ground as well. Though no one was available to join her hunt, that didn't mean that Kisha was in this alone. The incoming call showed as from Professor Budonoki, though the signal was weak this far out. Once the call was answered the old Faunus' voice could be heard through a cloud of muffling static.

"Ah, miss Miles! Safely arrived outside of Pactois, I hope?"

As Merletta began quietly ushering the bar patrons out, the knot in Budonoki's stomach only wound tighter. Eyes narrowing and ears twitching ever so slightly, he could almost sense the danger in the air. Merletta clearly had the measure of the situation -- following her lead was best, but he couldn't help but try to read into it further. Was she trying to clear the room? It seemed so. Was their group about to be attacked?

The first red-hot rod of Dust that came crashing down answered that question with perfect clarity.

Everything afterwards happened at exceptional speed, including him. As fiery bolts rained down one after another into the bar the professor quickly grabbed up his Scroll and moved back behind the provided smokescreen, narrowly dodging a shot that came within inches of clipping his whiskers. Budo was no frequent patron of bars but he knew that all city buildings needed fire protection, doubly so because flammables were stored here. It didn't take long to spot a handheld fire extinguisher mounted next to a fire alarm lever. One would be virtually useless on its own, the other would overwhelm his senses... but that didn't mean he couldn't salvage something useful. Dismantling the extinguisher was quick and easy work -- as it used a combination of steam and ice Dust it was, effectively, like any cartridge-based weapon and thus designed to have it's Dust core removed and exchanged. He looked up just in time to see Cerulean crash through the front window; it was a madman's gamble, dashing out into a sniper's line of fire like that! If he didn't get help, odds were good he'd get himself killed. "Merletta, catch!" If she applied her Aura directly to the Dust core -- or combined its power with her Semblance -- this fire would be out in short order. Hopefully then she could do something about their over-eager comrade; Budonoki, for his part, had his own charge to attend to.

Catching up with Justice, the professor fell into lock-step just behind him until they found their way to the rear exit. "Be careful -- they're likely expecting us to leave this way." Even if it was a trap, though, there wasn't much choice in the matter -- staying put was suicidal, and trying to rush whatever gunner had ambushed them was likely to just make the group easier targets. As a teacher at Beacon he couldn't very well let a student, even one as experienced and capable as Justice was, take this path alone. With any luck their attackers weren't truly prepared to face a veteran Huntsman and an ace student in tandem.

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:15:13 AM »
"A fine offer, though like yourself I prefer to remain largely anonymous in my dealings. On that note, I must commend you -- finding any sort of information on you has proven remarkably difficult, miss Petrichor, and I pride myself on being well informed." The voice on the other end paused, as if deliberating. "For many reasons I cannot meet you in person, at least not yet. However, I respect your preference for a face-to-face. Would you consider meeting another in my place? She is a trusted contact: discreet, capable, and empowered to speak on my behalf."

The Vale Region / The Hunter and the Hunted [CLOSED]
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:04:09 AM »
They call it 'the storm walker'.

Legends about it have floated around the mountains outside of Pactois for generations, going back to the very founding of the town. A gaunt figure, appearing out of the mist and rain to ambush travelers on the narrow mountain roads or snatch away children when their parents' backs were turned. People not from Pactois tend to dismiss the stories, chalking up disappearances and deaths to everything from bandit activity and common Grimm to taking a bad step and a long fall. The thing is, the mountains tend to deter bandits and Grimm alike -- the entire reason why the town was built in such a remote locale to begin with -- and anyone who's grown up in Pactois would naturally learn to master the terrain. The locals know all of this, and tell it to anyone who will listen... yet, the few times that Huntresses or Huntsman have come out this way has led to nothing. No findings, no slain Grimm, nothing at all.

Until one decided not to leave. Halard Jacobson wasn't an old man when he first came to Pactois; like other Huntsmen before him he'd been called out this way to investigate 'the terror of the mountains', but though he didn't find his quarry he had found something. A girl, one of the locals... and the love of his life. Halard never left Pactois after that, opting instead to settle down in the small mountain town. There were many quiet, peaceful years together after that -- though tales of the storm walker continued to circulate, and people went missing from time to time, the town itself was never directly attacked. It could have gone on like that forever... except, these things have a way of going horribly wrong. When, after over a decade of marriage, Halard's wife didn't come home one night...

... well, you can imagine. Halard's search left no stone unturned; she'd last been seen on the road to the local trade outpost when a storm suddenly rolled in, and then she was just gone, like so many others. But the ex-Huntsman refused to relent, even when the trail grew cold. It took him years, but he finally found the beast -- or rather, it found him. Just like with his wife it ambushed him during bad weather, using the fog and storm as cover for its attack -- unlike her, he managed to survive, though not without injuries. Ever since, Halard took it upon himself not to let the beast have any more prey: he's trained up every willing volunteer within Pactois to become a town militia, set up patrol routes, bolstered defenses, and generally done everything he could think of to thwart his lifelong foe. And it's worked: barely anyone has gone missing since Halard's watch took over. There was even talk that the storm walker might have left, or been starved out, or just died of old age.

At least, until the night that a bad storm swept over Pactois. Amid the thunder and lightning came the screams and weapons-fire -- it came out of nowhere, scaled the town walls with terrifying ease, and slaughtered three guards in the blink of an eye before smashing its way into the nearest house. Before it was done an entire family lay dead in their beds, save the eldest son whom it dragged off into the night. The storm walker had never attacked the town before, and no one ever thought that it would. That it would not only attack, but stop so suddenly and withdraw, was strange beyond all reason. That night confirmed one thing, however: the storm walker was definitely a creature of Grimm, roughly human in shape and size with sharp, bony protrusions covering its back and arms.

In the aftermath of the attack, Halard grabbed his weapon and left town to hunt the beast back to its lair, determined to end this once and for all. That was three days ago. The village leaders have put out an urgent request to Beacon for whatever aid can be spared...

- Discover the whereabouts of Huntsman Halard Jacobson
- If possible, return Halard back to Pactois
- {OPTIONAL} Kill the 'storm walker'

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:19:58 PM »
The fox squirmed only slightly under Helena's healing touch, particularly at the start when its ribs were shifting, but as the process moved along the furry creature seemed to settle in fully, offering its complete trust. The light of restoration flowed through its body, followed by the gentle invisible current of Helena's own Aura. When it was all done, a moment of weary silence descended. Warily at first, the vulpine stirred. It tested its breathing with a deep intake, letting out a low but decidedly at-ease squeak as it exhaled. Then it flexed its back leg -- slowly at first, as though expecting pain, but with less and less reserve until the movement transitioned into a full-body stretch. Like a puppy its tail began to zip back and forth happily, and almost before Helena knew what was happening her rescue was clambering up to lick her face with nearly overwhelming affection.

It was right about then that Helena's Scroll chimed -- the signal was weak, no doubt due to the cave, but there was just enough of a connection for her to see it was Budonoki calling.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: May 06, 2018, 09:49:05 AM »

"Shut up! What do you guys want it for anyway?"

"Not your concern, child!" It seemed Fallon was done trying to talk things out, opting instead to fire round after round at Solar. The pistol shots crashed against the head of Solar's axe, deflecting on impact as she made her charge. Just as she'd predicted, when she came in for a low cleaving strike her opponent leapt away from it into a backflip... and that, as it turned out, was a huge mistake.

The charged-up headbutt caught him square in the middle of his back while upside down, and completely by surprise. Being in mid-air he had no effective way to dodge or even brace against the force that Solar slammed into him with. Lt. Fallon was sent flying through the air -- if uninterrupted he'd likely end up falling over the edge of the ship. There was, however, a small window of opportunity for Infrared to throw her explosives-laden backpack at him before he fell, potentially ending this fight just like the one with the Necro Gigas. It was at that moment, thought, that another option came into view: two Bullheads, emblazoned with White Fang iconography, moving towards the still-open airship entrance at low speed. She had mere seconds to make a choice.


Having easily (and rather brutally) dispatched the Fang grunts that had stood in his way, Rust was able to make it onto deck just in time to see the Fang lieutenant go flying and two Bullheads, likely full of reinforcements, appear outside the entrance.


As Akel's shots came flying at him Quisling dashed to get to cover, keeping low to the ground to make himself a smaller target and scrambling along like... well, like a rat. He silently swore that if he survived he'd pay back this indignity ten fold, on both of them. His lightweight Aura took hit after hit despite his best efforts and the partial concealment of his toxic haze, the pirate's fiery munitions not just lighting up the cavern around him with each shot but scorching away the fumes of his Semblance on contact. Curse these fools and their blind stubbornness!

He was three-quarters of the way to the rocks when Akel dashed out of the poison fog, blade bared and ready for him. He'd seen what she could do with it, watching from up close when she'd dispatched the skeletons earlier, and knew that a weapon like that would vastly outclass his short blades in striking power and resilience. His plan had been to keep her at a distance... and yet, now, she had the advantage. Eyes going wide, Quisling winced... knowing well what was to come next. The blade slashed at his Aura, uprooting him from his low stance and flinging him back out into the open -- the treacherous rodent hit the stone floor like a sack of bricks, his Aura crackling and dispersing as he did.

"Mercy! M-mercy I... I beg you!"

ENFORCER ~ Lt.Fallon :: ████████████▫▫▫▫▫▫ [72%] (EXPOSED)
SABOTEUR ~ Agent Quisling ::▫▫▫▫▫▫ [0% - AURA BROKEN]
WHITE FANG TROOPERS :: [6x] Defeated

Enemy Reinforcements have arrived!

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: May 05, 2018, 02:57:09 PM »
Rory nodded along attentively while Cami explained things to him. He could certainly relate -- in his own way, he was a "failure" as a combatant as well. Even though he could generate an Aura it stubbornly refused to support him offensively, and thought he could swing a sword or fire a gun his ability with such things was basic, at best. Sometimes it seemed like life, and even his own soul, were determined to make him a human punching bag... and keep him that way. "I completely respect where you're coming from, Cami. I know how hard it can be not fitting in, to feel unwanted... and how vital it can be to find something that's truly yours in life." He smiled at her, just a hint of sadness finding its way into his expression. "Please, continue."

Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« on: May 03, 2018, 05:26:49 PM »

Spoiler: show
The brutal woman scowled at Juno's response, clearly displeased, though at first she said nothing. With slow, deliberate steps she began to circle both students, keeping her distance but nonetheless maintaining her general sense of menace. "Brash. Direct. Intense. You're someone who hasn't been broken by the world yet -- you've always bounced back anytime you've been dealt a blow, always found a way over, around or through.." The scowl turned into something more primal, a fangs -- literal fangs -- baring snarl. "To think someone like you had a hand in my father's death. It's infuriating." She clenched one mechanical hand so tightly that Juno & Rory could hear the metal scratching and grinding itself, the hydraulics straining at their limits. "I should kill her -- take from you the way you've taken from me. I should make you SUFFER."

She paused, seeming to will herself calm without breaking her stride. "...You realize we could just take what we want from you? You students think you're so tough, but we're the only ones with weapons here. I'll bet you --"

"Deadman's switch." Rory, who'd kept one hand in his pocket since before they stepped into the room, interrupted the woman with those two words. The woman's eyes -- and likely several of the rifles -- locked onto him immediately as he slowly pulled out a device, looking very much like a modified pistol grip or flight stick, with his thumb firmly depressing a large central button. This had been the idea he'd had back at the apartment, and he'd filled Juno in on the details with a paper note before boarding the airship. "Any of you attack us, or so much as whisper another threat against Caja, and I'll trigger the suit's explosive fail-safe." It was, of course, a bluff -- Rory had no idea how to build a detonator and Juno's suit had no such fail-safe. The "detonator" was nothing of the sort; it couldn't blow anything up, but it could detect and trace radio and Scroll signals, feeding the data right into his goggles. If nothing else, it would give them a way to track these White Fang operatives if things went south. Buying the kit from a slightly disreputable merchant in Vale had cost him most of his savings... but there was no higher calling, no greater need, than this.

A long silence passed. The woman glared daggers at the boys but otherwise didn't act, only muttering profanities under her breath. Her next words were directed to her terrorist friends. "Open the crate."

Two additional White Fang members, who'd been keeping out of sight amid some storage boxes along the back wall, stepped into sight. With a crowbar the pried open a large wooden box and dragged out its contents: it was Caja, blindfolded and gagged with her hands bound behind her. The woman with the mechanical arms strode over to her forces and gestured for Caja to be moved forward at gunpoint. "Here's how this is going to work, you bastards: you hand over the suit and explain how to use it. When I'm satisfied, the hostage goes free and you disarm your goddamn switch. Got it?"


Spoiler: show
Sam would be just in time to overhear what unfolded in the wake of Verdant's theatrics. The nearest batch of Fang ambushers was laying low and in wait, their radio set low but still easily audible for someone with Sam's abilities. "A1 to all B teams, we have a troublemaker -- a particularly gutsy thief, it seems. B3 is down, B4 and B6 in pursuit. Take 'em out quickly and quietly; don't blow our cover until we get the signal."

"Think it might be one of 'em?" The whispered comment didn't seem to be directed into the radio, as a moment later another voice replied.

"Might be. Betcha B6 is gonna make a mess of it."

"If they do, Gesa's gonna make an example out of them. This'll be, what, three strikes now?"

"Four. It'll be latrine duty if they get off easy... and they won't, not after last time."

"Hell. Let's not get wrapped up in that. You got a bead on this thief yet?"

"Almost... almost..."

Verdant was now on the run from four Fangs. All were brandishing short blades and, despite having pistols at their hips, weren't firing. There wasn't even any shouting, and though they were running at speed it was clear they wanted to avoid drawing extra attention to themselves. One in the lead, the woman who'd spoken up upon finding him, had a somewhat different weapon from the others: a curved claw-like blade mounted to an upside-down T-grip. Not only was she better equipped, she was also a touch faster. Taking aim at Verdant, she practically whispered "Nothing personal, kid." before pulling the trigger and launching the blade, bound to a corded steel tether, at him like a harpoon.

The Vale Region / Within Nature ~ Training [Mikelobmike] (CLOSED)
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:40:38 PM »
When Teddy's turn for Budonoki's attention came, the old faunus led the younger to a spot not far from camp. Here the trees were thick and their shadows fell a deep amber, the air tinged with hints of sticky-sweet sap and decaying leaves. Budonoki kept to a casual, easy-going pace, letting the student fall into step without urgency.

"Though you may not know it, mister Williams," The surgeon-sage began. "You and I have a good bit in common. Besides both of us being faunus, we've also had much of our lives and world view defined by the actions of those who did -- and did not, unfortunately -- wish to see the peoples of Remnant live in peace with one another." He smiled over at Teddy, though the expression on his face was burdened with a quiet sorrow. "I'm sad to say that, although I never met your father, I have nothing but admiration for the way in which he lived his life. I suspect he would be proud to see you on the path to becoming a Huntsman yourself."

It was a heavy subject for simply being small talk, to be sure, and it seemed there was more that the old sage wanted to say... however, he stopped short, reconsidering. "Tell me... do you know where a Huntsman's greatest strength comes from?"

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:12:18 PM »
The fox whimpered as it watched Helena, though it seemed to gradually accept that she wasn't trying to harm it. As she reached out to sense the animal's injuries with her Semblance she would notice something else as well -- faint, hard to pin down, but definitely there. To her senses it would be like a tiny sputtering spark, a minuscule flame deep down at the very core reacting to her efforts... the seed of something much greater. Whether it had been the stress of its struggle for survival or a latent potential that had been there all along, this fox's soul was ready to have its Aura awakened.

Hesitantly at first, Helena's new friend reached out its snout and sniffed at her hand... then, after a few long moments, licked her outstretched fingers and whined plaintively, almost as though asking for her help. It let her go about her efforts, even staying relatively calm as she picked it up -- it winced at the motion, likely more out of reflexive fear for its injuries than any actual pain, but was otherwise unafraid, continuing merely to whine in its soft, high-pitched voice as the water washed over its wounds.

Her patient, it seemed, had given itself completely over to her care.

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:33:42 PM »
S C E N E ~ M U S I C
by Synkro

The Scroll rang exactly three times, exactly to the measure, before 'The Lady' picked up. The voice on the other end was feminine but distorted sounding, as though run through a synthesizer and remixed to strip away all sense of music from the voice -- what remained was a skeleton of tone and timbre accented with a dull echo and a dry electric crackle deep in its undertones. The effect was at once mysterious and impersonal, nevertheless there was no menace in it.

"Thank you for making this call, miss Petrichor. I'm known as the Lady of a Thousand Faces, and we have similar interests in, shall we say, the procurement of hard to come by goods. I was wondering if you might be willing in doing a little work for me. I promise fair pay for moderate risk, and you won't even have to leave Vale. What's more, you can keep half of what we'd be acquiring. Are you interested?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: April 22, 2018, 12:16:12 PM »
"Who. Are. You. People!?"

The lieutenant with the sword met her axe-swinging charge blade-to-blade, deflecting her heavy swings a few times before sidestepping and taking a swing back at her. "What?? Do you live in this cave, girl?!" There was a laughing mockery in Fallon's voice that shifted over to pride and arrogance with his next words. "WE are the White Fang -- protectors and avengers of the faunus, bane of bloody-handed humanity!" He feigned another swipe, then pulled the blade back and thrust it into a jab aimed at her shoulder. "We're the ones you and the others should be siding with..." Moving back a step, he pulled a pistol from a holster behind his back and aimed it squarely at Solar. "... The ones who will bring peace and order to the world, and justice to our oppressed race."

"So... last chance: surrender yourselves and the crown, and all will be forgiven. What do you say, hm?"

Meanwhile, the White Fang troopers had moved to secure the area as best they could. Three of them had their rifles aimed at Infrared while the other half of the squad made their way down the ship's ramp, heading for where Rust, Akel, and Cordell were. Those who'd stayed on deck seemed wary, watching Infrared as she began to head for the unattended bag. "YOU! Stop, or we'll open fire!" It seemed she'd have to choose between dashing for the bag, taking on the threats, or juggling both at once somehow.

"Hiding like a rat? Absolutely despicable. A coward through and through, you won't be getting that crown, not today and not ever."

From his hiding place, Quisling scowled. He hated when people called him that; he hadn't worked his way into being an infiltrator for the Fang just to get treated like some... some rodent! He was really starting to detest this lot -- even if they were fellow faunus, they were making this much harder than it had to be. When Akel's first shots rang out, though, his scowl turned to a slight grin. Thinking his decoy had already drawn their attention (and entirely unaware that Alek was two steps ahead of him), the saboteur began to ease out from hiding with the aim to ambush the student and the pirate -- however, he wouldn't even get his second step before a volley of fire came at him. Two shots went wide but the other two made their mark; screeching, Quisling reeled back as his sickly green Aura flared from unexpected impacts to his chest and arm. The light, however brief, was enough to clearly paint his location in the dark.

And that wasn't the only fire coming his way, either.

While Akel had been employing her clever tactic, Cordell had been pulling out one of her space ammo cartridges. Now with Quisling visible she quickly swapped it in and fired -- an FE-02 that lit up a huge area as its fireball erupted. Her first shot went wide, hitting the floor some distance from target, but it exposed his location plain as day. "There's th' bastard!"

Terrified, Quisling scrambled towards a large pile of rocks. He was out in the open until he reached it, though... a prime target for Akel's .223s.

As Rust went to rejoin Solar and Infrared onboard the Howling Storm, he'd find himself with a bit of a speedbump -- three White Fang footsoldiers coming down the boarding ramp towards him. Seeing the merc in modified Atlas armor coming towards them, all three abruptly halted in their steps, raised their rifles... and hesitated. They were exposed and wide open on the ramp. All that Alizarin had to do was choose how to handle them.

ENFORCER ~ Lt.Fallon :: ██████████████████ [100%]
SABOTEUR ~ Agent Quisling :: ████▫▫ [65%]

Enemy Reinforcements in One Turn!

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: April 21, 2018, 07:05:18 PM »
Rory certainly had his share of questions to ask -- why had Whitaker wanted to ambush Royale, what each stood to gain from this mad powerplay, and perhaps most immediately why he seemed to certain Whitaker had already absconded -- but, given what passed between their "host" and Mythos, it seemed such matters would have to wait. At least for the moment it seemed the crazed chase and its life-or-death scenarios had come to an end, or at least a pause. Even as Royale's forces swept and secured the room Rory half expected to see a fresh set of goons burst through one of the doorways and he couldn't help but note how alert, almost twitchy, his senses seemed right then, alert to every possible threat... even though none was likely to come at all.

Disengaging his shields, he suddenly remembered the revolver he'd confiscated earlier. It had been a gamble whether it would've done him any good, but honestly he was grateful not to have needed it. He carefully pulled the handgun out and made his way to the nearest of Royale's security team, extending the handle in offer. "I took this off one of Whitaker's hired hands, up on the office level during the initial ambush. Not really looking to keep it." He paused. "So... how much did your boss know in advance? Or is that something I'd need to take up with him?"

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: April 21, 2018, 06:43:14 PM »
"Y-yes, certainly." He smiled nervously, not quite sure how to take her comment. The ship models were rung up quickly and bagged. "Your total comes to..." He glanced at a records book, just to make sure. "2650 lien, since you prepaid for the, er, special order. Any other goods I can look into for you, miss Petrichor?"

(OOC: I'm using this for lien values, since there isn't yet anything canonically established. Basically the two models cost around $20 USD each, which is pretty average for model kits overall. Figured you'd appreciate the frame of reference.)

Plot Zone / Re: Plot Requests? Post here! (0 OPEN)
« on: April 21, 2018, 06:23:13 PM »
Plot Requests are now reopened!
3 2 Slots Available

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