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The Vale Region / Re: Far From Home [CLOSED INITIATION]
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:39:59 AM »
Wisteria descended with a slightly loud gust of wind but nevertheless tried her best to not cause too much noise. Drawing her knife and keeping her gloves ready to cast dust she quickly regrouped with Lilla and Yin and smiled at the two. "If i were a kid I would stay somewhere the monsters wouldn't get me. That doesnt give us much to work with but I'm sure a kid wouldn't be able to navigate sewers by themselves" Wisteria said, "Do we have any other information?"

The briefing was simple enough for Wisteria to get the gist of what was going on. Unfortunately with a civilian building nearby she wouldn't be able to just pepper the battleground with her dust attacks and finish things off swiftly, not to mention the  chance she might start a forest fire, clog a river, or even hit some poor innocent animals. Sighing at the wasted opportunity and took a seat, counting her dust reserves. As she sat her mind wandered off after the briefing only to be interrupted by Lilla's high pitched screaming,
 realizing a little too late that her only teammate here had leapt out of the airship. "Lilla? Oh, grimm damn it, she jumped ahead? she complained, having just brought out a couple of dust vials to load her gloves. "Screw it, I'm jumping next!

Sprinting towards the airship doors she jumped and fell after the fast falling Lilla and while in midair she loaded her gloves with the dust in her vials, turning on her back to reduce wind from blowing it away. The ground didn't seem like it was going to be too far a drop so preparing a spell in advance she gathered some wind under herself and began slowing her descent, the gusts buffeting against her body as she plummeted towards the ground.

Being on the airship seemed like it would become a routine thing from now on. Staring outside the large airship window Wisteria wondered whether or not she'd be able to do her best during this mission. With four other students and a huntsman by their side they'd definitely be abke to get rid of all but the toughest of grimm.

Deciding to introduce herself, though she obviously knew most of these faces, save for the old guy, Wisteria clapped her hands and said, "Wisteria Lockheart, amazing dust profeciency and...not so good melee combat ability. I'm expecting the lot of you to handle the front lines but don't blame me if you get in the middle of a barrage of elements."  Stopping at that she grinned and crossed her arms, obviously confident of her abilities but also hoping that they didn't get in her way later. She could tell from a few classes what kind of fighting styles they probably had but it was best to clarify anything else.

     One thing was certain, Aurum had a taste for the extreme. Ever since they arrived in Atlas he always wanted to do things that differentiated himself from his brothers. Avery was the mostly calm type, Sovereign with his extreme sense of justice, and him with hid pranks and foolish antics. Sure he wasn't exactly big brother material, he was spontaneous, always needed to be looked after,  and always got in trouble, but not without getting a laugh or two in, be it the bystanders or his own. Avery and crew seemed tonhave boarded already as Dorkian lead them along. Aurum caught a glimpse of a rather subdued image of his own team as he scuttled along his new weapon modification around the corridors towards the docking area.

Waiting for the rest of the team to get inside he quickly maneuvered his contraption into place and with the use of a quick speed bubble or two, managed to avoid detection. The ship looked more like a bullet than a sea vessel and Aurum struggled to get his machine inside with its sheer height, but managed just fine as he detoured to the roof and laid there for the meantime.

With a quick tap on the roof he stood his contraption to full height and shrieked with an over-the-top girlish scream,  trying to get the attention of the team. If they did go out they'd get a look at a Aurum and his ridiculous mechanical spider legs, made of his weapon parts, as he sat in a harness, feet never touching the ground.

      With a bag full of dust, her equipment in tip-top shape, and a personality that could probably scare off more people than grimm, Wisteria skipped over to the docking area with a smile on her face. The mission assigned to her and several others seemed simple enough, kill some grimm save the day, almost as if they were huntsman already but the thought that she had to work with a chaperone was disappointing and she had yet to actually be on a mission with people who werent her teammates. Well save for one, that is.

     "Lilla! Wisteria shouted, skipping over to her rather tall but lanky teammate, "So, you ready to whoop some grimm tail or do you want me to handle it all? With enough dust I could level the field and we could spend the afternoon having tea." In a rather joking manner she awkwardly tried swinging her arm around her friend but stopped as she saw the huntsman.

    With a look of genuine disinterest she placed a finger to her chin as she examined the man. Definitely a few years their senior but not nearly as old as their professors. Maybe Professor Nox's age give or take a few years. Pushing the thought aside she rechecked her equipment and even stretched her arms a bit as they waited for the rest of the group.

Aurum read Avery's message and sighed, rethinking his little stunt. Sure he hated Dorian but this was probably going to be grounds for keeping him on the team for longer, and Saffron staying in Dorian's stuck-up little posse for just as long. He hated that fact that he had to cooperate with him, especially since the initial plan would have gone off so well had it not been for a little bad luck. He had to make a compromise somewhere but his pride didn't want it to look like he did it just because he said so. 

Just a few hours before the whole incident Aurum was doing some basic weapon maintenance on his highly convoluted weapon. The scales seemed to align perfectly now and a quick speed bubble would ensure all the checks would be in place without having to spend a few hours in real time. As he pondered on how he was going to show up at the ship a small spider crawled out from under his bed, a long legged thing that would probably freak out Topaz if she saw it. Cupping the insect in his hands he prepared to hurl it out of the window but stopped mid-way as that all so bright lightbulb in his head lit up.

Grinning at the spider then back at his weapon Aurum opened another speed bubble and got to work. "You got lucky this time around little dude, you just gave me an idea." He chimed, letting his long legged friend go, "Now, to reply to my all so serious brother." [Sorry lil-bro, but you won't catch me walking up that air-ship with my own two feet, especially with Dorian around. I've got my hands full for now but do not fret, I just want to do my own thing- in style]

Clapping his hands together he opened a speed bubble, finished his maintainance, and got to work. "Six feet off the ground should work, I wonder if Dorian is afraid of bugs."

Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:23:37 PM »
Lavender sighed and stood next to Bastet as Aca volunteered her for the job. Lavender grew up in the city so she had no idea even where to start looking so someone else leading was a good start, it did unsettle her however that Aca didn't know where exactly they were going.

"I guess Aca wants you to search for clues or the like," Lavender said, backpack hanging off her shield on her back with her spear stored in its shorter sword form, "I'd volunteer as lead if I had any idea what it meant doing but unfortunately that's not the case but I trust Aca at least knows the general direction we're searching in. Giving Aca a stern gaze Lavender wanted to at least affirm that they weren't going on some random goosechase in the middle of gods-knows where. She kept an analog compass just in case, a small trinket she got from her sea-faring dad, to find their way back if they did get lost. Since missions generally also took quite a while, weeks for some even, Lavender prepared a few food stuffs in her backpack as well as a change of clothes, a flashlight, and other miscellaneous camping equipment.

"Also, I wouldn't lose the jacket if I were you, Aca. It might rain and suddenly get colder, or we might have to stay for more than a night. Lavender added, her expression softening up, "I trust the rest of you at least brought some basic camping equipment, I don't think this is going to be a walk in the park."

General Discussion / Re: The Unstoppable Force versus The Unmovable Object
« on: November 29, 2017, 02:11:34 AM »
If their properties are absolute and unchangeable they'd end up going through each other. None of the above.

Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« on: November 23, 2017, 02:01:16 AM »
Lavender was on the fence about the whole thing but felt that a mission like this would benefit their team greatly. As it was she didn't feel entirely at home with them, being new to the whole team system and all, but she did however believe that they could do great things if they worked together. It was true that the professors and instructors would rather give more dangerous missions to higher-yeared students but Lavender saw firsthand what it was like to be in team RWND.

Aca's enthusiasm wasn't just for show, for instance because just like Lavender, she seemed like there was this barrier she wanted to overcome, perhaps related to that sister she mentioned offhandedly before. Bastet on the other hand seemed like she yearned for something more than what she had, and this mission was a good place to start. Ramm was the quiet one, and Lavender wanted to see him open up some more to his fellow teammates. Overall the pros outweighed the cons and Lav's mind was set.

"I'm game. She declared, standing up straight with her chest puffed out. "I think this would be a good experience for us. That is if Aca doesn't do something that'll get us all killed. So, let's do it!"

Aurum felt a bit dissappointed that Topaz and Avery left him to his solo  strike but nevertheless stuck with his plan. Surely if Saffron asked him nicely enough he would have followed eventually(after several death threats) but Dorian was just so....boring. He couldn't even get more than a condescending suggestion before he left the room and was now alone with his stupid prank videos and makeshift devices lying around.

Not wanting to get up, Dorian didn't say please as expected, Aurum lounged around for the meantime. If he really did need to rushhis bubbles were there and he'd be in the ship before they could even say Golden Time.

Approved Characters / Re: Yin Bao
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:41:06 AM »
Changes are good, explains stuff well. The whole amount stuff isnt necessary now that I think about it since we have no clear cut amounts on the show itself.


RPG Discussion / What Do You Find Important In A Character?
« on: November 16, 2017, 06:01:58 AM »
With the release of Volume 5, I've decided to do a little thread on stuff since it's been quite a while since I've done a discussion of sorts. Sure I could always do away with this in chat but not everyone would be able to read each other's thoughts once it gets drowned out by other conversation. So here it is:

What do YOU find most important in a character?

Their overall design? Race? Their weapons(this is RWBY afterall)? Backstory? Semblance? Personality?

This topic covers both on-site characters and the show itself, if you want comparison so have at it.Anything counts and of course multiple things can count too but of course I'm not asking what degrees to which each things matter but what matters the most at the moment so no flooding the thread with a massive explanation of each thing but please do elaborate why you find one thing in particular more important than the rest. I'll withhold my own opinions for now but a lot of you probably know what things I tend to be nitpicky on in Character Creation.

 Oh, As always avoid spoilers for Volume 5, so if you're going to quote something please do so from the previous 4 volumes. Technically spoiler counts a week after public release but to be safe and fair let's stick with volumes 1-4 for now for reference and quotations sake.

Approved Characters / Re: Yin Bao
« on: November 16, 2017, 05:51:00 AM »
Regarding the semblance, you mention that he can do dust type attacks after absorbing them to some degree yes? What I want to see in this section however are the types of attacks he does. Normally you'd think he just uses them in conjunction with his weapons, strikes etc etc, but can it do more? Can he cast spell type attacks? If so, in what fashion? How many crystals worth of dust can he absorb? Is it as volatile as powdered dust? Can he hypothetically release all his reserves at once? And how much can he store? How much can he release  at his maximum potential? Please clarify.

Sensing his first opportunity to stick a needle up Dorian's butt Aurum brushed aside the gesture to follow him and plopped onto his bed, arms resting behind his head as he opened his scroll and started scrolling over random videos on the internet. Taking a relaxed pose he even kicked off his shoes and crossed his legs while laughing obnoxiously to get Dorian's attention.

"Hey Topaz, take a look at this idiot, thinking he's the boss of those other guys. Yelling like a howler monkey on steroids, his face is turning sooooo red. Aurum cried, pointing at his scroll. Whether she or Avery resisted as well Aurum didn't care, this was his way of showing defiance and to make things better he'd only respond if the uptight Atlesian Boy-Wonder said please, which he doubted he would when it came to Aurum.

Aurum made a mental gamble with himself, if Dorian would ask politely Aurum would comply, if he got pissed, he'd get defiance. To make matters worse, in this case better for Aurum, he'd constantly prod at their newly elected leader to get the best reactions out of him. Like he declared earlier, he wasn't going to make things easy.

Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:45:20 AM »
Frowning at the scattered pencils and pens on the floor Lavender eventually just sighed and accepted the half-hearted excuse, she wasn't really that bothered but did wonder if her pencil leads didn't snap from the drop. As Aca continued her explanation, the excitement practically being contagious, Lavender felt herself getting riled up as well at the mention of an abandoned village. Sure she wasn't exactly an archaeological buff but if it meant team bonding then she was all for it, and at the moment it didn't seem like that bad of an idea. Some  grimm slaying, treasure hunting, and maybe even some discovery of old secrets that were long lost and it would be perfect. To think that a bunch of first years would be able to get such an awesome mission despite their inexperience, the teachers were probably gonna send a chaperone though, maybe that's why it was an off-the-books mission.


Wait, off the books? Did that mean Aca just researched everything and wanted to go on an unpermitted mission by themselves? Impressive but reckless and Lavender definitely didn't want her teammates to get into that kind of trouble. "By off the books do you mean...not Haven sanctioned? Lavender worriedly asked, "Or is it like some super secret mission, which of course sounds cooler but..why us?

Lavender tried sounding casual about it but some sliver of worry slipped out. She didn't want to be a kill joy but she also didn't want to ruin a perfect opportunity. Well, if the team really wanted to do it they could just justify it later with their findings, hopefully.

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