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The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:05:44 PM »
The only warning it gave off was the fast moving projectile, three in all, one for each of them. A baseball sized black orb with a red band on it. It silently flew through the mist and struck the ground in front of the trio.


Three explosions went off in quick succession each aimed at each of the group's feet. At the same time as the attack started a rustling came from the trees as a blur jumped from branch to branch observing how the trio reacted.

Approved Characters / Re: Solar Rasie
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:21:30 AM »
Added artwork and slight change to body weight

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:25:00 AM »
"Wait whos that?" Solar asked out loud as she watched Quisling descend down with the supply crate. Before anyone could asnwer Solar bounded on the box of supplies like a child opening presents on their birthday, picking up various pieces not knowing what some of them did but was always curious. "Ooh dibs on the cool looking knife!" She said outloud giving the Cutlass a few experimental swings, the weapon matching her eyepatch, more and more improving her pirate look. Hmm first aid kits, flashlight wont need that, explosives!...should probably let artillery lady have these she had only remebered Akel's name on the way to their destination. "Hey Capn what're these things? How'd you turn it on like that?" Solar asked Cordell holding one of the Pneumatic supports in one hand and a handful of Glowsticks in the other, her second question reffering to the glowstick. Notcing something else in the box Solar dropped everything and picked up the last item, excitedly she turned to her brand new friend "Akel! Akel! Wear this it'll help you see in the dark!" Solar said holding up one of the eyepatches happily sharing her newfound toys , proud of her discovery with a huge grin on her face. "In fact theres enough for everbody!"

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:35:46 AM »
In a playful pirate voice of a poor imitation of Cordell's Solar goes "Arrgh! These landlubbers be after me loot! Hehe" she ends with a mischievous giggle. The weapon on her back unfolds as she grips her crimson axe with two hands. She swings the weapon in wide arcs cleaving any Grimm in halves, utilizing it's weight to swing her own body with bone shattering kicks. "Woah!" She had to leap out of the way as she accidentally found herself too close to one of Infrared's artillery rounds. "Oh so that's what artillery is" she said to as her question she wondered herself when Infrared called it out.

The Vale Region / Re: Rightful Retribution [Closed]
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:50:15 AM »
The combined efforts of Mae, Cerulean, and Vahn effortlessly held off the swarm of luckily only small Grimm mostly consisting of adolescent Beowulf, Creeps, and the occasional Boarbatusk. Mae and Vahn casually blasting down the Grimm like targets on the range while Cerulean a fully fledged Hunter twirled, spun, and impaled his weapon as anything foolish enough to get close to him vanished into a haze of ash. From the numbers the swarm was going to continue for a bit, though three was more then enough to hold it off.

Kaali who had a good vantage point, stood atop the wall right next to a wooden guard tower that at a glance looked to be empty. From where she stood she could see the situation in the town, small Grimm were rampaging around causing havoc, but the defenders of the village carrying ordinary weapons consisting of swords, and rifles were already in combat with them. Possessing no real great skill over the weak Grimm they were evenly matched, the advantage the village had was that it made its strength in numbers. Looks like the group got here before the situation got out of hand. Throughout the village people could be seen moving about through the alleys and streets not in panic but as if looking for something, their direction was headed for the wall presumably looking for the breach.
A King Taijitu however gave the villagers some trouble, its speed outmatched their bladed weapons and its dust weapons proved ineffective against its defense.

Kaali looking down from her spot on the wall, Riot could be seen collapsed against a wall nearby the breach, his fatal wound finally catching up him bringing him to his limit. While the flow of Grimm was stopped, he was still at the source of where they came from, and predators always knew when it came to knowing when a prey was on its last legs. A group of five creeps could be seen sprinting down the road toward him, honing in on their prey.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:50:14 AM »
The trio followed the path made up of pebbles into the mountain forest. The terrain under their feet making crunching noises as they went. It was subtle but the terrain sloped down at a barely noticeable angle. The deeper they went the thicker the trees and vines seemed to get. Every now and then traces of battle could be seen throughout the trail and off of it.

Objects of past battles littered the forest; brass casings of all sizes, every now and then an empty magazine, the occasional throwing knife, more then a few dozen arrows embedded in trees or broken on the ground, and black circular scorch marks suggested more then a few explosives. One look at the metal on the marks of war showed no signs of rust on them. The trees of the forest also told a story, dust rounds impacted on the bark, slashed cuts from bladed weapons, and most ominous of all was a stump with a perfectly clean cut, the rest of the tree fallen over to one side with a similarly perfectly flat cut.

The environment acted as a kind of bowl as the path went downhill, the mist that before only reached up to their knees all of a sudden collected and entirely surrounded the trio, making visibility difficult.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: October 06, 2017, 06:16:01 AM »
With all the injured carried inside the walls and further into a tent where a triage was set up, 3 rows of injured fighters were being taken care of. Fighting monsters as one allowed the village to completely minimalise heavy casualties. When one were to fall, another was there to protect them, though that didn't mean ordinary people could continue fighting a battle with broken bones or a gaping flesh wound. Many of the patients that we already treated made way so the injured the group was carrying could be looked at immediately. Individuals wearing white who were no doubt medics thanked the team for carrying them and took the injured away to be treated. Calen and Cami followed them assisting however way they could. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Cami asked a nearby medic. The nurse accepting the help showed the two to provide food and water to the treated patients.

A bandaged man with a crutch limped over to where the group was helping in the tent. "Are you the huntsmen going to look for the beast woman? I'm from the scout team that she helped escape, I'll show you the way to fine her" after leading the three a ways through the village they came to a back entrance gate that trailed into an area that couldn't seem to make up its mind if it wanted to be a mountain or forest terrain so it became both. The ground was rock and boulder but patches of dirt that seeped into the cracks grew ordinary trees.a path of pebbles and dirt was the only trail inside. "Follow this trail inside, if you reach a fork in the bend you've gone too far she should be somewhere in between here and the fork" the man explained

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:13:26 AM »
As Solar listened to Cordell from the engine room as she stuck her face on a nearby window, watching the scenery change as the ship started to take off. 'I always love this part' Solar watched with awe as the ship ascended higher and higher. Even though she knew the force from the takeoff was coming she remained fixed on the window wanting to watch as long as possible as there was nothing to hold on to nearby. Sure enough the force of the takeoff knocks Solar off her feet and bangs her head into a nearby pipe "Ow! Can never get used to that..." she says out loud as she massages the sore spot on her head. Learning her lesson Solar holds onto the various pipes and metal that lined the walls of the engine room.

As soon Solar felt the force riding on her calm down and a call from Delahaye prompting it was safe to walk about. Solar dashed off to the room where the others were and helped herself to her much wanted grub. "Food finally!" She exclaimed as she gorged herself on whatever she could get her hands on stuffing her face, no manners or etiquette what so ever. As she was eating she got a look around at the members that were hired for the mission they were to be together on. 'Huh 3 faunus including me' she thought thinking Akeldama (who she was sitting next to), wasn't a faunus. " Hri! Yer ave rully rong 'air! Wha' ar' yu 'earing on yur 'ead?" Solar asked Akel about her headphones with a mouth full of food making idle chit chat as the hour to their destination went by. As she talked she still wore an eye patch over one eye, whether she forgot it was there or intentional only she knew.

The time went by and Solar was finally eager and ready to jump off the ship the second the doors opened. Though the weapons on the ship were still raining lasers of energy down on the Grimm, Solar jumps down without waiting. "Woohoo!" She cries out as she falls. With a glow from her body she charges an attack aimed for the sand underneath her, the moment she reaches the sand she swings her weapon down making an explosion of sand that breaks her fall. "Woo! Time for a treasure hunt!" She cries out, ready to take anything down that stood in her way.

The Vale Region / Re: Rightful Retribution [Closed]
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:24:43 PM »
Run, that's all Riot did as he moved his legs. Every breathe was agony, sweat drenched off his skin as his strength was at his limit from his forced activity. A fire burned in his lungs as his body told him to stop but something was still keeping him going. The team that followed him easily caught up to his slow pace, Riot himself ignored Rory's question as he was more focused on getting to his destination, and could barely spare the breathe to run let alone talk.

The group came to a hilltop that overlooked a fairly large village with a sturdy wooden wall, tall towers stood spaced out behind the wall presumably acting as a guard. The sound of battle could be heard from within the walls, small Grimm were pouring into a hole in the wall that the monsters presumably made. It was obvious from the outside where the source of the Grimm were coming from but if the Grimm were scattered enough it would be hard for the ones fighting inside to know.

"Fie..." was the only thing he said as Riot ran for the breach in the wall knocking away any Grimm that were in his way. Twice he had to use his explosive wind maneuver to get around them and one more time to enter through the hole in the wall.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:05:47 AM »
Donna suddenly found himself confronted by three of the Warriors just responsible for saving them, with a grunt he addresses Justice "Hmph I don't expect an outsider to understand the history between the three villages, this quarrel didn't just happen overnight, none of us are innocent" he said with an irate glare bearing down on Rory and Camellia, understanding his lack of power "Fine! Go find your friend, follow the trail into the mountain forest northeast, and when she returns you will play for our wounded soldiers and families!" he said rather demanding than requesting, he leaves and turns to his own without waiting for an answer.

"Umm right so.." Cami mumbles stunned by almost being forced to play rather then willingly "I-I want to come find Gaud as well but I'd just be in the way won't I?" Cami says timidly. Taking Calen's suggestion and noticing his expertise in medicine she says "Calen perhaps we should stay behind, I hate to ask this but will you please bring Gaud back?" She says turning to the remaining three and offering Camellia her shield back.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: September 26, 2017, 01:57:53 PM »
"Huh what?" Solar said as she stirred awake. Realizing she couldn't see with both eye patches over her eyes she lifts one up and looks into her Captains glare. Staring into her eyes for a second and processing what she just said, Solar hops off her crate and with a loud "aye aye captain!" and exaggerated salute she zips off down a nearby corridor that lead to a different room. The engine Reactor room, pipes rumbled and roared, heavy chunks of metal hummed and glowed with life, and dust powered the powerful vehicle they resided in. Solar headed towards a nearby section with gauges and complicated readouts displayed. "Right sooo...this one dust levels are green...all systems have power...hmm all gauges are good, no flashing lights, all systems green we're good to go Captain!" Solar said the last part into a nearby intercom. When Solar had initially begged Cordel to teach her  how to fly the ship she was instead taught how to maintain it. However this was just Cordel's way of giving her something to do, in reality the ship's Gear robots and Delahaye were sufficient enough to upkeep the ship. What Solar does is an equivalent to hitting buttons on an unplugged controller.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:22:38 AM »
"Zzzz...Cap'n hungry...Zzzz...When grub...Zzzz" Solar somehow answered Cordell's question in her sleep.

The Vale Region / Re: Rightful Retribution [Closed]
« on: September 21, 2017, 07:52:07 AM »
Though the dark man watched over Cerulean he didn't see the clone coming as it went to stun him over the head. He probably would've been hit but was instead showered in a burst of broken glass for the second time as Mae's bolt destroyed the clone.  "That's getting real old" the dark man said as he moved to cover his face with his arm.
"So I guess the answer to my question is both" the dark man said with interest as he looked between Cerulean, Kaali, and Mae, his gaze returning to Cerulean in case another attack came.
"And to answer your question helmet" he continued indicating Vahn's question, "I would hide it but I'm guessing it's not a coincidence a team came out here and started attacking random people.

Tribune Riot, the monster who slaughtered an innocent little village and seeks to continue his rampage, in the flesh"
he said with a sarcastic mocking tone. "So what's the order assassination? Scout? Arrest? Really if you could just continue patching me up that would..." he paused mid sentence. Off in the distance Grimm could be seen but they weren't going for them, rather they were running in the direction the team was originally headed, Hadaya, as if something was attracting them. Riot suddenly took on an expression of panic and confusion, without another word he started running back in the direction he came from, in the direction of Hadaya.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: September 20, 2017, 02:59:58 PM »
With the combined efforts of the team, the injured fighters from Vona were safely returned behind the safety of its walls. The only one that remained was the lone gunman. He was of average height with a muscular build befitting of a leader, he wore an armored vest underneath a fur cloak, his demeanor definitely gave off an impression of someone important. "We've fought off the minions, this last one nearly spelled our end"

Justice's weapon remained embedded in the Grimm's eye even as it thrashed around. With his weapon set in motion the parasite stuck in the Grimm drilled through it from its vulnerable insides. While not as flashy as most huntsman the effect was just the same. The Death Stalker continued it's slow and painful end as it showed obvious signs of agony from an invisible poison only it could feel, the signs of a Grimm coming to an end as it slowly faded to its black ash.
With a good scan it was clear the area was free of threats.

"Um excuse me I know this isn't a good time but I'm Cami Unis, are you Donna Stibnite the one who requested me?"
Cami suddenly asked the gunman.
"Ah yes the Dispeller! I've been waiting for you! Yes Stibnite I am, Village Master of Vona, as you can tell we've had our troubles with the dark beasts and if you could just come inside and bless us with your power..."
the man called Donna excitedly said as he tried to usher Cami inside seemingly ignoring his wounds, not out of strength but through force as he winced every other word.
"Umm.. has someone named Gaud arrived here yet by any chance?"
Cami asked trying to cut off the man's excitement.
"That beast of a woman?...Yes she said something about waiting for someone when she got here, she left to go and retrieve some of our scouting men who were late to return, the men she went to save returned but they say she stayed behind to let them escape, anyway quickly inside do what it is you do, our men are just this way..." Donna said suddenly being forceful to get Cami to play.
"Wait what Gaud could be in trouble! No I can't play if Gaud's not here! She'll never forgive me if she knew I played without her, I promised the next time I would play for anyone she'd be the first to hear it!" Cami said becoming panicked all of a sudden at the realization her friend wasn't here and possibly in danger.
"You can play for your friend when she gets back!I'm sure she's fine and on her way back, you will play now!" Donna said raising his voice strangely enough approaching anger. Though the average person couldn't sense it, Justice's unique semblance allowed him to read Donna like a book, his words carried a certain weight to it...anger, annoyance, and something else...excitement? But not of the joyous kind, no this felt like...curiosity...and deep within was...malice

"Please we need to find Gaud before anything!She's strong but she could be in trouble!" she begged turning to her hired escort.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: September 18, 2017, 06:55:11 AM »
Calen's quick response earned him an easy barrage on the Death Stalker's legs, slicing up the vulnerable appendages as he sped past them. The creature surprised by its new assailants was rendered immobile by Calen's attack as it collapsed from the loss of its legs. Searching for its new opponents it faced in the direction the group came from only to be struck directly in one of its many eyes by Justice's weapon. The Grimm's immobility combined with it catching their attention gave him an easy target. The Grimm flew into a rage, with one of eyes blown out causing great damage, in desperation it began to flail its two claws and stinger tail around in completely random directions.
One claw in particular flew close by Cami cowering behind her borrowed shield only to be protected by Rory "Eeep!" She cried out as the possibility of instant death terrified her.

"Your help couldn't have come any sooner" the man with the pistol said as Rory took up a position next to him. He took a knee as he clutched a wound on his side. "I leave the rest to you"

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