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The Beowolf that was targeting Tina was not happy at all about being interrupted. It bared its teeth and was about to attack when Nero did first, too confused with the girl's speed to be able to react well. It reacted quickly though, growling and jumping away from her, in the direction the group had come from, then turned to face Nero. It leaped once again, swiping a front leg at her.

In the meanwhile, Aurora nodded at Gwylan, pulling back the two knives embedding in the third Beowolf to then throw at the one that was starting to recover. They both stuck, one in its shoulder and the other in its abdomen. Taking advantage of the moment, Aurora removed her machetes from her back and descended upon the creature, ducking under a clumsy swipe and slashing at its legs to bring it to the ground. She sheathed her machetes and finished it with a throwing knife to the head, using her semblance to push it all the way through before pulling it back once again.

That done with, she noticed the third Grimm leap at Nero, immediately reacting by throwing one of the knives that'd been embedded in the recently killed one at her feet at the creature, striking the other one's front leg, throwing it a little off balance. Nero would have to deal from there.

The last Beowolf was viciously swiping at Gwylan, but cleverly retreating quickly, trying to stay out of the range of Gwylan's trident. As it saw Aurora turn her back though, it quickly turned its attention to her instead.

Beacon Academy / Re: Active [VCVS]
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Cerise exhaled in relief as Verdant stopped to tell her that they'd arrived. Finally. And the dorm itself wasn't too shabby either. Even if it was, she didn't have much choice, it was going to be her home for the next few years. At least, it would be if everything worked out with team VCVS. The layout was nice and simple, it was really unneccesary to point everything out as Verdant had done, but that was probably just courtesy or whatever. She didn't really care.

Removing her shoes and setting her stuff against the wall next to the door, Cerise stepped fully into the place. She was just about to respond to Verdant when she saw Samuel there. Strange, she didn't see him in the hallways... Oh well. "I can prepare it myself." Prepare was actually kind of stretching it, considering she was thinking of bread and butter. Cerise walked over to the fridge to search for and find butter, Verdant had already unwittingly done her the favor of setting out the other ingrediant. She took a bit to find where they kept utensils and the such, where she took out a butter knife. Everything ready, Cerise started to butter two slices of bread for her breakfast.

Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
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Jadyn narrowed her eyes at Ismael. Strange kid. But she shook it off, instead saying, "I think you should get some of those. No serious threats, but there might be a few stray Beowolves. Or snakes. Again, snake problem." She shrugged. "Up to you though."

While she waited on that, Jadyn restlessly looked around at her surroundings, the tightness in her expression clear as day. "As you can see on the map, Eden's arranged pretty neatly, like a grid. Would you like to thread through the village first or do a perimeter sweep first? Up to you. Just... don't make too much of a ruckus around here. They like their peace." Quietly, she added "Maybe too much..."

Meanwhile, Mauve was still heading towards her destination, her left hand on the hilt of one of her weapons, always on the ready for an attack. She also kept her eyes sharp, to notice anything out of the ordinary. It appeared though, that the only disturbances that she would be met with were stray cats and a few snakes. They didn't look too dangerous, but the most deadly ones never did. "Watch your step," she cautioned him. "Our slithery friends don't seem too happy even without a rogue foot on them."

"We're heading to the barracks first," Mauve told Russell as they neared the intersection where their points of interest lie. "I'd suppose they have the most to tell us, about supplies, village layout, specific things to pay attention to regarding this town, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Omhiaba?" She reverted back to using his last name, slightly chastising herself for slipping and using his first name earlier. She was also a bit disappointed he hadn't said much yet. He didn't seem much like the social type, or maybe that was just because of her high-ranking status. She doubted that he hadn't heard of her, or at least her last name before, being a former citizen of Atlas. But some people didn't pay attention to debutante scandal, as her tragedies would be to normal people.

Not sure if it's too important, but dude, just arrange the name Western style. My character Lien is Vietnamese/Chinese-ish and her name isn't arranged Eastern (yes, it's not just Japan, darling) style. You can put it in parentheses or something though, I did that. Tbh probs doesn't even matter, it's just... Japan and Asia doesn't exist and who knows how Mistralian names are arranged? We don't have anything concrete yet.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 21, 2017, 03:08:10 AM »
This was it then. Aurora nodded to show her assent for Gwylan's plan, lifting her right arm to prepare to throw.

It seemed like an eternity to Aurora, but in reality it was probably only a few seconds. The first Grimm rounded the corner and showed some sort of surprise at seeing the three. It quickly got over this though, growling to the other two and snarling at the team. The one on the left used its claws to get a grip on the walls of the hedge maze, clearing the thing in one bound to turn back down and prepare itself for attacking from above. The other two slowly crept forwards, beside each other, not good for Gwylan's plan.

Aurora moved before the Grimm did. Quickly, she threw both knives at the Beowolf on the right, then used her semblance to repel the knives, both actions trying and succeeding to push the Grimm out of the way and hopefully giving Gwylan the opportunity to slam the middle one. Resisting the instinctual urge to hold out her hands while using her semblance, Aurora readied two more knives, but did not throw them, focusing instead on the pushing and hoping that Gwylan made his move soon.

Up on the wall, the remaining creature turned its head quickly from left to right before choosing Tina to attack, not noticing Nero in the shadows. It growled, hunched down, then sprung forward, leaping off of the hedge maze's wall and straight at the small girl who it'd apparently singled out as the least imposing target.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: May 19, 2017, 08:02:11 AM »
"Yay, girl time..." Lien said, trying and failing once more to be cheerful. She hoped that Mythos didn't see her pathetic attempt as reluctance, because that wasn't it at all. To be honest Mythos was... different, in a way. Lien wasn't really sure if that was a good thing or not. But she seemed nice enough, and she just looked so much like her... A familiar face was always hard not to trust. Or want to trust.

Lien tilted her head almost cutely in curiousity when Jett suggested a motorcycle. "Reminds me of a toy," she remarked. "Not that that's a bad thing though. Challenges are always nice, and making it look more refined will be one." She sent a smile Jett's way, hoping that she hadn't accidently implied that Jett's carving wasn't refined usually. After though, she just hugged her shoeless legs to her chest, getting comfy and just relaxing, not sleeping for fear that something would happen that'd catch her off-guard.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:44:51 AM »
"Go ahead on sky duty," said Aurora. "But I'd say that even if we're emitting slightly negative emotions, the other people here are much more scared. If in a last resort situation, we could use the Grimm to locate where the most people are." She looked over her shoulder. "Though, it doesn't really matter, because we're saving everyone." Then, Aurora turned back to look ahead of her, where Gwylan was taking the lead. "Could be useful if some bunkers are empty though. Still, big risk."

Aurora quickened her pace to hear Gwylan better. "Hmm? Like a bread crumb trail? Or a ball of rope?" Having none of those, Aurora looked around and just decided on making indentations in the side of the wall at intersections. "Wherever we turn, I'll cut off a portion of the maze. Dudes aren't using it anymore, right?"

Above, the Totocoatls were still far away from the maze, flying more over the orchards and jungle environment. Every once in a while, you could hear the whoosh of giant wings and the occasional gnashing of jaws. A closer threat, though, lurked ahead. At the current intersection, a rustle sounded from the other side of the left wall. Soft growling noises could be heard, and the footsteps light and nimble enough to be Beowolves. A quick peek into the other side confirmed this for Aurora, it was a group of three to be exact. She held on to Gwylan's shoulder to keep him from moving, and held up a hand so that Tina and Nero would as well.

Aurora moved away from the wall, careful to make as little noise as possible. As soon as the creatures rounded the corner, they’d be able to see the team. She motioned to the others to get ready. ’Attack first,’ she mouthed to the others, hoping that she could convey her thoughts to take the Grimm as soon as they rounded the corner clear. Aurora herself took two knives from the belt on her waist to ready herself.

Plot Zone / Re: The Super Switcheroo Sparring Matches!
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:03:25 AM »
I'd like to throw in Mauve and Lien, I need practice writing combat anyway, and this seems like an interesting prospect.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:48:26 AM »
Aurora was about to respond to Gwylan when she caught sight of the hedge maze. This was no festival corn maze, that was for sure. The walls were twenty feet high, though only about two feet thick. That was good, then they'd be able to cut through with more ease if the need should arise. Still, it was much larger than she thought, but then again, rich people. Who knew what happened in their heads. Luckily, the maze currently obscured them from the view of the three Totocoatls reported to inhabit the place.

Remembering that she had a question to answer, Aurora looked from the maze down to Gwylan ahead of her already half-inside. "Well, our Aura should take care of some, and prevent ones that are too serious." She looked him up and down and continued, "Strong as you are, carrying someone would not be a good idea, weights heavier than a hundred pounds while you fight rarely are. Otherwise though, suit yourself." She shrugged. "Don't carry them too long though, stamina. In combat situations, they'll have to stay back in a fairly safe location while the rest of us fight and cover them."

That done with, Aurora gestured at the entrance. "Lead the way. Oh, and let's try not to create pathway by raze for now, attention is not something we need, as lovely as it normally is."

Beacon Academy / Re: A Stab At Team Building [Team BTRA]
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:07:16 AM »
"They're probably smart enough to use fail-secure lock, right?" Prim asked the others. "Unless that's a mag lock, which you know, doesn't have any fail-secure things." Anticipating the surprise she'd get Prim just explained before they could ask any questions. "My dad makes weapons and stuff, he uses mag locks sometimes as a locking mechanism. So I know some of this. Not a lot," she admitted. "But some. Plus I just looked it up on my scroll, so..." She shrugged, even though Fallow was the only one who could see it. "And who knows, they just might be that evil... I'm just saying, this plan is high-risk."

"Anyway," she said, still focused entirely on the ringleader and the other guy, who were currently discussing something, "if we're going with the fuse box plan, it better be me covering the energy sources. My bow is more dependable than your spells, and I can aim more carefully. I can see them up here, and I think my bow can reach that far. It doesn't look like that's more than three soccer fields." Thinking a bit more, she added, "I think you should take out the first and second cages though, if we're going with that. And if you can reach that far. Three to eight, mine. I mean..." She threw a glance at him. "If you're okay with that."

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
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Aurora furrowed her eyebrows in confusion at Nero and Tina. What... what were they doing? Tina was... guarding something that did not need to be guarded. Nero was... having a panic attack. Also her psycho levels were steadily rising considering her comment about one-eyed beasties. Lovely. Off to a great start. At least Gwylan was still acting fairly normal. He actually brought up a pretty good point, too.

"Uh, yeah, good idea." Aurora walked a few paces in the direction of the crew, waving hi with her left hand and keeping the right behind her back. "Hey, we're the team Beacon sent to take care of your thing with Apple O'Haracle. We were just wondering if you had any new news or updates, or..." she let her voice trail off, waiting for one of them to answer.

A woman in a pencil skirt with one of those earpieces did deign to do so, shaking her head and then proceeding to quickly evaluate the team. "Guess Beacon's sending their best, huh? Said you guys were first years. Initiation mission. They really, really seem to care about the boss's health." The woman crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Aurora, seemingly not too pleased. "If Mrs. O'Haracle's team couldn't do anything, how could you? I mean-"

The woman probably went on after that, it was just that Aurora took the time to back away and return to the other three. "Well that was a waste of time," she commented. "Can't let them get us down though, we can do it. I'm certainly not failing my initiation." Trying to imbue some team spirit in the others, Aurora herself started walking in the direction of the fallen resort, looking down at her scroll, which very luckily showed them the layout of the maze. "People to save, we have until sundown, and I don't care what that Titan dude says, we're not just finding this Apple lady and leaving everyone else behind."

"The maze has bunkers one and two," said Aurora, "and two's closer, so I suppose we should pay a visit to that one first. Then we can go back to one." She took a moment to think, looking around at her teammates. "Gwylan darling, if you don't mind, you can lead the charge. I'll be behind you, then Nero, then Tina watching our backs. Though to be honest," here she inserted one of her charming smiles directed at everyone but Nero, "I'd suppose it'd be kind of hard for the bigger baddies to fit in there. Unless it's one of those really, really tall ones. Then, worse. But anyway, there's little chance of a large number of them converging on us, or of one sneaking up on us."

Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
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Mauve nodded as Nathan suggested some more things that might be a help to do. And of course Ismael was being Ismael. She waved him down before relaying her decision to the rest of the team.

"Sweet of you to say so Mr. Omhiaba, but Ismael is more than capable of holding his own in combat, with or without backup. There's really no reason for you to need to tail him like so, the Grimm aren't here." After a pause, Mauve added, "I mean, not yet." She made a dismissing motion with her hand and continued to say, "Anyway, you're with me." A glance was sent Nathan's way just to say 'nothing against you.' She was the leader, and it was her job to make Russell feel included. She doubted that'd happen with Ismael, however well-meaning or not her teammate was. "We'll go and make acquaintence with the people who are capable of combat, and perhaps we'll be able to check up on the amount of supplies in the area."

"Nathan, Ismael," she turned her head a bit to face them more, manners, "I need you to make a detailed sweep around the whole town, get your bearings and all, be familiar with the layout of it. In case I don't have the time to know it better myself, it's important that you do." As the leader, it would've made sense for her to be one of the people who made the sweep, as she called the shots, but Nathan was more than capable with strategy and as the leader, it'd be better for her to be calling the shots with the villagers instead, to relay her thoughts better.

Meanwhile, Jadyn was leaning against a convenient tree, listening to Mauve explain. "I can take you guys," she interjected, 'you guys' meaning Nathan and Ismael. "To go around the town and all. Oh, um..." Jadyn quickly snapped a photo of her own of the drawn map on her scroll before giving it to Nathan. "Here. I don't need it, but you do."

Mildly surprised but grateful nonetheless, Mauve smiled pleasantly at the huntress. "That would be much appreciated, Miss." Met with a nod in return, she took that as her cue. "Alright, disband, you know what to do. Russell, come." Mauve broke off from their gathering to go in the direction of the barracks, clinic, and storage/armory. Quite convenient that they were in the same direction. As for conversation, she waited for Russell to start it off. She would probably just ask polite but meaningless questions, and that wouldn't do much good, no. Neither would questions that seemed too nosy. It was much better to let Russell speak first. Strategy wasn't always just limited to the battlefield.

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Lien opened her mouth to inform Mythos that yes, it was a little weird, and really, she was fine. But she thought better of it and just stayed silent and shook her head in response, looking down at her feet as she really had no idea what to say. Luckily, the announcer came to her rescue, starting up the interview with Zabar Aga and Nathan Eau. Interested, Lien focused her undivided attention on it.

At least she would've if a tiny blue figure hadn't materialized on Juno's shoulder.

Lien yelped and backed away-into the other people behind her. "Oh I'm so so so sorry," she whispered to them. "I-I didn't mean to, just, um, sorry." Shyly, she averted her gaze from their annoyed selves and focused back on what was happening onstage, every once in a while glancing at Juno's little... mini pixie blue thing. What was that anyway?

Bianca leaned back in her chair as the interview began. This was bound to be interesting. The Auric dude started off easy, made sense, just a little question to ease up the mood, didn't touch on any hard stuff or particularly grilling things. Yet the Eau dude still managed to screw it up. Bianca scoffed in annoyance, crossing her arms. Sure darling, please rub how great you are in our faces. "Guess the rest of us at Beacon aren't world-class like Nathan here!" she yelled. She wasn't even bitter about her loss, at least not that much, but this dude...

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Cerise sighed. "It's better here. I was only four, don't even remember Atlas too much. And..." She tilted her head to very slightly face Verdant, waving her hand in dismissal to his apology. "You didn't hit a nerve. I'm always like this." She didn't ask more about what he meant about the second sentence. It was partly that she didn't really think that spilling all would be particularly good for practical strangers, new teammates or not. And also partly because she didn't realize that he might've said that so she would ask about it. "Are we there yet?" she asked, somewhat impatiently.

Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
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Okay this girl was a fucking psycho. A fucking joke, that's all it was, and yet the bitch had the gall to try threatening her. "It was a fucking joke," she muttered under her breath. Goddamn, just a joke and Nero was up and holding a blade to her neck, accusing her of being some dirty, low-down. And truthfully she wasn't doing much for the opinion Aurora already had on her kind. She herself had admitted that the White Fang had hurt her, and the bitch just-just...

Aurora exhaled slowly to try calming down. She was just so mad at the girl, at her unwarranted and honestly crazy actions. Her hands gripped the seat so tightly that her knuckles turned white, just as brimming with tension as the atmosphere around them at the moment. Nero was escaping whatever immediate consequences could be in store by way of headphones and ignoring everyone. Again. Bitch. Tina was trying to keep to herself, poor girl. And Gwylan... She had no idea how she seemed to him now with Nero's little victim playing. He was probably the only reason why she hadn't gotten up and slapped the girl already, or at least what he represented: her reputation. Smart bitch played the victim, though in any sane person's eyes she was the opposite. Of both.

To pass the time and get rid of the tightness in her chest, Aurora just leaned back and slept. Or at least tried to, the most she could do really was just rest and close her eyes. And to do some damage control, as well as have a more comfortable pillow and do the best she could with continuing the flirting, she leaned back on Gwylan for her beauty not-quite-sleep, careful to maneuver under the blunt end of his trident. It wasn't the pronged end, but it could still be uncomfortable. In the back of her mind, Aurora noted that Gwylan's muscles were very, very nice. And as he started humming, she, recognizing the tune, joined in.

(Timeskip to arrival)

With a bump and a jostle, the bullhead landed at their destination, what was left of The Garden. And that bump and jostle made it so Aurora had fallen half on top of Gwylan, and her assets were maybe, maybe not pressed against his-admittedly nice-chest, in view of him as well. "Oops." She straightened herself slowly, stretching a bit before strapping on the knives that she'd removed for the flight and her machete.

Soon after, the bullhead's hatch lowered to a ramp leading down to the ground. Titan entered the ain area the team'd been staying from the cockpit, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "We're here. I had to land a little bit further so the Totocoatls wouldn't immediately attack, but if you just follow the road around a little, you'll be at the entrance of the hedge maze.” His eyes hardened, mouth set in a hard line. “Here,” he handed a red flare to Aurora, who took it readily. “The school says I have to give you this, for tradition and all. Light it if you need immediate extraction. Or just call. My contact information’s in the message I sent with the map. There’ll be other aircrafts here to take care of anyone you rescue.” He turned to leave before hesitating and saying over his shoulder, “Just remember, your mission is not to rescue everyone. Or to rid the area of Grimm. It’s to rescue Apple O’Haracle. And… be careful. Grimm aren’t the only threat you have.” With that, he exited the area.

After such a blunt rundown of the situation, Aurora just shrugged and half-ran down the ramp to be met with a deceptively pretty scene. They were on a plateau-like area that joined with the mountains that made up Vale’s natural barrier against what resided on the other side, presumably on the same side as the kingdom was. Below was an ever-reaching jungle, one that continued to the horizon and beyond, where the sun was shining brightly, but the sky was just cloudy enough to keep it from being too bright. A sharp turn kept The Garden hidden from them, and vice versa, but behind and around you could see a couple of aircrafts seemingly belonging to a company called ‘Oracle.’ White-collar workers could be seen around with some heavily armed dudes, probably the people who’d be whisking the survivors back to wherever.

“Alright. Guess this is where it begins.”

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