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WiP Characters / Re: Mikafar Lupine (Feedback appreciated)
« on: Today at 07:35:38 AM »
So, I'd like a bit of outside help for this. I'm not sure what others think of the semblance on this character. If opinions and feedback could be provided, it would be much appreciated.
Oh, and of course, anything else that seems off can be pointed out too.

AMA Section / Let's try this again...(AMCA)
« on: April 27, 2017, 12:48:10 PM »
So yeah, I kinda messed up my last one, so I'm going to try this again.

Usual things apply, ask my characters/me anything and I'll respond in kind.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:56:23 AM »
Me neither.

We could have someone in this group DM it I suppose, it would reduce the amount of posts needed, and seeing as we're all decently active, we hopefully won't have to wait long between each post.

Kei had woken up slightly before their landing, and had had some time to look out the window and survey the village from above. What he saw from up there did not prepare him for the scene on the ground. If the tracks of the Grimm weren't enough, buildings lay half-collapsed and burning. Here and there, a few bodies lay limp on the floor. For the love of Dust... Enough to make a person either run for the hills-or hunt the perpetrators down, in their case.

Hearing Savas mention that the Grimm were still nearby, which Kei had almost figured out by then, he shifted his sheath's slot and withdrew Hub, this time at it's full length with the Ink Lance at the ready. Having being given an command, he began slowly moving forward, eyes looking this way and that, but only seeing carnage and Grimm footprints. Beowolves, he judged. He was no Grimm tracker, but he could tell the big ones from the small, and there were some big prints in the ground. If he had to guess, either Beringel, or dust forbid, a Goliath. If the latter was true, not only would they not find survivors, but they would be hard-pressed to survive as well. But he kept these thoughts to himself. Better not to alarm Ribeiro and maintain whatever little peace they had.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 26, 2017, 02:32:38 PM »
Right, here's the response from JJB:
I've been pretty busy lately with a lot going on IRL. I can do the initiation, but you may have to wait a little bit before I can get it up and running. Also, when I do the initiation, I probably won't be able to post regularly in it. That all said, if you're alright with all that, then I can do your team's initiation. If not, you are always welcome to run it yourselves. Let me know what you decide.
Now the question is whether we stick to the plan, or switch tacts and run it ourselves? Ofc, open to ideas.

WiP Characters / Mikafar Lupine (Feedback appreciated)
« on: April 25, 2017, 02:24:22 PM »

Name: Mikafar "Mika" Lupine

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Male Wolf Faunus


Occupation: 3rd Year Beacon Student, formerly Atlas

Appearance: A 5'5 wolf faunus, Mika has short, slicked-back grey, thin hair with small, exposed yellow wolf ears poking out of his hair, the same size as Blake's cat ears, in addition to his pre-existing ears, and he makes no effort to hide them. Small, light green eyes, a little yet sharp nose, and flat mouth round off his face, which is angular and pale. There are hidden scars on his head and the back of his body, and he has a unnaturally slim waist. He also has a red scarf around his neck, somewhat ragged and torn, a gift from his parents. He is normally seen bent slightly forward, due to his weapon's weight.

The most defining feature of his body is undoubtedly his metallic claw attachments, which are painted yellow, lengthened and sharpened to a lethal point for use in combat. Over them, to prevent from scratching himself or anyone else unintentionally, he wears white and grey leather gloves, a white and blue tracksuit top and matching trousers, with streaks of yellow on the chest, shoulder, front and sides of the trousers, and grey, flexible fabric at the elbows, knees, hips, shoulders and any connecting joints. Finishing his attire are white combat boots with red soles and two metal yellow claws extending out the front for both purchase and intimidation. They can be used to inflict some mediocre damage on an enemy. Another set of clothing he wears for colder climates, like Atlas, include a thick, dark green trench coat and brown army trousers, a memoir from the time he spent in Atlas Academy.

In combat, he switches the tracksuit for a identical color scheme-based suit of light laminar armor for his body, which are designed to be angular and beast-like, as well as blue shoulder armor pieces while wearing half-greaves, like shin pads for his legs. These have slots on the side for propulsion dust, giving Mika a burst of speed when needed. He also ditches the gloves in combat. He wears this armor, knowing that with his fighting style, if aura fails him, the armor might save him yet.

History: Mikafar Lupine was born into a family of 5, him being the oldest out of his brother and sister. His father and mother, both being faunus, had a history of being heavily discriminated against and had jobs working in a dangerous mine that produced both Dust and metal. At a young age, Mika had experienced the suffering that was attributed to being a Faunus living in Atlas, getting bullied by every non-Faunus child in his town, occasionally getting ganged up and beaten for protecting his younger siblings. As a result, Mika was forced to learn rudimentary self-defense, and thanks to his wolf claws, which weren't fully grown, he managed to scratch one of his attackers during one of their bullying sessions. Mika returned home limping and stumbling two hours later, with bruises, gashes, cuts and scrapes all over his body, as well as having his wolf ears cut and bleeding, with tufts of his hair pulled out. (Mika didn't have his aura unlocked yet, he was about 6) Due to his position working in the mines, Mika's father could not actively defend Mika from his assaulters, so he did the next best thing: teach Mika how to properly use his faunus traits.

When he wasn't labouring in the mines, Mika's father took any opportunity he had to coach Mika on how to fight without a weapon, since there was one weapon between the two that could not be disarmed by any means: their claws. Over the course of a year, Mika learned the ways to properly slash his foes without running the risk of breaking his own claws off, how to inflict the most damage and so on. The fruits of his labour came to bear when, one day, while once again taking beatings for his siblings by the same gang, Mika snapped and turned on his attackers, putting all the techniques his father taught him to good use, and eventually managed to make the gang retreat. Seeing his son return, battered but wearing a triumphant look on his face, Mika's father felt the proudest he had ever felt of his eldest son.

With the gang taught their lesson, Mika was no longer physically bullied, though people still whispered behind his back. He continued his studies (mostly failing), and his parents took note of that fact. In the mines, Dust was considered more important than other materials, and so Mika's parents were able to smuggle out bits and pieces of iron and metal they mined without being noticed. When Mika was of age (13), he was presented with the first version of what he now called Incarnation, a massive mace for Mika to carry into Atlas Academy's first year. This was discussed beforehand with Mika, and he had agreed to join the academy for a better future for his family. However, he fully expected to have to join with only his claws as weapons, and was moved to tears when he was presented with the mace. Even with no training, it wasn't hard to figure out what to do with such a tool.

Moving into Atlas Academy, Mika was met with an even bigger wall of hostility than what he had ever imagined, all because he was a faunus. The bullying returned tenfold, and he couldn't even go to most of the teachers, as they turned a blind eye to his plights. Nevertheless, he struggled on with his studies, actually doing relatively well with his combat training and his mace until he was assigned a team, who instantly expressed their disgust at being paired with "the faunus". Nothing that Mika could do but get on with their mission, which was to simply exterminate Grimm around the borders of Atlas Academy.

The mission went on with little difficulty, although Mika wasn't receiving any help from the rest of his team, who were isolating him and pushing on as a 3-man group. After locating the main pack of Grimm they were supposed to hunt, during a prolonged battle with an Alpha Beowolf that was sicced on Mika by the remainder of the team, the Grimm got off a critical strike that knocked Mika's aura down to dire levels. Upon receiving the attack, Mika went berserk, unknowingly unlocking his semblance and shredding the Alpha Beowolf with his claws, before going on an absolute rampage and crushing the remainder of the pack. With the Grimm utterly defeated, Mika's fury turned toward his team, who were cowering in a corner of the clearing that Mika managed to create by knocking multiple trees over with his mace. Luckily, before he managed to accidentally hurt his team, Mika passed out from exhaustion.

He awoke in Atlas Academy's medical centre, tended by the one teacher that Mika managed to befriend while studying there. The teacher got him up to speed on what had been happening, and explained that he had most likely unlocked his semblance, but had received significant injuries due to his aura not completely protecting him from attacks. Looking at his hands, Mika saw that they were both heavily bandaged. The teacher explained that this was because his claws had suffered from prolonged use of slashing stuff that was too tough to actually do much to. Hearing this, Mika had the idea for his second weapon, the Lupus Nails, and after being discharged from the med centre, with the help of the sympathetic teacher, Mika created the set of metal claws for extreme melee use. While he was at it, Incarnation also received an upgrade, refining the shape and weight of the mace.

The news soon spread about what Mika achieved on his first mission, with students too scared to actually physically bully him (again) but redoubling his efforts on using words to chip away at his mental wall. His team no longer wanted anything to do with him at all, and still he continued on his studies, absorbing all he could on fighting the Grimm and making use of the technology Atlas boasted. Eventually, near the end of his second year, Mika asked his parents for one last favour: to send him to Beacon Academy so he could actually achieve something with a team. His request was welcomed, and after getting a send-off gift, and upgrading Incarnation to it's present state (pile bunker), Mika set off for Vale, Beacon Academy and a better future.

Personality: Mika is a quiet and calm person, with a easy personality toward fellow Faunus. However, he appears blunt and emotionless toward most humans, and the aforementioned personalty is replaced by a cold, harsh mood that lasts until he is left alone, preferably with other Faunus. Mika is extremely focused when he wants to achieve something. Because of personal experience, Mika will actively defend other faunus being discriminated, with violence if necessary.

Because of his difficult childhood and the way he was brought up, Mika has trouble interacting with humans at all, and will go out of his way to avoid them. He also favours violence as a way to solve problems involving humans, instead of talking it through. He is currently working to be more open with his emotions with the help of a psychologist. Outside of his emotions and personality, Mika is not good at school subjects in general, and shows little interest in learning anything that doesn't benefit him in combat. The one time he is at ease is when he is talking to his family via a scroll that he sent them as a gift.

When using his Semblance, rational emotion and thinking are thrown out of the window. In their stead, Mika only thinks to either kill (Grimm) or win (Human/Faunus), and will not stop until that goal is reached, no matter the injuries he might take, nor the way the victory is won. He does not communicate at all when his Semblance is active, making it hard to coordinate attacks.

Aura and Semblance: Mika's nickel grey aura, when visible, gives off the impression of shrouding Mika in semi-opaque mist, or clouds, though this is purely a side-effect, no smoke effects or the like. Said aura grants Mika a relatively significant strength boost from prolonged training compared to an untrained person's aura, and not much else.

Mika's semblance was named Savagery by onlookers, and people have described it as "an animal going wild". In fact, his Semblance can be considered a double-edged sword, since it opens him up to attacks and also has the chance of turning on his allies. When using Savagery, Mika's sight and hearing senses are heightened, granting him the ability to see further objects clearer and hear further sounds clearer, in addition to his already heightened sense of sight and hearing from his faunus traits. Apart from the heightened senses, Mika loses most, if not all, rational thinking, and attacks similarly to a starving wolf, savaging his foe with his claws, and less with his weapon, relentlessly. It does not grant him any movement speed boost. His movements become erratic, almost uncontrollable, despite the potential disadvantages it may cause. This extends to him ignoring, or muting, distractions like wounds and pain temporarily, but he still feels the full impact of every hit.

When under Savagery, Mika finds it hard to distinguish between friend and foe, apart from the enemy he was facing before Savagery was activated, and will attack anyone if they come close, including his team. The duration of Savagery depends on the amount of aura Mika has when he uses it. If at full Aura, Mika has the most control over his body, can distinguish between friend or foe, but has lower increased senses and the semblance lasts around 15 seconds. The less aura Mika has, the less control over his body and the higher his senses rise, until he is at >30% where his fighting style is considered more beast than human. At this point, Savagery lasts a full minute, he will attack just about anything in sight, and his senses are at the maximum level it can reach. No matter the duration it was active for, his semblance takes about three minutes to recharge.

Combat Behavior: It may be due to his faunus traits, but Mika's combat style is full-on aggressive. He is not scared to charge in headlong with his massive mace and smash his foe. Mika prefers to go in low, typically having his body crouched, or at least lowered, with his mace trailing behind when he engages, using his smaller stature to tilt the scales in his favor. When not using his Semblance, he tends to go for heavy, brutal, nigh unstoppable swings in single-hand mode, leaving him wide open but dealing big damage, and slightly quicker, longer-reach stabs and swipes in dual-hand mode, more reserved and less aggressive. However, no matter the mode his weapon is in, it remains the same that Mika is slow when attacking with his weapon, and any fast foe can outmaneuver him with ease. Additionally, if his foe holds even the simplest of ranged weapons (eg. a slingshot) and stays out of his weapon range, which is easy to do, Mika will struggle to do anything at all, apart from using his mace as a shield, which it is not really suited for.

When using Savagery, all of the above is completely nowhere to be seen. Mika relies less on his weapon and much more heavily on his claws when his Semblance is active, favouring a consistent, relentless assault to overwhelm his foes quickly over heavy strikes like before. His attack pattern is highly unpredictable and he is constantly on the move. He keeps his low posture of attack, even going on all fours if needed, putting his enemies for a loop. Any weapon usage in Savagery consists of even stronger, slower smashes. This however leaves him completely unable to counter or even dodge any attacks sent his way, leaving him easily overwhelmed.

The most important thing about Mika is his hesitance to fight humans, due to his Semblance not understanding when to stop, and hence the risk of actually killing his foe. Hence, Mika concentrates on just killing Grimm, where he can go full out without any hesitance, the only danger being that he hits his own team. He excels at fighting Grimm, since they do not have any ranged capabilities, bar the Nevermore's feather projectiles, and has spent almost all his combat training and education at Atlas practicing tactics against Grimm.


Name: Incarnation

Primary Form: A massive, single-handed grey mace created with some of the lightest steel Mika could find. The whole mace, handle and body, stands at around 3/4ths of Mika's body height, and is mostly hollow within to lighten the mace. Unlike standard maces, Incarnation does not have blunt sides, but rather is shaped like a + when looked at from the front, having non-sharp edges to crush enemies with. The tip is indented like a pit with a spike in the middle. Has no dust functions, the sole purpose being to crush anything in it's path via brute force. Designed for fighting Grimm and not humans. When not in use, the handle retracts completely leaving only the bottom guard, and the whole mace is stored horizontally across the back of Mika's waist with a clamp.

Additional Functions: The handle can extend to allow Mika to dual-hand wield the mace, allowing for easier balance, a longer reach, slightly faster movement, as well as a fighting style resembling more of a halberd than a mace. Extended, the whole mace is just a bit shorter than Mika. The spike at the tip can extend like a pile bunker via a spring for armor-piercing capabilities, though this function is only used on Grimm.

History: Forged from metal stolen by his father when working in the mines, and later refined with higher technology within Atlas Academy, Incarnation was Mika's father's gift to him when he became a novice Huntsman. Mika later added the pile bunker spike before leaving Atlas, determined to actually put the technology in Atlas to good use.

Name: Lupus Nails

Primary Form: Mika's leather gloves house a hidden mechanism. When he wears the gloves, he can insert his claws into the metallic claw attachments stored within, and when needed, withdraw his claws from the gloves, revealing the metal claws on each finger. These yellow metal claws cover two-thirds of his fingers, like a metal shell, and extend around 5-7 cm out, allowing for a viable melee option but still able to grip things properly. Used for melee combat, mostly during Savagery. The same process is repeated when he wants to remove the claws.

History: After unlocking his semblance, Mika realised that further usage with unprotected claws could lead to further injuries, thus the development of the Lupus Nails for enhanced slashing and protection. Designed and made with the help of a rare sympathetic teacher in Atlas Academy.

Teams / Re: 2nd year Beacon team [1/4]
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:16:11 AM »
I'll put Lunae Terenas up if you'll have her. Enough confidence for the whole team in one package :)

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 25, 2017, 01:16:21 AM »
Of course. I'll check up with him on another topic while I'm at it.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 24, 2017, 07:43:08 AM »

He seems pretty busy these days, though, so don't expect a rapid response.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 23, 2017, 10:34:46 AM »
Either way's fine by me. Speaking from two ongoing initiation's experience, Pyro, I don't think bias comes much into it.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 22, 2017, 05:02:14 AM »
I'll leave it up to Mythic to decide.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:14:16 AM »
It would make for a neat solution (and also put us near the top of the list :P). Only question is what shade of color would you use for Atlas, since I don't think a simple "white/blue/green/brown" will cut it, and as far as I can tell, Atlesian White isn't a color, though I wish it was.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 21, 2017, 02:24:37 PM »
GALA (Galactic)?

Plot Zone / Re: Mistral Stuff [0/~8]
« on: April 21, 2017, 04:35:53 AM »
Are 4th years allowed to participate? If so, I'l like to put Kei forward. Make him face his old demons sort of thing, since he originally comes from Mistral.

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 21, 2017, 01:36:08 AM »
Perfectly fine with having Aurora taking lead. Tina isn't leader material by any means.

For team names, I don't mind ATLA, but here are some other options:
ANGT (Angst), GATL (Gatling), ANTA (Antagonist)...

Yeah, none of them really pertain to a color. I think ATLA with maybe brown? Since Atlas technically means the earth, and earth is brown? (though white with RWBY Atlas would be quite nice)

Well, up to the rest of you. I'm fine with most anything, really.

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