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RPG Discussion / Re: Symbol requests thread
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:34:22 PM »
Character: Setsuna Antiqua

Symbol: Two circles like a Venn Diagram forming a sort of infinity sign, no color within. Specks/particles of green emitting from around the circles.

Primary color: Lime Green

Secondary: N/A

Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:01:43 AM »
"Yeah...I know." Setsuna replied sadly. He wanted to help her badly, but without her opening up a little there was nothing he knew to say that would help her. Pushing it to the back of his mind he focused on the battle. Calen was using his normal tactic of pissing his opponent off--and frustratingly it was once again working--at least until Teddy used his own semblance. At this point, I'm starting to wonder why the school's idea of putting three speedsters in one team is a good idea. Unless there's some sort of running competition between teams.

Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: October 18, 2017, 12:53:43 AM »
With no lance nor Semblance at hand, Kei took both hits straight on, stumbling back from the force exerted. He'd dropped the other half of the sword at Acero's feet when he got kicked, but since he seemed dazed from the electricity that was now short-circuiting some of his implants it seemed like a good time to rearm himself. Though, that kick left him a bit winded and he'd prefer to set up another glyph, so Kei slowly backed away. At least until his back bumped into a rock. Crap. And now his scroll was vibrating, indicating he was near critical levels of aura. Double crap.

Battle Stats:
     ▫ Semblance on Cooldown: 15 seconds
     ▫ Aura Status: 26% (12% from slash+kick)
     ▫ Lance Type: Unknown

Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:53:46 PM »
The exhilarating rush of triumph. The red mist of rage. All these and more swirled around Kei's head, his semblance completely turning the normally stoic 4th year's expression into a cold mask and his personality flipped over, if only for a short while. Seeing Acero's normal face--well, normal for him--made Kei smile a bit, though it came out as a twisted grin due to his semblance.

As Acero leapt through the air to do another one of his aerial slashes, Kei withdrew another lance from his sheath, before catching the blade in his left hand, suspending Acero in mid-air but taking the full force of the slash. Taking this opportunity to engage, he extended his arm, stabbing Acero in the chest, before ejecting and activating the dust within, triggering an electric shock that would persist until Acero found a method to escape from the lance.

Battle Stats:
     ▫ Semblance on Cooldown: 30 seconds
     ▫ Aura Status: 38% (8% from slash)
     ▫ Lance Type: None (Electric Dust lance expended)

Damage Output:
     ▫ 5% stab, 2% Electric Dust per second

WiP Characters / Re: Maestema Inritus
« on: October 11, 2017, 01:57:33 PM »
You might have seen a glimpse of me in the Discord: in truth I brought your char up so it's partially my fault for subjecting you to this grilling. I assure you though it's for the greater good; mods are much stricter than what you were used to. That out of the way let's make a couple of things right.

As Vision has tackled the history I'll move on to semblances and the like. Firstly you cannot have a double-barrelled Semblance. It's either the high-intensity regeneration or the beast mode. The latter itself comes under some personal criticism, but as I am not a mod I cannot really say if it's OP or not.

As for combat behaviour, not keeping track of his Aura seems more like a personal bad habit rather than a weakness. I suggest something along the lines of "his rashness leads to him losing more Aura from mistakes caused by his headfirst approach" or something similar.

Weapon: First mode is fine. Second mode is near ban-worthy, as stated in Discord. Particle weapons in general are a large no-no. However, a Dust-powered cannon is fine, so long as it doesn't fire lasers. The shape and stuff can be kept, it's just the concept and what it is firing that needs a change. For Fire Dust I suggest changing the "beam" into something like a flamethrower instead.

Nothing hasn't been said that Vision/Xarias hasn't already covered, so I won't echo them. Follow their advice, it'll serve you well :)

Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:53:34 AM »
Setsuna could certainly sympathise. For the few nights after their initiation, he'd woken up sweating after reliving that moment over and over. He'd learned to deal with it, but the guilt was still there. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked kindly, almost certain that he'd be turned down. Still worth a try.

Noting Teddy's reaction speed despite the unwieldy weapon, he made himself comfortable for the fight ahead.

AMA Section / Re: Let's try this again...(AMCA)
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:20:19 PM »
So far I have never used Lunae, which is sad since I feel that she has potential to grow further, and I can write for her with more confidence than I have with other female characters. Tieren, Graham and Tina have participated in at least one thread, so I do hope that I can use them in other scenarios. By far the most used are Kei and Setsuna, the latter by a large margin since we managed to complete the longest initiation on the site (at the time of posting). Jocelyn is kind of a special case but I have plans for her in the near future.

Do you wish that you could have used Diana more, and will you be more active with Bas coming up?

WiP Characters / Re: Bastet Nin
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:12:45 PM »
Symbol might want to be even smaller, maybe width=400 or so. It's pretty large right about now.

Short but sweet history. No problems with the detail but minor grammar and capital letter problems. This is just me so feel free to ignore. Important bit is that it might actually be too short. Suggest adding something about when and how her semblance was unlocked. Below is spelt wrong in Personality.

Can her Semblance be spammed (any cooldown)? Mentioned somewhere in Discord but can she "fly" with it?

Overall, again, short character but with everything that it needs, albeit wanting some more detail in Personality in order for others to fully visualise Bas.

AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« on: October 09, 2017, 06:18:41 PM »
Have I earned the right to call myself the "Keeper of Weapons" now?  (I jest, I jest)

It's true though. Over the course of logging and recording every weapon that existed within the site, and organising them within the sheet, several facts, either amusing or painfully obvious, have emerged. The vast majority of users on the site have gone with either swords or daggers, a fact that only became more prominent as I wrote one down after the other. While there were some that were completely out there (Rocket Launching Rocket Locker), it's...kind of painful to see a lack of creativity at times. RWBY was amazing for several reasons, one of which being its transformable weapons, of course. There are several distinct and unique weapons on the site that fully follow this role, but almost the entire site has gone with either no transformations, or completely unrealistic ones.

Now I know that designing a fully transformable weapon is hard, and I personally take my own share of the blame: the experience has left me with a distinct unsatisfied feeling when I look over my old characters and their lack of uniqueness. Then again, all lessons can be learned, and I hope that by looking at the spreadsheet, any future OCs created will make themselves unique in more ways than one, by utilising a weapon combination that stands out among the sea of others.

AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:39:39 PM »
The first reaction that I had when you posted about the spreadsheet, even though I didn't voice it, was "This is so cool and detailed". It was intriguing to see the weapon choices and variety of semblances that everyone had. While I might not have been as interested as you are at knowing the ratio of stuff, the old list of weapons made me think more carefully on what I needed in order to stand out.

I remember seeing the old lists and thinking "there's a mistake here, I can fix that". I didn't think I would be redesigning anything at all, just editing pre-existing stuff to satisfy OCD. I didn't expect to spend as much time as I have on the sheet, but mainly I think it's because I volunteered to help and thought that I had a certain standard I had to fill, I guess. Still, feel proud of yourself--this has turned out to be highly successful and still growing. Also I get dibs on certain stuff. :D

Question: What things have surprised you the most since starting the spreadsheet? (Can include questionnaires)

Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
« on: October 08, 2017, 12:41:44 PM »
"Of course, if that's what makes you comfortable." Setsuna reassured Teddy. His hammer would be able to bring the heat against any heavily-armored and slow opponents, but they still lacked a good ranged option. But he was digressing. Another tap on his scroll started randomising three names barring Teddy, for he was guaranteed first fight.

"Alright, Calen. You're first up against Teddy. Flat arena, first to drop below 20% aura loses. And no repeats of the Switcheroo battles, please." Setsuna put extra emphasis on the word "repeat", then whistling to catch Anna's attention, moving to sit at the seats ringing the arena. While they duked it out, he was going to analyse Teddy's fighting style in detail, trying to figure out how he would work with the rest of ASTC. "Whenever you're ready."

Away from the team's attention, a figure stood at the top of the arena stairs, looking down at the group of four. Even to the most attentive of eyes, they would not see the person. For now, the person was doing nothing.

Spoiler: show
Guess who it is... It'll become important later. For now, I think what we'll do is make the posting order just King and Mike, with me and Nathan commenting if we have anything in-char to say. Fighter was randomised via RNG.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:47:29 AM »
Graham simply watched in slight amusement and with a small grin on his face. He'd never seen squirrel Grimm before, and even he had to admit there was some degree of cuteness that made you want to cuddle one. Still, that was past, and as the flames burned he kept an eye on the building, in case there was something a bit less cute than a squirrel within. He didn't think it would be happy if it just got treated to a roast, of course.

"Hmm..." Setsuna pondered. In his current mindset, he couldn't possibly ask anything that matched the level of insanity that had happened so far. However, if he was drunk, though, that problem could be written off as just the effects of booze.

Claiming another two cans of beer and draining half out of one in an attempt to let the color fade from his still red face (which took a while), Setsuna looked at Isabelle with little hint of his former friendliness. That was now tucked behind drink, and it wouldn't affect his consciousness. "Have you ever asked anyone to have sex with you, and who. If yes, did they turn you down or not and why. If no, say who you would have wanted to do it with." This was clearly nothing like before; if they wanted to ramp it up, he'd damn well ramp it up now.

AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:22:29 AM »
Oh noes  :'( Mah money  :-\

For me, I've always found creating males easier than females as a whole, as well as RPing with them. Guess I'm just more comfortable being male than female when I'm trying to step into their shoes and writing. It doesn't mean that I won't stop, as it is a good learning experience and excellent practice for writing from a female's perspective instead.

I never really got around to making a Faunus character, partly because I didn't want to use one of the already overused animals as my base. There are plans for one, but I'm not making another character for another 2-3 months. Gotta slim down on them somehow.

Next question: What inspired you to make the spreadsheet, knowing that it would be this big of a task?

AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:52:29 PM »
Still waiting on that payment Vision.  :P

Now that I've managed to add even more characters to my list, and you're working on your second, time for some character questions. Do you prefer Human characters or Faunus, male or female, and why?

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