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Thanks guys! Not really sure how to respond to this, uhh...

definitely not because i always spend my bdays alone

Kinda weird how it's been more than a year now and somehow I've still retained interest in the site. Glad I did cuz' it meant meeting y'all!

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:52:15 AM »
"Damn, now I feel rude for just barging in when you've just laid out such an enticin' deal. First impressions aside, I hope y'all don't have too many grumbles about me tagging along." The muscled boy adds. before slapping his hand to his face. "Probably past the stage of mentioning I don't have many manners, but better late than never. Name's Tieren Augus, Beacon first year. In case you couldn't figure it out." he grins, slapping the weapon on his right arm and stepping back a step. The weapon's blade unfolds to reveal the entire length of the steelwork, scarred and worn but undeniably razor-sharp. "Beats whackin' at fake heads every day. Where we goin'?"

To say that Setsuna was knocked senseless wasn't too far from the truth. One second he was close enough to reach out and slap Smokey across the face to knock him out of the fight. The next he was flying away from the fight, crashing into the floor close to the frozen lake. His upper body felt like it'd been given a bathe in dry ice whilst he was soaked, and being hit so hard it felt like his physical body was left behind could only mean his Semblance had forcibly ended.

Trying to get up proved more difficult than just feeling groggy. Smokey's last gasp of glory had left Setsuna's entire upper body coated in a gleaming layer of ice, covering everything but a single left eye. It was a perfect living ice sculpture. He tried to growl in annoyance but all that came out of his sealed lips was an unintelligible mumble. This is going to hurt, he told himself. Staggering to his feet took the better of ten seconds, but once he got his grip he almost fell over again since his entire body was still off balance from the intended sword strike.

No other way but forward. With his one free eye Setsuna ran headlong for the closest pillar, closing his eyes the moment before impact. Normally he'd have taken worse, but his Semblance shutting down meant slamming into something the equivalent of a brick wall actually felt like it, Aura or no. With a pained groan he fell backward, the hand holding his sword opening and dropping his weapon. He'd have to see his sister later for the concussion he was sure he just gave himself, but for now there was some after-battle pleasantries to tend to. Whether that actually was Prism hovering above the stands cheering her lungs out or just his brain acting up he couldn't tell.

"Hey. Billy." Setsuna called, limping after his former opponent as she dragged a unconscious Smokey off the stage. "Thank you for the match. I'm sorry I tried to drown you." Shards of ice fell off his clothing as he extended a shaking hand toward the girl, already stumbling and wobbling from the collision.

Setsuna's Final Stats:
  ● Aura: [███-------] 39% [46% from Matchstick Volley, 10+5% from wall collision]
  ● Semblance: FORCED RECHARGE - 30 SECOND DURATION REMAINING - Damage taken + 50%, Damage done - 50%

Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« on: August 17, 2018, 09:57:28 AM »
"Yu Nanhai. A pleasure to meet you both." Yu inclines his head in a bow, since standing up to do a proper courtesy would just attract unwanted attention. As a matter of fact, his presence here was already a spotlight shining on him from above. He couldn't linger here for long. "I'm...not sure why I'm here, to be honest. Suppose I wanted to see if anything's changed since I left." He shook his head bitterly, his small eyes downcast. "Nothing has. I cannot say I am surprised either." Yu said.

There's a moment of silence before Yu takes into account where Diana's homeland is, and instantly backtracks. "My profuse apologies, Diana--I assure you I meant no offence to you or your family, wherever they may be. I am afraid my emotions got the better of me." Despite the tone used when referring to Atlas, his voice now carries genuine regret. "...Would you like me to leave?"

Hopefully Sandy didn't think such an attack would work. Even with the increased speed from the grappling hook's momentum it was a simple matter of just lifting Equilibrium up over his head and bracing for impact. As soon as Setsuna felt the increased weight on his shield he heaved it skyward, hopefully throwing Sandy off balance, before raising his sword/rifle and firing the remaining two shots at the skyborne target. That was, assuming Sandy did rise into the air. Otherwise, he'd be firing at naught.

Combat Log:
  ● 2 shots [2% x 2]

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 96%
  ● Weapons in hand: Equilibrium, Discord [Rifle Mode][0/10 rounds]

Not for the first time in his student career Kei cursed the lack of a symbol which increased his jumping height as Infrared's response was just to jump even higher and attack from above. Not being able to correct his course meant that he had to take the slash "head-on", but that also meant when Infrared touched the ground Kei was already landing on the other side. And even if she was now a distance away and beginning to gain higher ground, it wasn't the largest problem in the world.

A quick application of his semblance gave Kei the familiar lightweight feeling of his speed symbol activating, allowing him to close the gap between them rapidly; or at least make it so if she fired a rocket the blast radius would hit her too.

Combat Log:
  ● None

Kei's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████-----] 58% [8% from overhead slash]
  ● Stamina: [█████████-] 90%
  ● Semblance: [] [25 SECOND DURATION]

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:07:54 AM »
"Oh what the bloody hell." A voice is heard from the doorway as a tall and quite heavily built student enters the room noisily. "The one time I need to bash a few target heads in and there's a blooming lot occupying the place." In his right hand is what can best be described as a gigantic slab of metal welded to a shield, managing to match Jima's Requiem in length at first glance. Striding across the room the boy heads straight for the group, previous plans seemingly forgotten.

"Y'all mind if you vacate the premises in favour of someone actually usin-" he starts before his eyes fall upon the newly-built sword-dash-hoverboard and a grin springs to his face. "Well I'll be damned. A hoverboard. A working fucking hoverboard doubling as a sword." Only then does he seem to register the crowd he's standing among. "Any of ya mind telling me who this beaut belongs to?" the boy says, suddenly showing immense curiosity in the new gadget.

Oh, right. Serin might be able to do kage bunshin no jutsu, but it wasn't like those clones emitted heat, unlike the real Serin with blood and sweat. "It's the one hiding behind his other two!" she screamed to try and get her voice over the noise of battle and somehow conversations that were being held mid-fight. Either way, she'd had enough of seeing her teammates get hurt.

Her teammates had done an amazing job of keeping the opposing side off her, in addition to the fact that team BSSM had seemed to forget a key part of strategy: never leave the support alone. Releasing the now empty magazine and swiftly engaging a new clip, Jocelyn fired two healing bullets at Amane and Coco, though she hesitated at Prism. The manoeuvre the team's leader was currently pulling could lead to her shot missing and healing Billy instead.

Combat Log:
  ● 1 healing round at Amane and Coco [+10%]

Jocelyn's Stats:
  ● Aura: [███████---] 72% [Semblance Usage, -20%]
  ● Hyacinth: 5/7 rounds

This time Kei had no intention of letting his applied pressure go to waste.

Gathering strength in his legs he sprang into the air after Infrared, not aiming to land on the same pillar but instead striking at her as he passed in mid-air. To further amplify his attack he also thumbed his current lance's Dust chamber, causing the metal to crackle and pop as visible sparks began to fly. With the entirety of the lance's length now electrified he thrust at any part of Infrared's body that he could reach, before landing on the other side of the pillar.

Combat Log:
  ● Electrified thrust [6% + 6% Electric Dust]

Kei's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████----] 66%
  ● Stamina: [█████████-] 95%

Setsuna loved getting a face full of air bubbles from Calen's hasty ascent. At least he felt his sword swing connect, though the weight paired with the water removed more than half the force he put into the attack. Following Calen's path upward albeit at slower speeds he first thrust his sword out of the water then clambered onto the ice himself, instantly shivering as his wet body felt the air of the arena.

Getting adjusted to fighting on land again he looked over to see Calen's face about to be smashed in, so picking up his sword he charged straight at Smokey from the side with no intention of concealing his attack at all. One blink at the screen depicting their aura gauges and Setsuna knew that he could sneeze on Smokey and he'd be out. Holding his sword behind him with both hands the knight executed a diagonal upward slash as soon as he was in range to do so.

Combat Log:
  ● 2-handed swing w/ Buster Sword [11%]

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Weapons in hand: Discord [Buster Sword]

Watching Sandy finally utilise his advantage of the vertical mobility his grappling hooks provided him Setsuna could only wonder why he didn't use that earlier. Either way he currently couldn't reach Sandy bar climbing and doing so would expose him to a bombardment of - well - bombs. Nor did he want to use his semblance this early into the match. In the end he settled for picking up Discord and firing the occasional shot over Sandy's head to prevent his opponent from getting too comfortable up on his lofty perch and recombining Equilibrium.

Combat Log:
  ● 4 shots [2% x 4][Spaced apart]

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 96%
  ● Weapons in hand: Equilibrium, Discord [Rifle Mode][2/10 rounds]

Plot Zone / Re: Big Game Hunting [Tentative Signups]
« on: August 09, 2018, 05:05:14 AM »
No better time then now to learn then, hey?

Take consolation in the fact that you're not the only one, then.

Plot Zone / Re: Big Game Hunting [Tentative Signups]
« on: August 08, 2018, 11:18:07 PM »
Too tempting to pass up, I'll admit--going to enter Tieren if you'll have him.

Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:07:31 AM »
That explained everything, then. The glasses, Chantou's friendly hint. Yu let his semblance's field fade from existence as his eyes showed a sense of mirth and envy. Somewhat simpler to hide eyes than nose and whiskers. "You're too kind, Chantou, but--" he started talking, before a soft growl emitted from underneath the table. "Actually, I believe I will take you up on that offer." he said, somewhat embarrassed to be piggy-backing off a stranger's money. Food was still food though, and he'd had enough experiences with living off tree bark for a lifetime.

His perusing through the menu laden with strange yet eye-catching pictures was interrupted by yet another girl joining him - or rather, Chantou. "Coincidentally, I do indeed study at Beacon, although I originally hail from this frigid wasteland that has been given a human name of Atlas." Yu looked left and right to check that no Atlesians overheard him mouthing off at their esteemed, high-and-mighty continent.

WiP Characters / Re: Cole Ashton
« on: August 06, 2018, 12:30:07 AM »
Moth pretty much has the bases covered, but unfortunately there's a little more than that. You'll be required to give more detail about the semblance, for example describing certain scenarios. You'll also need to expand the combat behaviour section and include both strengths and weaknesses. For the rest, generally more detail is highly recommended, but isn't 100% crucial to being approved.

TL;DR: Needs more detail on everything. Not trying to dissuade you or anything. I'd suggest taking a look at some approved characters to get a general idea of what's expected of a character profile. Good luck!

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