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Mogan was about to reply to Suntalia's suggestion about forming a pranking alliance, but Jima, having clearly overheard possibly thanks to her detached supersenses, interjected first.

"Well Suntalia, it seems like our skills as pranksters have been challenged. I say this requires a decisive and swift response, or else our reputation will be tainted! That being said, why don't we make things a bit more interesting? Let's bet on who will be able to pull the best prank on Jima. Lilly will be our judge. The loser will have to clean and tidy up our room for a month. We will have one week to do the pranks, and of course, if Jima discovers the prank then the one that gets discovered is disqualified. If we both get discovered then we both lose and we will have to cover for Jima's turns of cleaning for a month each. How about it?"

Mogan was pretty confident he could pull a couple of interesting pranks on Jima. She had made a mistake by revealing so much about her semblance, thus giving him the opportunity to work around it in order to deliver his prank! That said he didn't have any ground for assuming his prank would be better than anything Suntalia could come up with. This would require some time and meditation... 
Mogan was absently listening to Lilly revealing that she would attend a dance school in her free time, which could be fun. It would probably just mean that they would be part of the public for her performances, but they would probably hang out together after.
His thoughts were cut short when Lilly found a lone Ursa.
Mogan stepped forward, activating his semblance and inserting both his arms inside the holes on the sides of his suitcase. Said suitcase mecha-shifted in two different pieces of heavy armor that covered up to his shoulders and a belt with several pockets.
The whole process didn't take more than a couple seconds, plus one more to actually put the belt on.

"I did say that would demonstrate once we found a prey, so if you don't mind I'll take this one. I actually give my best when I face big targets, while on the other hand lots of small and fast enemies like a murder of little nevermores can be considered my worst matchup."

Mogan started to explain while casually walking towards the Grimm, which, having taken notice of the approaching hunters, got up on his hind legs and roared threateningly, revealing his pearly white fangs.

"First of all, I have a time limit on my semblance. I can activate it for five minutes tops, and after that, it can't be used again for at least twelve hours. I also have to wait ten seconds before it actually activates once I wish to use it."

Having said that Mogan easily slipped under the first paw swipe that the Ursa had aimed at his head, and moved around it, in order to force him to turn around to follow him. He was quick and light on his feet. His movements weren't elegant like Lilly's but hinted at a fighting style aimed at being practical. Since the grimm had used his left arm for attacking, he ended beside his left flank and he turned to deliver a powerful right-handed punch to the elbow of the beast.

"Once I activate it I can't deactivate it unless a set time has passed. But while it is active any non-prolonged impact I deliver or receive gets canceled."

True to his words, the punch didn't seem to have any effect whatsoever on the target.

"The more times it passes after the hit, the more the effect will be amplified, that is unless I hit the same target again or it hits me. The effect reaches its peak at ten seconds, tripling the consequences of the punch."

While he talked, Mogan kept dodging the swipes and bites of the ursa. He moved with ease, his footwork was practiced and he always seemed to start moving a moment before his enemy even started attacking.

"The downside of this semblance is that these rules apply to me too, so if I get hit I risk of having to suffer increased consequences too. That is the reason I can't function as a tank unless specific conditions are met. For instance..."

His exposition was interrupted when the elbow of the Grimm exploded with a sickening crunch, precisely ten seconds after he had hit it. The Ursa roared in pain and shook the offended limb, whose forearm was connected to the rest of the body only by some dark filaments that were rapidly snapping after the weight. Mogan took the window to collect a couple of small stones from the ground with one hand and then punched them with violence with the other. Once again nothing happened to the stones. The enraged Ursa, with a loud thud, got back on all four... three. And tried to grab his left arm with his powerful jaws. Mogan, of course, didn't let it happen by jumping back, then extended the same left arm in a stabbing motion. From his wrist came out a short blade that should have stabbed the Ursa's eye, but once again it did nothing. The confused grim seemed to brace for the impact, but instead of being blinded it seemed like the blade had just bounced on his glowing red eye.     

"... As I was saying, I really can't afford to take hits while my semblance is active, unless someone or something kills or incapacitates my target before the ten seconds are up. In that specific case, the effect of the blow simply disappear, so I can virtually tank anything that hits me as long as my enemy dies within ten seconds and I don't get hit more than once."

Having said that he opened he passed the stones he had held in his left hand into his right hand, and in so doing he flipped them. Then, dodged laterally another bite and, instead of throwing the stones, he loaded his arm back and made a move as to violently push them horizontally towards the Grimm's head. There was certainly some force in this movement, but nothing that could justify the speed with which the two stones seemed to propel themselves forward. Considering the mass of the stones and their speed, they should have at least have seriously cracked the mask of the Ursa. But once they hit, what instead happened was that the eye Mogan had previously poked with his hidden blade collapsed inward with another loud and unpleasant sound, while the stones fell to the ground. While the poor beast roared and trashed around, now half blind, Mogan continued his exposition with a casual tone, like he was talking about the weather.

"What happened now is that I hit the same target again before the countdown was completed, so the previous effect activated early, albeit with less power. As you have perhaps noted, I let the stones charge for a bit before using them against the grimm, so if I did my math right, now what should hit the Ursa's head once ten seconds elapse, is the force of my punch multiplied approximately by three plus the force of the trow and again multiplied by three. So something like the consequences of being hit by a punch slightly more powerful than my original one multiplied by nine should manifest on our unfortunate experiment just... about... now."


The poor Ursa instantly collapsed on the ground and started to dissipate in black wisps of smoke. Mogan inspected the points of impact with a slight frown as if he was trying to understand something that didn't quite sit right with him.

"On second thought I did use two stones... so to be more precise I hit it with two distinct blows each with four point five more power than the original punch. So that's why it didn't quite blow his head off. Maybe I should have aimed for a leg, but then again it would have made me appear cruel. Usually, I try to dispatch of my enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that is especially true if I'm using this damn semblance. As you can imagine I'll never use this semblance in a friendly spar against a student that doesn't already know at least it's basic rules because a slight mistake could cause serious damage to both. When fighting a human opponent the element of surprise is my biggest advantage, so I'd thank you if you could keep what you learned about my semblance a secret. There are more rules and exceptions, but this should give you an idea. Honestly speaking I hate it, and I prefer not to use it unless I'm forced to, but you still had to at least know about it." 

He paused for a moment, apparently thinking about something.

"One last thing... If, during a fight, I have my semblance activated and you see me aiming at our target with my right arm, then stay away."

With several clicks, the armor that covered his right arm shifted to reveal an actual small cannon.

"You can imagine what would happen if you got hit by a charged cannon shot... And that concludes my presentation! Who wants to take on the next one we find?"

Mogan finally asked, changing his cannon back into its standard form.

"No worries, Suntalia. You didn't take it too far. I'm just of the opinion that if you want to joke with someone, then you have to be able to take a joke in return. Also, I can be a little vengeful... perhaps the cake was a bit too much, and for that, I apologize. But apparently, you are taking it very well. So it's all good. Now we have a measure of each other."

Mogan made a small smile and turned again his attention to Jima, whose semblance just seemed to grow even more complicated and that apparently wasn't interested in guys. Which was unfortunate for him, as he quite liked her looks. Then again developing "interests" inside a team could become disastrous, as his previous experience in Shade had demonstrated, so it was better this way.   

"Oh-ho! Well, that's a relief! I can scrap my plan of striking sexy poses under the shower while singing just for your viewing pleasure. On the other hand, if you need some help to peek on Suntalia and Lilly just let me know! Just for the spirit of camaraderie, of course, since I won't be the one to do the peeking. Just the keyhole should be enough if I understood your semblance correctly..."

His tone was practical and serious like he was offering to help with homework. 

"Changing the subject, I feel the need to commend you for choosing this career with a semblance like that. It can't be easy to manage each detached sense during combat... You're probably used to it, but I can't imagine how confusing it must be... especially if you have to manage multiple opponents... You must be quite good at multitasking!"

Mogan was sure that this semblance could do wonders in a team effort and could be used to coordinate with incredible precision, but the fact that Jima was a close ranged fighter contrasted with that plan. It would have been much more practical to have her in the backline, providing long-range support and coordinating the others. Oh well, to each his own.
The plan to take a stroll through the forest seemed fun, there were virtually zero chances of encountering anything even remotely dangerous for a group of third-year students, and he liked the idea of observing the rest of the team in action. Too many close-ranged fighters for his tastes, no one able to tank hits (except him, in some instances), not many long-range options. Dealing with flying enemies could become a nightmare for this team.
He nodded his approval and slowly rose to his feet. Lilly was already hopping towards the forest, twirling her spears without a care in the world.
Mogan, on the other hand, started to collect the food and the other things resting on the blanket. It wasn't like they could just leave things there.

"Littering is never a good thing, even in a Grimm infested forest. Besides, I don't want to find the cake covered in ants when we get back. We may as well put all back in the basket."

Once they finished with the picnic stuff, he picked up his suitcase and followed his dancing leader. Dancing, huh? It was surely a beautiful fighting style, but against a horde of ferocious Grimm was it going to be effective? Would it still maintain it's charm once Lilly was covered in sweat and grime? Just one way to find out.

"Please Jima, just Mogan is fine. So... about my semblance... The short version is that while my semblance is active, every hit I suffer or inflict does not seem to have any immediate effect. All effects and consequences of the blow are delayed up to a maximum of ten seconds and then manifest suddenly, amplified directly in proportion to the time elapsed.
The semblance works with any kind of non-prolonged impact. I myself am subject to his semblance, so my opponents can take advantage of the semblance in almost the same way I can, the only difference being that I know how the semblance works. There are other details and rules, but these are the main ones. The rest I can demonstrate once we find something to hunt."

They were a happy bunch, but it probably would not take long for some Grimm to intercept them.     

When Suntalia poked him on the cheek while he was eating and slapped him on the shoulder, Mogan just mumbled with a bit of annoyance. When Suntalia referred to him with the nickname "Moggie" and suggested he could sleep in a corner like a dog he glared at her and started to plot his revenge. When she slapped his arm again before answering Lily's question, he activated his semblance, in order to prepare and give to Suntalia what she deserved. Unfortunately for him, he needed ten seconds before the semblance could actually be used, so he couldn't help but have a spasm when Suntalia suddenly electrocuted him. Said spasm resulted in Mogan dropping what remained of his cake on the grass. His eyebrow twitched, but still, he said nothing. 
Whit deliberate placidness, he took one of the cardboard plates that were on the picnic blanket and slapped it on the underside in annoyance and started counting in his mind, before using it to pick up the cake that had fallen on the grass.
In the meantime, Jima explained her absurd semblance, around which he couldn't quite wrap his head around.

"So... how does that work exactly? I mean... Is it like some kind of portal between two points? You create a portal between, say, your throat and your shoulder and the sound comes out from the shoulder? But if that were the case then you wouldn't be able to articulate, because you still need tongue, teeth, and lips to form words...and you can't do that while eating... So the portal, it that is how it works, must be just outside the mouth, but the problem still remains, am I wrong? I can comprehend the other senses with the portal analogy, but the voice isn't really a sense and the theory crumbles... And does that mean you can potentially sense "through" walls? Because if that is the case I'm going to have to ask you to stay at least fifty meters away from our room when I take a shower or at least take me out to dinner first if you intend to peek!"

And then, just a moment after Lilly finished her last phrase, the cardboard plate with the cake on it, still on the palm of his hand and slightly angled towards Suntalia, without any warning or movement on Mogan's part, jumped from his hand with sudden surprising speed and landed with an oh so satisfying wet noise on the harassing girl's face.

"What goes around comes around, Suntalia. How does karma tastes like? And for the last time, my name is Mogan. M-O-G-A-N! Not Morgon, like some evil character from a fantasy novel, not Morgan like some cheesy character from a romance novel and certainly not Moggie like some unfortunate dog named by a child with a very poor taste for names. Mogan! Look at it like an abbreviation from Mahogany."

Finished with his outburst, he helped himself to another slice of cake, since he had only taken one bite from the first, and kept talking between morsels (obviously swallowing before talking).

"So... there isn't much to say about me. I love reading, playing games and cooking, but most of all I like sleeping, eating and lazing in general. I fight by hitting stuff with that suitcase over there and with the things inside it, so close range here too. I'm more than proficient in hand to hand combat and have both a very solid defense and offense. I prefer not to use my semblance if I can help it because it is stupidly complicated, with a lot hard to handle set of rules and it can backfire very badly. Still, I'll have to explain it in some details to you all before we get sent on a mission, preferably during a spar or an encounter with a very unfortunate lonely ursa, in order not to get myself or any of you killed by it."

He took another bite of cake, licking his lips.

"I used said semblance for that trick with the cake, but it's not telekinesis or something awesome like that. It requires a bit more... planning."          

Mogan's first impression of Suntalia was that she was part of that vast category of cheerful and talkative people that were easy to have around, but in its experience often such quality went hand in hand with a certain sincere and sometimes too naive fickleness.
But that would require more observation to verify, so for the time being Mogan just decided to take his role as new candidate for Talia's friend list with a grain of salt. She was apparently from Vacuo too, and that was fine, but also brought the question of why she had felt the need to attend Beacon instead of Shade, but Mogan was in no rush: after all, they would have years to get to know each other.
"Oh I grew up in the residential district, we had a big mansion thanks to the family business."
Mogan started to answer, a small smile on his face, speaking calmly in sharp contrast with the fast-paced Suntalia.
"The first year in Shade was actually a lot of fun, the second not so much, hence my decision of moving to Vale to attend Beacon. As for us becoming friends..."
Here his expression turned very serious.
"...that depends entirely on if you are willing to give up the "Vacuo buddies" thing."
A brief pause for added effect before dropping the act.
"Or not. I don't really care so long as we get along."

Up to this point, the first impressions weren't bad, but that changed when both Suntalia and Jima started eating bacon for breakfast... No, even worse Jima was eating a sandwich of eggs and beacon and kept talking with her... mouth... full... 
Something wasn't right.
While Jima kept talking and eating, forgetting his name in the meantime. Mogan couldn't help but stare at that strange phenomenon.
"Actually, Jima, my name is Mogan, not Morgon. And I can see why you are fascinated by Grimm and in fact, I share your interest, but that's not important right now: I have to know how are you doing that trick that lets you speak so clearly while you're eating. Are you some kind of ventriloquist?"    

In the meantime, Lilly had cut a slice of cake but was too busy speaking to take it and eat it, so Mogan took the opportunity and seized the slice of cake for himself.
His expression while biting on the soft chocolate was nothing short of beatific and not at all sorry for the theft. The early nevermore takes the prey, after all. 

To an ordinary observer, Mogan would have given the impression of a normal student reading his books in the library. His face was relaxed and focused on the pages, but every minute or so his eyes darted to the scroll he was keeping beside the book. There the digital clock kept telling him that he was already late to the first meeting with his new team. It's not like he was reading something of the utmost importance, but Mogan just kept wasting time in an effort to calm himself. Sure arriving late wasn't going to give a good impression, but in his opinion, a bad first impression was almost always better than a good one. If you give a bad first impression then no one will expect much of you and then you can prove them wrong or just keep a low profile, while a good first impression leads to expectations and standards.
"Why am I so nervous anyway?"
He thought finally closing the book with a sigh and standing up.
"They are just other students, and it's not like I have to like them or they have to like me to work together. So even if nothing "clicks" it's no big deal."
Mogan collected his scroll and his black suitcase and put the book on the correct shelf before leaving the library at a fast pace.
"What if they ask me why I arrived late? The truth is out of the question... How about "I overslept"? No that's stupid. And so Is the bathroom excuse. A call from home? Yeah, that could work. But then again why should a call be a good reason to arrive late, unless it's about something important? Mhm... that could lead to uncomfortable questions, however. I can't say I forgot the meeting... But I can say I was halfway there then remembered I  forgot something and I had to go back to Beacon to get it. The suitcase could work, but I could have used the lockers. I'm not bringing any food or drinks and I can't say I forgot my scroll. Oh! I know! I slipped while I was going down the cliff to the Emerald Forest, landed on my butt and my clothes got ripped in a couple of embarrassing places. So I had to go back to change! Yes, this is it! It's believable and starts the conversation with a funny story that makes me look like a wimp. Perfect."
Mogan reached this conclusion just in time because he could already see the picnic set just outside of the emerald forest, with three ladies sat on the blanket under the shade of a tree.
There was a variety of food, from fruits to eggs and bacon, but Mogan's eyes zeroed on the chocolate cake that seemed to shine in his vision.
"I would probably have chosen an apple, just to make me look like even more of an assh...cough! Cough! Ahem, I mean in order to have a healthy breakfast... but the sugar calls to me! So thumbs up to whoever brought the cake."
Mogan said while approached his new teammates.           
"Sorry for the delay, I tripped on my way here and some of my clothes got ripped in a couple of embarrassing places, so I had to go back and change."
He explained while sitting cross-legged on a corner of the blanket, his suitcase put beside him.   
"I took the freedom of searching some information about you when I received the communication for the composition of this new team. So... you must be Lilly Meier, the appointed leader. Congratulations, by the way!"
Mogan explained with a practical tone, taking in some details about his new leader. A cat faunus with red hairs and green eyes. His eyes fell on the headphones, and he couldn't help but wonder what pair of ears she put them on. Probably not the cat ones, but that was something to investigate!
"Then we have Suntalia, who is well known and well-liked in Beacon, from what I've gathered. And Jima, about whom I don't know anything besides that some people say that you are obsessed with the creatures of Grimm."
Mogan nodded politely to each girl and then, finally introduced himself.
"I am Mogan, nice to meet you! I transferred from Shade, so I'm still pretty new at Beacon."   

WiP Characters / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:13:58 AM »
No particular reason, it just came out this way while I was writing. In my opinion, it feels more personal this way and it's much more fun to write in 1st person when the character has a complex personality, contradictions, and inner monologues or likes to make jokes.

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: April 03, 2018, 02:35:58 PM »
Not a fan of the plasma found in blood (trust me is not a pleasant color at all when you see it in a lab), so I'd much rather go with a glowing changing purple/red.   

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: April 03, 2018, 01:22:13 PM »

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:50:57 PM »
I'm ok with doing all in one go!

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:12:23 AM »
Mhm, I too would prefer a mission for the entertainment value, but doesn't it seem odd that a newly formed team is immediately sent on a mission? For the sake of consistency, I suggest we do first a thread to get to know each other or the sparring session. We can always do all the missions we want after that.

Ps. JJb do you by any chance know why the Mountain Glenn thread died? I tried to contact Monster but I haven't received a reply...

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: April 02, 2018, 03:04:19 PM »
So, while we think about the team name, if we four are to become one, how about we discuss a bit about the background? I mean 2 out of 4 are transfer students, so why does this team forms? The other two members were previously part of other teams? Was there a surplus of students? Should we do a mission together to get to know each other or would a simple open thread be better to start things off? What do you think? 

Ps. Jjb how should we handle our two characters, since the quest in Mountain Glenn seems to have somehow stopped? Do they know each other already or do we start anew?

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:23:37 PM »
I'm for Maple, Plasma or Platinum, but anything goes for me.

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: March 28, 2018, 05:31:17 PM »
I don't mind, my character is a bit bossy but doesn't want to be a leader anyway.

Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [3/4]
« on: March 28, 2018, 02:51:36 PM »
If this becomes a team we would have four close-range fighters, with limited ranged options but good versatility overall. In terms of semblances, we would have a sensory ability which can also be used to coordinate the battlefield, an elemental semblance useful to stun big targets or obliterate many small ones, a decoy semblance very useful to distract the target or have an extra hand, and a heavy damaging semblance that needs a bit of time to charge. All in all a very good combo if we can coordinate properly.
The downside would be the absolute lack of someone capable of taking hits, given that all the characters are quick and rely on dodges and fast hits. Which means that if even one of use is beaten and needs protection the entire formation collapses because there is no one capable of providing a good defense (my character can at most buy some time).


Teams / Re: Third year beacon team [1/4]
« on: March 26, 2018, 05:03:21 AM »
Finally an opening for a third-year team in Beacon!
I have a character that also moved from Shade to Beacon for his third year, a bit of an antisocial and know-it-all, not interested in being the leader of a team.
He prefers to fight on his own, but actually, he would really benefit from good teamwork (because of a very complicated and dangerous semblance).
If you are interested here is the link!  Mogan Treehouse

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