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AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« on: Today at 09:11:36 AM »
If I respond with all my characters I'll fill the whole page, so I'll choose from my cast. If you don't hear from them, assume they're off on something or can't be bothered. :D

"Oh, sport? Does e-sports count? Because that would definitely be my favourite. If not, then, well, um...I'd say netball. But please say e-sports counts!"

"I don't really do much sport. Much prefer to spend my time in the gym, better way to build up muscles in my opinion. However, I have to say, rugby seems VERY attractive. A legal way to knock people's heads into the ground? My kind of sport. Otherwise...something that builds up endurance/muscles will do."

Currently my preferred sports are swimming and badminton, both of which aren't major sports where I'm studying (Scotland...Rugby/Hockey/Cricket are the 3 main ones). I would love to actually do E-sports as a career, but those who do are INSANE. Have you seen their APM (actions per minute?)

Question for Diana: If you didn't go to Beacon, which other academy would you go to and why?

Teams / Re: 1st Year Beacon Team
« on: March 21, 2017, 01:50:08 PM »
Going to make some decisions here. I'll wait for a couple more options before making my pick, I think.

Character Creation / Re: Lunae Terenas
« on: March 21, 2017, 11:18:32 AM »
Good to know, I always think mods ask for more details so that's the reason I included it. Don't suppose it's too late to change that to "assault rifle rounds" and "pistol rounds"?
Edit: Changed anyway.

Character Creation / Re: Lunae Terenas
« on: March 21, 2017, 02:25:44 AM »
Holy Mother of Christ on a stick. Definitely AE rounds.

I'm wondering, do we absolutely need to specify what caliber the gun uses when describing the weapon? Because so far this is the most trouble I've had with a weapon profile. I'd prefer to maybe keep it a bit simpler and remove the caliber, but I'm not sure if that would pass.

Character Creation / Re: Lunae Terenas
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:10:53 PM »

Added "charges" system to Semblance to act as cooldown.

Rewrote small amount of history to match up with further edits, like:

Complete rework of weaponry
Removal of any irrelevant information
Clarification of Semblance (Yes, it appears in the chamber, no reloading required)

Teams / Re: Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:57:42 PM »
Well, we've posted on the Team List. Now what? I'm going to assume JJB's gonna start the thread off with his usual Oberon overview?

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:09:25 AM »
XD (whole site turns into nuclear bomb)

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: March 19, 2017, 03:55:22 AM »
Are you authorised to put our new team up on the Team List, or do you have to wait for Kallot to do it?

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:20:07 PM »
Good ol' Nathan. Thanks for the correction :D

Teams / Re: Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: March 18, 2017, 03:43:07 PM »
I found a shade of white on the internet by the name of whitesmoke with the code of #F5F5F5. It isn't exactly white, but most people won't know the difference. Just go with it and call our color Stark White or something?

Some kind of challenging mission suitable for 4th years. We don't have to ask for Oberon, I'm assuming, because you've been the DM before?

AMA Section / Re: The Visionary AMA
« on: March 18, 2017, 02:44:58 AM »
"I personally don't care much for what people call 'modern art' these days, although I suppose everyone has their own opinion. Bits and bobs of random color, materials and whatever the artist can lay their hands on, really. I much prefer 'art' in the old sense of the term, where you can actually see the complex design of the painting or picture, layers of colour over each other, multiple lines criss-crossing to form the perfect sketch."

"U-um, contemporary art? I'm not really sure what you mean...Like one of those wonky-looking sculptures that everyone seems to be going on about? Uh...they're....interesting, I guess? I'm sorry, I don't really know what to say...Can I go back to playing now?"

"Contemporary art? That utter rubbish? Where you throw a shoe on the ground and suddenly you're swimming in a million Lien? You've got to be ****ing kidding me! Can't believe anyone with half the brain of a mouse even wastes their time looking at the stuff! I mean, it's string wrapped around nails! There isn't even a pattern to it! What, was the artist smashed when they made this?"

"I don't really mind it, as long as people appreciate art. The calligraphy I draw attracts strange looks sometimes when people walk by, as it is a complete strange language, but it does help improve my Semblance. Can't say anyone else can claim art helps their fighting. I don't think I'll be doing any of that contemporary art any time soon though...Maybe I might give it a go after Beacon."

Games? Oh boy. For the past few years, my opinion on games has vastly differentiated, but I've mostly stuck to F2P games, only buying one or two that cost money. My favourite game probably has to be Starcraft 2, something you have to have heard of, since you use It's a real-time strategy game that has you building and controlling a sci-fi army, and it actually helps your reflexes, I reckon. TF2 has to take a close second (I spent over 700 hours on that game) but I'm sad to see Overwatch "overtake" it. Not to say Overwatch is a bad game, quite the opposite. (Hog and Ana ftw) Oh, and laugh at me all you want, but Pokemon Sun is definitely third. The way they seamlessly changed the format the game had been running on for 20 years with nary a complaint is absolute genius.

Well, another question. Favourite sport for both of you? (And yes, I'll count hunting Grimm as an answer for Diana)

Teams / Re: Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:58:51 AM »
Some sort of white from House Stark, from Game of Thrones maybe. Or grey, because stark normally invokes a bleak color.

I know Oberon and Savas have met before, and you mentioned Ribeiro knowing Savas. Kei hails from Mistral, and Acero Atlas, so this would make the other pair interesting to act out.

For the initiation itself, I personally feel that a FFA wouldn't exactly work if we were trying to introduce ourselves to each other, since all we would be doing is combat. Perhaps, being 4th years, we could be assigned a mission (Search-and-Destroy/Rescue or something of the sort) right off the bat, instead of having to go through initiation tests. However, that "mission" would act as our unorthodox initiation.

If our other members disagree with me, though, I am perfectly fine with going along. It saves us the time of needing a DM, apart from the beginning, because simple fighting between each other does not require such a member.

Teams / Re: Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:12:34 AM »
Well, the consensus is that Savas is leader of Team SARK, which is convenient for the leader's initials as well. I assume that we don't really need a DM, as JJB does that on a daily basis and can do that for us?

Otherwise I think we are good to go for initiation! Oh, and maybe get registered on the Team List?

Teams / Re: Fourth Year Team at Beacon (4 / 4)
« on: March 16, 2017, 04:24:22 PM »
My vote is for Savas. Sorry Acero, but I feel Savas has been through more stuff than the rest of the team. Not putting Kei up because he simply isn't suited for the role. (Totally not currying favour here... jk)

Character Creation / Lunae Terenas
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:04:23 AM »

Name: Lunae "Luna" Terenas

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Three used cartridges falling to the floor, outlined by an orange explosion

Occupation: Second Year Beacon Academy student

Appearance: A 5'4, energetic and happy-go-lucky girl, Lunae has brown, almost blonde hair accented with gold which is kept in a ponytail, light blue eyes with flecks of grey, a friendly face and a wide smile. She wears a yellow crescent moon earring on her left ear, and has a pin shaped like a bullet which she uses to hold up her ponytail. She normally goes pretty hard on the makeup, altering her look but not enough to make her seem strange, sticking to the basics like eye shadower and powder.

Lunae shuns the school uniform for a more revealing orange corset under a brown and white tank top, usually covered by a leather jacket with shortened sleeves and trimmed waistline. She also wears a short grey combat skirt, complete with brown combat boots. These boots have spikes that extend and retract at the press of a inner button, anchoring Lune to the ground and reducing recoil from her weapon. An alternate outfit has her wearing a bright orange and black hoodie, resembling multiple nuclear explosions, and biker trousers(despite her not owning a motorbike) for more casual occasions. She normally grabs whatever footwear is close at hand, no matter if it goes well with the clothes she is wearing or not.

History: Lunae has had as peaceful a life as any could have wished for, living in a gun shop located in Vale, owned by her father and uncle. The shop had many customers, and thus Lunae was blessed with a well-off family and income. Her uncle also ran a small smuggling business that specialised in Atlas tech, and resold the stolen goods in their store. But, of course, Lunae didn't know about that.

When she was young, she was immersed in stories of being a Huntress, thanks to the stream of Hunters purchasing from their store and taking time to intrigue Lunae with tales of Grimm being slain by them, several of which may or may not have been over-exaggerated. This piqued Lunae's interest, and she asked her father to bring her to see Hunters in action. Her father refused for the reason that it was too dangerous for a young girl, but promised that he would make it up for her. True to his word, her father got tickets to a fireworks show along the coast of a nearby village. The fireworks show was small, but to the childish eyes of Lunae, it was one of the most beautiful things in existence, especially with Remnant's shattered moon in the background. While other kids her age covered their ears and hid behind their parent's legs as normal kids do, Lunae basked in both the light from the fireworks and the explosive crackles and pops. She was later brought to the firework cannon and it was like she found a long-lost treasure, such was her excitement at seeing the thing that created such fun for her. The staff had to drag her away from the machine before she started climbing all over the machinery.

The next day, her father walked into the store to see Lunae struggling to lift a 8-kg bazooka and about to pull the trigger, aimed right at the house next door. He dashed over to lift her away from the weapon of destruction, before looking up to see Lunae's uncle doubled over with laughter at the shock on her father's face. He'd set it up all along with a blank charge, just for a laugh, it turned out. Looking back at Lunae in his arms, her face filled with wonder, he felt obliged to take the rocket launcher out for a demonstration. She delighted in both the noise and the explosion that the rocket made. The neighbors were less amused. This only solidified Lunae's love for explosive weapons, much to her parents's astonishment. However, they still had control over her life, and demanded that if she was to use such weapons, she had to learn every dang safety rule to using such dangerous equipment. She instantly and happily agreed, if only to be able to wield such tools of pure awesomeness.

Her father agreed to start teaching Lunae the proper way to use explosives when she was at the right age, as well as the basics of being a Huntress, seeing as she was learning to use weapons. She had already been attending school, so academics wasn't much of a problem. The more obvious topic was the way she was going to use her chosen weapon, as she couldn't start unloading rockets wherever she liked. Besides, those rockets were expensive. The cost problem was solved in a unexpected way when Lunae was out practicing proper procedure with a stock RPG. Without realising, she had stopped reloading and was just unleashing rocket after rocket, before suddenly feeling faint and blacking out. When she awoke, she was in her bed, with her parents hovering protectively over her. They explained that she may have unlocked her semblance, as the rockets she was firing were glowing a bright orange. That, and the hardly recognisable remains of the training range.

With her Semblance unlocked, her parents were a bit more confident in Lunae's capabilities to handle herself well enough to leave her alone. On her 18th birthday, Lunae was gifted with a brand-new, custom RPG designed and built by her father, signifying their acceptance for Lunae to join Beacon.

Personality: Loud, confident, self-sure are some of the most common words used to describe Lunae. Those traits allow her to easily engage in conversation, even with strangers. However, this does not mean she befriends every person she meets; rather, she finds it hard to actually make proper friends at times. Her confidence is the main reason why she jumps headlong into most things, trusting her instincts and her weaponry to bail her out if something goes awry (which it does sometimes). This does put her in trouble when fighting Grimm, as her overconfidence puts her in tough spots at times. Her loud voice is another defining feature, and as she likes to say: "Being able to be heard anywhere at anytime is a essential thing." Energetic in most situations (apart from school), Lunae is athletic for her age, but at the same time, she isn't incredible at school subjects in general. She is not afraid to pull some...mature stops to get what she wants from others sometimes, but does not do it for the fun of it.

When people ask her "Why did you want to become a Huntress?", they are mostly astonished by her answer of "Because I can see the pretty explosions!" She loves loud noises, and especially adores firework shows, being the source of her enjoyment. She has an obsession of sorts toward any weapon that makes a big bang, and will go as far as to stare straight at a flash-bang with sunglasses on.

Aura and Semblance: Lunae has a orange aura, and she has a large aura pool to draw from when using her Semblance. However, she is not good at using her aura for anything else than regeneration, but her stamina regenerates faster than others.

Lunae's Semblance, Salvo Core, allows her to manifest her aura as projectiles. More specifically, any weapon she is touching, she can provide infinite ammo for, as long as she has the stamina for it. The ammo she manifests out of aura will retain all of the original ammo's characteristics (caliber, size, etc) but will not copy any dust effects. This includes any special, custom-made ammo with whatever special effects it originally had. The same goes for any explosive weaponry, like RPGs and grenade launchers. Basically, this means Lunae can pick up any gun and use it regardless of ammo. Oh, and she doesn't have to reload either, as the bullets/rockets manifest in the magazine/launch tube, allowing for instantaneous discharge of the projectile. However, she cannot rapid-fire her RPG due to the recoil. The ammo created by said Semblance eventually dissipates in 10 seconds after being fired. Any bullet or rocket created by Lunae's Semblance glows orange, making them easily recognisable. If any gun with manifested bullets leaves contact with Lunae, the bullets dissipate. However, she cannot use this Semblance limitlessly. Think of it as having 3 "charges", which take time to come off cooldown. The larger the clip/projectile that Lunae creates, the longer the charge takes to recharge.
Spoiler: more details • show
Lunae has used her semblance most with her selected weapons, and thus requires less effort to manifest ammunition for them. However, if using her semblance on other weapons, she has to use more stamina to create the same amount of ammo for, per say, a magazine for a pistol. The stamina used varies on the amount of ammo, the size (caliber) of the bullet and any special features included. The base stamina numbers are as follows (for reference):
For her own weapons:
30-round magazine for M4A1: 8%, 6 second cooldown
Grenade for attachment: 3%, 4 second CD
Rocket for RPG: 8%, 8 second CD
10-round magazine for pistol: 2%, 3 second CD

Other weapons that aren't hers:
10-round mag for pistol: 4%, 5 second CD
15-30 round mag for machine-gun: 10%, 8 second CD
6-round mag for sniper-rifle: 8%, 8 second CD
1 grenade/1 rocket for grenade/rocket launcher: 12%, 10 second CD

Lunae's Semblance can be further upgraded/improved via a one-use Foci, infused with powdered Ice Dust. This said Foci is the aforementioned "cartridge" pin that holds up her ponytail. When used, she loosens the pin, letting down her hair and gaining a more wild, unkempt appearance. Her Aura gains a slight light-blue tinge, and all ammo created gains a small freezing effect. This does not change the recoil, however. In her RPG's case, any rockets created/fired create ice shards that spread on contact, like a frag grenade. The Foci's effects last around 10 seconds.

Combat Behavior: A modified RPG and a M4A1 with a grenade launcher attachment means that whatever Lunae chooses to do, it'll be very, very loud, and very, very powerful. Using the destructive firepower of her weapon, she can provide cover fire and shell out positions, forcing her enemies out into the open, where she can shoot them with her assault rifle. She is by all means the heavy artillery of the team, most effective at medium-to-long range.

All that being said, she has very exposed weaknesses, lack of ammo being the main concern. When she runs out of stamina, her RPG is useless, as she doesn't carry a single rocket with her. Her assault rifle only has a total of 3 magazines, or 90 rounds, which isn't a lot for prolonged engagements. As well as that, her choice of heavy weaponry leaves her largely immobile, even with the M4A1, and her utter lack of melee capabilities (bar a simple combat knife, which she is rubbish at using) means if she gets jumped, she is a sitting duck.

Simply put, Lunae counts on the sheer power of her weapons to repel or fight off enemies, while simultaneously either keeping enemies in one spot via cover fire, or driving enemies out of hiding locations via RPG bombardment.


Name: Barbatos

Primary Form: Customised rocket-propelled grenade launcher with a sight which swivels to fit the user. Has about the same range as a sniper rifle, and a projectile speed of around 120 mps. That's basically it. Lunae doesn't even carry ammo for it due to her Semblance. However, the rockets it fires do just about the same, if not more, than one of Magnhild's grenades.
Fire, hit, go kaboom. When not in direct usage but in combat, the RPG is slung behind Lunae's right shoulder, and when needed, unfolds over her shoulder, exposing the sight which moves in front of Lunae's right eye. A handle and tripod grip unfolds from the base of the firing mechanism in this mode. Otherwise, it is held like a normal RPG.

Secondary Form: The grip and trigger disconnect from the whole launch tube, revealing a modified pistol that fires standard pistol bullets. Holds up to 10 rounds per magazine, but Lunae only carries the one always inside the pistol.

Storage Form: The discharge tube disconnects from the firing mechanism and trigger. The tube is then stored horizontally across the back of Lunae's waist, while the firing mechanism is holstered at Lunae's side.

History: Designed and built by her father, this RPG was Lunae's birthday gift and her most treasured "boom boom" weapon.

Name: Lupus

Primary Fire: A M4A1 assault rifle with a obligatory grenade launcher attachment under the rifle's barrel. Has a iron sight on the top rail. Holds 30 assault rifle rounds in a single mag, and has a effective firing range of 300m. Has two modes, one of which is a 3-round burst mode and the other being semi-auto. Lunae carries 2 extra clips apart from the one always loaded.

Secondary Fire: A single-shot M203 grenade launcher attachment, its primary purpose being to engage enemies that cannot be reached by direct fire. Has a effective firing range of 150m. Lunae only carries one grenade shot with her, using her Semblance to reload. Fires separately from the main gun.

History: A basic, easy-to-use weapon taken from the gun store, Lunae chose the M4A1 for both it's versatility and the grenade attachment, designed for use in medium range.

Name: Rex

Primary Form: A simple, 6-inch combat knife, black with a white rim. Stored at Lunae's waist.

History: A temporary melee weapon for when Lunae is desperate, this knife was picked by Lunae just to defend herself. She was hesitant to carry anything that didn't even make a sound, but a practice round with a sparring instructor changed her mind after she got steamrolled at close range.

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