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I'll be answering all questions related to my characters OOC.
If I suddenly stop responding to questions in this thread, I've most probably forgotten the thread exists.

Approved Characters / Caja a Dintagel
« on: September 16, 2016, 02:27:20 PM »

Caja a Dintagel

17, born 25th of Machlud 62 AC

Species and Gender:
Female, dog (labrador) faunus

Two interlocking circles forming a vesica piscis within a circle, bisected by a sword through the centre -

Beacon student - 1st year

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair: Blonde, with bangs down to her shoulders and a ponytail which also reaches down to her shoulders.
Eyes: Blue
Build: Lithe with moderately toned muscles, but mostly skinny and slender. - Drawn by Rush. (Imagine similar faunus features on all six images).

Caja is fairly short and also quite thin, giving her a mildly feeble or weak looking appearance. Despite her outward appearance her body is actually quite lean, with ample muscles beneath her porcelain skin, giving her fairly wiry strength. While she is stronger than she may first appear, she is still weaker than average, focusing on athletic skill over raw physical power. Her pale skin is matched nicely by her pale eyes and blonde hair, which she usually keeps tied up in some way in order to prevent it from becoming a nuisance during both combat and everyday life. A pair of brown, slightly droopy canine ears peak out from her hair and a similarly-coloured tail is found protruding from her lower back. The girl also has a black tattoo of an angular ‘J’ on her right buttcheek, high enough that it’s usually visible when wearing clothing that reveals her lower back.

Due to her less than adventurous upbringing, Caja arrived at Becaon wearing mostly traditional clothing, inspired by her mother: Plain or frilly blouses, simple button-up shirts, long knee or ankle-length skirts, tights, stockings and plain brown leather shoes. Most of this clothing consisting of various shades of blue.

However, due to her exposure to the more modern, metropolitan and popular fashion of the Vale mainland and persuasion from her boyfriend, Caja has slowly begun to ditch her older taste in fashion and has begun to wear more casual and revealing clothing, mostly consisting of crop tops, tank tops, tube tops, t-shirts, leather jackets, Daisy Dukes, short-shorts, shorter skirts, ankle boots and overall less coverage on her legs, yet, despite her change in colours, the girl still maintains her blue-based colouration. Despite her shift towards casual clothing, the girl will still sometimes wear her old clothing. Also due to influence from her boyfriend, Caja has begun to wear a black and blue leather collar and matching wristbands, the collar has a small, pink, heart-shaped tag, reading ‘Pet’ on one side, while the other side as an angular J-shaped symbol, identical to her tattoo.

Before joining Beacon, Caja and Bryluen made a combat outfit together, it consists of a small white dress, the hem of which reaches Caja’s mid-thigh area, a separate white collar, a blue bowtie, a pair of blue stockings, a pair of white silk gloves and a blue bow in her hair. This outfit is one of the only pieces of clothing kept consistent by Caja.

Caja’s history is heavily influenced by her parent’s, so let me begin there… Caja’s mother, Bryluen, was not a huntress or anything remarkable and special. She simply got a basic non-combat education in Vale and left schooling as soon as possible to pursue a career for money, partially due to a lack of academic skill, but also due to her greediness. Not exactly the best decision in hindsight, but whatever.

On the other side of the spectrum was Caja’s father, Uthir. He was a canine faunus, much like Caja herself. Uthir spent most of his life focused on combat training and other aspects of combat education, and eventually fulfilled his dreams of becoming a hunter after he graduated from Beacon academy. The man didn’t spend long working as a hunter, however, as his ambitions quickly changed to wishing to protect the rights of his own race, the faunus, and gave up his hunting career in order to join the white fang. At the time, the white fang was relatively peaceful and Uthir gladly participated in their organised protests and boycotts, but as the organisation turned to a more violent approach, the man lost interest and returned to his original hunting duties for a while.

After a few years, Caja’s father met Bryluen and formed a relationship with her, eventually deciding to settle down with the woman and again ceased his activities as a hunter. Soon, Caja herself was born and the trio enjoyed a period of peace. Unfortunately, this peace did not last, as the now-radical white fang had been keeping an eye on their ex-members, and seeing Uthir as both a traitor to their cause for leaving, and a traitor to their race for marrying and breeding with a human, the terrorists decided to take their vengeance out on the man, in the form of a car bomb. The explosive killed Uthir immediately as he attempted to start up his vehicle, but luckily, Bryluen and Caja were not harmed.

Seeing herself and her baby as the next target, Bryluen decided to relocate to a small, remote peninsula along the coast of vale and changed her surname to ‘a Dintagel’, in hopes that the white fang wouldn’t be able to find her.

The peninsular Caja grew up on, Dintagel, had a very low population of around three thousand inhabitants, most of which were older couples who had moved there to escape the busy city-life of the mainland. Due to this low population and higher than average age, Caja found it quite hard to socialise with children of her age and therefore spent most of her childhood alone, only really having proper contact with her mother, and even that was spent during the times that she was free from work. Due to this lack of interaction at a young age, Caja still has a deep desire for making friends and socialising with almost everybody she meets, leading to her rather boisterous personality at times. As Caja grew older, she realised that her mother was struggling somewhat with financial issues, she managed to care for the pair and pay the bills, but she was forced to work multiple jobs at once in order to maintain this level of income, which upset Caja slightly and lead to the main motivation for her future career. Once she was old enough, Caja decided that she would get a job to help her mother with her monetary issues. Caja understood that while her intelligence-based skills were decent, her physical abilities easily outmatched them, leading to Caja focusing on combat-based careers, specifically becoming a huntress. While Caja never mentioned it to her mother, there was a second reason for wishing to become a huntress, the girl wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. She had never met Uthir, apart from when she was a baby, but the tales and stories told of him by Bryluen were extremely inspiring.

Settling on following the career of becoming a huntress, Caja soon joined Signal academy once she was old enough to learn and improve her combat skills. By the end of the first segment of her educational career, it was evident that Caja excelled in combative topics and studies, but her more in depth and academic subjects were rather average. Yet, despite her downsides, she managed to pass the Beacon entrance exams and secure a place for herself at the academy.

Soon after joining, Caja was sorted into team VCVS and has even begun a relationship with the team’s leader, Juno Vert.

Due to her early years of loneliness and isolation to people of her age group which persisted until she began her enrollment at Signal, the girl was affected fairly oddly. Instead of becoming withdrawn and introverted like one would expect, the girl has become quite the opposite, she is extremely extroverted and friendly with the majority of people she meets, attempting to befriend or at least communicate with as many as people as possible, mostly to make up for the time she spent alone in her early years. Her lust for friendship and contact with others can be quite off-putting to others, especially if they don’t share her state of mind, and may lead to irritation to people who merely want to be left alone.

Something which can prevent her from having the social life which she desires is her completely outspoken racism against faunus. While this may appear strange at first, considering the girl is one herself, the racially-motivated murder of her father at the hands of the white fang left an imprint on her. Caja doesn’t understand why the faunus, especially the white fang continue to commit violent acts, despite having equal rights to humans, and merely attributes this to the faunus race being generally violent and self-centred. Caja much prefers to spend time with humans rather than her own kind, feeling much more comfortable around them (and also for the fact that communication with other faunus tends to end badly). This audacious racism can cause both faunus and politically-correct humans to take an instant dislike to her.

In general, Caja is fairly easy going and free-spirited, preferring to merely go with the flow and not get worked up too badly with issues that are not too important to her. This mentality can also sometimes leech over to her education, but she manages to keep that under control fairly well. She is pretty confident; not afraid to speak her mind or worry about things, so she is more than happy to try things out, thinking mostly along the lines of ‘what could go wrong?’, rather than focusing on what actually could go wrong due to her actions.

Aura and Semblance:
(Totally not reused from that other character I made that one time, which I retconned) Her semblance is very useful for her fighting style, it allows her to teleport to anywhere she can picture in her head, for example, if Caja pictured herself sitting on a bench 5 meters to her left, she would teleport onto the bench, just as she had pictured herself. This semblance has some limitations however, Caja has to picture the place she wants to go to in her head, meaning that she must be able to see it at the current time, or have the image of it in her memory, places she has never been before cannot be pictured in her head, meaning that she can't teleport there. The semblance uses about 1% of Caja's aura per meter teleported, meaning that she could make 100 teleportations of 1 meter each, or one teleportation of 100m, but this would use up all of her aura, completely draining her and rendering unable to use her semblance until she has recharged it. Caja can also move other people with her as long as they are touching her, but this uses double the base aura per extra person being teleported, and will drain her much more rapidly.
Her aura colour is a light shade of blue. 0096FF

Combat Behavior:
Caja's main focus is her speed, she can run up to speeds of around 23 mph and also has very good reaction speed, so she can see attacks and react to them quickly to avoid them. To help with her speed, she also has very high stamina, meaning that she can continue fighting for a long time before getting tired. Her confidence is also useful as she will sometimes use risky tactics, which can be quite beneficial... If they work.

Caja's main method of attack is rapid hit-and-run style attacks. She will dart into combat, swinging or shooting in rapid succession, before retreating again. She often uses her raw speed to suit this method of attack, but will also regularly use her semblance to get in and out fast.

Her main weakness in combat is that she has to get close to her foes to be effective due to her fighting style and weapons, but when in range this is no longer a problem, however, the act of getting in range may prove difficult. Her confidence is also a weakness, as she can sometimes be over confident and her tactics can fail, which usually leads to bad consequences or arguments with her team leader. Due to having a smaller build than most, she isn't very durable in battle and can't take many hits, hence the hit-and-run style combat being favoured.



Primary Form:
Dual identical 10.2x25.1mm handguns with 15 round magazines, but can also accept shorter 10 round magazines which are used in stealth-combat as they give a lower profile and are much lighter. The pistols can fire many types of ammunition including hollow points for soft targets, full metal jacket for armoured targets and even small explosive rounds. They both can fire as fast as the trigger is pulled, giving a potentially high rate of fire. Due to the power of the cartridge and the weight of the pistols, there is quite a lot of recoil, meaning that long range repetitive firing is not a viable tactic most of the time, forcing Caja to move in close if she desires to be effective in combat. While the round does not have the best accuracy in the world, it's not exactly sub-par in that field either. The custom 10mm rounds also have a large amount of energy behind them, reaching around 1350J with a 165 grain projectile, in other words, they do a lot of damage. The weapons can also accept under barrel attachments, such as flashlights or laser pointers.   

The rounds are custom made by Caja, using commercially available 11.5x30.4mm brass which she shortens and necks down to accept a smaller 10.2mm bullet, leading to a lower overall energy output and wound capability, but less recoil, higher velocity and higher armour penetration.

Secondary Form:
The two pistols combine together to form the hilt of a sword, whilst a blade extends from the gap between the two weapons, forming a short-sword with an overall length of 114cm and a blade length of 89cm The blade is double-edged with a point at the tip, allowing for slashing and stabbing attacks. The sword is fairly light, weighing in at 2kg, allowing for pretty rapid attacks. Whilst the sword is fairly deadly on it's own, the pistols in the hilt can be fired with a trigger, causing the recoiling forces of the pistols to form a couple and exert torque on the blade, causing it to spin rapidly in the hilt, creating a kind of drill-blade. The rotating effect of the sword is great for deflecting blows from grimm or other melee weapons, but can also shred flesh if a hit is landed with it, creating a very large wound cavity.

Dust Functions:
None, other than dust-tipped bullets she will sometimes buy.

The weapon originally belong to her father, but was kept by Bryluen and handed down to Caja once she was old enough to begin combat training.
As for where Caja’s father got it from… He got it from his father, who got it from his father, who got it from his father… You get the picture.

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