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Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 26, 2017, 09:54:44 AM »
Akel wasn't really pleased with Calen dodging her semblance. His semblance did really start to annoy her and she didn't want to extend the fight any longer. That was a last ditch attempt, it shouldn't of failed but his semblance was just a load of instant dodge to her. Akel moved backwards at the sign of the disgonal strike and didn't stop moving back. She was disarmed, she wasn't going to engage him unless she was able to lock him in place. Which lied within her scythe, she knew the direction was straight back, she just needed to know the exact distance.

So she grabbed 8 knifes from her belt. 4 in each hand and launched them all at him. Creating an X pattern towards him as she vanished within the slowly dissipating mist. She grabbed another 8 and launched them in a horizontal arc. The mist making them almost incredibly hard to see until they got close to him. In which case she thought that he would rely on his semblance, he had to be getting tired from using his speed semblance often. Otherwise he would of been using it way more.

She was suprised that her scythe was a lot closer then she though, she put her left side against the blade of the scythe in hope that he would attack from that direction. But she also kept herself low, listening for footsteps as she made herself a harder target to hit.

[Aura= 38%] no change
[4% per knife. Same as before]

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 25, 2017, 10:18:22 AM »
Thankfully Akel was looking where she was throwing her knifes, which did allow her to see the incoming Calen along the ground. His low strike allowed her to jump over his low strike that was aimed for her knees. As Calen started his onslaught again she placed her free hand against the blade of her ninjato. Blocking the attacks with her aura taking a bit off due to directly taking the force through her ninjato.

A brilliant idea came to mind. He was within range of her semblance. So she smalled her ninjato against his blade. Shoving his blade and her ninjato away and gaining as close as possible to him. The limited distance of her omnidirectional attack hopefully would of shut his mouth up. So she let her semblance at him. The spikes limited (1-2m) distance only had Calen within its range to actually hit. But luckily she was just about pressing up against his chest.

[Aura=38%] 3% for aura bracing against attacks.

[Damage 4% per spike. Same as before] All spikes hit at once so he can't die from the semblance.

P.S. If you think this ain't fair just DM/PM me. It works with her aggressive fighting style and situation which she is currently in.

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 25, 2017, 05:29:02 AM »
As soon as Akel received the hit from the back of the head she backed off, stumbling away for a few steps before running off into the mist, not wanting to extend the fight any longer she backed off before the other strikes could hit her. She quickly got out of Calen's range. She quickly grabbed 4 throwing knifes from her belt and threw that at him all at once before he disappeared from her view as she exited the mist.

[Aura 41%] Hilt strike

[throwing knifes 4% per knife]

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:41:23 AM »
Akel worked her opponents latge attacks against him, they were easy to see ahead and she took advantagr of this. Her agility and flow worked better like this. She pressed her advantage in this situation, she went low and ducked under the first strike and used her ninjato to direct the second strike into the ground.

She went behind his back and while going for a stab, extended the lenght of the ninjato to add a bit of extra power to her strike while pressing the palm of her free hand against the bottom of the handle for more force behind the stab. Whether the strike made contact or not she kicked off of him to push him forward and her away to break line of sight using the fog.

(I'm thinking his strikes are at a similar speed to Jaune in the end of volume 4. Similar height between hin and Calen and the transformed state bring roughly the sword lenght. (I think))

P.S. Happy to discuss if you think this is unfair.

[Aura 43%]

[Stab 7% + Kick 3%]

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:41:05 PM »
Akel did not this opportunity go to waste. As he saw him go for her she acted without hesitation. Her temporarily red eyes and hair burst back to the blood red indicating another use of her semblance. She sent the condensed aura straight towards him. The lenght of the physical blade didn't matter, only the direction as her semblance wpuld be more then able to close the distance. Her target was within range and that was all that mattered. Her free hand went towards her belt, crushing one of the fire foci to enhance her semblance.

Condensed aura launched from just behind her, following the exact same path as her attack, straight towards her target's centre. Shortly followed by the condensed aura the aura burst into flames. Only doing little damage to herself

[Aura: 43%] denying attack before he can get close enough. 4% from fire used in foci.

[Damage %17]  [Fire 8%]

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 23, 2017, 06:58:35 AM »
Akel rubbed her throat at the attack against her.

Akel placed the scythe into her hands. Holding a solid stance and having the left dust dial stay on fire and ice on the right dial. Calen was starting to get on her nerves a bit, that cocky attitude of his would definitely be his downfall one day. But for now she had to concentrate, predict his moves, keep him off his feet.

Mist started to come off of her scythe and with a sudden slam she smashed it into the ground, sending mist around the whole arena. She pulled on the back of her scythe and pulled out the ninjato. Leaving the scythe in place and deciding that the ninjato would serve her better.

[Aura 47%]

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 22, 2017, 05:31:36 AM »
"There is none at all." Akel flipped her scythe into her hands. Holding the scythe end at her left side while she ran in him. She stopped just a bit after her weapon entered hitting range. Doing a sharp turn, aiming low to hit his feet and throw him off balance, but that wasn't her main attack, without breaking speed she spun around very fast and slammed the scythe into the ground at his feet, fire spewed forth from the center in a 2 meter radius. Except the fire went straight past Akel, avoiding her getting hit with the fire altogether and remaining safe from the AoE attack while Calen would be well within range unless he was able to move out

[Aura 57%]
[Trip = 1%]
[Attack = 13%]

The Vale Region / Re: Relax, relax, Ok. [1/2] [limited]
« on: April 21, 2017, 01:37:58 PM »
"Sure, sharing a room is fine... also nothing special. Actually possible to do something with my hair." Akel pointed to the ponytail which reached to her mid knees but normally at ankle lenght. "I don't like cutting it and caring for takes a ... while." Akel stares at Sophea. Not many people would be okay with up front confrontation like that. "One can have nervous laughter for a number of reasons. Doesn't really justify soul staring eyes. Well then again I'm not one to talk." It was quite often that Akel gave off a similair vibe. Not on purpose but just with never having her eyes fully opened she gave that look off constantly.

"No reason for my mannerisms, I just have a little laugh to relieve myself whenever I say something awkward. Like the question if you two want to share a room or not." Lavender let out another small laugh, before she wiggled free of her grasp and walked towards their left. Letting out a breath as she regained her composure. "We most certainly can do something for your hair, Miss Blood-Heart, Just let us know when you want it done and I'll be sure to leave you in capable hands." She let out another small laugh as she opened the door. "Shall we?"

Through the door was a hallway which led to a different part of the facility, usually for the richer more private customers of the resort, straight down led to facilities while off to the right it had an open area. A large slab of marble denied direct sight into the area but it was obvious for a more nighttime setting.

The Vale Region / Re: Relax, relax, Ok. [1/2] [limited]
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:55:33 AM »
Akel watched Sophea's movements as she ticked off each activitt. Following by ticking off each activity that she did with only a very short gap between the tick on Sophea's board and Akel's. After finishing the checkoff she quickly signed off her name. Done calligraphy with almost supernatural elegence and percision. Happy with her signature that she repeated a great many times in practice she smiled.

Lavender took both of the papers from each of them when they were done. Glancing over them quickly as she gave a quick look at each of the activities.

"So before we begin do you have any special requests?
We have a diverse team here so if there is something that wasn't on the list we should be able to provide it. Within reason of course."
Lavender stepped away from the desk, and remembered one thing that which she should of mentioned. "The night activites do generally go for a long time so customers do ysually end up ataying in one of the overnight facilities. While this may seem like an odd question it has happened enough that we think it better to ask then to leave them asking last minute. If both of you are staying the night with us, would you two like to share a room or bed? Again just covering all bases. Sorry if the question is awkward." Lavender gave a small laugh, helping to relieve the tension from having to ask that question, it always made her nervous despite having asked it many times before.

Akel froze, like sure having someone to rest against when you're tired/relaxed is great. But she had no idea who this person was and only that she has some relation with Beacon. Akel's cheeks just turned a very pretty shade of red as she mummbled slightly. "I'll be fine with whatever decision you make Sophea."

Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:29:56 AM »
Just throwing a team name in here. Lata (Latte) bit of a strech but just giving some more options.

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 21, 2017, 09:51:55 AM »
With the successful syrike Akel was able to put a smile on her face, satisfied with her scythe in her hands again and not in his. She put the ninjato back into the bottom of the handle with a click and placed her throwing knifes back on her belt. As much as she thought that joining the fight would be fun, she backed off. Letting their attention focus on each other and away from her, hopefully wih them having weaker aura then herself so she would have the advantage. None the less she placed her scythe on her shoulders again, tilting it side to side to give some momentum to allow her to act should one of them come to her, like she did in the beginning. Carefully observing her monochrome enemies for any signs of gun fire so she would be able to block should she need to.

[Aura 57%]

Plot Zone / Re: Mistral Stuff [0/~8]
« on: April 21, 2017, 08:00:01 AM »
And Mythos can join Lien. You know. If Lien can convince her.

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:57:55 AM »
Akel get nailed by four of the bullets right after she was finishing her flip. She took a step back and only got more angry when his comment about the weapon went through her head. She got hit by of his strikes as she slipped her right foot underneath the scythe and kicked it up. Her leg getting nicked by the second strike and the third missed her. As her flip finished she went low, similar to a low roundhouse kick except she grabbed her scythe by the end of the handle. Spinning and having the scythe's dust dial turn to lightning. Sending electricity arcing through the blade as she slammed it into his ribs.

[Aura 57%]

Scythe strike 11% plus mild electrical spasm with a direct hit.

The Vale Region / Re: Relax, relax, Ok. [1/2] [limited]
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:57:39 PM »
Akel had to take a moment to assess Sophea, she was really over the top. But she didn't really mind it, compared to the personalities of her teammates it was a welcome change. Also meeting new people was always a very nice experience.

She nonetheless walked in after Sophea called out to her. Well when she entered she didn't really seemed impressed. Well only seeing in monochrome did tend to dull her reactions to things of color and beauty. Although what her father had sad was that Atlas' main color was white so she didn't completely ignore it.

"It is beautiful." Akel said as she entered, closing the door behind her and rejoiced in the cold of the aircon.

The employee walked behind the desk, and pulled out two forms. "So we have the whole day and night for your treatment." She handed out the forms to both of the girls and continued talking. "So with the service that you won, it is custom so you can choose what you want and what you don't want. So you can enjoy more of what you like. That is if you don't like something... Oh before I forget, my name is Lavender. Nice to meet the both of you" The young lady spoke and smiled, the infectious type of smile which made Akel blush and look away. 'too sweet' Were the thoughts that came to her for  a moment.

She looked at the board, she didn't have any experience with anything like this so she turned to Sophea. "I don't know any of these things so I'll just do what you do."

On the sheet it contained all of the activities listed, a box for a tick and one for a number in which order the person would want them in. The sheet had a line halfway and had 'night activates" listed.

Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« on: April 20, 2017, 08:28:11 AM »
Akel was glad that they started fighting amongst eachother. It was a real relief from the gang up that she had just been hit with. However her sigh of relief was cut short when she saw Reggie touch her scythe. The very same scythe that her mother used. What was worse was that he planned on using it against her. Nonetheless she knew the scythe better then anyone alive, she knew every careful little detail about it. Akel moved her ninjato to a forward grip, as she saw the wide swing coming from a mile away. An obvious move for someone who doesn't know the weapon. So as he swung wide she ducked under the handle. She grabbed the handle of the scythe near the blade and jumped. The position she was in allowed her to extend her leg and deliver a brutal kick with her heel to his face. To which she followed through with planting her other heel into his face. Which she used to kick off of him with herself gripping onto her scythe with her right hand, her left still holding the ninjato, hoping that the jackass would let go, wanting to pry it from his hands as fast as possible.

Heel smash = 6% each. If you think it's too much tell me.

[Aura 73%]

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