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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / inb4 meet and greet
« Last post by Mid or Feed on May 01, 2018, 04:10:16 AM »
So yeah, I exist now apparently...

Hi, I'm Mid or Feed, call me AP Carry or Feeder I guess. I'm used to this sort of thing(RPs and all), but only on NationStates, but I digress, I wish to join this forum because my creative juices have been stirred so much I can't handle it anymore, and I need some sort of release, and I found it!

Also I found a fellow Riven main, henlo friend.
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Hi there
« Last post by ReaperJoe on March 01, 2018, 01:26:10 AM »
Oh goodie!  I love muffins!  Wait, why is it getting bigger...?

But yeah, thanks for the reply!  Most of my RP experience comes from Dungeons and Dragons, and even that's fairly recent.  I only started that about a year ago, but I've always wanted to get into the hobby.  I've already checked out both the Getting Started and FAQ threads, and I managed to find the Discord server, so I'll definitely be using that.

As for help, I'm working on my first character Smokey and I'd love some feedback on him, if you find the time.

Thanks again!
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Hi there
« Last post by Riven on February 28, 2018, 04:55:10 PM »
Welcome, Joe! I'm Riven, one of the grumpy ol' time RPers 'round these parts. Always nice to see a newcomer take an interest in our little community.  ;D

It sounds like even though forum RP is something you're new to you're no stranger to RP in general. What kind of RPing are you familiar with? Chances are good that at least some of what you already know will translate well here, and as for the rest you'll find that myself and most other members are more than willing to help out where we can. We tend to be very newcomer friendly. I recommend the Getting Started thread for a... well, start, and the FAQs for a second stop. Don't forget to hit up our Discord if you haven't already, as it tends to be the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with people.

Now then, I have a bit of a tradition to fulfill: welcome muffins! Click below for yours, delivered hot and fresh.

Spoiler: show

"It's also a gun!" Anime schoolgirl not included.

Welcome to RWBY RPG!
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Hi there
« Last post by ReaperJoe on February 27, 2018, 10:54:45 PM »
Hi, I'm Joe.  Or Reaper.  Or ReaperJoe if you'd prefer.  It doesn't matter, really. 
Anyways, I've never done an RPG by forum before, but I've always thought the RWBY-verse had a lot of room for creative OCs and I wanted to try one out.
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Hello!
« Last post by Riven on February 02, 2018, 10:45:08 PM »
Welcome welcome welcome! ;D

Always nice to have newcomers join us. I'm Riven, the dusty ol' RP veteran who wandered in out of the wastes about a year back and decided to settle down here. Welcome to the forum! If you need any help getting started or have any questions, feel free to touch base with myself or any of the talented staff members -- we've got a lot of good and talented people here. Definitely be sure to hit up the Discord chat, as that's where all the cool people hand out (and troll each other).

Now then... I have a bit of a tradition for newcomers. They all get muffins. Welcome muffins!

Weaponized welcome muffins!  ;D

Spoiler: MUFFINS! • show
Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Hello!
« Last post by Moth on February 02, 2018, 10:00:16 PM »
Hi! I'm Moth, found this place through a friend. I just started watching RWBY and it kickstarted my creativity hard, so I'm looking forwards to... well, everything! Hope everything goes well  :D

Most of my RP experience comes in the form of script instead of paragraph, so I'm still adjusting to forum usage. Any tips/suggestions/etc would be lovely!
General Discussion / If you're having trouble logging in...
« Last post by Vox Machinae on January 31, 2018, 11:43:44 PM »
Don't use the thing in the corner. It's a little bit fucked at the moment.
General Discussion / Re: Testing a thing.
« Last post by Aegis on January 31, 2018, 08:02:54 PM »
General Discussion / Testing a thing.
« Last post by Vox Machinae on January 31, 2018, 07:43:34 PM »
Need to make a thread due to a bug report, and some things having been fixed. (I hope.)

Doing it on a public board to show that the webmaster is actually working.
RPG Announcements / Board V5 is up, regardless of what says
« Last post by Vox Machinae on January 15, 2018, 11:20:16 AM »
Well, it is closer to V4.5~V4.6 to be honest.

A bunch of bullshit you won't notice

Not Fixed
Alias boards

The portal formatting
The webmaster's will to keep pouring hours of his life into this mess of an update
The webmaster, since he has been putting time into this shit instead of paying work

Here's the changelog that was requested.

Now leave me alone.
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