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The Vale Region / Re: Take What You Can - Give Nothing Back! [CLOSED]
« on: August 21, 2017, 06:36:39 AM »
"I couldn't risk fighting him with you in the room. We would've been at a disadvantage either way." Janna responded, leading the girl towards the nearest stairs. "We need to get out and get to the authorities. I doubt that those responsible for this will stick around much longer." said the shield maiden, heading towards the staircase leading down. Right now, her priority was getting the girl with broken aura away from danger. Any other part of her job could wait.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: August 11, 2017, 09:57:01 AM »
It was clear to Marvin that Aoife wasn't satisfied with his answer, but that wasn't important right now. He did, however, note that she wouldn't be easy to trick into buying any bullshit, something he would keep in mind if he were to work with her again. The man then turned to Rory. Rory was... harder to read. There was little he could gather from the data collected by Silica, and in person he seemed unassuming, calm and inquisitive, for sure - traits Marvin had encountered in huntsmen much less often than he had encountered those who just appeared that way. He would have to observe the kid today to figure out what he was like.

"My guards here will keep an eye on the ship, so you'll be following me inside. Try and not draw too much attention to yourselves, but act as any bodyguard would. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious. As you've already been briefed, I'll be meeting with Sheldon Whitaker,  the head of one of our family's child companies. If the meeting goes smoothly, you'll be able to learn something about how business works in this town, and we'll be done here in little time." Yes, Silica had indeed told you about this man. He was nothing special, just an investor who had approached Royale a year or so ago seeking funding. In all images of him available to the public, the white-haired businessman was always smiling, though often it seemed a bit forced.

The trip really was not long - as a matter of fact, the ship was already beginning to descend. The guards stood up now, taking their weapons in their hands as they positioned themselves by the door. If the kids were to look outside now, they would see the office building in front of the ship - it was no massive skyscraper, that was sure, but it still seemed well kept and prestigious in its own regard, the words 'Whitaker Industries' on a big sign above the front entrance.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [HTDG]
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:33:07 AM »
Janna greeted Brock with a short wave, a slice of bacon in her mouth. She nodded at Hagane's assessment. "Right. We got lucky. If we face those guys again, I'm afraid that we'd lose with the way we fight now." She then took a bite out of her toast.

"But, hey, we won this time. That's pretty damn good, I would say. I don't think that fox guy will even be able to walk after that hit you got on him, Brock." She smirked slightly, downing some OJ along with her meal. The team's strength so far seemed to lie in their composition. If they worked together better, they could be unstoppable - with herself blocking damage with her shields, Brock and Hagane at the front lines doing damage, and Diana supporting the guys from behind, they could likely beat most other first year teams at Beacon. Still, a flanking enemy could destroy them as they were now. While she didn't really want to think about this stuff as she ate, she couldn't really help it. They had to get better - it's what they were here for.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [HTDG]
« on: August 08, 2017, 07:44:15 AM »
Janna comes in a bit late, as she has had to take off her armor. She was tired after that match, for sure, but it was also a valuable learning experience for the entire team. All of them needed to learn to work better as a team and watch each others' backs more. She felt most upset that she couldn't keep Diana from getting hit, something that should've been her entire job on the field, essentially. Still, she was pleased with her teammates' skills out there. She firmly believed that their opponents just happened to be better organized than them.

And so, she made her way into the cafeteria, dressed in a pair of denim shorts, cropped tank top and sandals, stretching her arms out above her head, glad to be out of her armor. Even if she was used to it, letting her skin breathe was much preferred.

Unlike her teammates, Janna decided to get a hefty meal - the girl had to keep up her strength! Lots of bacon, several slices of toast, a salad and slice of pie. She had plans to go to the gym later today, so she didn't feel guilty about all the fatty foods. The shield maiden spotted her teammates, waving to them as she headed over with her tray.

"Yo, Diana, Hagane," she greeted her comrades as she took her seat, "sorry about not taking that Nyx chick out sooner, Dee. Is your ankle alright?"

AMA Section / Re: Huntsmen and huntresses, what's your landing strategy?
« on: August 07, 2017, 06:53:03 AM »
"Hm... I guess it really depends on the situation! Usually I try and use Rozhe Orchideya to swing from branch to branch, if I'm landing in a forest, or try and grab a ledge if it's in a town or something. It's not really much! I've seen way cooler landing strategies!"

"My landings tend to be more like crashes. The D's and my armor tend to keep me from sustaining any major damage, though I tend to leave a hole behind."

"Oh, it's simple. I activate my semblance. As unpredictable as it may be, it does slow my fall down. And, if some fool decides to meet me below, they'll undoubtedly be knocked back!"

"I shout down from the top of my lungs, no need for chute's, dust or no guns, slow down my momentum, and if someone's below, I fuckin' wreck 'em."

"I ain't exactly great at those, to be honest with ya. I try to land on the highest thing I can find, though there ain't nothin', I'm in quite a damn pickle."

1v1 Matches / Re: [Event] 1st Year Grand Finale: Nathan V Zabar [Open]
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:57:30 PM »
Razzy was there. Oh, was Razzy there.

Seated as close to the front rows as he could, the boy had his foam finger and prop flag ready, but that was not all. This was the finale, and Vulco wasn't the only one bringing out the big guns. The pink fighter had purchased a Zabar hat, shirt, jacket and incredibly obnoxious vuvuzela. At the same time, however, he wanted to support his fellow student and guy representing Beacon as a whole - so he had convinced a group of friends who would occasionally swap between holding up signs that read 'GO ZABAR' and 'VICTORY FOR VACUO', and signs that read 'BEAT HIM FOR BEACON' and 'BREAK A LEG, NATHAN'. Razzy didn't ask for them to make that last sign, but they sure did.

AMA Section / Re: Walter's Ayy-Emm-Ayy
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:12:55 PM »
She would let her help, though she's quite used to putting it on by now. While her breastplate would likely be too heavy for Diana, for example, she could help putting on the pauldrons or weapon straps, which are relatively light.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:38:35 AM »
As Silica passed by the others, she gave Aoife a totally genuine smile, and definitely did not mutter something about shoving the girl's revolver up her own ass.

The guards followed the team inside, bringing the ramp up behind themselves. Soon after everyone was seated, the airship took off. The ship itself was no more lavish than the one that brought in the new students at the start of the year. Matter of fact, it was smaller, and lacked the TV screens.

Marvin smirked at Aoife's question and overall attitude. Yes, the man had encountered many a huntsman like that. Still, he refrained himself from making any assumptions about the girl for now. "Straight to the point, then?" He asked, leaning back in his seat, arms placed upon the armrests. "It has been years now since my wife and I retired as huntsmen, but I guess I still miss it a little. I did think of myself as a good huntsman, but fighting grimm and criminals on the field is not all one can do to help the world. I'm hoping I can teach that to you today." He explained. "Feel free to get comfortable, though the ride won't be long. Our destination is just at the other side of the city."

By now, the guards had taken their seats as well. One of them had placed their weapon by their side, crossing their arms. The other was quietly humming to themselves, tapping the butt of their weapon rhythmically with their fingers. One might find it odd, even, just how aloof they seemed.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:12:35 AM »
Marvin looked over the four students in front of him. It was clear that some were more enthusiastic as others, as one would expect.

"Not at all, I'm glad to be able to interact with some huntsmen in training. Hopefully I can teach you something today." He said, gesturing with his hand for the team to follow inside. As Silica, smiling brightly, tried to get inside as well, she was stopped by Marvin putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Silica, you'll be staying here at Beacon. You'll have to welcome these kids back, after all." He said.

Silica's expression dropped, and she turned back around with a sigh. "Yes, sir."

While Silica, now a bit slouched over, walked down the ramp once more, the guards simply waited at the bottom for the students to get on. They stood nearly motionless, their faces covered by ballistic masks, eyes hidden by visors. They might even seem imposing to someone who's never had to deal with such guards.

The Vale Region / Re: Take What You Can - Give Nothing Back! [CLOSED]
« on: July 25, 2017, 02:38:03 AM »
Janna, while wincing slightly at the dagger striking her face, was pleased to have her attack connect. Still, as the smoke enveloped her and Tristan, she understood just how bad the situation was. She doubted this guy would make a mistake like that twice, and at this point, he could attack from any angle. Janna squinted, trying to spot her attacker, but coughed as the smoke entered her lungs. Damn it, even if she could stand any chance, she couldn't also risk Tristan's life here.

The shield maiden backed away, shields still raised, and crouched down next to the girl. Janna sheathed her blades and took hold of the sluggish girl's arm, guiding it towards her own shoulder. "Hold on, I'll help you get out of here." She said, letting her grab onto her before standing back up and heading to where she believed the exit was, not seeing it through the smoke, really.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: July 16, 2017, 07:52:20 AM »
Silica checked off each student on her list as they made their appearances, then pocketed he scroll, looking over the group. "And you all know me by now. Good morning, students. Sir Royale should arrive any minute now." She said, looking towards the arriving airship. She sounded more professional today than she did during the interviews. Much less aloof and careless.

Just two minutes later, the ship did, in fact, dock next to the courtyard. Silica nodded to the students, then headed towards it. As they approached, the door opened up, a ramp leading from the floor onto the ship. Two armed guards stepped out first, looked around for a moment, then gave those on board the all-clear.

And then the man himself appeared at the top of the ramp. He seemed to be in his forties, though he definitely looked good for his age. His hair was cut short and slicked back slightly, his face was clean shaven, and he wore a gray three-piece suit. He didn't appear to be armed himself. He looked over the group for a moment, then smiled.

"Good morning. My name is Marvin Royale. You're the four tagging along for this deal, I presume?" He spoke in a warm tone, Silica walking over and taking place by his side, passing him her scroll as she did. With any luck, maybe she could hitch a ride away from Beacon like this.

RPG Discussion / Re: Time for some stats
« on: July 12, 2017, 06:33:06 AM »
Maybe the racism stat Kali suggested earlier? How people feel about faunus/those filthy animals feel about people?

The Vale Region / Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: July 11, 2017, 08:33:27 AM »
Today was going to be an exciting day both for Silica and the group of kids that were about to arrive any moment now. The assistant, dressed in her formal business attire, something she hadn't done since she had been left at Beacon, was standing in the courtyard, holding a scroll in one hand and looking out towards the city of Vale. She couldn't see the airship yet, but it would have to show up any time now.

The woman looked over the information on her scroll. Four first years, two boys and two girls. She had briefly interviewed each of them during the week and gathered at least some information to send over to her boss, and all four seemed like decent enough kids. All of them seemed to do fine when it came to studying, though she noted that Aulara was a bit rough around the edges with that - all of them could learn a lot from Marvin during this mission. She had also noted certain difficulty with finding out more about Vogel, especially his past, but after contacting Marvin, had decided not to press further. According to everything she had found out, Aurelius, Vogel and Tulimanu could all be trusted to be obedient and learn a thing or two, and at the end of the day, she trusted Marvin to handle someone like Alaura as well.

With only twenty minutes left before the airship would arrive, Silica could see a glimpse of it in the distance. Smiling to herself, the assistant turned to face the school, awaiting the kids. Even if Marvin hadn't entrusted her with too much information on what he has planned for today, she was still certain it was going to be exciting for all of them.

AMA Section / Re: Walter's Ayy-Emm-Ayy
« on: July 09, 2017, 10:38:42 AM »
Janna doesn't generally seem that bothered by it, though she is more comfortable sharing the room with Diana than she is sharing it with the guys. She's clean and orderly in most things she does, but isn't really bothered by other peoples' messes so long as they keep those messes to themselves - she won't bother others about cleaning or anything. As for sleep schedules, she's grown used to her own schedule being fucked due to her massive armor. On days when they plan to do training or a mission of sorts, she'd have to get up super early, try and leave without waking the others, and get her gear sorted in time, a task which can take her up to an hour. As such, she won't let her teammates keep her up late before missions, and if we're talking bunks, she's taking one of the bottom ones.

Plot Zone / Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:36:25 PM »
As you pass through the halls at Beacon, a small poster on the announcement board catches your attention. Printed on paper bearing the Royale family crest, it offers a job to any interested students, no matter their year, as personal body guards to Marvin Royale for a day. Apparently, a week from now Royale will be visiting some business associates, and has offered some students the chance to tag along both to receive advice from a former huntsman and to earn some spending cash while getting to see business done firsthand.  Those interested should contact Silica Methiviola, assistant to the Royale family, currently residing at Beacon.

The idea for the thread is simply bodyguard duty and a dull business deal gone awry - Marvin has found out that his partners are taking part in some shady deals, specifically that they've been running an illegal gambling and extortion gig at their establishment. Characters may need to adapt to the situation and take up responsibilities on their own along the way according to what Marvin instructs them to do, but fighting should generally be expected - nothing a student shouldn't be able to handle, though. Room for 4 people for this first thread, and I know Rougar was interested, but I'll pick out the folks that really seem to fit from those who apply. This thread will likely be a part of an arc centered around the Royale family, though how connected this thread will be to the whole thing is still questionable.

Alright, sign ups are closed! I looked over all the sheets and picked three folks out, then let a random number generator pick the last person, and the final list of participants is going to be
  • Rory A. Vogel
  • Aoife Aulara
  • Mae Tulimanu
  • Dorian Aurelius

Sorry to the folks I ended up not picking, but I do have more threads planned and will try to bring as many different people/characters as possible. Thread will be up in a day or two, and I'll message the participants once it is!

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