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The Vale Region / Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« Last post by Glow on April 15, 2019, 07:05:43 PM »
Within a sports building briefly renovated for the event, the Shard Inc exhibition has got well underway. Many screens have been changed to provide their logo along with one new advancement or another, and more physical representations of these shown in the various displays located around the different pitches. One has a variety of neurology developments, including some prototype mechashift linkage, while another contains a variety of miscellaneous technological advancements – some weapons research, some computer learning developments and materials research to name a few.

Yet the main attraction still lies in the one containing what really defined their brand; the area entirely designated to prosthetics. A variety of new replacement limbs and haptic sensors lined several of the displays, some even interactive – the limb copying the person’s own movements with a sensor attached to them. Various weapon integrations also were displayed, hoping to further interest the hunter crowd who were attending the convention. Most notably, however, was the area designated to showing off their ‘latest’ invention – additional limb prosthetics. Several screens were displaying videos with commentary about development of the project, uses of the extra limbs, and showing examples – loader-like detachable limbs for heavy lifting, nerve-controlled weapons systems and even additional arms that could be taken off or on with available port implants for hunters and huntresses.

Indeed, there was even a few members of Shard INC with such implants showing them off; one having the heavy duty arms curling around his back and smiling as he took heavy crates around the room without a care in the world, reminding people he didn’t have aura; another woman with a number of folding limbs holding various medical instruments, smiling and occasionally getting someone to show them a small bump or bruise and patching it up; and then a huntress in blue-black clothing, the signs of an implant obvious by the metal framework on her back extending to her shoulders, but just talking with some of the older hunters and huntresses about her face mask covering her eyes about the viability of the replacement limbs, keeping her cards close to her chest – the exhibition match was due fairly soon, the match why Shard INC had chosen the sports building (along with the space offered) - and the rules behind it were meant to be a surprise, after all. Two employees stood in a booth within the additional limb section, one with a ‘queries’ sign and another with ‘hunters’ – one was answering general questions, and the other was taking in someone’s weapon and semblance and offering ideas about what this technology could do to benefit them in the future, giving some example implantations - as well as offering tickets for a raffle to enter the exhibition match.

The final, main arena was left as it was, albeit with some fanfare added - it would be the sight of the exhibition match once the raffle was over. The other rooms were laid out almost in a circle around the sunken middle room, having glass windows all able to look into it; Shard INC had certainly chosen the right building to highlight their technology in the flashiest way possible. An announcer stand was being set up, along with some audience protection; there were stands surrounding the room, but they'd been moved back from the room itself and the dust forcefield tested in a few methods to ensure public safety in advance.
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 15, 2019, 04:34:20 PM »
Aurelia cursed under her breath as Cerulean was knocked from her horse, but, on the bright side, she has her saddle back.  That being said, his instructions did not go over well with the knight.  What, and leave you on your own?  Not a chance! she thinks to herself.  That being said, she's in too much of a bind to actually be of much help at the moment. 

The Beringels start chucking whatever they can find at her steed, forcing Aurelia to focus her efforts on dodging.  Fortunately, Noble Steed is no slouch when it comes to agility, and it has the outright advantage in raw speed, so evading the debris is more than doable.  Unfortunately though, falling rocks and branches aren't the only thing she has to worry about, as two of the four remaining Beringels have climbed back into the trees and started swinging themselves from branch to branch in order to catch up with her and her steed, their powerful arms providing the locomotion necessary to catch up with the unicorn's raw speed. 

Thinking quickly, she sheathed her sword and pulled the trigger to convert Dusk into rifle form and flipped the switch to feed lightning dust into the rounds.  Trying to aim while simultaneously dodging debris is a bit of work, but if she can trip up one of the Beringels mid leap, it'll make her life considerably easier.  Taking aim at the beast to her left, she waits for it to make another jump to another branch before taking a shot.  It probably won't do very much damage, but that's not the point; Aurelia's hoping the force of the impact and the accompanying dust will throw the monster off balance and force it to crash to the ground, thus stopping it from continuing its barrage of debris and create an opening to escape once the other Beringel makes its move.

And make a move it does.  The Beringel leaps out at her, forcing her to bank left to dodge.  Hopefully, her plan works and the other Grimm is at least temporarily incapacitated, but if it isn't, she'll have to project an aura shield to protect her mount and keep from being knocked off herself.

Regardless, while she may be doing a good job of avoiding damage for the moment, she's not in a position to return any significant damage, and she won't be able to keep up this deadly game of dodge ball forever.  She needs a way to put these Grimm down fast without exposing herself to danger, but unless they stop moving, she's gonna have a hard time doing that.  She spares a quick glance in Cerulean's direction to check on his situation, only to see the other two monsters advancing on him slowly while pelting him with their own debris.

wait, slowly?

Aurelia spies an opportunity as Noble Steed's bank becomes a U-turn.  She pulls the second trigger on Dusk, causing the rifle to begin shifting into its lance form, and begins barreling back towards Cerulean, aiming to take out one--if not both--of the Grimm attacking him.  Honestly, she couldn't have setup a better opportunity if she tried, she just hopes she bought enough time from her own pursuers to get the lance-charge off.

Combat Data:
Aurelia: 85%
Noble Steed: 15%

Rifle Rounds: 9/10
Fire Dust: 15/20
Lightning Dust: 14/20
Ice Dust: 20/20

Attack Log:  1 Lightning Dust round at the Beringel on the left flank, preparing a lance charge.
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on April 15, 2019, 08:48:32 AM »
[Siu and Saffron]

Saffron was a little surprised that Siu insisted that she stay around to guard the older huntress as she piloted her drones. She supposed it made sense that focusing on your surroundings would distract you from however the visual information was relayed and vice-versa. Nodding Saffron stepped out of the car quietly, she wouldn’t be doing either of them any favours in the close confines of a car and kept a sharp eye out for any intruders. There wasn’t any she could see. Nodding along as Siu reported back her findings Saffron had to bite her tongue so she wouldn’t ask questions before her partner had finished their report. It was an unusual experience for Saffron, not being able to see the flow of information herself and it was frustrating getting everything second hand on top of basically having nothing to do. ’So the door could have been replaced since the attack, but if the caravan we ran into was fleeing from the attack here that wouldn’t give however is behind all this much time for repairs.’ Saffron suggested quickly, although it was clear from her downward cast expression upon further thought she didn’t think very highly of that idea upon rethinking about it. ’Or maybe they managed to hold the Grimm off from the door… or maybe the door was left open to allow survivors through.’ Saffron continued suggesting more ideas but clearly not happy with any of them.

‘But yea we can think about that stuff later, I’ll go on ahead as I’m probably the less conspicuous of us two.’ Saffron remarked as she pulled her thick cloak around herself and flipped the hood up over her blazing red hair. Now covered almost entirely by the brown cloak Saffron looked very similar to the survivors of the caravan Siu had seen as she set off positioned low to the ground, dashing from cover to cover. Saffron’s eyes kept frantically searching for any clues she could find but she still tried to limit her movements to avoid attracting attention and moved smoothly when she had to. As well as searching for clues with her eyes Saffron kept a sharp eye out and even took breaks to smell(?) the air as she leads Siu through the ruined keep, gesturing her partner to follow whenever she felt it was safe. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around but out of the corner of her eye Saffron and Siu could see a shadowy figure out of the corner of their eyes but whenever they got to where they thought they had seen it there was nothing other than soft sand. ‘There doesn’t seem to be any electricity or other signs of human activity above ground here or… people… but there is something off here. I think there is something out there.’ Saffron reported back clearly a bit shaken, her eyes looking down clearly searching for something.

‘Whatever it is it’s stalking us, I think it’s looking for a chance to strike when we are alone. We should move as a pair from now on, it’s already seen us so stealth isn’t that important now. I’m not sure if that means we should continue though. Saffron continued as she set herself up for the combat that was probably about the come, temporally stripping herself of her cloak Saffron placed several armoured plates across her body which all expanded to a full set of armour. Recovering herself with her cloak Saffron drew two of her hatchets and held them lightly in her hands as she walked towards the keep. If she was being honest with herself Saffron was desperate for whatever was out there to show itself as the fear of the unknown was starting to get to her. Force the fight on your terms. Identity. Analyse. Neutralise. Saffron repeated Atlas strategy maxims in her head. Saffron was clearly trying to use them both as bait to draw this new foe out as it was clearly not looking to engage straight away so the best Saffron could think of was ensuring the most advantages position when the fight inevitably erupts.

[Aurelia and Cerulean]

The small whine as the fallen Grimm starts to collapse into black ash is quickly overshadowed by the remaining Grimm roaring loudly as Noble Steed matches their charge crouching down low to maximise the crushing impact of their sheer weight. It was all for nought however as golden unicorn managed to clear the Beringel with considerable ease as the ape-like Grimm lowered its position. That was not all of its worries however as Cerulean’s blow hits home, his crescent blades slicing cleanly under the Grimm’s armoured shoulder plating leaving the creature injured but not dead. Having quickly broken the encirclement the four surviving Beringel’s resort to hurling whatever they can at Aurelia, Cerulean but most of all at Noble Steed resulting in a mass of dirt, tree trunks and boulders being flung at the three in quick succession.

Using the resulting chaos as a distraction two of the Beringels sort to outflank Aurelia and her semblance by using their superior mobility in the semi-dense forest to get around their targets. Just as before using their massive arms to swing through the branches these two Beringels catch up to Aurelia and lunch towards the huntress in training while in mid-air roaring loudly as they did. Cerulean, on the other hand, was left with the other two Beringels, including the one he had injured. They advanced slowly keeping up the barrage until then got within arms reach of Cerulean and continued trying to pummel the hunter into the dirt. Out of sight, the sound of cannon fire fell silent leaving the only sounds of snarling Beringels filling the forest.

Battle Data


Beringel 1: Health, Leaping at Aurelia.
Beringel 2: Health, Leaping at Aurelia.
Beringel 3: Health, Advancing at Cerulean.
Beringel 4: Health, Advancing at Cerulean.


Barrage of debris: 10% at all targets.
Mid-air collision: 8% at Aurelia.
Ground pound: 10% at Cerulean.
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on April 15, 2019, 04:04:52 AM »
Ismael thinks for a moment when he says, "I'll choose truth". As he thinks nothing terrible can really be asked from him to beyond surface level. And he is slightly afraid of what he could be asked to do.
Everywhere Else / Re: The Medusa Precedent [CLOSED]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 14, 2019, 05:34:20 PM »
When Lucas received a message on his message on his scroll, his first reaction was to sigh.  "'If you have nothing to lose'?  Give me a break," he mutters to himself as he heads off to pack for a mission.  He knows the type of people that sign up for missions like that, and they're the type of people that won't know they have until it's gone.  They're the type that give their lives for a cause with no second thought to the consequences.  Lucas isn't about to let that happen.

And thus, the Hermit makes his way to the old safe house where he was told to meet, his hood up and a spectral lantern lazily swinging above him, lighting his path.  Knocking on the door, he patiently awaits a response.  He honestly doesn't care about the mission, his only goal is to make sure everyone involved comes back alive.
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Semifinal: Camelia Sol vs Juno Vert
« Last post by Rush on April 14, 2019, 05:22:29 PM »
Semifinals. This was where the young man fell during the last tournament. His opponent, Camelia was known to be capable, especially given what she did to his teammate, Sam. Two reasons I can't lose here. he thought to himself, taking a deep breath as he hung his jacket up by the entrance to the arena.

He was becoming rather familiar with the Swamp biome at this point, it's small rickety paths, low hanging trees, fallen trunks, and small huts offering decent enough foot space for him to fight in his proper element. The Forest biome, however, would clearly be ideal for what he wanted to do. If he could manage to keep the fight over there, he'd have an easier time maintaining his pressure. But then came the issue of her semblance...

The young man drew his Type J as he mulled over potential ideas on counteracting her gravity wells, the blade itself splitting in half to reveal the slab of dust conductive metal that rested within. Careful to avoid the murky waters, Juno depressed both triggers on the blade's hilt to charge an upcoming explosion, methodically watching the other side of the arena for any trace of the opponent as he ducked behind one of the huts.

[Aura: 100]
[Active: 0| Standby: 5| Charging: 0]
[Type J: Eruptor- Charging. Current Charge: 0. Remaining Dust at 100%]
Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 14, 2019, 05:00:02 PM »
"Well, it's true," Clara responds to the comment on toasters.  She tilts her head as Akel adjusts her headset, but says nothing of it.  She's admittedly curious about it, but the interest is mostly passing in nature.

"Oh, I pretty much grew up around it.  I mean, I pretty much only use dust in combat anyways," she says.  "I'd be happy to help!  What are you planning on adding?  I'm personally more inclined to making things explode, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea," she continues, examining the various and asundry parts laid out in front of the other girl.
Plot Zone / Re: The Medusa Precendent(Sign Ups)(closed)
« Last post by ArosFarron on April 14, 2019, 02:19:22 PM »

Topic is up. Sorry it took so long to start.
Everywhere Else / The Medusa Precedent [CLOSED]
« Last post by ArosFarron on April 14, 2019, 02:16:48 PM »
As a signal went out from an old military facility to a one Merletta Yoru, she opened it. It was a message she thought she would never read again. It had one word. Just one small word to reactive something deep in her memory. SWORD. It was something from her past, something that had disbanded long before her current work. Using what knowledge of students were at what schools, she sent out a message to the schools. After she wiped the computer she received the message on and left, making her way to an old safehouse that was used by SWORD so many years ago. She waited for the people she sent her own message to, and began to go over any and all files left from SWORD. She was the new acting Director and that position would, she hoped, allow her to find out why SWORD was restarted.
Character Creation / Re: Bordeaux Page Alderson
« Last post by Golden Koi on April 13, 2019, 03:22:55 PM »
Its entirely a volunteer possition. Bordeaux isnt being paid for anything. The reason why I said hes an intern instead of an orderly is that orderlies get paid. It's an actual job, and what Bordeaux has is an unpaid medical internship that's different. It's not a residency, and Hws not an official orderly, so...
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