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WiP Characters / Re: Chroma Chi
« on: Today at 08:30:27 AM »
A 4th-year transfer student... at age 17. I assume this to be an error because I doubt anywhere would let a 14-year-old join Beacon let alone Atlas (Ignore Ruby, the main character and all).

In general, there could be more description, a picture is nice but being able to describe it with words. Also stuff like ammo for the bow and how many arrows, etc.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:03:37 PM »
Mythos made sure to refill up the used bullets, two for the one revolver at the beginning and four for the magazine of her rifle. Mythos. She carried one of the revolver-weilders on her shoulder as she took them back to the room while assisting the other with her free hand, the revolvers being kicked to the side previously.

She got them to sit down on the side, away from the door. Dropping her pack she pulled out a first-aid kit and gor to work with a quick temp patch job over their wounds. Stopping the bleeding was important after all.

"Try something and I'll make that wound worst."

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:43:55 PM »
"Guess I'll be protecting Quisling then." Akel looked at Solar and Alizarin with discontent, seeing them rush off at the first sight of a large grimm. Granted it was controlling the skeletons but putting some thought into who or what you're protecting amd given roles. Letting the weapon transform into its scythe form she moved back and placed a hand on Quis "Don't stray from me and you'll be fine, all the guns should be rusted beyond use and their melee weapons won't be much to deal with. Just don't run away."

Akel begun her little dance, hitting the skeletons at their torso with the blunt side to scatter their bones all over the place so they hopefully wouldn't just come back to life. The length of her scythe made it easy to stay out of reach of the skeletons whilst keeping them away from Quis, although she did wish she someone would check-up on Cordell to make sure she wasn't dead. "Is the captain alive?! Anyone with an idea?"

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:32:16 PM »
"Well thank you for deducing that miss... artillery? I'm sorry but I can't recall your name." Akel tapped her headphones, particually the part which covered her bat ears in particular. "We talked about this earlier, remember?

Character Creation / Re: Akeldama Blood-Heart
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:03:15 PM »
Changes that have been made
-took away shortsword weapons
-simplified main weapon
-Semblance changed
Went over history to hopefully get all changes
Modified combat behaviour
That should cover all the important changes, the rest would be unimportant.

AMA Section / Re: Whats your characters Halloween costume?
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:13:59 PM »
Akel would dress up as a stereotypical vampire but not like that super fancy victorian era like. Cool and practical (with a cool cape)

Solaris would be decked out in full knight armour

Will update if more ideas come to mind

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 25, 2017, 01:40:16 AM »
"I've for night-vision." Pointing to her headset but not daring to take them off (Let's just say Akel grabbed a bunch of light, non-breakable gear). "Awww, you want to abandon me so quickly?" While Akel took the eyepatch placed it above her right eye and just allowed it be covered by her bangs. Listening to her companions as she just followed behind, she walked backwards as they entered the secret door, keeping an eye out if anything were to come from behind.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:31:50 AM »
With each subsequent appearance of more Grimm, Akel could only sigh, at least until she felt the tremors. She never knew grimm that could create tremors, at least none that she could remember clearly. Readying her scythe her attention was focused on the closer grimm but her mind was wandering towards the large grimm. "What are we going to do about the mushroom-shaped grimm? Because I have no idea unless we are going to crash the airship and hope to blow up its head." She kept her eyes on the Creeps as she eyes which one was coming first, keeping her attention on the Creeps as she wanted for the first move to be made, whether it was by her teammates or the Grimm.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:06:12 AM »
Akel rushed the grimm that headed towards her, scythe in hand she opened up eith using a spin to slash a grimm by the legs to let it fall into the sand and receive the business end of her scythe in the side of its head. Several more followed through and she applied the same technique, changing her angle of attack to accomadate the direction that the grimm came from. All in all she took the creeps down without and trouble and any others that came towards her got hit by supporting fire from the ship.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:51:49 AM »
"That solves that... that was kind of strange and spontanious." Looking towards the adorable beings of darkness Akel had the strange feeling of wanting to grab one and take it home to treasure and love. However they all dissappeared before she had the chance to grab one. "Can anyone reverse time so I can grab one? For research of course... adorable, cuddily research."

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: October 04, 2017, 08:54:37 AM »
"This makes things easier." Mythos moved to the side ahead of Marvin's command. Dropping her backpack and pullinf out two cylinder shaped items. Clipping one to the joining strap of her backpack as she put it on and leaving the other one in her hand.

The sound of gunfire was oddly soothing to her, four white rings formed on her iris. Mythos held the flashbang and pulled the pin early as she knew that the guard was coming close to running out of bullets. A quick peak and she threw the flashbang like a baseball, straight down centre lane.

It would trigger right in front of the guards, followed by Mythos grabbing her rifle and setting it to single round fire. A single bullet for each guard followed as she peaked the door, on her knee to steady her aim for the rapid switching of targets. The bullets were shot at mainly the thighs of each guard (missing the artery) to at least give them hope for emergency services to save them and give her colleagues the opportunity to disable them.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:58:20 AM »
Akel kept her seating, not liking the idea of an airship without proper seating equipment. So she wrapped one arm around a large strap which kept the crate in place and moved her arm behind her head to prevent any jolting into said crate. Her idea proved to be very effective as she didn't really move much. The unpleasent sound of metal being ripped didn't register with her, the headphones blocking that particular sound by a preset done by herself.

The speaker letting her know that it was safe to get up, walk and get food was a relief. Unwrapping her arm from the strap and hoping up, albeit releasing that she did find her former seating  to not be so bad.

Akel grabbed a few pieces of food, not wanting to stain her clothes with food or waste any by dropping any on the ground. She took a seat back down where she previously was and started eating one of the sandwhiches: ham, cheese and strangely enough thin apple slices.

"My hearing is sensitive, without these I would be confined to a specially desifned room for my entire life". Continuing idle chat with her new friend along the journey with occassinally going back to the crate to grab a smaller amount of food each time.

The sound of weapons firing brought her attention, standing up and patting her clothing to get rid of any loose pieces of food that might of remained. Satisfied she stood at the main cargo doors and did a few basic streches as she saw Alizarin and Solar jump down ahead of her. "Make sure to limber up". in a joking fashion as they were already out of ear range with the sounds of the ships guns destroying the grimm on the beach.

Her streches done she unfolded her scythe and rested the handle on her shoulder. Taking a few steps back to get a running launch she boosted, the water receeding and her boots impacting the wet sand. She was a lot less battle crazed then her teammates and let herself take her time to scout out potential opponents as she reached the dry sand, putting the scythe in both hands she smiled and slashed a grimm that approached her down its centre.

The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:45:53 AM »
Mythos' mind worked differently, ehereas her semblance showed that they were mostly aimed with a non-lethal shot, Mythos aimed with the fullest intent of putting down a threat for good. She unholstered the gun that was in her right hand, drawing and firing the gun with suprising speed. Two shots rang out from her gun, two shots would of been enough for the guards unless aura was in play. One shot per head, already taking into account the various other factors of her fellow "bodyguards" actions.

'This is gonna be a long day' were the only thoughts that she had. No remorse and zero hesitation for her foes.

Character Creation / Re: Akeldama Blood-Heart
« on: September 28, 2017, 11:40:37 PM »
So I think I got everything that was mentiomed from the ccq board
Changes include
- different symbol (my own choice)
- added data on semblance regarding forming of objects
- edit on history which indicates the level of her hearing (open to adjustment.)
-editing of weaknesses
I can't remember the rest because they were either small or non-important (sorry)

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: September 28, 2017, 08:52:29 AM »
Akel hugged her weapon, having already sat down and not really feeling the whole relocate because of your weapon deal. Her weapon wouldn't malfunction on her, at least she hoped it wouldn't. "Ready when you are captain."

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