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Aurelia, donned in her full silver plate that gleams in the light, walked through the opening into the arena. 

Yes, walked.  Unfortunately, the rules of the tournament are not working in her favor.  No actions can be taken before the start of the match, including activation of semblances.  This effectively seals her semblance unless she can find a way to buy herself 15 seconds to summon it.  She'll going into this fight and every fight in the festival with a heavy disadvantage.

That being said, given the arena's small size and current terrain, it's possible it would have gotten in the way anyways.  Trees to block the way on her opponent's side, and land mines in the form of ice dust on hers.  Not exactly what Aurelia would call "cavalry friendly."  But perhaps she can use the terrain to her advantage...

Regardless, Aurelia strode forward with picture-perfect posture towards her opponent, currently keeping her sword sheathed and her shield clasped to her back.  She extends a hand towards Airi and simply says, "Let us have a good match."

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:23:45 AM »
Confused, Smokey raises an eyebrow at Prism's sudden deflation.  "Uh, are you alri--" Smokey is once again cutoff by Matchstick's retort, but this time he jumps in surprise.  "Jeezus fu--" the gun goes off again, this time blowing a hole in the ceiling, causing a light amount of debris to fall.  Seeing the gun start to fall to the ground, Smokey dives to try and catch it.  It's ungraceful, like a middle school belly flop competition, but he does manage to keep the gun from hitting the floor. 

He spends a few seconds looking over it and making sure it's undamaged before turning to the culprit, visibly angry.  "ARE YOU DENSE?  DID YOU SERIOUSLY NEVER LEARN HOW TO HOLD A GUN?  EVEN WORSE, DID YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER OF MY GUN? I HOPE IT CLOCKED YOU GOOD, 'CAUSE YOU DAMN SURE NEED SOME SENSE KNOCKED INTO YOU," Smokey bellowed right into Prism's face, completely oblivious to what really caused the episode, before getting back up to his feet and dusting himself and his gun off.  Holstering it, his head scanned the room observing the aftermath of Prism's and now his outburst.

Smokey took an audibly deep breath.  Great, he'd lost his cool again.  And from the looks of things, he doesn't think his temper will go back down anytime soon.  Best course of action right now would be to leave.  Fantastic.  Why can't he make any friends?

His expression still soured with a glaring frown, Smokey storms off from the shooting range.

So, I haven't had the opportunity to really feel out Aurelia's character and personality yet, so I don't really know how she'll develop, but I definitely know what Veteran Huntsman Smokey will look like.

He doesn't get any taller, but he does get bigger.  Imagine this bearded, barrel-chested, python-armed biker guy.  Now, cover him in tattoos of the biggest and baddest Grimm in Remnant.  Like, Nevermores, Deathstalkers, maybe one or two Goliaths, Geists possessing huge amounts of material, anything that might warrant a shot from the Good News.

Speaking of which, the Good News would have more specialty ammo than the standard big boom the current casing uses.  There's a bullet filled with a special mix of lightning dust that wipe out entire packs of Beowolves in one shot, and a water dust bullet designed for undersea Grimm, just to name a couple of them.

Matchstick would be upgraded from a revolver to an automatic weapon that's fed through a belt, with arguably more kick per shot than it had before.  Yes it can still fire 7 shots at once if it needs to.

Oh, that leaves his semblance.  So, he'll eventually learn how to resist the force of gravity, which means he'll have moon hops.  He'll go from being an immovable object with a big-ass gun, to an unstoppable object...with a big-ass gun.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:35:04 PM »
"Uh, if I brought her out to Forever Fall, she'd probably burn a good chunk of the forest down, so that's a no-go, too.  Fortunately, I only really need to hit the broadside of a barn, 'cause she's only supposed to be pointed at really big targets, like a Giant Never--"

Smokey's cut off as another shot from Matchstick rings out, drawing his attention back to the range.  His eyes first notice Prism still in the air, and Smokey loses any air of concern he might have had.  There's no way she could be stable enough in the air to hit anything.  He confirms his theory by looking down range at the target.  Yup, there's no head there, clearly a miss...wait.

Smokey does a double-take and looks at the now-crumpled target on the ground and mouths something to the effect of "what the hell?" before shifting his gaze back to Prism, who is now wearing a proud and triumphant smirk.  Oh, she thinks she's hot stuff, huh?

Smokey starts to sport a look of slight annoyance, and says "Wow, you hit a non-moving target barely 10 yards out.  And it only took you five tries, too.  You must be so proud of yourself."  He walks over to the console and starts inputting a new setup.  "Tell ya what, though.  Since you're so good, maybe you'd like to up the stakes a little bit.  You got two shots left, how about double-or-nothing?" 

A new target pops up, but this time it's 60 feet out and in a spot that forces a slightly different angle.  It's still not moving, but the new position ensures that muscle memory won't help Prism in hitting this target, if she accepts the challenge.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 10, 2018, 01:38:58 AM »
Smokey snickers a bit at Calen's and Prism's reactions to his statement about "the other gun."  "Well, as much as I'd want to bring her out, unless anyone's willing to shell out 200 lien per shot, she'll have to stay hidden for now.  Besides, I'm not 100% sure this range could handle her," Smokey responded.  He wasn't exaggerating either.  He knows that he's not the only heavy weapon user at Beacon, and this weapons range is a fairly state-of-the-art site, but there's still a good chance the Good News could cause some serious damage.  And after being barred from the weight room until it's repaired, Smokey doesn't really want to risk losing the only other major stress relief he has. 

He's knocked out of his thoughts by the sudden gust of wind that seems to blow from nowhere, and he reflexively activates his own semblance in answer.  He didn't need it, obviously, and the gray haze surrounding his form disappears as quickly as it came.  Curiously, his coat only billows after his semblance goes down. 

Smokey watches Prism's plan of action unfurl.  It seems she's more stable while she holds herself aloft in the air.  "Seems," however, is the operative word.  While it is indeed easier for her to stay on her feet-- er, on her wings?-- Smokey notices Matchstick's recoil still pushes her back.  Yes, the force of her semblance counter-acts it, but as far as Smokey can tell, she's forced to use the wind reactively to stabilize herself.  That means there's a slight moment where her position is moved back by Matchstick before her wings reset her position.  If her position changes during the firing sequence, the chance of her hitting the target at all goes down tremendously.  The fact she's scoring hits at all are flukes.  Maybe it's time for a hint...

"That's a neat trick and all, but have you ever wondered why my symbol is a volcano?  Eh, maybe I'm just projecting.  Keep at it, you'll have those donuts in no time," Smokey said casually.  Was that too much?

AMA Section / Re: Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:54:44 PM »
So, Smokey's primary purpose for entering the Vytal Festival is not for the sake of competition. I mean, winning the tournament would be great, but he primarily wants to demonstrate his-- shall we say-- unique skill-set to the world.  He's hoping to get a prime opportunity to show the power of the Good News in order to attract Big Game jobs with high price tags.  That being said, he'll still be looking to win.  He won't be whipping out his big gun unless he's given a very good reason to.

Aurelia, on the other hand, is in it mostly for the sake of competition, pride, and prestige.  If she can win, especially starting without her semblance active, it'll be a huge high point of her career.  That being said, she has an ulterior motive.  If she wins, she hopes that will be enough to convince her foster family to let her see her adopted sister more often.

Everywhere Else / Re: Embers of the Hearth. [CLOSED] [BSSM Thread]
« on: July 06, 2018, 02:01:43 AM »
As the team boards the bullhead, they'll quickly spot Smokey already in a seat, staring listlessly out the window.  He seems pretty oblivious to his surroundings, so it would probably be quite easy for Serin, Mikado, and Billy to sneak on past him, if they wished.  It doesn't look like it's a crowded trip, so there are plenty of seats to choose from.  That being said, this bullhead is kind of dinky: there are stains in the chairs, some spots on the floor are sticky, and it's probably best not to see if there's anything under the seat.  In all honesty, the nicest, or at least the cleanest, seat is right next to Smokey, himself. 

Decisions, decisions...

Great.  Smokey finally got his gun reloaded and the Beowolves are splitting up.  Why do Grimm never cooperate?

Smokey was forced to change tactics, and started shifting Matchstick back into revolver form while backpedaling to buy just a little bit more time.  He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a red cartridge, which he barely managed to load into his gun before the front four Beowolves were upon him.  Smokey only had time to raise his arm above his head before their claws came down and--

The claws stopped.  The creatures' fierce attacks had apparently lost all momentum upon coming into contact with Smokey's arm.  Here, four Beowolves were pressing down with all their might, but this shorty looked about as lackadaisical as if he were shielding his eyes from the sun.  "Ow.  That almost hurt," Smokey dryly said before he raised Matchstick and fired 3 times, once at the group right in front of him, and once at each group of Grimm at his flank, aiming at the largest mass of black he could see.

Combat stats:
Aura: 92% (Immovable Object Damage Resistance)
Matchstick: 4/7  (Fire Dust Loaded)
Dust: 11/14 Fire Dust, 14/14 Ice Dust

Attack log:
3 shots with Matchstick, one into each major group of Grimm. Now with Fire!

Smokey looked at his downed opponent in front of him, watching as Cat closed his eyes.  He was...unsatisfied.  His gaze shifted over to the scoreboard, where the results of the match were displayed for all to see.  10% for Catalina Glenn, 11% for Smokey Emberstone.  A dead heat.  Most would call that a tie, where neither combatant won or lost.  Smokey considered it a double loss. 

Smokey switched Matchstick back into revolver form, spun it around his finger, holstered it, and started walking away.  With each step, Smokey ran through the bout again and again in his mind.  To him, a draw meant both competitors held victory in their grasp but ended up squandering it in one way or another.  And that thought was resonating more strongly than ever after this fight.  From his point of view, Smokey was mere inches from winning on three separate occasions.  Once, when he had frozen Cat's leg.  The second, when he had the jump on Cat with the volley gun.  And the third, just now in that simultaneous exchange.  But each time, Cat had pulled out one trick after another to escape defeat.  It was frustrating, to say the least.

Though, looking back, perhaps this fight was Cat's to lose from the beginning.  After all, he had a long range weapon and an incredibly versatile and useful semblance, both of which are hard-counters to Smokey's short-range, one-trick fighting style.  He had to use literally everything in his arsenal to bring the match to this result.  Maybe a draw was the best result Smokey could have--

The thought perished under the weight of Smokey's competitive pride.  He was about to enter the Vytal Festival, he couldn't afford a defeatist attitude. If he had to fight an opponent like Catalina in the real tournament, he'd just have to find another trick they can't defend against.

Just as he was about to step off the arena, his scroll beeped.  Taking it out, Smokey flipped to the new email he had just received.  It was a message concerning the Vytal Festival, topically enough.  It only took a few seconds for Smokey's expression to turn from a scowl to the slightest of smirks.  "Well, then.  That is Good News."  Looks like Smokey will have another trick up his sleeve.  Or, at least, on his back.

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Two
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:04:06 PM »
Smokey took up the rear of the group, keeping his gun rested on his shoulder.  He kept his head on a swivel, looking for anything that looked out of place.  Unfortunately, everything looked out of place, so...mission accomplished?  The lack of movement in the forest was strangely unnerving, and that experienced was enhanced by the continued presence of the metallic glints high in the trees.  Oh, there was also that thing where his aura would react occasionally.  That was especially creepy.  Perhaps there was an unseen force at play here, and that could be bad.  Smokey can't shoot things he can't see.

Still, the trek through the forest was otherwise relatively monotonous until a bullet whizzed past his head. Turning his head to look at the source, Smokey saw what was best described as a lone, miniature Paladin.  It was using hit and run tactics, but it wasn't moving very fast.  Even Smokey could probably catch up to it if he hustled.  That being said...

"So, I got 5 lien it's trying to bait us into a trap," Smokey said dryly.  He didn't raise his gun to fire at the droid for two reasons.  One, it was still pretty far away, probably outside Matchstick's range.  Two, Smokey didn't want to waste a use of his semblance.  He only got so many of those, and the cool down period could easily be turned against him.  For now, he figures it'd be best to see if the others had anything they'd like to try.

Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Semblance: Inactive
Matchstick: 7/7 Rounds
Dust:  14 Fire, 14 Ice

Good News:  On standby
Articles: 8/8

If Smokey was ever shown a replay of this fight and asked to point out what led to his victory, he'd pick out two instances. The first instance would be the point where Cat charged him with the flamethrower, which essentially threw away his opponent's range advantage.  The second and currently much more relevant mistake was Cat pulling back his fist.  Now this requires a bit of explanation.

First of all, had Cat shot out a volley of chains like he had before, Smokey would have had no chance to dodge any more than one of them.  He had no fire dust to launch him away, and he had no ice dust conveniently located to make a smoke screen.  He didn't even have a round of ammunition to try and deflect them.  Even with Smokey's feint, Cat would have easily secured victory with a flurry of blows.  Even if Cat had reduced the flurry and attempted to strike him with the hammer at the same time, Smokey would have been forced to defend against the hammer, which would have left him exposed to the chains.  But Cat did neither of these things.  Cat intended to finish the fight with one strike.  That was part of his mistake.

The second part of the mistake was very simple:  Cat had telegraphed his attack.  Cat may not have realized it himself, but Smokey had one big advantage over Cat going into this fight that can't be measured in stats, and that was experience.  No, not combat experience, or weapons experience, or even general huntsman experience.  Smokey's experience came in the form of petty brawls and street fights.  They say defeat is the best teacher, and Smokey had suffered many a defeat.  But he did win some, and in those fights, his opponents made the same mistake Cat was making now:  they did something to tip Smokey off of their next move.  By pulling back his fist to wind-up for his strike, Cat had all but told Smokey exactly what he was planning.

And, no matter how powerful, no matter how fast, no matter how well-aimed, if something was telegraphed, it could be dodged.

Cat would probably watch the event in slow motion.  As he let his fist fly, Smokey's gun would already have moved into position to block the attack and Smokey's body would be leaning to the left.  As the spike and chain shot out, and it did shoot out at high speed, the spike would indeed come into contact with Smokey.  However, it would first be deflected by Matchstick, which itself was sent flying into the air from the impact.  The result was knocking the spike off-course just enough to only land a glancing blow. 

Smokey's aura was still in the yellow.

And now, Smokey was charging to Cat's exposed left side, the billowing ash cloud of aura no longer on his foot but on his right fist.  And that right fist was careening in straight for Cat's ribs.

Combat log:
Aura: 17% (Glancing Blow, 1/2 damage)
Matchstick: 0/7 Rounds. 
Dust: 0 Fire Dust, 0 Ice Dust

Action:  Aura-enhanced right hook to Cat's left side(11%)

Smokey could just spit.  He didn't even need to see his opponent to know he was still in the fight.  The fact that the buzzer didn't sound amidst the explosion was all the proof he needed.  The explosion didn't affect him much physically, not even forcing him to take a step back.  His semblance was useful like that, after all.

But mentally, something snapped.  Victory had been pried from his grasp twice now, from his perspective.  He had blown up himself up to try and get to him.  He had blown up his ice dust to create cover.  He had blown the rest of his fire dust on that last attack.  And that attack had been blown away.  And now it looks like something else is about to blow.  Because Smokey is out of dust, out of ammo, and, quite frankly, out of patience.

Smokey needed to hit something.  Smokey was going to hit something.  And, lo and behold, there was something standing right in front of him barely yards away that just looked so hittable.   He almost felt sorry for it.  Almost.

With rage in his eyes, Smokey charged forward with Matchstick held high in the air in one hand, screaming, "I'M GOING TO SMACK YOU SO HARD, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO PICK YOUR TEETH UP OFF THE GROUND!"  Of course, that was easier said than done, obviously.  Cat still had his semblance to defend him, as well as his hammer now.  From what Cat has shown so far, Smokey could probably take 1, maybe 2 hits from Cat's semblance, but has to block the hammer from a direct hit at all costs.  That's why Smokey's waving his gun in the air, to serve as a distraction.  It's real purpose is to bat away the hammer and, if possible, any spikes or whatever Cat's semblance cooks up.  Cat's real threat is Smokey's foot, which, if one examines closely, is ever-so-slightly billowing a dark gray aura off of it.  An easy detail to miss when camouflaged under the veil of Smokey's semblance.

And they say rage clouds your judgement...

Combat log:
Aura: 23%
Matchstick: 0/7 Rounds. 
Dust: 0 Fire Dust, 0 Ice Dust

Action:  "Reckless" charge, Strike with aura-enhanced kick (11% if he can get there)

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 03, 2018, 01:25:31 AM »
"I know what priceless--ya know what, forget it, I'm not getting anywhere with you," Smokey sighed, signaling he's giving up his argument with Calen.  He knows when something's going nowhere fast.  Just look at his semblance!

Instead, he turns towards the tiny faunus that's about to attempt to hit a target not even a stone's throw away.  She seems confident, and Smokey can tell by the way she loads the cylinder that she's no amateur.  Unfortunately for her, it'll take much more than standard weapons experience to handle his gun.  He has first hand experience trying to fire it without his semblance.  The first time he tried, he shot out part of the ceiling in his dad's range and clocked himself in the face.  The second time was immediately after that, when he accidentally squeezed the trigger again after essentially pistol whipping himself.  He doesn't really remember the full aftermath of that, but he does know that he was forced to patch up two holes in the ceiling.

Those memories resurface as Prism lines up her shot, using both hands to hold the revolver.  "I mean, I guess you can use two hands.  I don't have to, though," Smokey snarked while pretending to check his fingernails.  He doesn't even bother to look up at first when she gets blasted to the floor moments later.  When she remarks about the kick, Smokey idly looks down. "Ya think so?  Guess I shouldn't let you try and fire the other gun, then," he says, amused.  His eyes then flick up to the target and--

Wait.  What?  Smokey's eyebrows go up slightly as he notices the singe marks on the target.  ...Okay, that was probably a fluke.  But maaaaaybe he should subtly check his scroll to see if any donut shops are open nearby. 

There's no way Smokey would know what was going on inside the mist, but the seconds Catalina spent relaxing and thinking of a strategy were crucial.  You see, it takes a while to reload Matchstick.  Had Cat pushed his attack even with the mist around, Smokey would have been put on the back foot trying to reload and dodge the continuous flurry of aura strikes.  That was the worst case scenario. 

But Smokey's first gamble had paid off, as he was given time to reload his gun unmolested.  The cylinder was slapped back into place, and Smokey flipped the switch to transform Matchstick into it's secondary form.  Now all he had to do was wait for Cat to reveal himself, and--oh, this was just too good.

A shot rings out into the mist, presumably filled with ice dust as the mist refreezes into many tiny icicles that clatter to the floor.  Of course, now Catalina has a clear view of Smokey, but he also has a clear view of not one, not two, but seven barrels staring straight back at him.

"Peek-a-boo!" is all Cat hears before the deafening crack of seven shots being fired at once fills the arena.

Combat log:
Aura: 28%
Matchstick: 0/7 Rounds.  Reload begins next turn.
Dust: 0 Fire Dust (Just Fired), 0 Ice Dust (Ice Dust explosion)

Action:  Fully-loaded volley ((40% + 10% Fire) AoE)

Everywhere Else / Re: Embers of the Hearth. [CLOSED] [BSSM Thread]
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:23:51 AM »
(OOC: sorry for taking so long guys, got caught up with things IRL.  In other news, gonna be hitting the fast-forward button a bit to get to the good stuff)

Smokey wandered through the streets of Atlas for quite some time.  Fortunately, no Verde-esque characters made a move to bother him like before.  Although, part of that may be because Smokey does his best to blend in to large crowds.  Because of his size, it's pretty easy for him to be missed in a crowd of people, but the rest of Team BSSM could probably pick him out by looking for the gun still strapped to his waist if they knew to look for it. 

Smokey keeps to large crowds on the sides of the streets, passing by several vendors that are advertising sales to take advantage of the Vytal Festival crowd.  There's a bar advertising Festival-themed cocktails, clothing stores selling commemorative t-shirts, and even a fake mustache store selling wares for only a lien in celebration of the festival.  But Smokey doesn't stop at any of these places.

No, he just relentlessly walks ahead until he gets to a public transit station, where he buys a ticket and gets on a small bullhead.  An electronic sign on the side of the Bullhead reads "Mantle."

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