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Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 04:28:40 PM »
Jocelyn winces slightly at the wording. "That sounds like we had casualties - which thankfully we didn't - but please, if you don't mind, please refrain from using that sorta words so casually. It's just that medics treat that stuff really seriously, and each casualty is a blemish on their record. I've...had some too." Her expression turns to one of sadness, remembering her past experiences.

Still, that doesn't dampen her curiosity upon listening to Prism's question. "A goal? Maybe to prevent further occurrences, perhaps?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 03:28:54 PM »
"The Surgeon Sage, otherwise known to students as Dr. Budonoki Sophos, is the medical and wilderness specialist at Beacon." Jocelyn recited. "He's actually the one who taught me the trick I use on you, as well as other tidbits, so you have him to thank. Anyway, point is that he's really really wise and patient with this sorta stuff, so I was thinking maybe he could help you ease off the stress and find a way to deal with your...PTSD." She idled off near the end, unsure whether bringing it up would revive another jolt of panic, before just going for it.

"He's not a therapist, but I do really think he can help you." Leaning over to cup her hand over Prism's, she continues, "Of course, you don't have to - it's just my recommendation."

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: Today at 08:07:48 AM »
A mixture of exhilaration and disappointment cycled rapidly through Jocelyn's head. She couldn't help hoping that there was more to it than "she was tired", but neither of them were currently in the best of mental conditions so she let it slide. Regaining control of her internal systems, she closed her mouth and let the blush fade from her face remarkably quickly.

"Don't worry about it." She waved away Prism's awkward apology, before sitting up straight against the wall. "I don't actually know any therapists in Beacon, but I think there's a teacher who could help you with your mental state of being...Ever heard of the Surgeon Sage?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 04:35:47 PM »
Jocelyn's eyes fly open, her previous exhaustion and pain all instantly pushed to the wayside.


Did Prism just - just kiss her.

Absolute silence as Jocelyn temporarily short-circuits and malfunctions - mouth dropping open but no words coming out, her eyes wider than ever before in her life, a blazing red blush erupting on her cheeks, enveloping the entirety of her face and lighting it brighter than the sun--

It felt exquisite. Divine. Heavenly.

And Dust was it the completely wrong time and place for it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 02:51:18 PM »
Removing one hand from their tear-soaked grasp to extract a tissue and wipe at her tears, Jocelyn managed, through her now splitting headache, to choke out "It might hurt, but I'd - agh - suffer through it thrice-fold for you to get one night of peaceful sleep." The degree of pain now ramping up to having a road roller dropped on her, she was forced to cease the flow of her Aura, before collapsing against the wall, still conscious. "At least my mess is worth it - you're back to your normal self." she said weakly, closing her eyes from the exhaustion.

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:18:09 PM »
Jocelyn was not a faint-hearted person. Her line of duty simply did not allow such a person to be in their ranks and last long. She had seen death, carnage, people with families forcibly separated forever by the uncaring Grimm.

But as she listened to Prism's story, she realised with a sinking heart that for Prism to even be here, her heart was reinforced and lined with titanium to prevent it from shattering. She let her mind flit over the mental image of her mother, her father, her brother being murdered, ripped to bloody unrecognisable shreds, eaten like a snack, and instantly had to suppress the urge to double over. Just the thought was a punch to her gut. It was unbearable.

And Prism saw this every day.

Live. Die. Repeat. Family one second, dead the next. Repeat. Repeat. Repeatrepeatrepeat--

Prism would feel the soothing wave once more emanating from Jocelyn's hands, where another Ice Dust crystal would be clasped between both pairs of hands. However, nothing would follow as Jocelyn's face would be bowed downward in heavy silence, silent tears rolling down her cheeks to drip on their hands. If anything, though, the wave was much, much more forceful and stronger than any previous experiences, enough for Jocelyn to start feeling the recoil like a hammer whacking her skull. Still, she kept the Aura flowing, unable to speak a single word.

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:48:57 AM »
Not wanting to interrupt what could possibly be a defining moment for the both of them, Jocelyn stayed silent and nodded, the back of her mind actually mourning the loss of their physical contact-wait, no, warmth--the sun was still not up and it was cold. Yeah, that's why.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:39:32 AM »
Climbing out of the car shortly behind Akel, Rachel strode up to the security guard with a natural walk that gave all the impressions of someone who was acquainted with the cut and jib of the place. "Don't mind this one, she's a bit new to all this." She stated casually, indicating Akel to the side of her with a wave of her hand. "Still, you're just doing your job, so I'll keep this simple - Gram sent us." she continued, noting the arrival of the new, fancy car out of the corner of her eye. "Oh, and one more in the car, she's our entourage. Party of four." Despite the confident glamour she put on, her stalks were on end--clearly she felt tense and nervous, and hoped to high heaven the guard didn't notice or paid little attention to.

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:30:15 AM »
In her mind, Jocelyn knew that after the mental walls came crashing down, the hardest process for Prism would start; lancing the boil, so to speak - coercing the girl to speak her mind and drain the toxicity within her. So it was all the more surprising and admirable to Jocelyn that it was Prism who suggested that they talked - she thought she'd have to gently coax her to speak.

"For you, of course - you don't have to say it all in one sitting. One bit at a time, I'll guide you through it all." Jocelyn simply hugged Prism harder, providing the girl with physical support as well as mental. "You're so brave to be able to do this, I don't think I could have."

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:36:39 AM »
Despite everything she'd just said, despite the crying girl in her arms, Jocelyn smiled. Finally, finally her small bird had realised her intentions. With one hand, she reached behind Prism and rubbed her back in slow, circular motions. "I'm not going anywhere, Prism, and there's no one who can see you - cry your heart out. I'll be there for you." she whispered, leaning forward so her own head rested on Prism's shoulder, listening to her quiet sobbing, feeling her small and seemingly frail body quiver in her grasp.

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 19, 2018, 04:18:49 PM »
Jocelyn's heart literally clenches when Prism speaks--paired with her facial expression of exhaustion and sadness, it's enough to make her want to just hug Prism until all the bad things go away in the world. And that line about her being able to "ride things out on her own"?

Bullshit. Complete, utter bullshit.

"And so should you." Jocelyn's voice has lost some of its tenderness, replaced by an unfamiliar edge to her tone. "I still remember you saying before you didn't want to be treated as a charity case, but this doesn't count. You say you can tough it out on your own, but yet whenever it happens you're helpless for far too long. Sure, you get over it, but please, look at yourself. Do you look like you're in a good shape?" Her hand reaches for Prism's, grasping for some physical support. "You're not alone, Prism. You have me. I can't claim to understand what you've been through, but the least I can do is ease you through each attack, no matter when or where." It's a pleading tone her voice takes on now, begging for Prism to understand and accept. "Let me do this for you--let me ease your burden, even if only a little bit."

Beacon Academy / Re: Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:25:58 PM »
It took Prism an awfully long time for her to emerge from the protective shell her wings provided her, which made Jocelyn afraid; each time she did this it seemed like it was gradually starting to lose it's soothing purposes. Similar to medicine and mutations--constant doses would cause the cells to develop an immunity to the medicine, and her Semblance was basically glorified medicine.

Sliding down the wall until she sat next to Prism, she stopped the flow of her Aura and tossed the now depleted crystal away. Letting their shoulders touch as a sign of her presence, she gazed at Prism's face and her tear-stained cheeks, causing a lump in her own throat. She hated seeing Prism like this. The only comfort was that she held the tools to ease that suffering, but even that seemed to be failing. She needed another solution, one that could find the source of the problem and erase it from the world. What made her feel helpless was that she didn't know what or where it was and how she could find it.

"Another one?" Jocelyn's voice is sympathetic, filled with worry, comfort and that motherly, caring tone present in all parents. If she couldn't find another cure, she'd fight to keep this one working for as long as she could, regardless of what it cost her.

Beacon Academy / Discussions at Dawn [CLOSED]
« on: May 19, 2018, 12:41:38 PM »
Her bed was empty.

It was with a tired body and mind that Jocelyn had collapsed on her bed that night, fully expecting the rest of the people (bar 1) sharing the room with her to do the same. As for the exception, she probably wouldn't be going to her own abode until around 4 or 5, working hard at something or other and displaying that tenacity and determination that Jocelyn had come to admire and love. But even so, a person had to sleep, and Prism was nothing if not a person. So it was with a sinking heart that she woke to and saw the bed opposite her empty. She reached for her scroll, and the time read 5:26.

It was way past her normal sleep schedule, and Jocelyn was determined to drag the faunus back to bed, with force if need be.

Absentmindedly picking up her first-aid kit, she tip-toed to the door and slipped out (even though she probably woke Amane simply by waking up herself), blinking her eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was times like these where she wished she had night vision like the Faunus did, or had the money to buy herself a pair of night vision goggles. Maybe Amane could help with that...

Her fruitless search brought her to the roof after ten minutes of wandering around the large campus, her progress hampered by the lack of light and the need to remain quiet lest she wake other students, or even worse the teachers. She was about to turn and head somewhere else when a glimmer of turquoise caught her eye amongst the dark grey of the floor. A closer inspection revealed the girl she was looking for...curled up in the fatal position and huddled against a wall. All previous thoughts shoved out of her mind, Jocelyn hurried over to the girl, careful not to make too much noise while running, while flipping open her pack and withdrawing a Ice Dust crystal. With an ease borne of practice she placed the crystal on Prism's arm whilst simultaneously channeling her Semblance.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:19:40 AM »
"While I would dearly love to show you, I doubt summoning them in this car would be a wise decision." Rachel stated matter-of-factly, de-summoning the hawk and letting the Aura flow back into her own body. "If things go sideways, as they might do, I do believe you will see them first-hand, however."

Letting her gill stalks flare out at the same time as she stretches her body, they nevertheless quiver a little at the thought of infiltrating an enemy base. No first plan survives contact with the enemy, they say. Well, she had more than one. "Ready to go on your mark, you two. Stop flirting with each other lest either of you get too...distracted during the mission."

Picking up the unconscious Coco with a surprising gentleness for a man of such size, Ferus looked up as the telltale sounds of whirring rotors and clanking machinery descended upon them in the form of their evacuation Bullhead. Escorting the team members carrying their Aura-depleted healer onto the ship first, followed by the two scouts-turned-Hunters, before stepping on the ship himself and signalling for the take-off, once the Bullhead was high in the air any passenger aboard could see a distant, yet abnormally large dust cloud headed in the direction of the unfortunate village. However, every single occupant in that village was already far, far away, and that was what mattered.

Upon returning to Beacon, the team would deposit both unconscious members in the Beacon infirmary, before heading out to order up a feast, which was thoroughly enjoyed by every member having worked up a well-earned sweat. The news had already spread about another successful initiation and a impressive performance, with even the knowledge of Verdea being decimated doing little to dampen the mood. To top it off, Team CASA would each receive from the community of Verdea, now relocated to a more safe location, a pretty large sum of Lien, enough for them to get an upgrade to their equipment if need be, or for them to use as they saw fit.

The team would eventually return to their dorm, exhausted but safe, when a message from Professor Ferus would find its way into their scrolls.


--Successfully held off Grimm long enough to evacuate all civilians
--No Grimm were let through to Verdea
--Strike Team successfully retrieved "scouts"-no impediment on mission success

Well done, Team CASA. --Professor Ferus

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