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The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:27:36 AM »
There was something in his head. Calen knew this. You would think that once you are aware a sensation is not from your own mind it would be easy to ignore. Unfortunately something being implanted didn't make it feel any less real and despite pressing his considerable will to the task he could not step close to the wall. There has to be another way out. Calen thought to himself as he tried to think of a solution. What about that store that crone mentioned... What's Mine is Mine...'

Acting instinctively as a shot rang out behind them Calen threw himself to his left, chrashing himself and Teddy to the ground. Calen's left hand shot behind his back to his knives while his right gripped tight to Teddy ready to pull them both to cover. Scanning the crowd for threats was made easier as most of the crowd ducked to the ground but Calen still could make out the source of the sound. More to give himself more time to think of a way to get over the wall Calen pulled himself and Teddy to their feet and pushed the latter as they both made their way towards the sound.

'Maybe that's Miss Nahualli, we should check on it at least.' Calen remarked, his glibness muted by his mind being distracted thinking up a solution. 'There is also a store we might what to check out. The old crone told me about it, What's Mine is Mine. Strange name for a store what do you think they sell?' Calen continued simply to fill in the silence as they stumbled their way towards the gunshot.

The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:08:41 AM »
Calen was rather surprised listening to Cami and Gaud's history, finding there stories mirrored a fair bit actually as the little girl continued. Both trained to be warriors from birth although Calen clearly took to it better that his current companion did. They even shared a gift, Calen reached behind him and touched his own throwing knives hidden by his suit. Nodding along Calen was lost in memories he would rather forget and as such didn't notice anything until a large explosion shocked him out of his reprieve. Immediately scanning his surroundings Calen saw Cami knocked off her steed by a white burst. Remembering what Rory said about the albino Grimm Calen immediately used his semblance to dash towards Cami's falling body and hopefully catch her before she hit the ground or at least get to her before anything else did. After having the little girl secured in his arms Calen then launched himself back towards his horse with his semblance.

Kicking the horse hard Calen raced the beast to full speed as quickly as possible as he tried to out run this new foe. One arm around Cami's waist and the other wielding his weapon in glaive form Calen was on the look out for more threats. Rory did also mention fog and he couldn't make out any grimm so the possibility that it was something else, maybe one of the other villages launched to the front of his mind. Directing the horse into the trees Calen hoped to get out of sight of this new foe. 'Apologises Miss Unis it seems we will have to continue your story another time, this might be a bumpy ride so do your best to hold on.' Calen remarked confidence rich in his voice. Confidence which wasn't actually real of course if Rory had trouble with these with two other hunters-in-training at as well as Gaud his back Calen would be hard pressed to fight back by himself. Of course Calen would never admit this out loud or even to himself but somewhere in the back of his mind fear started to blossom, fear he hadn't felt in a long time.

WiP Characters / Re: Dorian Rothenberg
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:42:37 PM »
did you add the sea sickness?

WiP Characters / Re: Dominique Pentaghast
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:39:26 PM »
I’d recommend a few word changes in the appearance but otherwise it’s OK and the picture doesn’t have to completely line up. Rather than ‘shock’ her back into a good mood which doesn’t really make sense as she goes from sad->embaressed and somehow ends up happy. Maybe she forces herself to be happy but due to her bubbly nature it only takes a few moments to become real. Also in regards to the clothing ‘while still remaining decent’ would personally fit better as tight shorts and bare mid-rift don’t reach my definition of modest atleast.

The fight which DUST gets wiped out is almost is a bit hard to follow. You might be using ‘but she chose wrong’ as some kind of rhythm but it does more to interrupt the flow of the passage than enhance it. Don’t have to change this to get approved just think it’s worth another look.

Personality is really good well done.

I’m not 100% sure on absorbing energy from plants but the rest of the semblance seems fine. So yea running it by the other mods even limited life manipulation is a bit too much, she can still grow plants but draining from them will have to go.

Combat behaviour is good, maybe a little bit on how she deals with different fighters like range combatants and so on.

Weapon is good.

Character Editing / Re: Solaris Star
« on: December 13, 2017, 05:06:31 PM »

I think most of this is fine considering how high tier a character like Solaris is. I don't think she should be able to create objects out of fire, even unstable ones although creating explosions through combustion would still be allowed. I would also recommend reading this profile aloud or use a text to speech device and listen to is, a lot of the wording is odd. The two-three weakness thing still applies however but other than that it's all good to go.

Character Editing / Re: Acero Walker
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:40:32 PM »
Minus the hyphen everything seems fine although you seem to have lost the section in appearance about his original mechanical augments and they are still referenced in the history. I'd like these put back in before I approve the edits unless you can convince me otherwise.

Approved Characters / Re: Kei Tsz Fung
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:30:37 PM »
You increased his height by an inch BANNED

edits approved

Character Creation / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:25:22 AM »
As soon as they are approved you can start using them in threads. There isnt a permission thing or anything but we would strongly prefer it to not have significant knock on affects to everyone else, those in the thread can be affected but not much for outsiders. You could start an open or semi-open (limiting number of people, 4-5 is a good number) thread yourself the moment morgan is approved. Or you can ask people if they have threads for a third year, I think Aros had one but might be full but still ask around.

Kinda late but some ideas might include
  • A more senior student(Morgan) being asked to train younger students
  • Act as a supervisor for a mission
  • Recuit a loose collection of students for a not quite traditional job
  • So on...

There are also already going open threads you could join like the holiday formal too get your feet wet as quickly as possible.

Character Creation / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: December 13, 2017, 03:51:34 AM »
Well he would have likely competed in the Vital festival and there would be combat classes which he has to show at least some degree of it. You could also talk to former school mates to get info on an opponent. I'm not saying it will happen every fight it's just another think you might have to worry about.

Approved Characters / Re: Kei Tsz Fung
« on: December 13, 2017, 03:41:52 AM »
Spoiler: Pre edits • show

Name: Kei Tsz Fung

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol: The Chinese character (Translates to Kei), magenta strokes on a chocolate-color background.

Occupation: 4th Year Transfer Beacon Student

Appearance: Kei is a slim, 5'11 male, with straight black hair, dark grey eyes and yellow skin. He is slightly athletically built and with no obvious muscle at first glance. His face is normally seen as serious, often foreboding, and he wears a pair of glasses. Several things that stands out about Kei is his distinctive lack of strength in his left arm, the obvious bulge along the back of his spine, as well as a permanent scar on his left hand, which he covers with a fingerless glove most of the time. He also wears a jade lucky charm, part of the Yin-Yang pattern, around his neck.

With a fit yet slender frame, Kei's combat attire focuses little on armour and mainly on mobility, as he cannot shoulder any heavy weight due to his frail spinal implant. He wears an altered, sleeveless cheongsam with red dragon patterns on a black background, designed for ease of movement, over which he drapes a grey tunic, implanted with light, thin armour plates for extra protection. He also wears twin pieces of magenta-colour thin, flexible Kevlar sleeves which start from his wrists and end above his elbows, used for blocking sword swings. On his back he has a metallic spine implant with a slot for his weapon sheath, a result of an injury he suffered when he was on a mission. Similarly, he wears loose silk trousers and combat boots. Within one of the boot's soles is a hidden picture of his family.

Inside his clothing he has an assortment of items he keeps hidden, which are not limited to but normally include a standard switchblade, 5 dust vials to recharge his weapon (1 of each Dust type), small First-Aid kit and a one-use flare gun. Over the years Kei has learned to keep said things close by when there is no team to support him. He also has a slingbag which carries extra Dust, food, water and sometimes a book when he is feeling more relaxed.

History: Kei was brought up by a family outside the borders of Mistral, within one of the various villages dotted around the border, which treasured it's ancestry and traditions. He was thus taught to respect his elders and follow in their footsteps, and subsequently learned an ancient language and it's culture. This "style" of his was beat into Kei at such a young age that it has become second nature and he still follows the old cultural traditions even at Beacon. Alongside this, Kei was taught the way to write calligraphy, which he later learned was basically his semblance.

Following his father's wishes, as obedience was one of the main pillars of their culture, Kei was trained at a relatively young age at the art of war, albeit taking a more modern way than the old styles of combat. Kei's family had little respect for firearms, and Kei was instead taught the usage of a rapier instead of the traditional spear or sword, practicing sparring with his father. However, even Kei's parents recognised the limits that home-training could go, and enrolled Kei at Sanctum Academy.

At Sanctum, Kei was regarded as the "odd one out", with his traditional-style clothing and ways making him stick out like a sore thumb. However, this also garnered him much attention, and he was frequently surrounded by people, most of which he befriended, for he had a likeable nature that endeared him to most. It was at Sanctum that Kei forged Huàbî, or Paintbrush, a simple rapier with no special functions. Because of his training with his parents, Kei actually got pretty good with the weapon, and was one of the best in the class because of it. He also had pretty decent grades and by all accounts a budding Huntsman.

Graduating Sanctum and following into Haven Academy, Kei was assigned to Team BLAK, a first year team, and sent on a search-and-destroy mission for their initiation. The team was excited and possibly a bit too rushed. The Grimm they were send to kill was an just-matured Beringel, which should have been just the right challenge for the team, yet not enough to endanger the students.

However, as with these sob stories, accidents happen. Due to one of his teammate's mistakes, someone from Atlas who had transferred into Haven, Kei was knocked into a critical swipe from the Beringel, which raked Kei's spinal cord, destroying several nerves and damaging several sections of bone along the middle of his back. Thankfully, he instantly blacked out due to the shock and pain. Despite this, the mission was completed successfully, but Kei was paralysed from the neck down, and had a severely injured left arm upon returning to Haven, much to his parents's dismay. Fortunately, the person who had caused Kei to get injured called in a few favours and, after extensive surgery, managed to get Kei a mechanical spine powered by Dust implanted into his body, which managed to restore Kei's movement to a good degree. However, his left arm couldn't be fully healed, and to this day is still much weaker than his right. Moreover, Paintbrush was given a mechanical upgrade as compensation. However, due to this incident, Kei suffered small mental trauma and became more distrustful toward his team, with drastic changes from pre-incident and post-incident. Because of this, the team did not have the chemistry that it had pre-incident, and thus in his fourth year, partly because of his mental trauma, Kei and his parents chose to transfer him to Beacon Academy.

Personality: Quiet, silent, tranquil, Kei isn't anti-social, he simply is the kind of person to let discussions flow past him like wind. He is patient and accesses any situation at hand before taking any sort of action, being a natural decision-maker. When in the midst of a conflict, he stays back and listens, rarely giving his own opinion unless asked. However, he is incredibly secretive of his failed mission, referring to it as "the incident", and will clam up if asked. Due to his spine implant being the difference between life and death, he will protect it at all costs, even putting it before his own team. As a result, he has been viewed as selfish, but those who do don't know the importance of the implant.

Between pre-incident and post-incident, Kei has gone through a vast change. Pre-incident, Kei was a likeable, if slightly strange, person, open and trusting. Post-incident, Kei still has mental trauma from the accident, and has a distrust of teams, trusting only himself and as a result being more quiet and preferring to be alone on missions. Now, he is trying to recover and move on from the incident, and has consulted a therapist about it. He recognises the importance of teamwork but cannot bring himself to fully trust anyone but himself again. At least, not in combat.

Aura and Semblance: Kei's Aura glows magenta, and he is capable of using his Aura for a wide variety of things, the strongest of which is a strength boost. However, he cannot use his Aura for detection at all. He has an average Aura pool for a 4th year. 

Kei's Semblance is Calligraphy Control. When using his Semblance, Kei's aura glows brighter and focuses around his hand and lance. Using a specific lance, the Ink Lance, by channeling his Aura through the Ink Lance, he can draw Chinese characters in the air (like glyphs) in the way the Chinese would write a character, except Kei is swishing a lance around, which temporarily grant him specific boosts. The Ink Lance simply acts like a paintbrush, "painting" the words in thin air. Kei channels his Aura through the lance to create the "ink." Since the Ink Lance is infused with a Foci to make Kei's Semblance work, he does have to swap to the Ink Lance and preferably back again, which takes precious time. One advantage of the characters is that no-one understands what character Kei is drawing, and thus they do not know which one Kei has chosen until he makes a move.

Kei can draw five characters, all of which come out as magenta-colored:
(Speed): Increases Kei's movement and subsequently attack speed. Does not increase reaction speed. Slower than Ruby's semblance.

(React): Increases Kei's reaction speed. Slightly slower than a Speed Glyph. Does not increase movement speed.

(Defend): Powers up Kei's Aura to better deflect attacks. Example: Non-defended sword hit does 10% aura. Defended sword hit does 8%. (Basically, attacks only do 2/3 damage)

(Attack): Powers up Kei's strikes by 1/3rd of the original damage. Does not increase speed of attacks, nor does it affect any damage done by dust effects.

(Destroy): Drives Kei into a rage, allowing him to temporarily ignore distractions including pain and increases his natural strength, but not his base rapier damage. Basically, gives him a massive shot of adrenaline. And drugs.

The more complicated the Chinese character, the longer it takes to activate (Kei still has to write the word). Each character's buffs last around 10 seconds, and a cast of any buff takes 5% of his stamina. It takes Kei 4 seconds to activate Attack, Speed and Defend, 6 to activate Destroy, and 8 to activate React, and he is vulnerable during that time, as he has to "paint" the word. Moreover, he cannot use more than one buff at a time, and he cannot cast this on allies. After a buff has expired, he cannot recast a buff within 30 seconds.
(He can write other Chinese characters, but they serve no purpose apart from looking pretty. Very pretty, like calligraphy.)

Combat Behavior: In combat, Kei likes to start things off by casting one of his five buffs and gain an edge over his opponent. He is a expert at using everything to his advantage, be it terrain, weapons or fighting style. As such, he is very versatile and capable of adapting on the fly, able to change tactics at a moment's notice, aided by his semblance. Paired up with his variety of lances, Kei is very hard to take blindsided. He is nimble with his rapier-lance, using the dust within to great effect to either engage in direct combat, fake out his foes or even altering the terrain. One of his favourite ways of engaging is to lodge one of his Dust lances within his enemies, eject said lance, then swap to another, allowing the Dust to do it's work.

Of course, he has his weaknesses. He finds it hard to safely engage a gunslinger without proper support (which he doesn't have since he doesn't trust teammates) and he has a limited amount of lances he can use, while his weak left hand means he can only use his right, and thus has limited options compared to a dual-wielder. Due to his implant being unnatural, Kei has less stamina than others, and will tire if in a prolonged fight. This also reduces his flexibility. His Semblance also takes time to set-up, and he is open to attack at that time. Another problem is that Paintbrush's lances cannot be used to block hits, or they snap relatively easily.

Overall, Kei is a powerful duelist, with less of a hit-and-run style which you would see from a lance-user and more of a rapier-based style, quick, strong, tanky or nimble depending on the type of situation, and can easily fit most roles on a team. Most of his fights, he aims to end before running out of stamina, and normally fights every battle with at least 90% of his might. Unfortunately, he still retains some mental trauma, actually having some noticeable shaking whenever fighting with a teammate by his side, and thus normally fighting on his own instead of cooperating with his team, leading to Kei being out-strategised and outnumbered at times.

+Well-rounded fighter
+Adaptable and flexble, unpredictable and hard to read
+Different combat styles depending on Semblance and weapon
-No range capability
-Weak left hand means single-wield weapon allows less options
-Semblance leaves him wide open
-Cannot block/parry with lance
-Limited Dust Lances reduces long-term combat effectiveness
-Spinal implant means he cannot fight for long and will tire early if pressured


Name: 畫筆/Huàbî (Translates to "Paintbrush")

Primary Form: Paintbrush is a 50 inch-long rapier/lance hybrid. It takes the shape of a normal lance, with a cone-guard to protect the hand, and a modified handle which originally came from a rapier. The lance is made of tempered steel with a hollow core, to lighten the lance and to store dust. Running along the side of the lance are miniature vents for the dust to come out of. The lance itself is capable of either detaching, or forcibly ejecting for a ranged attack of sorts. When ejecting, the lance is normally shot out with enough force to bury 1/6th of it's length in a tree, standing 2 meters away from said tree. Paintbrush is capable of swapping its lance section for several varieties. These separate lances are stored in a rotating sheath, similar to Raven Branwen's own weapon, at Kei's back, horizontally placed and slots into a section on Kei's metallic spine. The rotating sheath holds up to 12 lance variants, each designed similarly with the same hollow core.

Simplified: Rapier/Lance with multiple lances. Can be ejected and swapped.

Storage Form: Paintbrush's storage form simply consists of Kei detaching the steel lance, returning it to the sheath, and hooking the hilt on his belt. When needed, Kei can simply connect Paintbrush's hilt to the sheath, select his preferred lance, and unsheath his new variant of lance from the sheath sideways. Whole process takes 5 seconds from sheathing to swapped lance.

Tertiary Forms/Dust Variants: Paintbrush's lance variants are divided into 3 categories: Dust Lances, Steel Lances, and Ink Lances.
The sheath on Kei's back holds the following:
1 Steel Lance (The original, hollow-core tempered steel lance)
1 Ink Lance (The requirement for Kei's Semblance). Infused with a tuned foci for Kei to channel his Semblance.
10 Dust Lances (2 Fire Dust , 2 Electric Dust, 2 Kinetic Dust, 2 Ice Dust, 2 Combination). The dust (powdered form) is stored within the hollow core.
Spoiler: More Details • show

Fire Dust lances allow the lance to ignite for extra burn damage. Kei also uses the eject function to drive the lance into the enemy and internally burn them.

Ice Dust lances create a jagged, sharp layer of ice around the lance, for extra laceration damage. This also makes the lance more cumbersome. Kei uses the eject function to use this as a range option, however it is not reliable at all.

Electric Dust lances electrify the lance and electrocute enemies touched by it. Kei can eject this lance and electrocute enemies from within.

Kinetic Dust lances do not give the lance any special powers. However, when ejected, the dust gives the lance much more force, allowing the lance to fly much further than usual. This can also be used point-blank to skewer enemies.

Combination Dust lances are very volatile, as they are a mixture of every dust, and thus Kei does not use this for direct melee combat. However, when ejected, Kei can remotely detonate the dust within for a elemental explosion.

All the listed lances above (apart from Combination) have a active duration of up to 3 minutes. They become used up after that duration and become regular Steel Lances.

History: Forged while Kei was still studying in Sanctum Academy, Paintbrush has gone through a massive modification from pre-incident to post-incident. Along with the spine implant, as compensation, Kei's Paintbrush was also given a massive rework, from a simple rapier into the rapier/lance hybrid that Kei now uses. (Fun fact: Kei actually writes with the thing like a pen)

Character Creation / Re: +1'd Characters
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:54:18 PM »
He's a bit of a weirdo but lets be honest who isn't.,1291.0.html

Character Creation / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:53:40 PM »
Yes the semblance is a bit odd, I'll be watching how you use it and of course you will need another mods approval as well, but I think it's interesting and am willing to give it a chance. The weaknesses are pretty obvious, third years have a bit more leniency than first years and being at Beacon for three years means that most aware students probably have a rudimentary idea of how it works.

I would recommend putting the TL;DR at the top of the semblance section.

Other than that yea +1

Character Creation / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: December 12, 2017, 06:54:31 PM »
OK there are a few odd word choices but that's nothing too big. The two things I'd like changed are you to space out the paragraphs a bit more to make it easier to read and add a TL;DR for the semblance. This stands for Too Long; Didn't Read and could be helpful giving someone a brief synopsis of the semblance itself again to help with reader comprehension. You kinda have something like this already but really try to get across the core idea in as few words as possible. You can put the TL;DR in a spoiler or everything else in a spoiler it's up to you.

Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
« on: December 12, 2017, 06:43:47 PM »
Oh that's right guns exist. Calen thought to himself as Setsuna transformed his blade into it's rifle form. Too close to avoid the first two shorts Calen took them in his chest and ducked low beneath the last. Grabbing hold of the rifle Calen tried to hold the arm outstretched, blocking the path for Setsuna's shield and dagger as well as protecting him from future shots, to get some more quick slashes in before the music goes to it's first refrain. Aiming at the harder to defend back and sword side Calen moved gracefully in time with the music before releasing his hold on Setsuna's weapon. As the refrain came in Calen again feinted high but rather than strike low again, drew one of his daggers and tried to slip that through instead. Simultaneous with his dagger trust Calen extended the haft of his weapon into it's glaive form for a good smash aimed at Setsuna's head.

Coming back to the heart of the song the pacing became much more stable and as such so did Calen's assault. Quickly changing his glaive back into it's sword form Calen adopted a more balanced approach recognising his opponent's turn to the offensive while still wanting to dictate the terms of the engagement. Casually twirling both blades in his hands when not striking Calen continued his assault in a more precise and acrobatic way, dancing his way into and out of engagements.

Battle Data
  • Aura: 80%
  • Semblance: 80%
  • Attacks: Light Slashes; 2x4%, Dagger stab; 2%, Haft Srike; 2%

WiP Characters / Re: Satoshi Bei-Fong
« on: December 12, 2017, 05:51:16 AM »
Only have to worried about MIA in character creation proper. WIP is a wasteland of profiles.

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