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Beacon Academy / Re: Mixed feelings of rage and peace [BSEK]
« on: December 15, 2017, 02:07:25 PM »
"It's still bright outside, so we could go down to the city. Or maybe a tour around the Academy? Uh, Uh, I know! we could go to the forest! It's called Emerald Forest right? i'm sure there are Grimm everywhere! I could really use a fight right now, the trip here was way to boring and quiet"
A lot of other ideas were floating around in Kisha's mind but she couldn’t get her thoughts of from going to the emerald forest, and as long nobody else was saying something, she would stick with that idea

WiP Characters / Re: Mikado Drak
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:03:41 AM »
Thanks for correcting my spelling (still need to work on that)

So, I added how well he did at the test

After those seven years Mikado finally took the entry exam and passed with a relatively high score in hand to hand combat, Grimm extermination and passed with an average score at the Academic test

WiP Characters / Re: Mikado Drak
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:11:13 PM »
For somebody replying somethings. I mean, that's the reason why I posted it here.

Just' felling better if I let a few others look at it first before moving it into character creation

WiP Characters / Re: Mikado Drak
« on: December 14, 2017, 10:46:28 AM »
I guess I wait then

Beacon Academy / Re: Mixed feelings of rage and peace [BSEK]
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:04:49 PM »
Kisha finally stopped her jabbering when Blair handed her a wooden figure of a bear.
"Thank you"
Kisha started rotating the figure in her hands, so that she could have a good look from every perspective. It was a really detailed figure which showed a normal walking bear. It looked peaceful.
Well, I didn't get any gifts and I'm gonna assume Nathan did, neither, so since the gift giving is over does anyone want to introduce themselves first? If not I can go first".
Kisha jumped up immediately, one hand raised in the air.
I'll go!
She then started, without waiting for the others to respond.

My name is Kisha Miles, but just call me Schoko, and I come from a small village in the west of Vale called Scholoda. It is really peaceful there, no grimm attacks, no white fang, no hatred. Aaaaannnnnddd, you see, my parents were huntsmen and so I wanted to be one too. I started training and everything until the entering exam came around. I took the exma, passed, and came. There isn't actually more to why I'm here besids that, Pretty lame, right?
I guess I can talk about...."

Kisha stopped to search for something in her suitcase. With an "Got it!" She presented a dagger. Of course, it didn’t stayed that way. Kisha pushed a button of the dagger's handle to reveal its full length, which was about 80cm.
"This is demanon, my greatsword. It’s actually just a sword but it... um.. can transform into a bow? I didn’t spend so much time to creat something incredible. It's literally just a greasword and a boy. The only considerable I can think of are the arrows"
she stopped again and pulled out a quiver.
"Those arrows are modified with dust. But.. I guess thats all about my weapon..."
Kisha looked around the room, thinking about what else she could talk about. Actually, she had thousand ideas, but she knew that none of those are fitting for an introduction. Than a thought came to her mind.
"And of course there is my semblance"
She drew a circle with her hands on each side of her. Those circles took a bluish kind of colour and made a weird sound. She than 'threw' one of those circles at Ismael's bed. Kisha's hand reached through the circle beside her. Her Hand came out the other circle, grapping Ismael's pillow, and than got through the circle back to Kisha.
Those are portals. They are pretty useful, but I would recommend that you won't go through them, They have some 'side effects' if everyone besides me go through them"

Beacon Academy / Re: Mixed feelings of rage and peace [BSE
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:26:21 AM »
Without wasting a single second, Kisha threw herself on one of the free beds. Her suitcase fell over beside her bed, revealing a lot of different stuff through the already halfopend zipper.
She rolled onto her stomach and grapped something out of the heap of things.
"Oh yeah, right"
She sat up again , now holding a rather big, blue plasticbox in her hand.
"My grandparents said I should make somethings as an 'thanks for having me here' present, sooooooooo here you go"
She opend the blue box to reveal lot of different kinds of chocolate
"Yeah, my grandparents own an chocolate shop pretty far from here and they taught me how to make it, and so I thought I make some, because everybody likes's choclate, you do like chocolate right? Please say that you like chocolate. What should I do if you don't like chocolate? Gaaah! I would make a terrible first impression! But everybody like's chocolate. Oh god, what if you have an allergy or something. Please don't have an allergy! Oh, what should I do if any of you have an allergy? ....
Kisha kept on jabbering. If she wouldn’t know herself like this, she would probably be surprised how a human being could talk that long without stopping and taking a break to breath.

WiP Characters / Mikado Drak
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:13:59 PM »

Name: Mikado Drak

Name meaning:

Mikado -> Candy which is also called Pocky in England or other countries.
Drak -> Dragon

Theme: Link

Age: 17  (30.09.xxxx)

Species and Gender: Human, Male


Spoiler: show

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Spoiler: show

Mikado’s height amount to 190cm, which is extremely huge for his age. He weights about 75Kg.
Mikado has a pale skin color, a long face and nose and small eyes. He has short, messy black hair with a thumb thick white streak over his face.

He wears a white Shirt with an black and white garment over it and fitting black trousers. Mikado has white bandages from his wrist up to the elbows and from the foot up to the kneecaps. He also has a large Dragon tattoo over his back. He uses those clothing for freetime activities and for battle

Spoiler: Some pictures • show


Mikado was born in a rather big village in the south of remnant. He never got to know his mother and he lived his whole life with his father, Of course there were times when he asked about his mother but his father always avoided the question, up to the day he died.

Mikado was 10 years old when it happened. He just bought some food when a terrorist attack left the village in panic. Everything happened so fast. There was a huge explosion caused by dust in the center of the village. About 3 houses were completely destroyed with only corpses buried under the rubble. Other buildings broke down or were just barely standing. The panic lured the Grimm to the village. Nearly everything was present. Beowolves, Nevermores and more.

The Grimm started destroying houses and killing people, but Mikado’s thought about something else. The dust explosion went off near his house! His father was still at home! Mikado started running. The Grimm luckily were busy killing others and didn't pay so much attention to him. He run around the last corner, only to see his father, buried under a wooden beam. Mikado ran to him, shakes him and screamed at him to wake up, but he was already death. A loud scream filling the air and Mikado saw a monster, a Grimm, but not any. He never heard about a Grimm looking like this. He looked like being made out of different typed of animals. A Chimera. It had the claws of an hawk, the body of an horse, the head of a lion, a scorpion tail and bat like wings.

He called it the ‚Chimera-Grimm‘. It spotted him and slowly, very slowly looked at him. At the same time another person came up behind him. His name was Jack Tine and he was a huntsmen. They never had Griimm problems before thanks to him, but this time, there were to many Grimm for him to take down alone. Mikado knew Jack really well. He and his father had spend a lot of time with him and they actually became good friends. Jack didn't waste any time. The Chimera-Grimm now started running towards them. Jack grabbed Mikado and threw him over his back. There was no way he could fight that thing, not now, not with the injuries he already had.

Jack used his weapon to swing to an not so broken roof. The second his foot made contact with the roof, the Chimera-Grimm crashed into them and the building collapsed. Just before Mikado lost consciousness he saw a black shadow tackle the Grimm and than everything went black.

Mikado woke up in a cabin which was located in a forest not too far away from his village. Jack, who brought him there told him what happened, that a small dragon thrusted the Chimera-Grimm away, before disappearing. The Chimear-Grimm survived, but the thrusted gave them enough time to flee. From this day on, Mikado swore himself to become a huntsmen.

He trained everyday with Jack. He learned quickly and could work with all kinds of weapons in short time. In the end he stayed with a bō and Kusarigama. Mikado was also gifted in hand to hand combat, even though he prefers not to uses his fist's in fights.

After those seven years Mikado finally took the entry exam and passed with a relatively high score in hand to hand combat, Grimm extermination and passed with an average score at the Academic test


Mikado is a quiet person. He never was good with people and won’t care about making friends or not. He often acts cold and like he didn't care, but if he see's someone gets beaten up he will act, and he won't go easy on him.

Having a conversation with him is almost impossible. Most of his responses are a nod or single word at most. His Dragon Kiro isn't a help there either, more like the opposite. Most people start asking every kind of question about him, not realizing how annoying there are. People mostly will either think of him as a cool or strange person.

Mikado likes dark and quiet places, where he can be alone. He spends his freetime either reading or training.

Even though he is an intelligence boy, he never really pays attention in class. He doesn’t like studying, because he doesn’t see a reason in spending his time in learning stuff he might don’t need ever again.

Aura and Semblance:

Aura Color: Black

Mikado’s semblance is called ‚Spirit Dragon‘
Just like the name says, its a Dragon which is connected with Mikado through there spirits.
The Semblance name may be Spirit Dragon, but Mikado decided to name the Dragon after the dragon ‚Kiro’ in a not so well known fairytale. Mikado don’t need to trigger some events or do something to activate his semblance, it’s just there. Through to Mikado, not spending much time in training with his Aura for defense he more focused on putting everything in his semblance. He managed to hold his semblance up permanently, which leads to Mikado being followed by Kiro 24/7.

To his appearance. In battle Kiro is a Black-Greyish Dragon with the size of an fully grown Quarter Horse. This means, That his height from the bottom to his shoulder amount to 175cm. He is 569cm wide (If he stretches his wings to both sides) and 843kg heavy. Just like the dragons in different stories, does Kiro have Scale’s, horns, a tail and of course, wings.

Outside of battle he turns into a more rabbit sized form. Keeping him up for more than 4 hours in his grown up form will get Mikado exhausted up to the point of him not being able so summon him at all. Kiro still has all of his abilities in his smaller form, but a lot weaker and less effective. He still can fly, but not as high and long as in his grown form. He also can still breath fire,ice and lightning even though it’s only a small flame or a small ice breath.

Spoiler: How Kiro looks like • show

Now to his fighting style and other information. Kiro is a defensive fighter. He either is in the air or on the ground while breathing fire, ice or lightning. To do this he needs to be feed a fire/ice/lightning dust crystal
every day, or his fire/ice/lightning will run out. It also only works with fire, ice and lightning crystals. Kiro apparently also likes the taste of the crystals which leads to Mikado sometimes just give him one as a treat. Even though he is a defensive fighter he can switch to the offensive and charges at the enemy. Thanks to the long, sharp teeth and claws it isn’t hard to strike. This all looks like a really powerful semblance but it comes with a great disadvantage. Mikado and Kiro are connected through there minds. If Kiro get’s wounded, Mikado will feel the pain, but doesn't get the wound. Imagine someone or something would cut off on of Kiro’s legs, Mikado will still have all his limbs but he would also feel the pain exploding through his leg as if he just lost one. That leads to the next part. Kiro has a good defense, most thanks to the hard scales, but if he suffers a more dangerous attack, which lead him injured or even make him lost on of his limbs, the wound needs to take depending on how great the damage was half a day until two days to recover. The ‚pain-linking‘ between those two may only be one-sided (Kiro -> Mikado) But if Mikado would lose consciousness Kiro simply will disappear. That's also the case if Mikado is sleeping.

Mikado’s semblance also has a limited reach. If Kiro is more than 3km away from Mikado, he will simply disappear. Kiro will only listen to Mikado and will do everything he tells him to. Mikado also taught Kiro commands like *warte* (wait) *Fackel* (using his fire breath) or *Fass* (Telling him to attack with his claws/teeth)

One of the things you can’t do with Kiro is flying. Neither Mikado nor somebody else is able to ride on him. If someone tries to ride on his back, he will jump and roll around until the person lets go. Outside of battle Mikado tends to ‚Talk‘ to Kiro, even if Kiro can’t answer him, Mikado will know what he wants to say.

Combat Behavior:

Mikado isn’t a team player. He never was. He learned to fight alone and only with his dragon.
He is a skilled pugilism fighter, but he doesn't uses his fists in fights often. He will use his weapon Pocky, while Kiro fights besides him.

He won’t listen to the leader and goes into fights with his own plan.

Mikado is swift and maneuverable, is also quiet and good in creeping up which are all plus points for the fight. His most dangerous weak point is his semblance. Through the pain linking between Kiro and Mikado it is possible to disabled him for rest of the fight, if the attack is strong enough to take Kiro down.


Name: Pocky

Primary Form:

Spoiler: Picture • show

Pocky is a bō staff, which has an extendable blade. It’s 182cm long and is made out of light metal. He carries it around on his back.

Secondary Form:

Pocky’s second form is a Kusarigama. He normally swings the weighted chain in a circle over his head till he swings it toward the opponent to entangle his weapon or to immobilizing there arms or legs. This will allow him to strike with the sickle.


(The Blade of the Bō need's to be pulled in for the transformation.)
The darker part of his weapon is like a shell where the Kusarigama is in. You grab it on the lighter part and simply pull out the rest. The Part you grabbed it on is the weighted end of the Kusarigama chain and the extendable blade of the Bō turns to the sickle of the Kusarigama.


Jack taught Mikado how to use and build weapons. It took him some time to create Pocky but the second he finished it, he could used it perfectly and without any problems.

Spoiler: show
 All Art belongs to ChosenVowels

Beacon Academy / Re: Mixed feelings of rage and peace [BSEK]
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:09:29 AM »
Kisha dashed through the hallways of the academy. She arrived just an hour ago and didn’t had any time to get to know the building. Her suitcase almost fell when she suddenly came to a stop. She immediately slammed the door infront of her open, making with her one hand a greeting gesture while her other hand remained on the doorknob. “Heeeeelllloooo teammates!"
Her messy, brown hair fell over her face and her smile wided when she relized that she had finally found the right room.
She let her suitcase roll behind her as she entered the room summing.

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for double filler (4/4)
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:17:08 AM »
Right now my fav. is BSEK with the darkred color

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for double filler (4/4)
« on: December 08, 2017, 06:53:42 AM »
I think

KNIV     (knives)


BSEK     ( berserk)

are good

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for double filler (3/4)
« on: December 07, 2017, 09:03:51 AM »
I should be okay with everyone

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for single filler (4/4)
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:22:18 AM »
yea, grey would had been my suggestion too

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for single filler (4/4)
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:56:51 AM »
Well, I like EKOS, but KEOS is also fine, I guess

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for single filler (3/4)
« on: November 21, 2017, 09:15:57 AM »
I'm fine, thanks ^^

Hopefully MTNew isn't agains me joining the team, (wouldn’t know a reason why, but hey, everything’s possible) 

Teams / Re: Beacon 1st Year, looking for single filler (3/4)
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:06:44 PM »
Well, Kisha doesn’t have a team, so i guess she can join, if it's okay

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