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AMA Section / Re: AMAA about my characters or the White Fang
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:51:39 AM »
Titania: I've seen a lot around the world in my years, people with power that dwarfs my own, Grimm that could kill a fully trained hunter in one swipe, remnants of that old regime. None of that comes close to what that would mean for us, though. If it were to exist, I'm sure I sure I would know of it already, either through Alban or the council.

Somewhere, Big Rose is snickering.

How badly would Titania respond to being called "Tits" by her most annoying coworker with the insanely high classified information clearance? "It's, like, a shortening of your name and stuff."
(Due to providing at least 60% of that classified intelligence, nevermind  that "Rose" and "intelligence" seems mutually exclusive.)

Approved Characters / Re: Rose Stachelig Double Feature
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:36:54 AM »
I'm Vox Machinae, and I approve this message character.

Approved Characters / Rose Stachelig Double Feature
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:35:37 AM »

Rohese Alexandria Stachelig

Other Names
Big Rose (To differentiate her from Lil Rose)
Lil Rose (To differentiate her from Big Rose)
TickTock (Hunters Den handle)
OnTheClock (Hunters Den Junior handle)

37, born 8/8/62 AC
17, born 8/8/62 AC

Species and Gender
Rose is a cat faunus, and while biologically intersex, she identifies exclusively as female despite her... additional appendage.

It's not a bulls eye. It's a stylized clock, with the impression of the hands made using negative space within the space of what is, arguably, a bulls eye. On her center of mass. Big Rose's symbol is "set" to 12:30, while Lil Rose's is 6:00.

EnforcerSecretary at Beacon Academy
Student at Beacon Academy
Elite Huntress
Dirty Chronomancer

"No, I'm not going to, like, tell you about my penis... I don't, like, talk about that... Like, ever."
Rose is a large woman. Not fat, though she eats a lot of junk food, but she's no dainty flower. At six feet, six inches tall, a weight that normally holds around a hundred and ninety pounds, Rose is curvy and squishy all over, particularly her large breasts and round butt, though she has a dense muscles under that squish. Her bright green eyes are usually glazed over with a desire for sleep, or whatever "profound" thoughts are running through her head. She keeps her strawberry blonde hair long, to the middle of her back, with shaggy bangs barely obscuring her eyes in front. Two somewhat oversized cat ears poke out of her hair, above her human ears. She has a small nose, slightly crooked from breaking it as a child in both of her personal timelines. Big Rose has a scar down her left cheek and her nose is crooked slightly to the left, while Lil Rose still has traces of childlike freckles over the bridge of her nose, which is crooked slightly to the right.

"It's always, like, a good time for a hoodie."
Both Roses tend to wear an oversized red hooded sweatshirt, edged with black lace around the sleeves, lower hem, and the large front pocket she keeps her hands and snacks in. Her symbol is on the chest, just above the pocket, in white for Big Rose and black for Lil Rose. Lil Rose usually wears a black knit beanie that hides her faunus ears, whereas Big Rose just puts her hood up if she bothers at all. It's hard to tell the younger Rose wears black short-shorts with the length of her hoodie, but her black and red stripped thigh-high socks are plainly visible. Big Rose favors baggy black jeans, with reinforced red patches over the knees. Her shoes in both ages appear to be regular tennis shoes, but have numerous structural enhancements, and she wears fingerless black gloves containing the detonators and control devices for Sacky Hak and Sacky Hak Amazing. Lil Rose has a blue crystal pendant she wears under the hoodie, a gift from Big Rose she's had since she was six.

"I hate this thing. I look, like, ridiculous an' stuff. Fuckin' uniforms.."
When forced to wear her uniform, Lil Rose wears a skirt a size larger than normal with her normal waist size, and retains her thigh-high socks, gloves, and hat.

"Sexy sleepware? Pffft. Like, who the fuck am I gonna, like, try to seduce an' stuff!?"
Lil Rose's sleepwear consists of, on the outside, a large oversized t-shirt, and loose shorts. Big Rose favors tank tops and long flannel pajama bottoms, and beowolf-modeled slippers.

"Yeah, I'm, like, not a dress girl. Like, at all."
If formal dress is required, Lil Rose will wear a white ruffled top that extends to her thighs, with a red sweater vest and black trousers. Big Rose just won't bother.

"Hey! Knock it off, you two! That's, like, not cool! So not cool! My peanuts! Not yours!"
Big Rose is always accompanied by two orange, monkey-like creatures with long muzzles and extremely long fluffy tails. Affuchse (singular affuchs) are creatures native to the Lacansia region. The affuchse, Nick and Dell, often hang around Big Rose, or sit on her shoulders, chittering to one another if they aren't off pulling some sort of mischief.

"You're, like, asking someone with a time travel semblance their history. That's, like, cute and stuff."
It began when veteran Huntsman and Huntress couple Bruno "the Barbarian" Stachelig and his Beacon Academy Sweetheart, Marguerite Moelleux, had a little "accident" in the back of Bruno's beat up truck while waiting for a particularly pesky Prime Nevermore to show up so Bruno could light the sky on fire with his rocket launchers. (Plural. Rose's daddy was a loud man, in personal behavior, and combat.) The broken condom was forgotten in light of not one, but two giant black birds darkening the sky, and amidst much cursing and chaos, the birds went down.

"... Never really got to know Dad. I know, that's, like, weird to hear a time traveler say, but... Like... I can't reach that far... It's, like... I can go anywhen except when, like... I really wanna go..."
Marguerite's period, or lack thereof, meant the two had to stop putting off their often discussed plans to get married, and Rose's parents were wed, her soon-to-be mother applied for a teaching position at Beacon Academy, and all was set to be well in the world. Despite complications arising from her gestation, including signs of tetragametic chimerism, Rohese Stachelig was born on Tulikuuma 8th, in the 62nd year of the Age of Color. Six weeks later, Bruno the Barbarian was fatally wounded in action, saying goodbye to his wife and infant daughter in a sterile hospital room before leaving Martuerite to raise Rose alone. Rose was still too young to remember when her mother's eyesight finally faded, leaving her completely blind.

"She just... knew. She saw m- Well. Not saw-saw, but her whole closed eye look thing... and she just, like, smiled. Said she, like, figured I was going to have a time semblance, and asked if, like, I was fine with pizza for my birthday. Because that's what Lil Me wanted, but it was... it was my birthday too..."
It was in early childhood that Big Rose and Lil Rose's histories diverged, due to Big Rose appearing just prior to her younger self's sixth birthday. And being invited to attend by Marguerite, who was remarkably unfazed by a twenty year old version of her daughter's aura signature popping up. Big Rose's history prior to emerging in the current timeline is lost to the mists of time, and she's uncharacteristically tight lipped about it. Big Rose was, however, a veteran Huntress who had "like, seen some shit" and was more than happy to pass on tricks to Lil Rose while she was growing up.

"... I don't wanna tell her... I don't wanna even, like, feel this way... But I still, like, blame Big Rose for Mom dying..."
At the age of twelve, Rose, both of her, had to deal with the death of her mother. A second time, for Big Rose. The details Big Rose is willing to share are usually sparse. A mission. An ambush. A badly battered Big Rose was the one to deliver the news to her younger self, during her time at Signal Academy. Since that point, Big Rose has made it a point to avoid her younger self. Something Lil Rose has been somewhat grateful for.

"... I know she hates me... I know she, like, blames me for Mom dying... I don't, like, really blame her... I kinda blame myself too... Y'know?"
Avoiding one another has become harder, with Lil Rose attending Beacon academy. At no point have Nick or Dell left Big Rose's side, however, making them at the very least eleven years old. The fact that affuchse rarely live past eight isn't something Rose brings up.

"Fuck off, I, like, have a prescription and stuff."
Rose isn't stupid per se, but she gives that impression a lot without meaning to. Due to the effects of her semblance, it's difficult to keep track of what exactly is going on "now" because of how "now" can change at any given moment. Lil Rose, whose semblance's development has outpaced her ability to cope, can come across as airheaded and forgetful. Big Rose is much better about it, and has learned to keep track of moments related to her current subjective present to at least fake linearity without seeming stupid. Both Roses, however, have the same speech patterns that don't help the impression of airheadedness, inserting the word "like" into almost every sentence they speak. Both Roses also use a variety of controlled, usually recreational, substances to manage the side effect of their semblance. And to round it out, Rose is prone to overthinking some things, and skipping important parts of how she got to certain conclusions.

"Go ahead. Call me, like, stupid and shit. I can, like, calculate when you were conceived and, like, cockblock your dad. Yeah. Think about that."
The result is that even if Big Rose can keep track of the entire train schedule for a city in her head, and Lil Rose has a vocabulary and breadth of knowledge that would put some academics to shame, she seems like she has no idea what's going on. Big Rose is fine with that, and uses that to her advantage. Lil Rose isn't, and sulks.

"Fuck off, I, like, have a prescription and stuff."
Another shared attribute is how they feel about their... addition. The Rose's thorn, as it were. Both Roses are terrified of intimacy and romance, and have an irrational, overriding fear that people will reject and bully her if they find out what's in her pants. Even Big Rose, who watched the world end, is paranoid about her keeping her biology a secret. It has made medical needs somewhat difficult to fulfil. Not to mention other needs because both Roses are still fully functioning both physically and psychologically. Loneliness is just something Big Rose has gotten used to, and something Lil Rose figures she'll have to accept as well.

The Roses are, however, nothing if not creative. Particularly with the extended vitriolic rants that come about when particularly angry. Invariably laden with crude and offensive language, the volume and coherency of her strings of insults and threats tend to be indicators of just how angry she is.

"Shh, don't mind them. They're, like, harmless and stuff."
Big Rose rather likes her two familiars. Nick and Dell are noisy, cause a lot of trouble, and don't seem to help out in combat, but Big Rose's scolding of the creatures never reaches her rage point, and the two know how far is too far and keep things firmly on the safe side of the line. For Rose. It's a guilty pleasure for the veteran Huntress watching someone else be driven to their wits end by the two.

Aura and Semblance
"I wear to Cheeses I, like, meant to do that."
Rose is certainly able to take a hit. Her aura is strong, and rebuilds quickly with the kind of short breaks that being able to jump two weeks into the past for a few hours allows. Which opens the can of worms that is her semblance: Discontinuity.

Put simply, Discontinuity is a spacetime affecting semblance that allows Rose to move backwards and forwards in time, and change location relative to Remnant where it was or would be at her destination. It is impossible for Rose to change her when without altering her where, which is good, because space is hard to breathe. It is incredibly difficult to control, however, and has only one causality protection measure, called Paradox. Paradox occurs when Rose realizes she's in the past or future, and works to snap Rose back to her "proper" place in space and time. Through ignorance, accidental or not, or willpower Rose is able to resist Paradoxing out and snapping back to the present. Which is good, because Paradox is accompanied by a severe hit to her aura and intense migraines. Drugs help, both for avoiding Paradox and dealing with the headache, leading to Rose's habit.

"Ha, that girl looks, like, exactly like... me... Aww fu-"
For the most part, Lil Rose is only able to use Discontinuity on an unconscious level. Any attempt to willfully change when or where she is using her semblance will cause her to almost immediately paradox out.

"Ain't no time like go time."
Not so with Big Rose, whose mastery of her semblance has allowed her to forcibly reset her "present" to synch with her younger self, and can shrug off Paradox attempts even when face to face with a temporal offset of herself.

"... Mom... I think I, like, understand... You know, some of the things you tried to, like... teach me."
Marguerite Stachelig was a master of using aura outside the boundaries of her semblance. Small, blind, and late in life stricken with cancer, she was nonetheless an incredibly dangerous combatant due to the strength and flexibility of her soul-based techniques. Techniques she passed to her daughter, in both timelines. Rose is able to "pulse" her aura to "see" even with her eyes closed, or in dense smoke, and both augment the force of her blows by pulsing immediately on impact, or offset the force of a blow against her. It's not something she's mastered to Marguerite's level, but Big Rose is getting close.

Combat Behavior
Rose has a very physically active fighting style for the most part, if it comes down to direct combat.

"Yeah, don't, like, underestimate how hard I can hit."
Lil Rose is more direct, fighting with hand to hand combat, unarmed strikes with her hands, elbows, knees, and feet, reinforced and augmented by her aura arts when not using Hacky Sak to batter an enemy from mid range before detonating the Sak in their face. She's less skilled at pulsing her aura defensively, and will only rarely be able to disrupt the force of an enemy attack. While her offense is brutal, she hasn't quite gotten the hang of that whole getting out of the way thing, and relies more on just how much aura she has rather than nimbleness. Due to her inability to control her semblance, any use of temporal shenanigans in combat is purely accidental.

"I've, like, face-tanked a full barrage from twenty-eight Leonids. But please. I, like, insist and such. Fire that fuckin' rocket launcher. See what, like, happens and stuff."
Big Rose, however, has near total control of her semblance, and twenty years more experience than her younger self, and has survived engagements with opponents not yet known to the present who succeeded in ending the world. An incredibly agile aggressor, Big Rose's blows are able to shatter concrete, and can use that same force to negate or counter most ranged or melee physical impacts. She can use Sacky Hak Amazing to ruin an enemy's day at almost any time during the fight, or at almost any range, due to her rapid transitions from time and space. Assuming she doesn't just use her knowledge of train schedules to grab them, drop them in the subway, and vanish. She is also very skilled in using a spear, but rarely has cause to use one. Big Rose is an incredibly dangerous combatant, with very, very fews peers on the battlefield, even without unleashing Gebrochental's power. Because if there's anything more dangerous than a veteran Huntress, it's a veteran Huntress with a Mythic grade Aura Weapon.

"Okay... Kid gloves are, like, off and stuff. Gebrochental. SCHLAGEN SIE!"


Sacky Hak

Sacky Hak, as a complete system, consists of flexible round grenades of variable hardness, a modified backpack to carry them, and the control devices in the palms and backs of Lil Rose's gloves. Each Sak (grenade) is highly explosive, but incredibly stable in the face of impact, heat, electricity, and other stresses, making accidental explosions a case of forgetting that a Sak was armed rather than lucky or skillful interception by gunfire or dust.

Strike Mode
The variable hardness of the grenades is useful when Lil Rose needs to reach out and touch someone violently. A good kick can send a grenade flying at a target, and a thought is all she needs to harden it so very little of that kinetic energy is wasted by the squishy grenade being squishy. That, and she can make it explode. I mean, they're grendades. It's the point.

Fun Mode
Unarmed Saks, however, do not explode until armed. And they're squishy, and fun to kick around and keep in the air.

Demolition Mode
There is a door in the way. Rose can continue when there is not a door in the way. Rose has a backpack full of explosives. This is not a difficult concept for Rose to apply to doors. Or walls.

Nap Mode
Rose's backpack is full of Saks. Saks which are squishy and soft. The backpack, therefore, makes a very nice pillow when Rose decides to take a nap.

Bra Stuff Mode
Rose is rather well endowed, in the boob category. (Moderately well in other categories as well, but those don't matter because it's never ever gonna get used with other people ever.) Sometimes, however, Rose has friends who aren't so lucky. Thankfully, Saks are squishy! Stuff 'em in a bra! Put on a sweater! Pretend to have decent boobs! Try not to think about how Rose could turn you into an unwitting suicide bomber!

Summary Mode
Truly, Sacky Hak would be the greatest of weapons if Sacky Hak Amazing wasn't a thing.

In a rather cyclical series of events, Lil Rose was inspired by Big Rose's Sacky Hak variant as a child, and during her time at Signal worked to try to replicate it. She succeeded, mostly, and while her Sacky Hak isn't identicial to Big Rose's when Big Rose was her age, the weapon remains functional.

Sacky Hak Amazing

Sacky Hak Amazing resembles Sacky Hak, in that its a bunch of squishy things in a backpack, but the resemblance ends there. For one, Sacky Hak Amazing's Amazeballs (grenades) are a) not balls but rather cute "bean bag" animals, and b) do not have variable hardness. They do remain extremely stable, even in the face of their superior explosive potential, and the advanced technology inside the backpack enables Rose to create more than the backpack's volume worth of Amazeballs.

Nuke Mode
What Amazeballs lack in impact potential compared to Saks, they more than make up for in explosive force. The Amazeballs are also imbued with limited seeking ability, and small reactionless drivers that let them change trajectory. Small speakers also let the Amazeballs give off high pitched whines, cute squeals, somewhat unhinged giggles, or other sounds in flight. Or to announce that they're armed, and slowly count down to zero.

Cute Mode
Some explosives are menacing, utilitarian devices that beep ominously, or count down to zero in monotone, metallic voices. Amazeballs are adorable animal toys that giggle, and play, and act out bizzare sex acts to disturb onlookers. (What is that panda doing to that giraffe!? I don't think would be possible if they actually had spines!) Clearly, Amazeballs are the superior high explosive.

Demolition Mode
There is a door in the way. Oh look, the door is gone. As is a fair chunk of the building.

Nap Mode
Rose's backpack is full of Amazeballs. Amazeballs which are squishy and soft. The backpack, therefore, makes a very nice pillow when Rose decides to take a nap, assuming she doesn't accidentally lay her head on the fabbers inside the backpack.

Therapy Bait Mode
No, serious, what the fuck is that panda doing!?

Summary Mode
Truly, Sacky Hak Amazing is the greatest thing to come from the end of the world.

Big Rose's original timeline had things go bad. Very bad. Sixty percent of the planet dead and only a handful of Huntresses and Huntsmen to protect them. Thus ended the tradition of weapons being a personal thing, as what remained of the kingdoms poured every bit of force multiplication they could muster into their remaining defenders. Sacky Hak Amazing began life as Big Rose's original Sacky Hak, upgraded and augmented by the technology of what had been dubbed the Final Weapon project. As Big Rose had Sacky Hak Amazing with her when she reset her present and merged into the current timeline, it became a part of the world with her.

classified information : ShowHide

Mythic grade Aura Weapon

Sealed Form
Gebrochental appears to be a small knife or dagger, made of tarnished bronze or copper. Its handle is wrapped in simple green rope.

Released Form
Gebrochental is a spear, roughly eight feet long counting the broad, sharp head. Its entire body is made from what appears to be tarnished bronze or copper, but possesses unnatural hardness and ability to retain an edge. The edges of its head are able to slice through most natural materials, that is to say materials that obey the laws of physics, with little effort due to its preternatural sharpness.

As a Mythic grade Aura Weapon, Gebrochental is able to manifest aura constructs to represent it as more than just a knife or spear. Unlike most Mythic grades, Gebrochental does not represent itself with a human avatar, but rather interacting with the world with two Affuchse. Nick and Dell.

Gebrochental's history is long, and substantial even after Big Rose found and bonded with it in Lacansia, but as far as the current timeline is concerned, this Gebrochental entered the world with Big Rose, enabling her merge into the past and her coexistance with Lil Rose. Logically, this means there is still another Gebrochental somewhere in Lacansia.

Due to Gebrochental's origins, having attained Aura Weapon status after being used to ritually kill the children of numerous Lacansian villages before the Grimm or Pilorum could get them, Gebrochental does not handle having to fight pre-pubescent children well, and will empathically argue with Big Rose if she's forced to deal with child soldiers.

General Discussion / Re: Suggestions & Complaints
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:00:26 AM »
Copy pasted the name and description from the pre-Reboot board, but there's an AMA board now.

AMA Section / Re: Edgelord McFuckstain AMA
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:57:47 AM »
Let's not.

Or fucking around on Vox's test board.

If that was the case, you'd be at -20 as well.

Or banned. Banned works too.

Judging by the fact that a cheeky post he made in the Feedback thread has disappeared, I guess Vox did not appreciate his sarcasm.

He deleted that himself.

I corrected the ability for users to delete their own posts in the permissions settings after noticing that.

Oh wow, I think Vox just gave me -21 because I made a small mistake.

I'm sorry, what part of "Abusive Webmaster" was unclear?

Also, I gave you -20. Blame someone else for the extra point.

It's not like Karma means shit anyway.

General Discussion / Re: New site feedback?
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:40:58 AM »
Oh hey, I currently can't post new topics in WiP either.

Pester Gus to go in and manually reset the permissions for all of the boar- HA HA HA yeah, right, Gus is useless.

I reset the permissions manually.

Now I'm wondering where the fuck the non-AD enabled Navigation went on my test account...

I'm still wondering how you chucklefucks got over there. I purged it from all the links.

RPG Announcements / Glitches.
« on: September 12, 2016, 12:13:54 AM »
Hey, I figured it out.

Short Version: Blame Gus.

Long Version: I'm going back to bed. I'll deal with this shit when I get back from an appointment in the morning. I'm going to have to rebuild the entire RPG board structure and subforum from scratch.

There's currently an issue with replies on an Aliased board. Looking into it.

General Discussion / Re: New site feedback?
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:41:13 PM »
If only there was a centralized feedback thread that someone had made before Gus made his.

Great, but you apparently can't post here unless you're in RWBYFanon. Doesn't work from the RPG.

Might have to rebuild the Aliasing. These problems seem to be mostly happening on the aliased boards.

the top text is kinda hard to read being grey on a grey background. Otherwise everything is pretty solid

Working as intended, Vox is subtle in his cruelty.

Actually, I tested it on several screen types I didn't during private and public testing, and will probably be tweaking the hex values for the font colors over the coming weeks.

The side bar archives link for the Post-reboot is broken and the OK not way to access the Post-Reboot page is to click "Read More" and then the link

Did you not notice that was a news post?

And that the news post said that the news post being the source for the archives was a temporary thing?

So given that it's not IN the sidebar, I'm chalking this up to a reading comprehension issue. I'm reformating the links in the news post though just to make it easier to access from RPG.

General Discussion / Re: Suggestions & Complaints
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:29:30 PM »
Gus, I had a perfectly good feedback thread.

I made a thread in General Discussion, and it isn't listed on the board. I know it exists though, because I can link to it: example. Also, I had to try a few times to reply here because it kept changing into a blank "New Topic" page.

Somehow, it was posted to board ID 31, instead of Board ID 1. Looking into why it buggered up like that.

New Topic is currently disabled in Non-Canon. Most child boards can't be accessed directly from the parent boards.

On the subject of child boards, Gus buggered up the board dependencies when he made the board.

Unable to replicate the posting difficulty, but I didn't try until after I had reset permissions for that board.

General Discussion / New site feedback?
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:11:59 AM »
So, how's everyone liking the V4 board?

Anything you really like? Anything you'd like to be different?

... In before every comment is "I like the quotes."

RPG Announcements / Archives
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:18:25 AM » - Pre-Reboot - Post-Reboot

This is a temporary post to hold the archives link until I can put them in a proper navigation format later tonight.

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