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WiP Characters / Re: Bobby Beige
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:49:18 PM »
I would have recommended the Norwegian tranlation (Kraftknokkler) however thats actually too many K's, I'll give you that one Sweeds but we win at everything else! Muhahah

Joking aside looking good :D There are a few trying to breathe some life into the other schools but as Gus said its probably best to start at Beacon.

The main thing I'd like to see expanded upon is the combat behaviour, what are his strengths and just as importantly what are some weaknesses with his skill set.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Howdy
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:45:54 AM »
First off welcome to the site Hunter :D Always great to see new faces around here.

To get started with your character you can head over to the WiP section where you will get a bit more casual feedback as you write your character, once its done you can post it to approval where the staff will review it (The WiP step is not required mind you so you can go straight to approval if you're up for it).

Either way you'll want to have a read of the rules and copy the template there to your profile. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here, a WiP thread, or join our discord chat.

Best of luck! ^^

Everywhere Else / Re: A Voyage Home (Closed)
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:14:05 PM »
Most extracurricular missions Diana heard of went in one ear and out the other, she just wasn’t someone to seek conflict, however the mission to Felwinter was different. No matter how much she tried to put it away it kept sneaking back into her head. It wasn’t search and destroy, they weren’t there to clear Grimm as exterminators but to to help someone get back home, home to their family and a father who was ill. For someone as close to their family as Diana this certainly tore at her heartstrings. On the same note it would mean a trip back to Atlas, once the mission was done she could pay for her own trip back to Beacon a few days later and spend some time back home. It was a perfect storm of reasons for Diana to join the voyage, there really was no way she could pass it up.

Having packed the essentials ranging from clothing to ammunition into a hiking backpack she replaced the ice packs in her first aid kit with heating pads, and picked up a small jewellery box before heading out. Once in the courtyard she recognised her fellow first year but hesitated to approach as she was already in conversation with a someone else. Unfamiliar with tall girl she worried that jumping inn on the conversation wouldn’t make the best first impression, so she hovered at a respectable distance. That was until Anton approached. She waited for him to make his introductions and then went over before the conversation started again proper.

Diana didn’t really know either of the first years other than their names “Heya Blair, Anton. You guys alright?” she quickly gave an apologetic expression towards Blair ”I’m sure he’ll have improved, and with a team like this we’ll be there in no time.” she gave her most empathetic smile before adding ”We're all here for you.” She plopped her backpack on the ground before truing to the unknown girl "Um, Hi. We haven't met, I think?" she waited a fraction too long before reaching out her hand and adding "I'm Diana".

Spoiler: Character art • show

Approved Characters / Re: Mae Tulimanu
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:02:33 PM »
Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Acero Walker
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:01:55 PM »
Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Acero Walker
« on: October 21, 2017, 11:27:00 AM »
Spoiler: Pre Edit • show
[quote author=Capta1n_Henry link=topic=763.msg8407#msg8407 date=1482275525]
Name: Acero Walker

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: 4th year student from Beacon Academy. Used to attend Atlas Academy

Appearance: (This is gonna be kind of bare-bones) Stands at about 5'9", weighs 175 lbs. (mostly in muscle), and has an toned, muscular build. Has a cybernetic left eye and arm due to the actual ones being damaged beyond repair in a futile fight against a horde of Grimm during his 3rd year. He also has a cybernetic lower jaw (similar to Raiden from MGSRR). The prosthetics are only about 1.2x stronger than his original parts, and his left eye can see stuff a lot better than his right one. He has multiple scars, including a Zuko like burn mark on the left side of his face. His hair is black and short. His eyes are red, and smaller than average and his eyebrows are solid, but separate at the ends farthest from the middle. When not in uniform, he wears a red T-Shirt that has a giant peace sign on the front, somewhat baggy black and white sweatpants, and red and grey shoes. When being deployed on a mission, he puts white and gold plating over his casual clothes (original I know). Due to a recent accident that occurred during a training session between students, Acero's body has suffered some disfigurements. He now has severe burn scars all over his body, along with a prosthetic left arm, left leg, left hip, left eye, and jaw. His casual apparel now consists of a
white long sleeve shirt with a hood, a black snap-back hat, black baggy sweatpants, and red/black tennis shoes. His combat uniform consists of a black, lightweight, full body combat suit. This suit is sparsely covered in carbon fiber plates at the forearms, pecs, upper back, lower legs, and middle thigh. These plates are colored silver, with gold outlines on the edges. He wears a dark grey belt that holds the batteries for his wrist laser. Acero also wears a somewhat bulky helmet that provides good protection from bullets, but at the cost of a camera only view from inside the helmet, meaning if the camera on the helmet is damaged, he will be forced to take the bullet proof slab off, revealing a visor. This helmet provides Acero with a H.U.D. that integrates with his arm cannon, showing him how many shots he has left.

Ref. Images (I don't own these)

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

History: This is gonna suck and I'm sorry

Spoiler: show
Acero was born and raised in the kingdom of Atlas. For most of his life, he lived a quiet, albeit dull life. Ever since he was young, he would go to school, train, go home, rest, and repeat. His parents weren’t home very much due to them being on various archaeological trips, so the only people he could talk to were his older, very talkative sister, Talim, and their Faunus babysitter, Juno. Juno was a retired huntress that had come to know the Walkers by escorting them through various Grimm infested areas and ruins. She was a wolf Faunus that cared deeply for Faunus rights and was even a White Fang member when it first formed--she left when it started getting violent. Talim--who was 2 years older than Acero--talked about any topic she could think of whenever she could find an opportunity to, and Juno and Acero listened intently, but didn’t talk unless Talim stopped to catch her breath. Acero and Talim treated Juno with great respect and grew up with hatred for those who take advantage of Faunus, even starting fights because of it. This behavior carried on until they got severely punished by their parents and teachers. Acero had never done anything notable in his life--except beating up Faunus haters--until he got to Atlas Academy. He spent three years there, being trained and taught by both his professors and Juno. Acero found his weapon, Solar Centurion, his second year and started to unlock his semblance at the same time. Acero worked for a postal service when he wasn’t in school and started to save up money when he could, as he wanted to move to Beacon to avoid going into the military. Talim didn’t like his decision, but respected it, as she knew that the military wasn’t for everyone.

One day during his third year, Acero’s parents never came home weeks after their supposed arrival date. They were later found buried in the snow, 10 miles away from their dig site, along with the hunter that was protecting them. Their bodies had been torn apart by the Grimm, with the only discernible features being their clothing and their faces.  Acero and Talim mourned the deaths of their parents. Juno also mourned their deaths, and helped the two siblings bury their parents. The three found the dead couple’s will and inheritance letter hidden in the house. The letter stated that Acero and Talim would split their fortune, and Juno would keep their house and its belongings, along with any artifacts that the Walkers found and kept on their journies. These included various weapons, armors, and valuable trinkets. Juno sold most of it to a museum, which allowed her to live the rest of her life in peace. Talim took two unique talwar swords with her as she left for the military. Acero went back to school pretty depressed, and anything his former team did to cheer him up failed.

Before he left for Vale, Acero asked his team if they could hunt the Grimm that killed his parents. They agreed and made a 2 day journey to the dig site. The Grimm ended up overwhelming the 3rd years and they were all badly injured, Acero being in the worst condition due to fending off a horde of Grimm to save his friends. Acero woke up a week later and was in a hospital. He couldn’t feel his left arm or see out of his left eye, but there was a feeling of cold metal touching his neck and upper jaw. His lower jaw, left eye and arm couldn't have been saved and were amputated as a result. Talim and Juno were crying as he looked at his new appearance, but Acero said nothing and looked at his remaining arm with a sense of determination. He looked at his caretakers and yelled at them to shut up and stop crying. This made the crying worse and he sighed deeply. The doctor came in and asked Acero if he would interested in prosthetic replacement parts. Acero nodded and signed off on the paperwork. Juno would would pay for these new limbs and the surgery about a month later. After about 2 weeks of recovery, Acero came back and finished his third year at Atlas. A week after school ended, Acero said goodbye to his friends and family as he left for Beacon Academy.

Recently, Acero was almost killed during a sparring match, due to a stray bullet hitting a bag of explosives that he was holding. He was rushed to the hospital and stabilized, staying unconscious for a few days as they treated the burn marks. When he awoke, Acero found himself in a similar, yet worse situation than before, parts of himself missing, scars all over his body. His sister and godmother came to visit him at Beacon hospital for a few days, crying over his newly disfigured state. After they left, Acero was visited by an official from Atlas. The official offered Acero new limbs and equipment, with a few strings attached of course. An easy option that the official gave was to sell out the schools plans for the Vytal Festival. The harder option was to do some paid, unaffiliated work for Atlas when he graduated, at least until the prosthetic's and new gear were paid off. Not wanting to sell out his new school and friends, Acero decided to take the harder option, and come work for Atlas when he graduated.

Personality: Despite the hardships he experienced, Acero is a very laid-back--albeit lazy--and caring person. He's not really one for school (he never tries hard in any of his classes, he just learns what he can and sticks with it, although he does study when he needs to pass a class) or conversation, but when he's with his team, he opens up and gives orders freely and confidently, something his team appreciates, but also gets fed up with from time to time. Ever since sparring accident, Acero has been proactive in studying for his classes and training for combat, knowing that he'd need to smarten and train up to repay his debt to Atlas. He does tend to keep silent, unless spoken to, but even then he keeps his sentences relatively short, unless the answer is complex. His hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, photography, boxing, and weightlifting.

Semblance: Flowmotion -- Acero can fluidly move around on both land and air. This allows him to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dash, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style. Basically using his environment to his advantage. Acero doesn’t move super fast, but he can keep up with speedier opponents (not Tyrian or Qrow kind of speed mind you) and outspeed and outmaneuver slower opponents. Acero can only air dash/wall jump a total of 8 times before needing to rest a bit.


Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Acero can only use his semblance when the terrain calls for it, meaning if he’s in an open field or desert, he loses a little maneuverability due to the loss of wall running/jumping, and can get overpowered by fast opponents due to his semblance excelling in tight places. It also takes a lot of accuracy and energy to pull off very complex maneuvers in a battle, which means if he messes up just a little, it could cost him. Due to having years of practice, he doesn’t have to worry about his accuracy or energy too much, but the threat of messing up or running out of steam is still constant while he fights. If Acero goes 100%, he can fight for about 6 minutes. If he goes 75%, he can fight for about 8 minutes and so on.

(Taken from the Power Listing Wiki:

Combat Behavior: Due to the nature of his semblance and his lack of a ranged weapon, Acero favors a hit and run fighting style, using the environment and his to outmaneuver his foes. He mixes all of his weapon transformation into his fighting style, blocking all kinds of attacks and getting in some of his own. This makes him a formidable foe to both groups and individuals, as it is hard to predict what form he'll use if you fight him for the first time. Acero also fights with a sense of chivalry and honor--asking for his foe's name, and even bowing to them in respect.

Acero is always cautious when fighting an enemy, in fear that he might be ambushed. This causes him to only give 75% of his max power when fighting, as he is afraid that someone else might appear. If this does happen, Acero will either retreat to a place where he can fight better, or he will go all out in an attempt to defeat his previous foe so that he can focus on the new one.

Due to his melee only fighting style, Acero can be kited very easily by swift ranged opponents, especially in an open environment like a desert or field. When this happens, Acero will play it safe and will either wait for his team to finish off their opponents, or he will simply use his weapons tertiary form to deflect the bullets and wait for the shooter to run out of ammo.


Solar Centurion - A transformable sword that lacks any ranged component

Primary Form: Greatsword Form - The basic form of the weapon, there are two holes in the sword near the top and bottom. There's a button on the hilt that allows it to split in half into its quicker form. The sword is orange and red.

Secondary Form: Dual Swords Form - After pressing the button on the hilt, the sword can be split in half. This form doesn't hit as hard as the greatsword, but they quicken the users attacks, allowing him to keep up with fast foes. There is a mechanism on the bottom of each swords hilt that lets them link up to each other to form a Polearm.

Tertiary Form: Polearm Form - This form allows the user to clear waves of weak enemies and can also be used to deflect bullets and other projectiles of reasonable size i.e. arrows, small to medium sized rocks, etc.

Ref. Pic:

Spoiler: show

History: Before, Acero only had a basic sword and shield when he attended Atlas Academy. Acero’s parents refused to pay outrageous prices for Atlas sanctioned weaponry, so they gave Acero his great grandfather's sword and shield and promised him that they would get him better equipment, but never did. While on a class field trip to some grimm infested ruins in the snowy Solitas mountains, Acero found the weapon that would later be named Solar Centurion in an old, yet untouched tomb. The tomb was guarded by several Ursas’ and Geists--who possessed suits of armor to attack. Acero managed to overpower them with his semblance--which at this time hadn’t fully developed yet because it was his 2nd year. With all of the enemies defeated, Acero picked up the weapon and felt an unfamiliar, yet kind warmth fill him, as if the weapon was congratulating him on his victory. Acero gave his handme downs back to his parents and kept his new partner close to him at all times. He named it Solar Centurion the day after he got back from the field trip and has proudly wielded it since then.

Name: Vortech Blaster - A small, semi-automatic, silver, black, and red laser pistol built into Acero's prosthetic left arm.

Primary Form: The primary firing mode of the weapon is accessed when Acero bends his wrist down towards the ground, causing the panel covering the laser to flip up towards him, revealing the laser. The weapon is connected to Acero's brain like the arm is. He just needs to think about shooting something and it will happen.The laser relies on special batteries that are pretty expensive and non-rechargeable, meaning Acero can only carry about 2-3 batteries on a mission as he is afraid of losing them. The batteries are too large to be kept inside of Acero's arm, so whenever he wants to shoot something, he needs to put in a battery to power the weapon. Each battery is good for 20 shots. The laser is as strong as a desert eagle, but without the recoil. Instead, Acero has to worry about overheating the gun by firing it too much.

Tertiary Form: When the laser is not in use, it is stowed in a retractable panel on Acero's left arm.

Ref. Images (I don't own these)

How the laser is activated
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

History: Acero built this weapon in the Beacon workshop to help him combat enemies that were always out of his sword's reach.

Approved Characters / Re: Mae Tulimanu
« on: October 21, 2017, 11:26:09 AM »
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[quote author=Capta1n_Henry link=topic=993.msg12127#msg12127 date=1495257720]
Ok, second character! I don't have that much time to write this so it's gonna be kind of bare bones. Sorry about that!


Name: Mae Tulimanu

Age: 18 (25th of Arashi)

Species and Gender: Female Hawk Faunus

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: (Little bare bones, sorry) Mae stands at 5'2", weighs 120 lbs., and has a toned, athletic build. She has short black hair which she keeps away from her forehead. She does this to make room for a few dark orange feathers that grow straight up from the rim of her forehead. Her pupils and iris' in her eyes are enlarged and her sclera is black and her eye color is orange gold. Her eyes of that of a hawk, so naturally she can see things clearly from over a mile away. She has paleish, freckled skin. She also has a modest bust and somewhat curvy hips. When off duty/school, Mae wears a grey, long sleeve shirt, black jeans, and orange sneakers. When she's on a mission, Mae wears a light brown leather coat with wings engraved on the back over a white and dark orange body suit which covers her from her neck to her feet (the body suit has built in feet support). Mae also wears a black utility belt, on which she keeps 3 magazines of ammo for her weapon, one per each dust type, with the regular ammo already loaded. She also keeps the contents of a basic first aid kit on her belt, separated into different pouches around the magazines of her weapon.

Ref. Images (I own nothing):

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show
Mae was born to a human father and a Faunus mother (who is also a hawk Faunus) in a small cottage deep in the forest near Kuchinashi. Mae's mother worked as a huntress, taking job requests from the local town and protecting any merchants passing through. Mae's father worked as a trapper, and fur trader, selling what pelts he had skinned to the general store in town, while also keeping the meat he had acquired. On top of being rigorously taught the general education courses like math, English, and science by her mother, Mae was also taught how to hunt and defend herself from a very young age by her parents (mostly by her mom), who let her tag along when they were hunting smaller Ursas, Boarbatusks, and Beowolfs who had strayed too far from their pack, but still threatened their home. Mae's mother made frequent trips to town in search of textbooks and workbooks for the sake of Mae's education. Mae loved reading and writing, as it gave her something else to besides go out with her parents or garden, and would study for hours on end every day. Around the time Mae built her weapon--albeit a prototype version of it--her parents let her go out hunting for small animals and Grimm. She would spend hours wandering the forest and admiring the beauty of nature, although she would tend to get lost and into trouble while doing this.

Time went on in the forest. Mae got older and was helping her father hunt on a regular basis for big game, and big Grimm. Mae's mother continued to go on missions for the local town, but because of her age, she couldn't complete as many contracts as she used to. To offset this, Mae decided to look for a job as an assistant to a blacksmith. When she looked at the board, there were no openings for such a position, but she did find an offering for an engineer's assistant. Desperate for work, she walked to the engineer's house to check in as their new assistant. When she knocked on the door, she expected an old, cranky old man. She was surprised to see a middle aged man--somewhere in his forties--open the door. He wore glasses, a button-up shirt, pants, and sandals. He was kind and welcoming, if not a little snobbish. He introduced himself as Bashir Cooper, an Atlas engineer who wanted a quiet life near the great rural areas of Mistral. Bashir wanted to pursue his dream of being a custom weapon designer, and to do that, he needed someone to help him test his new inventions--which of course were prototypes and very unstable, possibly life threatening. Mae agreed to test the weapons, but only on the sole condition that Bashir would help her on her journey towards being a huntress, whether that be studying or helping her make weapons and gear.

Once Mae had turned 18, her parents were a little shocked to find out that she wanted to go Beacon Academy, as Mae's mother had gone to Haven. Mae explained to her parents that she wanted a change of scenery from the wide expanses of the forest, and wanted to experience what Vale had to offer. After a few days of consideration, Mae's mother gave her full support to her daughter's success. With the admission date a couple moths away, Mae trained and studied with her mother more so than ever before. When Mae's mother was on a mission, Mae would go over to Bashir's workshop to study and test weapons. When the day came to apply to Beacon, Mae passed all of the admission tests with little difficulties, not scoring super high, but high enough for her to be content with. She was scheduled to leave Mistral in two weeks, and in that time, she said her goodbyes to her old friends who were going to attend Haven Academy. Before boarding the airship, Mae said her goodbyes to her parents, who promised that Mae would always have a home in Mistral. Bashir gave an almost tearful goodbye and offered to send her some custom equipment if she ever needed it. She thanked him and her parents, and boarded the airship to Beacon.

Personality: Mae is a caring, if not quiet person. Despite her lack of formal education, Mae loves it when someone other than her parents can teach her about something other than hunting. She works very hard when it comes to schoolwork, studying and reading whenever she isn't hanging out with friends or on a mission. Mae tends to talk a lot when she's with friends and professors, who sometimes try to sneak away from her ramblings about things that seem so minuscule, like how many feathers she shed over the past week, or how many different species of  butterfly she saw on a hike. Being a Faunus herself, Mae is a huge advocate of Faunus rights, sometimes going to non-violent protests. She even considered joining The White Fang at one time, which resulted in her getting scolded by her mother. Despite being quiet, Mae acts very motherly to her friends, not just by being kind and compassionate, but by also scolding and encouraging them. Mae's hobbies include taking hikes through the forest, reading, gardening, and cooking.

Semblance: Wind Gale -- Mae can launch herself up into the air by channeling her aura into her legs, letting out a gust of wind by jumping. This ability is only used to dodge or to get a better vantage point on the enemy. Mae can only use this ability 2 times in a row before she becomes exhausted. Once Mae starts to descend, she will fall like a normal person would, and must divert her aura into her legs to negate the fall damage.

Combat Behavior: Due to the nature of her weapon, Mae likes to use her heightened Faunus agility to stay in the shadows and harass her enemies from afar with her variety of crossbow bolts. If the enemy gets too close, however, Mae will use her hunting knife to defend herself--albeit, not very effectively due to her low physical strength--until her allies arrive to give her back up. If Mae sees an ally in danger, she will advance towards them while putting suppressing fire on the enemy they are fighting. Because of her blind, caring behavior, she can leave herself wide open without even noticing it. Mae is especially vulnerable after using her semblance more than 2 times, as she will be incredibly exhausted. Mae will often focus in on one target and forget that there are other enemies around her, which usually leads to her being caught off guard, even when she could've prevented it.


Name: Leto's Wrath

Primary Form: A black and golden orange semi-automatic crossbow with a hybrid scope, allowing the user to engage targets at medium to long range without a huge loss in accuracy. The magazine is a cylinder with a slit at the top for the bolts to go through. Each canister holds 25 bolts--which can be coated with different kinds of dust for any situation.

Dust Functions: The crossbow bolts can be coated with dust to add a little extra punch to the weapon. Mae carries around 3 dust coated bolt canisters. The main elements she uses are Ice (to slow down attackers that get too close), Fire (to shred lightly targets), and Lightning (to hurt opponents using metal armor).

Ref. Images:

History: When Mae was allowed to hunt, her parents helped her create a somewhat rudimentary crossbow. Mae would continue to find ways to upgrade this crossbow with the help of Bashir before going to Beacon.

Name: Hunter's Crux

Primary Form: A tanto with a silver blade and an orange and white hilt.

Ref. Images:

Spoiler: show

History: With the help of Bashir, Mae created a small hunting blade that could easily skin the pelt off any animal, much less a human.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:20:03 AM »
A powerful semblance for sure but the great effects will also take a greater toll and now it seems much more like a single thing.

Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: October 20, 2017, 09:59:44 AM »
Shocking to impact aim is a pretty good idea, however 15 seconds is a long time in a fight is so would probably lower that 10.

I'm in the rather unique situation of having read and logged every semblance on site so I'm comparing what you have here to that precedent.

So it's a very versatile semblance which i personally like a lot, however at the moment it just does too much for a first year. The key change I'd like to see is no stationary objects, there are other characters whose entire semblance is to do that so don't like it as a bonus on here (let alone 10 for no effort). All the shapes should be tied to and move with the person so parachute f.eks should be fine.

You describe your current scale as, almost effortless, some effort and great effort. I think the times you say at each stage (seconds to tired etc.) seem good just not the wording, if you start getting tired from doing something for 20 secs then it doesn’t sound almost effortless. The exact wording is up to you but just something like small effort, fair effort, great effort (Just get rid of the word effortless and that seems good).

Seem fair?

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:54:58 PM »
Appearance changes are fine
History changes are fine
Aura update is fine.
Combat strength and weakness list is fine

Weapon: As I don't have combat experience on site I've referred to Gus on the numbers for this topic.
A fire rate of 4 rounds per second doesn't sound like a sniper rifle, maybe more of a battle rifle? Combining it with the piercing bullets and you're talking about 100% aura damage in less than 2 seconds, that's waaay too much. The damage of a single attack will be determined on a thread by thread basis (depends on the opponents aura pool etc.) So I would just remove all reference to those numbers on the sheet.

For the electric ones what do you mean by "shock the target for 15 seconds"

That leaves the semblance, just to be clear is this a retcon of the original character or an in fiction upgrade (If so what caused it). What level of control does he have at the lowest level, you say straight line but can he change that (essentially swinging a blade) and what range can they go. The simple objects are stationary, so they can essentially become separate from him? (Again what range, and just how many do you mean by a large number?)

Would like to know those answers before getting into the details. However I will say that atm this semblance seems to do a shit ton (Multiple aura limbs, create multiple separate structures, create aura weapons) This does not sound like the semblance of a first year (Not to mention someone who is an expert marksman as well as extremely trained in their semblance)

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: October 19, 2017, 10:09:43 AM »
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[quote author=Siuwa link=topic=324.msg2153#msg2153 date=1474655504]

Name: Catalina Glenn

Age: 18, Born 62 AC Klever 14th

Species and Gender: Human male

Symbol: A piece of dust crystal formed by merging the four basic elements of dust and a white spot in the center. The main color for the symbol is Catalina blue.

Occupation: Beacon Academy first year student

Appearance: He is 183 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. He has long hands, and a face with rather yellowish skin. He usually sports short pants and blue T-shirts.

History: The family of his lived for generations in the Mountain Glenn.
Sometime in days of Vale, the there are people disliked to live by some unnamed law and decided to move out altogether. They traveled to immediately southeast of the kingdom, and they found mountains full of grimms and caverns, but otherwise perfectly habitable. They decided they're strong enough to clear the grimm and make it into a settlement. They aggressively fought, gaining grounds and losing very few men, but wide out in the open the Nevermores and the Griffons soon became a significant threat. Before any major casualties formed, they wisely retreated into the tunnels. Using dust deposit lying around, the quickly scouted and gained knowledge of the region and the settled into the safe state when Catalina was born. Over time, they merge into a big family group(despite the bloodlines still distinct enough to avoid inbreeding) and the name Glenn formed as the mountain name and their family name.
Living so close to Vale, they kept regular contact with them and have a friendly relationship with them. When Vale decided to expand into there,  they were appointed as head advisors naturally. With prominent knowledge, family battle skills leading into success and exclusive rights to developing the cities they quickly rised to the tops of Vale society. Catalina's childhood was comprised mainly of running wild in the mountains, devising routes to avoid or trapping grimm, and observing natural phenomenon and combine them with knowledge gained when he occasionally go to school. Despite the danger always presenting itself, by knowing all the hiding spots, improvising the environment and strength in the numbers, the children are well exposed to the wildlife and Grimm, while safety is assured. Hiding and observing Grimm developed his thinking ability and tactical skills as well as scientific mind. But when they rose to the high classes, he had to join the balls, the dinners and stuff. And the notorious wager duels. As a result, he was obliged to practice melee combat and devise ways to improve current materials to create new types of dust.

Until the grimm outbreak came. He rallied the local hunters(him not noticing this is simply because of him being a Glenn rather than because of his ability or charisma), fought bravely and sniped the grimms threatening civilians. It earned him the urban legend of 'grimm sharpshooter'.
Despite the the wealth stored not being depleted by investing all their business into mountain Glenn, their family legacy may be losing to time... So he enrolled into Beacon Academy to become a scientist and a huntsman while hoping to repopulate Mountain Glenn and extend the legacy into the history. On the entrance exam, the academic test and live combat were passed with flying colors but the sparring with the current students was a big struggle.

Personality: From the days of observing wildlife, he concluded that no particular person is right or wrong and so is a particular morality. He didn't hold a grudge to almost anything, not even the creatures of grimm(readily destroying them if needed nonetheless), but if anyone tries to assert his own value into someone else then his Berserk button is hit. Hard. Especially Faunus-Human discrimination in both ways.
This has developed into what we've seen during the events of Rustled Feathers: gender equality, and equality in general. His idea of equality is approximately: Male to Female abuse is obviously not ok, and so isn't Female to Male abuse. You either play both for laughs or play neither. Same-gender abuse is also counted for that matter. He's aware of the difference in equality and equity: his idea is definitely on the equality side, everyone gets treated more or less equally and not everyone getting access to the same thing. It would be fair to him to say give a poorer family more money only if you also ensure that the less poor still end up with more(how much more doesn't matter that much) because they started with more. If everyone gets the same end result it would just sounds like heat death of the universe to him, but whether or not this is sound varies.
He also dislikes social etiquette(specifically ones emphasizing what to do instead of why he does that) and manner but usually exercise self restraintants when in representing the family. He also follow through all the procedures and sportsmanship when in combat, because he thinks sportsmanship ia valuable but etiquette is nothing but a hassle.
He has a heavier rooting the underdog mentality than usual because he is tired from all the people being misunderstood and/or framed in fiction and real life. This is shown when he argued on Nathan's behalf even before his match in recovery ward. Otherwise he is lazy and hands off, not feeling like working until the last moment i.e. student syndrome.
He likes arts like performing arts, music and mathematics. Catalina's observation also gives him the idea of how terrible it is to end one's life and will take measure not to cause it.
Finally, he prefers being alone but if there are companions that can be with him, he will treat them with utmost devotion.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is weakened by the lack of faith or even a strong value, but being to manifestation of one's own soul, thinking about metaphysics, philosophy and chemistry and such actually more than makes up of it. Catalina Glenn's Aura colour is, of course, Catalina Blue.
He didn't actually name his Semblance, but people around gave it the nickname 'aurashift' and he picked it up. The semblance control how the field of aura is projected around his body in what shape. He can trap his target in it, use it like a long lance to stop charging enemies, or shape it like Zerohanded weapons. He can also infuse the aura with dust to amplify the maximum surface area without making him instantly collapsing of fatigue and giving him that dust property, electrifying the aura, camouflage or create gas bubbles safe for breathing. However if too much dust are present in the aura field than it might explode spectacularly upon impact usually knocking him out or worse.

The strength of the aura surface won't be changed either unless amplified by a high concentration of dust(but he does remember the risk of getting blown up).

The taxation on his mind from complex shape shiftings is no small business either. The best analogy is as he puts it, 'Controlling like 10 limbs when your mind is suited to use 4'. He may have to remain still for this purpose, and usually utilizing it in melee fight for more the a single encounter, while giving him a great edge, can either hinder his prowess for the rest of the fight, leaving him defenseless for anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute, or straight up passing out from the strain. He is actively searching for courses to remedy and to recover faster.

If his emotions is to ever get too unstable, his aura will also get unstable shapeshiftings, which could endanger himself and his surroundings.

Combat Behavior: Despite processing tactical skills, he also likes to do the work himself, partly due to difficulty to describe plans as good as in his mind. But he will remain calm the whole way, or just hiding and picking people off. And thus when he's in melee, he will hit hard and hit fast, hoping he can finish the fight before getting hit too much, placing all of the aura in in strength and agility. He doesn't like to teamwork very much either.


Name: The primary form is named Got' eem and the secondary Take that!.

Primary Form: A sniper rifle, with long(and sharp in the end as bayonet) silenced barrel and a large chunk of recoil absorber to allow automatic fire. The cartridge can store 20 or less shots before having to reload. It also have a sight with adjustable magnifing and rangefinding capabilities.

Secondary Form: The cartridge and the sight moves into the recoil absorber which has the barrel sticking through to from an eye of a sledgehammer. It has exhausts on all directions and the original bullet barrel to either use as a blowtorch, propel swings, or light the whole thing up in general for looks and imitation.

Dust Functions: Dust are used as ammunition serving various purpose, including high impact/explosive rounds for breaking aura, customized stimpack shots for healing, shocking dust rounds to stun, freezing and heating rounds and such. Powdered dust are used for weapon camouflaging and the exhausting to flamethrow.

Unless otherwise specified in the very first post possible, he carries the following amount of dust:
[li]2 cartridges of explosive dust rounds that damages 10% of an average aura over 2 meters radius[/li]
[li]1 cartridge of piercing rounds that damages decrease by 0.3% per centimeter of coverage and does 15% aura damage at most.[/li]
[li]5 rounds of shock rounds that hit for 1% aura and shock the target for 15 seconds.[/li]
[li]5 rounds each of heating and freezing rounds that burns or freezes anything flammable/freezeble in a 1 meter radius. Neither burning nor freezing will damage any aura.[/li]
[li]A single repulsion crystal that is strong enough to knock Ursai around.
It can be used to propel a shot and hit twice as hard, shot to knock things around harming 5% aura and some fall damage, or make a hammer swing 1.5 times faster.[/li]
[li]Four small boxes each containing powdered forms of a basic dust type. They can be infused into his aura, but anything above 75% of a box in total is an explosion waiting to happen. The other use is to be poured into the head and then fired. They have a 10 meter radius.
Fire and air dust can also propel swings. by a factor of
[1+(air=0.4, fire=0.6)(amount of dust relative to a single box)]
Anymore items brought would proportionally hinder his movement. And all of this is stored in his toolbox weared on his back so if you're able to rupture that enough... It would go as well for him as an flamethrower operator with the same treatment.

History:It's a combination of the best form Mountain Glenn's, including the weapon's cast, the optical sight, the design and the forging are all from and in Mountain Glenn. It was thought up before the grey war ended, researched through the Faunus civil rights war came into fruition on our generation thanks to efforts throughout the house. Catalina inherited it because he's the only one into combat.
After the Vytal Festival Tournament and a few battles Cat realized that his previous rounds are too weak for a sniper rifle and bought some new stronger rounds to increase his firepower.

Upkeep:This is the most limiting part of the weapon. To repair, the components must be freshly created and replaced in the peculiar environment only provided in the caves of Mountain Glenn. The dust can be wholebought, though refining still takes a lot of time to finish the rounds for use. Especially with the fall of cities there, obtaining them become more and more dangerous and time consuming.

Name: (none)

Form:A toolbox that contains a pickaxe, a shovel and ab axe. Their handles are all half a meter long, about as long as from his elbow to his wrist. It is also used for storing ammo and other dust.

History: Catalina brings them along in his days in the mountains, usually to improvise traps for grimms, help mining dust and such. In days where he lives in a city and when not combating grimm, he leaves the tools behind as they severely restrict his mobility.

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