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WiP Characters / Arcano Blar Baldwin
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:51:42 AM »

Name: Arcano Blar Baldwin

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Peacock Faunus, Male

Symbol: An abstract dream catcher with a black eye in its middle

Occupation: First year Beacon Student


Arcano is a 5'5" tall young man, weighing approximately 143 Ibs. He has Black and curly hair that is kept relatively short and fades into a strong tone of turquoise at the tips. His eyes are held in a similar turquoise-greenish tone and have a rather bright, luminous effect.

Around his neck is a dark blue neckerchief with two short tails that stick out on both sides. He wears a thin black coat that reaches to his waist and has his symbol emblazoned on its back. The coat itself is worn open over a long,  turquoise-greenish shirt. There are two separate belts fastened around his waist, that have multiple, smaller pouches attached to it. On his hands and arms, he wears turquoise, arm-length gauntlets, which are pulled over the sleeves of the coat. He wears black trousers and black boots with a turquoise pattern. The boots are different in length, the right one reaches almost the knee. His hair, as well as his gauntlets and shoes, are decorated with bluish feathers.

As a Faunus, he also has an animal trait, which in his case is a long peacock tail. Like the ones of a real peacock, the length of the tail is about 4,5" and therefore drags on the ground behind him. His tail unfolds in a fan-like manner in a variety of situations, mainly by a strong presence of emotions like excitement, joy, anger or fear.


-Als Baby ausgesetzt
-Faunus Familie mit Bienen Tochter nahm ihn auf
-Zogen von Atlas nach Vale
-Arcanos Mutter war eine Huntress, er will auch eine werden


Arcano is a rather shy and jumpy person. If you meet him for the first time, you might think that the job of a huntsman is straight up inappropriate for him. However, if you take the time to get to know him you will see that he is a caring and loving person with a burning desire to reach his goals.

Overall, Arcano is a very calm person who can keep a cool head even in heated situations. He will be scared, but he manages to overplay that fear with determination and when he feels like he has reached his end, he asks himself what made him go that far. He has a goal to reach. And he will reach it, no matter the cost. Since Arcano had to endure a lot of unfairness in his life, he has developed a strong sense of justice and will jump, even against his better judgment, into any kind of situation to help straighten things up again. He has little faith in himself, but the more he can stand up for others and encouraging them to fulfill their goals.

He never gets angry. He is very emotional, but this comes to show more in other emotions as in joy or sadness. On the other hand, he also has a strong aversion to fighting. He understands that you can't be a Huntsman without fighting, but he sees the fighting he does mainly as a way to defend. He would never enter a fight if there is another way to resolve the conflict. Well, that goes for everything except Grimm, which he, like most of humanity, sees as beings that must be destroyed at all costs.

Arcano had to struggle a lot with Abandonment issues in the past and has a general fear of humans. Nothing extreme, but he keeps away from them out of instinct. He has some problems with social interaction and it takes a while for him to trust someone. As soon as he befriends someone, he sticks to them and tries desperately to keep the friendship alive, which can often end up in the exact opposite.

Aura and Semblance:

Arcanos aura has a turquoise-green (#40E0D0) color.

His semblance, which he has dubbed "Shadow Dive", allows him to hide in his own shadow and to walk around the area almost invisible.

For that, he needs his own shadow and a generally dark or shady place. How dark it is is irrelevant, as long as there is a hint of darkness, he can use his semblance. He then covers himself with his own shadow, which lets him disappear into the darkness around him. How much of his body is shrouded in shadow is entirely up to him, but everything that is shrouded won't be visible to him either. This is especially a problem for his eyes. With the shadows in front of them, he can't see anything, which is why he always leaves this spot free. This is also the biggest hint to recognize him in this form, as his eyes have a very striking and bright color. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to again mention that he can't use his semblance when there is no shadow around him. It doesn't work if the only source of a shadow is himself since he is then shrouded in said shadow, but there is no darkness to match it. His Shadow form also immediately breaks if he steps out of the shadows. He can move freely without worrying about his form, however, the shadow shell may break when Arcano loses focus. He doesn't have to concentrate all the time on the hull to keep it upright, however, he was a certain focus on it. If this focus is broken by some unexpected event, the shadow falls away immediately.

The form offers Arcano no extra protection against attacks of any kind and also doesn't dampen the noises he makes. In addition to himself, he can wrap other objects in a shadow too, but this only works when said object is in direct contact with him, as soon as this contact ends the shadow will disappear. He unlocked his semblance when he hid away from bullies in a dark alley. His panic gained the upper hand and unknowingly awakened his semblance.

Combat Behavior:

Arcano doesn't like fighting, at least not against humans or Faunus. He will do it, but not without first trying to find a more peaceful way out. In the battles himself, he keeps a cool head and attacks with thought-out and precise attacks. He tries to find possible weaknesses of his opponents and uses those weaknesses against them. Even if it doesn't look like it, Arcano is mainly active in melee combat and has surprising power and perseverance for his stature, with which he can hold his own more than enough. He is agile and fast, attacks with many consecutive attacks. This implies that he uses up a lot of stamina, and it also occasionally leaves him inattentive between attacks, as he takes a breath.

Arcano has the most problems in ranged combat. Not only does he have no long-range weapon, but he also has problems fighting enemies that are ranged-specialized. He has a perfect vision in the dark and his senses as Faunus are already a bit better than those of a normal human being, but he otherwise has rather bad eyesight and often recognizes enemies long-ranged attacks too late. On the other hand, Arcano has some problems with his focus while fighting. He can easily concentrate on one or more opponents at a time, but once he has done that, his concentration remains on those opponents, which keeps him inattentive for any unexpected attacks.


Name: Cobweb

Primary Form:

The gauntlets on his arms are each equipped with two individual blades. Both are normally retracted and hardly recognizable for the naked eye. The first blade is a side blade, which is mainly used to inflict minor cuts when rushing by. The second blade is placed exactly over the back of his hand and is used as a normal dagger for piercing and slitting. Both of the blades are relatively long, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to get very close to the enemy to use them.

Also attached to the gauntlets, slightly further back than the dagger blade is, is a spool with wire threads. The threads are very thin and almost invisible, but they are also very robust and, above all, sharp. The spool is connected to small metal caps on his fingers. Arcano can shoot from each of his hands 5 each of these threads. The threads are mainly used for building traps during a fight, but they can also be used directly in combat. The threads are very sharp, definitely sharp enough to hurt someone, but not sharp enough to cause great damage or to break any solid objects. However, they can be used to squeeze a person, or grim inside, causing damage. Since the threads are very solid they don't tear by themselves, but they can be cut through easily by a blade. The firing range of the threads doesn't have a long reach, a maximum of 12", but after they are attached, they can be extended as long as he has wire left in his spool. They stick to an object or person until they are naturally severed. Since the threads are automatically retractable, Arcano can use them for extra movability or can use it to reach higher platforms. Since the spools have only very limited thread on them, they are connected with another, larger spool that is attached to his waist.

To his two belts are multiple extra spools attached, which can be changed if necessary.

Dust Functions:

While the blades of Cobweb have no modifications, the wire threads of the weapon can use almost any type of Dust. The Dust will be activated after the threads have left the metal cap on Arcano's finger. The thread itself carries no damage from the dust, but the thread must be changed with each new Dust-usage. You can also do a lot of combos with the help of Dust.

History: Self-made when he was 16

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:23:20 AM »
Dawn watched the movements of the miners with narrowed eyes. A warning shot to their feet may be enough to make them shrink back and consider their idea of an attack, but that would also reveal her presence. They didn't seem to have noticed her yet, and the longer she could use that to her advantage the better. Nonetheless, she held up her arm, with Phoenix Flame still aimed at their opponents. First, it was on the group of miners, but then she shifted her focus to the drill and the person inside. She could certainly incapacitate it. Everything would have to be perfectly timed for that though. And what to do after? Who knows how the miners would react to her destroying their machine. With a quick glance to the side, she reassured herself that Dragon's breath was loaded with the right kind of dust. It was risky but possible. She only needs to wait for the right moment. As belligerent as the workers looked, none of them had attacked yet, it would be a mistake for them to make the first move. The four workers were all armed, this shouldn't be a problem for Toast and Revya though. It would surprise her if it was. With this said, she continued to focus on the drill.

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: March 17, 2019, 02:49:08 AM »
"Well, we have more than enough of that, right guys?" Kisha asked the group. After all, it was not like they had any obligations today, so time shouldn't be a big deal. As she waited, more or less, for an answer, she started to scoop the cards together and place them in a stack. The game was nice and fun, but she wasn't sure if her teammates enjoyed it as much as she did.

AMA Section / Re: Okay, let's do this (AMA/AMCA)
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:48:47 AM »
...And welcome to a new episode of Death battle, today a battle royal between the members of team BSSM!

So before I took a closer look at the profiles I thought Mikado would win. Or actually, wait. Smokey would win. And even after reading I still think he would have a good chance. I think Serin would have a big problem against Mikado. Mikado's Bo gives him a wider range than Serin's arm-blades and Mikado is able to keep his distance. Plus, he has Kiro. The crossbow part would be a bigger problem, but the ammo is limited and a crossbow is usually slower than bullets, so you should at least be able to dodge a few of them. I also don't think the clones would help him a lot in this fight. I'm not so sure about Smokey and Billy though. Billy still has her hammer, but Smokey has nothing to help him in close combat except... well... shoot.

Mikado might have a few more problems against Billy. Billy and Longarm probably do more damage than Serin with his crossbow. But Mikado would have the range advantage in close combat again. And well, Kiro is still pretty much a second fighter. Again, I don't think that her semblance could do much here. Smokey against Billy would be very interesting. Smokey is a lot slower than Billy through all the equipment, but I think Smokey can definitely do a lot of damage with matchstick. I leave this scenario open for now.

Good, last would be Smokey and Mikado. Smokey would have the upper hand in ranged- and Mikado in close combat. But I think Smokey would win the fight. Mikado is a lot faster than Smokey, but Smokey could change everything in one shot. Since Mikado is still so reserved to the rest of BSSM, I don't think they already know about the pain-link between Kiro and Mikado, but let's assume they do know. Serin and Billy's attacks could certainly do some damage, but I think with a well-aimed shot from Good News, Smokey could take Kiro down. The shot hits Kiro, most likely consuming his complete health, and Mikado is distracted by the pain long enough that Smokey has the opportunity for more attacks. Of course, factors like the environment and everything can play a role, but I think Smokey has good cards. And if all of them smashes their heads together at the same time, I think it would still end up with either Mikado or Smokey as the winner. Mikado, because he has the second fighter and probably the best opportunities in close combat, and Smokey because he has abnormal firepower.

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:17:16 AM »
Dawn turned her head to Chantou and responded to her remark with an amused, "R~ Meow," before she turned back to Smokey and squinted at the blueprint. It didn't look bad, but there was something that bordered her. She reached to her tight-bag and opened it in a simple movement to take out a small notebook with a pencil. She flipped through the pages for a moment until she found a clean one, and began to sketch the rough outline of Smokey's blueprint. No masterpiece of a drawing, but it came close to the original. After copying the outline, she began to add own details, erased some things here and there and improving her drawing a couple of times before taking the pencil away from the paper.

"I would say that the material is the smallest problem, for the time being, I like your idea of testing it this way, but don't you make it more difficult by not looking it up or researching it a bit more? The internet has answers for everything. The shield should probably last some time, and I assume that you can't get around the costs so easily." She stopped for a moment and looked again between the original blueprint and her drawing, then she loosened Dragon's breath, her retractable sword which she carried with her, and looked at its handle with skepticism. "The Dust does not necessarily have to be used to fight but to reduce the weight, which in theory would only require a small amount of gravity dust. Sure, the shield would be thicker, so you can decently insert the Dust, but also lighter. But then you would have the entire inner workings of the shield-" From there, Dawn's narrative became nothing more than a mumble to herself as she (again) went too far into how others should keep their weapons. But what could she really do about it? After all, it's in her nature to try to optimize every weapon in one way or another. As she mumbled, she continued to scribble on her drawing, adding a variety of captions. In the end, it almost didn't look like the original anymore.

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: March 04, 2019, 01:09:11 AM »
Kisha looked at her cards one last time and then turned them around so everyone could see them. Ismael had knocked, Kin followed this example and since Kisha couldn't do anything to improve her hand, the game was over. She looked at the cards of the others. She had 29 points, Ismael had 10 and Kin had 30 1/2.
"Hey, congrats, looks like you won." she said, nudging Kin amicably, "Well then, you can ask us a question and we'll have to answer it honestly. Come on, ask away"

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: February 26, 2019, 03:52:28 AM »
Dawn rolled her eyes in silence as she heard Camelia move away from the group. What if something happens? On either side? Dawn had little faith that she had any reception down here in the shafts with her scroll, so they were completely shut off from each other. Then there was that they didn't know what to expect further down the shaft, or up in Falcon Heaven. And a split off of 3 and 1 wasn't the best either. Dawn just rolled her eyes again as she accepted the current situation and continued to follow the path deeper into the shafts.

When they finally arrived at the source of the noises, Dawn kept her distance and didn't emerge from the shadows. They noticed them because of the light, but most likely they did not know how many they were. On top of that, since she walked behind Ladybug and not in front, she didn't cast a shadow on which anyone could locate her and anyway, through her dark hair and cloth she was well adapted to the darkness behind Ladybug. Maybe not enough to disappear into the shadows, but she shouldn't be noticed at first glance. She lowered her head and took a step back, narrowing her eyes and her jaguar ears twitch as she focused on the voices. There are six of them, maybe seven if someone was hiding behind the drill. Her hand reached for her belt, which had several cylindrical canisters attached to it, and unloosed one with white contents, placing it in the handle of her still-retracted sword, Dragon's breath. Another canister, this one with a purple-blackish content, found its place in Dawn's left gauntlet. With the sword still retracted in one hand, Dawn raised her other, the one with no dust canister attached, to reveal the shotgun barrel of phoenix flame, aimed at the group of miners. Let's see who decides to move first.

Dragon's breath: Earth Dust
Left gauntlet: Gravity Dust
Right gauntlet: none

Approved Characters / Re: Mikado Drak
« on: February 26, 2019, 03:03:00 AM »
 Done with the edits! :)

● Added a few things to his history. Gave the village he lived in a name, said something about his mother and there's a culprit behind the terrorist attack now. Before, it just 'happened' but now it was the white fang.

● There a quite few things I Changed with his semblance. First, I changed Kiro's appearance to a somewhat more luminous foggy form, as we see with Sun's clones. It just seemed more fitting for RWBY that the appearance I picked before.
I also gave Kiro a 'health bar' and wrote how much Aura it costs Mikado to summon Kiro in his grown form. Lastly, I gave a bit more information about how Kiro acts on commands and on its own since he is just an empty shell and shouldn't have much of an own personality.

● Fixed some of the formatting.

Approved Characters / Re: Dawn Mae
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:29:45 AM »
Done with the edits!

  ● Fixed her history. It repeated itself at the end at it made it awful confusing to read.

  ● Made her a bit taller. I haven't noticed how small I actually made her and it started to annoy me a bit.

  ● Fixed part of the formatting. It was a mess.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:21:32 AM »
Kisha let out a slightly annoyed "Hmpf" as the second creep jumped away from her. Damn, she was out of practice. A movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention to the three newcomers who were ready to pounce at her. With a quick aerial cartwheel to the side, she dodged the three creeps, and wiped a few strands of hair out of her face as she landed, "Eyyy, easy, I've got enough for all of you."

Her eyes wandered over her four opponents and she let out a chuckle as she flipped over her dagger, so that the blade pointed down, and stormed forward. A frontal attack, or at least it should look like this. The dusty and slightly rough floor of the Colosseum gave her the perfect opportunity to jump to the right, just before she was in reach of the Grimm, and slide past them in a quick movement. Now in their Blind Spot, Kisha didn't waste a second and raised the dagger for the attack.

Attack Log:

-Another dagger attack at the creeps


Aura: 100%
Fire Arrows: 8/8
Ice Arrows: 8/8
Energy arrows: 8/8
Normal Arrows: 6/8
Signal arrows: 3/3
Semblance: 100%
Smoke grenades: 3/3
Hydrogen grenades: 3/3

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: February 26, 2019, 01:57:59 AM »
Kisha crossed her arms over her chest. She accepted that Calen didn't share her views, but she didn't like the reason why he's not. One should see the weapon as a friend. You don't have to love your weapon, but a certain fondness needs to be there. But different people have different opinions. However, she still felt the need to comment on his last statement, "Hunter are also heroes and their named weapons are not necessarily magical, they can only act with their owner and the only magic-like power would be Dust."

Rings that help with your Semblance? Even though Kisha's imagination of it is most likely not accurate, the idea of fighting like this was very fascinating. The spear sounded interesting too though. Even though these weapons sounded simpler than those of her parents, she was still interested in them. After all, a good weapon does not come from the modifications, but from how and who uses them. She was relieved that Calen didn't digged deeper in the whole 'dead parents' topic. She hadn't tried to hide it and even if he asked, she would have no problem with answering to anything. It is a sad reminder that she is confronted with again and again, but she didn't necessarily feel sad when she talked to others about it. On the contrary, it even gave her a sense of relief. "But your parents don't sound too bad either. That reminds me, you still haven't told me your family name, I don't want to force you to tell me, but I can't help that I can't think of any known Huntsman with your description. I don't know every halfway known hunter, but you said your complete family are hunters. It's just weird that I never heard of anything like this before" Kisha said, cocking her head as she went through the information Calen revealed to her. Something as unusual as fighting with the rings would have to be somewhere in the big information-rich the internet, right? Apparently, she just hadn't found it yet.

A somewhat-scornful grin scurried across her face at Calen's next remark, "I didn't get that many compliments. Surely you've already received one or two positive comments yourself." After lying most of the conversation flat on her back, on the still damp floor of the boat, she sat up and stared directly at Calen, "Nope, don't worry, love is still a long way coming."

"Well, the name doesn't ring a bell and I'm sorry that it didn't work out, but don't give up hope yet, you'll find someone someday," Kisha said with an exhilarating tone and went straight to answering the next question. "To name a child I would first need one. To be honest, I don't plan to ever become a mother, at least not a biological one. I don't know why, but I like something about the idea of adopting a child. Why give birth to someone when there are enough kids out there who need a loving family way more? All I have to do is think of the oodles of children who have lost their parents through some cruel event, or been taken away from them by other reasons. They deserve a second chance much more than an unborn child which can't complain. But to come back to the question, my first choice would be on Amaris. I once read this name in a book- comic book and found it very beautiful. In this story, a piece of the moon has fallen to earth and the main character, Amaris, finds the stone and that leads to a huge adventure later on." Towards the end, her voice got quieter as she was slightly embarrassed by the story of the comic. It was a very cliché-rich story with flat humor and a story in which the characters eventually all get those magical powers. "And for a boy... Hm, I never really thought about it... Let me think for a minute... I like the name Lyon, but Ace sounds good too."Shortly after she gave her answer, she came up with the next question, "What's your opinion on the current Faunus situation, and how do you feel about Faunus in general?"

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: February 10, 2019, 07:59:31 AM »
Kisha watched her teammates moves with narrowed eyes. She had 26 points in her hand. Good but not good enough. Her gaze turned from the cards in the middle to the ones in her hand and back again until she finally switched her Seven of Diamonds for the Ten of Diamonds. 29 points were definitely better, but was that good enough to win?

(Current Cards:

(Kisha: Nine of diamonds, Ten of diamonds, Queen of Diamonds
Ismael: Ten of Spades, Eight of hearts, Nine of clubs
Kin: King of Hearts, King of Clubs, King of spades

Middle: Seven of hearts, Seven of Spades, Seven of diamonds)

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:30:14 PM »
Kisha gave him a slightly confused look. Knee? Did she miss something? As the question wandered through her mind, she missed almost half of what Calen had said. "Huh?" she squeaked as he came to an end. She only got half of the part with the hurdles and how they represent his siblings, so she stayed silent and focused for the rest, trying to get the most out of the individual features he will mention about him and his weapon.

"Interesting, interesting, sounds like you're quite a fan of blades, but now I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't name it. The weapon is one of your best and most important friends on the battlefield, so don't you wanna name it? I can help you if you want to! Let me think, red, orange, yellow and gold? Something blazing- and it's a sword. How about Sunburst?" she asked with an enthusiastic grin. She didn't really wait for an answer or approval from Calen and already began to blurt out other names, "Or Phoenix, or Dawnbreak, or Celestial, or-" she stopped before she threatened to go completely overboard. There was still time for that later. Quite literally.

"My weapon? Oh, that's easy, you see, my parents were Hunters and had those weapons. So my dad had a bow-blade mix. You should have seen that! It was a dual bladed scythe that he could extend and turn and it was awesome! And my mother had had those twin daggers-Katana that she had flung back and forth with Gravity Dust! She had bracelets with which she could always retrieve them and it was unbelievable!" During her narration, she wagged her hands wildly in the air to imitate some motions that she described. It probably looked quite questionable from the outside

Kisha's eyes gained a joyful sparked, which was all the more apparent combined with her big grin, "These weapons were so incredible and those few times when I saw them in action were so-so- breathtaking! I would have taken over all of their functions and forms, but that didn't work out so much. I really wanted to have a weapon that represents my parents', and after thinking about it a long time this came out. I've always liked bows and a sword was handy, Even though I would have loved to take the dual bladed scythe. There were some complications when I did Cocoa, part of was the transformation, but it worked and I wouldn't want to change it for anything. Well, I would have like to change or rather add some Dust features. The gravity feature my mother used sounded so great, but when I tried to make my bow a boomerang Hybrid... Let's just say, it's not for everyone. I decided to build the Dust in my arrows, but it's pretty limited how much I can infuse before the arrows get too heavy or unstable. I already have to make sure that when I reload I don't accidentally hit the arrowheads together and trigger the dust. But yeah, all in all, the reason for Cocoa are my parents. But to be honest, I wouldn't think of many other weapons I would have like to fight with."

Kisha leaned back and took a deep breath before continuing, "It would be sad if I couldn't remember any names but every compliment I've ever received," she said with a chuckle, "Hm, I can remember that somebody once said, 'You have such a positive charisma.' That was pretty nice."

Her eyes had once again turned to the water as she thought about a new question. Then a thought crossed her mind and she looked at Calen with a slightly sinister grin, "How about relationships? Did you had a girlfriend yet?"

Beacon Academy / Re: [BSSM's] Bountiful Breakfast Buffet (Closed)
« on: January 27, 2019, 08:24:23 AM »
Mikado had already handed the Lien for his coffee to the waiter at the door and was now looking over his shoulder at the obviously upset Smokey. He was relatively surprised that the gunslinger of the group hasn't rushed to the man and hit him in the face yet, but Smokey was probably aware that they have already done enough harm for a day. While Smokey stormed past him and out of the restaurant, Mikado stayed next to Serin, whom he roughly rammed his elbow into the side. He had heard what Serin had said, even though it was pretty quiet. Mikado stayed silent, but if Serin decided to look up, he could see him shaking his head with a serious look on his face. It was definitely not all Serin's fault so he shouldn't think like that, especially now that one of the team members was on the brink of an outburst and the other was struggling with some unknown, private issues.

Mikado left the building after that, still carrying Billy's bag. He would give it back to her later.

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: January 27, 2019, 07:56:51 AM »
Dawn made her way deeper down the shaft. With the help of Ladybug's light, she was able to get a good overview of the similar-looking shafts supported by the wooden scaffolding. Already as they entered the mines Dawn had pushed forward to form the top of the group and thus unofficially took the lead through the corridors. She remembered all the individual offshoots and paths they passed and made a mental note as soon as something seemed out of the ordinary.

Her jaguar ears twitched as she heard muffled noises coming from one of the shafts and she looked down the tunnel with her eyebrow slightly raised. It lacked the neatly crafted walls and the supporting wooden scaffolding that the other tunnels had. Truth be told, it awoke her interest and she was ready to investigate the noises more closely, but in the same thought, she knew of the problems that could be involved. She turned to the group. The last thing she wanted was for the group to split up or having a conflict about which way to go.

"I think we should go to Falco-Hm?" Dawn stopped and silently watched the Cat Faunus as he ran past her and down the tunnel. So much to that. She turned to the group again, "We should stay together, let's go after him." She said as she started to walk down the tunnel, but before she got too far ahead, she looked over her shoulder back to see if the others would follow her or not.

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