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The Vale Region / Relax, relax, Ok. [2/2] [limited]
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:53:56 PM »
Akel stood infront of what looked like a luxurious spa. Well it looked like the type that Atlas high society would pay lots of money for. Needless to say she had entered a raffle for the prize, not even thinking that she would emerge with a chance of winning. Apparently the spa treatment was an entire day and night for relaxation.  Apparently there was also another winner from Beacon but she had no idea who it was. She thought it would be good mannered to wait for the other winner which was why she didn't enter the building.

She was currently wearing an over the shoulder top, short sleeved and done in white. The strap of her black bra visible on her right shoulder and black shorts with some ankle high heeled boots. Her hair was done in a simple ponytail.

Approved Characters / Aegis Guard
« on: April 03, 2017, 03:43:39 AM »

Name: Aegis Guard

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human, female

Symbol: A shield with two hands shaking in the middle

Occupation: First Year Huntress-in-Training of Atlas Academy.

Appearance: Aegis stands at a rather regular height of 5’10”, her build is clearly defined with slightly broader shoulders since that is what her fighting style caters to. Her emerald green eyes and grey hair wavy hair, normally done in a low chignon (naturally white but dyed black which turned it grey) give off a certain look of professionalism that would normally be seen with graduated huntresses of Atlas. She always has a collar on with a silver chain and silver cross on the end for design choice.

Huntress clothing
Aegis sticks to a more formal type of clothing with a bit of a twist, a light blue formal suit shirt complete with a two-tone white and grey vest, only the left sleeve exists and there is no right sleeve and it ends just before her shoulder, with an elastic strap to help keep it in place sewn into the end of the right side. Wearing a black doubled lined belt which forms into a single piece with a large buckle. She wears tight ish white pants with formal looking shoes but act more like hiking boots. Lastly she also has a large gold bangle

Spoiler: show

Aegis likes to dress with a mixture of practicability and refinement, sticking to long pants, vests and formal type wear, while it isn’t all that she will wear it should be noted that this is the clothing that she is most commonly seen in and also most comfortable with wearing.

History: Aegis was born into to working class citizens of Atlas, fer father working as a bartender serving the pompously rich of Atlas. While her mother worked as a security officer, relatively peaceful jobs for them with the odd tussle every now and then depending on the day/night. Their jobs would mostly allow for one to be at work while the other looked after the kid, sometimes they did have to hire a babysitter but, those occasions were very rare but they did happen. The babysitter was actually a huntress, one who had graduated recently and did babysitting in between jobs. She would tell Aegis of the adventures she went in, some mediocre and some filled with her struggle against odds, she often spoke fondly of her team when she was in Atlas. The stories gave her inspiration for her childish mind and she wanted to be just like her: a brave, strong warrior who would protect the good and brave the forces of evil.

So that was what she was set on. After a talk with her parents and initially being dismissed of it as ‘just a phase‘. However, when the huntress/babysitter also talked to then when Aegis was present, they were slightly more convinced. They said it would be fine as long as she didn’t go against all odds. So she was sent to Atlas with the huntress (her name is Cindy). She underwent the same basic teachings as others within the beginning years of her huntress training. However when it came time to craft her weapon she had no idea, so after consulting Cindy she had the idea of a shield, the base was formed and Cindy had given her a large kinetic dust crystal to say congratulations and added it to her shield. Aegis had it added and only ever adjusted the shield when she grew enough to justify it. Eventually she made it into the second half of her Atlas academy and passed the exams to get her through. Now the real adventure begins,

Personality: Aegis is a very stubborn person, not refusing to budge when giving her opinion, this also goes into her fighting how she will stand her ground unless the situation is completely hopeless. Despite her stubbornness her intentions are quite good and she is a great person to go to when someone needs anything, from someone to talk to, to help with anything even if she isn’t very good, she’ll try her damnedest to help. She is a very casual person under normal circumstances and is always displays that type of aura that says “Just ask and I’ll help”.

Another thing to note is that she is seemingly incapable of negative emotions, always with a small smile and carrying a positive attitude, even still smiling well into a fight which may look a bit weird for a smiling girl to be bashing grimm with her shield. She doesn’t have any negative experiences in life so she could be seen as a bit of a greenhorn to those that have had more interesting younger years, something which she does try to avoid getting into conversation because they simply seem to act tougher because of their background.

She also does have a bit of a quirk about her: She is quite obsessed with maid outfits, she doesn’t like to wear them herself per say, but she does relish the opportunity to see girls wearing said uniforms. Usually bringing out a very analytical side of her as she examines the outfit from top to bottom.

Aura and Semblance: Aegis’ aura is more effective at blocking blows than most, due to her very nature she is able to withstand blows of a much higher power than most would be able to and with less aura being taken away.

Will of the Shield Hero - Aegis’ semblance allows for the forming of a large barrier of 3m radius in a sphere form. Can take many small hits or a singular large attack. None can attack out or in and she can focus it in a single direction to stack up the defense. Also it should be noted that it will completely block the first heavy attack, no matter if it were a semblance boosted attack from Savas or an Atlesian Paladin punch. But she does feel the force behind the attack so she will normally be sent back flying.

Combat Behavior: Aegis is a very defensive fighter, never being first to engage her enemy and sticking to counter attacking her enemy, while she is fast she doesn’t use her speed, sticking to a solid stance rather than getting hit while moving. She employs the use of martial arts  and really only serves as her real form of attacking. Her normally defensive style means that she can get surrounded and will struggle with dealing damage, even if surrounded she is able to hold her own against many opponents or even higher skilled opponents as long as she doesn’t go on the offensive. She is very hard to push and knocking her off her feet is really the only solution to breaking her defense.

However her stubbornness can be a problem, facing odds that she won't be able to win. Since she fights defensively she is reliant on her enemy being the one to make the moves. She can be surrounded and analyzed since almost exclusively plays with countering which allows for enemies to gain the upper hand. She mostly relies on having a team to be the offense while she focuses on keeping them safe.


Name: Dawn Guardian

Primary Form: Dawn is based off a heater shield the basic shape is seen but it is more straight line and adjust rather than a regular curve, in the centre is has a solid dust crystal with a circular piece of glass protecting it from damage, small holes can be seen on the edges of the shield and a sharpened edge can be seen on the bottom section of the shield. On the inside it has a circular disc with two straps and a solid handle, the circular disc can move the direction that the shield is facing while not compromising the position of the wielder’s arm. It bears no offensive abilities besides the sharpened edge on the bottom.

Dust Functions: The large Dust crystal in the middle of the shield is a solid piece of kinetic dust, letting the crystal imbue the shield with kinetic energy to release more force: shield bashing her opposition and even adding force when using the bladed edge are what come to mind. it increases whatever she needs it to by a tremendous amount to increase her chances for survival.

History: Built out of Aegis’ protective nature, designed out of the fact that she would assist rather than harm. A perfect idea that was supported by Cindy.

Approved Characters / iris Ares
« on: March 27, 2017, 06:36:23 AM »

Name: Iris Ares

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Human, Female


Occupation: 4th year Atlas student

Appearance: Iris is of Atlesian descent, with dark pink hair and stands at a rather passive height of 5’10, her hair is in a bob like fashion with some strands of light and dark silver. Her fierce blood red eyes and softish features give her a complexing look about her. She is missing both her arms and her right leg by the actions of her teammates and is replaced with Atlas bionic limbs, what remains of her body is defined and her posture is kept upright with the militaristic training of Atlas. She also has a small earpiece connected to her scroll to allow for communications without moving her arms.

Huntress clothing
Iris likes to dress appropriately, her main concern being the coldness of the Atlas environment outside of the kingdom’s defences. Firstly is a light blue form fitting thermal shirt she wears, orange highlights and what is the main source of her warmth, however more clothing never hurts. So with this she wears a white silk formal shirt with the top two buttons undone, having a black tie done up loosely with her symbol at the end. She wears a comfy black hooded jacket over it, orange on the inside of the hood and on the folded sleeves at the end, it is normally opened but can be closed. She wears thin black gloves despite not needing them and has a small holographic projector which tells her things like wind direction, speed and all those types of data despite not needing it for a while. She wears grey long pants with thermal runners underneath. High-traction boots to help keep her footing in the winter weather.
Spoiler: show

Alternate huntress clothing
For warmer climates, Iris wears custom clothing, using a black coat with a double collar, the sleeve going just before her elbow on her left arm and reaching a full sleeve on her right. A orange v-neck short with a purely fashion based harness thing. Also she wears a different pair of high-traction shoes with pants that make it look like a single piece.
Spoiler: show

History: Iris was born to two soldiers within the Atlas military, both human and very caring, if not doting parents. They would normally be fine but Iris was born with weak arms, something during her forming had caused the muscles and bones in her arms to be at a naturally weaker state. Needless to say they always wanted to make sure she was safe but giving her the freedom to show that they had faith in her. She was always good-mannered and positive, making sure to be at her best behaviour and get along with everyone. Naturally she looked up to her parents and even without them recommending it, she wanted to become a huntress or a soldier, something to help both humans and faunas. Equally and without bias.

So when they were home she would be taught many things: Atlas military mannerisms, how to hold and shoot a gun and wield a blade to name a few things. They also kept on reminder her about her arms and to “play to your strengths, not your weaknesses”. Advice which she took to heart.

When she reached the age to attend Atlas (junior) academy, she did. She was pretty average but, she did gain some notice for knowing Atlas regulation and being able to do them perfectly. For the most part she succeeded in theory, running A+’s all around and having below average marks for her practical for obvious reasons. Needless to say she still tried, her infectiously positive attitude could make even the sternest of teachers smile. When it came time to craft her weapon she went overboard. Drawing the plans for a massive bow and the idea for it using a specially made techy quiver to create arrows depending on the need of the situations. A for creativity, a C/C- for practicability. She ended up settling for dual forearm mounted blades which were partly mechanised so it would even out her weak arms and practicing with the bow when she could.

When she reach reached the second-half of Atlas’ academy she got placed into a team, two guys and 1 girl which evened it out. They weren’t very fond of her, they all were friends and had built a way of fighting together, she was an outcast and struggled to work as a team. She didn’t really know why they didn’t like her but, she remained positive. They Disregarded her strategies and callouts despite her repeatedly being able to predict enemy patterns and proving to be a major benefit if they would listen to her.

This continued through to her third year, being sent to an area of frozen forest near Mantle to deal with rising grimm numbers. It went well for the most part, until she was backstabbed, one of her teammates “accidentally” smashed a grimm into a large tree, this caused a large frozen branch of the tree to come and  her down. Her aura minimized the damage to both of her arms and right leg still had a bit of movement. With the area clear of grimm they openly mocked her, the leader even going as far as to even tell how they felt about her. “We always hated you, your weakness, having us to tell us what to do, how overly happy you are. You really had no idea how we wanted you gone… I can safely say that I won’t be losing any sleep over this” and the female member spat in her face. They went home to Atlas with a sob story of how they tried to save her but the grimm was just too vast and got to her before they could do anything. What made it worse was that she had saved the male teammate who mocked her right before.

She awoke several hours later, using her quiver to create an explosive arrow and pulling her right arm free to use it against the frozen branch. It worked but Iris suffered damage to arms and stacked on with the relentless Mantle weather. Iris dragged her mechanized quiver which was thankfully still attached to the harness to a small cave and ejecting the fire dust canister. She struggled, but eventually was able to maneuver it underneath her coat where she pressed it against her body, her hood up and head pressed and leaned forward to seal the warmth inside her jacket as much as possible. She didn’t want to die. She hadn’t gotten to visit the roaming deserts of Vacuo, the beautiful cultures and traditions that laid within the borders of Mistral, the diverse culture and freedom of discrimination that Vale had. She wanted to see so much, yet her fate was held together by a canister of volatile Dust that she pressed against her body. Time started to become unknown to her, she knew that she was there for a while but she didn’t know exactly how long. She fought off sleep with pure will not wanting to fall asleep and never wake again.

She tried to stay positive, she truly did, but as she had more time to think her smile started to fade. Her smile tuned to a frown, her thoughts of what she hadn’t seen turned into what she didn’t want to see, ever. Her team, her supposed allies. For the first time she had cried, all the memories of poor treatment from them hitting her like a tidal wave. Anger turned to sadness, which turned to chuckling. Her emotions ran rampant, she started to hallucinate, she would hear distorted laughter, figures made of shadows, at one point she heard the alluring voice of a woman, whispering into her ear telling her to “rest now, you’ve tried well but it is fate. Let go and accept my embrace.

It was a moment that she finally moved, she put her head up and a beautiful women appeared before her. Flowing blonde hair, a complexion that was ever-so-slightly on the pane side but still stunning. For Iris the part which allured her were the eyes, crystalline blue. Inviting robes of white and soft blues, she was on her knees, she swore she felt the heat from her hands on her cheeks. With the fire dust slowly dying out she became entranced. “Let go.”

At that point Iris had realised two things, 1, the women was her visualization of death. 2, She had lost her sanity. Right there and then she had a mental breakdown. She laughed like a maniac, she screamed with fury at her teammates, cried her heart out, she just wanted to be done with it. So many negative emotions came out at once and that told the grimm where she was. Winter grimm from all over the frozen forest and beyond started to move towards her. For her, whether she was finally given a chance or not didn’t matter.

On the ground, several Atlas special forces operators searched the area, looking for any traces that would be used for the funeral. A grim job but one that had to be done. One member in particular also had felt the extreme amount of negativity. She ditched most of her armor and left it for the ground troops to pick back up. This huntress ran through the grimm. Slaughtering them as she made her way towards the centre of the negativity. She was lucky enough to reach Iris while she was still conscious. She grabbed Iris, her quiver and bow and ran, using her semblance to keep her body temperature stable and running past the grimm. The other Special forces members got to her and slaughtered the grimm that followed closely behind, they got to one of the Atlas ships and took off. Going straight to back to Atlas academy and having medical staff take over as soon as they landed.

For 3 days Iris laid in slumber, not a movement or not a sound came from Iris. The Specialist that had brought her back had opted to stay with her, watching over her. She refused to leave the girls side, having hope that she would wake up. On the 4th she finally woke up. At the beginning she was confused, lost. The Atlas officer introduced herself as Solaris Star. Solaris explained everything that had happened and the reason why she was able to find her. With the news of her “death” being faked, many things were brought into question. News about this wasn’t kept quiet. News of this had formed on social media, Iris’ parents expressing their gratitude to Solaris as a thank you, then it just blew up online. News crew wanted to have interviews with Solaris, Iris and her family. However, neither of them accepted. Solaris respecting the privacy of the family and the family didn’t need the pity of the public. Iris was given bionic attachments to replace her crushed and dead limbs. Solaris’ sister designing the replacements personally and customizing it at Iris’ discretion. Iris underwent many tests, physical and mental to ensure that she was still herself. Aside from the obvious of her missing limbs she was mostly fine. Mental tastes revealed that she appeared healthy, but she kept to herself about her vision of death. Solaris knew better and would often meet up with her, Iris would tell Solaris and asked her to keep it a secret. Needless to say she kept her word.

But she was a changed girl, in the following weeks a court proceeding was held, the trial based on the “death” of Iris. Several hours of court and the verdict was given. Life sentences for all three of them for the attempted murder on Iris’ life. She wanted to shoot all three of them in the head for what they did to her.

For the next 3 weeks Iris spent recovering her movement. Getting use to the arms modifications beyond the movement of her hands. By her personal wish she didn’t want to be put in another team. She’d rather finish her huntress training solo then be put in another team. So that’s what happened, she got the dorm room to herself and had the beds of her teammates taken out, and using the rooms to put equipment that she would use to upgrade her weapons and maintain her limbs. She now enters her fourth year without any teammates and is fine with that. Hoping that the headmaster/Headmistress won’t attempt anything.

Personality: Iris used to be a kind-hearted individual, unfortunately, after all that has happened to her she had become very serious. Rarely laughing and hardly showing any emotion at all. Admittedly she has lost faith in allies and depends on herself. She made sure to trust no-one aside from a very select few and keep her distance. Socially and within combat. She also won’t take any bull from allies, making it very clear that she won’t help them and that if she does, she will expect a favor, her time and choosing, without hesitation.

She tends to stay quiet most of the time and tries to make herself a little known as possible. If someone tries and gets too friendly she’ll push them away. This has led to long time friendships being shattered. Especially one with a certain fox girl faunas. She wished that she would be able to look at the world as she did before, but as she is she finds that very difficult.

Aura and Semblance: Iris aura is a dark pink and is of average strength.

Mark of the Lotus - Iris’ semblance allows her to tag up to 4 targets within her line of sight with her symbol somewhere on the target's skin. As well as the very same symbol replacing her normally blood red eyes.

The semblance gives Iris a tactical advantage when activated. She is able to knows the exact distance from the symbol to her and the mark remains within view even through cover. The symbol will last 1 minute and direct eye contact without any obstacles can refresh the timer. She can put 1 symbol every 5 seconds and she needs 20 seconds to replace the symbol that reached its time limit. The mark is visible to everyone but also she retains the ability to see it no matter what, even with objects and walls alike in the way. After the time is up, the symbol will disappear.

Combat Behavior: Iris fights like an archer, using her bow, Starfall and her quiver, Re-entry to bring enemies down from a distance with the power of the bow. Now it doesn’t mean she is helpless at close combat, she learnt to rely on herself when she crafted her forearm blades and her experience at Atlas. With the addition of her robotic arms and leg she got rid of her forearm blades and replaced it with a real blade.

The power of the bow is tremendous so she will shoot through hard materials to hit her target in combination with her semblance. Re-Entry's ability to create many forms of arrows has helped her greatly and allows a range of versatility in ranged combat. She is a very cautious and analytical fighter, making sure to know what is around her and how to get out if the situation goes bad.

Besides the weakness against proper guns she also has to think about her arrows. Against speed users she needs to also add the enemy's speed and will have to make sure the arrow and the enemy will make contact. With tough enemy’s she will also think about her dust usage. Being overly careful about which arrows she will make use of.


Name: Starfall

Primary Form: A very large mechanized recurve bow. Done in black with orange highlights and a titanium wire to support her new strength and a circular disc to keep the arrow in place and extends a little onto the string to allow for curvig of her arrows. It has a magnetic handle to grip onto with her bionic arms and features a center stabilizer. Firing a short arrow will reel in the wire to increase the power as she pulls it back. Long arrows will do the same as well as use kinetic power in the arms of the bow, when released it allows it to go the extra distances and brings to light the more destructive features. The bow is capable of long range shots and also capable of performing many different actions; bunker busting to artillery or long range support. All thanks to combination of Starfall and Re-Entry

Spoiler: show

Storage Form: By detaching the handle the bow straightens up, the stabilizer folds against the bow and the lower arm folds against the upper arm. Looking somewhat like a regular blade. She places it against the left magnetic holster on her harness near the shoulder blade.

History: Starfall was one of her original weapon designs, while it wasn’t very practical it held a special place in her heart. After her abandonment in the frozen forest, and the loss of her arms; she was given replacement arms. Amping the strength of the bow to the limits to ensure she wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else ever again.

Name: Re-entry

Primary Form: Starfall’s sister, the quiver is very large and is secured by the other side of the harness. Alternately she can place it on her the right side of her hip, using the support of her mechanical leg to keep herself stabilized. Inside Re-Entry carries enough equipment for over 100 long range arrows or 200 short ranged arrows.

Re-Entry creates the arrows in steps. First it will attach the “feathers” onto the arrow, attaching it to the shaft on an arrow and either attaching another shaft for long range or will fill the arrow head with Dust in its volatile state and partially filling up the shaft of the arrow. (The shredders scene from Battleship movie kind of deal)

Secondary Form: By using the detached handle from Starfally, Iris can place the handle at the top of Re-Entry and using the device in her right arm, can allow her to use a katana blade of charged fire dust and handle.

Dust Functions: The quiver is her only source of arrows. Making sure to cram as much into it as possible. Ammo is as labeled.
- dust tips (30 per type) 150 tips
  - fire - Can create a small explosion and light anything on fire on contact.
  - lightning - Releases an electrical burst in a limited area.
  - ice - Can cause a localized area to be frozen solid.
  - kinetic - Pushing back the enemies from the center of the arrow.
  - earth - Forms a large piece of earth.
- Combination dust tips (long range only)
 - Fire (2)+ Kinetic (2)- Creates a large explosion upon impact, perfect for killing tough grimm or lots of medium sized grimm
- Fire (1) + Ice (1) - Forms a large area of mist upon impact. Perfect for utilizing her semblance in fights.
- Fire (2) + Kinetic (2) + Earth (3) - When impact is made it forms a large boulder around the arrow. then the fire and kinetic dust activate releasing large and small shards of earth everywhere.

- broadheads 80 - Designed to inflict raw damage upon flesh and bone
- Piercing 50 - Designed to go through multiple targets
- Sonic 25 - Releases a high pitched screech over a large area to give enemies vertigo

She can create the arrows from a device in her right arm to tell the quiver which type of arrow she needs. The difference between the long and short range arrows is the fact that double the amount of supplies that each arrow needs.

History: The sister piece to go Starfall. Made at the same time and has served her faithfully during her time learning to be a huntress.

Name: Bionic limbs

Arms: Sleek silver arms and leg with a base off of the human shape, inside the right arm bears a device to transmit signals to her quiver to tell what arrows to form. A small grove with two rotators which keep the wire straight and a scroll on the underside of her left forearm and controlled through her arm so she never needs to touch it to use it. Also a dust powered engine in each shoulder to power the arms and triggerable magnets in her hands to grip the handle properly or grip metal objects.

Legs: The same sleek silver design, she can use the power of her robotic leg to jump to very high places and land from high places with ease and kick really hard.

Dust functions: Electric dust gives power to her arms and legs to utilize the full strength of the limbs. Without them she loses a bit of power but it isn’t a whole lot at loss. She can punch really hard. Like punch a large ursa off its feet and quite a distance in the air.

History: Installed on her after her abandonment and rescue from the frozen forest near Mantle. Designed to her particular style of fighting so she can fight solo or with a team.

The Vale Region / Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: March 09, 2017, 04:13:11 AM »
Team MLDC,

With Nonus Nameticus career as a Hunter on hold, we have assigned a new team leader to act through this recent development and depending on the recovery of Nonus, might become a permanent member. While the student is new to Beacon her skills are up to par and should be treated equally. To test the new leader's abilities we have assigned MLDC towards the protection of a Schnee Dust Company transportation. Some guards will be also stationed as well as some of Schnee Dust androids. As well as an overseer to report any enemy activity (do ignore him to the best of your abilities). They decided to do this with the most recent increase of activities of White Fang hostility towards the company.

You are expected to meet any and all hostility with whatever means have been deemed necessary. You are to meet your new member on location.

That is all, Happy hunting

On location, preparations were finishing up. Shipping containers were being loaded and secured onto the large train. The engine, roaring with dust and the androids were already brought on as the shipment was starting to be loaded. In front of the train stood two characters, the first was a man, 40ish with white hair wearing a full white suit with hints of light blue and grays.

The other was very different, dark red hair, tanned shirt, and pants, obviously wearing clothes that only a huntress would think about wearing into combat. Plus the addition of the large motorbike that she was leaning on gave off an entirely different vibe.

If one could listen the Atlas Overseer was not having it. Venting his frustrations on the only other human being around with some profanity since it was nearly time to leave and he didn't want to fall behind track.

Teams / 2nd year team preparation thing.
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:20:37 AM »
Alright. So this is to make in advance for the eventual approval of Linh and Lien Li. To ideally chop down time with having to wait for approvals and then creating a team. This isn't a first come first served kind of deal so do post your second years here and an intellectual discussion of the highest sophistication shall commence henceforth.

1. Known as Mythos laurenstine but true given name is Linh Li.

2. Lien Ngọc Đỗ Li

3. Xavier Cendres

4.Jett Davenport

Team name: MLDC Melodic

Approved Characters / Linh Li "Mythos Laurenstine"
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:19:05 AM »

Name: Family name: Linh Diệu Li (Li Diệu Linh)
Known name: Mythos Laurenstine

Age: 18, Saaral 18th

Species and Gender: Female Reindeer Faunus

Symbol: A triangle with a curved bottom and slight points off of the sides. A large bullet being featured in the middle

Occupation: 2nd year Beacon student

Appearance: Linh is a tall and healthy build at 6’1” and 165 lbs with a nicely toned build and some decent curves. Her whole build is very healthy showing her desert wandering lifestyle, with nicely toned limbs, and having near straight posture being enforced upon her by her mentor. Her face is always seems to be in light thought, as if a moment of thought just came to her mind, even if it’s just a small one. Her face is slightly defined, with full cheeks and cheekbones at an average height. Overall she gives off an essence of maturity that says experience beyond her age. Her nose is nicely shaped, Linh’s eyes always show herself to be observing, the color is a deep blue with it going into a slighter blue at the edges. Her mouth does look to be the slightest hint on the pale side, though not too too much. Compared to her identical twin Liên, Linh has more of a thinner face, nothing drastic but one that shows that shows a different lifestyle. Her hair while is a natural back/very dark blue is dyed to a dark red using a very bright hair dye. Kept in a ponytail with a silver hair tie, with a braid on her right side just in front of her ear.
Spoiler: all outfits • show

Huntress Clothing
Her clothing is very simple, her lifestyle in Vacuo didn’t really give her the choice of a magnificent outfit, but she did wear what she had to not look so bland. Using a tannish work shirt only buttoned in one area to leave her chest open so that she could take in the nice breeze whenever she could. Over that she wears a darker cloak which was modified to just go over her shoulders and uses a silver clip using her symbol to help keep it in place. Tinted sunglasses which originally kept the sand out of her eyes.

She wears pants of the same colour but is mostly obscured by chaps of a darker tanned colour, they are slitted at the end and faces the same direction which is right for her. Double orange belts which connect to a thigh strap on her left leg which holds two of her four revolvers and with the other two holsters on the opposite side on her belt since she dual wields them. On her right leg she carries two metal plates which hold arrows for her weapons tertiary form. She wears a cape at her belts which only cover her right side, a slightly dark grey and she essentially has it to not look too plain. Lastly she does wear some knee high boots because she despises having sand in her shoes so she went the extra distance to avoid it.

Alternate Huntress clothing
This variation of her main outfit is identical for the most part. The exception being the top that she wears, sleeves removed and dyed at the ends a few shades darker than the main piece, instead of buttons she uses the connectors from horn button jackets (I have no idea what they are actually called).

Casual clothing
Mythos wears a red leotard with some grey designs. Black stripes go off her arms and forearm bands. Grey pants and a offset belt, black sneakers.

Motorcycle clothing
Linh takes care to properly cover up when using her form of transportation, while the clothing changes from environment to environment she does have a standard piece. It features whatever top she happens to wear which is covered by a black leather jacket, crossing over to her right side and has her symbol on her left shoulder with the addition of a red belt. Normally she wears black/grey jeans with motorcycle boots and driver gloves but might wear something different. She also wears her signature cloak in the same position.

Linh wears a grey winter jacket with horn buttons, reaching just past her thighs with a very short cape extension done in a slightly darker tone. A large version of her complete symbol on its left side. A red scarf around her neck and a similar one around her waist, black leather pants and grey laced up shin high boots complete the outfit.

Using her winter coat opened up to reveal a white dress shirt, red tie and vest with dark grey suit pants.

Based off of the design off of a Ao Dai She wears a red version with yellow on the collar and edges of her sleeves. Her sleeves are a slightly darker red and she has yellow strings with grey patterning, her white symbol near the collar. She might also wear a custom (jacket?) over it. Following the red colour scheme and can be kept in place with the same type of yellow string with the regular piece.

Beacon uniform
She will wear the standard female uniform with the addition of her modified hooded cloak and her hip cape with the belts to hold it in place.

History: Linh was born to a one of Hoàng Khánh Văn Lê (Lê Văn Khánh Hoàng), a well respected archaeologist, and not to forget her mother, Anh Kiều Thị Nguyễn (Nguyễn Thị Kiều Anh), who was responsible for taking care of the kids around the house and also made sure to take care of the twins, Linh was one side of a coin, whilst Liên was the other. Like a coin they were just about inseparable, they were still childish as they were very young and typical of their age.  Hoàng and Anh were very good parents, Anh was very sweet and kind, she would always let them have their fun and help them up should they have a small bump or such, Hoàng was the tough love type of guy, solid as a rock and stern in hopes they would be good children and not know that it could be constant playtime. Linh’s family was secure money-wise, a comfortable home, and with a family that she would wish for no other, a perfect life.

However this story is not without sadness, as none can live a perfect life, the twins, nor four a half years old. A recent job to go to Vacuo and look at some ancient relics, they hadn’t been to Vacuo yet and it was nearing Anh’s birthday, which he would surely miss if he were to go on the trip, so he had made the decision to take the whole family with him. All of his part expeditions had gone off without a hitch, plus it’s not like they would be defenseless, dangerous areas called for protection, which was provided on just about all of his jobs. So they went to Vacuo, a nice even when one dealt with the heat of Vacuo’s climate. A nice getaway and it was turning out to be a fine trip. With recent reports of Grimm routes they took an  ‘adequately safe’ passageway. It was sudden, grimm seemed to come out of nowhere and smashed against the vehicle, the vehicle got flipped and Linh was thrown out, a gust of wind from a Totocoatl threw enough sand over her that she disappeared from view, the Shenzi caused the bodyguards to panic and they quickly grabbed the other three members of her family who didn’t get thrown out, their parents were injured severely and lives were slowly fading away. While they did get out of there her Hoàng and Anh had succumbed to their injuries and died upon arrival at the hospital. Her sister survived but this is where the story splits.

When Linh had came to night had descended upon the desert, she was found by some wanderers inspecting the main vehicle and saw her black hair which only became visible due to the winds blowing away some of the sand. From this point she was under the care of these Nomads seeing as they sought there weren’t any survivors, among the wreckage one of them had also managed to get a photo of her family, this she held onto for dear life ever since that day.

After this she had stuck with the Nomads, being all alone, scared and these strangers being the only source of comfort that she had. Her aura unlocked to giver her a bettee chance of survivability. They wandered the deserts of Vacuo, she was moved between groups of Nomads for fear of her life should bandits discover her, all seemed well and for awhile it actually was pretty good. But life like this was dangerous and those dangers came to her once again, Grimm had found her current group by pure chance, normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, however the number of grimm was almost double their usual amount. This caused them to scatter and try to protect Linh and having two of them with her, one picked her up while the other was dealing with the grimm that was chasing them. When they realised that the grimm were gaining they put her on the ground and told her to run. She did just that and ran while they were busy with the grimm. They killed the grimm but succumbed to their injuries not long after. Linh had ran in a random direction and eventually came into the caring hands of a slightly aged man who took her to the nearest village before bidding her farewell making sure that she would be safe. Things were good at the beginning, but local visits from a bandit group every now and then for “protection services” did make it a bit of a struggle.

She spent the next two years of her life within the small village, not staying with a single guardian/carer for long due to the nomadic way of life that she had become accustomed to. She was welcomed by all of the villagers since she was a little bit quiet but a nice girl overall and was always nice to have her around.

Now the age of 11 the bandits had slowly increased the cost of their “enlisted services” over time. It got to the point where the whole village suffered greatly because of the resources that they demanded. During this time they started with precautions, designating who would take the children to safety before they would retaliate. The small group took all of the villagers the night before, taking advantage of the cooler weather to get as far as they could before daybreak and it would become all the harder to travel.

These bandits weren’t typical. They had a few scouts in the surrounding area. One such bandit caught them red in the act, he shot the adults and the children one by one. Before it was her turn she was saved by a grimm that was using the vibrations of the bodies hitting the sand one after another. It had ate the bandit and would of taken Linh if she didn’t freeze out of pure fear. Sometime after the grimm had left she had fainted in the middle of the desert and woke with the near setting of the sun.

She had wandered the night of the Vacuo desert until she saw lights. She ran and ran until she had come upon the rock structure that the lights were coming from. It was a black market deal, far away from any authorities within Vacuo so that by the time word would have gotten they would of already scattered. No-one paid attention to the girl as they were interested in weapons. Some of them gave her food and water, not all of them were heartless.

During her little walkabout she had come to find a weapon that caught her eye. It wasn’t the weapon itself but the colour, she really wanted it, the man didn’t pay that much attention and she had taken the weapon. She was making her way out when she had ran into the old man that had helped her before, he took the weapon from her and motioned for her to follow. She did and he brought her outside where he had a custom motorcycle which looked more like a ramming vehicle, he helped her onto the vehicle and took off. She didn’t know what was going to happen but she was hoping to be led somewhere safe.

She was led to a small empty rundown village, he gave her some food and water, making sure she knew that he didn’t mean her any harm. His sole reason for helping her was because he needed a disciple, someone to carry on all that he had learnt as his mentor had done for him. She wasn’t ideal, infact very far from ideal. But he was getting old, if he didn’t start training a disciple soon he feared that he would be too late. While active he wasn’t sure how much longer he had. He still had some years but the sooner the better.

After the first day he got her to fire a rifle, she had her eye too close to the scope and the recoil of the gun had smacked her in the eye, this made the man laugh and he taught her how to properly use the rifle. She adapted to this training rather well and gained an extreme aptitude for firearms, her semblance also did help her exponentially but she learnt to not rely on it over time. He taught her all forms of firearms over the next five and a half years and as knowledge on a variety of subjects, maths, english science and history and dabbled a bit in other subjects as well. Everyday she trained with guns and how to use a blade he had taught her all that he had to teach. During this whole time no-one had actually given her a name always referred to as “child” or “girl” and her mentor calling her “recoil” as a reminder to when she first shot a rifle. As she was about to turn 18 he had wrote up a few instructions and on a piece of paper and left it on the table. He activated his semblance and she became unconscious. His semblance was never perfected and he was a bit off on practice so he may have made her forget a bit more then she was meant to.

When she came to she couldn’t remember many details, she saw items laid about and faint memories of her earlier years but she couldn’t remember how she first arrived at the village and if she was with someone else here. She read the note and saw the name at the end “Mythos”. Without nothing to go on she took that on as her name and collected her gear, a wallet full of lien converted to the highest lien currency for ease to carry as well as a pin code and a card for what she assumed would be a bank, acquired from her mentors missions over time. She got onto the motorcycle and left, she got onto a ship known as the “Stryder” and made it to Vale the day before the new school year was about to come.

So she applied for Beacon and also went to buy a bunch of clothes, she skipped her first year for her gun prowess and skills in theory, while limited in some areas it proved to be enough for her to skip straight into her second year.

Misc: The name Mythos is well known within the underground. While mostly in Vacuo the name is fairly heard about in the criminal undergrounds if the world.

Personality: Linh is one that can be described as focused, from how she looks around taking mental notes of everything, she doesn’t normally talk much since she did have that solo wanderer type of lifestyle and with her mentor affecting her memories so doesn’t really possess many social skills. Her training does come with a few benefits: she is extraordinarily patient so it takes a lot for anything to really get to her, her keen eyes make small details stupidly obvious to her such as very slight behaviour changes. She was also taught to be able to seduce a person but this doesn’t really work with her usually mindset. Despite all this she only has a single photo which is faded so she is eager to find out her past and is one of her prized possessions. One of the few things that can get a reaction out of her quickly.

Linh is also quite cautious, making sure she knows what she is getting into beforehand to prepare properly to ensure that she has a way out. She doesn’t like going unprepared and this even applies to daily life, keeping at least two of her pistols on her regardless of her location. She also does like to dabble in fashion, usually choosing practicality over style but will dabble in fashion

Aura and Semblance: Trajectory Sight - A passive semblance that works by showing her the trajectory of ranged weapons, throwing knifes to bullets, if it’s in the air she can know the path that it’ll take. These lines “appear” in her eyes, they are always visible and even if she were to be in a room with the same colour she can still tell that the lines are there. She can’t tell whether they are friend or foes so she is very reliant on checking the lines. She also can’t see anything that will affect the trajectory until it happens, an example would be a semblance making the bullet do a 90° turn, she will see the initial trajectory but as soon as the turn is made she will she the new trajectory.

Constant training from her time with her mentor allows her to see up to 10 individual trajectories. She can see it before and after it starts moving through the air. The semblance also causes a white ring to appear on her iris. The more trajectories she can see the more rings appear on her eye.

Combat Behavior: Mythos is one that works at a distance, using ammunition and all of her training that was passed onto her to be an extremely effective ranged user. Her use of guns goes from everything, snipers, assault rifles, shotgun, pistols, etc. the list goes on and she displays an extreme aptitude from the very moment she picks up a gun. She only needs a target and she will hit it with deadly accuracy. Bringing her into close combat means she will use a form of gun combat, martial arts combined with her deadly gun skills to make up for her aptitude in close combat but this is no replacement for proper close combat abilities. Should her guns be unavailable she does have a sword and will stick to a defensive style to give herself some extra time to think of a way to get away.

In purely sniper situations she doesn’t require need for a spotter. She is also capable of using her sniper on both her right and her left shoulder, her specialised training allows her to use both her eyes at the same time, doing the job of a sniper team as a single person.

Short version
+ Deadly with all forms of firearms
+ Almost impossible to agitate
+ Agile
+ Large stamina
+ Capable of extreme distance
- Less than sub par CQC skills
- Reliance on ammunition
- Has little defense


Name: Screaming Abyss

Primary Form: 4 identical revolvers of black, blue and white tinted blue patterning. Each all have a curved custom handle with custom groves for her fingers. A dark red cylinder for her bullets which hold 12 at a time a large slide on top for design purposes. Below the main barrel is a small barrel for different ammunition, only a single .357 specially customized round can be in this barrel, one at a time and she has to take the shell out manually and load another in. A hammer with a smooth, almost flat curve instead of a typical curved upward spike. She can use flashlights on the outer side of the revolvers. More so to make enemies flinch since she is a faunas with night vision.

Spoiler: you know the deal by now • show

Dust Functions:
Bullets - standard rounds plus dust
Fire - Use of fire dust to cause a small fire
Special ammunitions
Flash - combination of fire, lightning and kinetic dust to create an extremely bright light upon impact.
Piercing - A .357 round infused with earth and fire dust to help it with piercing and then more fire dust to create a small explosion to make a bigger hole.

History: Weapons that belonged to her mentor before her. Tradition for them to be passed onto the student who shall carry the name of Mythos to use four revolvers. These guns were modified with each generation as time went by.

Name: Silent Night

Spoiler:  Mostly drawn by me. Also forget about the pink bow outline • show

Primary Form: A sniper rifle that stands at 110cm when lined up straight. The weapon has a thick barrel and another barrel below the main one that designed for smaller ammunition. The design is something that makes it obvious that the sniper rifle isn’t ordinary just a run of the mill sniper. A sight which can cycle through zooms of 2X 4X 8X and thermal. A unique grip for the fact that it is aligned with the sniper’s barrel and a custom recoil pad for her shoulder and shock absorbers in the stock. A selector allows the gun to switch between the two barrels of the gun and can also dictate the fire rate of the second barrel and a tripod is usually hidden in an area just below the second barrel for her third form. 30 sniper rounds/per mag

Secondary/storage Form: When the weapon is put into burst or full auto it causes the scope to lower into the gun by a small empty compartment for this mode. The grip also pops out so she can keep a solid grip with the rate of fire. In this form she also uses smaller ammunition to hold more bullets (60 per magazine). Also has a small button near the handle to disable the firing mechanism when she has it on her belt.

Tertiary Form: The third form allows for extreme long range sniping. It increases the barrel length and slightly moves the recoil pad to allow for the extra recoil to be absorbed. The ends of the barrel also slightly separate into four sections. This enables dust mechanisms to be utilized for extra firepower without changing rounds. The extension can also enable larger rounds in this form if needed.

Dust Functions:
Sniper configuration
    First - standard dust bullets.
    • Fire - causes a small area of fire to erupt or can burn the inside of a target.
    • Electric - can cause a small emp blast as well as a short range electrical discharge.
    • Ice - Can freeze a limb or cause an area to become coated in a thin layer of ice.
    • Kinetic - causes a small shock wave to disrupt opponents.
    • Gravity - on impact a it will pull everything in within a small radius before exploding pushing everything outward.

    Second - Barrel and aforementioned dust rounds
    • Kinetic - kinetic dust accelerates the bullet within the barrel without increasing of recoil

    Third - Regular ammunition

History: This weapon originally belonged to a hunter before herself, came into her hands after she stole from a black market sale and she ran with luck being on her side and meeting with who she would later refer to as her mentor. Her mentor modified the design to better suit her and helped in advancing the design to make it more powerful and use arrows for silence when needed.

Name: N/A (she doesn’t use it enough to give it a name)

Primary Form: A singular black sword, 4 foot long with ¼ being dedicated to the handle. The handle itself has a spiral groove along the handle ending abruptly halfway and at the end. A engraving on the bottom of the hilt with her symbol carefully engraved into it. The blade itself is single sided since there was no desire for the user to get overpowered and place their hand against a sharp piece of metal. Lastly she has white symbols along the flat of the blade (kind of like how Qrow has his on his weapon)

Secondary Form: The blade separates into 3 section, the handle opens up and the blade descends into the handle, with all 3 pieces becoming hidden within the handle. She can also have the blade have one or two pieces out for different uses.

History: Originally wielded by her mentor, made to be easy to carry around and simple in its use which explains the lack of functions aide from making it compact.

Extra Gear/Gadgets

Sunglasses - Silver rimmed with a dark tint. Extra lenses fold out from the rim to close the gap between the sunglasses and her skin. Mostly keeps wind and sand from flowing around the main lens to her eyes. (It happened once, it wasn’t a happy experience for her.)

Cloak symbol - The tip of her symbol is actually sharpened. Can be used in the form of a “push dagger” of sorts, really only an emergency weapon which could only be used against humans due to its size.


Name: Raptoria (I was drawing up a version but couldn't do the wheels. Will try and do later but no image right now.

Appearance: A motorcycle that doesn’t even look like one, somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 times the length of a regular motorcycle. It features a large dust based motor to power the wheels and the weight of it, the engine is covered to prevent damage and special vents to avoid sand getting in. A large black bladed metal plate on either side to kill any grimm she runs into, driving on sand is tough. Featuring an orange tinted windshield that extends further to avoid sand to the greatest extend. A large wheel on the back and front which looks like a shrunken down version of a monster truck tyre. A large storage compartment for ammo and extra gear if need be. Switches out her wheels depending on the environment to which she will be traversing.

Done in the same colour as her weapons, blue, silver and black. With a dark blue seat, capable of seating two people very comfortably with a third possible if they were to squeeze in.

Dust Functions: A small separate kinetic dust engine to give a temporary boost of speed. Used rarely.

Earth dust to create a layer of earth beneath her wheels. Useful for when the wheels (on the off chance that it could get stuck in) become stuck.

History: This was her mentor's chosen piece of transportation. Built for travelling the deserts of Vacuo but also kept in mind of other terrain. While the base design was his, small comments by Linh are what made it what it is as most of them actually seemed to be a good idea. Also being able to go straight through grimm was ideal instead of having to dodge them was seen as some close calls have happened in the past.[/list]

General Discussion / Twin idea (not sure if this is in the right place)
« on: January 30, 2017, 03:45:27 AM »
So I was working on a character and was curious if anyone wanted to maybe create a twin character. Just as a reminder I did use BRS as a base for the character BUT I did give her different clothes, weapons, hairstyle and some other things.

If anyone is interested do pm me/reply to this topic and we can discuss details. If more than one reply I shall choose the person to execute this idea with.

Beacon Academy / Night Training (Limited 2/2 )
« on: December 31, 2016, 10:49:25 AM »
Akel wasn't really a daytime person. Being a bat faunas meant that she did have a large preference for the night and had actually woken up as the sun had started to set. A rare sight to see with her eyes fully open, completely aware of her surroundings and ready to do some training by herself. she sighed as the only red that she could see was the one on herself and her weapon "Blood Ignition".

She pushed those thoughts out of her mind and dropped her duffel bag which just contained a towel, water bottle, and her coat since she didn't really feel like wearing it.

Nevertheless, she didn't waste any time grabbing BI from her right thigh and went straight into training. Transforming her scythe and flipping backwards, keeping herself horizontal and attacking in the same fluent motion. Not stopping and followed through with more moves of equal parts: aggression, elegance, fluent motion and most importantly, acrobatics.

Approved Characters / Akeldama Blood-Heart
« on: December 07, 2016, 07:01:07 AM »

Name: Akeldama Blood-Heart

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Bat faunas, female   

Symbol: A red drop of blood with a bit of black mixed in

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon

Appearance: Akeldama is just a bit below average at a height of 5’6, her stature is accompanied by incredibly messy unkept, silver whitish hair that reaches down to her ankles with it also covering the right side of her face. Her light skin and prominent fangs that can be seen even if she opens her mouth just a little bit, this gives her a bit of a strange nature if someone were to base her upon her looks, adding her bright gold eyes which seem to glow and stare through people’s souls she can unnerve a lot of people extremely easily without meaning to do it and her eyes never seem to be fully open due to a nocturnal lifestyle, this seems to make her look a bit sinister with ill intent, yet seems to hold curiosity deep within past her soul-wrenching eyes. She has tattoos on the left side of her body as seen from her leg to the left side of her face. Her posture and usually regal nature seem to imply that she would be something supernatural high-class being, ya know, like a vampire, a last mention is that her smiles make her look super sinister, the tattoos are probably the reason why she looks sinister when smiling but she likes it.
Spoiler: Drawn by me - Sleeveless • show

Just a few notes
- Tried drawing fancy scarf and fedora... failed miserably
- Couldn't draw the rosaries
- Struggled with drawing the tattoos how I wanted, think of it as more cleanly done then represented in the picture.
Large version

Spoiler: Drawn by me - Sleeved • show

Huntress Clothing
Akel sticks to something that is excessively stylish, her clothing is almost a direct contrast to her own color scheme of her body, starting off with her white sleeveless turtleneck skin tight shirt and a red broocher-like piece of jewelry with a ruby and held in silver. Over that she wears a sleeveless silk black button up shirt. This is followed by a purple and gold vest then on top is followed with a black and dark blue vest, over that is a sleeveless black long coat (red on the inside) with gold crosses connected by a gold chain to keep the jacket around her and not flap against the wind so much. A gray, black and dark blue floral patterned scarf which drapes behind her back slightly goes down to her navel, she wears a bright purple and gold bandana tied loosely around her neck. She wears gray long pants with magnetic attachers on her right thigh, a brown leather belt with two belts crisscrossing and having her symbol where they crossover. Grey and maroon lace-up boots complete the ensembles main clothing. Last additions would be several silver chains with silver rosaries attached to the chains through a loop and rubies embedded in the center and the ends, last but not least, a black fedora with a gold band to complete the look.

She also has a version with sleeves for her skin tight shirt, button up and jacket for cold weather
Spoiler:  Definitely not drawn by me - This is a good idea of the scarf, chosen due to how fancy it looks • show

Beacon Uniform
Akel sticks to the regular school uniform, for the most part, she does wear her shoes from her huntress clothing, as well as the additions of her white turtleneck, magnetic holsters, and crisscrossing belts. She typically won't tie up her hair but might if she so wants.
Spoiler: Drawn by me • show

Formal Clothing
Usually just her sleeved combat uniform. Might wear a dress as long as it doesn't reveal much skin.

Casual Clothing
Casual attire is mainly consistent of over the shoulder tops and typically any combination of shorts, skirts, long pants for her legs and boots, sneakers or other types of footwear. It’s really the opposite of what she wears for her huntress activities.

History: Akeldama was born into a family of a single father because her mother died while giving birth, Akel was given her name because that was the name her mother had chosen beforehand thinking that she would inherit her red hair color. She didn’t but got her father’s silver hair which may have turned her into the butt of early hair loss jokes when in school. She actually didn’t want to become a huntress first up and originally wanted to be a gymnast, however, she set herself on this path when her father had recovered a very old chest which contained the broken of the soon to be reforged Tainted Rose and a black and gray scarf. Inside the chest contained details of why she gave up that life after meeting Akel’s father and decided that he would be the one she would start a family with.

When she had gotten into Signal she did get a bit of teasing from the other students but nevertheless she would be able to shrug most things off without thought. With her time in Signal, she actually made quite a large amount of friends, got her mother’s weapon reforged using pictures of her mother and her team plus adding a few adjustments, mainly the swords onto the second form and the dust disc. Also, a noteworthy of joy for her was that the hair jokes died down when she turned sixteen because her hair was very thick.

Now she completed her Signal training and was able to get into Beacon with fair results, as a gift her father had got a special outfit made for her using some ideas from her mother’s style of clothing to which she accepted. So far she has been able to keep her color blindness secret to everyone except for family.

Personality: Akeldama’s personality is a really sweet girl from the moment that people meet her, she is almost angelica, she is kind, sweet friendly and a good source of comfort to those that need it. Always having an overly sweet smile even in the most dangerous of situations. Akel is sweet but that doesn’t mean she will take crap from anyone, if she is insulted she will respond verbally unless there is a good reason why she shouldn’t. She can become very verbal if she gets really ticked off but usually will try to show great restraint in her language.

Besides that she is really easy to get along with, she likes to socialise and is by no means an outcast, she doesn’t mind showing her tattoos off and is quite proud of them despite their simplicity, Some noteworthy things to note is her particular dislike of heat, she can’t really handle the hot weather and generally enjoys the cold a lot more, most of her hobbies are more so just small pastimes: reading, video games sometimes and learning general skills that she can use for herself such as cooking tend to take up her time when not training or studying.

Aura and Semblance: Blood blade
Aura colour: Red

Akeldama’s semblance is in relation to her name, her name meaning “field of blood”, while she can’t summon a field of blood it does allow her to “create” a blade. It isn’t blood but rather just the color of her aura playing into effect which makes it looks like blood. The actual ability of her semblance creates a “flowing blade” in her aura color, carrying the form of a liquid but being as deadly as a sharpened blade. Her semblance is meant to be pure offensive but with careful movements and proper consideration can be used defensively.

When she uses her semblance it causes the “blood” to form in the air around her, she can roughly control where it will form but she can’t make it super concentrated because she is still learning, when her semblance activates her eyes and hair will turn red. Plus her blade will also glow red, this is due to the fact that she uses the weapon as a controller for the direction of the weapon. Because she uses the scythe is goes in sharp arcs just like the angle of the blade. Using a large blade would make the semblance move as if it were in a line, just like the shape of the actual blade she is using.

Without weapons to use it upon her attacks become omnidirectional, she can control how far it goes but not the direction, bad if she is working with friends, good if she is by herself. Her semblance is most useful with large targets in mind, humans to machines to Grimm. Anything that is large is nice and easy prey for her.

She uses fire, lightning and earth dust foci, she identifies them by the position on her belts with fire taking the left side of each belt, lightning taking the right side of her bottom belt and earth taking top belt on her right. Nevertheless, the addition of fire to her semblance can cause extra harm to her opponents and earth will make the blood harden and is normally used to create spikes to just make an enemy's life all the more difficult.

When using the foci catalyst, the front of her semblance slashes will be her regular blade, followed closely by the desired effect of the foci that she has enlisted with. If her semblance isn’t fast enough or the timing is off it will cause her semblance to be engulfed by the dust before she can strike her target. These foci are single uses and when used will be nothing but a small empty capsule after use. She holds 30 fire, 15 earth, 15 lightning.

She can do a rough estimate of 5 large scale strikes at around 4% of her stamina. Definition of large would be when she uses the most against her larger targets. Besides the take on her stamina, it can also cause harm to herself if used too often in a short amount of time. Generally a small pain becomes apparent in her wrist after around 4 uses in a minute, if she were to go over temporary damage forms at her wrist, her aura can repair the damage given that she stops using her semblance for about 30 seconds.

Combat Behavior: Akeldama, if not obvious from her clothing is based around elegance, from her stance to even little movements can be shown to hold a certain refinement and almost classy style. She wields her scythe using fluent attacks designed to keep enemies within her scythe range, yet keep them out of their own weapons range if she has the greater reach. She will use her scythe to hook enemies and keep them off balance to keep the fight in her favor. Keeping the enemy close to her means she doesn’t have to worry about her color blindness making the enemy blend in with the environment. With this, she fights very aggressively, the idea that the best defense is a good offense and not giving them time to think for even a second. She prioritizes the larger targets and will generally try to keep smaller targets away or try to deal with them swiftly.

Using the sword she will keep it in her dominant hand and usually hold her scythe against her hip in its storage form or keep it in its regular form if she thinks it will be more useful.

Onto her weaknesses: She is colour blind, only having the colour red registers within her eyesight, possibilities of the specific colour might be due to her aura colour being the same colour, however, this means she can’t tell the difference between bright green and bright blue as examples, to her it will appear as the same whitish shade, environments will naturally hide her enemies because of this and unless they wear red to which case she can spot them very easily, it will all appear in shades of grey, white or black. While not using guns she doesn’t really seem troubled by it unless the distance is very long range. Without her scythe or throwing knives, she has trouble fighting unless she utilizes her semblance to do damage so she always tries to keep her weapon in her hands at all times and will even back off if she thinks she could be disarmed. Her agility makes her a difficult target but disrupting her flow can make her easier to fight since she relies on fluent and seamless movements to use both her scythe and her semblance effectively.


Name: Blood Ignition

Primary Form: A red, black and white scythe that is longer than herself when put next to her. Mainly black and white and uses small red detailing on things like engravings, the blade is quite large and has a circular disc on the face located directly above the center scythe blade and the handle crossover. The discs have red runic type writing which allows her to distinguish the dust types visually due to her inability to distinguish colors except for red.

Secondary Form: Ignition can use the end of her scythe handle to pull out a straight katana, this can be at its full length of 90cm for the blade and 15cm for the handle, alternately the blade can go to 60cm to form a proper sized ninjato.

Storage Form: The scythe just folds up into a rectangle with a cylinder handle being seeable in the area where it looks like she removed a small rectangle near one of the corners. Attaches to the magnetic grips on her right thigh

Dust Functions: Blood Ignition uses dust through access to the large disc on both its side of the scythe. Access to four elements and can engage a separate dust type on each disc allowing for two separate elements to be active on the scythe at any one time. The distance of the shockwave attacks is a 2 meter radius. Each disc slot is able to hold 7 charges for each dust type.

Lighting - Lighting causes the blade to arc electricity, usually for making an enemy have s small electrical spasm, slamming it into the ground causes a somewhat medium range electrical burst, a modification keeps the burst from going in the direction of the angle in a small cone.
Fire - Fire coats the blade of the scythe in flames, used as a repellent to keep foes away as well as attack and can slam into the ground for a similar attack to the lightning. Not really good since she hates the heat but can’t deny its effectiveness.
Ice - Ice makes items freeze from contact with the blades touch, usually used to target key areas and give herself an opening, slamming into the ground causes a thin sheet of ice to form over a large area, area of effect is 8 meter radius. Alternately she can use it with fire and ice to create a large amount of mist upon slamming the ground.
Kinetic - Kinetic allows for more knockback to add to her hits. Much like fire and lightning, she can slam the scythe into the ground to cause a shockwave of the element.

History: Blood Ignition was initially a scythe that her mom had used during her huntress days. After her passing they discovered the old chest to which she kept it in. Akel now uses it in her memory to get a sense of connection with the parent that she would never be able to know, happily carrying on her mother’s legacy with pride through her weapon. The sword was added in since it required very little modification and didn't compromise the weapon in any way.


Name: Throwing Knifes

Primary Form: Throwing knives which by default don’t have the blade visible, tucked into the hilt until she grabs them from her belt to throw them. In this form, they look like decorations on her belt to separate the dust catalyst. She doesn’t use her semblance on it because she uses these as pure throwing weapons and has found it hard to control her semblance when using these without contact, however in hand, she can use her semblance to a small extent.

Secondary Form: The blade extends out of the hilt. Nothing special but does save space and allows her to carry a sum total of 25 knives without them interfering with her movement because of there placement.

History: Just small extra weapons to throw at enemies, nothing special.

RPG Discussion / Lack of Hunter/ress threads
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I was a curious about the lack of threads that involved actual huntress/hunters. I have seen threads that involve a hunter taking a group of students but I can't seem to find any threads that actually involve a team or pair of hunters going out and doing the stuff that a hunter should do normally seems to only be trusted to the students of Beacon or other academies (99.99% Beacon).

I know that not everyone has a fully developed huntress and/or hunter at the ready, but it would be good to see threads involving them to give them more depth to them other then a Beacon team escort or someone to be completely centralized within the safety of the city. (Totally not making this because I am planning to make mostly non-student characters, yep).

Let's get some opinions on this.

Approved Characters / Solaris Star
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Name: Solaris “Sol” Star

Age: 27, Saule 15

Species and Gender: Human/ Bird Faunas, Female

Symbol: White colored sword with flames of orange, red and yellow

Occupation: Atlas Specialist

        Sol stands at a regal and tall measurement for a girl at 6 foot dead, charming and with a myriad of colors on her hair, a wild, yet somehow dazzling somehow refined mixtures of red, blacks, whites. Her hair would be at her waist if she didn’t have it done up in a flat bun, using two braids from the left side of her head to form the braids which wrap around her bun, she keeps the front free and doesn’t try to do anything with it, preferring to move her hands through it often rather than have it all tied up. She also has a few piercings, one on the innerside of her right eyebrow and on the right side of her mouth. Small double ended ball piercing on her eyebrow and the same for the lip but with only one showing. Several piercings on her right ear, two simple ball ones and on the third is a small cross. Her eyes shows that same scheme, wild yet tamed which follows through with her own self. Her skin tone shows that her origin is Valish or Atlesian, some mixture of both. Her straight posture and refined movements show that she is someone who is always in practice and understands the concept that she can never stop learning. She carries a small cross shaped silver piece in her hair actually reveals her caring side, a small difference from her regular colors, yet shows that she will always make room for others.
Spoiler: show

Huntress clothing
Sol wears adequate clothing considering her environment that she grew up in. While the underlayer always changes she normally dons a grey thermal shirt for the colder temperatures of Atlas and gloves to match but usually will just use a long sleeved shirt of any kind, formal or not. Pants can either be long suit pants or grey cargo pants for comfort against the armour

The actual armor itself is mostly dark grey with some dark blue and golden engravings for decorational purposes. A smooth breastpiece split into two pieces, curved pauldrons with a slight uplift to protect her neck from the sides and beavages. Upper arm and elbow protection as well as vambraces that have gauntlets over them. A slightly heeled sabaton and greave in one piece. A hood of pure dark blue flannel, rimmed in white fur and normally looks just like a fur collar but pulling on it will show a full hood.

A last addition would be a cape, weaved with kinetic dust to stop projectiles when it comes into contact, kept in place under the besagews  with magnets, can pull it off with ease and will stay in place during combat. The cape is white due to the mass amount of kinetic dust that has been weaved.

        Sol’s clothing in non-combat or Atlas related activities is mostly determined by the fact that she has large chest, this means that her tops will consist of most clothing as long as it doesn’t feel tight, hoodies, jackets that can be unzipped/unbuttoned, loose v-necks, over-the-shoulder tops. Generally she tends to match the clothing with shorts, leggings or a combination of both.

A side note would be she has her hair down or a simple style when not wearing her huntress clothing or formal/Atlas events.

        Sol was born in Atlas to Ra Star (tacticians officer, Atlas Military) and Isabella Star (night club owner), the first of two sisters who would appear more different than dark and light. While she was growing up her father would always tell her stories as a kid, to her these stories were like blockbuster hits, her imagination filled her with ideas of being the one to rescue those who couldn’t help themselves, one particular story is what set her on her path to becoming the huntress that she is now. “The girl who tamed fire” was a story about a young adventurer who had an ability to manipulate fire as freely as it were her own body, saving people and slaying Grimm as she went on many adventures. Something had started in her heart which led her to follow that story, to become the girl she had practically idolized as kid.

        Ra saw this passion burning in her heart, something that inspires people, as soon as he saw that he knew he wouldn’t be able to fight it. She was almost like him, a force which could do so much good, vanquish evil and save the day. He had decided to unlock her aura and would see to that she would learn the basics of fighting. At first he couldn’t stop laughing, a girl, only ten, swinging a sword around like she was playing sword fighting with kids and their imaginary grimm, but he was able to look past the silliness and made sure to put her in the right tracks. Before she joined Atlas Academy her father had taught her all about the basic mannerisms of Atlas and made sure she would get off to a good start.

        When she started at Atlas she was treated like a doll, older upcoming hunters/huntresses called her cute and looked at her as the cutest, sweetest little thing. She idolized them and may have picked up on some of their more ‘mature’ natures which stuck with her through her later years at Atlas, as time went on she quickly grew out of the ‘cute’ stage and showed promise, her aura control developed faster due to previous training with her father, swordplay that she picked up from her father reading the books of her “idol’s” heroic movements and how she would cut down grimm had leaked into her style, everyone saw this and she became known as “Little Flame” in reference to the books she was told as a child.

        When she had passed her first four years and moved up she started to use the mannerisms that she picked up by her seniors and caused a little bit of trouble with some girls due to her charming nature and face. She matured greatly and with her team (SOLR) were one of the more common names in Atlas Academy. During her final year her sister and father was attacked, she may have taken a medical prototype airship instead of a regular transport to get to her sister, this decision saved her sister's life and she avoided punishment because of this fact.

        After SOLR’s final year in Atlas they had each decided on different routes, Sol was asked to join the Atlas Specialist but she declined. Her words were, “I still have much I want to see. But do me a favor and keep a position open, I might change my mind someday.” Those were her final words before she started exploring Remnant.

        Over the 5 years that she has been exploring Remnant she has seen a great many things, temples and ruins alike, human and faunas from all walks of life, becoming a very notorious name among the White Fang and developing a very close relationship with a very shy historian who resides in Vale.

         After those 5 years were up she had taken up a position in the Atlas Special Forces so she would be able to see her sister more and get to visit family and friends on a regular basis.

        Sol seems to bear all of the typical mannerisms that one would think of when “Atlas Specialist” comes to mind. She always has her posture correct, politeness to those who are both above and below her age and rank within Atlas military. She can sort of be described as the big sister that you could trust more than your own parents.

        She bears some traits that one would normally raise an eyebrow at, most commonly this can be seen as her ‘affectionate’ side, particularly those who seem to be troubled and would go to great lengths to make sure that they stay positive, or she is bored and sees an opportunity to slay her boredom.

        Under combat circumstances she still is very polite, even in potentially life threatening situations, some but not all could be, never hitting on her opponent when they are down , she will acknowledge everyone as her equal to not belittle anyone. Providing tips while in combat (only done in bouts with allies as she has no intention of dying.)

        Despite all of these good natured parts about her, she does possess a dark side, this side of her rarely sees the light of day, but when it does she turn borderline psychotic, dropping her regal manners in favor of a sharp and vulgar tongue, accompanied by her letting go of her morals and refinement. This side of her has only seen the light of day once, during her sisters capture, she set fire to everyone and thing without regard for their pleas of mercy and repentance. Physical details that can be noted are the fact that her eyes seem to be more narrow, her expressions ranging from emotionless to complete killer worthy.

        Lastly she doesn’t seem to have a gender preference, this would put her as an bisexual because she has a greater care about ‘how they think’, rather than ‘how they look’... unless they are cute. She has a large weakness to things that are cute, from stuffed animals to puppies and people that hide their face behind their hair, those that blush easily and etc.

Aura and Semblance: Solar Guard
        Aura: Solar guard is the name of her semblance. Her ability to release purging flames out from her body and items in near contact (one meter), this semblance takes energy to release the flames but as soon as they are released the cost drains to nothing to keep the fire going, but if she were to manipulate it then the energy cost will creep up depending on the amount that she is manipulating and for how long, she can also manipulate fires at a large distance (fifteen meters). Some things to note is that she can’t make a flame instantly appear on another person with aura due to that very reason as the aura cancels out the direct spawning of flames. However taking advantage of flames that the enemies have made are still within exception. She also boasts a very high resistance to any and all fire based attacks.

Combat Behavior: Sol shows a major preference for a classical style of fighting, using traditional techniques that have been slightly altered to make use of her strength and dexterity. She wields her longsword in two hands but can easily wield it with either her right or left single-handedly

        Sol fights in a perfect recreation of old medieval knight style with a dash of swordplay from her childhood books. Wielding a single longsword with a shield or sometimes a knife and has evolved her style slightly with the applications of modern technology and her semblance. While her core style is pure weaponry based and does not feature any use of her semblance, this being an “addition” upon her combat style.

        Right handed and keeping her left side forward to take advantage of the extra armor on her arm, she makes sure to always position herself within sword range and is always thinking of the possible routes her enemy could take and if she is versing multiple enemies will keep an eye out for them. Her only ranged capabilities are from the kinetic dust fueled slice attacks provided by Night banisher. Also manipulation of flames if the enemy is close enough for a surprise attack. Abandoning her armour does increase her speed tremendously but does mean that when hit she takes the full blow of the attack rather then having her armour take off a large percentage.

        One thing to note is her psychotic side, as aforementioned in her personality she drops all of her refined nature, she uses her sword in one hand, keeping her left free to either form up the shield or grab the enemy and smash them with her fire semblance.


Name: Night Banisher

Primary Form: N.B. is a double handed longsword,130cm in length and bearing a thick hilt and a thicker than average blade. The blade itself has a sharp edge but through dust usage will always bear a concentrated form of dust attacks.

Secondary Form: The center of the blade splits and a bright power of dust will appear (bearing there respected element) with the edge of the blade also glowing brighter. Perfectly functioning as a normal sword and has two forms of slices (expanding on dust functions).

The ice and earth dust slowly form from the edge of the blade and slowly grow towards the centre. Fire will freely be released from the edge and kinetic will cause a slight disruption of air around the edge.

Dust Functions:
Close range: this attack is at it’s strongest when in close range and slowly diminishes over distance (speed isn’t affected). Infusion with dust can alter the property of the attack and will also affect the edge of the blade

Long range: this attack starts out weaker but will quickly gain in strength and keep growing stronger over distance and faster until its max limit is reached and is causes a large explosion. (100 meter limit)

        Dust elements

Fire - turning the strike red and heating up the general area of the strike. Releasing fire in a crescent moon shape and depending on the speed will determine how tight or wide the spread is. (Qrow’s strike from “Volume 3, Chapter 3, It’s brawl in the Family” is a good example of the speed)

Kinetic - The regular form of strike that she does, a white strike and anything close to the strike depending on the strength of the strike will determine how off course the projectile or attack will be. When contact is formed on the strike it sends a large knockback to the target, this is affected less by distance and will send even large targets flying back. (About 1.5 times faster than her fire strike)

Earth - The strike is brown and is a very heavy strike, slower and more useful at close range designed with inflicting direct damage. When contact is made it splits and creates about fifteen large spikes in the direction of the slice.

Ice - Ice works in a similar fashion to earth except the speed is faster than earth but slower than the fire strike, freezing the ground it travels along and upon impact will cause a massive drop in temperature, and causing a frozen area for trapping with the same concept as the fire strike. It will also cause the ground around the stricken area to freeze.

        Her only offensive weapon crafted in Atlas Academy, designed after initial concepts from “The girl who tamed fire” and had it made to work with more dust types than just the fire element which was presented in the story.

Name: Svalinn

Primary Form:
        This shield is actually her left gauntlet, the secondary piece that curves over the left gauntlet is its folded form. Inside the actual gauntlet itself it contains dust technology that was crafted by her sister and installed upon her non-favored arm as tradition would be to carry the shield in the non-dominant arm.

Secondary Form:
        The shield makes several clicking noises as the pieces separate, then they start moving in a counterclockwise direction until it forms a full circle, then the shield trues up with the very bottom piece and it connects through magnetism and steel curved pieces connect each and every section of the shield together.

Dust Functions:
        When the shield is formed, it releases a kinetic dust based formula which covers the shield, deflecting heavy impacts that would send most hunters/huntresses flying, even from heavy, strength based fighters.

        A second feature of the shield is that the kinetic dust can give the shield a wider area to protect then the actual limits of the shield itself,

        She can alternately shield bash an opponent and use the kinetic dust to send an opponent flying back.

        The shield was originally only able to fold out. However her sister got her hands on it and added the kinetic dust function as a way to offer extra protection.

Name: Mo Ye

Primary Form:
       A single handed knife, matte black in colour and implemented with a dust based handle to give the blade a desired effect. It is hidden in her left gauntlet and flies into her hand with a sharp wrist motion

Secondary Function:
       The knife can also be used as a hacking device, insertion into things such as ports and items with chips will allow for the device to breach security and can act as a more silent approach to usual tactics. This is done by having a hacking program in the dagger so that is the actual “hacker.”

Dust Functions:
       a small button located on the top (bottom?) of the handle will trigger the currently active dust effect.

Fire - Fire will cause the blade to cover itself in flames, used as more of a deterrent than an actual attack.

Electric - Electric dust can trigger muscle spasms or short circuiting of more technical based weaponry. Also powers the blade for its secondary function.

Kinetic - Kinetic dust in the blade acts in a similar way to the shield, used to parry attacks and if the need should arise, can also form a small kinetic slice about one third the power of her sword.

        After her sister’s recovery, Menrva had designed the knife for Sol as a way to say thanks, a simple gesture in her eyes but one that she appreciated nonetheless.

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