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Having swiped a beer from the fridge (what was the legal age to drink? Not that he really cared at the moment) and partaken of the beverage within, Setsuna was feeling pretty bold. Must be the beer. Anyway, when challenged by Mao, he didn't let that opportunity pass by. "Dare." He fired back, looking confident. "Hit me with what you got."

All of Kei's combat training over the past four years kicked in, his mind evaluating the battlefield and conditions. Acero was not moving closer to him. This meant a ranged weapon, likely built into his arm, since he was using a sword as his main weapon. A quick glance behind him revealed trees close enough to take cover behind. Making split second decisions, Kei took a few steps back in the time that Acero disappeared behind the rock, then dove to the side behind a tree, in time to watch the red lasers zoom exactly past where he would have been standing. Acero was a good shot with that weapon. Kei mentally stored that away.

He had no such ranged weapon to engage Acero, nor did he know what that weapon was capable of, how many shots it had left. This meant adapting to the scenario. All at once, Kei did several things. The first was to deactivate the Fire Dust and swap the lance out for a similar-looking one, causing the sheath chamber to rotate and provide Kei with what he wanted. Following that up, he gathered Aura in his legs and leapt straight up into the lowest hanging branch, hidden from view by the foliage. There, he started gesturing with his lance arm, leaving magenta lines floating in the air, gradually resembling a symbol.

All he needed was time.

Battle Stats:
Channeling Semblance
(Can be interrupted)
▫ Aura Status: 100%
▫ Lance Type: Ink Lance

Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:25:36 AM »
"Thanks. I appreciate it. And maybe you are right, this might help relieve stress. Mainly by being beaten up by any new equipment you have installed in that arm of yours." Mechanical gears whirred, panels opened, and his lance sheath slotted into Kei's mechanical spine, resting parallel to his waist. His lance handle protruding from behind his back, the sheath started rotating, allowing Kei to choose the type of lance he wanted.

Pulling out his scroll, Kei swiped and tapped a few buttons, before motioning for Acero to step forward into the middle of the arena. Similar to the arena in the Vytal Festival, the ground descended with a mild rumble, before reemerging with a
lush, green forest on Kei's side of the field, while a uneven, rocky surface rose up on Acero's side. The forest was not dense at all, but the trees could support a normal person's weight. On the other side, the rocky surface was pitted with craters that were steaming, most likely lava spouts that would erupt at any time.

~Music: Prometheus~

The handle of his lance popped forward slightly, allowing Kei to slowly withdraw a long, shiny rapier-lance blade. Still in the middle of the arena, he assumed a "en garde" stance, tip pointing toward Acero. "May the best man win." He called. With a tap of a button, the Dust within the lance reacted, engulfing the length of the blade with a intense flame. "Your move."

Battle Stats:
-Aura: 100%
-Dust Lances used: 1 Fire, 3 minute duration

Spoiler: show
Riven's rubbing off on me, I swear...

Arena was randomised from a choice of 8. Lava spouts will randomly erupt based on a RNG generator.

Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:02:54 PM »
"I'm f-" Kei started responding automatically, before choking on the word "fine". Out of all the words to describe him, "fine" could not be worse. "I'm...really, really not doing well. Something's wrong with me, and I do not mean my Something that's not me." He then got surprised by Acero's second question. "You haven't seen this? It's my weapon. Inside houses several steel lances, each with different Dust elements."

Before his mind began to wander, Kei got back to the topic at hand, clearly uneasy at talking about his problems. "I will not lie, I require a distraction. I hope this will also benefit you, as this does give you a chance to test out your new components. It seemed only natural to ask you." he explained why he called Acero here. "Will you spar with me? Standard rules, random arena, knockouts at 20% aura."

Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:41:50 PM »
The unmistakable noise that could only come from something mechanical. The familiar, yet different voice. Kei raised his head skyward, catching a glimpse of the half-human, half cybernetic being that was his friend and teammate. "Over here." He said softly, rising to his feet and picking up the cylinder of metal in his right hand.

From his position he surveyed Acero's new implants, now clearly visible unlike when he was still in the hospital ward. A surge of sadness started washing over him, like a tidal wave crashing on a beach. He knew what it was like to have implants--it was a horrible, unnatural feeling, like a stranger taking over part of your body. What he didn't know was how Acero managed to deal with half his body being...gone. Emotion rose in a turmoil before Kei choked it down, and stepped out of the shadows. "Thank you for coming, Acero. I hope you are well?" he enquired, not managing to completely hide the tremor in his voice.

Beacon Academy / Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:07:05 PM »
~Beacon Academy, Training Arena No. 10~

Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, raindrops drumming a mad beat on the glass roof, covering one of Beacon's many training arenas, oddly quiet despite the weather. The site was lit up by dozens of Dust lights, casting intricate patterns on the steel floor, which time and time again were temporarily covered by blinding flashes from the lightning. The arena was empty, save one lone, silent individual sitting in the shadows cast by the lights, a cylindrical tube of metal leaning against the wall.

Letting out a long, deep sigh of tension, Kei gazed up at the dark sky, waiting for a specific person to arrive. His thoughts were a jumble; his mind twisted and scrambled. He needed a distraction. And an explanation. And...someone to talk to, to let his emotions out. It was too much for himself to handle and not something he wanted to share with his psychiatrist. The recent events had changed his view of a certain few things. So he waited.

Spoiler: show
Social/Sparring thread for myself/Capta1n_Henry.

Approved Characters / Re: Jocelyn Antiqua
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:33:53 PM »
That's......the one thing I didn't think off. Good point.

I'll add that it has certain limits to size AND that it cannot be attached to anything else. This should negate both the size problem and removing objects from existence (to use the doorknob you'd have to break it off before it would work. Same with the safe and bomb). This also allows stuff like small rocks to be used. OR, I'll just state that she cannot phase random things out of existence.

Approved Characters / Re: Jocelyn Antiqua
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:35:20 PM »
The rounds do damage as normal unless semblance is activated, in which case the rounds turn into pure aura upon contact with a Aura-unlocked, living human/faunus.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: September 19, 2017, 10:39:42 AM »
Graham whistled at Fallow's display of his weapon. He hadn't noticed the book the first time Fallow had pulled it out, but up close it looked like pure magic. That fireball had emerged from his palm from out of nowhere, nor was he holding a Fire Dust crystal. Naturally this made him incredibly curious, distracting him from the now flaming bush, so he moved slightly closer for a better look, putting away his spinning knife for a while. Whatever's inside can be dammed, that book cannot be some sort of new technology. If it is then I need it. ASAP.

WiP Characters / Re: Mark Cassini
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:52:10 PM »
How many of those chars you have in your sig are ever gonna get created?

Also, to make this post related to the topic at hand: long as he doesn't have a weapon I don't think he'll get in too much trouble with the men up above. Also, what's a "stylised 'cassini'"? Searching it up gives me...a moon.

"Right on the money, Tris." Out of nowhere, someone glowing neon pink was leaning on the doorframe where a second ago there was no-one. Letting the color fade from his body, he entered the room with a spring in his step, as if he had been waiting for this moment for a while now. "Hope I didn't surprise you. Didn't want to be late, so I pulled a few strings. I'm Setsuna, and you must be Julia. Pleased to meet you two, and to make your acquaintance." He bowed with a flourish.

Approved Characters / Jocelyn Antiqua
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:08:11 AM »

Name: Jocelyn Thyil Antiqua

Age: 17, 6th of Huā

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: A purple bauhinia carved into a white medical cross. The white cross is outlined with a faint red so the cross takes visual priority over the bauhinia.

Occupation: First Year Beacon Academy Student, Apprentice Medic

Appearance: Standing 5'6", Jocelyn takes after her mother instead of her father, having inherited her purple irises, light, blonde, long hair that either cascades down halfway her back, or is tied in two pigtails, and her caring smile. While relatively fit for a person who hasn't undertaken pre-academy training, Jocelyn doesn't put much emphasis on keeping in shape, quite lax for a girl in high school, only enough so she doesn't run out of breath easily. She is quite beautiful but prefers to be modest about it, with the odd blush now and then when complemented.

Although her Aura and eyes are purple, her color scheme leans more toward an Atlas-esque pattern: white and dark blue, with the odd touch of purple from her symbol here and there, in conjunction with her equipment. A short-sleeved white blouse with dark blue, circuit-like lines running down the length of the sides and intercrossing at the chest, a white skirt tinted with light blue lace trim edging the sides, a full first-aid kit and a magnetic belt bordered with light purple holding both ammunition and Dust for equipment round out her mission wear. A metal brooch with her symbol pins a heliotrope purple scarf to the left shoulder of her blouse, which has a tendency to unravel from around her neck by accident.

In combat, Jocelyn carries a sniper rifle and a jump pack: when the latter is active, she "sprouts" wings, giving her the appearance of an angel. Mind you, most people who see her that way are normally delirious, severely injured or both. Still, she doesn't really mind the comparison--it's not everyday someone gets called an angel. It's all part of the job.

Spoiler: Due to Length • show
Spoiler: show
Jocelyn's child history is identical to Setsuna's, being related. Hence the familiarity.

For a select unlucky few, having an older brother may have been a nuisance; the older bullying the young and so forth. Jocelyn Antiqua was lucky to not have a brother like that. In fact, quite the opposite.

Living a peaceful life in the island of Patch, Jocelyn spent her childhood growing up with her parents, Marina and Emile Antiqua, and her older brother Setsuna, with as close as an ordinary family life as could be attained in a war-ruined land called Remnant. With Emile and Marina both former Hunters, they kept the family safe from any stray Grimm that might have wandered by, and so neither Jocelyn nor her brother were forced to experience the horrifying reality that was war. Something, unfortunately, both their parents had had enough of a taste for. In a "silver lining" situation, however, that was how they had met: on a battlefield, with Emile severely injured and Marina being his saving grace. They fell in love and the rest is history.

While it was obvious that Setsuna took after his father with their outgoing, boisterous and energetic personalities, Jocelyn inherited her traits from her mother: soft-spoken, self-conscious--a perfect balance for the other duo: each rounding out the other's personalities. They were the perfect family of four--whole, unbroken, together.

As with any story with a happy start, it had to end someday.

Jocelyn still keeps the story close to her heart. It was just another day in her childhood; they'd gone down together to the woods where they always played with their friends, more often mock fights than anything else. It was no different that day, with cheerful laughter ringing through the air. Children tussling and rolling on the ground, mocking and joking. Setsuna leapt right in, while Jocelyn stayed by herself by a tree stump, playing with her hair and admiring the scenery. It was a beautiful day...clear blue sky, with nary any clouds--

She was engrossed enough with what she was doing that she failed to move out of the way of a battling duo, who pushed her off the stump. It was sudden enough that she stumbled and twisted her ankle upon landing. This did not go unnoticed by Setsuna, who started running her way to see if she was alright. But instead of apologising, the pair kept on fighting, ignoring the injured Jocelyn on the floor. An argument broke out between Setsuna and the boy, each of them getting angrier and angrier. There seemed to nothing that could stop a actual tussle breaking out.

The introduction of a Beowolf does wonders to break up a fight, it turned out. The ferocious howl emanating from the Grimm, attracted by all the negative emotions swirling like a tornado, sent all the children scattering, and Jocelyn turned to do the same. In the panic, she'd completely forgotten about her ankle, and only managed to land herself on the floor once again. It was inevitable that someone would be injured in the conflict. She just didn't expect it to be from a Beowolf.

Nor did she expect the injured person to be Setsuna. The boy crumpled and fell, blood staining the front of his shirt where three weeping gashes had flowered, in front of Jocelyn who had at that point fainted from pure fear. The Beowolf itself seemed confused, looking at its crimson-painted claws in some interest, before raising its claw for the killing blow. That would be the last thing it ever did, as a giant blade decapitated the Beowolf, before the owner hurriedly gathered up the two unconscious children and rushed for home.

Jocelyn would later wake up to a incandescent purple glow: her father had unlocked her Aura to speed up her healing process, and do the same to Setsuna. That night would forever embed itself into Jocelyn's mind: the Beowolf, Setsuna's valiant sacrifice, her Aura--all of those things she had only ever heard in stories. She had never expected that such events would ever come to pass. But in her jumbled thoughts, one thing was crystal clear--as clear as the tears running down her cheeks. Her brother had saved her life.

This series of events brought fresh meaning to Jocelyn's life. She realised she hated seeing anyone hurt, whether mentally or physically. She never wanted to see anyone in the same position as her, helpless to fight back against the creatures of Grimm. So when Setsuna brought up the idea of attending Beacon, a similar idea sprung to life in Jocelyn's mind. Except, when she confronted her parents about it (Setsuna had left to train at Signal at this point in time), her mother refused. Jocelyn was distraught by the news. Then Marina brought up an alternative.

She would train Jocelyn herself. Having been through the equivalent of Signal in Atlas, she knew that they offered little in the way of healing and support. Marina, on the other hand, was both a qualified Huntress and an excellent medic, having saved many a person with her abilities. So while Setsuna was training at Signal, Jocelyn learned how to fight and how to be a medic at the age of 14; the age that after 4 years would allow her to enter Beacon Academy and see her brother again. 

A former Atlas huntress, Marina was trained in the form of sniping enemies from afar, and she taught Jocelyn just that, with her own former rifle issued by the Atlas forces. She also brought her medic training to bear, using her Semblance as an example. However, with all the training, it was soon evident to the two Hunters' eyes that Jocelyn could not attain the level of combat prowess that Setsuna did with his father. Both Marina and Jocelyn accepted this reality, and instead doubled their efforts on medical training. It was during this period that Jocelyn discovered her semblance by accident; completely by random her shots started glowing when fired. After extensive practice and experimentation Jocelyn later managed to control her Semblance to her current point.

This still was not enough. Jocelyn's lack of combat prowess needed to be backed up by something, or she would never get into Beacon Academy. Thankfully, Marina once again came to the rescue and asked for help from one of her old teammates back in Atlas. Eventually, with some scraping by, they managed to afford the money required to buy the jump-pack custom-designed by Marina's old teammate. Only then did she barely scrape the mark required. But still, Jocelyn was confident her skills as a medic would be in high demand. After passing on her well-used rifle to Jocelyn, she attempted the Enrolment Exam, doing well in the academic but only barely passing the rest thanks to her jump-pack.

Now, Jocelyn aims to continue her mother's role as both a Huntress and a medic, to uphold her duties as both, and ultimately, to repay that long-overdue debt to her brother.

Personality: Jocelyn's personality can be best described as a variation of her brother's. While both are caring to a fault, polite and kind, Jocelyn leans toward the more quiet side of the spectrum. Patient but soft-spoken, Jocelyn prefers learning over combat, and will commonly be seen away from any spar where people inevitably get hurt. Still, that does not mean she doesn't learn about combat itself; she is a eager learner.

One of Jocelyn's most important and distinctive traits about her is that she hates seeing people get hurt, or seeing people fight, no matter Grimm or other Hunters in spars. She goes out of her way to prevent fights from breaking out, making her a bona-fide peacekeeper, and will sacrifice her own health to help others. This is also reflected in her equipment and semblance: her sniper rifle is old and is weaker than other weapons, her jump pack allows her to avoid combat, and her semblance heals others at the cost of her own Aura.

As a medic, Jocelyn works well even under pressure, does not lose her cool under fire, and does not hesitate to obey orders. She will, however, break off if she sees an opportunity to save/heal others under attack, but generally she is predictable and easy to get along with. Note that she is an apprentice medic who can save Aura-depleted lives, but cannot perform high skill-level tasks like amputation or surgery.

Jocelyn is particularly protective of her brother Setsuna and will always step up to defend him if any situation occurs--which is ironic considering she is both the younger of the two and her brother's ethos to life. She is surprisingly courageous and brave, much more so than normal if her brother is with her.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color--Heliotrope Purple/#DF73FF

Jocelyn's aura is constantly taxed by her semblance, making it rare for her to be at full Aura. However, it's still as strong as any other person, but she is not capable of unlocking further abilities as of yet.

Semblance: Floral Healing--Jocelyn sacrifices a portion of her aura, which is directed into an object she is holding, turning it glowing purple. Upon impact with another living human/faunus, the object turns into purple aura and heals the person it made contact with. Jocelyn uses this semblance in conjunction with her sniper rifle, as she can heal her allies from a distance by simply shooting them in the back. The receiving person does not feel any pain upon contact, only a slight reinvigorating sensation.

Whoever Jocelyn shoots will receive the aura healing, no matter if it was the intended recipient or not. In addition, if the object hits a non-human/faunus being, like a tree or a Grimm, the object will just dissipate. However, she cannot heal a person already healed by this semblance for 10 seconds afterwards. An important note is that Jocelyn cannot heal a person who does not have Aura unlocked, or has completely run out of aura. The object can remain charged with Jocelyn's semblance after one use. There are additional restrictions to her semblance, namely being a size limit (Nothing larger than her fist), and the object cannot be attached to anything.

Jocelyn can choose how much of her aura to sacrifice, up to a maximum of 15% at a time, with no time needed between each use. However, if she distributes over 10% in one go, she physically feels as if someone has hit her for that amount, including the feeling of pain, while the intensity increases as she sacrifices more Aura. Notably, Jocelyn can keep sharing her Aura until she herself is at 0%, which is incredibly dangerous. The recipient will receive as much aura as sacrificed. While it is not properly confirmed, Jocelyn has this gut feeling that her semblance has room for improvement, and hopes to be able to either heal more frequently or heal for more each use.
Spoiler: basically... • show

+ Heals people for as much aura as sacrificed, up to a max of 15%
- May accidentally heal opponents in PvP
- Overhealing physically taxes Jocelyn
- Size limit
- Object cannot be attached to anything (barring her hand)

Combat Behavior: What with being an advocate of peace and her semblance, it's no surprise Jocelyn prefers to stay as far from any close-up tussle as possible, using her sniper rifle to shoot from long-distance and her jump pack to either gain the high ground, or retreat. However, she specialises in support, specifically being a medic, and her Semblance helps her do just that. She will opt to heal her teammates over taking a clear shot at any enemy target, and will prefer to evacuate allies instead of eliminating threats, leaving that job to others.

Being compared to other snipers puts Jocelyn to shame; she is no crack shot and prefers to go for easier shots that guarantee hits instead of high-risk, high-reward snipes. Her rifle is shorter range than more recent, higher-tech variants, so she does not go for snipe-outs. Instead, from cover, she uses her semblance to heal any ally in combat, which does not require any precise aiming; all it requires is to hit the ally. She can choose to use her smokescreen and thermal scope in conjunction, provided she knows which is an ally and which is an enemy beforehand.

As a combat medic, while a helpful asset to a team, leaves her vulnerable when going solo. She has no other combat option if engaged up close, so she is always forced to retreat if engaged in solo combat, using her jump pack and smokescreen to cloak her movements. Her lack of experience, single weapon mode and slow rate of fire results in a minuscule damage output compared to other Hunters. This is especially prominent when compared to other snipers in her year.

If on a battlefield with wounded, Jocelyn will aim to evacuate the heaviest wounded, or heal them if they still have Aura left. She will jump into the line of fire willingly to rescue other wounded, but will refrain from doing so if she is low on Aura herself. If the person has Aura left, she will use her Semblance; else-wise she uses her first-aid kit to patch up the wounded as best she can with her limited kit.

Jocelyn operates best when in a group; having others do the killing also works out in her best interests. When fighting as a team, Jocelyn stays far back from the group, normally as far as her sniper rifle range allows, and provides long-range cover fire, or distributes healing to people who need it most. If discovered, she drops a smoke cloud and jumps away to a new location, or closer to her teammates. However, in PvP, her Semblance becomes a double-edged blade--she can accidentally heal the opposing team. In single combat, it's a curbstomp--Jocelyn has no training with any other weapon barring a pistol, and has no melee training to speak of either. Get in close and victory is guaranteed.


Name: Hyacinth

Primary Form: Hyacinth is quite a simple weapon for a huntress, being a old Intervention sniper rifle with very little modifications and a white/dark blue paint scheme, originating from old Atlas armaments. Used during older wars, the gun packs a recoil-absorber stock, bolt-action reload, a 7-bullet magazine, a bipod, sling and a new thermal scope, added on by Jocelyn. The thermal scope is linked to her Scroll, showing the current Aura values of any other Hunter nearby, including herself. Apart from the visible wear and tear on the surface, it's a unremarkable old gun which has seen better days. Being a old model, its not the most suited for modern combat. Thankfully Jocelyn doesn't use it mainly for sniping.

Storage Form: Hyacinth's rifle barrel retracts so that the length of the rifle is akin to a assault rifle instead, and the bipod folds up under the main body of the rifle. The rifle is slung over Jocelyn's shoulder and rests at her right hip.

History: An old sniper rifle named and passed down from mother to daughter, Hyacinth was used during Marina's time at Atlas Academy and even a war before being transferred to Jocelyn's hands and acquiring a new thermal scope. Jocelyn prides it on "having saved more lives than taken".


Name: Steam Flower

Stand-by Form: Steam Flower, unlike Hyacinth, is a high-tech jump pack designed by an Atlas company that enables Jocelyn to gain high ground, cover long distances with one boost, or evacuate any wounded with a dash of speed. Steam Flower takes the shape of a leather harness with an oval-shaped device and a blue glass core in the middle for Dust, with two folded-up wings on each side. and two nozzles on the bottom for expelling the Dust. For propulsion, Steam Flower takes crystals of Kinetic Dust, and each full crystal propels Jocelyn up to a maximum of 10 meters. Note that it does not sustain flight, and cannot hover either: it is several small bursts or one long burst.

Active Form: Steam Flower's wings extend out 85 centimetres on either sides of the jump pack, revealing a hexagonal semi-transparent mesh--which only serves as visual effect. In this form, if Fire and Ice Dust is inserted, the wings release non-hot steam in a concentrated cylinder around Jocelyn for 15 seconds, giving her a temporary smoke screen. She can shut the steam off and leave it behind as a distraction. The steam acts like normal steam, rising into the air after 10 seconds. The wings do not support her weight, so she cannot glide in this mode. It does, however, balance her in the air somewhat.

History: Using the money saved from the tuition fee and any other bits and bobs, as well as calling in a favor from one of Marina's old teammates, Jocelyn managed to purchase this high-tech jump-pack to aid her in general combat as well as mobility. Compared to the old sniper rifle, the jump-pack looks like it's from an alternate dimension.


First-Aid Kit: When on missions, Jocelyn prioritises taking her first-aid kit over her sniper rifle if given no other choice. Apart from the common items including basic tools, rolls of gauze, compresses, stitching thread/needles and disinfectant, there's also less common, more intense treatment kit like compression bandages (elastic wrap, pressure dressing, cotton pad), tourniquets, IVs and hemostats. To round all the equipment off, there's a special section of more kit, but all Dust-infused. These range from Ice Dust-infused burn salve to Fire Dust-infused bandages acting as Deep Heat-replicas.

Most of Jocelyn's kit is focused into healing on the move, quick patch-ups, and Dust-infused applications, stuff that takes care of what she cannot heal via her semblance. She has training in using all of the above equipment, but some of the less common stuff she has to buy from outside sources, including all the Dust-infused equipment. Each piece of Dust kit requires a short burst of Aura to trigger the Dust before it takes effect.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:39:09 PM »
Fully loaded and with headphones now blasting, Graham joined Airi on the road, eyes closed in content and his fingers drumming on his tachi's hilt in time with the beat. In his other hand his butterfly tanto was spinning slowly in an act of both multitasking and skill. Not that he was intending to show off--it was simply his hobby.

Beacon Academy / Re: Recovery(Open)
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:14:11 PM »
Still disturbed by the creepy story Calen had conjured up, Setsuna managed to get off a clearly distracted "I try my best.", eyes only focused on Taro. "Hopefully he isn't listening right now, I've heard of people in comas being able to hear but not respond. In which case you have given him nightmares for a lifetime." He then turned to look at Serin. "Worst case scenario...maybe. We can't operate as a 3-man team, so it's in everyone's hopes that he recovers soon. Only time will tell."

Kei simply nodded agreeingly at Calen's words. "Wordplay is a very effective weapon against an emotional opponent, it is true. Some might call it disrespectful. However, in this Grimm-eat-man world, you have to do anything to survive. Watch that confidence, boy," he added as an afterthought. "While it is good in the short term, it will make you eat your words one day."

His message brought across, he returned his attention to Acero. "Ribeiro is around campus, but you know what she is like. I cannot really get her to talk to me, I really want to talk in general either. The situation still stands as is. We cannot deploy with two members down."

AMA Section / Re: Free for all AMA: Help us see your characters
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Damn straight, looks amazing. Especially lucky since you're now part of the V5 character board :D

Maybe I should start making some inroads about getting my own commission...

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