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Teams / Re: Looking for a 1st year Beacon team
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 04:24:02 AM »
wow r00d, but yes I would agree.

CASA is claimed by yours truly, we could make ASTC again but CAST has my vote unless the rest of ya can think of something better.
Teams / Re: Looking for a 1st year Beacon team
« Last post by L-Money on Today at 01:40:01 AM »
I vote for Camelia to be the leader since she has more experience in character and is nicer than Tieren.

I also put our characters initials in the team generator and here are some of my favorites I found:

 BATS (Black), ACTS (Red curtain color), BAST (Blast explosion color so orangy?), CAST (White), CASA (Red but I think someone is already using this), CABG (cabbage green), STAB (Red), SASA (Salsa red).
Teams / Re: Looking for a 1st year Beacon team
« Last post by Erukolindo on December 14, 2018, 01:32:17 PM »
Alright. Since both Saffron and Attom tend to fight from behind the first line, I'd prefer to have Tieren and Camelia as the other two. Of course if you prefer to use the other characters I have noting against it.

So now we have to decide on the leader (Saffron is not a great candidate, since she is way too focused on her own goals) and name (which I have no ideas for at the moment).
Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« Last post by Siuwa on December 14, 2018, 05:03:05 AM »
Just did.
Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on December 14, 2018, 04:22:54 AM »
did you add a bit on how fast the wires move?
Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on December 13, 2018, 09:21:27 PM »
Looking at people’s injuries from a previous tourney?  That seems kinda, well, morbid in Toast’s eyes, especially since there’s a tournament happening right now that will probably yield in some form of injury, most likely.  But then again, there’s a break in the action right now, so maybe she’s just passing the time in her own way.  Still kinda weird, though.

The other girl was also bizarre, but mostly because she’s wearing incredibly light clothing for the weather yet doesn’t appear fazed by the cold.  How can that be?  Does she just, like, radiate heat, or something?  Wait, could that be her semblance?  Well, only one way to find out…

Instead of answering Diana’s question, Toast instead puts his head a little bit too close, tucking his bucket of popcorn under one of his arms and holding out the other towards her, making himself look like a homeless man warming himself by a dumpster fire.  Sensing no heat, though, he quickly—and deftly—circles around her, searching for whatever magic that is keeping the girl from shivering in the frigid temperatures of Atlas.  His search is ultimately fruitless, and once he’s completed two quick revolutions, his face pops up to ask her, ”Aren’t you cold?”

But before Diana can respond, he suddenly spins around and knocks himself on the forehead, as if he just remembered something.  ”Right, I forgot to introduce myself!” he proclaims, as if that’s the most pressing issue at the moment.  Whirling back around towards the two ladies and says with an oblivious grin, ”Yo, I’m Toast, I do magic and flips and shit.”

With his introduction over, he brings the bucket of popcorn back to its original position, takes a handful of popcorn, and shoves it into his mouth.  Interestingly, if anyone cared to notice, not a single dropped piece of popcorn could be found in the immediate area, despite all of the shenanigans.  Turning toward the scroll, which was still displaying the recording of the last tournament, Toast says (with his mouth still full), ”So, watching the previous fights, huh?  Which fight’s that one?”   
Teams / Re: Looking for a 1st year Beacon team
« Last post by L-Money on December 13, 2018, 08:03:20 PM »
I'm in with Attom Goldwyn If you'll have him.
Approved Characters / Re: Attom Goldwyn
« Last post by Vision on December 13, 2018, 03:57:05 PM »
Had a minor formatting tip over discord, other than that character and profile are great, and I don't have anything to comment on.

2/2, approved and moved.
Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
« Last post by Vision on December 13, 2018, 08:10:03 AM »
Ahh missed that in my re-read, my bad.

And all good, edits approved.
Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
« Last post by DEXES on December 13, 2018, 08:03:43 AM »
We all got a life outside the forum, so it's fine.

Quick note to the dust part, Kisha can (already before I did the edits) only carry a limited amount of dust-types with her (which are three + the arrows with no modification) and there shouldn't be any difference with the amount of her using the arrows in a fight.

Yeah, kinda suspected that there would be some flaws with that. It's okay, I edited it out.
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