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Before anyone had time to respond to Amane's query, guttural howls tore through the once quiet surroundings, horrifying and nauseating to listen to. Neither wolf nor lion could make such nightmare-inducing noises, which could only mean......

The Grimm were here to kill.

The unnatural sounds snapped the team's attention instantly to the dense tree line, where several Beowolves and an larger Alpha Beowolf had emerged from the cover of the forest, having blended in near perfectly with the dark leaves and shadows. With nary a pause to reorientate, the pack made a mad dash for the hill which the team was situated on, completely ignoring the presence of the hunters-in-training. Either completely by random or by instinct, the pack formed a semicircle around the Alpha Beowolf, as if physically protecting the leader.

● Beowolves x 6
Alpha Beowolf x 1 (Bone Armor on Head, Chest and Arms)

Battle Log:
None so far

Pursing her lips at the mention of the Grimm arriving--three minutes and counting, no less--Jocelyn mimicked Prism's actions, unslinging Hyacinth and extending it to its active mode. She also removed Steam Flower from her back and inserted fresh crystals of Kinetic, Fire and Ice Dust into the crystalline slot before returning it to her back. Glancing back at Professor Ferus, who had left the team to fend for themselves, she inevitably felt a wave of nervousness wash over her. This was real, and people would inevitably get hurt. But that was why she was here.

Toggling the button on her jump pack that unveiled her "wings"--not as impressive or long as Prism's, but still--Jocelyn ran through a gun safety check on her rifle, examining the bolt-action, safety catch, loading chamber before sliding a magazine in and folding her wings up. "Coco, I'll make sure that your Aura is constantly topped up, but don't overextend, please. I only have so much to sacrifice. And that goes for you too, Prism. But if both of you get overwhelmed, I'll share all my Aura between the two of you. That's the best I can do." she called to Coco.

Jocelyn nodded in response to Amane's request for a rope, and boosted off with her jump pack in search for one such item that would suit Amane's needs. Upon shuffling around some discarded boxes of bits and bobs, she found one that didn't look like it'd been on a prison diet for years. Returning to her team, she found the defences almost completely set up, with Amane pulling the rope taut around the frontal spears and tying them in place. With that, Prism deemed the last line of defence complete, and the team set out to find the professor while the group of children stood at the entrance of the village waving them goodbye.

Ferus watched the group walk up to where he stood, seemingly on the edge of a hill. Behind him, he knew, the students could not see anything but the blue sky. "While I commend you on having the initiative to set up a last line of defence, the time it took you to do so was too long. I recommend practicing set-ups like those if you all as a team plan on doing things like that more often." After that, he moved aside for the students to get a view of their battlefield. It was quite simple to understand why this had been chosen as the spot where team CASA would make their stand. From his point, a steep hill descended downward, spreading out 180 degrees. Beyond that were cliff walls that were unscalable without tools. Another 50 paces from the bottom of the hill was a dense tree line, where it was near impossible to determine if there were any Grimm lurking within.

Clearing his throat, he continued: "While you were working on your defences, I have received a report from the scouts that Verdea has stationed to keep an eye on the Grimm horde. Due to the natural speed of some Grimm and the lack thereof from others, you will very likely be facing waves of Grimm instead of one massive swarm. In addition..." he glanced at his scroll, "I estimate you have 3 minutes before the first wave. Make your preparations before then." He turned away and walked back a decent distance toward the village, before assuming a guardian stance between the team and the entrance, making sure it was far enough to activate his last resort.

Spoiler: battlefield sketch • show

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Requesting Jocelyn for some semblance buffs and changes.

After that shocking question out of nowhere had been resolved, Jocelyn had spent the duration of her team's conversation attempting to dissuade the children from whacking each other over the head too hard with their toys, but she still kept an ear out to not completely lose track of any tactics they were discussing. Amane really has an eye for strategy. Those fortifications will really help in the long run. Gasps and sounds of awe from the children made her turn around, wherein the sight of Prism's fully extended wings made her do a double take. Our leader's a faunus? I never would have guessed.

"Um, yeah, I understand!' She called, picking up the last bundle of spears. Before she started walking, she overheard the girl who started the conversation shout "I want to be a huntress when I grow up!" bringing a cheerful smile to Jocelyn's face. When she reconvened with her team, she unceremoniously dumped her load of spears onto the floor next to their clones, before hearing loud footsteps and turning to see Professor Ferus striding toward them, somehow having donned gleaming gold armor and carrying a massive lance taller than he was. With one hand. I think that thing's heavier than I am. He could probably lift the entire team if he wanted to, or something...Note to self: don't get on his bad side in classes.

"They didn't have a map, so I had to settle for a rough sketch." Ferus grumbled, showing the team the layout of the village. "Exterior line's the village wall, with the two circles being the two main plazas. Those three lines are the main streets, with the blank spaces being houses. The gap in the wall's the entrance where we're currently at." He arched an eyebrow at the stockpile of spears, though he didn't bat an eye at Prism's now unfurled wings. "I'm assuming you plan on using those somewhere. Once you're done setting up defences, just head straight outside the village. I'll be waiting at the planned location of defence. It should be clearly visible from the entrance, though the landscape beyond the point isn't clear." With that said, he started walking away from the team.
Spoiler: rough sketch • show

The girl looked at each member of the team with a shine in her eyes, refocusing on Prism, who she could see the best now that she dropped to the child's level. "So you are hunters!" she squealed excitedly. "Ohh all of you are so cool!" Seeing the girl interact with the group, the remainder of the children started pushing forward for a better look at the team. "Think the blacksmith's evacuated already, miss," an older boy piped up, "But I think he's left most of his wares over there," he pointed to a sizeable stash of armor and weapons, stuff used to arm footsoldiers, "so you can use that."

Rather than interact with the children, however, Jocelyn was marveling on how cheerful the children were, despite the fact that their village was about to come under assault and they were most likely going to lose their home. Children are so innocent, she wondered as one tugged on her blouse to get her attention. Doing the same as Prism she squatted to speak to the child. "Are we gonna die, miss?" the boy asked loud enough that everyone else stopped their conversations to look.

Frowning at Amane's question, Ferus responded: "I believe I heard something along the lines of Miss Antiqua moving them to safety with the help of Miss Skylark's semblance. As for the second instance, that is for you to work out as a team. Only under life-and-death situations will I step in to intervene; as a matter of fact I will be responsible only for any Grimm that head in my direction. As such do not expect any assistance when fighting unless you are about to die." Turning to answer Coconut's query, he said simply: "Frankly, I do not have a clue. We'll see..." punctuated by the jolt and bump of the Bullhead touching terra firma, ""

Contrary to what an evacuating village might conjure up in one's mind, Verdea, to their inhabitants' credit, was nothing of the sort. What could have been an utter panic and stampede to escape was instead orderly queues and a relatively relaxed atmosphere. People were loading their worldly possessions onto big transport craft, but despite the calm, from what Ferus could conclude, there was still much to be done before Verdea was done evacuating. In all honesty, a bit longer than he would have liked. As he watched, one man broke away from a circle of people and beckoned him over with a wave of his hand. Those must be the village leaders. Hearing the sounds of Team CASA walking down the ramp, he turned to face them. "I will make final arrangements and enquiries before we set up. It won't take long." he stated, before striding purposefully away.

As Professor Ferus left them on their own, Jocelyn took this time to simply gaze around at the village's occupants, all in varying states of packing. Before she managed to draw any solid conclusions, though, a group of children ran up to the group. One particular girl sidled forward while the rest idled behind her. "Are you the group here to save us?" she asked innocently.

Jocelyn giggled softly at the can hitting Coco's head, though that sweet smile was wiped off her face instantly at the sight of even more explosives. While her amount of firepower is...questionable--seems more fitting for a Atlesian squad than a Huntress--I don't actually think her Semblance will be too much trouble. We are living together, after all. She listened attentively to Prism giving orders, who already stood out as the leader, and giving a reply of "Wilco...I-I mean yes, yes I can." with a slight stammer as her Atlas-based training automatically kicked in.

[one ZA WARU- ahem Timeskip later]

Ferus rose from his window seat to address the team as they were about to land. Outside the thick windows, he could just see the small circle that denoted the village they were aiming to defend. "Listen up," he started. "As you can see, Verdea is just below us. It is imperative that we have ample time to make our preparations, especially with that payload of yours, Amane, so the less time we spend inside the village the better, where we will be of little help. I have arranged to meet with the village leaders, who have kindly agreed to provide us with any necessities they can spare. If anyone has questions or lacks certain equipment, speak now."

Jocelyn, entering in front of the two males, gingerly picked one of the mines up. "Um, personally I'm not into using such violent weapons, but these will indeed come in useful. Just...not for me. I appreciate the thought, Amane." Equally lightly, she replaces the mine on the floor. "If I get overwhelmed, I'm afraid we all will have been by that point, for my role is not sniping but rather healing. The rifle you see is simply a tool for me to administer care as necessary, though I am also trained as a fully-qualified medic." She gestures to her first-aid kit on her hip. "Should your aura fail at any given moment, I am capable of tending to any wounds caused as a result, as well as replenishing your aura on demand."

At this point, the professor enters the Bullhead and signals for the pilot to take off. Another hand signal to indicate that they should continue talking, though he raises an eyebrow at the mines. "So...yeah. That's my role. If they want, someone can take my mine for themselves." She tried to ignore the feeling of prying eyes.

What a blatant display.

On one hand, Ferus could completely understand where Mr. Cream was coming from. Just because he was now a teacher didn't mean he didn't appreciate the...finer details in life. But on the other, it was becoming so obvious that only a blindfolded and ear-plugged blind and deaf person (or just really oblivious) would miss the signals that he was giving out. Trying to put on a stern face, he cleared his throat.

"Mr. Cream, I would like to suggest that if you want to continue your actions, you had best find a way to protect your nether regions," though his face clearly showed the rebuke had no ill intent. Turning to Jocelyn he swiftly continued: "Miss Antiqua if you truly wish to save lives you should know best that seconds count on a battlefield. You would do well to remember that." Nodding slightly at Amane's signal he finished with: "Everyone on the Bullhead. If you wish to further socialise, get all of it out before we land." He would wait until everyone got on, then get on himself and signal for the pilot to take off.

Jocelyn couldn't believe how many landing platforms Beacon had, and felt subsequently embarrassed when it was revealed everyone else had got there in time. Hanging her head, she accepted her scolding from Professor Ferus, but her gaze shot up quickly when Prism...smacked Coco on the head? Wait, what had the professor said?


Ohhhh. Oh, Dust.

Tearing her gaze from the boy, she faced the other two girls of the group to wipe her conclusions from her mind. "Thank you, Prism! And don't we all, Amane!"

Seeing the exchange of banter between the team made Ferus remember his time in his own team, and made him glad that this one didn't have as big a problem as he was back then. Certainly he single-handedly made his team the most dysfunctional one in Beacon, without a doubt. Hence why he was glad he could guide students on the right path. Speaking of teams, this one was still lacking a person.

"Where on Remnant is the last member--" he started, then was cut off by a shout of "I'm sorryyyy!" Turning to face the direction of the noise, he saw a girl soaring clear over a 5-meter wall as easily as one would jump over a puddle, before seemingly growing wings and gliding toward the group. Either she's a faunus or I'm growing old. It honestly might be the latter, Ferus thought to himself. As the last member of the group drew close, however, he saw it was neither--the "wings" were of mechanical origin, which made a satisfying "clunk" as they retracted behind the girl's back.

"Apologies for my tardiness, Professor--I couldn't find the right landing pad." The girl panted, before regaining her breath and straightening up to greet the remainder of her team. "I'm sorry for holding everyone up, too. My name's Jocelyn Antiqua, and I hope we can get along as a team." She smiled, with an air of politeness and innocence.


Local huntsmen have reported a gigantic swarm of Grimm heading to a village hamlet by the name of Verdea. The village has already begun evacuating with Hunters on standby, but the locals have expressed concern at the speed of the evacuation. To that end, Beacon has volunteered to send a team of hunters-in-training to man a defensible position outside the village borders, to ensure as little Grimm as possible make it to Verdea before complete evacuation is achieved. Team CASA, accompanied by Professor Ferus, is tasked with holding off as many Grimm for as long as possible until either Verdea completes its evacuation or until retreating is deemed necessary by the accompanying teacher.

 -Hold out for as long as possible/until evacuation completion
 -Let as few Grimm through as possible

As the distinct chime of his scroll sounded to indicate the message he'd been expecting, Professor Ferus finished his pre-mission checks on his equipment and reached back to read the mail. Finding the details included satisfactory, he swiftly composed a message to the four members of team CASA: Meet me at landing platform 12 as soon as you finish necessary preparations. -Professor Ferus. Shouldering his equipment, he strode off to his designated meeting point to await the team he would be supervising on their initiation.

Teams / Re: 1st Year Beacon Team [4/4] - Team CASA
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Prism Skylark, I believe.

Teams / Re: 1st Year Beacon Team [3/4]
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Casanova gets my vote with a yellowish-white color, almost ivory-colored.

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The last thing Graham expected now was a pace so blisteringly fast that it seemed more like endurance training, and to his sandalled feet it was the equivalent of walking barefoot on hot coals. At least, that's what it felt like to him. So when Lissa tripped, he wordlessly thanked her for an excuse to stop, and massaged his sore feet. "The way she's walking, you'd think she was running from imminent death or something." he commented, keeping his voice low to avoid a rebuking from the professor.

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