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Worldbuilding / Islium (3.0)
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:46:36 AM »
I've contacted literally every single mod of Worldbuilding about this.

Spoiler: show

Islium is located in the middle of a vast clearing bordering the coast, far north-east of Vale. The ground is mostly level and the forests are more often than not mixed at these latitudes. The seaside is rarely hectic, due to the natural enclave-like bay that separates the land from the ocean. A river runs right through the center of the clearing, providing fresh water to all inhabitants. The external part of the clearing is sparsely populated by vegetation due to the recurring hail of bullets and other weapons. The most prominent threat to the well-being of the population is, without a doubt, Grimm.

Spoiler: show

History: Shortly after the end of the Greyed War, a group of well-meaning idealists from all species and walks of life decided to go out and settle a long way from Vale. The settlers were, however, very unprepared for the dangers they were going to have to face.

In a mere 5 years, the entire population came to the brink of losing a decent chunk of itself to Grimm three times. After the third time, some of them finally spoke up: they would need to change their ways if they were to survive other assaults - for other assaults would come, that was certain.

Thus, Islian society grew into a culture where fighting - Grimm or otherwise - and technology to aid in such endeavours is paramount to all, not for the mere fun of it, but because of its necessity to the continued survival of everyone.

Description: Islium is a relatively large settlement, mostly circular in shape and several kilometres in diameter. Houses of all kinds are dispersed through a network of small, winding streets in the middle of trees that took root over 60 years ago, planted by the first generation of settlers. Most houses remain under this treeline and only the center hub, where most large buildings are located, erupts from it. The entire thing is surrounded by a large, thick wall which is about as inviting as the stereotypical mother-in-law.

The entire wall itself is a defensive structure. On top of it are mounted dozens upon dozens of weapons, turrets of all shapes and sizes pointed outwards. This wall is almost always manned, and when partially manned, a few Guards remain to ensure the smooth operation of any automated defenses. Along with the plethora of turrets, an immense shield covers the city, although it is more often than not offline as it chugs power like that one uncle who somehow manages to empty the entire bar on his own.

Noteworthy buildings and installations are: a small, top-of-of-the-line hospital; a school (with a strong combat-oriented program, although it remains healthily varied); the Manufactory, a building/complex where almost everything in Islium is manufactured, more often than not in an artisanal fashion - except for small ammo; a drydock with a few hangars located seaside to allow for construction and storage of watercraft; large underground facilities, mostly hydroponics aimed towards food production, a central power generation facility and a bunch of hangars; a waste management facility which recycles pretty much everything.

As of now, the population of Islium is of several hundreds.

A few Islian installations are located outside Islium. Namely, the contact office located in Vale as well as some ‘parking spaces’ for airships and… uh, seaships.

Culture and Society: Islium’s social structure is a proportional representation-type democracy, where the elected leaders and government decide on taxes for corporations and individuals as well as the general management of Islium. This government is also the entity that conducts diplomacy in the name of Islium and its citizens.

The culture of Islium is nothing special - most people have hobbies of one type or another, watch TV, read the news, etc. There isn’t really segregation based on any type of characteristic - apart from a single one, which will be mentioned later. No, here, the most intrinsic part of the culture is that you have to be useful in some way. It doesn’t matter wether you’re a general or a janitor - as long as you’re useful to Islium (or a visitor, for that matter), you will be treated with respect. Which is why EVERYONE who only seeks to make art such as draw, do 3D models, TV shows, movies, sculptures, etc. is shunned and oppressed. More often than not, the victims of such oppression (called ‘Outliers’ by most) either leave Islium or commit suicide - ironically, in usually extremely creative ways.

There are no set ‘castes’ or anything of the sort in Islium, but people tend to fall in one or more of the following categories.

- Guard: These are the fighters of Islium and comprise the majority of its population. Their main occupation is fighting, whether it is against Grimm or other people. They are extremely adept at their art and are a force to be reckoned with. Many of them are certified Huntsmen, although it is far from being a requirement - some of the most powerful Guards have never set foot in an Academy.

- Worker: These are the life force of Islium. Janitors, teachers, accountants, doctors, nurses, various people who oversee the multiple facilities - their duties are essential, and to Islians, they are worth no less than Guards - to some, they’re worth even more.

- Maker: These people spend their lives, dedicate themselves to working on creating devices to fight Grimm and, as an afterthought, crime. They are the inventors behind Islian technology and the ones who gave Islium its uniqueness as it grew.

- Provider: These people, although technically residing in Islium, have businesses located outside of the settlement. These various enterprises, through the profits they generate, literally provide to Islium the money necessary to its continued survival. They are regarded as emissaries and public figures by most, although everyone is aware that they are also a key element of Islium’s success.

- Outlier: The filth that has no place in Islium. They are seen as leeches, parasites who contribute nothing to the survival of Islium. These people are endlessly oppressed and persecuted by other citizens, while the Islium board makes sure to look the other way. There are few choices for those who find themselves in such a predicament: become a Provider, leave, or… ‘leave’.

Technology: Islium’s technology distinguishes itself by being rather unique in several ways. First and foremost, the use of Dust is kep minimal, as it is a very expensive substance. It’s still essential, but used in the most efficient ways possible, more often than not. This is done by using a special type of Dust reactor, probably (you never know with Atlas, really) unique to Islium, fully scaleable and capable of providing large amounts of energy from a rather small mass of Dust mix, making it incredibly efficient. The other point that makes Ilian technology is its ludicrous diversity, fueled by the minds of pretty much every single citizen. If you can think of it, they can probably make it, or they’ve already made it.

All this uniqueness, however, comes with a major drawback: to keep the machinery used to manufacture items versatile, mass production is almost impossible. There can be no giant factories aimed at making hundreds of rifles; each must be made separately and, more often than not, by its owner. The only things that can be mass-produced are things akin to small, simple ammunition, like the tungsten slugs used in most projectile weapons hailing from Islium.

The level of this technology, although pretty damn advanced, is seldom something that couldn’t be accomplished elsewhere - the only thing making it pop up in Islium is the catalyst that consists of a plethora of weapon and technology nerds.

Some items of general use are, as previously mentioned, the Islian Dust reactors, coilguns as portable projectile weapons and shields, which are often applied to everything large enough to fit a minuscule reactor. Most guards wear a shield belt that syncs to Aura, effectively making it a second layer of protection that is usually capable of taking more of a punch than a trained Huntsman’s Aura. The shields, however, do not negate momentum any more than the user’s normal Aura would.

Examples of specific technologies:
Spoiler: Techs • show

- Tank: A massive, six-legged, 4-man tank, complete with shield matrix and active defenses. The general design is that of a heavily-armoured thing, with one person at helm and navigation, someone at the main armaments and defenses and two other manning side turrets, everyone safely set deep within the bowels of the machine. Power is supplied by a large D-reactor. The armaments are as varied as the owners, as the six-legged thing is more of a basic design structure than a step-by-step guide.

- Snake: A most often six-meter long, most definitely artificial and metallic… snake… thing. They are mostly used as pets and/or battle companions. Smaller ones are known to have been built, with far less chunky-looking textures. The snake will typically jump onto an enemy and crush them with its sheer strength. It needs to be ‘fed’ Dust capsules to remain functional. The sides can also heat up to help go through tough armour.

- Swarm: An appropriately-named mass of small-ish robots that, well, behave like a swarm. Although they are capable of efficiently doing large, complex manipulations in tight spaces, its inventor has yet to make it into an acceptable weapon. The fact that it has an about 10 minute autonomy, along with having a range in the smaller kilometres, doesn’t help either.

- Cargo hauler: A very large aircraft, capable of hauling dozens of tonnes at supersonic speeds. At low speeds, air is sucked through intakes and heated in Dust-powered turbines before being expelled by several vectored nozzles located on the hauler’s sides. When going into ‘fast’ mode, the turbines power down to minimum and a set of grav Dust engines takes over, supplying the thrust necessary to power through the air at above Mach 1.

- ‘Self-upgrading’: While not exactly widespread or popular, some residents of Islium are quite fond of upgrading everything they can get their hands on - including themselves. So if you cross the path of some juggernaut with cybernetic eyes or similarly disturbing robotic features, don’t freak out: he’s a good guy.

- Holkins: The most stupidly large single piece of technology within Islium, it was - and is - worked on by a single person. When inactive, it takes the shape of a large, weird-looking tower near the settlement’s center, albeit one with no visible entries. When deployed, however, a gigantic cannon looms over the neighbourhood. Designed as an ultra-long range artillery piece, it fires shells - well, at this size, plain bombs - with surprising accuracy, although every shell is fitted with some sort of independent targeting system for impact. Every shell is custom-made by the Holkins’ inventor and can take the form of a carpet bomb, thermobaric, multiple-warhead, bunker buster, etc. Shells are fired by a hybrid Dust-coilgun mechanism, where a large Dust combustion provides the initial kick while the coilgun accelerates it to larger velocities than otherwise feasible. Needless to say, every single time it fires (and thankfully, it hasn’t neeeded to yet), the ground shakes and it nearly blows itself off its supports.

- Micro missiles: Pretty much what it says on the tin. Missiles of a very small and maneuverable nature with a very small amount of Dust fuel, fitted with whatever warhead/payload is appropriate. Rarely used alone due to their excessively short range, they are normally used in tandem with larger, ‘carrier’ weapons, like an RPG, for example.

- Novel/exotic materials: Your usual things. Nanotubes, vantablack, hyperdiamond, high-entropy alloys, etc. You name it, they’ll at least try to make it.

- Razor moths: Small, hovering robots capable of surprising bursts of speed, they are covered in deployable blades. Not too-too dangerous on their own, but quite vicious in groups.

- May add more

Relations: Islium is mostly self-sustaining, apart from the need to import materials and Dust. This importation is supported by the economic activities of Islium and Islians - lending their hand for a price, creating customised items for those who can afford it, etc. Providers also play a major role, as their businesses, operating outside Islium, bring in money in the form of taxes applied to their profits. Taxes are also applied to private deals and contracts between citizens and their clients, albeit to a lesser extent.

The government of Islium and its citizens are more than willing to lend a help to those in need in exchange of whatever said people can spare, and usually only charge money to the wealthy. For those who can’t afford it, other types of payment can be arranged - local resources, for example.

A cargo hauler, under mildly heavy escort, makes the trek to and from the City of Vale once a day to ship people, products and resources of all kinds back and forth.

Characters: Islians really don’t have any distinguishing traits, apart from a slightly above-average age compared to Kingdoms due to Islium’s nature as a settlement and that a slightly larger portion of the population hails from the general area of Vale because of the sheer effect of proximity in migration patterns. Inside, they are either Guards, Workers, Makers, Providers or Outliers and are pretty much anything outside.

Anna was reading a book in a quiet corner of the Academy's library. She looked mostly normal, apart from the fact that she had her eyes closed and that her right hand was covering the pages.

Her leisure was interrupted by the vibration of her right Pocket. Taking the scroll out and flicking it open, she moved her left hand over it. A teacher was telling her to "get her ass over to the airpads" for her first mission. She'd be airlifted to the middle of Forever Fall forest, where she had to rendez-vous with her freshly selected teammates before getting onto the main objective. Sounded simple enough.

She quickly trudged her way over to her bags & things back in the main hall, putting her book back and taking out her weapons. After fully equipping herself and putting on her coat, she went straight to the airpads where her transport awaited her. Soon, she was off.

Plot Zone / Initiation DM position [closed]
« on: February 11, 2017, 09:54:48 AM »
Hulloh all. Team ASTC is looking for somebody to DM their initiation.

So far, the plan is for the team to be messaged on their scrolls, get airlifted to the Forever Falls forest where they''ll meet up and head towards some ruins, which may or may not contain fun relics. After the ruins have been thoroughly pillaged, they start heading back, only to receive a distress call from some nearby civvies. Stuff ensues.

Further details will probably be provided. Open to all (glances at the mods).

General Discussion / Random thing I made for other random occurrences
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:54:46 PM »
So I created a phonetic alphabet on my own. The lexicon, that is. It should be able to handle most sounds from most languages. I think.

Hit me up if you want to put an alien alphabet in one of your IRL works.

RPG Discussion / Waitwaitwaitwait.
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:14:57 PM »
I'm not sure if I read Gus right in a WiP post.

We'll be actually changing year? Our characters are going to get older?

Teams / Team FIRE (4/4)
« on: December 19, 2016, 05:45:43 AM »
Hello! We're currently looking for another member to the party that is team FIRE. We're currently missing the F, so anyone with that as an initial of their character, POST RIGHT HERE FOR A TEAM

Oh and you can also submit chars that don't have F as an initial. It doesn't have to stay FIRE :P

New member found! Welcome, MT!

(New) Members:
- Mauve Roux (leader)
- Russell Omhiaba
- Ismael Skhaos
- Nathan Eau

EDIT: Chaos, your shadow was a pain in the ass to get right.

General Discussion / Hey y'all. This is a survey.
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:49:27 PM »
As it turns out, I like to be overly prepared. Not that it has any link, but I would like everyone to submit a custom title/personal text here. Feel free to be as salty and offensive as you want.

I'll be keeping the submissions neatly ordered in this very post. You can also vote for a pre-existing one instead of/along with submitting a new thing.

I expect great & terrifying things from all of you.

- A Waffleiron -Rush
- Has less soul than a horcrux -Mythic
- Jesus Christ, Nathan what the fuck -Rush (2 votes)
- Cannot English -Mythic
- It was his fault -Kiith
- Regina George -Mythic
- The new Jason -Mythic
- I thought he was 13 -Rush
- The Edgemeister -Kiith
- Dicks. Dicks and penises. -Rush
- Adam Reaper -Rex (2 votes)
- She was asking for it. -Mal
- Jet fuel can't melt steel beams. -Mal
- Jet beams can't melt steel fuel. -Spinoff of Mal
- Your mom should have swallowed. -Mal
- The rape was her fault. -Mal
- Watch daddy skullfuck the baby. -Mal

You know, that post from Vox saying not to post in General Discussion from the RPG side of things because things are weird. We apparently need one of those in Introductions & etc., too.

WiP Characters / Scarlett/Corinth,Korynn,etc. Briggart/Topaz (In the works)
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:02:39 PM »
Again, mostly got her figured out. However, plan's for her to come from Islium, so she'll probably be an empty shell for a while until I finish actually writing up the damn thing, submit it and somehow don't make another series of ludicrous blunders like only I can.


Name: Scarlett/Corinth,Korynn,etc. Briggart/Topaz(subject to change)

Age: 16 or 17

Species and Gender: HF

Symbol:  Dunno. Maybe a modified version of Islium's emblem?

Occupation: BSFY

Appearance: Basically an anime character but with normal-looking features. Well, except hair and eye color.

History: Grown and raised in Islium.

Personality: Kinda strong-minded but nice to others. Mostly.

Aura and Semblance: Attribute-boosting thingamajig. The hotter she burns, the faster she falls. Not unlocked/discovered.

Combat Behavior:  Mainly long-range training, but can hold her own with her second weapon at close range.


Name: Dunno yet

Primary Form: Sniper

Secondary Form: Bigger sniper

Dust Functions: Fuel/Energy source

History: Made it herself

Name: Triskelion

Primary Form: Funky rapier

Dust Functions: Fuel/Energy source ('battery')

History: Made it herself

General Discussion / PSA + suggestions
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:04:53 PM »
So this is a semi-continuation of the previous one. Therefore,

Asterisk: :D

Also, the main purpose of this thread is for us to figure out some sort of replacement for this, as the database is apparently agonizing.
As Gus suggested, there's Discord: however, from what I know about the thing, it's less a forum and more of a chat. This means that the posts/messages would be FAR more numerous and while I don't know about you guys, I don't think I could keep up with that many things over the day.

In any case, suggest courses of action here. While we're figuring this out, you can still talk about stuff as usual.

Approved Characters / Helena Chlophyll
« on: November 07, 2016, 06:03:00 AM »

Name: Helena Chlophyll

Age: 17, born 21st of Amare 63 AC

Species and Gender: Female human

Symbol: A bright, shining Sun the same colour as her Aura.

Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: At 1.75 metres/5'9" and 63 kilograms/140 lbs, Helena has defined muscles. Her shoulders are slightly wider than average and her chest, while nothing to write home about, isn't too shabby either at a C cup. Her features tend to be on the soft side. She has a warm, smooth voice that could easily lull you to sleep. Her most defined muscles are her shoulder and upper back ones, mostly due to using Artemis. She has fair skin and straight, light blond hair that goes down to her shoulderbones as well as very pale blue-grey eyes. She is right-handed.

Helena's 'casual' attire consists of a black, fitted dress shirt with slightly golden buttons paired with a navy, tea-length circle skirt and golden heels. When the weather is too frigid or rainy, she'll also wear a burgundy princess coat with white buttons and a hidden hood. She wears her school uniform as prim and proper as possible. Her formal attire consists of a white, knee-length dress and white heels. The skirt is made of a twenty or so thin, light swaths of textile, seemingly sown onto a common base. The skirt also has a slight colour gradient: it starts white at the top and becomes a very pale lilac at the bottom. Her pajama consists of a maroon-coloured silk nightgown. She can sometimes be seen with a small, brown leather sash slung around herself, which is where she likes to keep her pet garden snake when on the move in a safe environment.

History: Helena was born in Vale to two equally Vallite parents. She grew up in one of the poorer parts of the city. But even then, her parents were something special: they helped out everyone they could with all the time they could spare, even if they worked most of the day to make ends meet. They tried to communicate this love of people to their daughter, and boy did they ever succeed. Even at the ripe age of 4, Helena would go to others and speak to them in a friendly manners, even those that could be regarded as bullies - which rarely remained that way. If she saw another child - or even adult - cry, she was pretty much guaranteed to be found hugging them within 10 seconds, asking what's wrong and doing her best to help. She got it bad, sometimes, when someone went aggressive, but even then, she refused to stop helping.

When she was 8, however, something changed - drastically. As improbable as it may seem, her parents won the lotto. Thankfully for pretty much everyone involved, it didn't change them or go to their heads: they dressed a bit fancier, but still very simply and, above all, kept on helping others, spending even more time on that as they had stopped working. Now, they distributed food and clothing to the homeless, provided shelters, helped families in need, arranged for doctors to consult those who couldn't afford it. When she wasn't at school, they brought their child along, watching her bloom into a ball of sunshine with seemingly infinite stocks of love for all.

When she was 11, Helena was seriously wondering what she would do later in life. Would she be a doctor? A humanitarian worker? A police officer? There were so many options that were good ways of helping people! After giving it a lot of thought and asking her parents, their friends and her own friends for advice, she settled on becoming a Huntress. Not everything about the job was chasing monsters, but also helping those who were too far away from the main settlements for the usual help to be of any use. This made her take up archery as a pastime and, furthermore, as practice for her future job. When the time came, she therefore enrolled in Signal.

Mere days after arriving at Signal, during the first live exercise she took part in, one of her fellow students injured themselves rather severely, blood escaping the wound at a dangerous rate. Doing, as usual, all she could to help, Helena ran to the boy and pressed both hands on the gash, wishing for the bleeding to stop. Which it did. About thirty seconds later, when the nurses arrived on the scene and asked that she remove her hands so that they could evaluate the damage, the bleeding had completely stopped. Helena had just used her semblance for the first time. Realizing this, she began to consume as much information as possible about biology and anatomy. Therefore, most of her time at Signal was spent on using her semblance by swinging by the hospital every day. She got into Beacon with average scores all over the board, ecstatic at the idea of being one step closer to becoming a healer Huntress.

Personality: Helena is just about as bright as the Sun can be, bordering on the excessive. Relentlessly joyful and happy, she refuses to see people as only evil, claiming that there is no such thing as pure evil: there's always a reason behind it, one that she seldom understands. As such, even though the White Fang's recent activities are... of a rather questionable nature, she is entirely convinced that they believe they are doing this for the greater good. Her willingness to help with almost anything anyone can ask, as well as try to help those who seem to need it, can lend her to be marginally - okay, not so marginally - naive and prone to fall into traps. She usually prefers to hang around outside, amidst large amounts of greenery which may or may not have been grown via her semblance, either just enjoying the sights or reading a book under the shadow of a tree, and is quite happy if anyone decides to join her.

Aura and Semblance: Helena's Aura is a bright, warm solar yellow (#FFFFE5).

Her semblance is, in one word, Life. It allows her to use her Aura to heal animals and people. Healing done with her semblance will leave no scar tissue behind. She is only capable of healing relatively recent injuries and, to a much lesser extent, sickness. The amount of Aura needed depends on the size, nature and complexity of the injury. For sickness, it basically gives the immune system a boost.
Spoiler: Examples • show
She can fully mend a large, broken bone (femur, etc.) for 80%. Hemorrhages, due to the rather localized nature of blood vessels, can be healed quite easily - 10% in extreme cases. Muscle tears are rather exhausting, a large muscle group necessitating about 40%. Nerves, due to their very local nature, can be healed for less than 15%, in most cases. The most extreme thing she can pull off, however, is that if someone's had a limb sliced clean off, she can reattach it over the course of 3 days, starting with barely reattaching the bone along with repairing nerves and blood vessels and sealing the skin.

Note: Aura can be exchanged for stamina, where 0% stamina = fainting from exhaustion.

Combat Behavior: Helena considers herself as more of a support than anything else, usually preferring to stand far behind her allies and snipe with Artemis. However, should the terrain or situation prove to be unsuitable to such an arrangement, she will dual wield her knives and rapidly flit about her foes, stabbing and slicing with strangely graceful, rapid and fluid movements, but is still far from impressive and struggles to inflict damage, being somewhat unused to close quarters.


Name: Artemis

Primary Form: Artemis takes the form of a large, reflex flatbow and its 24 accompanying arrows, along with a quiver. A large strip of light, silvery, unpolished metal spans its entire length and thickness and the rest of the flatbow itself is completed by carbon fibre. The draw string is a thick nanotube wire. The entire thing was treated to be fireproof since, y'know, carbon burns. The arrows - most of them - have a shaft made of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer, black polymer fletching and have tungsten carbide heads which are the nightmarish child of bodkin points and broadheads. The broadhead part is situated just below the bodkin point, within the shaft, and deploys on impact - optimally, after it penetrates the target. The arrows are also treated to be fire resistant. The bow is capable of shooting its ammo at just over 150 m/s when fully drawn. Its maximum range is what you'd expect for such a bow - about 400 m. This is a far cry from the effective range, though, which is about 80 meters.

Dust Functions: Small Dust containers can be clamped onto the shaft, right after the bodkin point. These containers are stored in pockets on the quiver. Helena likes to have two of each on hand at all times. The effects have an 0.6 metre radius unless specified otherwise.
- Fire: Creates an explosion.
- Ice: Freezes stuff or creates ice around stuff.
- Lightning: Zaps things.
- Kinetic: Drives the arrow forward with immense force (basically quadruples the arrow's ordinary momentum).

History: Helena had Artemis custom-made for her while she was at Signal. She named it Artemis because of, well, Artemis.

Name: Seikatsu & Shi

Primary Form: Seikatsu and Shi are two daggers/knives which are only special in their looks. Seikatsu is of a vivid green with yellow reflections, while Shi is black with red reflections. Seikatsu's sheath is attached on the left side of her belt while Shi's is symmetrically placed.

Spoiler: The goddamn colours, man • show
Seikatsu colours: #14A900 & #D9DC00
Shi: Black is black, red is #C20000

History: Helena made these weapons herself while attending Signal as a close-range solution.

Beacon Academy / The Proverbial Hurricane [semi-open, ask before posting]
« on: October 19, 2016, 10:03:32 PM »
Nathan was sat at his computer. Someone had linked him a vid of the recent news bulletin. Patiently, he listened as the people spoke, not really caring what they thought of him. What he did care about, however, was the face of the obviously manipulative douchenozzle that was somehow catalyzing the mass into believing his lies. He just couldn't believe they didn't see the obvious.

Sighing, he got up, walked over to his bed and threw himself backwards onto it, landing perfectly sprawled on it. I can't wait for that hollow-hearted prick to get what's coming to him.

Teams / Team CBLT (4/4)
« on: October 09, 2016, 11:22:02 AM »
So one of our members, FGLM, hasn't been on in a while and has been voted MIA. The purpose of this post is to fill the spot of the missing team member, preferably with someone that has B or L as an initial.
Aaaand now Fox is gone too, with Tenne.

- Camelia Sol (leader)
- Bianca Li
- Theodore "Teddy" Williams
- Blanc Valiere

We're back in the game! Welcome to the poor Teddy and author Mike!

General Discussion / Spare the Database (because we still talk too much)
« on: September 29, 2016, 12:16:24 PM »
Yes, I'm that guy/spammy cunt.

Just smart enough to know exactly how stupid I am.

The Vale Region / Encounters of the Third Kind [Closed]
« on: September 24, 2016, 12:00:00 PM »
A woman, 6'7" and built like an Amazon, was laying in a lounge chair in front of the Yulind residence, her feet bare and some beige cargo pants accompanying her dark gray sleeveless shirt - which had an orange 4-point star on it. Her long, rather curly black hair was, for once, loose. Her green eyes were intently focused on the words of the book she was in the process of reading.

Max raised her eyes off the ink-riddled pages and gazed at her surroundings, enjoying the warmth, the wind and the songs of nearby birds. This place reminded her so much of home. Sure, the lake was bigger and she could see ground that stretched way further, but everything else felt the same.

She had been supposed to meet with Ophelia at this very house. However, when she arrived, all she found was a note that pretty much said that the family was gone for a few days and to make herself at home in the meantime. Max had been rather outraged at that, but had managed to calm down after about half an hour of formulating inventive ways to destroy the building. Since her Aura had been registered within the security system, she wouldn't need to break in like last time.

Sighing, she plunged back into the book. This wasn't so bad after all.

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