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Tina had closed her eyes in anticipation for contact before Nero thankfully intervened, fighting off the Beowolf that had set it's sights on her. Thankful for the reprieve, she moved back a few paces and surveyed the battle. One was already down from Aurora's knives, while Gwylan was fighting the other.

Turning back to her own fight, one of Aurora's knives knocked the Grimm off balance. Taking this opportunity, Tina swiftly aimed and fired 6 rounds from Sunrise, hitting the back and head of the Beowolf, further knocking the beast away, though accidentally toward Nero. She then turned and, noticing the remaining Beowolf targeting Aurora, she took a step forward and fired a shot from Nightfall, mostly to deter it from attacking her unsuspecting leader. Another two shots would be fired as soon as it turned toward her.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 21, 2017, 08:46:32 AM »
As soon as the first Beowolf turned the corner and got hit by Aurora's knives, Tina opened fire on it, shooting the Grimm with 4 rounds from both revolvers, following her plan to fire indiscriminately. The sounds of the bullets leaving the chamber brought memories of her training at the old firing range to her head, each round making the sound she'd come to memorise, know and love. What was the quote again? "I love the smell of Dust in the morning."

Refraining from firing at the centre one for fear of hitting Gwylan, she almost failed to notice the third Beowolf leaping at her from atop the hedge. Yelping half in surprise and half in fear, she instinctively changed both revolvers to their melee forms and braced them in an X in front of her, hoping it would be enough to hold off the beast until something else got it's attention.

Spoiler: battle data • show

Rounds: 8/12 for both revolvers

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 20, 2017, 07:22:07 AM »
On seeing Aurora's hand signal to stop, Tina instinctively put both trigger fingers on the triggers, keeping her aim where she hoped any Grimm's head would emerge from around the corner. She silently gulped, slightly nervous but trying not to show it, running through her combat plan; on visual of the enemy, she would commence indiscriminate firing at the enemy, unless the sound attracted other enemies, or there was another order from her leader.

Plot Zone / Re: The Super Switcheroo Sparring Matches!
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:37:53 AM »
I want to see someone use Tieren's unorthodox weapon. Besides, the guy needs action. Count him in.

Edit: Why not, Lunae as well. The more the merrier.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 16, 2017, 08:20:03 AM »
Tina chose to speak up at this point with "If we do have to evacuate any injured and we run into Grimm, I can protect them while simultaneously covering any fight. I can't carry them, though..."

Still waiting for her teammates to enter the maze in front of her, she finally dropped both revolvers to her sides, hoping that if they stayed quiet enough, the Totocoatls wouldn't hear them. Though, their emotions might betray them, but she'd shoot them out of the sky before they could harm her team. Hopefully. She didn't want any injuries on her conscience.

"Er...Perhaps I'll keep an eye on the sky as well. If you hear me fire, assume a Grimm's spotted us? She suggested. "Though, if I'm using my semblance to either guide us or detect anything around us, someone else might need to take over. Is that ok?" She asked her team. Bit late, but better late than never, right?...Right?

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 14, 2017, 02:48:26 PM »
Tina took note of Aurora's words, but made no reply just yet. She remained on guard despite her words, glancing at Nero and dismissing her words as gibberish-which, to her, it was.

In her head, she ran though several situations. If they did run into a Grimm inside the maze, on one hand, it had nowhere to duck and dodge to, making it easy fodder for her revolvers. On the other hand, they would suffer the same restrictions, being unable to manoeuvre beyond a certain degree. Hopefully Gwylan could hold whatever they would face off long enough for her to shoot it down.

Nodding in agreement as to which bunker they were hitting first, Tina then waited for them to move out, she being assigned the rear guard.

Oh, so it's that kind of question. That clears it up. Setsuna realised. He took his time collecting his thoughts before speaking up, his eyes still scanning the forest for potential threats. "Well, you haven't shown us your semblance enough for us to conclude that matter, and you are wearing a lot of blue." Setsuna examined Taro in a bit more detail, eventually letting his gaze fall upon his sword. "And as far as I can tell from both sight and usage of your sword, that has to be true. I'm calling your bluff on being a faunus."

Setsuna then paused for a short while, considering Calen's options. He really didn't know much about the boy, apart from being a glib speaker, excellent observer and a good fighter. Both his first and second claims held water, but those were only mere conjectures. The other two, however, showed less promise. Sure, Calen could have run into a giant nevermore, but unless he had help, Setsuna doubted he could have fought and lived to tell the tale. Or maybe he was just that good. On the other hand, Calen would have had to train via an outside source if he didn't go to a prelim combat school. Unlikely...but eliminate the impossible, and whatever remained, no matter how improbable, had to be the truth. "For Calen, I'm saying you didn't run into a Nevermore. Either that, or show me your battle scars."

For him, well... "My turn. 1). My weapons were reforged twice over, 2). I got impaled by my own sword once, 3). My semblance's afterimages are just for show, and 4). One of my hobbies is to do with anything mechanical." He couldn't wait to see what his team thought of him.

Beacon Academy / Re: If You Build It... (Open)
« on: May 13, 2017, 02:03:32 AM »
"And you'd be right." Setsuna responded. "Normally I'd be in here tinkering with this or that within my weapons, but unlike both of you," gesturing to their respective, dismantled weapons, "I'm working on another weapon to use within combat. You see," here he motioned them to his side of the workshop, "I'm a sword and shield fighter. Now, under normal circumstances, that would be the most balanced way to fight, in my opinion. However, recent missions have proved me wrong, in that I simply do not pack enough power for the job."

Reaching over his desk to tug free the blueprint, which was buried under several layers of metal, he -somewhat- proudly unrolled it for Oliver to see. "My team helped me come up with this design. Put simply, it's a buster sword, doubling as a guardian shield. It has three extra bits that can be used as daggers." He pointed to the respective parts as explanation. "Maybe, if I had my actual weapons on hand, it might be easier to explain--Oh? Sure, you can borrow them." Setsuna turned his head to see the boy with prosthetics tapping him with his mechanical arm, which was both a bit unnerving and cool at the same time. "Forgive me, I never caught your name?"

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 12, 2017, 10:05:44 AM »
Yep. Tina agreed silently with their leader. She'd distracted herself with her game, enough time to pull herself together and get over the shock that was Nero's outburst. She'd seemed very kind too, until that happened. It was sad for Tina to experience, what the simple mention of White Fang could provoke. But now, enough thinking of what was past. Now she had to visualise herself in a game. A really realistic one. One where she could let her guns do the talking.

Time to flip the switch. It was, by all means, "Mission Start".

She exited the bullhead on high alert, revolvers pointed at the sky. She had heard Titan's explanation, but she wasn't taking any chances. Unfortunately, that meant she missed most of the beautiful scenery. It didn't matter, her eyes were narrowed and her whole body was tense. Anything could leap at them while they were in relative "safety", so she took a position where she could cover the exit of the bullhead, waiting for someone to give orders.

Setsuna was still baffled by what Calen called a "private joke", and spent considerable time turning it over in his head, before putting it aside and, now that they were moving again, started analysing his battle performance from just now. His sword swings didn't do enough to actually cripple, but it was his only option to strike quickly, while the buster sword was just too slow against several types of Grimm, though it did pack a punch. His shield...well, he'd always considered himself a balanced fighter, but all his shield did was mostly stay on his shoulder and not really block much. All this would need to be rectified, and fast.

Hearing Calen say something about "three truths and a lie" snapped Setsuna out of his trance. "Huh? Sure, give me some time to think." He pondered about it for a while, before giving up and saying: "Sorry, not too sure what I should say. Someone else go first?"

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 09, 2017, 01:05:06 PM »
Tina buried her face in her hands for a short while, reflecting upon the words of advice given to her by her teammates, although completely shutting out Nero and Aurora's conversation. Even if she was in any condition to listen, she wouldn't have been much help anyway. Gathering her resolve, she stayed this way for a good few moments, before letting her hands fall from her face.

"Okay." she said in a small voice. Looking up at Gwylan and Nero, the tiniest of smiles formed on her face as she said: "Thank you both for the encouragement..." she looked out of the window to hide her blush before looking back at Nero. "Nero, if it's just for scouting, I can see up to 30 meters in any direction. And yes, I can generally guess what it is, since each Grimm has different sized footprints or contact points on the ground. Hopefully that helps."

To attempt to further ease her tension, she took her scroll out and loaded up her last save file on the game she was playing. Only then could she could truly relax. It was a bit rude to completely ignore the rest of her team, but that was as much as she could take for now. Hopefully, they would get the hint and reduce conversation with her to a minimum.

WiP Characters / Mikafar Lupine
« on: May 09, 2017, 05:23:31 AM »

Name: Mikafar "Mika" Lupine

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Wolf Faunus

Symbol: A white bishop on a red field

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student, formerly Atlas

Appearance: A 5'5 wolf faunus, Mika has short, slicked-back grey, thin hair with small, exposed yellow wolf ears poking out of his hair, the same size as Blake's cat ears, in addition to his pre-existing ears, and he makes no effort to hide them. Small, light green eyes, a little yet sharp nose, and flat mouth round off his face, which is angular and pale. He also has a red scarf around his neck, somewhat ragged and torn, a gift from his parents.

The most defining feature of his body is undoubtedly his metallic claw attachments, which are painted yellow, lengthened and sharpened for use in combat, which cover his natural claws. Over them, to prevent from scratching himself or anyone else unintentionally, he wears white leather gloves with a grey palm, a white and blue tracksuit top and matching trousers, with streaks of yellow on the chest, shoulder, front and sides of the trousers, and grey, flexible fabric at the elbows, knees, hips, shoulders and any connecting joints. Finishing his attire are white combat boots with red soles and two metal yellow "claws" extending out the front for both purchase and intimidation. They can be used to inflict some mediocre damage on an enemy. Another set of clothing he wears for colder climates include a thick, dark green trench coat and brown army trousers.

History: Mikafar Lupine was born into a family of 5, him being the oldest out of his two siblings. His father and mother, both being faunus, had a history of being heavily discriminated against and had jobs working in a dangerous mine that produced both Dust and metal. At a young age, Mika had experienced the suffering that was attributed to being a Faunus living in Atlas, occasionally getting ganged up and beaten for protecting his younger siblings. As a result, thanks to his wolf claws, which weren't fully grown, he managed to scratch one of his attackers during one of their bullying sessions, drawing blood. Mika returned home limping and stumbling two hours later, with bruises, gashes, cuts and scrapes all over his body, as well as having his wolf ears cut and bleeding, with tufts of his hair pulled out. (Mika didn't have his aura unlocked yet, he was about 6). Even after seeing this, his father could do nothing.

By pure luck, Mika had wandered past a lone traveller on his way back, who had followed him home and extended a helping hand to Mika. Though not a fighter himself, the traveller knew a trainer, also living in Atlas, who was indebted to the same traveller. He offered to coach Mika on the rudiments of basic combat, in order for him to exact revenge. Mika was hesitant at first, for even after that beating, he knew that if word got out, he would be in serious trouble. However, the sad expressions on his younger brother and sister's face turned his view around, and he accepted the offer. From there on, they entered the companionship of master and student, with Mika learning swordplay from the very basics. He showed decent aptitude with a sword, but his "master" noticed that he was using the sword to batter, not slice. Taking note of this intriguing fact, he then replaced Mika's practice sword with a heavier, more blunt version. Mika took to it like a fish to water, smacking training dummies instead of slicing and dicing. From then on, his "master" helped Mika develop his own fighting style, consisting of using the sword like a hammer, but with a much longer reach.

In the end, Mika had gone off the path of a proper swordsman, fighting with the combined style of both a swordsman and a mace-user, using his mace like a sword, but with more power than accuracy. Seeing this, his "master" knew there wasn't much more to teach him, since it was his own fighting style now. However, one day, the traveller passed by where they were training to drop off something he ordered for Mika personally. It was a pair of gloves, holding metallic nail guards for Mika's wolf claws, which by this time had fully grown out, as did his ears. With it came enough money for Mika to leave Atlas and join whichever academy he wished. Moved to tears by such generosity, Mika asked the traveller why he did so much for a person he'd never met before. To this day, he still remembers the words spoken: "Who knows? Might be, I was like you once. Now go, boy. Reach the place where you belong."

Heeding the traveller's advice, Mika took the money he needed to reach Beacon Academy, leaving the rest for his family. Reaching his destination, he took the Enrolment exam, intriguing the teachers with his unique fighting style, but being laughed at for his academics. Nevertheless, he passed though, and is now ready to do whatever it takes to reach the place where he belongs.

Personality: Mika is a quiet and calm person, with a easy personality toward fellow Faunus. However, he appears blunt and emotionless toward most humans, and the aforementioned personalty is replaced by a cold, harsh mood that lasts until he is left alone, preferably with other Faunus. When being taunted by people, he either simply walks away, or if further provoked, attempt to duel it out. Mika is extremely focused when he wants to achieve something. Because of personal experience, Mika will actively defend other faunus being discriminated, with violence if necessary.

Because of his difficult childhood and the way he was brought up, Mika has trouble interacting with most humans, and will go out of his way to avoid them, exceptions including when they come up and help him with something he is struggling with. He also favours violence as a way to solve problems, instead of talking it through. He is currently working to be more open with his emotions with the help of a psychologist. Outside of his emotions and personality, the one time he is at ease is when he is talking to his family, or to his "master", who he remains in contact with.

Aura and Semblance: Mika's nickel grey aura, when visible, gives off the impression of shrouding him in semi-opaque mist, or clouds, though this is purely a side-effect, no smoke effects or the like. As of yet, his aura has not developed any additional skills.

Mika's Semblance is Secondary Strike: when activated, Mika's aura starts trailing behind him when he moves. If Mika misses a strike on an opponent, the trailing aura will condense in that spot to make a "shadow image" of Mika, in the exact same location and pose, even if he was in mid-air. These shadow images have no actual mass nor body, and anyone can pass through them. Mika can then order the shadow image to carry out the same attack, with the same speed and trajectory of the original attack, but only 25% of the original force. The image, after attacking, will then dissipate.

Mika can toggle this Semblance: he can choose if he wants to clone the missed strike, which takes 5% of his stamina. However, only two shadow images can be active at a time, and there is a 10-second timer between creating each image. These images are visible to anyone, and can be attacked. If hit by anything, even a rock, they dissipate, and Mika will have to go through the timer before he can create another.

Combat Behavior: Mika's battle style is unique among hunters. He is arguably the only person who slashes his opponents with a mace instead of smashing, using his mace's sharp edges and long reach to cut his opponents like a sword and force them to constantly reposition due to the knockback the mace deals. Due to the mace's design, Mika is not as agile as a normal swordsman can be, but he retains all the skills of normal swordplay, like parrying, thrusting and the like. The long reach combined with the blunt force that unexpectedly comes with the mace often catches others off guard.

If not using his sword, Mika goes in even closer, covering the distance with his metal claws, which he uses to slash and claw at his enemies. This makes him a in-your-face fighter, capable of raining a flurry of attacks upon his foe at speed, but also leaves him wide open to attacks. Normally, Mika does not incorporate his sword into his claw-fighting style, preferring either one or the other at any time.

Mika mixes his semblance into his combat strategy when facing agile, swift opponents, which are prone to dodging his attacks, since he uses such an unwieldy weapon, and his secondary option is even worse. Mika likes to set up his shadow clones in positions where he can get off at least one strike, while his opponent is distracted with the shadow clone. Otherwise, he either lures or forces his opponent toward the clone's position, allowing him tactical control over the battlefield.

With every close-quarters fighter comes the same weaknesses: ranged fighters dominate over Mika, able to shut his shadow clones down easily, while keeping him suppressed. Mika has no options to quickly close distances with a ranged fighter, and often his only option is to duck for cover, or purposely miss a strike and create a clone as distraction.


Name: Incarnation

Primary Form: A mace shaped like a longsword. The thickness of the club is around 3 cm, not including the sharp edge, so it cannot cut, but hits with more force instead. However, it can still lacerate foes with the edge. It takes the shape of a elongated, heavily stretched hexagon, attached to a T-shaped hilt and handle. The handle is telescopic, and retracts completely when not in use, sheathed on Mika's back. The whole weapon is painted grey.

History: A altered, longer version of the training sword Mika used during his training. Forged with most of the original sword's steel.

Name: None given

Primary Form: Mika's leather gloves house a hidden mechanism. When he wears the gloves, he can insert his claws into the metallic claw attachments stored within, and when needed, withdraw his claws from the gloves, revealing the metal claws on each finger. These yellow metal claws cover two-thirds of his fingers, like a metal shell, and extend around 5-7 cm out, allowing for a viable melee option but still able to grip things properly. The same process is repeated when he wants to remove the claws.

History: Custom-designed for Mika specifically, this was part of the traveller's gift to Mika.

Beacon Academy / Re: If You Build It... (Open)
« on: May 09, 2017, 01:51:41 AM »
"Sounds like it, at least."Setsuna replied. "Nice to meet you, Oliver. The more the merrier, right?" Returning his focus to the dismantled blade, he ran a few quick mental calculations to see if the same mechanism would fit his own blade, but he couldn't completely recall the inner workings of his own blade, which he was slightly ashamed of. It didn't really matter, he simply pulled out his scroll and called for his weapons locker. It should arrive in a bit.

"It does sound like it can take any dust, but does it affect the blade's performance? Per say, if you covered it in ice, wouldn't that slow you down?" Setsuna asked. He was turning to ask Oliver about his own weapon when he noticed a fourth year, face half-covered with metal prosthetics, walk in with a box of parts he didn't recognise. Atlas parts perhaps? No other continent boasts the degree of tech Atlas has. Could also explain metal-face here. Though, haven't I seen him before...

Returning to the topic at hand, he asked:"So, what's your weapon like, Oliver? I'd be delighted to know."

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 08, 2017, 11:06:52 AM »
Tina blushed a little between Aurora and Gwylan's interactions. She was never good at that sort of thing, no matter how hard she would try. Seems she wouldn't either for the foreseeable future, though now wasn't the time to elaborate on how useless she was at socialising. Still, she was intrigued by Nero's and Gwylan's semblances, but unfortunately the latter wouldn't be used. Unless they could make the maze flood, that is.

Her confidence growing by the minute as she got comfortable talking to the group, she was able to relax and speak more freely, though not completely. "I can cover all of you if I'm left alone, which shouldn't be a problem since all three of you are mainly close-quarters fighters. I don't need to be elevated, because that mainly benefits snipers, while revolvers are better used as dueling weapons from medium range. As Aurora mentioned, if any of you are having trouble, I can reinforce your position, give you a reprieve, but only for a short while."

Toying with the chamber on Sunrise, she glanced at Gwylan-she was still too shy to look him right in the eyes. "To be honest, Gwylan, you're the only wall between me and the enemy, so if you do have to fall back, give me a shout, please? Getting stomped on by Grimm isn't a thing I want happening to me." Turning to address Nero hesitantly, she got an idea. "Um, Nero, your job as a scout would be much easier if you knew where the enemy was beforehand, right? I might just be able to help with that." Finally, she dropped her gaze to her lap where she had laid Sunrise. "I'm sorry if I seemed too nervous to even speak at first. I just can't help it-I've never been good at socialising in my life. Maybe I might improve on this trip? All I want to do is not be a burden here." she finished timidly, her face infused with pink. She didn't dare look up for fear of seeing either faces of scorn or amusement. Why did I even say that...

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 07, 2017, 10:43:22 AM »
Oops. Tina thought, taking what Titan said the wrong way. I mean, no harm intended, right? She looked at her scroll, which was flashing with a new message. Why did they have to make a maze in a garden resort, this just made our mission that much harder. Now I have to navigate a maze with Dust knows what Grimm might pop out around the corner.

Completely missing the exchange between Aurora and Nero, she followed Aurora up the ramp and sat opposite to her team leader. Her dual revolvers were holstered comfortably on the sides of her waist, so there was no need to move them around. She was worried there would be more uncomfortable socialising which naturally came with every team meeting, but that worry was relieved when Aurora mentioned "weapons". Finally, something she could actually talk about without stumbling over her words.

"As you can see," withdrawing both revolvers from their holsters, "I'm primarily a ranged fighter. Obviously I'd prefer if I could stay a distance away from anything threatening, but these can protect me up close as well." she said, stroking the grips of the revolvers lovingly. Giving herself some space as not to skewer her teammates, she then proceeded to convert Sunrise to a gladius and Nightfall to a rapier, the blades catching some of the sunlight from outside."Although I have to admit I'm rubbish at close-quarters. Someone may have to cover me while I rain lead on our target."

"For my Semblance, I can basically detect anything moving on the ground in a large radius, be it human or Grimm. Helps when enemies are hiding, so I can see where they're going." Explanation over, she looked over at Nero, losing her confidence from just before and hurriedly holstering her weapons. "S-so, um, Nero, what's yours?

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