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Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 18, 2018, 01:40:52 PM »
"Wait, what?" Smokey started, "Me? But--ah, whatever." Smokey contemplated for a moment.

"Alright, first, I'm from Mantle.  Second, my father's a tailor.  He's actually the on that made my coat." Smokey paused for a moment to direct attention to his clothing before continuing.  "And lastly, my semblance makes me really heavy."

Smokey finished by resting his hands behind his head and leaning back against the tree, awaiting his acquaintances' response.

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 16, 2018, 01:33:10 PM »
Smokey took a few seconds to contemplate the stories.  He was pretty sure he knew which one was the truth as soon as he heard it, but there wasn't any harm in thinking things through.  Acting on impulse got him in trouble more often than not.

The first story's almost definitely false.  Big, scary monsters bent on the destruction of humanity?  Sure, let's bring them into the city for public viewing, that can't possibly go wrong.  It's not like Huntsmen and Huntresses have anything better to do besides babysit a bunch of gawkers. Smokey mentally crossed that story off the list

That leaves the second and third story.  They're both more realistic than the first one, but the third one had a few inconsistencies. Why did the property owner take so long to find the other kids?  Did any of them have scrolls?  It just felt like if Smokey changed one detail, that story falls apart completely.  And going by that logic, the only option is....

"I'll say the second story," Smokey sighed.

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:43:39 PM »
"I'm not angry!" Smokey snapped, then he immediately realized he snapped and promptly snapped his mouth shut.  He took another deep breath, before calmly asserting, "I'm not angry.  And as I said before, I was trying to get some conditioning in, hence why I'm wearing all this armor.  Don't you realize how long its been since we've had good weather like this?"

He turned to look at Kisha, who had swung up on another branch and made the suggestion to play a game.  Smokey sighed, it looked like he was stuck here for the time being.  He'll get training in some other time.  "Sure, why not?" he said resignedly as he shifted his weight to a more comfortable position. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:28:43 PM »
Smokey opened his mouth to snap at the girls, but quickly shut his mouth.  He took a long slow breath to collect his composure.  These people aren't trying to provoke him, they're trying to get him to relax.  They're doing terribly, but they're trying.  He took another breath and pinched his brow before finally speaking up.

"Alright, first of all, I told you my name. It's Smokey.  You call me Mr. Grumpy again, I might shoot something," he threatened, gesturing to his revolver.  It was a bluff, he didn't actually have any live ammo on him, instead simulating the weight with a few sand bags under his coat.  Carrying around that much dust and ammunition for mere physical training was pointless and basically just asking to lose it.  But dammit, people should stop calling him grumpy!  It's only gonna make him grumpier. 

He turned his attention to the winged girl who'd been, as far as Smokey was concerned, making fun of him since she laid eyes on him.  "Second, since you've finally got me up in this tree, you mind telling me your name?"  He looked at the other man, who had secured himself to the tree.  "You, too, I guess."

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:10:06 AM »
"...Wha...?" Smokey sat, stunned, in the tree.  He fell, but he's in a tree.  ...Did he just fall up?  Did gravity glitch?  It wasn't until Kisha jumped through the portal that he understood what actually happened.

'Stupid mobility semblances' grumbled Smokey once again.  Sure, climbing a tree is a cinch when you can just fly or open portals, but isn't that cheating?  What about those of us who don't get the ability to defy gravity, huh? 

And as if on cue, a newcomer walks up, some sort of dog faunus, and proceeds to use a grappling hook to latch himself to the tree with the rest of the group.  "That's cheating, too," Smokey said dejectedly.  He tried to think of a way to shake the three others out of the tree, but he was out of luck.  One can fly, one can just hop through portals, and the other is secured by a mechanical device. 

Left with no options, Smokey crossed his arms and sat in the tree with sour look on his face. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:39:44 AM »
'I'm gonna figure this out, darn it' Smokey grumbled under his breath.  He just couldn't seem to get enough grip on the tree to hold him up, and it was starting to frustrate him.  It didn't help that two girls were giggling at him.  Honestly, he probably should leave before his frustrations got the better of him, and he was about to get up and walk off when one of the girls, the one with the hoodie, dropped right in front of him and grabbed his hands in an attempt to pull him up.

A little bit out of spite, but mostly a knee-jerk reaction, Smokey activated his semblance and anchored himself to the ground.  He watched, amused, as the girl named Kisha struggled to lift Smokey to his feet, her own heels digging in the dirt. 

"I'm not grumpy, I'm having loads of fun.  Here, maybe you'd understand if you saw things from my perspective," he said right before deactivating his semblance and deftly removing his hands from Kisha's grasp.  Just as when someone pulls on a taut rope that suddenly goes slack, Kisha stumbled backward and landed on her rear in the grass.

Chuckling, Smokey stood up and dusted himself off before offering a hand to the girl.  "My name's Smokey.  Smokey Emberstone."

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:00:58 AM »
Smokey shifted his attention to the girl in the-- wait, is that a guinea pig hoodie?  He cocked his head to the side and was about to comment on it before the other girl spoke up and floated down in front of him.
"Take off all that gear, all you will do if you run around in all that gear is tire yourself out and waste this beautiful weather."

"That's rich comin' from the ones wasting the day in that tree.  Do ya know how long it's been since we had good weather like this?  You two should get...some...exercise...too" Smokey trailed off as the girl who floated down proceeded to fly back up into the tree. 'Stupid mobility semblances' he mumbled under his breath.
"Plus with all that heavy gear on you can't climb up here."

Oh, that was a challenge if he ever heard one.  'No it's wan't, Smokey, calm down,' he said to himself, making sure to keep his cool. Taking a moment to think about it, though, getting better at climbing over difficult obstacles could come in handy in the field.  Perhaps climbing would do some good for him. 

"I can't, can I?  Well why don't we just see about that," Smokey said confidently, as he strode up to the tree and began to climb.  And he definitely made an effort.  He almost made it to the first branch before sliding back down the tree and on to his rump.

Beacon Academy / Re: Spring in the Park (Open)
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:19:24 PM »
After finishing classes for the day, Smokey decided to take advantage of the clear weather by getting in some extra training in.  Heading out in full gear, he decided to do laps around the park to help his endurance and agility, things he'll need to compensate for while carrying two large weapons in the field. 

'Twenty laps oughtta do it' Smokey thought to himself as he stretched.  But as he warmed up, he spied an empty bottle next to a tree...and not in the trash can just a few yards away.  Grumbling to himself, Smokey marched over to the bottle to put it where it belongs when overheard some giggling.  He looked up to see two girls sitting in the tree. 

"Oi! This yours?" Smokey shouted up, pointing to the bottle on the ground.  He was visibly annoyed. 

Teams / Re: 1st Year Team
« on: March 09, 2018, 12:19:37 PM »
I've got a few other ones just to throw them out there. 
BISN (Bison)
BECN (Bacon)
CNPS (Synapse, or Snaps)

Those are the only serious ones that I can think of, but if we went with NIPS and we ever get captured, we could spam #freetheNIPS!   

Teams / Re: Hat Draw
« on: March 09, 2018, 02:18:08 AM »
Smokey Emberstone
First year Beacon student

Teams / Re: 1st Year Team
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:55:01 PM »
I was gonna wait until he was approved, but I'll sign Smokey up.  He'd be the lawful neutral type with a (mostly under control) temper problem.  in fights, he uses his revolver-shotgun to put down opponents as quickly as possible.  His semblance makes him nigh-immovable. 

As I said before, though, he's not fully approved yet, so if anyone else comes, they should get the spot. 

Also, I know that it's a little early and two of the characters have yet to be fully approved, but if this is the team, what do you guys think of EBNI (Ebony) as a team name?

Edit:  Smokey is now approved

Approved Characters / Re: Smokey Emberstone
« on: March 05, 2018, 11:41:52 AM »
You mean I can't just hand wave it by saying "because there aren't any first years at Atlas?" /s

All kidding aside, I added a bit at the bottom of the history to explain why he's choosing Beacon.

Approved Characters / Re: Smokey Emberstone
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:34:27 PM »
Yeah, I've been looking around, Atlas seems pretty sparse.  I switched references of Atlas to Beacon.

Approved Characters / Smokey Emberstone
« on: March 02, 2018, 02:45:58 AM »

Name: Smokey Emberstone

Age: 18, Born 5th of Saaral

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  The top of a volcano, smoke pouring out of the crater

Occupation: Combat Academy Student (Beacon, 1st year)

Appearance: Smokey is a Caucasian male with ash-colored hair that's kept short but untamed, black eyes, and a five o'clock shadow that's probably better off shaved.  He's squat in stature, standing about 5'4", but he's very stocky, well-built, and muscular.  He wears dark heavy armor into combat that's covered by a thick dark gray coat that changes to red then orange as it stretches down to his dirty brown boots.  He keeps his spare ammunition under his coat, a variety of what most people would consider over-sized bullets and casings.  Strapped to his waist is a comically large pistol, and on his back you would see his symbol, if not for the massive rifle covering it.

Smokey was raised by a single father.  His mother died in childbirth.

Smokey's father, Lucas, was a gunsmith in Mantle that was affiliated with the Schnee Dust Company, albeit not by choice.  It was more of a takeover rather than mutually beneficial partnership. However, Lucas's quality in craftsmanship was something that the SDC couldn't afford to lose, and they allowed Lucas to keep his shop.  However, he was forced to make custom weaponry for Atlas military officials only, and in amounts that forced him to work to the bone.

Because he had no mother and his father spent so much time working, Smokey grew up mostly by himself.  He was smaller than other kids his age, which made him easy target for bullying.  He had no authority or protective figure to run to, so he developed the only coping mechanism he could: a temper.  Whenever kids started picking on him, Smokey would get mad and start throwing punches.  And he wouldn't stop until he made them say sorry, or until he was beaten black and blue.  No points for guessing which happened more often. 

Due to his demanding work schedule, Lucas only learned of Smokey's violent tendencies when he managed to come home early one day and saw Smokey walk in with two black eyes, a swollen lip, and bruises up and down his legs.  After inquiring, or more accurately interrogating, his son for the details, Lucas quickly discovered Smokey's anger issues.  This worried Lucas tremendously; having your own son come home beaten and bruised multiple times a week and not knowing about it should worry any parent.

But Lucas was a good father, and he had a plan.  After hearing of his son's plight, Lucas took Smokey to a BB gun range to shoot Grimm shaped targets.  And it was fun!  The staff had an entire obstacle course that made kids like him feel like extraordinary huntsmen capable of taking down giant monsters.  Smokey had a blast! 

But afterwards, Lucas took his son aside and taught him some of the true nature of Grimm: that they're attracted to negative emotions.  If Smokey got mad, he'd bring more Grimm to his home, and to the people he cared about.  If Smokey really wanted to protect himself and his family, he had to control his temper.  Then Lucas made a deal with his son: for every week Smokey didn't get into a fight, Smokey would win and Lucas would take him to the gun range.  However, if he lost his temper and threw a punch, the Grimm would win, and he'd have to stay home and do chores.

It worked.  It worked beautifully.  With a new outlet for his aggression, Smokey became much calmer.  With his calmed demeanor, he was able to restrain his anger in order to "fight Grimm" with his dad on the weekends.  Kids would still pick on him, though, and occasionally he had to stay home and clean the toilets with a toothbrush (not his, thankfully). 

As he got older, Smokey would start helping his dad around his shop.  Lucas taught him how to maintain firearms and ammunition, how to handle weapons, even how to craft his own.  And Smokey was absolutely fascinated, especially when his father showed him his "big guns."  But his father would only let him shoot these guns if kept his temper under control, which still plagued him into his early combat school days.

And combat school kids had aura and semblances.  It only took a couple of absolute butt-kickings to learn he shouldn't start a fight.  But bullies knew how to press his buttons.  He'd still come home black and blue every once in a while, and it still worried his father, who already had more than enough on his plate to worry about.  Even worse for Smokey, he had earned a reputation as "Mt. Shortstack."  It became a game to see who could make him blow his lid the fastest.  Naturally, this only made Smokey even more angry.

But one day, a bully crossed a line.  He was a big, strong lad, things Smokey currently wasn't.  And he had brought Smokey's father into his bullying routine.  He called Lucas a "sellout," a "cheapskate," and an "SDC dog."  Smokey immediately started to see red.  His father was an over-worked man who cared deeply for the only family he had, and Smokey would be damned if he let someone get away with insulting his father.  But another voice creeped into his head, "If you hit him, you'll lose.  You'll go home bruised and beaten."

I can't let him get away with it though!

"If you hit him, the same thing will happen tomorrow.  Someone else will say the same things, and get the same reaction, and you'll get the same result."

But I--

"The only way to truly win is to not get mad, remember?"

His father's words.  Violence in his name would be the last thing Lucas would want.  Smokey wouldn't let it happen, and he started to walk away.  The bully didn't like that, and started to chase after him, winding up a punch.  A punch that had sent other students, and possibly even instructors, flying.  But Smokey's mind was made up.  He wouldn't turn around, and he wouldn't start this fight.  His temper was under control, and immovable.  And at that moment, so was his body.   

Smokey and his father celebrated that night, and a few months later, Lucas surprised Smokey with a weapon that he had been secretly working on for years, a modified version of a weapon meant to be mounted on an Atlesian Paladin, and would later be known as The Good News.

Unfortunately, Smokey's story doesn't quite end on that happy note.  The years of overwork and worry have cost Lucas greatly, and he's aging rapidly.  The only benefit the SDC have provided is money, and Lucas has decided to use it to let Smokey follow his dreams of becoming a Huntsman.  Because Smokey partly blames the Atlas Military and absolutely resents the SDC for Lucas's deteriorating state, Smokey shipped himself off to Vale instead of attending Atlas.  Smokey hopes that if he can make it at Beacon, he can earn enough money to let his father retire before he's worked to an early grave.

Smokey used to be infamous for his terrible temper, but during early combat training, that temper has seemed to all but disappear.  People who spend time with him would now describe him as stoic, calm, if a bit tense.  He'll generally avoid starting conversations, but if someone starts talking to him, he'll answer back. 

He generally loves talking about firearms, especially his own guns, but he also likes discussing Grimm hunting techniques and the goings-on of famous Huntsmen and Huntresses.  He can be quite the talker if he's engaged in the conversation, but if he's not interested in the current discussion or doesn't really know how to respond to a given topic, he'll start replying with one word answers or "I dunno."   

He didn't really have a lot of friends growing up, and he spent most of his time alone, so he has issues with communication.  This may cause problems with the team he's assigned, especially if that team wants to make use of Smokey's firepower. 

And although Smokey's a lot better at dealing with his temper, it isn't completely gone. If Smokey becomes annoyed or perturbed, he'll start muttering mantras such as "Don't take it personally" or "You are literally immovable, act like it" under his breath in order to keep calm.  IF that isn't enough, he'll try to walk away from the situation, visibly mad, but still doing his utmost not to react.  If that's not possible, or if the situation follows him, he'll start aggressively attacking whatever poor soul that thought it was a good idea to piss Smokey off.  That poor soul's fortune is only worsened by the fact that Smokey now has access to very large guns, which should probably be kept out of the hands of an angry Smokey.

The easiest way to start making Smokey angry is to start talking about the SDC.  Due to his father's conditions, Smokey resents the SDC and will not hesitate to share his opinions on their business practices. 

Aura and Semblance:
Smokey's aura is a dark gray color, similar to an ash cloud rising from a volcano.
Smokey uses his aura to enhance the strength of his punches or strikes with the butt of his gun, as he doesn't really use melee weapons like swords and maces. 

Semblance:  Immovable Object
Smokey's semblance makes him partially immune to effects that would displace him.  For instance, if someone tried to trip him by sweeping his legs, it would be equivalent to attempting to trip up a solid iron statue.  Punches that would normally send people flying would only knock him back a few feet.  Damage would be sustained as normal, however.  The primary advantage of this semblance is that it makes Smokey essentially immune to the recoil from bigger guns.  Thus, his weapons pack way more firepower than your standard Huntsman.

There are two main drawbacks to this semblance, although one is by Smokey's own design.  The first drawback is that, while active, Immovable Object prevents Smokey from using really anything besides his legs to increase his mobility.  The second is that Smokey has to use his semblance to fire his weapons, otherwise the recoil would put some strain on his aura or even dislocate his shoulder if his aura runs dry, as well as throw off his aim tremendously.

When he activates his semblance, his aura solidifies around him like a rock.

This semblance uses a "charge" system.  He can use 20 charges before his aura reserves start to run low, with each charge lasting between 25 and 30 seconds.  When a charge runs out, Smokey must wait about 10 seconds before he is able to use another charge.

Combat Behavior: 
Smokey carries two guns with him, both for different purposes.  The first gun, Good News, is his big-game rifle.  It's mainly used to target large, behemoth Grimm, such as the Goliath.  His armor and semblance let him handle any damage the recoil would normally have.  His strategy for using this gun is very simple, yet very effective.

Step 1.  Point big scary gun at big scary monster
Step 2.  Pull the trigger
Step 3. ?????
Step 4.  Profit

Now, while firing this gun is great fun and very satisfying, it has a few drawbacks which keep him from using it to one-shot every encounter he ever comes across.  One, it's built to house only one bullet at a time, and it's a lever action.  It's also most effective at long ranges, even the ammunition made specially for Good News is multi-staged.  And that specially crafted ammunition is expensive.  If you want a bullet that can actually hurt big Grimm, you're paying for quality. 

His other weapon is the one he uses for most combat encounters.  Matchstick is used either as an extra-strength 7-round revolver that fires shotgun shells, or it can shift into its secondary form, a volley gun, that fires all 7 rounds of ammunition at once, which is useful for taking out groups of clumped up enemies in one go.  Getting close to Smokey while he still has rounds left in Matchstick is a very bad idea.  It's very effective at close to medium range, and fires in a cone.

Unfortunately for Smokey, Matchstick takes time to reload, as each round has to be loaded individually.  Once he's blown his load, he either has to retreat and reload, or use Matchstick as a glorified club in melee.  He does walk around in heavy armor and carry heavy guns, so he isn't lacking in the power department and his semblance lets him deal with some of the more tricky opponents, but he would much prefer finishing fights before running out of ammo. 

If he is forced into melee, though, he'll try to use his strength and aura to his advantage, either grabbing opponents and holding them still, or bludgeoning them to a pulp with his fists and Matchstick.  His semblance resists displacement, so opponents that prefer fighting hand-to-hand will find their power cut in half, as they won't be able to follow through a full punch or kick.  It's an interesting dynamic where blocking a sucker punch with his gut is actually a viable strategy for Smokey.  Nimble fighters that excel at taking down opponents through a constant barrage shouldn't have much trouble beating him, but he's more than willing to go for a slug-fest.

A more exploitable weakness, however, is his vulnerability to enemy cover.  At a medium-long range distance firefight, Smokey's kind of useless.  The Good News is meant for one or two large targets, and Matchstick's volley doesn't have much impact outside of its effective range.  Smokey also can't hop around from cover to cover like some Huntsman or Huntresses, and thus can only close distances the old-fashioned way.  If he's kept pinned down by suppressing fire,  there's almost nothing he can do about it. 

tl;dr Smokey uses really big guns, but they take time to reload.  He's immobile, but wears heavy armor and won't go down in one or two good hits.  Prefers fighting at extremes, either long range, or short-medium range.  In between those ranges, he lacks effective weaponry.  In CQC, he's not useless, but he'll definitely be outclassed by specialists. 


Name: The Good News

Primary Form:
The Good News is best described as a hybrid between a sniper rifle and a cannon.  It's a lever-action rifle, capable of housing only one bullet at a time.  It's heavy, requiring a fair bit of strength to even hold it, let alone fire it.  It has a long, shiny, black barrel connected to a dull gray stock.  The scope has several small knobs to adjust any calibrations needed to take a long-range shot.  Compared to Smokey's gruff appearance, The Good News is clean and well-maintained.   

Ammunition for The Good News is large, and generally filled with fire dust, which begins to ignite en route to the target, giving the bullet a boost in speed necessary to carry it the entire distance.  On impact, the bullet ideally penetrates armor and skin before detonating inside the target, dealing massive damage.

Secondary Form:
The Good News collapses into a more compact form when it's not in use.  The barrel shrinks into the stock, and the scope slides into a hidden compartment.

Dust Functions:
Every round of ammunition uses a large amount of explosive fire dust, in order to give it a boost in damage.  It is expensive to fire this gun, so every shot has to count.

The Good News is the gun his father gave him when Smokey discovered his Semblance.  Unfortunately, while awesome, he quickly realized its impracticality, and made a secondary gun along with Lucas for use in most other scenarios.  Smokey will only carry a very limited supply of ammunition at a time, only about 8 rounds or so, and he'll have to work part-time jobs or find high paying missions if he wants to make more bullets.  Smokey considers this weapon his most valuable possession and would prefer not to leave it out of his sight.

Name: Matchstick

Primary Form:
Matchstick is an over-sized revolver with seven compartments.  These compartments are filled with shotgun rounds, essentially making this a revolver-shotgun hybrid.    Smokey uses his semblance to handle the kickback of Matchstick, allowing him to "fan the hammer" and fire all rounds of ammunition in rapid succession without a major loss in accuracy.   Each round is loaded individually from the back. 

Secondary Form:
Matchstick's cylinder can extend into 7 barrels, while the stock extends back so Smokey can rest it against his shoulder, essentially transforming Matchstick into a volley gun.  When fired, all rounds are fired simultaneously, dealing massive damage to anything down range.  Smokey will then have to reload after using this form.

Dust Functions:
Dust is added separately from the bullets in a special compartment in the back of the stock.  This allows Smokey to decide on the fly if he wants to add dust to his ammunition, rather than having to decide as he's loading the gun.

Smokey will use either fire dust to add some extra oomph to this gun's already high damage, or ice dust to hamper speedy foes and gain some battlefield control. 

Matchstick is the result of Smokey needing a gun that won't drain his bank account dry.  He and his father both crafted it together.  It boasts best-in-class firepower, and Smokey can win fights with one well-placed shot if his opponents aren't careful. 

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Hi there
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:26:10 AM »
Oh goodie!  I love muffins!  Wait, why is it getting bigger...?

But yeah, thanks for the reply!  Most of my RP experience comes from Dungeons and Dragons, and even that's fairly recent.  I only started that about a year ago, but I've always wanted to get into the hobby.  I've already checked out both the Getting Started and FAQ threads, and I managed to find the Discord server, so I'll definitely be using that.

As for help, I'm working on my first character Smokey and I'd love some feedback on him, if you find the time.

Thanks again!

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