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Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« Last post by EdgeyReyes on April 22, 2019, 05:49:46 AM »
"Well I just need more options in combat, I'm going for basic use so it should go along with how I fight, which generally consists of rapid punches so a smaller effect would be good, enough that it'll hurt the enemy and won't require me to pause my attack. At least when I'm not using my sword." Akel explained, picking up the gloves and thinking about were to start before grabbing some of the thin tubing and a small scalpel to cut the top layer of the glove, inserting the tube where her pointing knuckle would be.

"I'm all up for ideas if you have any, just throw them out there and I'll think about them." Akel stated, turning to her new weapon buddy as she made another incision and inserted another tube for another finger, which wouldn't of been strange if for the fact that her eyes never even glanced at her gloves for even a nanosecond.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Siuwa on April 22, 2019, 12:17:48 AM »
Common sense, drink from your own servings and don't leave drinks unattended. So Cat only peeked at the drink once and drank from his own bottle of water.

Cat has to turn his brain gears for a bit before coming up with a response, because they are correct. "I'll take your word for it, Smokey, but what if the person you are fighting is not just some random person? What if it was someone you care about? I am not saying you should fight any less fierce for your freedom, and I won't deny that greed prevented humans from basic morals, not until the Great War and the Faunus Rights Revolution. The absolute last thing the Faunus should be focused on is how humanity feels, but it is a thing both Faunus and Humanity have to go over at some point, simply because we will live together in freedom. But that's not until you have taken back your deserved freedom, whether by force or peace. Is that an acceptable position for you?"

"And no, pepper spray and tear gas are not actually used in wars precisely because they can be classified as chemical weapons, they are only riot control agents for that reason. I'm not sure why you think he's only arguing for the sake of arguing, Prism but I'll say that the people traffickers' families are absolutely taken care of by welfare programs if they are eligible, and I dare say that this money that are wrongly made is put into good use." Cat still feels like he should engage with Calen despite what Prism said, ignoring people is a not a good way to get points across.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on April 21, 2019, 10:45:31 PM »
Once again, it has to be reiterated that Smokey is not particularly politically inclined.  He never really studied the Faunus Rights Revolution, and most of his opinions on Faunus in general had been built from personal experience.  And Smokey's personal experiences consist of fighting and avoiding people.  In short, Smokey does not have a strong opinion on the Faunus one way or the other.

So, the fact that Smokey sees a flaw in Cat's argument does not bode well for his position, though he's not quite sure how to go about pointing it out, especially since Calen and Prism jump on other more relevant issues.  But he can't keep his mouth shut on this one, for some reason, so he starts talking, "So, uh, let me speak from personal experience here.  When I'm fightin' somebody, I don't give a rat's ass about their 'feelings'.  My only goal is to put them down and make sure they don't get back up." he pauses for a bit, thinking about where he's going with his argument.

Eventually, he speaks up again. "If anyone tried to put me in chains, I'd blast 'em faster than you could say 'Beowolf Bait'," he says, his tone deep and serious.  Smokey's never been one for mincing words. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« Last post by Azure Blair on April 21, 2019, 06:45:50 PM »
Azure laughed sharply. “Oh hon, I know I can take three people at once.” With her semblance being what it was, the more people Azure was fighting the easier it would be for her to use it. Three was a... painfully small amount, the smallest number she could even work with, but it would have to do. She dropped Prism’s hand, after noting the strength of the girl’s handshake, her face falling into a frown with it. She was only fighting one of them? Well, that wasn’t that exciting, where was the fun in that? Where was the fun in fighting just a single person? No, scratch that--half a person. This Prism girl was short enough that Azure was pretty sure she could just boot her like a football if she felt like it.

“Oh?” She arched an eyebrow. Did this girl really not listen to music that often? How could anyone live like that? ‘Well, that will have to change, won’t it?” She laughed as she spoke, as though speaking in a joking manner. However, she couldn’t be more serious. If this girl didn’t like music, Azure would make it her mission to change that. Even if it didn’t work, Prism should get used to hearing music daily anyways; that was what came with rooming with a musician, after all.

Azure watched the small box fold out into a weapon. She had to admit, it was much more portable than Renegade. But far less cool, she thought. What was the point of a weapon that could only be used in combat situations? Why not make it multipurpose like she had? She watched Prism get into a fighting stance with a cocky smirk across her lips. This girl was tiny! She probably wouldn’t even need to activate Renegade! She could just smack her with the flat side of the guitar’s body and send her flying!

After waiting a moment for Prism to finish situating herself, Azure twirled her guitar in one hand, activating it. The first thing to happen was the blades popped out with a click, extending about ten inches wide, running the length of the guitar body. Blue lights lit up around various areas on the guitar’s body: lining the pick guard, circling around the pickups and the various dials. A quiet humming sound, like that of a generator, could be heard coming from the guitar. Dark, midnight blue energy crackled up and down the strings of the guitar. She knocked her fists together, twice, in quick succession. The thick metal bracelets that lines her wrists began to glow with a white light, emitting a small beep sound, signalling they had paired with the guitar. Following the sound, the wide, white strips on the bracelets began pulsing with a black light. The result of this action? Renegade, now in axe form and sparking with dark blue aura up and down the strings, floated in the air in front of the wolf faunus. The faint black glow of gravity dust could be seen around the edges of the guitar, less so against the already black body of it.

Prism’s “challenge” worried Azure, however. If the goal was to just land a single hit, then that made it sound like that would be hard. How hard could it be to hit the girl? She didn’t let her concern show, instead keeping her cocky, arrogant grin and playing a brief flurry of notes.

“Alright then,” she called, “let’s see how this goes.” She loaded a crystal of fire Dust into Renegade, the bright orange glow filling up the strings like liquid being sucked up through a straw. Small embers began drifting off the strings; Azure played another set of notes, running up and down an F major scale in a four note pattern (playing notes 1-4, then 2-5, then 3-6, etc all the way up, then back down again) to set up her guitar, her fingers flying rapidly across the fretboard. She was tempted to play Eruption, by Van Halen, just to show off. But she didn’t think she was quite good enough at it yet to use it in combat. Running through the who scale, up and back down, took only a matter of seconds, and as soon as she was done she lifted her hand off the fretboard to strum an open chord, releasing a semicircle wave of fire at Prism.

[Aura: 100%]
[Dust: 10% burn damage-- usual damage (abt 5%) doubled due to her short charge up with the scales]
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by NotSurprised on April 21, 2019, 05:55:34 PM »

The rather weak insult was ignored in favor of the appearance of his teammate. ”Mmm. Good to see you Ayaka.” Iron had sent out a rather cordial greeting, but there was a level of smug underlying the greeting. ”Are you jealous? I suppose you would be, though I must wonder who’d you be jealous of..” If the smug in his voice wasn’t obvious before, it’s distinctly obvious now since Iron is deadset on teasing both of them regardless of the dignity he’s going to lose today. Iron would proceed to sigh and continue with his teasing. ”I mean, after all, Isabelle is such a lovely lady, and I myself am quite the gentleman.” While amusing as of right now, future Iron would be full of regret at his rather undignifying actions, but that’s for another time.

However… Iron would sharply turn to Isabelle with a face full of false hurt from her response, one that looks real enough to suit his desires of teasing the faunus. ”Oh? I thought we were on a date! It seems all my planning was for naught, how cruel.” Iron played out the hurt victim perfectly. The heartbroken expression, the slight shuffling of feet in awkwardness, hell, even the slightest movement of his hands to show the feeling of hurt! While doing so however, Iron would eye Ayaka to see what made her so… un-Ayaka. After all, if he’s committing to the all-in, might as well try his best.

Iron wish he could make up an excuse about how this is all for information gathering and realistic reasons, but that’d be wrong.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Moth on April 21, 2019, 05:11:40 PM »
"Don't drink that, Cat. He's spiked it." Prism answers, letting her weight lean on the staff of her glaive as Calen bumbled his way through another reply. As much as she enjoys arguing politics, doing it barefoot at 4 am with a likely concussion probably wasn't helping her case. Likewise though, she couldn't just let Cat's rather... peculiar take... go unfettered. She had a bit too much pride for that.

"Cat, while your system works fantastically in a vaccuum, you're not thinking realistically." She answers, settling in for the long haul. "Never once in history prior to Greyed War or the Faunus Rights Revolution did humans even think about what the faunus were thinking, or what they felt. What was important was the cheap, easy labor and the debasement of a species that held the same level of intelligence that humans had, in order to retain the power structure they'd grown so fond of. Humans have literally done everything that you've claimed is so unrighteous in the drive to oppress my species - collateral damage by overenthusiastic soldiers, mass slavery, all of that stuff - with the goal of achieving mass gains through inflicting suffering that the absolute last thing the faunus should be focused on is how humanity feels, considering that every inch of freedom we've gained has come at the cost of bloodshed from your species' hands. So like, jesus, dude, we did exactly what you claimed and fought we because we had to, because you guys were the original monsters."

"And Calen's arguing for the sake of arguing now, so he's getting ignored. Prism finishes sighing to herself.
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on April 21, 2019, 05:00:28 PM »
Any and all amusement slowly drained from Isabelle's expression as she heard Iron's jab at her height. Her blue eyes locked onto his, and she gave him an intense glare. It didn't contain the same irrational hatred as the look she had made towards the group of punks earlier that day, but he could most definitely see a hint of her cruel side. She didn't want to be offended, as he was clearly just messing with her, but she couldn't lie to herself. It made her feel bad. But rather than dwell on those feelings, Belle turned her head away and huffed out of annoyance. Don't let it get to you, she repeated in her mind.

"Shut up, nerd." It was a shame that she couldn't think of any better insults than that for him, especially given how eccentric he could be. That would have to do for now.

As if one person mocking her wasn't enough, she heard Ayaka chime in from behind, making her grit her teeth as her cat ears folded flat. Her teammates presence wouldn't have been unwelcome, but it was a rude greeting to say the least. All of a sudden, it felt like Isabelle was the one that didn't want to be there. "Oh, hello Ayaka," she said at a louder volume than normal, her tone dripping with sarcasm. The faunus turned to face her other teammate with that unamused expression still on her face. Unfortunately for the other woman, Isabelle took note of the subtle way she moved that bag out of their view, along with her unusual body language; she didn't look as confident or aloof today. 'Odd...' Belle wasn't exceptional when it came to social awareness, but she knew a thing or two about hiding stuff from people. Calling her out on it as a potential way of retaliation had been her plan, but that quickly got sidetracked when her teammate posed a question.

"D... Date?" Isabelle could feel her cheeks flushing red immediately. A quick tug of her arm pulled her hand out of Iron's, and it returned behind her back to clasp with her other hand. Of course they weren't on a date, but she could easily see how it had been interpreted that way. Yeah, she had just about reached the point where she wanted to crawl into a hole and die there. "No, we are not."

She felt a need to get the attention off of her, regardless of how little the other two may have cared. That brought her back to her previous train of thought from before the soul-crushing embarrassment. "... What's in the bag, Ayaka? Did you decide to buy real pants for once?" The girl knew it was a lame insult the moment she said it. She didn't even dislike her pants! They were very nice to look at! But she couldn't let herself be mocked without some sort of response, especially not from these two of all people.
"Dust almighty-" Setsuna let go of his saber and threw himself to one side, with the end result of the kick half-connecting on his thigh. With no time to really control where he was going to land, the boy landed roughly in the snow and rolled a little before getting back up, pulling a dagger bit from his shield to replace his sword, now buried in the snow next to Shiroe. "That wasn't very nice of you." Setsuna remarked, holding the dagger in front of his chest as he gave Shiroe enough time to stand back up - daggers were even worse against a prone opponent, though he should have taken a different approach in the first place.

Regardless of whether Shiroe decided to take the opportunity to stand, Setsuna swept forward again, aided by his Semblance's speed to once more dive on his opponent. With his right hand he aimed two fast, darting cuts at his opponent's waist while his left reached for his sword before bringing it down diagonally across Shiroe's chest.

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 85% [7% from rune-boosted kick]
  ● Weapons: Discord, Harmony

Combat Data:
  ● Attacks: Twin quick cuts (4% x 2), diagonal overhead slash (6%)
  ● Semblance: ACTIVE - 50/60 seconds
"Yeah, no, apart from you going on extremely high alert." Setsuna said, securing his backpack and his shield. "If you'd like to enlighten the team it would be much appreciated, otherwise none of us have any idea why we're just staying in the building." Even his soft voice managed to semi-echo in the room, making the leader finally notice the extraordinary silence. "Never mind. Anna, any idea what's coming?" Taking Teddy's advice, the sword in his hand was gripped tighter as Setsuna took a position next to the door.
Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on April 21, 2019, 10:07:20 AM »
"Aye, ma'am!" Jocelyn salutes semi-mockingly, before another trigger on her jumppack sends her soaring through the air in a backflip to land a good distance away from where the fight would take place. She couldn't help but think to herself that the new teammate was somewhat arrogant and reckless, but first impressions didn't always define the person underneath. "Come on, Coco. Give the two some space, you heard Prism." That was in case Coco was still busy staring at Azure - the stare didn't go unnoticed.

As Steam Flower's wings folded into their compact position, Jocelyn took a seat on the hard floor, sitting cross-legged and placing her rifle to her right in case of an emergency application of her Semblance. From what she could see initially, Azure came with nothing but her guitar, so either she was a brawler or that guitar transformed in some way. Dustthrower perhaps? Jocelyn had seen some heavy metal shows being broadcasted on scroll before - reruns, she wasn't particularly interested in that genre and wouldn't go out of her way to watch one - and there had been a flamethrower mounted on the lead guitarist's electric guitar. Spewed flame whenever they strummed chords repeatedly. Most importantly, she was interested to see how Azure would handle Prism's whole flying battle style. "Standing by for medical assistance. Ready when you are."
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