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Character Creation / Re: Bordeaux Page Alderson
« on: April 19, 2019, 10:56:49 AM »
Alright, this isn't getting through to you. So now Vox gets to step in directly.

Before he actually began attending Beacon, however, he got a job (more of a volunteer position, but it was officially registered as a job,) as an unpaid medical intern in the Vale General Hospital,

This is the sticking point. "intern" in the field of medicine in most countries has a specific meaning, that being someone who has passed medical school but isn't yet allowed to practice unsupervised.

The reason why I said hes an intern instead of an orderly is that orderlies get paid. It's an actual job, and what Bordeaux has is an unpaid medical internship that's different.

Medical internship is an actual thing with actual definition. That's what you're not getting, and that's why Bordeaux is still denied.

... Also...

and Hws not an official orderly, so...

And from the profile...

Officially, his position was as an orderly/comunity care assistant

So since this is getting so hard for you to wrap your head around, and a lot of time is being wasted, here's an ultimatum. You have two options.

  • Drop the hospital nonsense, since whether through plan or ignorance you keep trying to Doogie Howser this shit into "he iz am doktor" territory.
  • Up dickhead's age and give him some actual medical training with those extra years.

Those are the two. Those are your options.

Approved Characters / Re: Dawn Mae
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:54:30 PM »
-1, De-approved.

Someone will be by to explain. No Voxreview coming at this time.

Character Creation / Re: Bordeaux Page Alderson
« on: March 27, 2019, 04:21:41 PM »
-1, De-approved.

Best Minion will be by to explain, because this isn't so bad a Voxreview is necessary, and I don't like to bare my teeth without the promise of blood.

Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Ridire
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:15:58 PM »
Suitably flat. 10/10

Needs some mention about how hot the flames usually are, G1/10

flamethrower eske flamethrow-esque


Yeah, a bit more detail here and there, and Aoife will make it back before Fayza mark 2.

General Discussion / Re: Just a test post.
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:04:14 AM »
I still need to fix this fucking text box, don't I?

General Discussion / Just a test post.
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:03:37 AM »
There was some shit that was broken.

Seeing just how the duct tape is holding.

Approved Characters / Re: Hunter d’Azur
« on: August 31, 2018, 03:24:34 PM »


No, serious note though, aside from some potential physics shenanigans with the semblance (if it was important, I'd have brought it up in Discord) looks good. Granted, I didn't read super closely, but I trust you.


Approved Characters / Re: Lucina Archaletta
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:10:08 PM »
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Name: Lucina Archaletta

Age: 17; born Niege 26, 63 AC (Note: We're in 80 AC now, so I changed to an appropriate birth year for a first year student).

Species and Gender: Human Female


Occupation: First-year Student attending Beacon Academy

Appearance: Lucina, having the appearance of a pretty edgy teenager, stands at 5’5 feet tall; weighing in at an estimated 130lbs. Her complexion is rather pale despite being a Huntress in training. Says a lot about what she does in her spare time. Moving on to her eye color, she doesn't have anything noteworthy such as heterochromatic eyes, but she simply has brown eyes. Lucina most commonly has curly, shoulder-length hair, parting it to the left in the front, as to provide maximal style with a beanie. Naturally, she has platinum blonde hair, although she has copper highlights mostly around the roots, but some still extend to the end of the shaft. Lucina has the facial shape of a heart/inverted triangle; a rather common facial structure. As for tattoos, Lucina has a plethora scattered all over her body including: A full left-sleeve, left hand (continuation of the left sleeve), half right-sleeve, ankle, and a large spine/back tat (Reference images provided at the end of the section, due to me not wanting to break up the physical appearance paragraph with so many spoiler tags). Moving on to her figure and bust, Lucina has an average hourglass build, with her shoulders and pelvis being approximately the same size, both leading to her exceptionally thin waist. Regarding the breast department, Lucina is extremely lacking, having a cup size of 32a. Really, she could just not wear a bra and not have to deal with the annoyances that larger breasts impose, but it’s a fashion statement! Last, yet certainly not least, is the buttocks. It's not particularly special, nor is it particularly bad. It's rather petite, while still having some shape.

Moving on to Lucina’s casual attire, she tends to wear a mix of style between punk and hipster. Starting from the top and moving down, Lucina wears a classic black beanie, sporting no particular design or pattern; generic hipster, I know. As for “eye candy”, Lucina also has glasses for a practical purpose (not very hipster of her, I know). The glasses sport a matte black finish, with various golden colored adornments on the end pieces near the hinges. As for the lenses, they’re simply progressive lenses designed for reading, as opposed to distance. Moving farther down, Lucina typically wears a black tank top/spaghetti strap depending on the day. Some have various designs, some don’t. Again, it depends on the day. Over this, she tends to sport a checkered red/black flannel with the sleeves rolled up to about elbows length. Moving on to pants, Lucina wears black skinny jeans with various rips and tears for extra “flair”. As far as shoes go, Lucina just wears the same pair of “stylish” and “practical” boots for any outfit. Finally, moving on to accessories, the fun part! It may seem relatively tomboyish, but Lucina always carries a lanyard in her pocket with her dorm key, among other key charms. She also wears a necklace resembling a rather elaborate key, stating that she would eventually give it to the love of her life, if she ever liked anyone in that way.

Lucina’s combat attire is almost exactly identical to her casual attire, with the exception of a relatively small tactical pouch holding various dusts (mostly consisting of varying dust types in powdered form, protected in slim steel vials). As a final note, Lucina surprisingly adheres to the Beacon Academy dress code relatively well, despite her rebellious and edgy teen nature. Sometimes she may roll up her sleeves exposing a tattoo sleeve, but that’s as far as she’d go.

History: Lucina Archaletta, a girl of very humble beginnings was born in the Kingdom of Vale, more specifically in the City of Vale, never really venturing anywhere beyond the tremendous walls of the city in her childhood. She was born into what was considered a pretty picturesque family, having a mother (Claudine) and father (Columba); with her being an only child. Despite her aspirations to become a huntress in the future, neither of her parents took up work as a Huntsman/Huntress, with her parents being a lead accountant for an international Atlesian firm, and a smaller-scale artisan, respectively. As a young city-girl, Lucina’s early childhood going through elementary and middle school can be seen as rather generic and boring, albeit safe. Here, in her middle school “career” is where Lucina’s life would change for the better or for the worst, dependent on your philosophy. Here is where Lucina would meet her eventual best friend, whom would encourage her career as a Huntress for a pretty childish reason. Her best friend, Charlotte, had parents who were both self-employed as a Huntsman and Huntress. Hearing her often over-exaggerated, yet exhilarating tales about their travels and adventures caused her to muse about what she wished to do with the life she had ahead of her. Would she choose the “comfortable” business life that her parents shared, or would she choose the dangerous and exhilarating life of a Huntress. Obviously, she chose the latter.

Eventually convincing Charlotte, both graduated from generic middle-school, only to move on to a school at the same level, although it was significantly different. This “academy” she and her BFF began to attend was known as Signal Academy, acting as a gesture of righteousness in this world filled with evils. Filled with a fresh sense of determination the “couple” became enthralled in the exhilarating world of a Huntress-in-training, engaging in subjects such as weapon crafting, Grimm theory, and etc. After 3 whole years of exciting classes, among other things, Lucina encountered a rather serious problem which came in the form of a disease regarding Charlotte. Her best friend, and potential partner for life had “suddenly” become very weak and frail due to muscular dystrophy, only being about 14 years of age. Due to this complication, she eventually elected to remove herself from the academy, leaving Lucina with a major moral dilemma. Would she return to a relatively boring life? Or would she continue down the path of a Huntress despite “losing” the person who encouraged her the most. Obviously, she chose the latter. Despite her shitty condition, Charlotte would still continue to encourage and guide her through the rest of her Signal Academy career, constantly keeping in contact through video calls and text messaging. After graduating from Signal Academy, Lucina had but one thing in mind. That one thing was to “CONQUER” the prestigious Beacon Academy. But first, she would have to gain entrance. Apparently, potential was found within her, and she was eventually accepted after taking the required exams (barely passing each), starting her higher-tier Huntress training!

Personality: Lucina acts as your average rebellious teenager. She usually acts like she knows about anything and everything, even though she’s usually completely ignorant on the subject. If she’s ever asked to do anything not benefitting her, she’ll usually delegate someone else to perform the task. Whenever she’s verbally attacked, she’ll usually retort with some stupid slang, or curse word. All classic teenager stuff (At least to me this stuff is). Moving on to her more enjoyable traits, Lucina is a major nerd, loving both video and tabletop games. She also has an odd obsession with Valish cartoons, finding their Slice of Life nature very interesting and dramatic. Around her friends, of which she has few, Lucina will tend to “nerd out” since most share her love of games and cartoons. Lucina has no childhood trauma, or really any traumatic experiences at all, making her a really easygoing person. She’ll often dismiss things others would become emotional towards, such as the death of a dog. She really has the personality of a civilian, or bystander. Somebody who has never really experienced a lot of combat, due to her childhood before Signal. As such, her attitude in a combat situation is more serious than someone who has experienced a large amount of combat before. She views herself as being a weaker and less qualified Huntress in training, and often belittles herself.

Aura and Semblance: Aural Bottlenecking- Lucina’s semblance effectively allows her to utilize her aura in an offensive or defensive manner; although she cannot employ the use of both. When Lucina uses her aura defensively, all aura is channeled into her body like normal. There’s really nothing special or unique about the defensive use of her aura, and really just employs the basic protective nature of aura. It protects her from slashes, punctures, heavy impact, etc. Her aura drains at a rate dependant on the caliber of the attack, not at a fixed rate. Although the defensive use for her aura may be generic, the offensive use is rather different. Using her weapon as a catalyst, Lucina is able to transfer all of her aural supply from her body into her weapon (approximately taking about a second or two to avoid very specific numbers). This allows her ONE seemingly regular strike that pierces an opponent’s aura, able to seriously maim or damage them. Clearly, this offensive usage is limited to use on human or Faunus opponents, while eliminating Grimm due to their innate nature of being without an aura. Another hefty restriction placed on this offensive ability is the fact that it can ONLY be employed while Lucina is at 100% aural capacity, meaning that she cannot be hit beforehand. Lucina’s usage of this ability is very sparse, and she will only employ it when in an extremely dire situation, most likely a “life-or-death” one. She won’t use it during a simply sparring match for a dumb reason such as, “LOL I’M SO POWERFUL EVERYONE LOOK AT ME, I CAN INSTA-WIN”; it’s just not in her more introverted personality type.

Combat Behavior: Lucina’s fighting style is actually rather versatile regarding her offense, yet has little to offer in regards to defense. In her weapon’s primary form, Lucina uses short, rapid, swinging motions. She may also throw a punching motion to catch her target off guard (More so humans than Grimm), possibly knocking the wind out of them, or sending them flying backwards. Upon “transforming” her weapon, Lucina tends to use wider arching attacks, causing them to be slower. She also won’t shy away from using heavy overhead attacks, crushing her enemy, while puncturing them depending on their aural levels (Also, obviously, applicable to Grimm).


Name: Kase II

Primary Form: Kase II’s primary form is that of a short-range saw. In its first form, the saw has a rather short length of approximately 22”, making it a prime choice for CQC situations. The blade is composed of inconel, being resistant to both oxidation and corrosion. Inconel’s properties also make Kase II Suitable for use in extreme environments (assuming Lucina is ever required to go to such a place). Kase II’s blade is arched outwards, having a lightly serrated edge so the applied pressure at each point of contact is greater, and the points of contact are at a sharper angle to the material/target being pierced. At the end of the blade is a hinge, which connects the blade to the 25” handle. This handle is curved to appear as a more stretched out “S”, allowing for an easy grip on the weapon. A trigger-locking mechanism is also located at this area for use with the weapons transformation. Both the blade and the handle also feature a small slot for powdered dust.

Secondary Form: Kase II’s secondary form is activated by pulling the trigger located near the hinge (the handle is then locked in place afterwards due to the trigger-locking mechanism). This causes the handle to swing in the opposite direction of the blade, extending the weapon to its full length of about 47”. This effectively makes the weapon a longer range cleaver, allowing Lucina to hit targets farther away (although not by a noticeably large margin).

Dust Functions: Note: Lucina primarily uses powdered dust, although she holds no bias against crystallic dust.

Electric (Lightning) Dust imbues the blade of Kase II with electric energy, causing its next strike to release the energy into the target, like a strike of lightning. With this dust type, blue sparks emanate from the blade.
Fire (Burn) Dust almost instantly ignites the blade of Kase II, causing the blade’s strikes to ignite the target, obviously being more effective against cloth, as opposed to metallic armor.
Ice (Freeze) Dust will cause the blade of Kase II to glow a bright blue color, causing it to freeze the target it comes into contact with.
Propulsion (SPD) Dust is used on the “handle” of Kase II ,as opposed to the blade. This increases the weapon’s swing speed, among other actions, almost tenfold. A rather noticeable trail of white energy follows each blade strike.
Repulsion (DEF) Dust effectively allows Kase II to act as a shield in lieu of an actual one. It “repulses” anything that clashes against it, and causes the blade to glow a snowy white color.
Air (Wind) Dust creates a current of wind around the blade of Kase II, causing its strikes to send a ranged “wind slash” roughly the size of the blade at the target. These “ranged slashes” impact with the same force that Kase II normally would, but simply have the ranged utility.

History: As a prospective Beacon student ,having little lien in her pocket, Lucina decided to create a more cost-effective, if not archaic, weapon. As a first year student, she figured it would be fine, although she would eventually be able to build it up along with the rest of her arsenal, also including her semblance. As a dumb and ignorant teenager, Lucina named the weapon after a previous experiment regarding her love life. She refuses to change the name for no  apparent reason, despite how much she hates it. To this very day, nobody will know why she's such a dork in regards to her weapon’s name.

And since Nav isn't here to do it...

Awwww shit, G1 Leonius is back. Well, on his way back.

He's in the vicinity of back.

Back is his destination. Still thinking about how to format some shit.


Name: Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus

Nicknames: Leo, Big Guy

Age: 22

Species and Gender: Male Lion Faunus

Symbol: A set of three golden gears, arranged in a triangle.

Occupation: Student


"I was always... self-conscious... about my size... even when I was less... heavy..."
Something something LEO BIG. Still pushing 8'3" due to being a port of old Leo.

Fatass is going to break benches again. The new armor isn't Pilorum, so it needs to be even bulkier.


"(Talk about Childhood in Atlas)"

"(Talk about visiting Vacuo)"
Words words

"(Talk about war)"
Words words words

"(Talk about the accident)"

No Pilum, so history has to be full adapted, with little hints of awareness about the Dunkelwelt and/or Pilum Anomaly.

"(Talk about awkwardness)"

"(Analytical Fuck)"


Aura and Semblance

Leo's semblance is still Calculation. It's apparently still OP as fuck to be able to do arithmetic with your soul.

No Pilorum barrier shields, so he has to use aura to tank hits like a normal person.

Combat Behavior

This is G1 Leo, so not Final Boss material.

Leo still uses his cannons as his main arsenal. No AI anymore, so he has to change modes manually, leading to longer transition times between modes.

"(Artillery strike talk)"
Primary mode is still those six cannons. No Pilorum dust fuckery for anchoring anymore, so has to get rooted in place mechanically to handle recoil.

Melee mode uses the same anchoring setup to drive spikes into the target. Leo hits like a train, but he's easy to get off balance if you're agile enough to avoid getting squished.

No more drones means no more command mode.



Primary Form: Guns up.

Secondary Form: Guns as wings.

Tertiary Form: Guns down.

Dust Functions: Dust reactor.

History: NOT LIFE SUPPORT THIS TIME. Still cripple support, but he doesn't need it to live.

General Discussion / If you're having trouble logging in...
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:43:44 PM »
Don't use the thing in the corner. It's a little bit fucked at the moment.

General Discussion / Testing a thing.
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:43:34 PM »
Need to make a thread due to a bug report, and some things having been fixed. (I hope.)

Doing it on a public board to show that the webmaster is actually working.

RPG Announcements / Board V5 is up, regardless of what says
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:20:16 AM »
Well, it is closer to V4.5~V4.6 to be honest.

A bunch of bullshit you won't notice

Not Fixed
Alias boards

The portal formatting
The webmaster's will to keep pouring hours of his life into this mess of an update
The webmaster, since he has been putting time into this shit instead of paying work

Here's the changelog that was requested.

Now leave me alone.

MiA Characters / Re: Aqua Phoenix
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:44:23 AM »
You were warned numerous times about your staff interaction.

You were warned yesterday about not being a cunt to my staff.

This is less of a warning, and more of a warning shot. Come back in a week, or don't come back at all.

I'm giving you a seven day time out from character creation. (Rather than a ban from the whole site like I initially considered, so you can still RP with the characters you did get through.)

Your warning still stands: Pull your head out of your ass, or get the fuck out.

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