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Title: Hi there
Post by: ReaperJoe on February 27, 2018, 10:54:45 PM
Hi, I'm Joe.  Or Reaper.  Or ReaperJoe if you'd prefer.  It doesn't matter, really. 
Anyways, I've never done an RPG by forum before, but I've always thought the RWBY-verse had a lot of room for creative OCs and I wanted to try one out.
Title: Re: Hi there
Post by: Riven on February 28, 2018, 04:55:10 PM
Welcome, Joe! I'm Riven, one of the grumpy ol' time RPers 'round these parts. Always nice to see a newcomer take an interest in our little community.  ;D

It sounds like even though forum RP is something you're new to you're no stranger to RP in general. What kind of RPing are you familiar with? Chances are good that at least some of what you already know will translate well here, and as for the rest you'll find that myself and most other members are more than willing to help out where we can. We tend to be very newcomer friendly. I recommend the Getting Started ( thread for a... well, start, and the FAQs ( for a second stop. Don't forget to hit up our Discord ( if you haven't already, as it tends to be the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with people.

Now then, I have a bit of a tradition to fulfill: welcome muffins! Click below for yours, delivered hot and fresh.

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Welcome to RWBY RPG!
Title: Re: Hi there
Post by: ReaperJoe on March 01, 2018, 01:26:10 AM
Oh goodie!  I love muffins!  Wait, why is it getting bigger...?

But yeah, thanks for the reply!  Most of my RP experience comes from Dungeons and Dragons, and even that's fairly recent.  I only started that about a year ago, but I've always wanted to get into the hobby.  I've already checked out both the Getting Started and FAQ threads, and I managed to find the Discord server, so I'll definitely be using that.

As for help, I'm working on my first character Smokey ( and I'd love some feedback on him, if you find the time.

Thanks again!