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Akel was happy that the gap was closed but slightly annoyed that she wasn't able to bring the aura levels closer since she was forced to take the stab. Letting the scythe revert back into its sword form, Akel could only raise an eyebrow at her opponent as the rims of her weapon turned and the barrel aimed at Ayaka as she saw the girl sheath her blade. Several bullets went flying towards the girl's diaphragm to hopefully keep the girl winded.

Akel was playing it safe by attacking from outside the girl's immediate sword range but she wasn't making use of her proficiency with rushing and combo damage.

[Aura 53%]

[Bullets 5% x 3]

Akel braced herself for the incoming attack, hearing the blade unsheath she was ready for the attack to her front. However, Akel heard the wires being reeled in and put her arm out to stop the wires, one hand still on the handle of the blade and the other vertically facing to have the wires pressed against her gauntlet as she braced to make sure that the wire didn't close around her completely.

Akel got knocked back, not much but the blade was not out of the ground and pressed against the bat's right shoulder. With both arms unable to do anything Akel could only grit her teeth as she heard a familiar sound and pain rip through her back. Akel was still standing by sheer force of will but felt the strain of the wires disappear. The slash to her back causing them to be cut.

Akel was getting ready to strike before she heard another sound, from above and she brought her blade up to try and block the blade slash, partially succeeding but she still felt it strike her shoulder and forcing her left knee to impact the ground. Annoyed, Akel gripped her blade with both hands, the pain on her body slowly subsiding as she got up, eyes that could kill were staring ay Ayaka. 'this is nothing' Akel repeated to herself in thought, to her pain was having her headset taken off, everything else felt dull in comparison.

It took Akel only a moment before she realised that Ayaka would be exhausted or at least winded from that use. Akel never had to worry about it but it was a general rule that she had learnt from seeing others fight was that overusing the semblance was similar to over-exertion on the body. Looking at the board she saw her aura nearing halfway and saw that Ayaka had a bit over 20% lead, Akel needed to level out their levels and if she was right then she had the chance.

Not wasting any more time Akel went full sprint towards Ayaka, focused and ready to deal some damage. First Akel went for an obvious downward strike, pulling back at the last moment, to turn her slash into a thrust that was aimed at Ayaka's abdomen. Akel would bring her blade to the left as she triggered the transformation, using her left hand to stop the blade and to allow a faster strike as she brought it towards Ayaka's thighs to sweep her off of her feet. Following through Akel would bring the weapon up and letting her left-hand grip the handle low and go into a heavy downward strike with the aim of striking Ayaka's chest with the tip of her scythe.

[Aura 60%]

[thrust 7%]
[leg trip 4%]
[heavy scythe strike 13%]

AMA Section / Re: I haven't done one yet so might as well have a slice
« on: August 06, 2018, 12:11:28 AM »
She wants to fight and win against Juno. That is her singular goal in this entire tournament. Winning also would be nice on top of that.

A frustrated sigh left Akel's mouth as she looked at her situation, gripping her sword Akel took the same defensive stance as she had previously. She hated being trapped like this but she could tell that Ayaka was planning a big attack and Akel wasn't going to face that head-on. Akel's right hand on the handle of her sword and the left against the flat of the blade, the gap between the blade closing to form a large solid shield.

'this is most likely going to hurt. Just be patient and beat her after.' Akel thought as she braced for what she thought was an incoming strike. Digging her boots into the ground with one foot back to lower her centre of gravity and not fall flat to allow herself to be exposed for a follow-up strike.

Akel tracked the girl with her hearing as her blade was knocked, gripping the blade in both hands to bring it back towards a defensive stance. Akel heard the unlatching sound of something from her opponent and kept up the stance to use the sword as a shield if Ayaka was going to add dust to strike Akel.

Except it didn't come, she heard the sound of something small impacting from behind and two dings against the flat of her blade. Curious Akel moved her hand out to the side and saw the light reflect off of the wires as they were pulled to remove any slack 'damn it all, wires. I should assume that she can use her semblance on them as well just to be safe. From what I know she'll need to give the wires movement to activate'. the white-haired huntress theorized as she thought about how to deal with the situation.

Akel didn't have a choice as the wires closed in around her, she dropped her weapon, letting it slam into the ground as Akel moved her right hand out, feeling the wire wrap around her hand Akel ducked to avoid it wrapping around her body, Akel stood back up with the wire wrapped in her hand, the glove freezing the wire to stop it from tightening around her hand.

With her free hand, Akel slipped off the ice-covered wire as she stared Ayaka down. Her hand reaching for the handle as she pulled the blade back to her hands from underneath the wires. Akel had her weapon but it was too large to manoeuvre inside the wires, she stayed in the middle of the wires and decided that she was going to play Ayaka's game for now but, she wasn't going to let this be the deciding factor of the fight.

[Aura 87%]

Akel was glad to get the first hit in but annoyed that her follow-up didn't work. Gritting her teeth, annoyed that the combo didn't work. Akel wanted to continue her attack but stepped back as Ayaka slashed to gain distance the attack hitting Akel's stomach. Akel had to keep stepping back, gaining distance and keeping her sword in front of her body to black the majority of the semblance based slashed that she was in the range of.

Each strike that hit her blade made Akel just get more and more annoyed, she wanted to turn the tables but kept moving back to wait, for that one optimal move that could get massive damage in. Akel listened beyond the repeated bashing of her sword, each hit provided Akel with more sound to work off of and after the three strikes had finished Akel made her move.

Akel knew where the strike was coming from so instead of taking a step back she took a step forward, blade forcing Ayaka to stop her assault and the rims of her gun rotated, the small barrel aimed directly at Ayaka and letting off three rounds in rapid succession.

[Aura 87%]
[bullets 6%, 3 shots]

'so she relies on dodging, diversion, dust and trickery. Noted' Solaris thought as she saw the smoke clones appeared, turning towards where the voice was coming from. Solaris started to compress the fire that was coming from her blade as she dodged the real strike by going into the smoke clone attacks. Smiling underneath her visor as the attack that hit her dissipated into smoke and seeing the rest of the clones disappeared, gave Sol a clear target and information regarding her enemies semblance and valuable details. 'it can't do damage or make any sound, smoke based and is only useful from a visual standpoint. Easy.'

Sol covered the short distance rapidly, her sword at the ready, her shield folded to give her other hand the freedom to grip the blade. What followed was a heavy downward strike with the flames from the sword continuing to disappear as they formed on the blade, adding to the small but currently growing ball of compressed flames behind her.

[Aura: 100%]
[Heavy strike 18%]
[flame ball: charging]

Akel had been leaning forward slightly the entire match, she was eager to watch Juno fight and to learn some more about how he fought, this was the first time she got to see Juno in actual combat so that was a plus.

Although Akel was acquainted with both of the participants, she personally wanted Juno to win the match and advance and see him win the finals. 'Don't lose to him, you're not going to live down all of the nut jokes if you do' was all the faunus could think of in any relation to the concern of her dear friend.

Akel looked at the board to see the aura levels of the participants and saw Prism get up and encourage her own teammate, a few taps of her foot and Akel also got up from her seat, her composure breaking away and hands slamming into the guard wall "YOU BETTER WIN, JUNO!" Akel yelled, hoping that Juno would win the fight.

[OOT: I misunderstood the attack so the change is necessary.]

As the white-haired student came to a stop she reacted quickly, she needed to get past the range of Ayaka's sword, Akel heard a small sound and knowing that it was a one-on-one fight she made her way forward and getting nipped by all of the blades but focusing on her opponent infront of her.

Akel sidestepped slightly to dodge the lunge, gripping her blade in both hands she let her blade make contact with her opponents, flicking the transformation mechanism a small click was heard as the blade extended, Akel's grip changed to give herself a better hold whilst bringing it speeding towards her opponent. Before making contact the blade curved to form the shape of her scythe and aimed at the opposing girl's neck with where the blade and handle meet. Even if she didn't make contact Akel brought the former sword above her head in a smooth motion, a single spin of the weapon and Akel went for a second strike, using the momentum from the previous strike to ensure a swift and deadly follow-up aimed a bit more diagonally to slam Ayaka with the scythe, hopefully into the ground.

[Aura 94%]
[First strike 9%]
[follow up 13%]
[Ayaka eating dirt 4%]

"Bring it!" Akel practically shouted, replying in kind as she heard the footsteps of the swordswoman, Akel couldn't remember much about Ayaka besides occasionally hearing that some people thought it was weird for such a long blade to be used. Akel was cautious and thought about the application of dust and acted ahead of time, seeing the blade be drawn Akel brought her left foot forward, her right hand, sword and knee going against the ground as she saw the energy fly over herself. Without losing much speed Akel pushed off with her right arm and leg after a very small delay to hopefully get her opponent close enough, her left hand grabbing the blade and going for a diagonal heavy strike. Following through by aiming her rotatable gun at her opponent to fire off several shots to get her to back off and give herself room to recover.

[Aura 100%]
[Heavy strike 13%]

'gun and sword, a pistol by the looks of it so I'll have the advantage of range even without including Eyes.' Solaris activated EYES to fly up and reveal all of the dust crystals, marking it on her HUD before the bird quickly flew back down and attached itself back onto Solaris' back and chest.

Now that Solaris knew where she needed to avoid she didn't hold back, digging her heel into the ground before she went off into a sprint Sol's shield activated the kinetic dust barrier as she got closer. Protecting herself while allowing her and get closer to a favoured field before she let her sword ignite in flames and went for a diagonal slash from her left side, up, before following through with a shield bash.

[Aura 100%]
[Slash 8%]
[Shield bash 4% + knockback]

Akel was excited, this was her chance to prove herself and what she could do. She was excited, slightly nervous amnd ready to fight as soon as the doors opened. Akel's signature weapon at her side as she made her way to her side of the battlefield. Pressing a button on dher headset that connected her earpieces to her headset, if the headset got knocked off she wouldn't be out and that was one way she didn't want br eliminated.

She heard the footsteps of her opponent and the drawing of her blade. Akel took it upon herself to  bring her blade off of her holster. Off to the side to keep the handle easier to grab with her other hand.

Similarly, Akel made her way near a tree, although a good portion of her body was visible, she carefully eyes her opponents field 'some destroyed boulders and fire dust crystals. Best to assume they'll explode easily just to be safe.. The white-haired participant waved her hand at the direction of Ayaka in a casual hello, hoping that her opponent would at least be a good sport.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: July 20, 2018, 07:04:57 PM »
"Infra, it's the safest hand we have, I'd personally not want to see that unless it came to a war where it was human and faunus against grimm in a final push." Akel took out her scroll and turned the device on, even it was destriyed, a picture would be nice plus recording the explosion would also be pretty cool to see. Evidence like this wouldn't matter if there was an entire mountain on top, plus having it shattered into a million pieces.

The white-haired bat faunus placed her bag of mining charges on the ground "Stuff as many as we can into the containment unit and blow it up when we're far away, alerted the villages and given them enough time to pack essentials and leave?"

Akeldama is trying to increase the amount of power she can dish out more by further concentrating her aura into physical attacks.

"That is terribly insulting and a bit annoying" Solaris quietly mumbled to herself as she made her way to the arena. Bringing her mind off of the slight annoyance from the fact that they didn't even bother to record their own voices Solaris reached the edge of the arena and glanced at her overdressed opponent 'well at least they were accurate about one thing'.

Her first steps onto the snow were met with the crunching and melting of snow respectively from her movements and the natural heat that was given off by her semblance. Drawing her main sword from her sheath she also activated her shield to be prepared for gunfire.

[aura 100%]

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