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You need to add Immersive Engineering.

There's several RWBY skins for tools.

The Vale Region / Re: The Vytal Festival Ball [Open]
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:20:10 PM »
Nathan listened to Auric as the man asked another question. Which rapidly went into some shady territory. Which revealed itself as not-so-shady since it pretty much was a blazing inferno. Well, then. That was... an unforeseen development, but also an unsurprising one.

He turned to Zabar - towards whom the question seemed to be mostly aimed - as he answered.

And he listened.

And listened.

Frankly, this had gone rather well. He thought about adding 'he makes a good point' after the guy had finished, but not knowing whether or not it'd grant him some flak, he merely nodded a bit to his future opponent, much in the same way as the aforementioned Vacuan had earlier.

Plot Zone / Re: The Super Switcheroo Sparring Matches!
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:06:32 PM »
Right on cue, Kell.

Personally, I'd like to submit all my currently  approved chars, partially because I want to 'flex my writing abilities' but mostly because I'm a dick.

Also, question: if somebody has multiple weapons, do they come as a set?

Beacon Academy / Re: Smells of Sausage Again? [HTDG Re-initiation?]
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:19:08 PM »
A large smile plastered itself across Brock's face when he heard the first official team name. Yep, that was fucking great. Hotdog, Pepperoni? What was next, Salami? Prosciutto? He couldn't wait. Ah, shit, now he was hungry. When Janna pointed out the apparent liking for sausages, he mumbled "...I like sausages...", although mumbling wasn't entirely accurate here since his low voice failed to not carry the message to his companions' ears.

He answered the question Janna asked afterwards with "Dunno, depends on what the dude deems decent. Maybe it's a minority that'll wind up with names like this."

Everywhere Else / Re: A day in Vacuo
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:11:15 PM »
Please put a tag in the title.

The Vale Region / Re: The Vytal Festival Ball [Open]
« on: May 14, 2017, 09:30:46 PM »
Nathan was looking at Zabar as the guy spoke. This was a good thing. He was also actually listening to him, which was an even better thing. He smiled when Zabar spoke about 'not spoiling it for him'. Oh, boy, that was he'd been doing right from the start of the tourney.

Right before Auric started talking again, somebody decided to scream something from the crowd. Oh, greeeaaat, try and distract the ADHD guy, why don't you. Thankfully, Nathan was able to restrain himself from looking into the crowd as well as understanding whatever was yelled. Probably somehow derogatory, anyway.

Instead, he looked as his appointed interviewer as he spoke, turning to Zabar as he answered the question(s) in earnest. Wow, he really was excited. Then Nathan's turn came to answer and he sincerely, whole-heartedly doubted he'd be capable of delivering something as good as the co-interviewee.

"Personally, I do a bit of both. While I went into the first few fights without a clue about the opponent, as the stakes grew, the amount of risk I was willing to take diminished. I've seen most matches from the stands, but it wasn't solely to get a tactical feel for any potential adversaries - the matches were genuinely fun and enthralling to bear witness to. Apart from that, I just go in with a calm, open mind."

He finished by adding "I'm planning to get a good night's rest to be able to give it my all tomorrow."

Anna relaxed a bit as Taro took the potential heat to himself. Oh, so that's what it was. She should've guessed, honestly. But hey, she wasn't the one under the spotlight, so yay for that. She listened to Calen's reasoning after Taro pronounced his 3 truths and his lie. It was mostly sound.

Then Calen took his turn and, as she thought about it, she couldn't really come to a definite conclusion. They were all definite possibilities, although the Nevermore one seemed a bit far-fetched.

Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:45:44 PM »
Nathan winked at Mauve as a 'got ya', then proceeded to follow Izzy around, taking in the location like he did but with a different method. Before that, though, he also agreed with Jadyn, saying "Yes, please!". After a few seconds, he added "Say Izzy, didn't you leave all your weapons back where we arrived?"

Anna listened to her teammates, pulsing her semblance every now and then to see where she was going. Until, that is, Calen spoke about 'three truths and a lie' and although she didn't know exactly what that was, it didn't sound very good. Therefore, all Anna did was blush, lowering her head in order to use her hair to hide it.

The Vale Region / Re: The Vytal Festival Ball [Open]
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:26:56 PM »
Nathan looked at the interviewer rather than the crowd or Zabar. There were several reasons for this behavior. 1) You never look directly at the camera when doing an interview, so he assumed the same went for the public. 2) Auric was actually in the process of talking. Common sense and, partially, what his mother had continuously told him as well as what Mauve was attempting to teach him, instructed that you should always look at whoever's talking, both as a sign of respect and to show you're listening. Which, incidentally, he was.

When Auric asked his first question to the interviewees, Nathan turned to Zabar, intending to let him speak first. Which he assumed would be the case. But... the guy was looking a bit strange, all of a sudden, pale even, so Nathan spoke before the silence stretched closer to its first entire second. "Well, I can't say that I'm excited per se, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's not every day you get to duke it out with somebody of a world-class calibre that's also your age." Yes, he added that because he was pretty sure he could've asked any teacher back at Beacon for a sparring session. And he would've probably been pounded into dust.

Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:12:50 AM »
Nathan looked back towards Jadyn after getting his answer from Mauve. She was, as was most often the case, correct.

As Jadyn finished speaking, Nathan turned his gaze every which way, trying to get a good feel of the surroundings, both within and outside the walls. Meanwhile, Mauve answered Rusty's first question with a simple statement (the second one didn't really register, apparently) and, as she asked for other ideas, turned to him. Well, that's how it sounded. To confirm this, he looked back at her. Oh wow, she really was asking him a bit more. Nathan started to say "Well, uh-" when he caught a quick movement out of the corner of his eye. Switching his sights to try and find out what the hell was happening, he witnessed Izzy 'dropping off' some of his weapons before climbing a wall. "...As Izzy is demonstrating, no, not really. Maybe a quick sweep of the area surrounding the walls, too, so we don't go into any fights without knowing the area's general disposition."

He briefly paused before asking "Oh, and as Rusty asked, who's with whom?" He knew Mauve was his partner - in many ways - but she might decide on spreading the team differently.

Beacon Academy / Re: Smells of Sausage Again? [HTDG Re-initiation?]
« on: May 02, 2017, 11:50:51 AM »
Brock shrugged. "Dunno. I prefer being relaxed than surrounded by a bunch of uptight snots with broomsticks up their asses."

Brock briefly considered the possibility of merely moving forwards to make the hurried team move or get crushed, but ended up deciding against it. As Hagane had said, their loss. He just crossed his arms, taking an 'I'm waiting' stance without looking impatient about it.

The Vale Region / Re: The Vytal Festival Ball [Open]
« on: May 02, 2017, 06:12:49 AM »
Nathan was about to start answering Cat when a man, tall and well-built, stepped in whilst calling his name. Without even waiting, he proceeded to present himself. Oh neat, the interviewer. Nathan shook the hand offered to him with his own, attempting to match the strength used by Auric. Giving a slight smile out of reflex, which thankfully looked normal, he answered with "Pleasure. Of course, right away."

He listened to Cat's... speech? before going to take the remaining seat - damn, it's the right one, he preferred to be on the left. Oh, sweeeeeeeet, Gray was heeeeeere. Well, that was actually great because that meant he was doing okay, but it wasn't so much since the guy kinda hated him. Oh, look at that face. Yep, heeee didn't like him.

Well, now he knew he was staying after the interview, if only to hear what Cat had to say. He was wondering what Juno wanted to tell him, as well, but he hadn't been sure whether or not the guy would end up talking to him, so he had been trying to decide if he should've stayed or not. Regardless, if things were too intense, he was bailing. He didn't even have Ergia, for crying out loud.

RPG Discussion / Re: Character development through plot threads
« on: May 01, 2017, 06:21:04 AM »
Yes, it can! However, any change needs to be edited in and approved before you can make use of it. I *could* add a flamethrower to my weapon, but not in first year because it's already damn good 'nough.

Beacon Academy / Re: Smells of Sausage Again? [HTDG Re-initiation?]
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:01:56 AM »
"...Well I, uh, just swing it towards where I wanna hit, really." was Brock's response to Hagane's question. That didn't have a question mark he could detect. Oh well.

He nodded at Janna's affirmation, looking around a bit as he did at the chaos and failing to notice how people tended to steer clear from the hulking piece of flesh that was his form.

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