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Well, he definitely respects Matchstick, at least, Smokey thought to himself as Cat used his semblance to dodge his shot the instant it was aimed at him.  However, when Cat tries to dodge again, Smokey manages to predict the movement and finds his target's leg.  Huh, maybe I can win this.

As he prepares to take another shot, Cat fires first.  Even from the awkward position, he hits, as Smokey's confident he can trade blow for blow and win.  But Smokey doesn't account for dust, and his body starts twitching, so much so that he has to concentrate to not drop Matchstick outright!  Turns out Immovable Object only accounts for outside forces, not spasms originating from Smokey himself.

"Huh, never thought about using shock dust like that.  Clever," Smokey says as he regains control of his body. He can't get an attack off before Cat can react again, so instead opts to prepare a dust cartridge and bend his knees to try and dodge.  He is not going to be slowly whittled to death like that.

Combat log:
Aura: 80%
Matchstick: 5/7 Rounds
Dust: 14 Fire Dust, 14 Ice Dust (Ice Dust prepared)

Action:  Dodging, will be harder to hit.

Spoiler: show
I'm assuming King still has nothing to say until we actually enter the forest, so I'm going to go ahead an post.  Will delete if otherwise instructed

Well, that was certainly a good diversity of weapons.  An apparently shape-shifting sword, an assault rifle/jetpack combo, and a...stick.  Well it certainly didn't leave an impression on me, that's for sure, Smokey idly thought to himself as Justice exhibited his weapon. 

"Alright, at least we have a good idea of what to expect from each other now.  Anyways, we still good on the plan of 'walking in aimlessly as a group' til we find something?  'Cause, from the looks of it, that still sounds like our best bet."

Spoiler: show
So, not trying to force people to agree with me or anything, but if we all agree with this plan, do we want to say we walk into the forest after Nathan's post?

Teams / Looking for 3rd year Beacon team [1/4]
« on: Today at 12:17:59 AM »
Hi there.  Aurelia just got approved, and I'd like to find her a team.  She's a faunus and a mounted combatant.  Her semblance is an armored unicorn construct.  She can definitely be leader material, but she can also be overwhelming in her intensity.  Generic alignment would be lawful good. 

Smokey's going to kill Verde.  He was going to blast him so hard, it'll make whatever happened to the moon look like a kid's fireworks party.  That bastard is going to-- wait, what is Serin doing? 

Smokey went slack-jawed for a moment as Serin sucker punched the jack-ass in his gut, sending Verde crumpled to the ground.  Apparently, all those muscles didn't amount to much, as he lay on his side gasping for air.  He had aura, Smokey could attest to that himself, so he should  have been fine.  Maybe he's just a big baby, after all?

Smokey openly laughed as Team BSSM tore after Serin in their truly heroic hit and run.  It wasn't a mocking laugh made to pour salt in the wounds of the asshole lying in the road, though.  It was a laugh of vindication, as if some long-term suffering had finally been brought to justice.

As they finally reached a safe spot away from the incident, Smokey approached Serin, still laughing.  "Hey, thanks.  That asshole had that coming to him for a long time.  Surprised Atlas hadn't beaten it out of him already," he said.  But slowly, his laugh died down, his face took on a more somber tone, and he awkwardly scratched the back of his head as he tried to find the words he was looking for.

"Also...sorry.  If you guys weren't with me, he would've left you alone.  He was being an asshole to the lot of you, but he was targeting me," he said, not really looking anyone in the eyes.  There was a beat of silence, before his eyes turned back up, "Listen, I'll explain exactly what happened later, but for right now, you guys should go setup your stuff without me.  Verde's not the only asshole that wants to pick beef with me, and if I'm with you guys they'll probably target you, too.  I'll catch up with you later, and don't worry, I can handle myself." Smokey punches his fist into his hand as he finishes, as if to demonstrate his strength, then heads off in a different direction.  There's clearly something off about him right now, but it also seems that he wants to be alone right now.

As the first shot rang out, Smokey did his best to dodge, as it was the only thing he could really do until he got in range.  A clumsy combat roll to the diagonal manages to avoid most of the damage, although that was probably more due to Catalina's rapid fire than any finesse on Smokey's part.  However, the third shot managed to hit him right as he exited the roll and turned back towards center stage, and Smokey let out a grunt of pain.

It did little to deter his charge, though.  Smokey slid as he reached the center of the arena and quickly whipped his pistol's barrel towards his opponent.  A gray aura enveloped him as his semblance activated, and a loud "Ka-Koom!" emanated from Matchstick.  The shot was aimed towards center of mass, partly to return fire, but mostly to observe how Smokey's opponent reacted to his gun.  He watched carefully, waiting for Catalina's next shot. As soon as the rifle barrel faces back towards Smokey, he'll go for a simultaneous exchange.

Combat log:
Aura: 85%
Matchstick: 6/7 Rounds
Dust: 14 Fire Dust, 14 Ice Dust

Action:  1 Matchstick round (20%)
Readied Action: 1 Matchstick Round (20%) (triggered when Cat stops to counter-attack)

Gun, check

Ammo, check

Dust, check

Smokey was ready to rock and roll, as they say.  As he finished loading up Matchstick and locking the barrel back in place, he looked towards his opponent.  "A sniper, huh?  Guess I'm gettin' some legwork in today," he muttered under his breath.  Fortunately, the Beacon academy arena isn't as big as Amity's.  If he takes control of the center, his opponent should be in range of his gun no matter where he goes.  If.

Resting the revolver on his shoulder and crouching into a ready stance, he anxiously awaited the signal to begin.  Alright, plan is to take center, then I'll try and track his movements and test his reactions with simultaneous shots.  It's a basic plan, but it's something, and a lot more than what he normally goes into fights with. 

Just as Smokey finalized his plans, the signal went off, and Smokey sprang into action, focusing all of his energy on charging towards the center.  He keeps his eyes focused on the barrel of his opponent's weapon.  As soon as he's in range, Smokey will attempt a simultaneous shot, but he has to get to that point first.

Combat log
Aura: 100%
Semblance: Currently inactive.  20/20 uses remaining
Matchstick: 7/7 rounds.
Dust: 14 Rounds of Fire Dust, 14 Rounds of Ice Dust

Action:  Charging towards the center

Everywhere Else / Re: Embers of the Hearth. [CLOSED] [BSSM Thread]
« on: June 23, 2018, 04:56:29 PM »
Verde barely turned around when Serin grabbed his shoulder, not even stopping his incessant flexing.  And after receiving the verbal beat down of the century from Serin ("Smooth," a barely audible sound escaped Smokey's lips.), Verde did nothing but chuckle. 

"What's the matter, you want a piece of this, too?  Can't say I blame ya, I have that effect on people," he said, not even remotely bothered by Serin's interference.  It wasn't until Billy started whispering in his ear that his expression slowly changed from an arrogant smirk to slight confusion, then outright anger as he was released from Billy's grip, mouthing something and touching his nose in the process.  But then Verde looked back at Smokey, and that arrogant smirk was quickly back on his face.

"Oh, I get it.  I never knew you were into furries, Shorty. Hey, I ain't judgin'.  Everyone has their ways of getting off, you just need a good bitch," he said, licking his lips, "literally, I mean."

He turned his attention to Mikado, who had up until now avoided any of Verde's verbal molestation, and said, "And you, tall, dark, and edgelord, what's your deal, huh?  You his other fix?"

If anyone watched carefully, they'd see that after every comment Verde made, no matter who it was directed at, he glanced over at Smokey, trying to watch his reaction.  It was as if he was waiting for something, like he knew something was going to happen.

Smokey, to his credit, hadn't done anything yet other than watch, but his nerves were definitely starting to fray.  He didn't want to give Verde the satisfaction of a reaction, but if the jerk continued to harass his team, Smokey was almost definitely gonna smack him one.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:21:54 AM »
Look, I'll be the first to say that size isn't everything (also, what does my height have to do with anything?).  But you can't act like it doesn't make a difference.  Besides which, the gun is part of what makes me different.  There isn't anybody in Beacon who can hit a target with this gun except for me, and any of those 'souless hunks of metal' that could would come with a very hefty price tag," Smokey said indignantly.  He's very proud of his weapon, and he's going to make sure people don't just dismiss it as just another big gun.  It would seem Calen had struck a sore spot.

"Yeah, my dad made it.  He's normally contracted out by the SDC to make weapons for the Atlas military and a few specialists.  I don't think I've ever heard the name Skylark, but Dad never really talked about competitors much.  Does the name 'Emberstone Firearms' ring any bells?" Smokey asked.  It'd be a heck of a coincidence if their fathers had met before, but Smokey found it highly unlikely.

"Huh, is that all?  I got the back nine!" Smokey called out as he flicked a switch on his revolver.  The chamber starts spinning as 6 more barrels extend outward, and the stock slides back to rest against Smokey's shoulder.  Now with his gun in volley form, Smokey takes a few steps towards the Grimm charging from the rear and takes aim, activating his semblance at the same time.


The gun speaks.  It doesn't say much, but it doesn't need to.  The group Smokey aimed at is already annihilated, the Beowolf corpses already dissipating into that black mist.  Satisfied, Smokey switches the gun back to revolver form to reload and hustles back to his position behind Professor Oberon, still keeping an eye behind him to make sure he did in fact get all the Grimm in that volley.

Combat stats:
Aura: 100%
Matchstick: 0/7  RELOADING NEXT TURN

Good News: On Standby
"Articles": 8/8

Everywhere Else / Re: Embers of the Hearth. [CLOSED] [BSSM Thread]
« on: June 22, 2018, 12:13:58 PM »
"Sorry, think you've got the wrong guy," Smokey lied, not even turning around to face the "stranger" and continuing to walk forward  Seriously, he hadn't even taken 30 steps before he got accosted.  Maybe coming back was a mistake...

A hand clasped Smokey's shoulder before he could get too far away.  "Aw, come on, don't be like that Mt. Shortstack!  You don't recognize your old pal, Verde?" said the newcomer, his voice tinged with arrogance and a hint of mockery.  Verde was fairly tall, at least six feet, with green hair styled into a pompadour that added another 4 inches.  He was pretty muscular, too. If he wasn't wearing an Atlas uniform, it would have been easy to mistake him for a body builder. 

Smokey's hand imperceptibly twitched toward his revolver at the sound of his old nickname.  He really wanted to smack this guy in the face, but something told Smokey that's exactly what Verde wanted.  Meanwhile, Verde looked back and finally noticed the rest of Team BSSM, and a strange look of thought crossed his face, like a baboon's when its trying to take care of some nasty business.  But it soon was repainted with that damnably arrogant smile.

"Whoa, now, don't tell me a flunky like you's trying to get into the Vytal Festival?  Don't make me laugh!" he said, laughing.  "Let me guess, you got carried through qualifications by your team.  They at least passed the height requirement for ya, that's for sure!"  Behind him, a couple of giggles emanated from the girls he was entertaining earlier.

As his eyes scanned BSSM, he quickly stopped on Billy, and with the most lecherous-looking smirk to grace the gorilla's face, Verde sauntered right up to her.  "Hey there, you look a little cold.  Maybe you should ditch the midget over there and come let a real man warm you up," he said, raising his arm and flexing it.

Smokey looked towards Serin with a look that was clearly asking "Can I shoot him?"

Everywhere Else / Embers of the Hearth. [CLOSED] [BSSM Thread]
« on: June 22, 2018, 12:14:40 AM »
City of Atlas
2 Weeks Before Vytal Festival

The bullhead has just landed, and students are starting to wander off into the city, looking to explore the sights and sounds of the upcoming festival.  Above, the Amity Colosseum hovers in the air, dominating the sky.  Around it are several Atlas military warships acting as security. The weather's relatively nice, comparable to a breezy fall day in Vale.  The sun's out, with only a few clouds dotting the sky.  Students of all the academies are milling about, and there's an interesting contrast between the lax dress of the Shade students and the military style unit worn by those of Atlas Academy.

As Smokey stepped out of the bullhead, the familiar chill greeted him, causing him to shrink down into his coat slightly. It's not really that cold, but he had gotten use to Vale's warmer temperatures and needed a bit of time to re-acclimate himself. 

Has it really been that long? Smokey thought to himself as he meandered.  He's only been at Beacon for a short time, and didn't he think he'd be back in Atlas so soon, but apparently Fate had other plans.  He looked over the Atlas students, and let his mind wander what it would be like if he had stayed here, instead. 

...Nah, that would've been a terrible idea.  With their strict discipline, rules, and dress code, Smokey would have been chewed out and expelled within the week, especially since he'd have come here with a well-established reputation.  Speaking of which....

As Smokey mindlessly wondered towards his destination, he spotted a familiar face: an old bully, apparently taking well to life as an Atlas student.  He was showing off to a group of  girls, Haven students if he went by the uniform, doing various heroic poses and blabbering on about some trumped-up story or whatever.  It really didn't matter what he was doing, if he saw Smokey it'd be bad news.  Knowing this, Smokey quickly changed directions and started heading--

"Well, whaddya know!  Speak of the devil and he shall appear!" 


1st Year 1v1:  Smokey Emberstone

3rd Year 1v1:  Aurelia Lumen

Approved Characters / Re: Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:59:54 AM »
It's an aura construct, completely under Aurelia's control.  Whatever "personality" it has is just the manifestations of her sub- and unconscious thoughts.

I'd like to participate.

Approved Characters / Aurelia Lumen
« on: June 17, 2018, 07:00:35 AM »

Name: Aurelia Lumen

Age: 20, born 7th of Saule

Species and Gender: Horse Faunus, Female

Symbol:  A unicorn head, with a small crown around the horn.

Occupation: 3rd year Beacon Student

Appearance: Aurelia stands at 5'8" tall, has a slender, athletic physique and a modest, but definitely not flat, bust.  She has almost flawless pale skin, shining bright blue eyes, and glowing blonde hair that she ties into a neat pony tail that stretches down to the small of her back.  She also has a blonde horsetail that sticks out from behind her. 

She stands ram-rod straight, with near perfect posture at all times.  Her gaze is often described as intense, and whenever she walks, she does so with purpose. 

Her casual clothes almost seem formal.  She wears a well-fitting red hunt coat fitted with brass buttons and black trim over top a white buttoned-up shirt along with white pants tucked into black boots.  Her tail hangs in between the tails of the hunt coat  Given her near perfect posture and these clothes, she looks more like she's going to a formal equestrian event than doing her day-to-day activities.

Her battle attire consists of silver-colored full plate armor adorned with a red hip-cape with gold borders that hides her tail.  This armor comes with a retractable helmet that can be donned or doffed with flip of a switch hidden in the armor's collar.  The helmet completely obscures her visage.  When viewed with her full armor on, she appears androgynous, and has often been mistaken for a man, at least until she speaks.

When attending classes or other functions that require a school uniform, she opts to wear the boy's uniform.  If she ever attends a true formal event, she'll wear a strapless dress that has a small hole for her tail to go through, along with gold-colored heels and long white gloves.

History: Aurelia Lumen was actually born Aurelia Burkson.  Born to a dog-faunus father and horse-faunus mother in Atlas, Aurelia lived in the dregs of Atlesian society for a time.  However, her family had it better than most, as her father avoided working in the Schnee Dust mines and instead worked as a ranch hand for one of the few Atlesian cattle ranches. 

Whenever he had a chance, and whenever the ranch manager let him, Aurelia's father would take her horse-riding, and she quickly developed into an avid equestrian.  She would take every chance she could to go riding, and it seemed like she developed a strange sort of connection with each horse.  Even the feistiest horse would follow her directions with minimal resistance.  She truly had some sort of gift.

And that gift would soon come in handy.  About half a year after her 10th birthday, while she was riding, she heard screams.  Kicking the horse into gear, she rode as fast as she could toward the sound.  As she got closer, she heard the sound of rushing water, which made her heart sink even lower.  When she arrived at the source of the screams, her fears were confirmed.  A small child, probably not even 6 years old, was being swept away by the current of the freezing river. 

Doing the only thing she could think to do, she spurred the horse to start chasing the girl down the river.  She tried urging the horse into the river, but the horse was too scared of the roaring currents.  With her running out of options, and the girl falling further and further under water, Aurelia jumped off the horse and into the river after the girl. 

Using every ounce of strength the ten-year-old had, Aurelia just barely managed to reach the other girl, but she, too, soon succumbed to the strength of the river.  The only thing she could do was clutch the smaller child tightly and try to protect her, but even that gesture was moot.  The river would soon drown them both, and she had risked her life for nothing. 

Or maybe not.  In that desperate moment, in her desire to save a little girl, Aurelia's aura was unlocked, and a bright, golden light enveloped the two of them.  The next thing Aurelia remembers is waking up in a coughing fit along the shore next to the small child that she had risked her life to save. 

As she rode back to the stable with the child on her lap in the saddle, her father had run out to meet her, frantic and wondering where she'd been.  Apparently she'd been gone for hours, much longer than she should have been and he was understandably wrought with worry.  However, when he saw the other young girl riding in her lap, he just as quickly ran back towards the stable, urging his daughter to come with him as quickly as possible.

When the two finally arrived, they were greeted by two people Aurelia had never met before.  As it turned out, those two people were the parents of the little girl Aurelia had saved, who she learned was named Pearl Lumen.  The Lumen family was incredibly wealthy, and as thanks for saving their daughter's life, the Lumens offered to adopt Aurelia.

Her original family would still see her on weekends, she would receive the best education, and overall have a much better chance at success as a Lumen than as a Burkson, so it was relatively easy to convince the Burkson's to agree to the adoption.

Aurelia was incredibly nervous at first, which was understandable.  What child would want to leave her family?  But she soon became very attached to little Pear, who herself was very excited to have a new "big sister."  Pearl would constantly fawn over Aurelia, and she insisted the horse faunus came to her room every day so she could brush her hair and tail. 

However, it was not always sunshine and rainbows in the house of Lumen.  Aurelia's lessons were strict, and she was held to increasingly higher and higher standards as days, weeks, years went by.  The Lumen family quickly learned that Aurelia's aura had been unlocked, and her semblance was quickly discovered.  Her new family quickly determined that she should be trained in combat, for several reasons.  One, Aurelia was a faunus, and no simple name change could fix that.  She would probably never be allowed to work in an office in Atlas under the current political and racial climate, but her kind's ability to see in the dark could be crucial in the potential life of a huntress.  Second, she seemed to take incredibly well to initial combat training, and she was already an adept, if not expert, horseman.  Thirdly, there was much prestige to be gained on the battlefield.  If Aurelia were to be successful in this career path, there would be much to gain in terms of social status.  Lastly, the Lumens had another daughter that could take over the family business in Pearl, who also had the benefit of being their own flesh and blood.

And thus, Aurelia was sent to combat school in Atlas.  There, she was judged for every little thing she did.  If she ever fell behind in school work, her foster family would hear about it.  If she ever stepped a toe out of line, her foster family would hear about it.  If someone else stepped a toe out of line and blamed it on her, her foster parents would hear about it.  If her uniform was worn improperly, if her posture wasn't perfect, if she even sneezed wrong, her foster family would hear about it.  She was called names, like "moocher" or "mistress," among some others that shall not be repeated.  And if she ever responded to those name-callers, her foster family would hear about it.

While the Lumens were never abusive to their foster daughter, they would make clear their incredible disappointment every time they heard of Aurelia's "misconduct."  She had to hold herself to a higher standard, they would say.  There can be no excuses, they would say.  Be better, they would command.  They would remind her of who's money she was using, of who's influence that was excusing her.  And Aurelia could do nothing but nod and obey.

Thus, Aurelia put all of her efforts into being perfect.  Her grades, her discipline, even her posture.  She ignored the name-callers, the slanderers, and the liars and cheaters.  The reason she put up with all this?  Little Pearl, who Aurelia had come to adore.  Every time something was brought to their attention, the Lumens would force Aurelia into submission by restricting access to her beloved adopted sister.  They would send Pearl off to a relative for a time, depriving Aurelia of the sweet time she'd spend with Pearl brushing her hair.  It was the thing she looked forward to most every day, and she'd do anything to keep it.

But even with all of her efforts to be the perfect student, it still wasn't enough to satisfy her foster family.  When it was time to select one of the four combat schools, the Lumens forced her to go to Beacon, demanding that she graduate as a successful huntress, or be stripped of the name Lumen and never see her sister again.   

So off she went to Vale.  However, her time at Beacon thus far hasn't exactly been smooth either.  As a result of the Lumen's strict upbringing and their ultimatum, Aurelia has developed an intense personality.  So intense, in fact, that she's driven several teammates to drop out, saying things like they can't keep up with her, or that she's a slave driver.  Thus, she is entering her third year at Beacon teamless.   

Personality: Aurelia's personality can be generalized in one word: intense.  Everything she does, she does deliberately and with purpose.  Getting ready in the morning?
 Everything, from her clothes, to her face, even her hair is immaculate.  Walking to class?  Back is ram-rod straight, eyes looking straight forward, and her feet are marching in perfect rhythm.  In sparring, she treats first years she's supposed to mentor with the same intensity she treats Grimm, and ruthlessly thrashes them about the arena.  She does not know the meaning of "hold back."

Among her team, she can quickly earn the reputation of a merciless task master, even if she's not officially the leader.  She demands her teammates hold themselves to the same standard she holds herself, and considering how high the bar has always been set for her, other students may find her too much to handle. 

That being said, she's also very protective.  To those in her care, whether they be her teammates, strangers assigned to work with her on missions, or even her sister, she can occasionally be seen having a motherly streak.  Although, that streak tends to manifest in a timely protective shield rather than words or actions.  Still, if someone who had earned Aurelia's respect comes to her for assistance, she'll gladly accept with the same intensity she shows in every other facet of her life, for better or worse.  And god forbid someone or something threaten someone she cares about.  That person or thing will quickly find themselves facing the business end of her lance faster than they can say, "Aurelia doesn't screw around!"

The Lumens have agreed to let Aurelia speak to Pearl once a week through video chat, so Aurelia will often try and find a quiet, undisturbed, and vacant area to have that weekly chat.  She'll often take a brush she received from Pearl with her, and she'll brush her hair while she listens to Pearl tell her about what's happening on her end of the world.  Most of the reason why Aurelia takes care of her skin and hair so rigorously is because of Pearl's insistence.  Aurelia believes Pearl would have a meltdown if she spotted a stray knot of hair.

It should be noted that Aurelia has no hate for her foster family.  In fact she's incredibly grateful towards them, as they've given her opportunities that she could never dream of having had she stayed a Burkson.  However, she does recognize that her family has ulterior motives (i.e. glory and honor) for sending her to Beacon and giving her combat training. 

It's also probably worth noting she has a weakness for small, cute things, especially baby animals. 

Aura and Semblance: Aurelia's aura is a bright gold color.  During her training at Beacon, she has learned to forge her Aura into a shield if she needs it to defend herself.

Aurelia has named her semblance "Noble Steed."  It is an aura construct that takes the shape of a heavily armored, golden unicorn.  She can summon it and keep it summoned for 8 hours a day, and she often uses it to travel to class if she needs to.  The unicorn can reach speeds of close to 40 miles per hour, and can maintain this speed without tiring.  It has a long jump of over 7 feet, and a high jump of over 5.5 feet, with Aurelia riding on top.  It follows Aurelia's mental commands, and can take damage equal to 30% of Aurelia's aura capacity.  It doesn't have a soul, as it is something made out of aura, but it has a "personality" that is a result of Aurelia's semi- and unconscious thoughts and feelings.  The construct is completely under Aurelia's control.

It takes 15 seconds of Aurelia standing completely still to summon "Noble Steed."  If "Noble Steed" is damaged or defeated, she can summon a new one almost immediately after, but it will still take 15 seconds of concentration, and she'll have to sacrifice 2 hours of the time left available to use her semblance. This generally means Aurelia only has three "uses" of her semblance a day.  If she dismisses "Noble Steed" when it is damaged but not defeated, she can choose to summon the damaged steed again without sacrificing two hours of her time remaining.  It can be dismissed instantaneously.  Aurelia cannot summon it if her aura is below 25%.

Combat Behavior:  Aurelia is a mounted combatant, first and foremost.  With her Semblance moving at a full gallop and her lance couched, she can deal an incredible amount of damage to anything in her way.  Her sword swings will also carry the power of "Noble Steed's" momentum, thus giving Aurelia an incredible advantage in raw power.  With her semblance's speed and mobility, she can quickly move from attacking to defending an ally with her shield.  If melee is ill-advised, she can instead run around the outskirts of the battle and take shots with her rifle.  As a unit, Aurelia and her semblance have no easily exploitable weaknesses, and can quickly adapt to fill any role in a fight. 

That being said, she isn't an invincible warrior.  While it does appear armored, it's still mostly her aura, and the "defense" is mostly for show.  Her mount is fairly fragile, and Aurelia will often move her shield to protect it in order to stay mounted.  Additionally, if she's defending her mount, she can't defend herself or an ally with the shield.  If she is ever dismounted, she'll either have to withdraw from the fight in order to summon it again, or choose to fight on foot, where she's significantly less powerful.  If she's ever on foot, she'll never choose to use her lance simply because it's too big to use with a shield on foot.  As her mobility is cut, she won't be able to move around the battlefield as easily, and will have to stick to fulfilling the role of front line fighter, defender, or marksman.  Without the aid of her mount's speed, her melee power will be cut significantly.  If she chooses to act as a marksman, she'll be much easier to catch.  Thus, the best option more often than not is to defend an ally while they deal damage. 

Sometimes, such as in duels or small-scale skirmishes, she'll purposefully dismount her Semblance in order to let it strike at opponents at the same time she is.  It is just as powerful as a real horse, so its kicks will still hurt.  A common strategy is to knock a foe over, dismount, then hack and trample the foe to pieces. 

If she's ever below 25% aura capacity, there's a chance she'll panic, especially if she's on a mission where her life is on the line.  If she ever reaches this point, she's better off treated as a non-combatant.


Name: Dusk

Primary Form: A cavalry sabre, which is stored in a sheathe Aurelia wears around her waist.  The hilt has several different colored containers that store dust.

Secondary Form: While in the sheathe, the hilt extends, the blade extends slightly out of the sheathe, and the sheathe extends outward to about 12 feet.  This transformation is activated by one of two triggers located on Dusk's hilt.

Tertiary Form: While still in the sheathe, A trigger can be pulled on the inside of Dusk's hilt to shift the sword into a rifle form.  It holds about 10 rounds of ammunition before needing to be reloaded.

Dust Functions: Dusk has several uses of dust, but it most often uses Fire, Ice, or Lightning dust.
In Sabre form:  Fire dust is used to add more impact to her swings, and the same goes for lightning dust.  Occasionally, Aurelia will opt to use ice dust in her strikes to freeze her opponent in place, often setting up for a charge with the lance.

In Lance form:  As the most destructive form (when combined with Noble Steed's charge), Aurelia uses a combination of Fire and Lightning dust in order to maximize damage dealt.

In Rifle form:  Generally, if Aurelia isn't setting up for a charge, the rifle will use standard ammunition.  However, if she's trying to slow down an opponent, she'll use ice dust.

History: Although the Lumens were incredibly strict, they did make sure Aurelia had every opportunity to succeed, and they had this weapon forged to Aurelia's exact specifications. 

Name: Dawn

Primary Form: It's a shield.  A durable shield, to be sure, but it's still a shield.  It's used to block things, deflect things, and even sometimes as a makeshift umbrella.  It matches her armor in color, and sports her symbol on the front.

Dust Functions: Aurelia has considered modifying Dawn to have the capability to create a wall of Ice, but currently no plans have been drawn up to implement any dust functions

History: Similarly to Dusk, Dawn was also created for Aurelia by the Lumen family. 

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