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Approved Characters / Re: Anza Burgundy
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:33:25 AM »
Modified personality to be more intradesting!

Beacon Academy / Re: The Beacon Holiday Formal and Party (Open to all)
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:23:42 AM »
Razzy looke up from the warm cup of mulled wine he had poured himself earlier, and gave the boy in front of him a big smile. "Oh, hi! Oh, yeah, hah, I don't... actually have a suit. I usually dressed up as an elf back for christmas at home, but my elf outfit is still with my mom... Oh! We haven't met before!"

Razzy extended his empty hand towards Sheer, offering a handshake. "I'm Razzy!" the boy said with a chipper tone.

Anza stood there, her hands clasped together in front of her, smiling and overlooking the party. She stood there. And stood there. Without moving her head, she slid her eyes to the side to look at a clock on the wall, to see that she had been standing there for fifteen minutes with no real interaction.

The bowgirl screamed internally.

What the hell is wrong with you, Anza? You came here to hang out with people your age for once, and this is what you do? You're a grimm-slaying, tree-hopping, bow-toting badass! This is just socializing! You got this, girl! She hyped herself up internally, and took a deep breath.

She then turned on her heel, now facing the wall, and clasped her hands in front of her face. That's right, just need to... pretend it's one of those formal parties I used to go to all the time! Yeah!

She turned around again, now facing the crowd, puffing out her chest slightly... She couldn't hold that for long, however, as she realized a major flaw in her logic. She had gone to all those parties with her parents, and stuck to her mom most of the time. She had never actually socialized, not even with old people!

She turned towards the wall again. By this point, someone might have noticed the girl fidgeting and spinning around. She placed her hands together once more, her index fingers stretched out and poking the tip of her nose.

Alright, no... Don't think of it as one of those formal things! Think of it... More like a mission! Like fighting grimm! I'm just here to kick ass, and, along the way, meet the people I'm stuck here with! Yeah! Yeah, that's pretty much how I've met all my friends here so far!

But, of course, you couldn't just go out on a mission without preparation. So, if someone were to look towards her now, they'd see a girl with long, shaggy hair in a long dress throwing practice punches at a wall, while weaving from side to side.

Once she was sufficiently pumped up, she turned on her heel one last time and began her stride towards the middle of the room... Only run right into someone's back.

"SORRY, HI, I'M ANZA, NICE TO MEET YOU!" she blurted out, followed by a hiccup.

Smooth as ice.

RPG Discussion / Re: Seig's Writing Seminars: Arc Nullification
« on: December 05, 2017, 03:11:42 AM »
I actually agree 100% on this. I think a good way to avoid arc nullification, while cliche, would be the whole 'pulling yourself out of the slump to do the right thing' thing. My mind immediately went to Simon after Kamina's death, being a grouchy bitch for a couple of episodes, despite having his confidence build up over the previous arc. But, he's still changed enough to try and save Nia's stupid ass.

Sure, it's replacing one cliche with another, but it's at least a pleasant one.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Newbie Strategos [Closed]
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:32:31 AM »

The one true weakness the human embodiment of a tank could have.

Janna was no slacker. Hell, she was quite athletic without her armor, above average without a doubt, but all her gear did encumber her quite a bit. Running around with it was a pain.

More the reason to practice. Janna took a breath and started jogging after Dianna, her feet landing heavily on the ground with each step, accompanied by the clanging of metal plates. "I was thinkin' maybe we could try figuring out some team moves or something! If we ever want to, say, take part in the tourney as a team, we'll need to know each other's moves to a t," the shield maiden called out to her teammates.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Beacon Holiday Formal and Party (Open to all)
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:13:02 AM »
♪Iiit's the most wonderful tiiiime ooooof the yeeeaaaar♪

Razzy loved a great many things. He loved his friends and family, he loved cute animals and pictures of said animals. He loved a nice cake and he loved to sing. He loved to dream and to play. But there were few things in this world that Razzmatazz Gele loved more than the holidays.

What he, quite possible, liked the most about the holidays was how people would all get together to have fun and celebrate, giving each other gifts and sharing the love. To him, it was a magical time full of miracles. He still had a child-like naivety about the world, you could say, and nothing could bring him down.

And so, he had arrived, dressed in the usual casual outfit which he had brought to most events like these, despite suggestions from his peers to 'maybe get a suit or something', but with one important addition: a santa hat with a large, fluffy ball hanging from it, almost as big as a fist. He was looking festive as heck tonight.

The boy skipped into the room after giving the greeter a big, happy hug, then stopped on the balls of his feet, taking in the decorations, amount of people and food around. As was the usual case, he made a beeline for the food, hugging people and wishing happy holidays to everyone he passed by. The boy was like an excited little ball of happiness and color, even among the festivities.

The only good thing about events like these was that you could always tell who around you was even worth your time. The pink-haired nuisance who hadn't even bothered to wear a suit, for example, would have nothing to do with Reginald tonight.

Reggie had come, of course, because no party would be complete without the most prestigious cunt sneeze at Beacon being present. Yes, he was there, with his purple suit and stupid fucking wig. He looked like a total tool from a distance, and it wasn't much better up close; his posture and facial expression as he scanned the room showed disgust and judgement. Sure, he had come to the party, but that didn't mean he understood it.

This entire 'present' thing always seemed preposterous to him. Did these poor peasants really need a separate holiday just for other people to buy them things? Truly, he pitied them. And so, he stood to the side, having almost entirely ignored the person greeting him, and hoped that he could find someone who he could see as an equal. The chances remained slim.

Ever since Anza had been a little girl, formal events like these had been her bread and butter. Yes, going out, jumping across rooftops and fighting grimm was all great fun, but events like these could be just as exciting. The people attending them were like a single living organism, intermingling and chatting, discussing important and trivial matters alike, seeking companionship or distancing themselves, all of it creating an atmospehere which made one think that just about anything could happen. Anza absolutely adored it.

There was one key difference from the usual formal events she had gone to with her parents, though. This time around, the crowd mostly consisted of people her age. Many of them being cute boys. A coy smile made its way onto the girl's face. She had gone out of her way to look her best tonight, after all. The girl had gone for a long, shiny, nyanza-colored dress with her usual burgundy gloves on her arms. She wore a pair of deep red heels, currently obscured by her dress, and had opted to put on a silver necklace and a pair of ruby earrings, both recent gifts from her mother. And yet, she hadn't put on any makeup aside from burgundy lipstick, and her hair still had several stray locks going in diffrent directions. She never liked makeup, and, as a result, was usually ignored as just that plain, polite girl at events like these. Before, it had allowed her to eavesdrop on the craziest conversations, but today would be different.

Today, she would socialize! But, with who?

Beacon Academy / Re: The Newbie Strategos [Closed]
« on: November 26, 2017, 03:21:06 AM »
Training without Hagane was, indeed, a bit odd, but it would be good practice. Hagane was, for the most part, the team's shot caller. Being able to fight without him present could prove useful on the field, especially after they graduate.

Janna had gotten dressed in her full armor for practice today. Usually, she would stick to something lighter when not squaring up against another team, but she felt like she had been slacking lately, something that her old trainer would never allow. As such, she had decided to suffer.

"Hm. I'm not sure. How about we do some warmup excercises first? Something to get the blood flowing before we start practicing anything in particular."

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: November 26, 2017, 03:14:46 AM »
The goons didn't resist, having understood that they were outmatched here. The wounded ones were shivering, one of them quietly muttering his thanks to the two huntresses patching him up while the other has started sniffling and crying.

Royale tossed a single glance into the office to check on them. He wondered where Whitaker had found these men, as they seemed to be utterly incompetent and unprepared. But, there would be time to investigate this later.

For now, he hoisted his hostage up, turning to face the students. He first spoke to Rory:

"No, I didn't. I do not intend to lie to you anymore. I had been suspicious of Whitaker for months now, but, up until today, I kept my suspicions to myself. Just three weeks ago, he had reported a massive increase in spending, yet I couldn't tell where he got the money from, and something about where the money went didn't add up. So, when he invited me for a meeting, well. I decided I needed backup if worse came to worst. And here we are now."

He then patted the goon still in the hall on the shoulder. "But, we should be alright now. This gentleman here will help us get downstairs without the need for a fight."

With that, Marvin started leading the way towards the stairs, leaving the students and confused goon behind. Presumably, he expected one of the kids to help move the guy along if he didn't follow.

The group wouldn't encounter any resistance along the way, but, as they reached the door at the bottom of the stairs, Marvin raised his hand, ordering everyone to halt. To get to the basement, they'd have to get through the foyer.

"Ah, how rude of me - what is your name, sir?" he asked, turning to face their hostage.

"Uh. Winston."

"Alright, Winston, it's good to meet you! What I'll need you to do, is go through that door with your hands up. Let the other guards know that they are dealing with five huntsmen. I don't think it matters how much Whitaker is paying you. They should realize they stand no chance. Tell them to drop their weapons, and we will be on our way down. You can all be off the hook, then."

Winston swallowed a glob of saliva which had collected at the back of his throat, and nodded. "O-okay."

The man followed these orders, stepping through the door. A few moments passed in silence.

"H-hey, guys, listen! We need to drop our weapons, there are five huntsmen, and they alre-"

Winston was cut off by a gunshot, his words turning into a garbled mess. Royale's eyes widened as the man stumbled back, clutching at his throat, blood gushing from it.

"Oh, no, no, no! You can't give up now, boys, the fun has just begun!" A slightly high-pitched voice came from out the door. If one were to peek through the doorway, they'd see around a dozen armed thugs, each holding a rifle. In front of them all stood a person dressed in a violet, sleevless shirt, two pistols in their hands. It was hard to tell if the person was male or female, with androgynous features, the right side of their head shaved and the left bearing long, curled hair.

Marvin took a breath, then turned to face the group.

"Rory, I'm afraid we'll need you to take lead here for a moment with your shields. The rest of you, stick behind him. I'll try and take out the bastard in the middle. Try not to kill anyone - Nobody else has to die." His voice was calm and commanding, even after witnessing Winston's death before him. It made him seem cold. "We can get backup from my guards once the foyer is clear."

"...I don't get it. Why am I naked here? And, um. What's that thing?"

"Oh, ha, nice! I'm not into a good portion of this stuff, but some of it... Nice. Heh."

"Well, of course this exists. I mean, come on! Look at me!"


"Oh, well then. I'm just gonna, uuuuh. Save that one right there, if you don't mind."

"I suppose I should be flattered. I wonder if I could sneak this stuff onto his com- Ahem. I'm flattered."

I actually did it, the absolute madman.

So, like it says in the topic - if your character wound up on the internet and found copious amounts of adult material on themselves, whatever that might entail, how would they feel and react?

RPG Discussion / Re: What Do You Find Important In A Character?
« on: November 16, 2017, 06:16:50 AM »
I think it's important that a character is memorable in their own way. Whether it's because of a distinct personality trait, something particularly interesting about their history, or, better yet, a badass/emotional moment seen in actual RP.

Matter of fact, RP-wise, what probably makes a character great is conflict. When you have two characters meet and all they have to say to each other is 'hi, how are you? haha, cool gun, my dude', it gets dull fast. If those two characters find something they disagree on, and are willing to argue, or even fight over it, then that's where the RP gets good.

AMA Section / Re: What does your character's Semblance express?
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:15:44 AM »
Razzy's semblance is as bright and cheerful as he is. He often uses it to entertain his friends or some local kids. He loves bringing a smile to people's faces. He actually discovered it at a very young age, and entirely on accident, while playing with his friends.

Janna's semblance represents her protective instincts. She'd rather die than let her comrades be hurt. She unlocked her semblance while training with her old teacher.

Reggie is temperamental and quick to anger. His semblance often acts as an embodiment of that - you could also say that the pressurized 'shell' it creates is like a barrier between him and others, who he sees as lower than him. He unlocked the base form of his semblance in a fight where he had his ass handed to him by a bunch of thugs.

Anza's semblance isn't just useful in combat - it allows her to quickly turn her attention from one thing to another and tell how she should act: whether she can go wild or if ahe should stay classy. She unlocked her semblance soon after she picked up archery.

Silica likes being alone every now and again, and her semblance lets her do so by taking up an entirely different appearance. She can also use it to trick people and straight up manipulate them, something she is hardly opposed to. Her semblance was unlocked under the guidance of Marvin Royale.

Rufus grew up on the streets, and he grew up rapping. He always wanted to be 'a voice for the voiceless'. Now he can be as loud as he wants, and he wants to be loud. His semblance was unlocked during a hella fire rap battle.

AMA Section / Re: Mecha's Amazing AMA Double Feature
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:08:43 PM »
If you were a type of soup, what type of soup would you be?

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:52:17 PM »
The guard, still sobbing, accepted Mae's help without question. He was shivering, but the bleeding had stopped. Assuming Mae kept her bolts clean, the man was going to be fine - the bolts hadn't struck any bones or  arteries, luckily enough.

"Not only that, Rory. Whitaker was expecting those two guards back there to fail. Every man in this building is completely expendable for him - something he could not afford with just my funding." Royale spoke, then peeked out alongside the students, gun raised. The flashbang had successfully disoriented the four guards, the one carrying the rifle fumbling his reload and nearly dropping his gun. Mythos' shots met each of her targets, two of them - both revolver-wielders - lacked proper aura training, both collapsing as they were shot in the leg. The other two had some aura, however - the one fumbling with the rifle tanked the shot, while the other revolver user had his aura broken.

Royale didn't wait a second. He jumped forward, landing a kick to the rifleman's chin, pressing his gun against the other man's forehead. The hall on either side was clear for now, it seemed. "Kids, get these other gentlemen a seat in the office," he ordered, glancing at the three currently standing at the door, his sight lingering on Aoife for a moment. He looked back down at the guard he was aiming at, the poor guy quivering in his boots. Marvin extended his hand and made a 'give me' motion, and the guard complied without question, handing his revolver to the businessman. Marvin tosses the weapon aside and pulled the guard up. "I'm afraid we're going to need your help. I'll make sure you're well compensated." Royale told the man nonchalantly, removing his gun from the man's forehead.

Are traps homosexual?

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:23:26 AM »
The guards' first two shots struck Rory's shield, doing no harm, though the noise the guns made was ear-splitting. The gurads themselves must have been used to it, as they didn't finch, and neither did Marvin.

Aoife's shot to the guard's chest was met with a grunt and a stumble back, his gun now pointing towards her. Her other shot, however, took him down - one could viisibly see his dark blue aura break around him. He was still standing, but the bolts striking his legs made him scream and drop his gun. The following revolver shot put him down for good, leaving a spattering of blood on the wall behind him as he slumped against it, completely limp. The second guard was struck by the revolver shot first, causing him to collapse, while the following bolts embedded in his legs, the poor man yelping in pain.

"If I'm being honest, I wasn't expecting you kids to be so... well, cold-blooded. My mistake there," the man said, calmly. He sat up, crouching down next to the still-living guard. "Where did Whitaker blink to? No reason for this to turn any more bloody than it already is."

The man gritted his teeth, his eyes darting between the students behind Royale. He swallowed a glov of saliva in the back of his throat. "H-he probably went down to the basement level. That's where the casino is. P-plese, I have a-"

"Thank you. Feel free to call the authorities if you so desire." Marvin told the man as he stood up, facing the students once more. "We'll be heading down now. We'll likely have to fight our way through the building, and we'll need to take the stairs. Please, keep lethal force to a minimum," he spoke, digging through his jacket to produce a massive maroon-tinted handgun chambered with .50 rounds. "If you see Whitaker, feel free to move quicker. His semblance should take several minutes to recharge, and is unreliable unless he has made proper preparations as he had just now. Try and stick close, however." 

As he talked, Marvin took a spot in front of the door, giving the students time to figure out where they themselves wished to stand, suggesting they take cover and signalling to them that he'll open it on the count of 3. 2. 1.

He swung the door open, stepping to the side as a barrage of bullets came flying in, four more guards on the other side. Three of them had revolvers, while one was carrying a generic assault rifle. Said assault rifle guard was the one going hog-wild and spraying through the entrance, though he soon found himself needing to reload.

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