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How do you explain alcohol to somebody, again? "Well, uuuhhh, alcohol is that thing people drink that make them irresponsible, uncoordinated and makes their head hurt the following morning."

He then turned to Ramalia as she spoke up, his eyelids dropping noticeably at her words in an utterly nonplussed fashion. "We don't necessarily label things; stuff that gets lost is still owned, like if somebody's handkerchief or something falls out of their pocket, but things that're abandoned are ownerless, like some kid's candy wrapper."

Brock's only further reaction at her passive-aggressive words about how she was the only one drinking was to close his eyes and rub his left temple.

At Tristan's question, Brock slowly turned his head to face her, eyes widened. What. "...No, it ain't. It's... hold on, do you not know what alcohol is?"

While waiting for her to answer, he shrugged at Ramalia's doubt over the importance of taste. "Some do, some don't. And yeah, ownership isn't really finders keepers in Vale. Or anywhere that's close to a settlement, for that matter.", he added regarding her... lack of understanding? of ownership rights.

As for the drinking? "I just don't really drink. I can assure you that it's just me, not a cultural thing or anything."

Brock nodded a hello to Tristan before turning back to Ramalia. She seemed to be having a bit of a hard time understanding the way alcohols and liquors worked. "It's... not that simple. Your description would only work if all there was was ethanol at various concentrations. There're hundreds, if not bloody thousands of different alcoholic beverages, all with their own unique tastes and profiles. There's a reason that bars offer more than one kind of beer, whiskey, vodka and so on." He'd also had to put a stop to a few drunken brawls his coworkers had started over which brand of gin is superior, so that helped to know this.

...And she handed him the open bottle again. Gods dammit. She even tried to force him into drinking. Probably not with bad intentions, but still. "I ain't a a host, I'm a guest. The drinks were here when I arrived." Now, to hope to everything that Tristan wasn't the one who'd brought the bag of bottles here...

Teams / Re: 1st Year Team
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Brock stood by, arms crossed, as he watched with mild horror the tall, built girl drink half a bottle in one shot.He took the bottle when it was offered and took a small whiff of its odors. Apart from the complex, rich and somewhat smoky aroma, he was immediately assaulted by the alcohol vapors. Damn, thanks goodness it was only the smallest amount. Worry still colored his face a bit.

Putting the bottle back on the table, he answered Ramalia's question. "It's, uh, whiskey. The real stuff, not the cheap half-alcohol knockoff. You... may want to brace for it." As his voice - even somewhat hushed - was still in the process of joyfully making the nearby windows vibrate, he continued with "I'm Brock, Beacon first year. Was passing by and noticed...", he trailed off, extending his arm towards Red in a 'your turn' manner.

Brock was mildly startled by Red's scream of, well, probably surprise, he'd guess. Mildly because while he'd had this happen to him several times beforehand, it was always a bit startling and there wasn't really anything he could do about that.

After she calmed down, he repeated his question. "Well, I was wonderin' what -" was all he had the time to say before a blonde girl, apparently as hold as himself and sporting almost as much bulk and height, interjected, asking if 'there was a problem here'. While she didn't seem outright armed, from the looks of it, she wasn't exactly in civilian gear either. Knowing full well how his words would weigh, he simply turned to Red once again, awaiting her reply.

Brock was trekking around the Academy, meditating as he did. He had done all his homework, studied all he could, pumped iron enough for three lifetimes and read that one book he hadn't finished at the time. There really wasn't much for him to do.

As he was glancing around, just enjoying what he saw, a bright spot of red attracted his attention. A girl was in the process of sitting down at a far-removed table, a bottle in hand and what seemed to be more in a bag at her feet. Brock altered his course, frowning at the suspicious circumstance. The bottles were obviously alcoholic in some way, he'd seen enough dock workers drinking from them after a job well done.

As he approached, he gently spoke up, his low voice still managing to rumble throughout the vicinity. "Hey, Red. What you got there?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:07:21 AM »
Maena was momentarily bewildered before stepping between the officer and his vehicle. She couldn't believe it. "Excuse me, were you even listening? She's a victim." She barely held back a scathing addition, staring at him with a slightly pissed-off frown instead.

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« on: February 27, 2018, 09:55:05 PM »
Edited appearance spoiler with fresh, pimpin' art.

To be fair, King, that's probably my fault; the Symbol spoiler was unnamed. Should be fixed now.

Character Editing / Re: How to Edit an Approved Character
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I'd like to edit Camelia, please. Image changes to make.

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
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Nathan followed the team, listening to them while keeping an eye out for danger. To that end, he switched Ergia back into staff mode. While he actually paid attention to his teammates, he found there to be very little to comment on. Instead, he mulled a bit more over the enemies they'd just encountered.There were two possibilities.

One; Grimm are not known to be capable of physiologically manipulating elemental attacks of any kind. Thus, these mutated ones would've needed semblances, which require Aura, which requires a soul, which makes them not Grimm at all. Two; these Grimm had somehow been forcibly implanted with technology.

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:06:46 PM »
As Helena trekked forward, the gully became more pronounced. So did the tracks lining its center; a path was now obvious. The depth of the imprints betrayed that this was most definitely a Boarbatusk. Or rather, Boarbatusks, seeing as travel was repetitive enough to create a path of trodden, disturbed earth. She glanced up from her scroll just in time to catch the tail end (quite literally) of the fox who'd lead her here turn a corner. Looking back at her scroll confirmed it.

As she kept advancing, she suddenly realized how little sound there was apart from the intermittent rustling of leaves. Birds sounded bizarrely far away as she came into view of a small opening in the rock, where people could've only fit by scraping themselves against the ground. Something moved around in the shadows, so she kept a trained eye (and ear) on it while briefly scanning her surroundings and the cameras.

A small, nearby movement of anomalous color caught her sight. Her eyes darted towards the source before focusing back onto the hole. The lost fox's collar, that or somebody had set a dog free in the vicinity. Keeping her attention on the cave entrance, she grabbed hold of it with her left hand before shoving it into one of her empty pockets as best she could. That being done, she turned on her scroll's light and slowly aimed it at the rock-surrounded darkness, doing her best to not startle whatever was in there. Although, in the case of Grimm, it was more about avoiding any rapid movements.

Teams / Re: Team List
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Beacon 1st year

BADJ | Badge
Polished Gold

Plot Zone / Re: It's not easy being evil... (group planning/setup)
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:06:05 PM »
I'll just throw that guy I talked about in there. And pray I've actually written him out before September.

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