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The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« Last post by Walter on September 14, 2018, 08:58:58 AM »
Anza watched with an equally awkward expression as her partner for the mission proceeded to have an outburst of excitement - of course, the girl was giddy about the task ahead herself, but... Not to that level, right?

"Yea!" Anza finally responded, shaking Kisha's hand before taking her seat. "Same here, Kisha! I think this is gonna be a whole lotta fun - don't get ta' use my bow to its fullest extent much!" the girl said, patting War Eagle on her back.

Here's hoping all things go smoothly, yea?" she added, giving the other girl a thumbs up. Granted, she was expecting it to go well - not like the mission seemed all that risky.
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 2: Juno Vert vs. Billy Bone
« Last post by L-Money on September 14, 2018, 03:14:33 AM »
There was a loud CRACK as both Billy and the log collided. Billy saw the log had cracked after all the force of her flying backward after the kinetic shot. Billy herself was dazed as she looked around to see what she had done. Juno was on the other side of the field and she was back by the safety of her log. Albeit, much dirtier than she was before. She hopped over the log and switched ammo again. This time she went with her fire dust, explosive rounds. She took aim and fired off a round into Juno's shields hoping that there would be some knockback, if not some damage being taken.

1 explosive round doing 9% damage to Juno's shields

semblance inactive
Energy :75%
Akel became more frustrated as her opponent kept up the defensive but annoyed that her opponent didn't act as she had planned. Irritated she took note of Ayaka's obvious gasp as something that seemed forced and odd to what she had noticed from Ayaka.

Akel saw where her opponent's hands were leading and could tell that Ayaka would try to go for an attack straight away, without her weapon Akel had to go for the dodge and decided it would be best to jump over her opponent due to the size of her enemy's weapon. As planned, Akel landed beside her blade as she used her free hand to grip the blade while she felt the tug of the wire. Moving and putting the weapon between her opponent and herself, Akel would slide the wires while pulling them taut with the sound of the wires snapping, a semblance based slash impacting the blade. Not free Akel kept an eye on her opponent's blade for another semblance based strike as she let three bullets with a few seconds inbetween each shot to keep her opponent back.

[Aura 41%]
[bullets 3 x 3]
As the escape pod continued bobbing along the water the Kotick starting tightening their circling, occasionally brushing up against the craft as if looking for a reaction or an opening. The Grimm knew DALT and Cornell were inside but the fear the huntsmen and huntresses in training and pirate were feeling was much more controlled than they were used to, and it made them cautious. This prey wasn’t like others they had stalked in the wake of the behemoth below but that trepidation was quickly running out, bumps became scratches, biting into the thick metal plating deeper and deeper each time resulting in horrific screeches as the plating started to give way. The pod was mostly stationary, however, without a pilot, the craft couldn’t navigate all the debris as well as the circling Grimm.

A burst of static came through the pod’s communication system, someone somewhere was trying to get into contact with them but the interference from the still raging storm made it difficult to get a clear signal. ’Alpha…. Romeo….. Theta…..Zulu….ond.’ Was all of the transmission those in the pod could make out, it sounded something like the Atlas confirmation code, used when broadcasting on open channels to ensure both the listener and receiver was friendly although it was too broken to be certain the confirmation code was accurate. There was also something about the voice that even through all the distortion and the static would sound slightly familiar to the still conscious members of DALT.

Speaking of the unconscious members of DALT, Dorian was still unresponsive but that did mean he started flying around the confined pod once the strikes from the Kotick got more and more intense. Without his aura to protect him the blunt force impacts where already causing a fair amount of blood to start seeping out of small scrapes. This wasn’t including the awkwardness of a mostly unconscious person fall into your lap when you a busy trying not to die.
Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on September 13, 2018, 07:01:10 PM »
Calen’s insistence on only eating the food he cooks himself can end up being quite an expensive endeavour. Calen’s medical poultices keep him with enough supplied with lien to survive particularly now he had gotten a bit of a name for himself as a Huntsman-in-Training but all the high-end clothing and weapon maintenance products add up. As dusk started to settle around the harbour Calen decided to try his hand at a bit of fishing, it was supposed to be the best time to do so or at least that was what his father said. As the sun dips below the horizon the air cools faster than the water which in turn leeches more warmth out of the air, which makes the fish hungry. As well as making the water more attractive. Calen mused to himself as he made Kisha out on the jetty.

Leaping down off the cliff above Calen flew down at a blitzing speed and would have gone crashing through the wooden jetty if it wasn’t for his semblance which cancelled out his downward momentum. Straightening out his black suit and green tie Calen then goes out to set up his fishing equipment, bait, the rod and a bucket of water to keep the fish fresh. ’Good evening young Miss, hope I’m not being too disruptive.’ Calen calls out to Kisha, he was now close enough to recognise her as a student as well as having earphones in. Which may mean his greeting would be missed but it would be impolite not to.

Regardless of Kisha’s reaction Calen started throwing out some practice casts, testing where the rocks are, where the drops are or other bits of debris could snag the fishing line. Food for the small fish would be growing around the rocks and sunken would which although not what Calen was looking for but would attract those he was. This meant that Calen would need to get his casts close to these rocks but not close enough the line would get trapped, it was more difficult than Calen was expecting but after a few casts he had found a few good spots. Now confident Calen started using bait to actually start fishing.
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Finally gonna make one of these
« Last post by ReaperJoe on September 13, 2018, 04:11:55 PM »
It's in the getting started link under rules and information.  Its kinda hidden away, so its pretty easy to miss, so here's a link to the post.
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Finally gonna make one of these
« Last post by GingerAvalanche on September 13, 2018, 03:48:30 PM »
Hey there, I’m GingerAvalanche, because I’m a ginger and things have a tendency to fall on me.

You may know me from such characters as Lilla Bleidd and Dominique Pentaghast, nicknamed Alice, but you probably don’t because Lilla only appeared in 2 threads and Alice in 0.

I was around about a year ago and then disappeared 7 months ago, and now I’m back from outer space. I’m also havig trouble finding a link to the discord, so if I could get one of those so y’all can make fun of me for being unable to find a link, I’d appreciate it.
The Vale Region / Re: Through rivalry and friendship... and a bunch of Grimm [closed]
« Last post by DEXES on September 13, 2018, 01:38:06 PM »
Mikado gave Smokey a quick glance. So he needed his help, eh? Well then-

His "inner monologue" was interrupted and he looked up to see Siu's Cranes kill the Nevermore. He snorted annoyed. Why even bother to send the dragon into the air when Siu kills the Nevermore anyway? Although he should be grateful that he no longer has to take care of it, he was still annoyed. Mikado quickly whistles Kiro back to himself, just in time, as the big, or rather huge, Deathstalker lunged into the area of the battlefield and gave a gruff battle cry.

"Let's do this." Mikado said to Smokey before charging at the Deathstalker. He gave Kiro a quick hand signal and in the same movement split his staff in two, which, however, was still held together by the Metallic Chain of the Kusarigama. The Deathstalker had already prepared his attack and stride out with his powerful claws to attack Mikado, but he ducked just in time and slipped easily under the attack. However, this didn't happen without piercing the end of his Kusarigama with full force into the claw of the Grimm, so that it stuck in the hard, but free of the bone-like armor skin.

Mikado slid a little further underneath the Deathstalker's abdomen, before he quickly rolled to the side, rolling out between the second and third pair of legs, and pulled vigorously on the Kusarigama piece that he still held in his hands. Without question, his strength was not nearly enough to bring the Deathstalker to the ground, but it didn't have to. As the Grimm tried to turn around to Mikado, his legs tangled in the small but solid chain of the Kusarigama and put him in a staggering position.


The full fore of Kiros mass rammed into the wavering body of the giant scorpion and tossed it aside, taking damage himself as a side effect. Mikado hissed slightly as he felt the pain in his chest, but didn't let himself be distracted. The rest of the Kusarigama chain quickly wrapped itself around the still free claw of the Deathstalker and was pulled back by Mikado, whose putting all his strength into holding the Deathstalker back. "Now!" He hissed loudly to Smokey.

Man, if he doesn't hurry, this will end very bad very soon.

While Mikado was still wrestling with the Deathstalkers claws, his tail rose into the air, the spiky tip dangerously raised to attack, but Kiro managed to bite into it and pulled it back before anything bad could happen. Just as his owner, Kiro, despite his size, had to fight with all his strength against the power of the Deathstalker. None of them would be able to hold this up long- It was now or never, Smokey's next move would decide everything

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 20%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 100%
Pock: 14/14


  • Big Deathstalker: x1
  • Small Deathstalker: x1 killed by Siu
  • Small Nevermore: x1 killed by Siu

Grimm's battle log:

Big Deathstalker: Breaking free if it's not killed + Claw strike at Mikado - 15% x2
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 2: Juno Vert vs. Billy Bone
« Last post by Rush on September 13, 2018, 01:14:44 PM »
Juno’s eyes grew wide as the girl opened fire, the shot impacting his stomach and launching him into the air. Attempting to keep his blade from impacting the ground, Juno twisted his body in the air, drawing a grunt in pain as he landed hard on his back and slid across the ice, only coming to a stop once he hit the barrier. He was back to square one. Brilliant.

An agitated sigh escaped his lips as he got back up, shaking out the pain in his shoulders before constructing another shield with two of his available slots. He’d be ready for her this time. He was already familiar with her mobility, and she couldn’t crack his shield without electric rounds. All he needed to do was stay in his range, play his game, and keep her from running away.

With the shield in place, Juno began to advance on the spot she had landed, his footsteps careful and grounded as he traversed the cracked and partially thawing ice.

[Aura: 72%]
[Active: 2| Standby: 3| Charging:0]
[Type J-Eruptor: Charge 1. Dust at 60%]
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Siuwa on September 13, 2018, 10:19:53 AM »

Catalina listened to Prism's explosive response and other's added points. Yeah, right, there's one big deal. "I should make myself clear, I have never subscribed to the idea that homosexual people are somehow different from anyone else bar their preferences. I was trying to use it as one of the examples of how xenophobia can cause racism. As for the situation where violence might be justified, I would have added the defense of and fighting for rights into the list but that opens up another can of worms. For example, what is an oppression? How do you expect to respect someone who killed and/or will likely kill your family to what is essentially furthering their own interests? Because that's how it felt to some of the people whose slaves demanded emancipation. It's not only that what is right, it's also about how people felt. I'm not going to doubt the objective effectiveness of the Faunus Rights Revolution, but it did leave a poor taste in some people's mouth and it's not just the slavers."

"Anyway as Calen said I'm Catalina Glenn, nice to meet you both and sorry for the intrusion Miss Prism, and if you would be so forgiving to let me join with one miss, to give back Calen the fair chance he deserved?" Catalina lightly bowed at the apology. He also spoke in a much more humbled tone then he is on the current issue, because he has something to ask of her: he is interested in joining the game.
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