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Between Mikado and Kiro, they could each grab one claw, and that would leave only the tail.  I can probably dodge the tail.  Still, can scrawny-ass over here actually hold a claw off long enough for me to get in close enough? Smokey thinks to himself as he falls in behind Mikado.  To be frank, he has doubts about Mikado’s brute strength, and he can’t help but wonder how lizard boy’s going do it.  So it comes as a complete surprise when—


Smokey goes slack-jawed when the Deathstalker is knocked clean on its side with both its claws and tail restrained, albeit temporarily.   He can’t deny it, that was smooth.  Its only when Mikado shouts that Smokey comes back to his senses.  Despite the impressive showing, its clear Mikado alone isn’t enough to put the monster down for good.

Switching to volley form, Smokey reactivates his semblance and charges to the exposed underbelly.  The Deathstalker’s struggles mightily, but as long as those chains hold, Smokey can approach it without incident.  When he finally reaches the underbelly of the beast, he holds up Matchstick and jams it against (if not through) its abdomen and squeezes the trigger.  All seven rounds fire off and wreak havoc on the Grimm’s body.  A fire-enhanced, point-blank blast ought to be more than enough to kill it outright then and there. 

Smokey's combat stats
Aura: 96%
Matchstick: 0/7 ~Fire dust loaded
7/14 Fire Dust, 7/14 Ice Dust

Action:  Point-Blank Matchstick Volley!  (If there were aura counts, this would be 140% + 35% Fire)

It's in the getting started link under rules and information.  Its kinda hidden away, so its pretty easy to miss, so here's a link to the post.

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:58:21 PM »
They’re holding a festival?  When they’re dealing with increased Grimm activity?  Aurelia’s starting to think this is no simple misunderstanding of protocol.  Something isn’t right.  Or, perhaps better fitting, something isn't wrong.  Ever since she first saw the town through the bullhead window, things have been abnormally normal.  Citizens casually going about their day, a mayor insistent on dining together, and now some sort of celebration? 

Aurelia absent-mindedly strokes her chin in pensive thought.  Individually, these happenings could be dismissed as mere coincidences, but all three occurring at the same place under these circumstances?  This couldn’t even be dismissed as poor management, as settlements outside the kingdom only last if their people are prepared for the dangers.  This is simply too lackadaisical for a settlement that’s lasted this long.  At the very least, if they felt the need to call in huntsmen, there would at least be some provisional evacuation measures in place, wouldn’t there?

Maybe she’s paranoid.  Beacon assigned this mission to students because it was deemed simple enough, and they even sent a first year along.  If the townsfolk are this relaxed, it’s possible they’re just very confident in their success.  Besides, her suspicions are founded on normal day-to-day activity and overzealous generosity, there’s no real evidence to back them up.  Still, she can’t shake this uneasy feeling.

Lowering her hand as if to signal she’s done thinking, Aurelia responds, ”Perhaps…we can afford a few changes in plans.  We’ll still use the remaining daylight to survey our surroundings.  However, when night falls and if we’re not otherwise indisposed, I suppose we can afford to return to town for your festival.  Though, if we do so, we won’t be heading out again until morning.  Are you sure you’re alright with delaying our mission?   This is your town, after all.”  Aurelia chooses her words carefully, disguising her suspicious thoughts with thoughts of accommodation while also attempting to drop subtle hints to the rest of her group.  She’d like to get their thoughts on the matter in private, but they need to leave town without raising suspicion of their own first. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:06:22 PM »
Smokey couldn’t help himself.  A grin slowly formed on his face and grew wider and wider as Jima lists her quarry.  He might actually get a chance.  It might score a kill today.  And that was some good news.  This was going to be fun.

This was boring.  The group had been walking for what feels like an eternity through the Emerald Forest, and Jima won’t stop prattling on.  Sure, her ramblings were interesting at first, the girl’s really done a lot of research.  But this endless hike, not to mention the amount of weight he’s carrying, is taking its toll on Smokey’s enthusiasm.

So, when Jima finally reaches the end of the tree line and shouts in triumph, Smokey eagerly looks around her to see…a road.  Yay.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to walk much further, and as Jima walks the group towards a stone archway—with a path that slopes up.  Fantastic.  He doesn’t complain, though.  He brought this on himself, complaining won’t get him very far.  At least the slope didn’t last very long.

When they emerge into the colosseum, Smokey takes a moment to marvel at the size, scale, and architecture of the ruins—most notably the seats. But, well, Jima’s pressing onward, so despite the complaints from his legs, he carries on, too. 

When Jima finally settles on a spot on the arena’s floor, Smokey takes a quick look around.  The ruins are impressive, no doubt, but…

”So, uh, where’re the Grimm?” he asks, breaking his silence for the first time the entire trip.

Two Deathstalkers and a Nevermore?  That might be a bit of a problem.  It's not that he can't kill them, Matchstick's firepower is definitely more than enough for that.  The problem is getting close enough so the damage actually takes.  For starters, Nevermores have that annoying ability to fly.  That means unless it wants to take a bite out of him, it can easily keep out of range of attack.  He hates to admit it, but Mikado is much more suited to take it on than he is. 

The Giant Deathstalker, though, is a different beast entirely.  While a point-blank 7-round Matchstick volley to the face would probably be enough to do the trick, that requires getting into point-blank range with all seven shots still loaded.  And Deathstalkers are particularly good at keeping things away: they have large claws that can extend far out that act simultaneously as shields, mauls, and clamps all at once.  On top of that, the tail is an incredibly dangerous weapon on its own.  That makes three obstacles Smokey would have to get past just to be in range.

Then there’s one more detail: Deathstalkers possess tremendous strength.  Smokey’s semblance renders him partially immune to forced movement.  The keyword there is “partially”.  While he could theoretically arm wrestle a Beringel and not lose for thirty seconds, a Deathstalker’s power eclipses Smokey’s limit.   If it wanted too, it could push Smokey aside, or possibly even pick him up and throw him.  And although he probably wouldn’t go very far, the point remains that getting close enough to deliver Matchstick’s full payload is nigh-impossible…on his own.

Before that, though, there’s one other plan of attack Smokey could consider.  Siu is a bona-fide huntress and a Beacon graduate to boot.   She could probably take this thing on with relatively little effort on her part.  But—well—Smokey doesn’t want her help.  These giant monsters are the exact type of creature Smokey signed on to hunt.  They’re his meal ticket, his money-makers, the things that bring home the bacon.  If he runs to a huntress for help with this, then he’ll never get the money he needs.

Smokey turns to Siu and says, ”Hey, you can take care of the little one, right?” before turning to Mikado and continuing, ”Listen, I can take out that big one if I can get close enough.”  He pauses for a brief moment.  He really doesn’t want to say this part.  ”Problem is I need to get through those claws and that tail, and I can’t do that on my own.  I’m—“ get it together Smokey. ”I’m gonna need your help.”

While saying that, Smokey switches out dust cartridges, going from ice to fire.  Anything that takes the full force of this volley is going to have a seriously bad time.

Smokey's combat stats
Aura: 96%
Semblance:  Manual Deactivation! 2nd of 2 rounds of Cool Down! (19 uses remaining)
Matchstick: 7/7 ~Fire dust loaded
14/14 Fire Dust, 7/14 Ice Dust

Action:  Switching Dust Cartridges

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:39:18 AM »
Taking the time to actually listen to the responses, including the strange newcomer’s, had proven to be a very wise choice.  Not only listening, but he also tried to understand the intent behind the words, too.  When Calen had tried to incite Smokey’s anger by bringing his father into a discussion about murder and justice (which is the only reasonable explanation he can think of), the bastard had only succeeded in tipping Smokey off.  There was clearly more to Calen’s intentions than what was said, and “this” game was merely a Freudian excuse.

Unfortunately, that realization might’ve come too late.  Prism, who up to this point had been advocating non-violence and discussion, had snapped and been reduced to shouting, name-calling, and saber-rattling.  Granted, Calen wasn’t the one to set her off, but it was probably only a matter of time before he did.  So, although Prism’s only real crime is describing Calen’s redeeming qualities, she needed to calm down.

Which is why when she points her glaive at Cat, she’ll quickly find the blade pinched between Smokey’s glowing index finger and thumb and unable to move.  ”Yeah, yeah, we get it, you’re big and scary.  How ‘bout we don’t point weapons at people, alright?” Smokey says. 

Airi’s move to collect Dusk does not surprise Aurelia in the slightest.  In fact, her action only serves to further confirm Aurelia’s hypothesis:  Airi won’t attack unless she’s sure she’ll come out on top.  Setting up a defensive posture was definitely the right move.

And since Airi doesn’t seem to want to make a move yet, Aurelia doubles down on that idea, hopping back even further away almost to the opposite side of the arena into the tree line, making sure to do so at an angle where Airi wouldn’t be able to save much time by retreating to her clone.  When she finally settles in a spot, Aurelia adopts a familiar posture, and a soft, faint, gold glow once again begins to emit from the ground beneath her.  With the increased distance and the cover of trees between them, the only way Airi would be to stop the summoning in time is if she dives straight into the forest after her.

Of course, there was one other reason Aurelia retreated into the woods.  Aurelia had to take one more risk in this play, but she wants to contest a certain claim Airi had made earlier in the match.  ”’No one,’ huh?”

Aura: 35%
Noble Steed "Duration": 8 hours
Channeling Semblance: 1st of 3 rounds

Action:  Retreating into wooded area, beginning summoning of Noble Steed

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:58:11 AM »
Smokey doesn't take long with the measurements, mostly just writing a number or two and moving on.  He doesn't even notice Dawn's arrival until he finishes, when he turns around to respond to Chantou.

"Look, here--uh," Smokey pauses as he finally registers Dawn's presence.  What is this, some sort of sideshow?  "Umm, hi?  Can I help--you know what, doesn't matter.  Look, do you even know what I'm doing?  Or, better yet, why I'm doing it?  Believe me, if there was a better way of doing this, I'd be doing it," he says as he makes his way over to his coat.  Picking it up and moving it aside, Smokey reveals the massive revolver that he normally carries in a holster around his waist along with several oddly-colored shells.  He takes Matchstick and begins to load the shells into the gun

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 08, 2018, 01:06:18 AM »
Aurelia gives a polite nod to Dawn as she introduces herself, while making a mental note not to confuse her with the shield on her back.  Perhaps it would’ve made for an interesting conversation point under different circumstances, but now is neither the time nor place for such pleasantries.  This is a mission, after all.   

Turning to the young man who had just woken from his slumber, she takes a bit more of a stern tone when she says, ”Welcome back to the living.  We’ve just arrived in Lenshin, and the townsfolk have been waiting long enough.  Hurry and prepare your gear, we’re disembarking.” 

With that said, Aurelia stands up from her seat and steps off the loading ramp.  As she steps out into the mid-afternoon sun, her polished silver armor glitters in the light.  Between that and her constant, picturesque posture, she could easily be mistaken for a knight straight out of fairy tales.  In fact, that is the exact impression the horse faunus wishes to impart.  Huntsmen and Huntresses should serve as fonts of hope, and what better inspiration for the public than a shining hero? 

Which is why her ego takes a bit of a hit when the mayor initially addresses the group as “children.”  For crying out loud, she’s twenty, she can’t even be considered a teenager anymore.  Still, while her internal dialogue might be mildly miffed at the sleight, her countenance betrays no such emotion as she receives Mayor Daburu’s greeting.

In listening to it, though, she finds a few things odd.  Well, in conflict with protocol, to be more accurate.  Generally speaking, a mission begins as soon as boots hit the ground, so to speak, with a general exception made for nighttime arrivals.  So, when the mayor seems to imply he wants the group to begin their mission at night, Aurelia attempts to diplomatically explain the flaws in his logic.

”A pleasure to meet you, Mayor Daburu, and you and your town have our sincere gratitude for your accommodations.    However,” Aurelia checks her scroll and looks to the sun, trying to gauge how much light remains in the day. ”I’m afraid we might have to decline your generosity.  While faunus, indeed, have better perception in the dark, Grimm would still prove difficult to spot in the dead of night, even for us.  It’s best if we leave now while we still have plenty of light to work with. We could make decent headway into our mission and find a secure area to camp for the night.”   

Watching Siu take out the foreman, Smokey huffed a bit.  Outside of his initial volley, he hasn’t really done much.  As Mikado takes out the last two Grimm, Smokey quickly surveys the area and finds no immediate threat.  With that in mind, he deactivates his semblance, putting it on an early cooldown. 

There’s not much use for it right now, anyways.  Best to let the downtime pass and have it back up as soon as possible instead of waiting for it to go down at a critical moment.  In the meantime, though, there’s still not much he can do other than take a quick breather.

Smokey's combat stats
Aura: 96%
Semblance:  Manual Deactivation! 1st of 2 rounds of Cool Down! (19 uses remaining)
Matchstick: 7/7 ~Ice dust loaded
14/14 Fire Dust, 7/14 Ice Dust

Action:  Taking a quick breather, early IO deactivation

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:03:13 AM »
Satisfied with his “creations,” Smokey was about to move to the next phase of endeavor when someone had very casually announced their presence.  Turning to look at the culprit, he saw the woman was staring right at him, and though she was wearing mirrored sunglasses, the rest of her expression said it all.

”What?  It’s hot out, whaddya want me to do, melt?  If you don’t like it, then buzz off,” he says as he moves to collect a tape measure and a marker.  He then goes to each piece of trash on the scarecrows and takes measurements, generally the radius for the more circular shaped objects, other measurements for the more elliptical or square shields.

And looking more closely, that seems to be what they were.  Well, rather, what they’re intended to mimic.  Each piece of trash that adorned the “targets” was specifically placed at the bales’ respective center of mass.  Whatever Smokey’s doing, he’s clearly taking it somewhat seriously.

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:41:26 PM »
As the bullhead approached its landing point, Aurelia made last minute checks of her gear.  She didn't really carry much, only her sword had any significant amount of moving parts, and it was nearly always in fantastic condition.  It's purely out of habit that she bothers to check it all.

Looking around the bullhead, she studies her colleagues for the mission. Interestingly, they're all faunus like her.  At the very least, racial discrimination shouldn't be too much of a worry.  She was surprised to see Chantou had been selected for this mission.  Not because Aurelia suspected the mantis faunus lacked talent, mind you, simply that it's unusual for a first year to accompany third years on missions.  Well, it's no matter.  If Beacon believed she would be suitable for the mission, who is she to object.  Aurelia knows better than to judge a person based off one encounter.

Speaking of first impressions, she takes a moment to observe her comrades' gear to see if she can glean any details into how they fight.  She's never worked with any of them before, so being able to quickly adapt will be key to success.  The male student carries the most obvious weapon, a massive sword.  It would probably be easy to determine his favored role in a fight.  The other women, though, are more difficult to tell at a glance.  Chantou seems to prefer short swords, judging from the sheathes, but small weapons can easily hide transformations, and often aren't indicative of a true fighting style.  The other woman, on the other hand, seems to be carrying a variety of equipment, with a skateboard acting as the most eye-catching object.  An unusual choice, to be sure, but there's not much she can glean from just a casual glance.

It's at this point Aurelia realizes she hasn't actually learned their names, despite being on a bullhead together for some time.  That should be rectified immediately, definitely before landing if possible.

Clearing her throat to gather attention, She begins, "Seeing as we'll be working together for the foreseeable future, it would probably be best if we learned each other's names at the very least.  I am Aurelia Lumen, Beacon third year.  I have already made an acquaintance in Miss Chantou, but it is a pleasure to meet the two of you, as well."

Beacon Academy / Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: September 05, 2018, 05:13:20 PM »
In the hot mid-afternoon sun, Smokey had been laboring for the past thirty minutes on the outdoor practice range.  The coat he normally wears had been left draped on a nearby wall, along with his shirt.  Maybe it was because he had just gotten back from Atlas, but if felt especially hot today for whatever reason.  So, since Smokey was currently alone, he figured no one would care or even mind if he went shirtless for a bit.

Anyways, as much as Smokey would like to admire the way his muscles glisten in the sunlight, that’s not the reason he’s out here.  For the past thirty minutes, he’d been setting up custom target dummies.  At least, they look like target dummies.  Although, oddly-proportioned scarecrows might also be accurate.  Somehow, Smokey had managed to acquire seven bales of hay, which he has used as the bodies, and stuck a smaller foam target on top of it.  He had stuck sticks into the sides of the hay bale to make arms and legs in an attempt to make them appear humanoid, but they look like caricatures at best.

The strangest thing, though, were the additional pieces that set each “target” apart.  Each of the scarecrows save for one had been equipped (read “duct taped”) with, well, trash.  Anything from a round piece of wood, to a trash can lid, to a giant piece of cardboard that covered and extended beyond the height of the original scarecrow.

It also seemed this last target was giving Smokey a bit of grief, as the cardboard wall keeps shifting around as Smokey tries to set it in place.  After a few minutes of wrestling with it and applying copious amounts of duct tape, though, it was finally properly set.  Taking a quick breather, Smokey stepped back and examined his army of junk.  What could he possibly be doing?

Plot Zone / Re: Hunter Of Lenshin
« on: September 05, 2018, 04:36:28 PM »
Feel free to pick and choose.  It's ultimately up to you.

Plot Zone / Re: Hunter Of Lenshin
« on: September 05, 2018, 04:00:52 PM »
I'll throw in Aurelia.  Maybe pony-girl can finally use her pony

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