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Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on November 29, 2018, 09:40:02 PM »
’That’s admirable outlook, Miss Miles, perhaps you are right. Another pair of helping hands or voice of reason could have saved me a great deal of strife. Of course, just as likely the opposite would occur, if they couldn’t save themselves maybe I try fruitlessly to save them and lose myself in the process. Or maybe they aren’t a voice of reason after all and in fact push us further to oblivion which we can’t escape.’ Calen responded a slight grin remaining despite his grim words. ’It worked out, just as I’m sure this will work out in turn. I realise I might be being a mood killer again but I’m not trying to be, things work out. For better or worse.’ Calen continued before looking back over to Kisha. Initially, a bit worried his little stunt with his semblance and seriously injured his companion Calen was relieved if a bit overwhelmed that rather than being upset Kisha was eager to try it again, overly eager.

Making more of a show of mulling the idea over than he actually needed Calen gave Kisha a shrug and a nod, singling he would try to launch the boat again. It was hard to say no, despite his cold exterior and skeletal appearance Calen was nevertheless human and although he hated the weakness that entailed he was still a victim to it. ’Well I guess I’m not going to catch anything with you making so much noise. Hold tighter this time and the stern of the boat might be a good place to stand, if you don’t mind getting wet.’ Calen remarked as he moved to get the rudder and sail under control. Despite his declaration of intent it still took a while for Calen to actually try to launch the boat again, stowing away his gear, turning the ship so they wouldn’t shoot themselves too far out to sea as well as simply giving himself some time to catch his breath took time. He probably only had another one or two of this after which he would collapse but then again did he really need to eat? His stomach growled as to answer the question but Calen ignored it to focus on what’s coming ahead.

Waiting until the boat was at the high point of a wave Calen launched the boat forward again getting a little bit more air and distance this time as there were fewer waves directly in the way. Of course, this meant that although the sensations of flight and falling and the view was even more spectacular, the crashing back into the sea was even harder. The entire craft seemed to groan under the weight of impact as well as the deck becoming awash with sea water, the latter was more an inconvenience but the former did remain Calen that this boat was of questionable seaworthiness, to begin with, and all this flying around couldn’t be helping it. A good excuse for Calen who slumped forward, just barely keeping a loose grip on the rudder and sail. Looking up at Kisha Calen rather slyly remarked. ’See sometimes knowing... what’s going to happen ...means you can properly appreciate it when it... does.’ Calen teased still clearly very short of breath.

Hoping the turn their interaction into something a little less physically exerting Calen tried to start a more passive conversation. Unfortunately, in his exhausted state it was difficult for Calen to think about a good conversation starter. ’So Miss Miles…. What’s your favourite colour?’ Calen asked hoping his starter was closer to humorously bad than embarrassingly bad, even in this state Calen still cared a lot about how he was perceived by others.
RPG Discussion / Limitations of Weapons and Dust
« Last post by Hobro on November 29, 2018, 07:32:17 PM »
Did some digging around in the template and a thought crossed my mind. Theoretically, what are the limitations of a weapons interaction with dust? Could a sufficiently advanced weapon be developed by say Atlas to "simulate" Weiss' Glyphs? Perhaps projecting them? Or is it more a limit of the dust influencing the weapon (or ammunition) itself? I understand that Weiss' glyphs are a semblance in the case of my initial example but if anything some sort of repeatable 'function of dust' would likely be something that a military organization would want to capture and emulate. My assumption is that projecting dust like effects beyond a weapon requires a semblance that interacts with dust, I just wanted to confirm that.
Approved Characters / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Xarias Fury on November 29, 2018, 07:20:04 PM »
Approved Characters / Re: Patrick Iris
« Last post by Hobro on November 29, 2018, 07:13:56 PM »
Thank you!

Okay good point, I went ahead and added two more weaknesses, that should be sufficient. I included one as a measure of his tolerance to (average) grimm exposure.

Yeah I wanted to avoid the word "flail" as the savage imagry that a flail implies did not sit well with the overall theme of the character. I went ahead and put that in for reference. I was going for something not unlike a kusari-gama or the morningstar whip of the castlevania series. Word economy is nice but giving pure visual in the description of the weapon was my goal.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Siuwa on November 29, 2018, 05:02:02 AM »
Cat doesn't know the full story of Prism's encounters before he showed up, but it would be rude not to accept that explanation. "I understand. I am at least partially at fault after all."

Cat nods to Prism simply stating the obvious solution of 'why not both'. "So, large-scale international social engineering. Diplomatic pressure from the top down and education from the bottom up. On a personal level. refuse purchasing 'blood Dust' and contact your local representative. Join protests and write a blog, or at least share one on the internet. Sometimes it takes just one viral social campaign to change the entire society on the views towards a subject."

Catalina silently inhales as he failed to simply join the game and put the Faunus thing to be a side discussion, but he argues his points nonetheless. "No, you’ve mistaken the conclusion. The Faunus Rights Revolution is fought for equality, not supremacy or extermination. Meaning, after the dust is settled and the rights enforced, you are still going back home, meeting the same people you did before the fighting, sometimes even people you once pointed your gun towards. Dehuman- depersonalization is a strategy favored by war propaganda throughout history, but all it does is let people fight harder, not reconcile their differences and admit where they have done wrong, which was the actual goal back then. If the target is to coexist peacefully and fairly with who you are fighting, then it follows that how the other party feels should be taken into consideration on the peace table. This is also the reason why the 'collateral damage' by 'overly enthusiastic soldiers' is an unacceptable endeavor even in a war of conquest and chemical and biological warfare in no circumstances whatsoever: the aim is to defeat the combatants to achieve gains, not to inflict mass suffering; that would be an absolute atrocity both in humanitarian and utilitarian terms. Therefore allow me to reiterate what I said, that even in an open rebellion such as the Faunus Rights Revolution the feeling of the party you are fighting against is important. For one it can allow the belligerents to reach peace more easily because it is more likely to be acceptable when it's understood that's it's not personal and for another, it avoids leftover tension and resentment when the war is over. Therefore, fight if you have to, but treat your enemies like they are someone you fight because you have to, not some sort of monster that you just throw aside,"

Catalina’s expression turned stern, “And I’m sure you never did this, but never compare a person to the Creatures of-” Cat wanted to finish the sentence but realized what he meant probably goes without saying.

Then he deflates again, “Sorry, but I probably have strawmanned you there. I shouldn’t have implied that you thought the slavers as inhuman.
Approved Characters / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Erukolindo on November 29, 2018, 12:45:36 AM »
I changed the age at which she joined the academy to 17. Also added two new parts:

In character history:
She then returned home, unlike most students, who stayed at the academy for another year or two to gain skills related to the specialization they chose.

And in weapon's dust functions:
In it's secondary form, due to increased volume of the handle, significantly more dust can be inserted, allowing even a powerful beam (which, if used with fire dust is hot enough to melt aluminum, while the weakest setting requires 2-3 seconds to cause a 1st degree burn) to last for almost 10 seconds if filled completely
Approved Characters / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Xarias Fury on November 28, 2018, 09:24:14 PM »
Hello, sorry for the delay. Now regarding the whole medical school thing. Even if children seem to be trained at a young age to fight in rwbyverse it's not until the latter years that they undergo actual true huntsman training, at least from what we know of.

Given her entrance age to Beacon, it would actually make more sense to have her enter proper accelerated medical training at age 17-18, which gives more than enough time to have some degree of actual medical training albeit incomplete by the time she enters Beacon. 14 is a tad  too young to start actual medical training, given that highschoolers are kind of dumb, and combat training or sports in general as a good parallel can be started early as well irl but education doesn't tend to follow this pattern.

This doesn't apply to actual medical schools in real life, but there is leeway with accelerated programs. My suggestion is bump up the age to 17-18 for actual medical school (Atlas being a stiff for rules is also one factor why 14 is too early), maybe state that she opted for a transfer giving her knowledge but not full medical training. She could always specialize while in Beacon and while she won't be a full doctor, she could always specialize through electives and stuff as a good first responder at her current level.

Other parts seem solid, and overall pretty well written.

I also personally like how you mentioned reinforcing of the actually brittle obsidian with aura to be able to make it feasible for a huntress in training, unlike irl.

One last note about the weapon - If you could add a good equivalent or gauge of how strong the beams could be, from weakest to strongest, that could help assess the overall power and avoid melting through steel shenanigens with little dust usage.

Sorry for the delay again, and if you want on the spot (and faster) discussions, we always just hang out on discord. Don't be afraid to ask for help, only some of us bite.

The Vale Region / Re: Big Guns and Bigger Booms [CLOSED]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on November 28, 2018, 06:39:41 PM »
Wait, she can make ammo for any kind of gun?  That’s…convenient, if it’s true.  Color Smokey doubtful, though.  The Good News is a specialty weapon that uses a metric fuck-load of dust.  If there’s really such a powerful semblance out there that can recreate an Article on a whim, then he wouldn’t have to worry about funding his weapon at all.  He’s not saying Lunae’s lying about her semblance, he’s just doubting its implied capabilities. 

But Smokey doesn’t get a chance to ask for clarification, as Lunae waltzes out the door as carefree as can be.  Smokey, now alone, looks around the room in a bit of confusion, processing the events of the last minute.  Did all of that really just happen?  He pinches himself to make sure the two people he just met weren’t just apparitions, considering how quickly they showed and disappeared.  Satisfied that he isn’t dreaming, he shrugs his shoulders and makes his way to his locker.  The professor did say he’d need less ammunition that normal, but he didn’t say what to fill the extra space with.  So, Smokey just loads up his normal amount of ammunition.  After all, there ain’t no kill like overkill.

Decked out in his combat attire, Smokey made his way to the landing zone.  The Good News is strapped to his back in storage form, giving it the guise of an overly-convoluted box.  Matchstick is in its usual place, strapped to his waist inside his coat, and all of his dust is present and accounted for.  He has everything he needs, but his bad habit of constantly running through his mental checklist before a mission won’t let him be satisfied.  He just runs through it again and again until he reaches the designated rendezvous point.

Professor Talandar did say there was no rush, but he also implied that he wanted to get started as soon as possible, so there’s really no telling if Smokey’s late or not until he arrives on location. 
Approved Characters / Re: Patrick Iris
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on November 28, 2018, 04:45:13 PM »
OK, it's a nice attempt and there are only a few small things I'd like cleaned up.

Most pressing is on the topic of combat weaknesses, we aim for two to three and Patrick only really seems to have one. I would also like a little bit more detail on how 'being overwhelmed by negativity' works with Grimm. So like if Patrick was fighting alone would it ever get to the point that the simple number/power of the Grimm would defeat him before their claws? If so, in rough estimation, what is that point?

Unless there is a reason you are avoiding the term a 'mace-and-chain style weapon' is called a flail.

Best of luck

The Vale Region / Re: Big Guns and Bigger Booms [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on November 28, 2018, 02:12:38 PM »
”Oh, he’s like that. Just leaves the explanation off his thoughts.” Lunae replied, rocking back and forth thoughtfully. ”But in fairness, I’ve been in his lessons and you haven’t. It’s to do with my Semblance - I can generate bullets, rockets, grenades, arrows, anything you can name. And yes, that goes for any ranged weapon, even your gigantic cannon. I’m a walking ammo box.” she giggled. ”Rockets are expensive, too, as you should know, and there’s no way I could get through a year of blowing everything I saw up without sending my family into bankruptcy. My Semblance’s a godsend - both to me and any teammate who needs a reload.”

”Anyway, I don’t need anything, so I’ll wait at the landing zone! Seeya!” Lunae called, turning to leave the room before Smokey could say anything. ’Don’t take too long now!”
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