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Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
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'There are a few tonics to help with sleep, some don't even include alcohol. I could craft one for either of you, it's not a significant bother.' Calen responded with some degree of concern. The gaunt boy had never had an issue with sleeping, in fact was a little envious of others darkness rebelling so openly against them unlike his own which always sat a little too comfortably silent.

Calen applauded softly as Billy landed the trick. 'Congratulations Miss Bone, a difficult maneuver to be sure but your hand stayed true. I'm sure it will serve you well in the future.' Calen remarked with exaggerated pomp. 'So how did the rope feel in your hand? How does it compare to your semblance?' Calen quizzed as he settled back leaning against the outer wall. An intuitive fighter Calen placed a significant weight on ephemeral concepts like the feel or texture of a fighting style and was always curious how other people interpreted it.

'Have you thought about leaving a key by the door, you could bolt a safe to a nearby wall and then you just have to remember the pass code?' Calen offered finally turning back to Prism . 'Or is there another reason you are so often left alone on your perch Gusty Mcbreezy.'

Approved Characters / Re: Calen Shrike
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Super sneaky mod edit lightning quick approval #1 changes, New pictures, modified personality, grammar fixes.

Spoiler: first edition • show

Name: Calen Shrike

Age: 18, Born 19th of Hitahita 63AC

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: Three interlocked cracked circles 

Occupation: First year student.

Appearance: Tall but gaunt, 6’/1.8m 110lb/50kg, Calen’s body once gorged on opulence now carries the scars of years alone in the wilds of Remnant. Despite those years in the sun Calen’s pale skin remains almost ghostly, this combined with his emaciated body gives him a skeletal appearance. Calen’s knives keep his short black hair neat and his face cleanly shaven even on expeditions. The only natural colour is Calen’s deep green eyes which almost glow given their monochrome setting.
Mirroring his physical appearance, Calen prefers mostly black and white formal clothing (usually a two-piece suit) with small splashes of primary colours in buttons, ties or small ribbons on his lapel. Calen practically uses the long sleeves, high collars and gloves to hide his scars and skeletal form leaving only his sunken cheeks and hungry eyes visible. When expecting a fight, Calen will maintain his formal attire but also wear thin layers of armoured material under his clothes, unable to absorb kinetic force they provide decent defence against claws or blades. Calen is also quite a fan of jewellery, wearing a simple gold earring in his right ear and a silver bracelet of charms on his left wrist.

Vocally Calen has a surprisingly soothing voice, one ill-suited for his barbed tongue. Calen moves with almost courtly grace, a slight limp from an injury on his right knee when working out his semblance spoils the image if carefully studied. The same follows his movements in everything he does, poised when seated, always upright and moving with precision in combat or out.

History TLDR: A good childhood with one for five large hunter families protecting Nevah an isolated town in south Amina was cut short by realising they don’t hunt Grimm they hunt Faunus. A failed attempt to recuse some of his family’s captives had him branded a traitor and tortured for a month. Escaped when hunters and white fang forces, hearing from the escapees, moved into arrest/kill his family. Wandered the wilds and towns of Amina for over a year trying to get as far away as possible then stowing away on a ship to Sanus. Continuing his trek Calen was set upon by a Nevermore and would have perished if he wasn’t saved by a hunter. Memories brought about by seeing the hunter fight caused Calen to face his past rather than run from it. As such he has decided to try to balance the scales his family had upset by becoming a hunter.

History: The youngest of a litter of nine by seven years Calen had a very happy childhood. Born to the Shrike family, one of five families sworn to guard Nevah, a large town in south Anima. Most of the family would be off hunting or patrolling at any one time but they always made an attempt to get Calen involved. He was helping prepare meals by five, gathering medical herbs by six and cleaning weapons and armour by eight. An outsider may have thought the Shrike family treated their youngest like a servant but Calen loved every second of it, being even a small part this unstoppable hunting force. Given gifts by those they protected the Shrike family had enough money to ensure their every desire was met from books to the latest games the Shrike family lived in opulence almost unheard of outside the kingdoms. Home-schooled by whoever was sitting out of the families endless hunting trips that day in fighting, academics and surviving in the wilds, Calen threw himself into anything which would have made him an asset to his family, by nine he was the main cook of the household and by twelve even his father was asking for his opinion on medical matters. All throughout this Calen was training to be a hunter, practicing with dummies as soon as he could hold a stick and graduating to half play half real fights with his siblings and the other families when he was starting to unlock his aura and semblance at twelve. Much to his mother’s despair even half real fights with trained huntsmen left scars and even broken bones on her darling boy but still Calen loved every second of it, every fight he was getting that much closer to being like them. On his fifteenth birthday, he even won his first fight and he was so happy that it took him weeks to realise one of his brothers had thrown the fight.

Also around his fifteenth birthday Calen started to get left alone for extended periods of time. In the beginning, he thought nothing of it and simply used it as more time to train on his own but as the gaps became longer and longer he started to worry. Wandering around the woods outsider of town Calen faintly heard muted screaming coming from further off in the wilds. Calen quickly dashed over, thinking one of his family was in peril, but found trap door camouflaged with the undergrowth which lead down into an cavern. Making his way down the darkened passageway Calen started to hear the screaming more clearly and could pick out different voices, men, women and children younger than he where trapped down here. Onward he pressed, his aura guiding him around the stalagmites into a large sanctum. Cages of Faunus littered the sides of the room with one strapped to a table in the middle of the room, it was his screams which he heard before. Living outside CCT tower range and kept from the poorer areas of Nevah Calen cautiously approached the bound figure, having only seen Faunus before he was equal parts scared and enthralled. The creature begged to be released and in a daze Calen complied, unshackling the Faunus and resting it on his shoulder as they made their way out. They had almost made it to the door before his family returned. Seeing his captors, the Faunus grabbed Calen as a shield and out of pure instinct Calen kicked out knocking the Faunus a stalagmite and in its weakened state expired from a broken neck.

His family was overjoyed. The first time in a decade the entire family returned home to celebrate their youngest first kill. Its accidental nature didn’t matter to the Shrike family nor did it reduce Calen’s growing horror seeing for the first time the reality of his family. They weren’t protectors but monsters, preying on these so called ‘Faunus’ and others they considered less than themselves from the shadows. Despite his family’s assurances of the inhuman nature of their captives Calen silently rebelled and began trying to free the Faunus his family had captured. Calen had only gotten a handful out before his family realised what he was doing. They were furious, they brutally killed the rest of their captives in front of Calen to show the futility of his actions and then had Calen replace them on the table at the mercy of his family’s sadistic impulses. They saw him no longer as their baby boy but in their twisted minds something worse than a Faunus, a traitor. In less than a week Calen’s mind began to fray under the attentions of those he would have given his life for only a month ago. His body was kept just alive enough to survive on a day to day basis and soon his body was a maze of scars. Fortunately for Calen some of the freed Faunus managed to alert authorities in Mistral, the remaining four families as well as a furious White Fang detachment. Caught in the middle of a three way conflict Calen managed to break free and escape into the wilds. He never found out the outcome of that battle but Calen has never heard from his family or even his home town since.
Calen spent almost two years slowly making his way through Anima. He fled from village to village moving on whenever he heard Mistral hunters or White Fang were in the area. Usually travelling with caravans of traders Calen still had several close calls with Grimm or bandits and innumerous sleepless nights alone in the wilds. Turning his knowledge of the local flora and fauna into a living selling pelts, food and medical components allowing Calen to survive the trek, if barely, and stowaway on a ship to Sanus. Landing in the south east of the continent Calen continued his journey enjoying the change of scenery until he was blindsided by a Nevermore, completely outclassed Calen could only run. Quickly chased down he would have died if he wasn’t saved by a hunter. His grace in combat, humility in victory and refusal of any payment reminded Calen of the better part of those he had spent two years trying to forget. Thanking the hunter one last time Calen departed for Vale and Beacon, no more running from his past he decided. He had a debt to repay to the world.

Making it to Vale without much further difficulty Calen continued making a living off the land while he prepared for the enrolment exam. Luckily Calen’s memory helped him quickly catch up on the academic side. As for the combat sides Calen blitzed the sparing rounds, the majority of his training was for fighting people and as such had an edge over his competition. Live combat was harder but by tapping into his experiences wandering Remnant, a little heart and a lot of luck he managed to pass.

Personality: Calen has managed to mentally supress his trauma and therefore evidence of his dark past only seeps through in his already defined character traits. Before he was prideful because of his training supportive family but now it has solidified to an unshakable self-belief sliding straight into arrogance. Where he once was jovial he is now sardonic with most of his 'humour' being insults, self-deprecating or otherwise. Where he once found fulfilment in working as part of a whole Calen still volunteers for the most dangerous assignments but now out of ego and a sub-conscious death wish. Never is this clearer than in combat, even when fighting Grimm Calen will constantly let his opponent recover. Likewise, Calen has long been making enough money to feed himself properly but refuses to do so, eating only enough to keep his hunger pains from dulling to illogically prove self-mastery and further evidence of his complete disregard for his physical wellbeing. Despite it's willingly afflicted nature Calen's withered form reduces his stamina from his lack of fat, lowered immune system and lower body temperature.

He rarely holds grudges finding little value in the opinion of others, never even really feeling hate once in his life, takes attacks of his character personally but only in the short term. Physical injuries are forgotten the moment they stop hurting and forgiven almost instantly seeing them more as another barrier to overcome rather than anything personal.  Ironically the only thing that causes Calen to hold a grudge is mistreatment of Faunus, although this protective turn is more from not wanting his history relived than any particular love for Faunus.

Calen still cooks and enjoys it greatly, never eating anything he hasn't prepared himself, but usually cooks for others like his team mates or the less fortunate at one of Vales many soup kitchens. It began as an exploration of the Faunus communities but now Calen enjoys the few hours of peace between training and studying. The other of Calen’s great loves outside of fighting is dance, ballroom dancing in particular, and he constantly disparages Vale for its poor dance scene.

Uniquely suited to school life Calen is both extremely determined and possessing of an almost photographic memory making him a very capable academic student. He isn’t however very good at solving abstract problems, reacting to the unexpected or other forms of lateral thinking. Sociable enough Calen will invite strangers for meals and make idle conversation with anyone but becomes very protective when the conversation turns to himself and completely shuts down inquiries into his past. Questions are deflected by forced, often repeated, jokes.

Aura and Semblance: Calen’s forest green colour aura is very strong for his age. He however isn’t very good of it’s more finesse applications like creating shockwaves, focused blocking and his danger sense has a smaller radius than normal. Instead Calen uses his aura to make up for his distinct lack of muscles and to endure attacks.
Calen’s semblance is Velocity Manipulation meaning he is able to instantly change his speed for a short period of time. He isn’t running faster and is effectively being held or pushed in any direction he wishes, this does mean he needs to be careful not to trip on debris when ‘rushing’ along the ground. Calen also grows disorientated if he ‘rushes’ multiple times in quick succession making him spend a few moments to reorientation himself. Calen prefers to dash short distances for efficiency and to hide the extent of his semblance. 5% of his reserves is usually enough to dodge single attacks or empower his own attacks moving fast enough to evade arrows. He can rush longer but any large expenditure, >30%, in a single ‘rush’ is likely to knock Calen out as G-Forces batter his weak frame. On the flip side Calen can spend 5% of his reserves to cancel all current momentum on himself allowing him to freeze in place to dodge attacks or survive falls.

Combat Behaviour: A dance-like fighting style Calen relies heavy on feints and speed to gain the upper hand. The rhythmic movements are predictable if carefully studied and the ‘dance’ can be interrupted robbing Calen of much of his momentum. This slow start fighting style combines a fluid defence with steadily intensifying attack designed to prove undeniably the Shrikes superiority. Created to deal with humanoid enemies Calen struggles with dealing with most forms of Grimm, his experiences wandering Remnant has taught Calen how to deal with basic Usras and Beowulfs but more exotic breeds or alphas/majors can cause him a lot of grief.
Calen refuses to use dust in combat, saying he won’t rely on something he can’t personally ensure the craftsmanship and as such relies on his throwing knives if he is unable to close gaps with his semblance.

Resource management is a core element of Calen’s fighting style as he relies heavily on his aura and semblance for offense and defence. This means that every heavy blow Calen deals out is one heavy blow he can’t take and vies-versa. Despites this Calen is very difficult to keep down, his pride and will providing huge engine rooms to keep him moving when his body is falling apart. But in this state Calen can do little more than keep getting up as on its own his weak body is little threat at the best of times. All together this means Calen can grind through weaker or humanoid enemies comparatively easily but struggles against more powerful foes, particularly Grimm.


Name: None

Primary Form: A one-and-a-half sword with a single curved edge and sharp point for thrusting. Like Calen himself it is long, light and hard to break 1.5m/5’ blade, 15cm/6’’ handle with his symbol on its cross guard. Mostly used for rapid strikes and close quarter defence.

Secondary Form: The handle extends a full 2m/6’8’’ into a glaive. More of an acrobatic weapon providing more leverage for powerful swings and the length of the weapon improves it as a defensive tool. Calen will often use the glaive form to vault of the ground before ‘rushing’ an opponent to clear himself of any ground debris.

Dust Functions: None

History: Forged by Calen with the help of his mother and elder brothers. The metal used was weapons of hunters his family had slain but found impressive fighters which makes the composite metal almost impossible to break but rigid.


Name: Shrike Talons

Primary Form: A set of ten blades, one for each of Calen’s siblings and parents with their names inscribed on the blades. They make up his only range weapon but Calen is hesitant to use them and will almost compulsively search for them after any fight. Extremely high quality 30cm/1’ blades sharped to a razor point and maintained meticulously. Wide for throwing knives and they have seen close quarters use when Calen doesn’t have the space to use his combat dance.

Dust Functions: Each throwing knife has a small chamber which can store dust trigged by the blade striking any surface causing anything from bursts of flame to localised gravity wells depending on the dust used. Calen doesn’t make use of it.

History: A set of throwing knives given to Calen by his family after his first kill. He keeps them around to never forget what his family was to him before they were revealed as monsters. The blades themselves are hidden in a harness on his back which he is rarely without.

Approved Characters / Re: Ramalia
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Mod edit exploitation #1 Changes; hair style to mohawk, eye colour to steel grey, minor grammar edits, modified cannon.

Previous sheet
Spoiler: first edition • show

Name: Ramalia.

Age: 18.

Species and Gender: Human Female.

Symbol:  A desert eagle flying in an empty sky.

Occupation: First Year Shade Student.

Appearance: Ramalia is a true mountain of a woman, standing 6’5 tall clad in layers of hard, thick muscle from life outside the kingdoms. An olive complexion is mostly free of scars, more steel than blue steel blue eyes topped off by a surprisingly well maintained short blond mohawk, Ramalia is almost the stereotypical Vacuoian raider. Tribal tattoos cover her left eye and right arm, three jagged lines over the eye and a maze of lines and solid blocks fully comprehensible only to those who were born among her tribe.

Ramalia still prefers to wear the same clothing she wore when apart of her tribe, finding comfort in its familiar weight, even though it marks her as an outsider in Vacuo. Hard layers of leather worn and tough cover most of Ramalia’s body protecting it from the sun and heat. Reinforced by slabs of scrap metal found in throughout the Great Vacuo Desert to protect against the Grimm as well as augmenting her physical strikes. Although the leather is naturally a bland brown the scavenged metal often has bright coloured strips which can be covered with cloth if stealth is required. The googles Ramalia wears to protect her eyes from the sun are also red. Ramalia rarely wears ‘traditional’ clothing and never formal clothing even the school uniform.

Possessing a rhythmic, sing song tone of speech which contrasts severely with her harsh exterior and slightly hunched posture. This flawed posture only gets worse while sitting or lying down, very much a sprawler, Ramalia can take up a ridiculous amount of room and sees nothing wrong with such. This carries over to her other gestures; Ramalia laughs loud, eats louder, parties loudest and has the stamina and frankly the temper to go from an hours long drinking binge to a full blown fight.

History: Ramalia was born among one of the tribes desperately trying to survive deep within the wasteland of Vacuo’s most harsh deserts. The ‘Ashkhas Formed from a mixture of humans and faunus centuries ago this tribe managed to evolve to mostly survive in the desert alone. Still there are things that even the most resourceful hunters can’t procure on their own as such the tribe took to unsanctioned scavenging, looting wrecks too far inland, too infested with grimm or too recent for other crews. With this they traded for dust, water and food as well as the occasional piece of technology.

This was the hard and harsh world which Ramalia was born into. An amoral mess where the constant danger of grimm was only surpassed by the desert weather with it’s blistering hot days and freezing cold nights. Raised collectively by the tribe Ramalia and her generation had their place designated by their performance in several ritualistic trials with as much vague religious symbolism as actual test at the end of ever year past their fifth birthday. Ramalia performed extremely well in these trials as she grew faster and stronger than the others, she took in the lessons faster and could last longer in the wilds.

The religious leader of her tribe took an interest early on and began drilling the lessons of survival they had learnt across the centuries with a highly ritualised tint on top of her other training. Ramalia adored this high intensity of guidance, constantly pushed to her limit but more importantly being held in such high esteem by her fellows. A rising star among her people apparently destined to lead them all in a few short decades time. This hope for her future only increased as her semblance developed not long before her 13th birthday. Being able to see through the local animals made Ramalia an incredible asset in hunting, gathering and scavenging. In only a few short years this allowed the tribe to blossom immensely, drawing new families in and claiming new land. These families in turn brought new skills as craftsman and animal tamers further expanding the skill set of the tribe and therefore the tribe's power even further increased.

This run of good luck continued until Ramalia’s 17th birthday and final ritual milestone until adulthood. This trial was far more intense than any before it but everyone was confident that she would pass it seemingly without difficulty like all the others. As a part of this ritual the applicant would ingest a mixture of herbs, some hallucinogenic and some poisonous, then climb to the highest point within the ‘Ashkhas’s territory, an immense pillar towering out of the ground then await a vision. The pillar was too hard for conventional climbing tools as otherwise would have never withstood the desert’s wind and sand. Instead the applicant had to use fixed hand holds chiseled into the rock face from time immemorial. This wasn’t a complete positive however as many of these crevices had become home to various poisonous spiders adding to the danger of the trial.

Still Ramalia had prepared for the trial all year, she had taken in all the lessons those who had done it before had to give, and she was still the most gifted of her tribe, she couldn’t fail. She shouldn’t fail. She did fail. The climb was perilous, a thick fog had drifted in from the sea soaking the hand holds. This didn’t stop Ramalia however as her grip was strong and will stronger and in only a few short minutes she reached the top. It was the second stage which she couldn’t accomplish. Here the applicant would meditate on the tip of the pillar, hear the voices of the desert and be given their adult name. On the third day Ramalia run out of food. On the fifth, the water was all gone. By the seventh Ramalia lay dying from exposure, the desert did not speak to her. She would have no place within the tribe.

Luckily for Ramalia. members of the ‘Ashkhas had come to watch her finish the trial. After the seventh day they had grown so worried and believing there was no way Ramalia could have failed went up the pillar to rescue her. Assuming her collapsed form some kind of religious experience rather than simple exhaustion the tribespeople took Ramalia back to their caravans to recover. It took a few days for Ramalia to awaken but when she did she revealed with great shame her failure in the last trial. The tribe formed a council to decide what to do with Ramalia. If the desert didn’t acknowledge her then the tribe believed that if she joined them as an adult that disdain would carry on to them. The desert which almost everyone had lost someone to when it was appeased, none were willing to take the risk of what the desert would do if it grew angry with them.

Although a highly practical people the animistic religious beliefs of the ‘Ashkhas where core to their very being and what outsider may see as wasteful they knew the only solution was sacrifice. Drowning in the sea to be specific so the desert’s rejected daughter would no longer pollute it’s sands. The trip was dark and sombre, no one had expected this outcome and now it had occurred it seemed like a dream. Ramalia, their perfect scion, had been rejected by the forces they worship and now had to be killed. Ramalia response was more determined, she knew the laws of the desert better than any of her kin and she understood the punishments for breaking them even through no action of her own. She was kept in chains but they weren’t needed, Ramalia would meet her death the way the sand willed it. Her bright future which had almost come to take for granted had vanished and now the people she had spilled blood time and time again for had decided to kill her but if this was the plan for her she would accept it.

As they reached the beach the tribe waited for low tide before walking Ramalia out into the sea. Attaching weights and trapping her there and left waiting for the tide to come in and drown her. In the following hours the tribe beseeched the desert for mercy. Ramalia joined in their prayers but the winds howls held no words and no potents were seen. The waves were going over Ramalia’s face before succor arrived. The ‘Ashkhas’ religious leader had found a loophole. Although not being given an adult name clearly meant that the desert didn’t want her in the tribe and exile would be a far worse fate than drowning there are ways Ramalia could serve the tribe without being part of it. As the tribe’s fortunes improved they had more and more dealings with the outside world. They had learnt about; Vacuo, Vale, Mistral and Atlas, how large the world is and so on. They wanted someone they could trust to leave their desert and inform them of the world.

Hunter Schools seemed like the natural fit to form a connection between the ‘Ashkha and the world as a whole. Ramalia did surprisingly well on the academic side of the entrance exams, a sound mathematical mind combined with a lifetime learning passages by heart meant she had refined the basics of learning to a fine edge. The combat sections were easier but Shade’s combat instructors isolated several significant weakness that they want to get around to fixing as soon as possible. Being trained by some of the best minds the world had to offer Ramalia summarises these lessons and sends them home as well as any piece of technology she could spare. As for how she does in school over all Ramalia is very determined in her mission to pass on her lessons to her tribe and as such puts a lot of effort into understanding the subject matter. However that same devotion holds her back in a lot of aspects, the religious beliefs of the ‘Ashkhar makes her stumble a lot in almost all aspects of learning.

Personality: Ramalia can seem very stoic and aloof at first glance or at least while sober. Growing up in an environment where strength and obedience was all, she has had difficulty adapting to a society with a far wider spread of individuals. Ramalia of course doesn’t consider herself aloof, in fact she quite likes the idea of being the wild barbarian queen from the wastes and plays that kind of persona up. There is a degree of self awareness to this persona however with knowing first hand that strength isn’t always going to be enough to solve all her issues.

That still doesn’t mean that strength and directness aren’t her first port of call, being aware of other solutions doesn’t make Ramalia any better at capitalising on them. The only small exceptions to this are in the wild. The ‘Ashkha made their wealth off scavenging and as such Ramalia has a lot of practice in scanning the battlefield for anything that could be useful in the fight now or future.

The most obvious personality quirk of Ramalia is her unorthodox worldview. Firstly she is quite accepting of other people's explanations, trusting their perspective until they give her a reason to doubt it. This does leave Ramalia rather incurious, interested more in what things are rather than why. Secondly living in the deserts outside Vacuo has left Ramalia amoral or at least possessing a relative morality with the highest value placed on the survival of the tribe and everything else in relation to that ideal. The third is although Ramalia is a reasonably intelligent woman particularly concerning weather patterns her ‘whys’ would cause equal parts laughter and disbelief from the meteorological community, pressure systems being the will of the desert, ground water basically being magic and the water cycle being caused because of a pact between the original ‘Ashkha and the desert itself. Although humourous a more impactful example is concerning the laws of Vacuo. Not really respecting the institution itself Ramalia hasn’t bothered to learn the laws above enough to pass civic classes. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand that killing and stealing are wrong but anything beyond that is a grey area.

As for personal relationships Ramalia doesn’t truly understand much of the familial structure of the outside world. Raised communally she doesn’t understand what the point of father, mother and sibling relations are. Even the more casual relationships seem a bit odd. Almost everything has a practical purpose among the ‘Ashkha and as such friendships are based simply shared preferences instead of hunting/scavenging partners. This doesn’t mean that Ramalia rejects requests of friendship she simply doesn’t really understand her role in the relationship resulting her being too personal or not personal enough. As for the relation with her tribe Ramalia often sends personal messages with her lessons but never receives responses. Although at the time an alternative was seemingly completely supported but now many worry it wasn’t enough. Living in such a treacherous land as the Vacuo Deserts death isn’t an uncommon event and there is always the half thought that it was because the desert is displeased.

Aura and Semblance: From necessity the ‘Ashkha had learnt several lessons to do with aura and they passed this onto their children. Ramalia’s natural strength carries over to here as well giving her a massive pool to draw upon. However there is a reason why textbook training is in the textbook and her lack of finesse reduces Ramalia’s effective aural strength to average. Taking on a steel blue colour Ramalia's aura was just another thing people pointed at to prove her seemingly preordained destiny, sharing the colour of the local Wild Heliotrope, called scorpionweed by most Vacuoians due it attracting the poisonous arachnids favorite meal, a wild flower whose bright colours could be seen for miles and always indicated water was nearby.

Ramalia’s semblance is Wild Eyes, allowing her to ‘look’ through the senses of animals within a large area. She has limited control, acting more like a backseat driver and has an instinctive understanding of how to apply these senses even those without human mirror like a bat’s echolocation. Ramalia can look through one animal without substantially reducing her effectiveness although it is still requires substantial concentration. Anything above that Ramalia’s mind will quickly become overwhelmed from all the information. Recently discovering a way to deal with this Ramalia can enter a meditative state to help process the information allowing her to piggy back dozens of animals quickly forming a detailed map of her surroundings. This results in a massive drain on Ramalia’s stamina to the point she would only be able to use this level twice in a day if she was bed bound for the entire time. A single animal can be maintained for hours before rest is needed. The power is instantaneous to activate and marked only by a flash of white from her eyes often hidden by goggles which remain pure white for the duration of the semblance.

As little control Ramalia has over animals she would never be able to force animals to attack grimm and even human foes are rarely worth it. Instead this provides various perception advantages like a bird’s eye view or a snake’s sense of touch to aid Ramalia in whatever endeavour she is pursuing.

Combat Behavior: As someone would expect from her size Ramalia highly relies on her overwhelming strength augmented by her surprisingly advanced technology. Mostly ranged Ramalia prefers to devastate her foes from afar with an endless barrage with her cannon. The huge firepower of this weapon is balanced slightly by its slow rate of fire which makes it impossible to truly pin down foes if she can’t blast them away. The heavy weight of her weapon as well as her metal plating she wears does slow Ramalia down substantially both in pure speed and manoeuvrability and she is unwilling to resort to ‘rocket jumping’ due to her desire to still have legs. Still Ramalia has tried to offset this by training her stamina and can keep running for hours even with all her gear in the blazing desert sun.

For close combat Ramalia relies on the power fists covering her arms. Mostly these are used to help deal the cannon’s recoil and soften the heat it gives off but they can be applied in combat directly as well. Augmenting her physical strength as well as allowing her to unleash gouts of dust means that Ramalia can be as devastating an opponent in melee as she can at range. Similar weaknesses apply however as for all the incredible strength Ramalia can put behind each blow they are slow and predictable, favouring heavy swings over jabs. This means that melee combat is only implemented in desperation or when Ramalia is confident in her victory, which often doesn’t go how she expects. Ramalia also rarely uses anything outside her arms while fighting, preferring instead to stun her opponents with a robo-boosted hook the move in for the grapple.

Fundamentally the biggest weakness is although her strength and stamina have been built up over the years Ramalia has never been able to seriously improve her dexterity. Lacking any true ability to make up for this Ramalia often finds herself at the mercy of those who can’t who manage either through speed or ingenuity to counter her rather one-trick approach. As mentioned above however Ramalia has very good battlefield awareness allowing her quickly, for her, follow and give orders even the chaos of a full scale battle.

Although not directly relating to her combat behaviour Ramalia keeps several ‘pets’ from her time in the desert to help assist her semblance. A small snake, desert eagle and wolf have all joined the menagerie Ramalia is slowly turning Shade into. They mean that she always has their senses at her disposal even when no other animals are nearby but she has also had more practice controlling these through her semblance and therefore more effective than truly wild creatures.

Spoiler: show

Name: Cannon

Primary Form: A long barrel forms the majority of the weapon. A rusted red colouration is only broken up by a series of modifications, some with practical applications while others are more religious. The most obvious is the wings emerging from the middle of the weapon, flaring up when the weapon is fuctional they protect Ramalia against light counter fire as well as further balancing the weapon. Other than that is the large tube which connects the weapon to the backpack Ramalia wears which stores her ammunition and transports it to the cannon when needed. A few switches are on the weapon itself to control which ammo type gets dispensed and they usually work. Other than that some small attempts to reduce the recoil have been made since at Shade, mostly mechanical as any more dust would make the cannon into more of a bomb.

Ammunition: Although the weapon only has one form, minus a storage form which clips onto the backpack and collapses the glass dome, the true variety of the weapon is in it’s ammunition. Traditional cannon shot of course make up the majority as Ramalia’s arsenal, injected with a small amount of dust these can do little more than additional damage. Chain shot is Ramalia’s least common variant as it is very inaccurate and ice dust tends to trap people better but she still carries around a few of this strange ammunition. Grapeshot is the second most prevalent ammunition type Ramalia uses as it helps deal with enemies which have gotten too close and although might do hit as hard as the others is much harder to miss with even at moderate range. The last type are glass rounds, these store a huge amount of dust and can cause massive explosions even if they miss.

Dust Functions: Heavily relying on dust Ramalia makes use of almost every type available to her and is always eager to try a new one out.
   Gravity: Draws people and object closer to the ball
   Fire: Causes an inferno to erupt after contact
   Ice: Freezes foes hit
   Electricity: Seems to arc toward metallic objects as well as carrying a charge
   Wind: Shot moves faster and kicks up a lot of dirt/sand on impact

History: Although the cannon as been in development for most of Ramalia’s life it only really took anything close to the shape it now does when her tribe expanded bringing in more craftsman. This evolution has continued at Shade although Ramalia insists that it remains… easy to repair even if that means it tends to break down more often.

A trip the Atlas to help out with a series of training missions made clear the necessity of faster pace, more accurate fire particularly against her fellow hunters-in-training resulting in a serious overhaul of it's design. this included massively lengthening the barrels as well as making the design much more sleek for aesthetic reasons. Finally the large wings provide much needed cover while on the move as Ramalia has the tendency to be too busy blasting away at her enemies to worry about silly things like cover.

Spoiler: show

Name: Gauntlets

Primary Form: Full sleeve mechanical devices these two weapons may not look like much with their junkyard aesthetic but they get the job done. A series of hydraulics detects muscle impulses and moves with Ramalia’s arms boosting her already massive strength with cold steel. Several metal plates are then built around the weapons to make it more protective particularly around the hand and wrist.

Secondary Form: Although initially simply boxing gloves from hell the gauntlets can modify what exactly is on the knuckle to give more adaptability. Bone saws and claws move down from further up the arm to add an additional bite to Ramalia’s swings. Although initially designed to assist with scavenging operations they have already proven themselves equally effective at fighting grimm and intimidating her fellow students.

Dust Functions: Heavily relying on dust Ramalia makes use of almost every type available to her and is always eager to try a new one out.
   Gravity: Allows for the detachment and reattachment of the bone saw and claws, more of an intimidation tactic but can be useful against weak grimm.
   Ice: massively cools Ramalia, and her cannon if held, down. Designed more as a shock to ensure the upper hand in grapples or other close combat.
   Electricity: Although initially designed as a single damage increase Ramalia tends to save this for recharging devices found on her missions.
   Wind: Blasts her opponent away, hopefully lining up a good shot with her cannon.
   Water: Performs a similar job, if slightly worse at it, as Wind dust with the additional bonuses of survival implications and disrupting vision.
   Earth: Even further increasing Ramalia’s strength for a short period of time. This can also be used to further stabilised the cannon allowing for a short period of faster fire, still far below most other handheld weapons.

History: These weren’t originally Ramalia’s, given to her on the eve of her 17th birthday and that failed trial as an attempt to curry favour among the assumed successor of the tribe. When Ramalia failed the original owner didn’t want any chance of sharing in the desert’s displeasure and refused to accept them back. Ramalia has made good use of them since.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
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'Might also be worth keeping a rope or two on your person, don't want to run out of your semblance mid fight. I must confess I would be the first to take advantage of that in a tournament.' Calen remarked as he took the rope and started tying. Holding it openly so both Prisim and Billy could easily see it still took Calen three attempts to successfully link the multiple overhand knots together into an acceptable Honda knot. 'So yea there you go, the stopper knot is important but be careful it doesn't take up to much of the rope.' Calen explained handing the newly lasso'ed rope back to Billy.

'I had a dance show which went pretty late and then there was an after party but I had to leave before it got too out of control.' Calen responded straightening his clothes out. 'So do you want to continue trying out on the pipes or would prefer are more human target?' Calen offered finally gesturing at himself.

Clearly content with the bone Cornell through her Rachael continued. 'I'm sorry captain but there won't be any friendly soul on board, my friend is strictly r&d and infiltrating the Atlas Academy is something I can imagine anyone doing. Although we have managed to do something to help you with any security on board, the computer systems should read you as a Captain, felt the rank was appropriate' Seeming unaware that her description of her 'contact' has changed to 'friend' Rachael did seem genuinely apologetic she wasn't more helpful. 'Once the storm passes we can reestablish contact and work out how to move on with what the package exactly is.

The bots completely ignored Cornell as she made her way through the hull, finding her sea legs quickly progress was quick and the source of the noise became clear. A young man stood over a series of controls rushing between console to console, something was clearly wrong with the ship. Cornell could hear a one sided conversation between the young man and the rest of the people on board.

'The engine is holding together but she is struggling, I'm not sure if we should move the ship around much to try to keep the engine as stable as possible. The stabilizers also seem to be playing up, I can try to keep us upright manually but it means we will have to keep someone down here unless people want to try swimming to our objective.’

’In theory the ships droids should take care of major breaches they just need time. That might not be a luxury we can afford, even if you can’t wield the hull close yourself simply halting the influx of water would be greatly appreciated. I would advise Aurum and yourself to meet up, there seems to be something playing up with the systems and we can’t afford for everyone to be separated.The internal scanners also seem to be playing up unless one of you are trying to sneak up on me.’

Clearly focused on whatever his task was Cornell would have to make serious noise to disturb the young man. Although it was also clear that the ship wasn't doing take well in the storm.

(Monster asked to be skipped)

Splitting the clams into three even groups Calen offered each to one of his team mates along with one each of his throwing knives, engraved Aldon, Halath and Thran respectively.'It might not be up to snuff I'm afraid, there is a reason why you probably haven't eaten fresh water clams but hopefully the fire and spices have crisped them up enough it's not too embarrassing.' Calen remarked in a good mood despite his exhaustion. As Calen made his way back from Anna the gaunt boy thought out loud. 'Apologies if you have thought about this before Miss Fall but if you are relying on sound is there a reason to be up here rather than by the fire?' Calen asked genuinely.

Settling by Teddy Calen kept pushing the fish around and spliting the fire into two, keeping one raging hot while the other died down to coals to ensure the fish cooked evenly. 'Find anything interesting Master Teddy Bear in town? Seems a nice enough place, maybe we can find something useful in the morning.' Calen teased good naturedly, or as good naturedly as Calen gets, as he looks around at the ruined buildings. The dancing fire and full moon light up their surroundings strangely, making everything seem a little more than it actually was. Satisfied with fish for the moment Calen then went about splitting up the forest greens in four even plates ready for the final touches.

It wasn't long before dinner was completely ready and once again the plates went around, although this time Calen was clearly partaking. Despite all their spices the clams weren't up to Calen's normal quality the fish had a natural sublet sweet flavour easily making them the star of the rather bland meal. Calen only nibbled slowly on his fist, savouring each taste, but otherwise content to let the meal pass in mostly silence. Behind them the woods seemed to quite down although if this was simply everyone going to sleep or something darker stalked the wilderness wasn't clear.

AMA Section / Re: Designing Characters
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Most of my characters are first a theme or personality traits and I build off from there. For example my first character Calen has a pretty consistent theme of a Shrike, a small bird probably best known impaling their prey on spikes. The white-black colour scheme is common in most sub species which Calen mirrors. Although not specifically 'territorial' the same sort of tenacity which has driven pairs of Shrikes to defend their territory against entire migrating flocks carries through Calen with a lot of what he does. Calen's favourite hobbies cooking and dancing are both implimented by the tiny birds although cooking perhaps needs pretty big quotation marks. The birds small statue but impressive speed is where I got Calen's general appearance as well as semblance. Then I tend to fill in the gaps with aspects of my own personality making Calen a 'in the mirror darkly' version of myself.

The only exception to this is Amarant, the Atlas headmaster, as we needed him for a thread.

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Three
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As Topaz walked into the room with the droid bay installed the thick purple sluge beneath her feet squelched loudly but otherwise was no real inconvenience. The droids were definitively in some kind of sleep mode with the console lighting up as the huntress-in-training approached. This did draw attention the Atlas student's attention to the holding mechanisms, it quickly became apparent this wasn't what the Atlesian Knight-130 series are normally hooked up to, it didn't even look like Atlas tech. Far more bulky and imposing compared the the normally sleek, utilitarian Altas designs. A nearby screen had a command prompt to release droids or take one for repair.

'You're not even thinking of running away? Are you bait I wonder or just that stupid. Do you even think about your purpose?' The raider remarked pointing at Gray, waxing on philosophically in her strange sing-song tone. Too soon did the small pause of conflict shatter and the raider was back on the move, still trying to box Gray in although this time a blue liquid started being injected into her gauntlets. Her arms up in a boxers stance the raider approached slowly but carefully unsure of what to make of this unfolding fight.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
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'My memory is one of my few positive traits.' Calen joked giving an exaggerated bow before nodding in understanding. 'I'll endeavour not to take it personally then but I'm sure we all have interesting team mates. I must say I was quite dismayed when I learned of the practice but it has grown on me some a mould.' Calen continues smiling as he pockets the unwanted hankerchief.

Turning back towards Billy Calen gestured to the rope. 'Honda knot right? Had a bit of a cowboy phase when I was younger but lack the coordination for it. But it's not that complex a knot but....' Calen began before turning around looking in vain for Amane to ask a few questions about the rope, elasticity, friction, weight, blah. 'It might not be a 100% cross over given the rope isn't 100% your rope but it's better than nothing. Do you need a hand tying the honda knot? If your semblance always does it might to be quick to come to mind.' Calen offered hand outstretched.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
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'I'm pretty sure we form teams of four but sweet dreams Miss Petrichor.' Calen calls out as Amane makes her way back into her room the second time. A strange, confused tenor dominated the gaunt boy's voice as his mind tried and failed to remember through the strange girl's semblance. Shaking his head to re-orientate himself Calen nodded a greeting at Prism. 'Good evening Mis-Prism.' Calen remarked before sparing a look at his fogwatch and correcting himself. 'Well morning I suppose but let's not bother with that quite yet.'

Springing up Calen approached Billy slowly and offered the girl a handkerchief. 'So what seems to be the problem? Can't make the rope strong enough or does it loose or dissipate too quickly for you to move? I'm not terribly familiar with construct semblances so you might have to use small words.' Calen smiled his most reassuring smile although his sunken cheeks combined with the surrounding darkness didn't help the affect.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
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Returning home late from a rather successful dance recital Calen was in a good mood. Clad in far more colourful clothing than normal, white jacket with flairs going down to his knees and an ornate gold trim over an equally gaudy red undershirt and his black slacks had orange-gold designs down the side of each leg. Together, although it looked quite splendid from the stage, it was simply too much in close quarters. Fairly tired from his day out as well as diet or lack there of Calen still couldn't quite go to bed yet, a curse from above had drawn his curiosity and Calen wasn't about to let his curiosity go unsatisfied. Shooting up to the source of the noise with his semblance Calen let is stage outfit flutter madly in the wind creating a comically, almost cartoon characterish, over the top entrance.

'Please be mindful of the smaller pipes ears young miss, what ever problem you have with it's mother I'm sure can be dealt with cordially.' Calen remarks, sarcasm dripping off every word as the gaunt boy smiles his best choir boy smile. Settling down on the half wall that surrounds their section of the roof Calen gives Amane a small wave and continued more seriously. 'It is pretty late darling, or early I suppose, I'm sure whatever you need to be done will be there to do in the morning... but that doesn't mean we have to meet it sleeping. What can I do to help?' Calen offered in uncharacteristic kindness. Like always Calen's action are never truly benevolent but he did understand if his more unsavoury characteristics were to be dismissed as rumour there would have to be at least as many positive as negative circling around the school.

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The droid stops for a few moments, silent as the beeping finally stops.

'I... can open the doors.' The droid responded cautiously opening herself up as Amane began tinkering away at it's insides. Having a much closer look at the machines insides it didn't look like what one who knew anything about the Atlesian Knight-130 series would expect. Luckily whatever the model actual was wasn't that complex and on top of that the cables seemed only loosened from their sockets. Gesturing it's hand to the side the left side door opening, revealing a significant droid bay, space for easily a dozen of machines although only six 'sat' deactive on racks.

Although the droid storage and repair mechanisms as well as the droids themselves where luckily untouched by the mess the rest of the room was a mess. The floor, most of the walls and even parts of the ceiling were covered by a thick purple sluge, some destroyed science experiment left abandoned. The droids themselves didn't activate but the machinery was clearly still active. The damaged droid clearly wanted to move in that direction but was hesitant to move with Amane's hands in it's insides.

Along with the sounds of violence coming from the room Gray had dashed into which everyone could hear Akel could here sounds coming from the room passed the droid room. A mans voice calling out although what exactly was being said was too muffled by intervening steel to be heard.

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edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Nathan Eau
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Spoiler: pre edits • show

Name: Nathan Nad Eau (a.k.a. Nathan Eau)

Age: 17, born 6th of Zinnober 63 AC

Species and Gender: Male human

Spoiler: show

Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: At 176.5 cm/5'9½" (he doesn't mind rounding up or down) and 72.5 kg/160 lbs, Nathan is more lean than fit, and while not actually chiseled, he still has some definition to his muscles. His lower body has more bulk than his upper body, but this is partially offset by his large ribcage and broad shoulders. He thinks of himself as "ridiculously average-looking" or "ever-so-slightly on the attractive side", depending on how far you push that particular investigation (although seriously, why in Remnant would you?). He has more defined neck muscles than the average person. His voice usually hangs about the low to mid-low range. If he's warm and his arms are below his chest, veins are VERY visible all over the hands and forearms. He has a thick (about 3 mm wide, 2 mm high, 3 cm long) scar on his right elbow. He has fine (almost feminine but not quite), agile hands. He is left-handed. He has tanned (perhaps a bit paler than Neptune) skin. He has short (about 4 cm),VERY dark brown (looks basically black) hair. His eyes are dark gold/light and rich brown (depending on how far away you're standing). He usually crosses his arms when standing, but it doesn't mean anything. His face tends to remain relatively emotionless, albeit it's not for lack of trying to be expressive. He walks very fast (pretty much overtakes anyone who isn't jogging) thanks to long strides from good rotation of the pelvis and years of practice.

He has only dark grey running shoes. Normal clothes: His favorite garments are a black, somewhat slim-fit T-shirt going down the arms to just above the elbow with dark lime green lines on the sides and dark blue jeans, although it isn't uncommon for him to simply don "a shirt" and "some jeans". If it's cold/raining, he wears a dark grey coat with a hood. School clothing: standard Beacon uniform apart from a slightly loose tie and the aforementioned running shoes. Formal clothing: a white, ever-so-slightly ivory lounge suit with notched lapel, the overall colour being quite reminescent of a white rose's petals. Usually worn with a vibrant green, vibrant cyan or vibrant purple tie. Pajama: white T-shirt and red and black plaid pajama pants. Combat-ready: dons a dark grey harness worn over his coat/shirt with 1 pouch (horizontal on left-hand side of belt that's about 15.5*10 cm). The harness has fixation points in the middle of the back for his weapon and more fixation points on the sides of the back to snap on extra luggage space. After some recent events, he also keeps three slugs in his jeans' left front pocket.

Spoiler: Goddamn hex codes • show
Shoes: #969696
Green lines on shirt: #00D219
Tie colours: about #14EA00, about #00F6F0, about #BD00FF

History: Nathan was born and raised in Vale. He spent ages 5-12 going to a school about 1.5 km away from his home. He also spent those years being bullied, rejected or ignored by all other kids. When he was 12, his parents divorced and he stayed with his mother. During the last semester of school that year, he scored very high on an Aura ability test part of the normal orientation process. Having been taught the hard way how not everyone can defend themselves, he decided to put his newfound skills to use by becoming a Huntsman. Not even 3 months later, his mother met an Atlasian scientist who was working in Vale at the time. He subsequently enrolled in a local Combat School, about 4 km from residence. Starting from the first semester, he was taught a lot by his stepfather about Dust, technology and science in general through common interests and regular discussions. Although he didn't get bullied or rejected at school anymore, he didn't really make anything more than acquaintances and circumstantial friendships.

During his time at combat school, he had a few classes of hand-to-hand combat like everyone, but never practiced it outside of said classes, of which there were about 3 or 4 (talking about how many times a lesson was given, not how many classes and, somewhat by extension, teachers). When it came to fighting with weapons, he vastly preferred the versatility of staves to swords, maces and gauntlets. Practicing regularly, he gradually taught himself to mix and match combat styles rather than staying with a single one every battle. Not only did he think it would make him more adaptable, he also thought it would make him harder to contend with. His style, through the years, eventually reached a stable state, where he defends whilst taking advantage of every opening he can, in any way he can. During that entire time, however, he somewhat neglected to practice long-range firearm handling.

When he was about 14, he started experimenting with Dust under strict safety protocols in a small part of his basement (he was shown how by his stepfather). Upon learning the nature of his semblance, he started to create schematics and data for his to-be weapon and the required Dust components. His desire to defend victims and pursue aggressors having only grown stronger during his years at combat school, he was eager to advance his training even further and enter Beacon. He scored pretty good at all parts of the entrance exam. His parents moved to Atlas as he moved to the Academy.

Personality: Relaxed and calm, he likes to make the odd joke and is generally easy-going. He has vast trouble understanding non-aggressive body language and prefers to be as honest as possible without unduly hurting anyone. Although not lacking in self-confidence, he's rather shy and will not go towards others unless they first come to him or he has to go to them. He rarely gets angry or even worked up, as he is incredibly patient. He is a fast learner and a great listener. He has an immense imagination and fabulous memory (for the things he cares about). Messing with the ones he loves with the serious intention of hurting them is not recommended, as he may go into (I don't know how to describe this in a word or two: it's basically as if his emotions turned into a cold, soul-wrenching abyss where the only thing that exists is the will to get what's wrong to stop, all the while keeping a very calm face). He has very good senses (for a human) and tends to dislike loud noises and bright lights, carrying a pair of high-tech, flexible sunglasses in his jeans' pocket (so they don't continually break when he fights). He has a lot of difficulty in putting his full trust into someone else.

He usually enjoys just playing games on his computer, but sometimes reads a bit.

Aura and Semblance: His Aura is of a bright white colour and turns jet black when "angry" (see emotion described above), seemingly absorbing light within line of sight instead of emitting it. His semblance is Energy: that is, he can control his own kinetic energy. To be more clear, he can turn his Aura into kinetic energy, but not at a distance. The energy being inherently associated with momentum, he only uses it for powerful blows, lest he fling himself out of control to go faster.

When 'angry', pale black tendrils (these are entirely unsubstantial, aka Aura) that start appearing around him and become darker, larger, more numerous and more opaque the worse he gets. The air will seem to grow stale. His irises will take on the slightest tinge of red while his pupils contract to a point.

It is worth noting that he has never told anyone what his semblance is and that he tries to use it as little as possible.

Spoiler: Examples for scale • show
Here are some examples of the uses for scale.
Hits: - Like a speeding truck for 60% of his Aura.
        - Like a speeding car for 40%.
        - Unusually powerful blows for 5% (enough to severely stun most Grimm).

Numbers: These are based on the examples above, if applied to someone with an arbitrarily average build, Aura, etc. NOTE: As long as this very sentence is present, apply a 2x modifier to the cost.
       - 1% --> 4% Aura damage
       - 5% --> 20% Aura damage
       - 8% --> 33% Aura damage (current cap, he's yet to make more powerful blows)
Spoiler: Ignore these for now, for future approved developments only • show
       - 10% --> 42% Aura damage
       - 15% --> 65% Aura damage
       - 20% --> 90% Aura damage

Anything beyond that will merely do more damage, beyond the now-shattered Aura, with the semi-exponential function still applying. The amount of seconds he must wait before his Aura is usable again is equal to twice the percentage of Aura consumed.

Adapted 'costs' for the new 'strain' mechanic - the cost multiplier is already present.

       - 4% Aura damage: Minor fatigue, basically a slight buzzing in the ears for a couple seconds. Can use this a maximum of 49 times, the 50th knocking him out from exhaustion.
       - 20% Aura damage: Feels as though the blood was drained from his head for a second or two; shaky for a few more seconds afterwards, then fatigued. (He can dish out 9 hits like this, the 10th one causing him to collapse from exhaustion)
       - 33% Aura damage (current cap, he's yet to manage more powerful blows): Feels as though the blood drained from his head for about 5 seconds. Shaky for approximately 20 seconds afterwards, then fatigue sets in. (He can dish out 4 hits like this, the 5th one causing him to collapse from exhaustion)

In addition, his semblance can be used to propel objects towards targets. The accuracy of this 'throw' of sorts is proportional to the amount of energy used and inversely proportional to the object's size. As a landmark, using around 16% on one of the slugs he uses within his weapon gets him an initial accuracy slightly worse than an assault rifle, making it a good choice at the lower mid-range and closer.

Here, 'initial accuracy' refers to the accuracy of the object's motion towards the intended target. Factors that come into play after the propulsion, such as gravity, wind, object aerodynamics and such are not included (unless he explicitly takes them into account, if possible).

Combat Behavior: He tends to favor swift, precise and efficient movements when defending and powerful blows when attacking. He mixes hand-to-hand with weapon combat freely. He will favor confrontation if an enemy is actively chasing him but will otherwise prefer stealth. He will try to dodge and block all he can. When first encountering an enemy, he will never attack first - unless he can get a surprise snipe in.

He will prefer to concentrate on one threat at a time and take care of it as fast and as safely as possible, which opens him up to surprise attacks from unsuspected additional threats. When he suspects more than he can see, he will tend to maintain a more defensive posture.

If outnumbered, he will be capable of resisting without using his semblance a small amount of time but will prefer to get some distance between him and the enemy to come back in at a new angle.

Although his weapon would have you think otherwise, Nathan is relatively unskilled at long range sniping, mostly just winging it. He's good - for someone with little to no practice. His largest weakness, however, is very close melee or hand-to-hand combat. He never practiced those, preferring to hone his staff skills as it allows him a greater reach.


Name: Ergia

Primary Form: Ergia's primary form is relatively tame - a matte, black cylinder about a foot long, slightly too large to grasp comfortably with the average hand. Two thin green lines circle it, separating the cylinder into thirds. Nathan's symbol is visible on the back of the uppermost third. When hooked onto its place on the harness, it can serve as a jumppack, providing relatively limited vertical mobility. Used for going up or breaking a fall - when angled correctly. Maximum autonomy of 3 minutes without 'reloading'.

Spoiler: Not now - for approved future development only. • show
When unhooked, it can serve as a flamethrower, producing an intense, bunsen burner-like flame about 6 meters long, although the heat is still pretty intense for about 3 meters after that.

Secondary Form: Both staff mechanisms extend to their maximum lengths of 75 cm, making the weapon a 180 cm matte black staff with dark lime green lines and a thicker, 30 cm cylinder in the middle. Transformation can take as little as 2 seconds. In this form, parts of the staff portion can either be electrified or the air around them, heated to a point where it can easily cut through organic materials, but will only slowly heat up dense non-organic stuff like concrete, steel, etc.

Tertiary Form: The top/forward staff mechanism extends by 30 centimeters and a handle and variable strength scope flip out of the top section. Fires 5x20 mm tungsten slugs at a rate of 12 per second and speed of Mach 2 (3% damage  per shot against someone with arbitrarily average Aura). Each magazine of these 'light' rounds has about 300 of them. He keeps one mag on his harness and one in Ergia. Transformation takes about 1 second from storage form and 2 seconds from staff form.

Dust Functions: The way Ergia uses Dust can be considered somewhat different from the norm. Although the jumppack uses a mix of Kinetic and Gravity Dust to provide thrust, about a quarter of a litre per 3 minute charge, the rest only uses Dust indirectly. Six power crystals are located at the centre of the main cylinder, providing the entire weapon with vast amounts of power, needed for everything from the jumppack to the staff modifiers. The power crystals must be recharged with power when empty and, even through intense usage, will drain rather slowly, a single one lasting a good 10 minutes or so.

History: Ergia was made, from plans to fully functional, in the last three years prior to his entry at Beacon. The components took about 6 months to get right and the shell and final assembly, 6 more months. It was made to make the most use of his semblance and to be as versatile as possible. It was named Ergia due to having vast amounts of energy at its heart.

Spoiler: Specifics and Schematics • show
The primary form is a 30 cm long, 6.8 cm diameter matte black cylinder with 2 dark lime green lines on the wall 10 cm from the bases. The bottom opens up when engaging the jetpack. The central section is dedicated to housing the power cores and control mechanisms, the upper section is devoted to the first staff mechanism while the bottom part is reserved to the jetpack and second staff mechanisms. The staff portions have an external diameter of 3 cm. The jumppack is a tiny thing that occupies a third of the main cylinder, consuming Dust to provide thrust. The second form's extra functions are achieved by using small Dust crystals integrated within Ergia in conjunction with the main power. Most of the circuitry has Dust in it to make it as compact as possible. The power cores mentioned earlier are custom-made Dust crystals created to store enormous amounts of energy each. They glow a soft, pleasant cerulean when full and are a dark, dull blue when empty. They are 9 cm long and 2 cm wide at their widest. There are 6 of them at all times in the center section of the cylinder. Nathan stores an extra 6 in his belt-level pouch. The jumppack mechanism uses a special blend of Dust that greatly increases the thrust produced and comsumption efficiency when used in conjunction with the energy from the power cores.

Spoiler: Power crystal schematic • show

Spoiler: Only for approved future developments • show
Basically, the LR Crystal as last approved.


Pre-Beacon theme: Mad World - Gary Jules & Micheal Andrews

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Three
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Throwing the sword she snatched away to the back of the room the raider looked up grinning as Gray tried to flip over her. Reacting quickly by flexing her gauntlets dust pulsed out as the purple solution was ejected leading to a huge gravitational wave pinning Gray at least temporarily to the roof. Jumping up with surprising speed given her considerable size the raider launches a brutal one two combination, first one to pin on of the huntsman-in-training's arms to the roof with the second being a hopefully, depending on your perspective, clean hook. Both swings augmented buy the still raging buzz saws even if Gray avoids the attacks the sounds of contact radiate clearly through to the gathered hunters-in-training in the previous room. Gray's detonation still takes place engulfing both fighters.

The droid doesn't say anything although it does slightly back away from Amane, positioning itself so Topaz is between it and the fragger. The droid does continue beeping as it slowly makes it way around the room dripping a considerable amount of dust onto the floor, not that it seems to be bothering the barely functional machine that much.

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