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The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: March 13, 2018, 04:17:19 AM »
(If Dusty doesn't pop up, feel free to take over fighting the wolf in the hat.)

The man which Mythos had gone after dropped his gun as it was shot and curled up after the kick. It seemed that he'd stay down even if he really didn't want to.

The large man grinned to himself as Rory ragdolled from his strike but the grin turned to an angry grimace as the boy was up on his feet again, now running from him. He groaned and started chasing after the kid just as he was struck in the back of the head by the first bullet. He stumbled forward, a small amount of visible aura bursting from where he had been shot. The next shot had much the same effect. The man tried turning around to face his attacker, his expression of pure rage above all else.

The next shot broke his aura. In a moment, that expression changed one final time. As the clear blue aura washed over his body again, he screamed in pain. His fingers had been shattered. There was a hole in his shoulder. The back of his head was aching horribly.

At least it didn't last long.

Mythos' final shot struck him square between the eyes. With one final stumble the man fell down on his back with a sound not dissimilar to that of thunder. Blood quickly began to pool under him. Nearby patrons screamed out louder than before and started scrambling for the exits even more frantically. By now some had chosen to run back up to the foyer just to get out of harm's way.

Rory himself would not have much standing between him and Marvin aside from a single unarmed thug and a bit of a high jump. Said thug still raised his fists for a fight, though he clearly seemed frightened beyond belief. As it stood, it seemed that victory was inevitable for the huntsmen.

Marvin took hold of the rifle with both hands, then ducked down behind the waist-high wall surrounding the balcony as the gunman on the other side of the room opened fire. Several bullets struck uncomfortably close, but none of them hit the business mogul. Once the bullets stopped, Marvin hopped back up on his feet and raised his rifle in retaliation.

The man was roughly eighty meters away. From what he had seen, the rifle was a rather cheap fully automatic one. It was inaccurate, intended for spraying-and-praying. Even so, he just needed one shot to hit.

Marvin held his breath, aimed down sights and fired once. Twice. Three times.

The first shot was way off to the right of the gunman. The second was slightly too far left. The third was just right and hit him in the stomach. The man fell backwards, and Marvin took a mental note to get him some medical assistance as soon as possible.

He then jumped over the railing and back onto the slot machine. With Rory being the closest he called out to him: "Once all the thugs are dealt with, keep an eye on them! If my men haven't already surrounded the area, then we have no chance of catching Whitaker anyway!"

He then looked out towards the others to see Mythos putting her last shot into the bulky man. He sighed. He'd need to talk with her, and he felt that neither of them would like the conversation.

Mae's initial shots seemed to force the spider faunus back. This gave her enough time to pull off her rafters idea - it seemed that the foyer had been completely cleared out by now. If she glanced out, she'd spot several airships circling the area, some already parked in front of the building. Royale's men were fast.

There was a moment of silence. It almost seemed like the spider faunus had decided not to come out...

Then, a pair of clawed gloved grabbed hold of the top of the doorframe. The faunus swung himself through the doorway and stuck to the wall above it, apparently intending to leap onto Mae from there. With her nowhere in sight, though, his eyes widened. He looked down, left, right... And looked up last.

(Sorry for not posting! I lost the thread in recent threads.)

Anza gave Rackley a thumbs up and a smile, as the poor guy seemed to be scared pantsless. She then nodded to Conner and stepped into the elevator.

"You just be careful like that, fella! You're already hurt, and I ain't sure I'd be able to catch ya if ya do fall," she said, and then gave an awkward smile, "plus, I don't think a shoddy metal elevator would be the best safety net. So, uh. Don't fall, please."

Plot Zone / Re: It's not easy being evil... (group planning/setup)
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:21:00 PM »
Ooo, I like.

I'm not sure if I'll have any actual characters that could take part in this, but there might certainly be some NPCs in the works who I'd be willing to lend for this.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:00:31 PM »
(Stealing your idea, Riven. Fight theme: Super Junior - Black Suit)

While it had initially seemed that the hostesses and waiters were simply trying to get out as quick as they could themselves, it quickly became apparent that this was not the case. They took poistion near the back exit, ushering the patrons along as they shoved and pushed their way out the door. One young girl with white, fluffy bunny ears jumped atop of a nearby craps table and started shouting for everyone to get out while they could. Whether the girl was a faunus or simply doing a racially insensitive cosplay was unclear.

Meanwhile, an entire defensive line of shirtless men and girls in bunny-suits formed between the fight and the fleeing customers. It seemed that Whitaker had prepared them for something like this, but if the place really was surrounded, the entire act would prove pointless.

As soon as Marvin fired his first shot at the man on the balcony, the fight kicked off. While the man on the opposite balcony opened fire on Marvin, the massive man was upon Rory. The man was clearly no trained combatant and his attacks were as clumsy as they were powerful. Rory would certainly feel the force from his blows, but he'd get an opening rather quickly. The aura strike hit him in the arm, launching it back... And sending an entire deck of cards, along with several small cash bills, flying from the sleeve of his trenchcoat.

The cards and money rained over the men running towards the group with pool cues. It was a temporary distraction at best, but it was enough - the man in the front couldn't react in time and took a kick right to his chest. While he was knocked back into one of his compatriots, sending them both to the ground, the third had managed to sidestep. This guy appeared to be a dark-skinned wolf faunus, grey ears poking out from little holes cut in his trillby hat. Snazzy.

The faunus raised his cue and swung right down at Aoife. While the swing itself didn't seem that powerful, his stance seemed to be quite good. This guy had some training behind himself.

The gunmen, meanwhile, well... They were no better than the thugs upstairs. Three of them had no aura to speak of, falling down screaming after being hit just once. The fourth managed to jump back and hide behind a knocked-over pool table after absorbing the first shot.

The bulky man in the trenchcooat snarled as several bullets struck him in the shoulder. The first shot didn't do much, the bullet apparently hitting something under the coat. The second shot was much the same. The third made quite a bit of blood spurt from the hole.

The large individual stumbled from side to side, hunched over and clutching at his shoulder. He was panting heavily and for a moment it seemed as if he was about to go down. What followed, however, was far from it.

He roared out again, but the roar was this time accompanied by a clear blue aura enveloping his entire body. He let out another snarl and charged at Rory, the pain in his face replaced by pure rage once more. The man clasped both of his hands together and slammed them against Rory's shield with roughly four times as much force as his previous attacks. Force which should shatter his bones - and if you listened closely, it damn well sounded like it did.

As Marvin ran towards the balcony, he found himself having to bob and weave to avoid getting shot. Two more men seemed to have picked up on the idea of fighting the huntsmen with pool cues, and charged directly at him. Marvin fired a shot which struck one of them in the leg, then grabbed the other man's cue from the onder end. While the man was still confused, Marvin pistol-whipped him and took hold of his weapon.

He continued his dash towards the gunman, holstering his gun and grabbing the cue with both hands. He jumped, slammed the tip of the cue on the top of a nearby slot machine and pole-vaulted his way onto the relatively low balcony. Before the gunman could properly react, he was punched in the face, his gun was grabbed from his hands and he himself was flung off the balcony onto the aforementioned slot machine. One down, one to go.

The spider-faunus narrowly missed Mae, his claws clanging against the stairs. He was young, certainly not much older than the students themselves. Freakishly pale but decently muscular, he didn't look like much of a high school sweetheart, though. He stood completely still as Mae backed away, the web behind him slowly fading away. He simply stared her down.

After she rounded the corner, she could probably hear something scurrying after her. There was nothing on the stairs at first, but she should quickly be able to realize that the faunus was now chasing her, rapidly jumping from wall to wall, occasionally clinging to the ceiling. She was nearing the top of the stairs, but it was clear that by the time she would get there, he'd have already caught her. She'd have to act quickly.

General Discussion / Re: You character(s) playlist.
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:53:37 AM »
I can't say I've thought of full playlists for characters. I do try to give every character a theme, tho, NPCs included. So, what the heck, might as well. Will add more to each person if I can actually think of something.

Razzmatazz Gele
Main Theme: Study x Study by StylipS
Combat/Comeback Theme: Don't Say Lazy by Sakurakou Keion-bu

Janna Tarmac
Main Theme: Invincible by Ok Go

Reginald Royale
Main Theme: I'm So Humble by The Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine
Actual Emotions Theme:  Theme Of King JJ from Yuri on Ice

Rufus Chocla
Main Theme: Freestyle by Chip Da Ripper
Confrontation Theme: MANS NOT HOT by BIG SHAQ
Fight Theme: REFS by Packy feat. Green Skeem
Relaxin' Theme: Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell Williams
Victory Theme: YRITWN

Anza Burgundy
Main Theme: R4V3 B0Y by S3RL
Awk Awk Theme: Zannenkei Rinjinbu (Hoshi Futatsu Han) by Tomodachi Tsukuritai

Silica Methiviola
Main Theme: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

NPC Themes

Marvin Royale's Theme: Uzu Sanagayema's Theme by Hiroyuki Sawano
Whitaker's Theme: The Inevitable Return Of The Great White Dope by Bloodhound Gang

Plot Zone / Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:54:09 PM »

"I'm just worried, darling."
"I can handle myself just fine, Marvin."
"I know you can, but these people are completely unpredictable. We don't know their motives, we don't know their capabilities, and we don't even know who they are."
"That's never been a problem for us before, has it?"
"Alright, listen - I know you're confident. I want to be confident in you as well. But could you please get some more protection for the event? For me?"
"You're really pulling the 'for me' card, dear?"
"I might be, Beige."
"Hah! Oh, fine... Do you think you could pull some strings at Beacon again?

There's yet another poster on the anouncement board, bearing once more the Royale family crest. Just like last time, it appears to be a job offering for any and all willing students - to act as guards to Beige Royale during a guest speaking at Signal. Unlike last time, however, the poster does warn of potential danger - if Beige were to be attacked, the students would have to be ready to fight. One might recall reports from the last time the Royales hired students - the students fought several armed guards, gravely injuring several, some of said guards winding up dead. If one followed the news, they might have second thoughts about helping the Royales.

But it's just an escort job. How tough could it be?"


This is a combat mission for two-to-three students of any year! Like it says on the tin, you'll be guarding Beige Royale, an ex-huntress and succesful business investor, during a guest speaking she's doing at Signal Academy. Things won't go that perfectly.

I'll be picking out characters which suit the thread the best - though I won't be accepting characters from people who took part in the first thread to make things more interesting. I'm planning around there being two characters, but if a third one also fits really well, I'll go with three!

Sing-ups close... Eventually.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:05:52 AM »
"His semblance is unpredictable most of the time. I doubt even he fully understands how it works. He calls it 'blinking', essentially a random teleportation in roughly a hundred meter radius at most. Still, if he uses it twice in the same spot, he'll teleport to the same location," Marvin explained as the group ran down the stairs. "That office we found him in may have been one of the smallest in the entire building. He's probably tested it over and over again. It wouldn't surprise me if he's found a way to escape from here in the basement. As for interfering with it... If he is moved from where he stands even slightly, the teleportation becomes entirely unpredictable. While we won't know where he goes, neither would he."

Soon enough the group stood in front of a door at the bottom of the stairs. Without hesitation, Marvin kicked it open and ran though.

If you looked over him now, you'd see a somewhat dimly lit, wide-open room filled with pool tables, slot machines, roullete and blackjack tables... And a whole lot of people. You cound about thirty customers, most of them shady-looking though a few of them appear to be somewhat prominent businessmen from the area. Hostesses walk around between them, dressed in somewhat revealing outfits, while an entire section seems to be devoted to ladies, surrounded by shirtless cocktail-bringing men. The entire place seems as classy as it seems scummy.

On the far wall, near what appears to be some sort of emergency exit, a massive monitor hangs on the wall. The place had just been playing some sort of piano piece through speakers set in each corner of the room, but the music now stopped. Half the crowd turned their looks towards the door, confused.

A moment later, the screen turned on, showing Whitaker's grinning face. This smile was different than the one you had seen in all those photos. It wasn't forced. It just seemed off.

"My dearest patrons! Iit is with great sorrow I must announce that our little business venture will have to take a short break, but I do hope you've all enjoyed your time here in 'White Knight's Palace'. I'm afraid your investments will have to remain frozen until further notice, but in the meantime, I'd like you all to meet our main sponsor: Marvin Royale! As today's guest of honor, Marvin here has come to take back his investments and take you all to jail. Give him a warm welcome, won't you?"

The video was accompanied by murmuring from the crowd, but as it ended, the entire casino went completely silent for a moment.

Then, panic.

Most of the businessmen seemed to not want to risk it, leaving their bodyguards behind as they ran. The hostesses and waiters scrambled for the exits, as did most of the patrons. Some of the shadier individuals, including a heavy-set man in a trenchcoat near the entrance, however, seemed eager to fight.

The larger man roared out, and ran at the group with clenched fists. To the left, several men in suits had pulled out their handguns, pointing them towards the students - four in total. Dead ahead, three men were charging at the group with pool cues. Above them, two more armed gunmen had taken positions on opposing balconies - there were likely stairs leading up somewhere, but there may not be enough time for the team to find said stairs. As such, Marvin took charge.

"I'll need you kids to get the guys down here! If my men have acted in time and have the place surrounded, nobody is getting away! I'll deal with the ones on the balcony!" Marvin yelled out, then ran towards the balcony closest to them, gun raised. His first shot struck the man's gun, but this one seemed sturdier than those of the men they had fought in the foyer.

Mae would likely hear the ruckus about halfway down. However, just then she'd also find herself bumping into... Something. Something slightly sticky, but, more importanty, something which made her bounce back a bit. Upon further inspection, she'd find her path blocked by what appeared to be a translucent web of aura. If she would then look up, she'd see several pairs of glowing red eyes staring back down at her. A second later, those eyes would quickly draw closer as the spider-faunus above her jumped down, armed with clawed glowes.

AMA Section / Re: Rule 63...
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:52:27 AM »
Razzy would be amazed. If this person is the same as him personality-wise, then they'd be equally excited. He'd want to know all about her, and the two of them would probably quickly become friends despite how weird the entire situation would be. For Razzy, it'd just make sense.

Janna would stare her doppelganger down, and wonder if they might be related. Being sociable enough, she'd try and coerce some information out of the guy. Similarly to Razzy, they might end up hanging out and actually being the perfect wingmen for each other, as the genderbent version of Janna would 100% be gay as hell.

Anza would likely blurt out something awkwardly and then just run off, having just bumped into a cute boy. A cute boy which looked just like her. 'What, no, that's weird! Why would she find a boy that looked like her cute!?' so on and so forth.

Silica would probably not realize this person was a genderbent version of her at all. Her outfits aren't particularly recognizeable, and she's so used to changing her appearance entirely that she'd just shrug it off as some random schmuck.

Rufus' doppelganger would be just as confrontational as he is. A fierce rap battle between two angry, short teenagers who don't know how not to rap would occur. It would be intense.

Reggie would finally go fuck himself.

AMA Section / Re: Walter's Ayy-Emm-Ayy
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:38:13 AM »
Razzy could never hurt a puppy of course, and the act would definitely seem evil to Janna. The two of them would undoubtedly go for the biting.

Anza and Silica would have their doubts. Anza would ultimately go with biting the beowolf, though she'd be scared shitless. As for Silica, she'd try and get away with just lightly kicking the puppy. She'd try and give it the lightest foot tap imaginable and claim it was the hardest she could physically kick.

Rufus would do neither. To Rufus, there is no 'being forced to pick'. Whoever or whatever is forcing him is going to get punched and he won't be doing either no matter what.

Reggie is probably the most complicated case. If he has to do either of these things to suck up to someone higher up than himself, he'd likely take the easy route and kick the dog. If ordered to do it by someone he doesn't respect, much like Rufus he wouldn't do anything on principle. If he is already enraged or needs to show off that he is totally not a coward, he's biting a fucking beowolf.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [HTDG]
« on: January 18, 2018, 10:09:57 AM »
"I can also act as a distraction if needed and soak up some damage on the front lines. It'd only work for as long as they'd be willing to hit me specifically, though." Janna suggested and took another sip of her juice. "Brock's a hard hitter, but he ain't the fastest guy in the world. We might make a good combo for one solid hit, but we wouldn't be much use against faster opponents.

Janna set her cup down and placed a hand on her chin, leaning back in her seat. "I'm entirely close range, too. If I'm sticking in the back, I'd be pure support. Could help you guys out with my semblence, though."

AMA Section / Re: Walter's Ayy-Emm-Ayy
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:41:11 AM »
Janna was and still is about as 'lawful good' as it gets. She always stood up against bullies, kept an eye out for anyone in trouble, helped her classmates with their schoolwork, all of that stuff. After she started training under Leela, she realized that being a huntress was what she wanted to do in life. Her parents were also super supportive.

Razzy became a huntsman to follow the footsteps of his father. He still believes him to be alive, and plans to find him after he graduates.

Anza became a huntress for the action and excitement. That's about it, really.

Reggie and Rufus both became huntsmen out of spite. In Reggie's case, he wanted to prove to the world that he could stand on his own, albeit he's finding that difficult now that he has been cut off from his family fortune. Rufus, on the other hand, doesn't even fully want to be a huntsman - he just wants to beat the shit out of his dad.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:55:32 AM »
The guard Rory was going after stood little chance. The poor guy grabbed at his rifle just as the boy closed in on him, only to have it be flung away. A moment later, the boy's leg struck his shoulder - while it didn't fully dislocate it, it was enough to make him rell back. The following shield strike successfully knocked him out.

As Mythos was leaving her cover, Aoife's shots had reached the gunman going after her. Three hits, one breaking the guy's aura and two more striking him in the legs. He dropped down to his knees groaning, hardly a threat anymore. The two by the locker, however, were still ready to fight. Well, they were for a little while. While Aoife's burst didn't do much to the already disoriented goons, Mythos' followup certainly did. They barely had time to open fire on her first, but their attacks were easily blocked by Rory's shield. One of them was downed by her shots, while the other was wounded. As he stumbled back, he decided it was best for him to just lay down and surrender.

Just then, the front doors swung open as the two guards from Royale's ship ran inside.

"Perimeter secure, sir!" The slightly taller one shouted out through their mask, their voice distorted but still recognizably male.

Marvin smirked as he pushed the androgynous fighter back again. His next swing knocked one of the guns right out of their hand. The gunman snarled.

"Surrender now! You're surrounded!" Marvin roared out in a commanding tone of voice, glancing at Aoife briefly and giving her a quick nod.

The fighter paused. Then cackled, wiping their palm on their forehead. "Oh, wow. You... really are something, aren't you? Well, I think I've bought enough time anyway. We'll have to continue another time!"

The fighter bowed dramatically. Marvin raised his weapon, expecting a surprise attack or for them to run, but when he fired, he was already too late. The fighter's form appeared to be replaced by some sort of light-purple smoke or steam. Moments later the smoke started rising up, towards the shattered windows.

"Target escaping!" Shouted the other guard and raised their weapon. Their voice was higher than the other guard's and rather feminine.

She fired a burst into the smoke, but it barely parted. For a moment, she simply stood motionless as the cloud continued on its merry way out of the window.

"Oroma, Leila, call backup and don't let that smoke out of your sight!" Marvin shouted out as he started moving towards the second set of stairs, reloading his gun as he did. "Mythos, Aoife, Rory, on me! We need to get to Whitaker before he escapes! Mae, make sure the guards are all stable, then join us!"

With that, he started hurrying down the stairs without even looking back. He really had no time to lose. Knowing Whitaker, he was prepared for this - he must have had an escape route already planned. Marvin could only hope that the fight in the foyer hadn't bought him enough time.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:52:34 AM »
Marvin nodded. "Alright, Rory. I'll be counting on you, then," he said, readying his gun. He waited patiently for the boy's plan to take effect, his own back pressed against the wall, gun at his side. From the foyer, they could hear footsteps, slowly drawing closer. It was  the androgynous gunman, slowly approaching them.

"Come on, now, boys, come out and play already!" they called out, just moments before the locker came crashing in through the window.

There was momentary panic among the gunmen as they scrambled to get out of the locker's flight path and avoid getting cut by the glass. One of these men was struck in the back of the head by Aoife's shot and fell forward - not yet unconscious, but definitely stunned. The other guards, still confused, didn't know how to react to the following stream of bullets, two falling to the ground, one of them screaming as a stray bullet struck him in the leg, while another barely got his aura up in time before a bullet hit his chest.

Two more remained standing on the right, but had to cover their eyes as the bright flash from Mythos' shots blinded them. One of them even dropped his rifle, and was soon punched in the jaw by the girl, making him stumble and fall back on his ass. The other guard, though still not fully recovered, managed to dodge one of Mythos' shots, while the flashbang went off on the left.

Four of the men on the left, who had been fruitlessly trying to hit Rory or anyone standing behind him, were concussed by the flash grenade, but there were three left standing. Well, more accurately - two of them, as one was shot in the leg and collapsed. Another one of Mythos' shots struck one of them right in the back of the hand. With no aura to protect him, blood gushed out from his palm. He dropped his rifle to the ground, clutching his wrist and screaming at the wound. One could wonder if that would really help.

The four concussed gunmen, along with two more men who had nearly been crushed by the locker, were coming back to their senses... Just as the dust canister went off. The men who had already been on the ground were forced against it, forcing the air out of their lungs and likely shattering some ribs. Meanwhile the two men standing on the left, including the one who had been shot in the hand, were flung away - the injured one was slammed against the wall, while the other crashed through one of the windows at the front.

As it now stood, there were four men still capable of fighting alongside their androgynous leader - two of them were now getting up near the locker, one was currently opening fire on the pillar which Mythos was using as cover, and one was scrambling for his gun after being punched by her.

As for the androgynous person themselves... Mythos' flash had done its work. The purple-haired person groaned, covering their eyes with one of their guns. Marvin took his chance.

He ran out soon after Mythos did, past Rory. As he ran towards the gunman, he raised his gun with both hands and fired once, the sound of the .50 shot echoing throughout the building almost as loudly as the dust canister exploding moments later. A more keen observer might notice a brief flash of aura around Marvin's hands as he used it to brace against the immense recoil.

The shot was aimed at the gunman's leg, and it connected, launching it back and resulting in them stumbling, but they had already prepared their aura. They removed the gun from their own eyes, grinning. "Alright, then! Let's dance!" they yelled as Marvin charged at them, going for a right punch.

They weaved to the side and tried to bring up the gun in their left hand, but Marvin was just as quick. He brought his own gun up, knocking their's aside as they fired, the bullet harmlessly hitting the far wall. Marvin continued by going for a pistol-whip, but his oppnent ducked under the swing and jabbed him in the chest. In response, he brought his knee up to their stomach, then swung his pistol back, hitting them in the shoulder.

The gunman then tried to gain distance by jumping back, raised their guns and fired twice, once from each gun. Marvin lunged forward, the bullets flying over him and striking Rory's shield. He tackled the gunman with his shoulder, making them stumble and nearly fall, but leaving his own back exposed. The gunman smacked him on the back of his neck with the butt of his gun, almost forcing him to the ground. As they were about to aim down and fire, however, Marvin grabbed their foot and yanked it. The attacker barely held their balance, and jumped back again.

"Oh, how dirty of you, playing tricks like that!" they called out.

Marvin looked up. "You think that's dirty? Look down, then."

The gunman did so, briefly, and saw their foot... Engulfed in flames. They screamed, stomping their foot in an attempt to remove the flame, the flames seemingly falling off onto the ground. Upon closer inspection, one would see a piece of paper under them, though it seemed entirely unharmed.

Marvin wasted no time, and resumed his assault, now consistently pushing the gunman back, closer to the entrance. He could beat them, but the kids would have to deal with the rest of the goons. He was quite sure they could handle them, however.

"Got it!" Anza said and gave a thumbs up, then hurried over to Sandy, offering to help him along by throwing his arm over her shoulders. "Sorry about earlier, guy! Shoulda called out my shot."

"So, we moving in, yeah?" she asked, looking ahead and continuing to try and scan the area with her semblance. If anything was moving around in that cave, she would see it doing so.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Newbie Strategos [Closed]
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:07:46 AM »
"I guess not having Hagane around really does make things a bit  more difficult," Janna said with a light chuckle, continuing her jog. "But that's a pretty good idea, Diana! My weapons... Well, they're pretty much just what you see. The shields are shields, the swords are swords, hand cannons are hand cannons. Not much you can do with them... Huh. Y'know, my shields can take a lot of punishment and deflect quite a bit of force... Brock, I may have an idea for a move, but I'm afraid it might leave me a bit sore afterwards."

What she was about to suggest would be somewhat dangerous for her. Her aura was tough, but if she messed up, then she could still go through a whole lot of pain. And yet, if they could figure out this move... It'd be kind of badass.

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