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WiP Characters / Re: Jade Lescour
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:19:52 AM »
Obviously, you are still working on this so if I suggest something you were going to do anyway or do something else to eliminate it's necessity apologies

I know you were worried about it coming across as edgy and I don't think it does. However, I do feel the incident should be at least touched on with the personality perhaps in regards to Jade's obedience to her father being more than simply following orders and rather simply already doing whatever he would request. Usually, she correctly reads this like leaving the room when a dignitary comes in, answering his questions quickly and so on. But obviously, she has a tendency to read too much into these requests which personally I think is a very powerful place to build a genuinely dark character.

But I do like the core idea of this and am interesting in seeing what you do with it.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: November 08, 2018, 08:02:13 AM »
But that is exactly what your all or nothing way of thinking will lead you. You can’t always both stand up for others and keep them safe. I only hope you will learn that before it is too late. Saffron thought to herself, continuing the argument in her head. It had become completely apparent that there would be no full agreement and therefore no real reason to continue discussing. Although Saffron was very confident in her position she has experienced not being able to convincingly make her point before with both genuine debaters and people just trying to waste her time making her very sympathetic to Aurelia’s position. The Atlas student had enough experience with hard headed people to be happy with the small concession Aurelia gave them and who knows? Maybe some time alone to think will cause her to come around. One can always hope. But regardless that was going to be all from Saffron on the topic which had almost turned violent once, the last thing she wanted was to be involved in an altercation while she was a guest at Beacon. She didn’t exactly have a stellar reputation back at Atlas and there was a lot of pressure to disallow Saffron this opportunity. Some of that poor reputation wasn’t without justification, Saffron was a lot like Azure with being quick to anger in her early years. Such a temper never truly goes away but it was definitely something that Saffron had spent a lot of effort in correcting.

It did also make Saffron very sympathetic to Azure as well, only augmented by her personal experience in people doubting her abilities. It’s telling that for many Faunus consider being dismissed or being condescending to was one of the better interactions they would have with humans but that was never the case with Saffron. Becoming that same thing that caused her so much frustration did sadden Saffron greatly but she still tried to prepare Azure for her fight as best she could. ’You won’t win Azure, if that is why you are fighting then you might as well not bother. This is to learn; learn your limits, test them and feel comfortable at them. Because of that having some sort of barrier would be ideal, you never know, if you pull the upset of the decade you would lose much of the credit if you break that pretty face of hers.’ Saffron replied hoping the little savage joke at the end would soften her words somewhat as well as continuing to talk softly to hopefully avoid Aurelia detecting what exactly she was having to say to get Azure to agree. Smiling inwardly Saffron was enjoying her budding relationship with Azure as much baggage as it came with and it’s apparent downward trajectory at least in part because she saw so much of herself in Azure’s bravado. It stung to be on the receiving end of it, although karmatically justified, Saffron also knew how valuable it was to have someone stand up to her. And Saffron was going to do that regardless of what it cost their relationship.

Saffron was happy to have found a topic which Aurelia seemed to open up more within horse riding and would be perfectly willing to have her ear talked off on the subject but unfortunately, it seemingly wasn’t a topic that interested Azure. Maybe Saffron would have more luck looping it around to something surely everyone has had a little experience with, pets. ’Nineteen huh? Then she must be almost as old as you. Was she raised by your family? She should have a few more years left even if she is starting to slow down but that’s why I’ve always shied away from pets, can’t bear the thought of losing someone close to me. Maybe I should get a parrot, then it should be more worried about me dying and leaving no one to take care of it rather than the inverse. Actually out loud that doesn’t sound much better… Atlas has been working on some robotic dogs to help with the military, maybe I can ask nicely and get a prototype… a nice prototype… maybe not. What about you Azure? Have any pets growing up? Or something you’ve always wanted now you are free from our homelands arctic embrace.’ Saffron asked her jokes tinged with more dry bemusement than genuine annoyance even in regards to her homeland. It wasn’t like Saffron wasn’t wearing her school literally on her sleeve anyway, might as well have some fun with it.

As the trio continued to snake their way through the Beacon grounds towards the outdoor sparing rings Saffron was continually overwhelmed at how different the experience was from Atlas. The more casual nature of everything might be what everyone immediately thinks of but it was more than that, it was sheer chaos. Attracting a fair amount of attention given her Atlas uniform Saffron was the subject of quite a few stares and not all of them positive but many simply curious. ‘Why are you here?’ ‘How are you finding Beacon’ ‘Differences between Atlas and Beacon?’ Even offers to show Saffron around for the promise to do the same in Atlas, it was flattering in a way but it was also telling who came up and asked such. The sideways glances at Azure and Aurelia were subtle, far more subtle than Atlas but still present and still suggestive of darker intentions. Saffron could probably pass for a human more easily than almost any other Faunus and that combined with her uniform made almost everyone assume she was human as well as following several other worse stereotypes of Atlas. As a representative, Saffron could hardly dissuade them of these notions without making a scene and instead bore the boars as well as could be expected.

Finally, the trio made it to their destination, an outdoor sparing ring. A pair of fights was just finishing up leaving the ring empty but an audience nearby. ’Do you want to see if I can chase these guys off?’ Saffron asked, there was obviously no rule against watching sparring matches but there is a surprising respect for privacy present among most students and Saffron can be quite convincing when she wants to be. Stop laughing. Although initially, a fairly boring open plain the stadium did have the capacity for generating impromptu terrain by raising or dropping the cubes. ’Do you guys want some verticality or do you what to give each other as much room as possible?’ Saffron asked walking on the ring with everyone. It lacked the pristine gloss Saffron was used to associating with these fighting arenas but what it lacked in technological elegance it made up for in utilitarian durability making it the perfect ground for a rock star to fully unleash, or a knight.

RPG Discussion / Re: Miss-Mechanics
« on: November 05, 2018, 02:10:07 PM »
In your specific example I don't think it is as much as issue, outside the dodging every bullet thing, not every form or defense is going to be good in every situation so just like an agile fighter might be at a disadvantage in a confined area assumably a heavily armoured character would be also disadvantaged in another. This also plays into the fact that we haven't seen many characters in armour in the show which suggests to some extent it isn't a great defense.This is mostly neither here nor there really because the characters are supposed to be relatively even accounting for personalisation although of course, that doesn't be even in every situation.

As for the points, you are bringing up making our 'agile' character dodge everything thing is called uber-dodging and a form of godmodding which is bad. If you feel your opponent is uber dodging, either through actually dodging or 'parrying' or 'blocking' every attack thrown at them it's probably best to send them a message explaining your issue.

But of course, you will be able to evade some attacks otherwise every fight would turn into a 'whoever has the bigger gun' competition. So what do you do with these attacks which you somehow manage to evade, particularly ones which have had a lot of aura/dust/semblance or simple descriptive build up, unfortunately like most things in this system that comes down to the individual. To use your example of a sniper vs an agile character the sniper could specify they are targeting the agile character's center of gravity meaning every dodge is a significant move which would disrupt their forward momentum making them less agile.

The responsibility of defining what will happen if the attack missed isn't solely on the person attacking but it is mostly. Coming from a dnd background, 3.5 because the action economy works better for my example, maybe an impressive dodge is an immediate action and therefore denies you a swift action in your previous turn. This can manifest in simple descriptions or going as far as to reduce the number or strength of attacks.

Plot Zone / Re: Anyone want to do something silly? (non canon)
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:14:15 AM »
Sure I'm in, sounds like a good opportunity to use Amarant because all his threads keep dying.

Character Creation / Re: +1'd Characters
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:12:28 AM »

Character Creation / Re: Wabul "Toast" Paka
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:10:45 AM »
Aside from stealing one of the character ideas I had but haven't gotten around to doing yet, it's a really good profile

I'm a little worried about how much damage the bubbles will do but because that is a numbers thing we can always revisit it we think there is an issue.


Character Creation / Re: Thistle Laine
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:03:41 AM »
So it’s a pretty good second character although there are a few issues I don’t think it’s enough to really justify denying approval.

Firstly in RWBY your aura coats your weapon and assumably protects from damage from outside and within. Although this does bring up the issue of why is it any different than something hits the aura around your weapon rather than the aura around you personally it does make the whole ‘my semblance destroys all transforming weapons’ thing a bit silly.

Secondly, you’ve made a mistake with the bbcode in the semblance/aura section.

 Thirdly and most personally I dislike weaknesses being presented in relation to other characters which excel in that field. If Thistle isn’t particularly mobile it won’t take a ‘fast opponent’ to punish her, same with snipers and if it’s just average mobility/range ability then it’s not really a weakness. This is mostly a wording issue and a pet peeve I have which I can continue to force on people because I’m the moderator with the least life.

Regardless I don’t think you have to change anything to get approved just feel like the issue should be brought up.


Plot Zone / Re: Anyone want to do something silly? (non canon)
« on: November 01, 2018, 04:49:33 AM »
not to rain on your parade but wasn't there a question about this in ama, it does sound fun. Would the characters have always been another gender or is it a sudden change?

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: November 01, 2018, 04:45:19 AM »
Saffron was on her feet before she even knew she was moving, positioning herself between Azure and Aurelia. It appeared their ‘discussion’ wasn’t calming down after all and in fact had magnified in intensity many times. ’Azure stand down. Ignorance is not malice and it does not deserve this kind of response.’ Saffron begged Azure, her hands raised at both Azure and Aurelia. ’But it is still ignorance Aurelia, aside from the pettiness you are saying proving a point is more important than protecting people's lives. Which is made only more ridiculous by the fact the people you are trying to convince aren’t the type to care about evidence in the first place. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try of course but it should be balanced against the cost.’ Saffron argued. It was clear that this had gotten under everyone's skin and wasn’t exactly the best basis for building positive relationships so Saffron hoped that the halfway point she offered was satisfactory even though it heavily leaned towards Azure’s position. ’But on to the matter at hand as long as you are comfortable with it Azure and are aware that you can step out at any time sparring sounds like it’s a good way to start, I made some of my best friends trying to cave their head’s in.’ Saffron joked as Azure depowered he weapon and Aurelia started to walk off, following the latter but still staying between the former.

Normally Saffron would have been hesitant at ‘allowing’ a spar, not that she could really stop it even if she wanted to, the heightened emotion that everyone was feeling would make it easier to do something stupid whether accidentally or on purpose. But rather overt threats of violence had already been made and the situation was likely to only escalate further even if it started out as just words. And of course Saffron would be there to watch over, she wasn’t genuinely worried about Aurelia as she was sure her fellow third-year could hold her own but mistakes can always happen when one party is going all out and the other is holding back and the pair don’t need any more bad blood between them. Twiddling away with her bass Saffron hoped the music would do something to calm everyone down before trying to keep the conversation going. ’So I guess it’s like us really, the training week in and week out, rain or snow or sun… well not so much the second one here, unfortunately. But regardless training so hard that even the fiercest Grimm is a downgrade if anything is more important to success than natural talent. So yeah, do you do any other competitive horse riding or just don’t have the time? And what kind of horse do you ride, my father took in an old Destrier when I was young. She was a gorgeous thing, clearly had a hard life but still kept up such a wonderful spring in her step until the end. What about you Azure horse riding yay or neigh? Probably doesn’t fit in with the whole punk rocker thing.’ Saffron asked her smile dimming slightly at the mention of her old horse but brightening up again when she did her horse impression.

’We should also talk a little about the specifics of the spar as it appears everyone is interested. What aura levels will you stop it? Semblance usage allowed? Weapons limitations? Any specific terrain? That sort of thing.’ Saffron quizzed hoping both to make sure everyone was informed about the current fight but also to make sure Azure understood the severity of what she was getting into. This wouldn’t be like any fight she had in her previous combat schools, Aurelia had a powerful semblance and was a very competent warrior. The point wasn’t for Azure to win obviously but she needed to put up enough of a fight to learn something if she wanted to learn something after all. With a poor personal experience with sparring being used for cruel ‘lessons’ Saffron was definitely going to be keeping a close eye on the proceedings, tough love is fine but it still had limits. Dropping back a little to get mostly out of Aurelia’s hearing Saffron started playing a little louder to mask the sounds as she whispered into Azure’s ear. ’Are you sure you are up to this? It’s not bravery to throw yourself into a situation you aren’t prepared for.’ Saffron whispered to Azure.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: October 30, 2018, 08:33:09 AM »
Only once huh? Calen thought to himself, he never had any luck ‘encouraging’ others to leave his ingredients alone so he was definitely curious as to how Kisha achieved that. It’s hard to imagine a cheerful, perhaps overly so, goofball threatening but then again Calen had been wrong about people before. Very wrong. Shaking his head as if it would unstick his dark thoughts Calen nodded along as Kisha explained herself. ’I am familiar with INKK; Ismael, Nathan, Kin and yourself right? I try to keep track of the other students in case we ever have to work together…. or against one another. But they seem like a capable bunch, scrappy is a good term for them and I wish you the best of luck moving forward with your new teammate.’ Calen responded, a genuine grin hopefully robbed any severity from the phrase ‘or against one another.’ ’My team also lost a member recently, Taro was knocked unconscious in our initation and he still hasn’t woken up, on the plus side we got a new teddy bear to tide us over but it’s difficult to fully replace somebody. As for the ASTC we have Anna, blind as a bat but she gets by somehow, Setsuna is our leader and he tries his hardest to keep us in line, fails of course but tries. And then we have our teddy bear Theodore, quiet kid but he has a surprising amount of spirit although I suppose you would need it in a place like this.’ Calen remarked trying to at least be a little comforting, it was clear Kisha was a bit nervous and that wasn’t what you wanted in a small boat. Unfortunately providing comfort wasn’t exactly a strength of Calen’s but it was better than nothing, maybe.

Calen was busy storing away their backs and making sure nothing would spill in the probably bumpy ride to where ever they were going, keeping to boat balanced would be an important part of getting back mostly dry. As he turned back around he found Kisha cradling the sail quite unsure of what to do next, chuckling along with his crew for a few moments before picking up a near by piece of rope and started walking Kisha through some simple knots she could use if she ever decided to go sailing again. ’So this is your bowline, it never slips or jams and is used all over the boat like connecting the sails to the mast. Although it looks complex you can get quick with it with enough practice, my brother could do four in three seconds. And this is figure eight, it stops ropes slipping through these little holes. And this is the reef knot it connects two ropes together…..’ Calen slowly and thoughtfully explained how to tie each important knots they would be using to sail around as well as what they did. It brought back pleasant memories for Calen of his father do the same for him, seeing them in action and knowing you were the one who had brought the winds to kneel was a powerful feeling which brought Calen joy even now. It took a while, some of the knots definitely were meant to be tied at dock but they managing it in the end get the boat ready for the sea which was lucky considering they were already pretty far from the coastline. ’The wheel is yours if you like First Mate Kisha.’ Calen called out although ‘wheel’ was putting it a little too proudly. A lever to control the rudder and a piece of rope attached the sail, a little unwieldy and definitely not a wheel it would not be an easy task but Calen would be close by ready to spring into action hopefully before anything went awry

’I feel I must ask why you suggesting going out into a boat if you didn’t know how to sail? As fun as it can be, like anything not knowing what you are doing is going to make an awful time of it.’ Calen added still remaining close by. Although Calen definitely wasn’t upset about this turn of events it still didn’t make much sense to him and things being out of his understanding was never something Calen enjoyed.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 24, 2018, 12:59:41 AM »
’I guess beating up your bandmates would cause some conflict but it would have been good practice if you still decided to go to Beacon.’ Saffron continued teasing, it was an unfortunate reality that everything began must end but that wasn’t a reason Saffron would agree with to avoid such relationships. ’I’m sure it helps but I don’t think it’s the same thing as being there throughout the whole process, you definitely make it work of course so maybe it just makes sense in concept.’ Saffron remarked. Like many young people with a talent for music Saffron once dreamed of starting a band, in the end, her sense of justice won out but it was still a pleasant daydream.  Particularly considering Saffron was hardly the most popular child growing up but maybe it wasn’t all that she built it up in her head. ’But it’s good that you’ve got a network of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, which I guess are the important parts of being in a band.’ Saffron finished, although it initially sounded lonely Azure seemed to be comfortable enough with the arrangement.
’Again that is an oversimplification Aurelia. Enduring ridicule passively is as much appeasement as cowering before it. However, due to our overly politicised reality, it is difficult to properly respond without also reinforcing other negative stereotypes. The problem isn’t necessarily for us, a few more obstacles just makes it more fun, it’s for those caught in the crossfire. People just living their lives, going to work every day is hard enough without having to worry about additional harassment.’ Saffron argued, her tone becoming increasingly sympathetic. Aurelia’s words made her position a lot more understandable, valuing her own individual achievements made sense if you lived in a world that seemed to be determined to tear her down. ’It will only backfire if you stumble Aurelia and we will do everything we can to keep your tower up. Just try to be a little less judgemental in the future.’ Saffron assured Aurelia. Although the older student probably didn’t need Saffron’s support it was still important for Saffron that the other third-year knew she had it.

’Or less direct forms of training, sparing is just one route we could go down or perhaps workout circuits or weapon techniques. Or even we could spar first, whatever Azure is most comfortable and feels will be the most beneficial. After all, this is all about your journey not out own.’ Saffron responds before turning back to Aurelia before turning back to face Azure. Now that the conflict between Azure and Aurelia seemed to have faded a bit Saffron was less worried about any training getting out of hand but obviously like she said it was up to her. ’Did you ever compete in horse riding Aurelia? Either eventing or endurance? One of my father’s friends used to do three-day eventing and she would constantly go on about how difficult that was. I guess she was tired of people downplaying it for thinking all the riders do is just sit there. And that’s another advantage of moving to Beacon, longer and warmer summers for longer and better albums.’ Saffron commented thinking how she would incorporate either into her own life. Writing songs wasn’t exactly a skill she had and although she would never develop such if she never tried it still didn’t really seem worth her time. Likewise, with horse riding, Saffron had learned to ride from her father and grew to care deeply for the surprisingly intelligent creatures but that intelligence only made it all the more devastating when the reality of animal ownership revealed itself.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 19, 2018, 07:58:20 AM »
’That must be difficult for your accompanying musicians, learning dozens of songs over a short period is never easy, that and building chemistry must mean there is quite a bit more pressure than otherwise. I guess the garage band dream doesn’t really exist as much anymore but it’s good you’ve found people you can connect to. Even if you are in the habit of attacking them.’ Saffron responds raising an eyebrow teasingly, it may be a low blow but it wasn’t something that Saffron was going to let Azure forget quickly. Aurelia seemed to cover most of the weaknesses of Renegade not functioning without dust well enough that Saffron didn’t feel the need to add anything on that front. Too sympathetic to remain completely quiet as the exchange between Azure and Aurelia grew increasingly hostile Saffron instead took up a ‘good cop’ role. ’Your weapon will undergo dozens of changes over your years at At… Beacon and there is no shame in that, only when you refuse to adapt is there going to be an issue.’ Saffron assured Azure knowing how personal her connection would be if something was the combination of her weapons and 12 string.

’Aurelia I think you are oversimplifying considerably. Keeping a subject on the topic isn’t hiding, it’s the opposite of hiding and the reality that people often don’t always see it that way doesn’t make right. You must be the change you wish to see in the world and if you pedantically change things it will take so long you might as well spend your time drinking for all the good it will do anyone.’ Saffron argued again trying to keep her voice passive. There was a lot of disagreement here and it may not be coming from simple misunderstanding rather fundamentally different worldviews and if that is the case Saffron did hope to be able to salvage the relationship even if Azure doesn’t seem interested. ’And people don’t send death threats because their ‘worldview is shattered.’ They do it to enforce their worldview through fear and violence, terrorism is not a compliment.’ Saffron added, stopping just short of condemning Aurelia personally but the words floated heavy but unspoken in the air.

’Well, not every fight you get into will be with your drummer Azure, and as long as you can control yourself in the sparing ring better than you can in friendly conversation there is unlikely to be an issue.’ Saffron remarked facing the horse Faunus’ direction. Saffron wasn’t hiding that she was taking a lot of Aurelia’s words to Azure quite personally, they had been applied to her more times than she could count. ’In fact, it could be good practice for both of you, working with people with different… outlooks is an inevitability for hunters. If you want things to be a little more organised the Specialists are hiring occasionally.’ Saffron continued hoping to gain something positive out of this altercation before quickly realising she may be pushing Azure into a fight she isn’t comfortable with even if she wouldn’t say so herself. ’But we can work up to that, maybe I can play the part of a warming pool, getting you both warmed up and read…. You know what I mean.’ Saffron finished still trying and failing to dissuade the assumptions of Aurelia which she had unknowingly to Saffron discarded already.

’Well we are all from Atlas eh? What are the chances?’ Saffron joked trying to salvage the mood. The question clearly didn’t bring up anything positive for Azure and the reference of being an ‘adopted’ daughter did imply something equally negative behind the stern exterior. The Lumen name did ring a bell though, Avery has probably dueled against some and equally probably lost. Why the most sensible triplet still partook in such wastes of time was beyond Saffron but she still nodded to signify recognition. Regardless Saffron’s expression did soften from neutrality to genuine sympathy, Saffron was hardly from nobility and still, she often found herself treated more like an impossible to remove stain than a child although perhaps that was more her father. ’I guess bonding over difficulties would be too easy?’ Saffron commented before trying a different tact. ’Well being all from the artic wonderland what would you guys do in the scant few summer months? I often found myself too busy studying to do much now I have more control over my time I’m curious what others got up to.’ Saffron asked, hopefully, this question wouldn’t result in the outpouring of bad vibes as her previous did but you never know.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:35:39 AM »
Not even the smallest of reactions.’ Calen thought to himself almost impressed. Although not taking things seriously seemed to be Kisha’s style given her following comments the fact that Calen was unable to disturb his fellow student did erk him somewhat. ’If you are sure.’ Calen responded packing the food away again, looking longingly at it while he was doing so. ’I avoid the school kitchens mostly on principle, I have all the equipment I need in my team’s room and my apartment. I know what that equipment has been used for, who used it last and more important my ingredients no longer go ‘missing.’’ Calen continued chuckling away slightly. It had been a hard lesson to learn, very expensive and very hard to utilise ingredients being ‘borrowed’ and wasted maybe amusing now was infuriating at the time, particularly when there was someone Calen was trying to impress.

’You want to go sailing? I must say I would very much enjoy that, successful fishing attempts or not.’ Calen remarked walking on to the small boat Kisha had freed. It floated and although the planks creaked loudly under Calen’s insignificant weight the boat did seem seaworthy and worst case scenario what are the chances Grimm lay in weight beneath the waves. Just then there was a sharp rush of movement came up from the water, a fish going after an insect. Probably. Nevertheless, Calen’s eyes were locked on the water for a few moments before the gaunt boy turned away and used his semblance to load there new claimed boat with his fishing gear. ’Now I’m Captain Mood Killer am I?’ Calen joked as the boat rocked beneath his rapid movements, remain upright of course but may be upsetting the balance of those not expecting it. Motorised or sailboat Calen had spent many long weeks on ships with his family, unbeknownst to him laying low when the authorities or the white fang was closing in on them, and it had prepared him with a decent knowledge of the operation of the ship which Calen would happily explain as they went along unless Kisha was already aware.

’So if you don’t take the academic side seriously what about the more physical? Teamwork and combat exercises, can’t exactly rely on your notes there. How does your, with all due respect, lackadaisical outlook deal with that?’ Calen asked keeping his voice upbeat and carefree. Kisha’s response before had surprised him, there would always be people who took things less seriously or less conventional than he did but Kisha was still around so it clearly worked for her. This did make Calen rather curious, maybe there was a method behind the madness after all.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: October 16, 2018, 07:38:40 PM »
’Truely? Painful bit of beautification but I guess we have all done some pretty out there things to look pretty.’ Saffron responded, curious but not wanting to push if the topic was uncomfortable which it half felt like it was. Tattoos had always interested Saffron although she had yet to get one, to worried she would scratch them off while they were healing, she was nevertheless surprised it had no significance. Perhaps surprisingly tattoos weren’t that uncommon among the Atlas students, as long as they could be hidden beneath the uniform, but that was clearly not the situation here. ’An oddly shaped stick is better than no weapon at all, and you still have the axe blades themselves right? But like I said your teammates will play a critical role in your fighting style, at least for the next four years.’ Saffron continued, like Aurelia Saffron was dismayed at someone's only weapon requiring dust to work and that worry clearly flowed into her voice.

’Oh no.’ Saffron remarked struggling to hold in laughter at the image of Azure accidentally smacking her drummer across the head. ’Maybe they need to put you on a separate stage, for everyone else's safety. But I’m sure they got you back for it somehow.’ Saffron continued chuckling away. There again was a reference to Azure’s semblance, something that helps her perform, something that overwhelms her when she is tired, something she can channel through her weapon. An unofficial game of twenty questions which although Saffron knew from personal experience how difficult it could make your schooling but it still wasn’t something she could keep her mind off. ’So do you have a band or does your manager contact musicians on a case by case basis?’ Saffron asked, hoping for the former because it would both ensure Azure has at least some form of support network as well as regardless of her words to the contrary it may keep connections to Atlas as she grows up.

’Just because it does doesn’t mean it should be. Politicizing things that aren’t political overcomplicates them which is doubly fustrating when the subject matter is overcomplicated in the first place. Almost everyone wants to see the Faunus succeed in isolation but when other issues get attached to that, our cheap access to dust or security against the Grimm then many are increasingly willing to allow injustices to go on unopposed if they know they are going on in the first place. Same with having a ‘thick skin,’ just because many do doesn’t mean they should. With all due respect, there is nothing honourable about being the subject of ridicule Aurelia nor dishonourable about avoiding it.’ Saffron responded turning to face the horse Faunus, despite the strict disagreement Saffron did try to sound as passive as possible as she said it was an overcomplicated topic anyway. ’But I’m sure that can be arranged, it would be educational for both of us, all three of us if we can transfer what we learn back.’ Saffron finished gesturing at Azure.

That passivity did quickly vanish as the exchange between Azure and Aurelia grew. Caught a little off guard by the iciness and rapid-fire nature of the questions it took Saffron a few moments to compose herself for a response. ’Aurelia that was uncalled for.’ Saffron exclaimed, although Aurelia wasn’t 100% at fault it was definitely an overreaction to Saffron who would have responded to Azure’s childish remark with a simple shake of her head. Saffron was going to add more but she didn’t want to overstep her bounds by telling Aurelia how she should deal with her younger classmates. Once the conflict had hopefully softened slightly Saffron would try to turn the subject back on topic. ’Actually I was hoping for something a little more direct if you have the time and the temperance maybe we could train together, all together. Hands-on training always seems to stick in my mind the most. You get to impart your personalised lessons and maybe work out any left over… er… tension.’ Saffron finished, it didn’t look like it was going to happen given the rather negative first impressions but that wasn’t the end of the world. Saffron, of course, would still try to help as much as she could even if she spends most of her time on the other side of the world.

As conversation started to die down a little Saffron thought it might be nice to have a little more personal discussion. ’So now that everyone has been introduced how about we get to know each other better? Where did everyone grow up? I was born in Atlas but moved around lot between Menagerie and Atlas with my father and mother respectively but I traveled all over.’ Saffron asked hoping this topic would be less charged than the others. 

Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:10:55 PM »
No real complaints, +1

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