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The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 25, 2018, 10:48:17 AM »
The man stared at Rachel with his dark eyes a moment longer in silence - then, briefly, the eyes lit up with a bright green aura. Rachel could even feel a slight tingle as hiz gaze seemed to pierce through her, as if looking for something. He scratched his cheek with a stubby, thick finger, before speaking up: "Hrm. Gram... Gram sent you."

It seemed that the man was mulling something over in his head, while the woman next to the car squinted towards Akel. Moments later, though, the back door opened and out stepped a man in a black suit, a loose tie hanging around his neck. What might draw one's attention at first, however, would be an eyepatch covering his left eye. There was a grin on his face as he sauntered over to the guard, the woman following shortly after. The car's engine stopped, though the driver side door remained closed.

"Ah, Peter, good to see ya! Guessing she's our new fighter?" the newcomer asked, wrapping an arm around the larger man's shoulders - well, shoulder. He was noticeably shorter.

"Hrm. They say so, that Gram sent them. I do not trust -" Peter started speaking, producing a scroll from his pocket.

"Ah, great. Ain't it just the devil's own luck we'd get a new fighter after all that's happened? I gotta tell ya, I don't think I was the only one worried about our plans fallin' apart tonight. Glad to see you could make it, though," the man directed the last part towards Akel and the rest of the group. He then patted the large man on the back before removing his hand.

"Don't keep 'em held up for too long, Peter, don't want them missing the fight. Oh, and cancel my previous bet. I'll go 500 on the new girl," he added before heading towards the entrance, giving Peter a wave over his shoulder. The large man blinked, seemingly confused before shrugging mostly to himself. He then turned to the group with a nod.

"You're free to go inside. Someone'll show you around shortly," the man grunted out before returning to his post next to the door. Throughout the entire interaction, Mordred had remained entirely silent and still, but he now stepped forward, gesturing for the girls to lead the way.

Once they'd step through that door, the show would have to begin.

Beacon Academy / Re: Crème de la Crème [CLOSED]
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:04:16 AM »
Coco jumped at the whistle, darting his head to see Prism in the doorway. He huffed out an awkward laugh at the compliment, rubbing the back of his neck. "O-oh! Hey, Prism! No, I-I don't mind I was just..." he hefts the sword up and down a couple of times. "Practicing my swings."

He waves towards Amane as she enters, and is about to resume his training when the girl walks over and adjust the weight on the blade. Yes, Coconut was hardly a genius when it came to physics and the like. "Oh, thanks!"

He then tried a couple of practice swings, noticing that it was definitely a whole lot easier to keep balance now - still not what he was used to, but better. He glanced towards Prism again, smiling. "You're gonna practice close-quarters stuff?" The boy asked curiously. Granted, he knew Prism could fight in melee, but he did mostly see her as the team's sniper - and his own goal in battle to keep the grimm away from her and Jocelyn.

Beacon Academy / Crème de la Crème [CLOSED]
« on: May 24, 2018, 12:11:36 PM »
It was a warm, sunny Sunday morning in Vale. For some it would seem like the perfect day for scarfing down a bowl of ice cream, going out for a swim, or spending the entire day locked inside your freezer. For others, the perfect day to train.

Already for a good twenty minutes one could have heard grunting and panting from one of Beacon's many training halls. If you were to peek inside, you'd see a muscualr young boy, his dripping blonde hair pushed back to not get in his eyes. The boy had ditches his usual coat, but even so his shirt was drenched in sweat.

He was holding his sword low, letting out heavy breaths. At the tip of his sword laid a set of weights, chained to the blade, bringing its total weight up to nearly 10kg. This made the sword horrendously hard to wield, as it was heavy and unbalanced, yet there was a purpose to Coconut's training this morning. Back during initiation, he had watched his teammates kill a Beringel, a Deathstalker, a Queen Lancer - creatures which Coconut could hardly harm. When it came to dealing with the larger, tougher grimm, it seemed that all he could do was to launch himself against them and hope for the best. Well, that would have to change, and it would do so the only way Cream could come up with.

He'd have to get stronger and get a bigger fuckin' sword.

AMA Section / Re: Designing Characters
« on: May 21, 2018, 07:12:47 AM »
With RWBY characters, PCs and NPCs, I usually start with one of three things - a personality trait, a semblance or a theme song. For Razzy, it was mostly the first: I wanted my first character to possibly stand out with a constant smile of excitement on his face, someone who'd face any adversity with joy and hope and all that. I made Rufus similarly, a character who is defined by his stubborness as well as the whole 'only speaking through rap' thing - I believe Janus tossed that idea out in chat and I grabbed it.

I mostly based Reginald and Coconut on songs, though. For Reginald, I had two things I wanted to include - I'm So Humble and a pressure-manipulating semblance. I spent some time on that site that picks random RWBY name suggestions based on color, and stopped at 'Reggie' for 'regalia'. From there, I added onto the character, first his appearance, then personality, then history - with a name like 'Reginald', the snotty personality came to me on its own.

Meanwhile Coconut was even more straightforward - after listening to Plus Danshi a couple of times, I figured I should make a character based on the song, the fact that the character would be a pervert being obvious. I was drawing a blank on a semblance for him, and eventually decided I could just not give him a combat semblance at all, forcing him to improve strictly his own physical capabilities. After that, I based his appearance on Len Kagamine in Plus Danshi and Gigantic O.T.N., and built on from there.

Anza and Silica were also mostly based on personality traits at first - Anza is an anxious young girl constantly having to change the way she acts just to fit in, while Silica is there to keep Reginald in line by constantly reminding him that the way things stand, she is his superior until his father says otherwise. She's also kind of salty. Finally, Janna was me making a walking tank - no more, no less, and her personality came afterwards.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Guard [CLOSED]
« on: May 20, 2018, 05:13:47 AM »
"We can't be sure, but if lady Royale is attacked, it's likely to be by mercenaries. Whitaker hadn't gathered much more than common thugs when facing Marvin last time, but he had equipped them with weapons manufactured by the royale company," Silica answered Jima's question as she took a seat on the airship herself. She then produces G-12 from her jacket, a rather plain looking six shot revolver, and spun it in her hand.

"A lot of them were armed with this, for example - a weapon not available to anyone outside of the organization. Which is why we couldn't trust any of our guards for this - that's where you guys come in. If things go smoothly, great. If Beige is attacked, your main task will be escorting her back to this very same airship. We can expect the attackers not to be particularly skilled, but you shouldn't under any circumstances underestimate them. They had some formidable fighters among them last time."

As she finished speaking, the airship lifted off, beginning its somewhat short journey towards Signal. The pilot lets them know over the intercom that they should arrive in less than twenty minutes.

The group would notice that they were by no means the only ones arriving at this time - numerous other airships had already landed, several more coming in, most of them bringing in excited young students and their families, ready to hear the wise words of huntsmen and huntresses, both current and retired. As soon as the ship touched ground, the doors opened, Silica leading the way out onto the courtyard scroll in hand.

"Oh, lord... now to find Ms. Royale in this mess," Silica uttered, turning to face the students. " The event is taking place in the main auditorium. She might already be there, but just to be sure..."

Just as she was about to call the woman on her scroll, however, Silica jumped as a gentle hand brushed against her cheek from behind her. She spun around, face-to-face with a blonde woman in her late thirties. The woman, dressed in a flowing white gown with salmon colored ribbons falling from her shoulders and back, was stunningly beautiful - her golden hair falling past her shoulders, ending in curls which must have taken hours to get just right; her pale blue eyes seemed compassionate, her naturally long eyelashes accentuating them even further; her perfectly proportioned lips were slightly parted, revealing a smile full of pearl-white teeth. Beige Royale was almost infuriatingly perfect.

She laughed at Silica's reaction, stroking the younger woman's hair. "Hello to you as well, Silica! I'm glad you could make it," Beige said, then glanced past her assistant to get a better look at the girls behind her. "Ah, and you must be the students here to guard me! Beige Royale, a pleasure to meet you all!" She said, giving the group a slight curtsy.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 19, 2018, 11:00:12 AM »
"We don't have an exact layout, but we do have a general idea - somewhere in there, there's the fighting ring and spectator seats, a place for the managers to sit, shit like that. Off to the side would be the preparation area for the fighters - you might be able to get backstage if you find a way in there. Tagging along with Akel might do it."

He nodded as Akel got out of the car, stepping out soon after. The bat faunus would have heard nothing too suspicious from the guard - he had simply reported the car parked in front of the club. He raised his hand in a 'halt' gesture, stepping closer to the group as they got out of the car.

The man, easily two meters in height and half as wide, stared the group down with his coal black eyes. "Who are you, and what business do you have?" He grunted out, his voice as deep as his eyes were dark.

At this moment, another car drove up, stopping a few meters away from the sedan. Mordred's ride was expensive, sure, but this one seemed like it'd cost as much as half an airship, and upon closer look one would find that the entire thing was covered in armored plates, its toned windshield made of bulletproof glass. 

The car stood where it was for a short while, its motor still running, before a figure stepped out from the passenger side - a 20-something woman in an indigo suit, sporting a black bowlcut. The woman stepped towards the back of the car, staring the group down and waiting for the result of their interaction with the guard, her hand resting on the handle of the back door.

"Thanks, momma," Coconut mumbles before shutting his eyes. The fatigue finally takes over and the boy is out like a light. Chances are, he'd be out of it until they even got back. He was going to ask for a recap of what exactly happened when he wakes up, but for now, he sleeps calmly, dreaming of badass fights and cute girls.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 16, 2018, 11:06:37 AM »
Mordred let out a short laugh at the girls' description of Reginald. "Yeah, that sounds like him. I had to teach the little shit for years, so I know how tough he can be to deal with. But, hey - if you'd have met me and Marvin back in the day, boy... We were worse, though for a whole different set of reasons."

The man then waited a short while for the group to get acquainted before speaking up again:  "Cool bird. We should hurry now. We don't want to be late for the fight - I doubt they'd take kindly to that." He then dug through his pockets for a short while and produced a small earpiece, barely visible once inserted. He handed it to Prism.

"Try and keep me updated if you can. I have some guys on the inside already in case you need a distraction, so let me know if shit goes south. I'll try and stick with Rachel and keep talking to a minimum, though, so try and save that for emergencies. If everything appears to be set, well. I'm ready when you all are. Of course, if you do any more questions, shoot."

The man at the entrance had now taken note of the car, pulling out a handheld radio and uttering something into it before pocketing it once more, now staring intently at the vehicle. He was clearly waiting for someone to step out.

Beacon Academy / Re: Eye Of The Observer [CLOSED]
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:50:09 AM »
Crap. That had not gone according to plan at all. Dumpster diving? He couldn't let a girl like that think he went through peoples' trash! He had only rarely done so, after all.

"I... Moonlight as a... Trash man. Er, garbage collector. Person." He forced out. Nailed it, Cream - you've certainly redeemed yourself and made it entirely believable. Truth be told, even Coco himself had the mental capacity to understand how much of an idiot he had made himself appear as. The boy removed his glasses, which had fogged up at some point, wiping them on the side of his shirt.

"A-and it's not that I think this is awkward! It's more, uh, draining, than anything." He blinked as he put his glasses back on. "...If that'd be a good choice of words. Mm."

Coconut barely registered the fact that he hadn't smashed his face into the ground, though the fact that he still felt himself slam into something made him more confused than anything else. He opened his bleary eyes, his usually light hair coated in sweat, falling on his face and blocking his sight.

"D-did I won?" he mumbles out. Good news is, he's pretty sure he won the bull ride. His dad's gonna get him a root beer float and a cowboy hat - what else could a kid like him want?

You never really get to appreciate how massive a creature like a giant nevermore is until you get up and personal with it. Coconut, latched onto its thrashing side as the beast was flapping its gigantic wings, was about as close as you could get without being eaten - something he'd like to avoid if at all possible. So, he clenched his teeth and straddled the wing joint to get his blade out, still holding its feathers with one hand.

When Coco had been a young lad, his parents had taken him to a birthday party one of their friends was having at some diner in the corner of town. Unlike most events they had brought their son to, this one stuck in Coconut's memory because of one thing - a mechanical bull everyone, including himself, got to try out. Cream briefly recalled getting tossed off in a matter of seconds as everyone around him laughed - where was that memory when he was trying to get angry?

Fueled by childhood saltiness, Coconut let out a victorious 'Hya!' as he pulled OTN out from the wing. His next move was clear - the boy began hacking away at the bird's wing like mad, not sparing any strength. With the wings flapping and thrashing as they are, the nevermore ended up hitting the blade itself. At some point, however, his attacks started getting... Sloppier. In a brief moment of clarity, he noted the fact that if he had started with attacks almost perpendicular to the creature's wing, his attacks now had an odd angle to them. Then, they had no angle at all as the boy slid off the side, entering a freefall. His mind barely registered it, too - if anything, the breeze that hit his face was nice and refreshing. Maybe when he hits the ground he could take a nap...

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [----------] 0 %
  Aura: [███-------] 39%

"FUUUUUUU-" Coconut screamed out as he flew through the air. His teammates may be used to taking off like this to some extent, but he sure as hell wasn't. While the branch helped quite a bit, he still felt the explosion slam into his back but gravity kept him flat against his vessel. He had to fight against it in order to raise his blade - just in time to have it slash into the bird's wing right next to the joint.

Whether or not the blade goes through, Coconut's next move remains the same. The boy grabs hold of the creature's massive feathers in order to stay on the bird - if the thing starts going down, he'll have to let go and hope that Prism catches him before he plummets to the ground. If it doesn't... Well, he'd have to stab it until it dies.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [██--------] 20%
  Aura: [████------] 44%

AMA Section / Re: Walter's Ayy-Emm-Ayy
« on: May 13, 2018, 01:01:23 AM »
"Well, they're all pretty awesome - and, heh, pretty. Prism's a total badass, and I'm glad she's our leader - she can keep us in line for sure. I'm kind of curious about her past, though - why exactly she's scared of nevermores and that. Also, she's a faunus, which is, uh... a bonus.

Amane is probably the most impressive fighter I've ever met. Not that I've met that many, but the way she just knows how to deal with whatever stuff gets thrown at her is incredible. She also knows her way around tech in ways I couldn't imagine - I might need to ask her help with that stuff at some point. She seems really chill, too - a great person to hang out with.

Jocelyn is the most selfless person I know - and maybe the most adorable. She's ready to give up all of her aura just to keep us safe, which... I can't say it's great, since it puts her in danger, but it's admirable as hell. It's pretty rare to see someone who has focused themselves entirely on healing and helping others like that - she'll make a great huntress for sure."

Coconut will probably always be a bit of a perv, that's probably not gonna change - he should, however, be able to become more tactful as time goes on and he gets out his current, hormonal phase. He's likely to stop constantly fawning over his teammates at some point, for example. Beyond that I'm not quite sure - I guess it depends on what gets thrown at him in later threads.

Combat-wise, right know he finds himself lacking confidence in battle, and if he were to face down a ranged enemy he'd rather either let his team deal with it or turn tail. As time goes on he's likely to become more of a tanky stand-your-ground character, more so than he is now. Also his sword get big.

Huzzah! The plan had worked!

...oh, crap. The plan had worked.

Cream 'eeped' before turning tail and running back towards the branch. The Nevermore was definitely going after him, which should make the rest of the plan rather easy. Well, about as easy as getting blown up and launched onto a massive flying bird beast could be. He ran over and grabbed hold of the branch, lifting the back end to allow for the explosive to lift it into the air once it went off.

"Blow me!" He shouted as the grimm got closer and closer to where he was standing. With the other grimm mostly dealt with, he'd now have to rely on his teammates for liftoff. If things go awry... well, he chose not to think about it too much.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [███-------] 30%
  Aura: [█████-----] 59%

The Vale Region / Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:05:47 PM »
It was a cold, windy night in the City of Vale. Few people could be seen hurrying through the streets, most of them either on their way home from work or simply wandering with nothing better to do. The night was quiet and the streets were dark, lit up only by the street lights and occasional shop which remained open at this hour.

A sleek, black sedan had parked in front of a dimly lit storefront - an agreed upon meeting point for a particular team of students. A man was standing by the car, leaning against the hood with a lit cigarette in his mouth, his face partially illuminated by the embers. When the team arrives, he unlocks the car and gets in without a word. Only when they climb in themselves does he lock the doors and turn to them, revealing a well-tanned, handsome man in his thirties. His maroon hair is slicked back and tied into a bun on the back of his head, and his eyes are covered by sunglasses which give him a somewhat intimidating appearance, further accentuated by the black suit and tie.

The man raises the glasses up, however, revealing a pair of pale yellow eyes which scan the group with an intense gaze. "Hm. Doesn't seem like I've picked up anyone I shouldn't have. Name's Mordred Royale," he introduces himself, giving a twi-finger salute to the group before starting the car and driving onto the road.

"Ride's not long, so don't feel the need to strap in. Silica's probably given you the rundown already, but I'll go over it for ya once more just in case. We're heading to an underground club, which we suspect is being run using our company's money. We're mostly going in just to scope things out, but, as it goes, our only chance at getting in was by putting forth a fighter,"  he points his head towards Akel, "and taking part in their fight club deal."

"Since they'd probably recognize me as a Royale if I talked to them or got rid of my disguise, we also needed someone to play manager," he points to Rachel. "Someone who could talk our way in. Don't know how they check people before letting them in, but so long as you tell them that 'Gram' sent you, it should be fine. Meanwhile Prism, you'll be acting as our entourage until you get the chance to split off. Once you do, you'll need to get into the back somehow and find out anything and everything you can about the organization, and most importantly - who's funneling funds into it. There's a camera in the glove compartment if you think you'll need it."

The car slows down as it closes in on a shoddy looking building on the edge of town, a large, burly man in a tank top standing by the entrance. Mordred turns to the group once more. "If you lot need to get acquainted with one another, do it now. Doubt you'll get the chance later," he says before lowering his sunglasses. Then, after a short pause, he asks: "Oh, and you two are from Beacon, right? Do you happen to know a kid named Reginald? He's my nephew."

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