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Coconut felt great satisfaction as his blade passed through the grimm. His mind barely registered Amane's bullet helping him along, but O.T.N. pathetically dinking off of the last grimm snapped him back to reality. The first thing he noted was Prism's voice calling out behind him.

She thought he was cool!

The stupid grin he had was wiped off of his face as the alpha began its charge. It wasn't charging directly at Coconut - it seemed intent on getting past him in order to get to Amane, who had enraged the beast with her shots.

Not if he can help it!

Cocunut, reeled back O.T.N. in both of his hands, the pommel of the sword reaching behind his back. As the creature bounced forward, Coco jabbed the blade forward. He took the hit from the beast, wincing as the pain spread throughout his body, in order to lodge O.T.N. in the creature's side. It might not kill the thing, but that wasn't his intent - he just needed to throw it off balance and buy Amane some time.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [████████--] 80%
  Aura: [█████████-] 92%

"Hahaa, that sounds gre-" Coconut was in the middle of giving Jocelyn an entirely *not*-creepy response when the howling began. Oh, lord, the howling - Coco had never heard so many and this up close. The sound send shivers of fear and excitement down the boy's back. It was time to show what he was made of.

Coco's fight theme: パラサイト(Parasite) - nqrse feat. まふまふ and luz

The six beowolves and the alpha emerged just as Coco took hold of O.T.N. with both of his hands, swinging it back around in front of himself, his cloak swaying with his movements. With the way the creatures were running towards him, they'd be just close enough together for Coconut to hold the advantage. He'd just have to rely on the rest of his team to deal with the Alpha.

As the group closed in the boy made a dash forward, his blade held at a 45 degree angle to his right. He swung his blade forward while slamming his foot on the ground on his last step, launching the blade forward in an arc which would strike the six beasts if only the blade passed through them all. The first two or three would be no problem, but once he'd hit the fourth grimm he'd feel the strain in his arms. By the time he'd reached the last beowolf, the blade could get stuck. He cursed himself for not taking his time with the creatures, but he wasn't sure if he ever had a better choice.

He just clenched his teeth and tightened his muscles, prepared to suffer if any of the wolves lived to retaliate. Jocelyn might need to bring his aura back up sooner than expected.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [████████--] 80%
  Aura: [██████████] 100%

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: April 18, 2018, 11:02:59 AM »
Marvin knew already that Silica couldn't find out a single thing about the girl's past. The only thing he knew was that the girl had come here from Vacuo at some point - they had run into a similar problem looking into Rory's past, but not to this extent. It seemed clear that 'Mythos' was not her given name - the name had been linked with the criminal underground for years. Much longer than she could be responsible for.

Taking a few seconds to take in her word, Marvin made a decision to believe her. If she had a reason to lie, then it must have been a good one.

"A void? I would hardly say that. An empty void wouldn't recognize itself as such, nor would a void feel the need to explain itself to some stubborn old fool." He responded. He averted his gaze momentarily and instead took place to the girl's right, leaning against the wall much the same she was doing. It was hardly a calculated move, even if it seemed like such - it was just a more comfortable position to the man as well.

"I won't claim to know or understand what you've been through, or how you think. All I can tell you is what I know of myself. Of huntsmen." Marvin crossed his arms, looking towards the opposite wall. For a moment it seemed that a smile had crept up on his lips, but if it had, it faded away as quickly as it appeared.

"There are undoubtedly huntsmen out there who do it for the glory. For the thrill of it, or for the chance to prove themselves. I was all three, for that matter. Hell, so our entire team, my wife included. And still, you can call it a load of bull, but I've always felt that every huntsman has a bigger reason why they've taken this path. Some understand that reason before they even start training, others never figure it out in their entire lives. But there is... something." He looked towards Mythos again. "Far too many huntsmen wind up turning their weapons on their fellow man. What separates the good ones from the bad is that they don't make a habit of it."

He then looked back towards the wall. "I'll be taking full responsibility for what happened here tonight. For better or for worse, I should be able to keep what happened here as much of a secret as it could possibly be. If the authorities ask you anything, feel free to tell them I called the shots - or made them. Up to you."

There was a short pause, as if the man was looking for a way to finish his thought. FInally, he added: "And... never forget those whose lives you've taken. Lord knows I wish I had not made that mistake."

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:56:36 AM »
Marvin gave some of his men their final orders to finish escorting everyone out and to meet with the authorities before the business man would head to see them himself, then followed Mythos into the hall.

He stood in front of her for a moment, not averting his gaze from hers. He seemed to be reading her, from her posture and tone of voice to the tiniest movements of her body. Finally, he spoke up.

"I only have one thing to ask you. Why did you choose to become a huntress, Mythos?" he asked. His tone wasn't harsh, nor was it friendly or conversational. He spoke as if he was simply negotiating some business deal; if the events which had transpired in the past hour had any effect on him, it didn't show. "If you don't want to answer, you don't have to."

Beacon Academy / Re: Eye Of The Observer [CLOSED]
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:48:11 AM »
The faunus girl was definitely cute. Attractive. Smoking hot could be the right term - but it seemed that those two were super close. Apparently partners. It seems that Juno had been gone for a while, and they had some catching up to do. Maybe it would have been best for Coconut to take his leave and -

"A-are the cuffs and collar a-a sex thing?" he asked, his hand quivering as he pointed his index finger towards the accessories. At some point he had taken a step forward to get a better look. As he asked this, he simultaneously processed the answer the two had given him. Went a bit further? If the two were banging already, could they be planning to get married? Man, that'd be kind of intense.

Three minutes... Three bloody minutes until the grimm got there. The fun was about to start.

Coconut looked down at the slope and pondered for a moment. "You guys use guns, right? Probably a good idea to put some distance between you lot and me." He commented and took a few steps down the hill. As he walked, he grabbed O.T.N. by the hilt and took the weapon off of his back, swinging it forward to then hold it in both hands. He weighed his weapon for a moment.

"I'll have to be the front line, right? But I can't cover all of it on my own... Maybe I could..." He took a stance about halfway down the hill, staring down at the forest looking for any movement. Not seeing any, he spoke up again. "...stand about here. Then you ladies could shoot the ones that make it past me, yeah?"

He then blinked and turned to face the others for a moment, sword resting over his shoulder for now. "Is that dumb?"

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [██████████] 100%
  Aura: [██████████] 100%

Coconut was dumbstruck. The sight of Prism heading their way with her wings out was dazzling to the boy - for multiple reasons. He had no idea that their team leader was actually a faunus... He wanted to pet those wings. So bad.

"I uh... You... yeah, I got it," he responded to her question, eyes fixated on the wings. They were just so shiny. " Are those... real?" he asked excitedly. Almost certainly too excitedly.

He then shook his head to keep himself somewhat focused. He briefly noted Ferus' return in his armor and all - he made a mental note to ask the teacher about his workout routine after the mission - and then turned to Amane to see what he had to do. He watched her carefully and silently to try and keep her actions in mind, though the things she did with that angle thing and that other doohickey was beyond him. He did get the gist of it, however, and got to making his own digging tool and jamming spears into holes.

"Oh, sure, yeah. It's... Pretty lame, though," he said. He grabbed a nearby pebble and placed it in his palm. Moments later, the pebble's color changed to a creamy white. "I can sort of 'take colors' from things then put them elsewhere." The boy then tapped the shaft of the spear he was holding, a dark grey blotch of color spreading from his finger. "Something like that."

"The only ones dying today are the grimm who thought they could mess with us - you have my word on that!" Coconut responded after the rest of the team had given their input. He then looked over Prism's shoulder to briefly check the sketch that Amane had made. It seemed simple enough, but he'd probably wait for Amane to show how she wants all the stuff to be set up in practice. Cream knew he'd mess it up somehow.

"On it!" he had responded to his order from Amane. He gathered as many spears as he could physically carry - and it was a sizeable amount, though he was now straining himself a little - and started waddling towards the main gate. He set the spears down on the ground and looked out towards the forest, taking a deep breath, then exhaling slowly. He then just waited around for his team, while trying to look as serious and important as he could, like a guard at the gate. Maybe he looked cool for the kids, but his expression made him seem a bit dorky.

Coconut had nodded to Ferus as the group made it down the ramp. As soon as his feet touched the ground, his right hand raised slightly in order to always be near the hilt of his weapon. It was a habit Ether had passed onto him, to always be ready to fight when on a mission. Usually, he'd just keep his hand on his weapon as it laid in its sheath, but as he had opted to keep it in its larger form, he somewhat awkwardly rasted his hand over his shoulder.

The boy smiled even wider than he had been before when the kids ran up to them. He gave Prism and the children a thumbs up, registering Prism's slightly threatening glance. "Right! You can count on us!" he proclaimed confidently.

He briefly glanced around the rest of the village. These people were counting on them. This wasn't just a game or a test this time. It was for real. People's lives were at stake. A sudden sense of pride overtook Coconut, a big, dumb grin plastered on his face.

Coconut had, of course, apologized for staring after getting acan thrown at his head. He then settled in for the rest of the ride to the village while continuing to check the girls while being as subtle as an ursa is gallant. Whenever he realized that Prism had noticed his staring, however, he did his best to appear as if he was just staring out the window or something. It wasn't particularly effective.

As the airship closed in on the village, a look of almost childish excitement spread across Coconut's face. His first proper mission with his team. It was exhilarating to say the least.

He didn't need any extraneous equipment, or much preparation. He just needed his sword and ground to stand on. Despite its simplicity, O.T.N. in its larger form was great for fighting grimm; the boy kept its blade sharp enough to slice through the smaller grimm with little effort. Still, he could only fight effectively with it for so long before running out of breath. As such, after Amene's questions were answered, he turned to the teacher.

"How long do you think the evac will take?" he asked. He'd fight on fumes if he had to - he'd just prefer it if he didn't.

Beacon Academy / Re: Eye Of The Observer [CLOSED]
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:15:17 AM »
Coconut's mind was running a mile a minute here as it continued to process the situation in front of him. A girl - a faunus - had jumped on Juno, the boy apparently having to activate his aura just to remain standing. While his sgaze had intiially focused on the girl's features, he now took a closer look at her outfit.

Garters. Cuffs. Collar.

It felt a bit like he had been hit in the head. He certainly felt woozy - a slight sweat had worked up on the back of his neck. Beacon really was special, wasn't it?

"A-are you t-two... a thing?" He finally blurted out. His tone of voice was a bit odd and hard to place. It mostly sounded.... excited?

Coconut followed the team onto the ship and took a seat as the conversation began to unfold around him. He picked up one of the mines and decided to examine it for a moment. He didn't even bother downloading that scroll app. He shouldn't even be entrusted with operating a toaster - an anti-personnel mine was a bit much.

He then realized that he was the only one who hadn't really explained his abilities. Not that there was much to explain. "I'm a melee fighter. Don't really have any semblance to speak of... Or gun, or nothing. I usually just go in hard." he explained, tapping O.T.N.'s hilt on his back, then accepted one of the donuts offered by Prism. "I could maybe set these mines up when I'm out there, but I'm probably not going to be the one to blow 'em."

For a moment, he considered his teammate's abilities outside of them being cute girls. A sniper, a... ranged healer, however that worked, and...

"What sort of fighting do you do, Amane?" he asked, looking towards the girl. Speaking to the boy directly was... Odd. He definitely didn't take his eyes off of his conversation partner, it's just that he had a tendency to not look at the other person's face all that much.

Coconut was brought back into reality by the smack to the back of his head and Ferus' helpful little piece of advice. He visibly jumped upon realizing he had drifted off in the first place. "O-oh! Yeah, sorry, hi! I'm Coconut, but you can call me Coco, or Cream, or... or anything."

While he was pretty sure Ferus was just joking, he did instinctively cup his hands together in front of his family jewels. It wouldn't actually be the first time if one of them did decide to strike him where it hurts. "Sorry!" he repeated, before his lascivious look returned yet again. It almost seemed like his default expression. "I-I am also looking forward to working with you all." While his words were in response to Amane, the intent was clearly a bit... off.

Still in a slightly protective pose, the boy followed his team along to the Bullhead. He seemed to be slightly lagging behind, though. To call it obvious would be seriously underselling it.

Coconut coughed a couple of times more and bent forward slightly upon getting hit on the back. "Gah- Thanks, I'm f-fine!" he sputtered out. So much for making a good first impression.

The boy then jumped at the sudden appearance of the fourth member of their team - the girl had literally just flown in. With wings. Holy hell.

With everyone here, he was able to finally see the three girls he'd be teaming up with in one place.

The first girl who had been the one to smack him from behind was also the shortest of the group, at least a head or two shorter than Coconut himself. If he hadn't already known that all his teammates were girls and if she hadn't already spoken, Coconut wouldn't be able to immediately guess she was a girl. With a flat chest, rather plain outfit and rather short hair, she seemed rather tomboyish - but she was also still pretty cute. Plus, look at how short she was!

"...Fine" He muttered again, a smile creeping up in the corners of his lips.

The second girl was just slightly more feminine than the first, with longer hair, though she was dressed somewhat plainly as well. She was also a bit taller and sported a more... developed figure than the first, which was something Coconut made sure to appreciate on first glance. She seemed to be the most withdrawn of the three - Cream made a mental note to try and chat with her and figure out what her deal was.

"Fiiiine..." Coconut repeated himself, almost withdrawing himself from the current situation by now, lost in his own little world.

And the last girl... Man, she was pretty! She was also the girliest of the bunch, though not as in-shape as many of the girls he had seen on school grounds already. Never the less, Cream's sight quickly jumpoed from her blouse, to her skirt, to her legs, and then back up to do it all over again.

"Hahaah... Fine." He huffed out, salivating. He was gone already.

Beacon Academy / Re: Eye Of The Observer [CLOSED]
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:05:56 AM »
"Oh, hah, this thing? Yeah, I like putting stuff in my-" Cream spoke but was cut off by someone screaming out Juno's name. He turned his head just in time to watch the girl run in and embrace the boy. Coconut's mouth was left agape as he looked her up and down, briefly glancing only briefly back to Juno.

"I like stuff in my uhhhh. In uh. Yeah." He then blinked and shook his head. His gaze notably refocused on Akel, though not really on her face. ""...What was i talking about... Hey, hi, I'm Nut. Coconut. Cream. Hi."

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