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The Vale Region / Re: Big Guns and Bigger Booms [CLOSED]
« on: November 21, 2018, 06:22:02 AM »
”Oh. That’s too bad.” Lunae visibly deflates for a few moments, before perking back up. ”Well, that can’t be helped, can it? I’m assuming you wanted to bring your cannon out for a spin against some of the biggest targets on offer. It’s remarkable how hard it is to find something you can really let loose on, isn’t it? Not to mention the prices - though it must go doubly for your behemoth. I can imagine how hard it would be to acquire ammunition for it, assuming it’s all custom-made.” She continued speaking, hands now clasped behind her back. ”Oh, I know this because my family runs a small gun store in Vale. It’s quite standard, really - there’s nothing in there that you won’t find elsewhere, but I can certainly vouch for the quality.”

”So, d’ya think - “ Lunae’s next sentence is cut short by a low clearing of the throat behind the two students, clearly meant to get their attention. Turning on her heels, she came face to face with a rumpled suit and cravat, before casting her eyes upward to see a familiar face. ”Professor Talandar! Good day, sir.” she exclaimed.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: November 11, 2018, 07:49:50 AM »
”Wait, you fucking serious?” Tieren said, brows furrowed in suspicion. He couldn’t tell if Smokey was pulling a fast one on ‘em, had a different agenda or whatever in mind, but eventually decided that having a competition wouldn’t be a bad thing. While he was thinking Kisha had already launched a pre-emptive strike, making him realise he had to get a move on if he wanted to win. And boy, was he competitive.

Fuck it. ”You’re on! Just don’t come crying to us after we whoop your ass!” Tieren shouted, completely ignoring the two Creeps that Kisha had staked as hers and instead accelerating toward the remaining three. His right arm tensed as the gigantic metal blade hinged into position, before he ran past one of the Creeps, intending on slicing it clean in half.

Tieren’s Stats:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Semblance: 0% active [0% DMG reduction]

Combat Log:
  ● Clean slice through a Creep

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: November 11, 2018, 07:13:40 AM »
Jocelyn merely cocked one eyebrow at Prism’s entry, alongside opening one eye to peer at their team leader, full of energy. Seems like she was the only one actively holding on to her memories of their previous member, though even those were fast fading away. It was really sad to realise that in a day or so, they might once again meet but have no idea who she was.

With one hand, she reached to take Azure’s gloved hand, the other pocketing the Ice Dust crystal in her waist bag. First impressions were…honestly not great. Jocelyn found piercings that weren’t on the ear repulsive, and Azure had a navel one; at least it wasn’t on the nose or tongue. Tall, maybe even taller than Coco, but from her angle on the floor it was hard to tell. The guitar helped shift Jocelyn’s view toward the “could get along” side of things, but what finally caught her eye was the wolf tail dangling behind Azure’s back. Prism would finally have someone she could relate to in the group, but Coco would definitely be a problem.

In any case, their leader was right. With Azure now facing Prism and having turned her back on Jocelyn, she extended her mechanical wings from Steam Flower before launching herself into the air with ease, aided by a boost from her pack. She’d been training to improve her mobility from a immobile position ever since she’d been given a shocking wake-up call during their first mission, and basing her movements on Prism who had an actual pair of wings really helped. Now, she gracefully backflipped in mid-air, the sun catching the semi-transparent mesh that acted as the substitute and casting dazzling beams of light on the floor before gliding to the floor to the side Azure.

She waited for Prism to finish her introductions and Azure to take her hand before speaking. ”Good afternoon, Azure. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jocelyn Antiqua.” she spoke softly, doing a small courtesy while her wings withdrew into their metallic casing. Now that she was standing instead of sitting, Azure would be able to see a distinctive rifle-shaped object on the back of her waist, as well as a clearly marked first-aid kit. Oh, and she finally saw Coconut. What could she say, he didn’t really make himself known like Prism did.

The Vale Region / Re: Big Guns and Bigger Booms [CLOSED]
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:25:35 PM »
While Smokey was mulling around the mission board cursing his luck, a girl with a mix of brown and blonde hair, about the same height, walked by the board before doing a double take and leaning back for another look. ”You mind if I take a look?” she asked, before rapidly scanning the details like one would extract the important details from a newspaper, her light blue eyes flicking back and forth. ”Ohhh this is the perfect mission for me! I haven’t had a chance like this come by in ages!” she squealed loudly, stretching her hand out eagerly to enter her student details and press “Accept” - only for the same result to come up in big red bold letters.

”Aww…” The girl pouted, crossing her arms and sticking her lower lip out like a child would at the beginning of a temper tantrum. ”C’mon, I’m a second year! I can handle this, no problem!” she whined at the board, before realising that she was complaining to a non-living object and merely making a fool of herself. Instead, her focus turned to Smokey who was still standing next to her, looking slightly forlorn and more than a bit disappointed. ”Lemme guess, same situation? Then you must have some pretty strong firepower, right? Can I see em?” The girl’s enthusiasm was overflowing even after being rejected, almost the complete opposite of Smokey’s.

”Actually, you look familiar… Were you the one wielding the giant artillery piece in the Vytal Tournament? Something to do with a bear…Smokey, right?” The girl beamed, clearly pleased to have made a new acquaintance, if not a friend. ”My name’s Lunae! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

The Vale Region / Big Guns and Bigger Booms [CLOSED]
« on: November 10, 2018, 03:10:53 PM »
In amidst the hustle and bustle of a regular Beacon school day, the mission notice board would always be visited constantly, be it by a single 4th year veteran or a fresh new team of 1st years eager to prove their worth to the wide world of Remnant. Quests posted on the electronic board would normally quickly be snapped up by hunters-in-training looking to earn mission credit for their reports, and Beacon has been praised for having one of the highest acceptance rates of any academy. However, one particular mission has stayed on the board, with even 4th years looking it over before shaking their heads and moving on. The notice goes as follows:


Hunters wanted to carry out an extermination mission around the borders of Vale. Must be equipped with suitably heavy weaponry to deal with large-scale threats including full-grown Death Stalkers, King Taijitu, Beringels. Possibility of having to engage with Goliaths. Will be accompanied by a fully trained Huntsman.


Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:12:53 PM »
”My gratitude, Chantou.” Yu thanks the other disguised faunus at the table, before turning to Diana. ”And not to turn down your generosity, Diana, but it really is not serious. I do believe I will survive.” he says, before pointing at just about half the items on the menu, prompting a small frown from the waiter who doesn’t say much. Still, he dutifully notes down every item, probably wondering why this particular small man has ordered every single seafood item available on the menu.

Even though his company have shown themselves to be good hosts, and surprisingly friendly toward a complete stranger, he still keeps his Semblance up. Slipping his right hand under the table and into his trouser pocket, he feels for the familiar metal rods that make up his life-saving tool. Even if he didn’t have his net - wearing it would just attract strange stares from the public, as well as likely denote him as a Hunter - he’d still be able to defend himself adequately.

That backhand would be nothing compared to the world of hurt Setsuna was gonna put Sandy in. Thanks for choosing to fight on my level.

Taking the backhand to the head like someone had just hit him with a thin sheet of cardboard Setsuna spun on the balls of his feet, dropping his now empty rifle and putting all his momentum into swinging Equilibrium hard in a counterclockwise arc. With the power behind his giant sword, there was every chance he’d actually whack Sandy right off his feet if he didn’t have a good balance - which he shouldn’t have considering he just landed on soft sand.

Combat Log:
  ● Heavy 2-Handed Swing [11%]

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 91% (5% from backhand)
  ● Weapons in hand: Equilibrium

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: November 09, 2018, 10:47:42 AM »
”Jane Rowen, and please - chivalry is dead in this day and age. Manners, in fact, do not maketh man.” Rachel replies, taking a glass of beer and tilting her head toward the boy in thanks to cover up any shock that may have leaked through her expressionless face. ”Such a bold statement, Kepler - one might be forgiven for assuming you were always this straightforward.” ‘Jane’ leaned forward, one elbow on a shoddy armrest. ”I’d hardly call this ‘infiltrating’, merely getting in on the action, shall we say. It’s all the rage nowadays.”

It didn’t take more than 10 brain cells to figure out that this man, whoever he was, had their cover blown wide open. Didn’t even take 5 minutes. In either case, something about them had to benefit Kepler, or he’d wouldn’t have covered for them at the entrance. There was still too little Rachel knew to format a proper plan, so in the meanwhile she’d have to play along. ”Shall we toast our fighters’ success?” She offered, raising her glass of beer.

Time to extract some information.

At this point the number of things Infrared had pulled off that should have left her under the 15% Aura mark was so high that it was like an invisible suit of amor was protecting her. And it was already past the point of ticking the normally composed and calm Kei off. Of course, he didn’t show it. But if time hadn’t forged the Mistralian 4th year into the “show little emotion” person, he would definitely be raging at the amount of engagements that had gone Infrared’s way.

Here’s the thing about Kei’s current situation; someone aiming a rocket launcher up is far less effective than someone aiming it down, especially when he could actually hit the deck compared to when the mountaintop had a sharp peak. So he does just that. Sure enough, the rocket thunders into the mountainside, sending more rocks everywhere and shaking the ground underneath him, but unlike the peak the mountain holds. Covered by the aftermath, Kei thumbs the release switch on his lance handle. From Infrared’s perspective, there’s absolutely no way that she is able to see this happening.

So hopefully, when Kei stands up, takes a good amount of time lining up his sight, and launches a Kinetic Dust lance directly at Infrared, with equal - if not higher - speed to her rockets, owing to the minimal air resistance and the amount of Dust stuffed into the core, she won’t see that coming. It’s just another card in his hand that he hasn’t played, and will hopefully entice Infrared to carefully consider what else he does have left to play.

Kei’s Stats
● Aura: [████———] 48%
● Semblance: [RECHARGING][10 SECONDS]
● Passive Effect: Fatigued - Damage dealt -3%

Combat Log:
● Kinetic Dust Lance launch (7%) [Not affected by Fatigue]

Beacon Academy / Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:45:46 PM »
All good things must come to an end.

That was what Jocelyn kept repeating to herself as she sat on the floor, Ice Dust crystal cupped in her hand rhythmically glowing and fading with her luminous Aura. To the uneducated viewer, she looked like she was meditating, or perhaps training her Aura to flow through a conduit. But to the leader of team CASA, they’d know that Jocelyn was trying to calm her emotions through the usage of her Semblance, letting the cooling properties of the Ice Dust travel through her body.

All in vain. There was no stopping the anxiety and nervousness that surpassed the feeling of taking a test which one hadn’t revised for, or even one of Prism’s “early-morning issues”. No, it was the feeling of losing someone who, in her own way, she cared for and considered part of her extended family.

Amane was gone, called away by one of her unknown ‘benefactors’ for reasons she couldn’t reveal. That left a rift in the team, but more importantly, left a hole in Jocelyn’s heart that wouldn’t be easy to heal. She knew that psychological damage could be fatal if left untreated - she was a medic, she knew her business - and so fervently hoped that their new member would be someone who their team could get along well with. To herself Jocelyn silently commended Beacon’s administrative staff for being able to find a suitable replacement for their team as quickly as they did, though apparently this was fairly common among Beacon teams.

The sun was beginning to fall overhead, its shine casting shadows through the hall’s rounded glass roof. If their member was to show themselves, it would be now.

Being forcibly yanked in a certain direction like someone pulling hard on a leash certainly gave Setsuna a fright, but his defensive posture provided enough of a low centre of gravity for him not to fall over. More importantly,  for a moment the sudden visibility from the fog and snow being cleared gave him a clear image of a tall boy with a dark blue vest standing some distance away. It clearly wasn’t Calen, that much was obvious, but whether they saw him was another question yet to be discerned. 

Casting his mind back to the beginning of the match brought back Calen’s words of “Outmanoeuvring could be a good strategy this time round”. Other concerns flitted to the forefront of his thought process, but the one that was given immediate priority was to actually be the aggressor for once - or at least start the engagement by applying instant pressure - something that couldn’t normally be done with his defensive style. Unless he decided to pull the trigger on his Semblance.

With little time for more consideration Setsuna activated his Semblance and lunged forward, body beginning to glow a luminous pink which would reveal his position to the nearest person, though hopefully not before his speed let him reach his opponent. Leading with his right hand brandishing his sword he turned it into a feint right before entering parry range, instead bringing his shield round for a hard shield bash aimed to try and wind Shiroe.

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 92% (8% from Gravity Implosion)
  ● Weapons: Discord, Harmony

Combat Data:
  ● Attacks: Shield Bash (9%) with chance to wind opponent
  ● Semblance: ACTIVE - 60/60 seconds

She’s a persistent one. Kei thought with grim satisfaction. Not many people he had fought against before could say that they survived being blown up by a volcano, especially when Infrared didn’t even spec into survivability considering her gear. Nevertheless, he was frustrated when Infrared still managed to avoid his attacks while on the ground and clearly in distress. Not only because he fully expected to end the fight, but also because he’d managed to miss a almost incapacitated target.

Kei’s strength was waning. He had to end it now or he’d end up worse than his opponent. Just then, a word of advice floated into his head, drilled into his head from his training before Beacon: Fencing may look flashy and swift but always fall back on basics instead of footwork when in a pinch. Grasping that advice, he delivered another two weaker thrusts at Infrared’s chest and stomach, the largest surface areas where it was much less likely to miss than her head.

Kei’s Stats
● Aura: [████———] 48%
● Semblance: [RECHARGING][15 SECONDS]
● Passive Effect: Fatigued - Damage dealt -3%

Combat Log: Two Dust-enhanced strikes to stomach, affected by Fatigue (6% x 2 + 3% x2) [Original dmg 9% per strike]

Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Complete]
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:09:31 PM »
”Right, here we go then.” Stretching one arm under Prism’s slim legs and the other bracing Prism’s back, Jocelyn slowly rose to her feet with Prism cradled in a bridal carry, with special care taken not to disrupt the wings. ”You sure live up to your name. Light as a rainbow-colored feather and many times prettier.” Jocelyn giggled, beginning the trek back towards Beacon’s dining hall where, hopefully, there wouldn’t be too many people lining up at this time in the morning. After all, not many hunters-in-training woke up early on a weekend to get extra training in, let alone with a dear friend.

Persevere. Push forward. This is nowhere near the worst you’ve experienced, Kei told himself, forcing himself up the mountain at a pace his body wasn’t ready to take, but he did it regardless. Even four years of strength, conditioning and stamina training didn’t make him used to the strain and burning in his thighs. It was like a constant cramping sensation, causing him to nearly buckle under the attempted speed at which he was trying to ascend the mountain.

Nevertheless, he got to what remained of the summit to see Infrared just lying there, twitching and shaking. In short, vulnerable. Without any trace of remorse, guilt, or thought, Kei rammed the hilt of his lance into his rotating canister and withdrew a lance shaft, before triggering the Lightning Dust concealed within its hollow core and delivering two of the hardest strikes he could muster straight at her face.

Kei’s Stats
● Aura: [████———] 48%
● Semblance: [RECHARGING][20 SECONDS]
● Passive Effect: Fatigued - Damage dealt -3%

Combat Log: Two Dust-enhanced strikes to face, affected by Fatigue (7% x 2 + 3% x2) [Original dmg 10% per strike]

Despite being no tactician it was fairly obvious what had transpired. Calen’s position was blown and he was currently engaging at least one member of the opposing team. Thanks to Calen’s whistle Setsuna was also generously provided a somewhat accurate location of his teammate and hopefully also the enemy. Knowing Calen’s skirmisher style, he’d likely be doing hits and runs, aided by the blizzard (the one good thing about this accursed battlefield).

This left ASTC’s team leader pondering his next action. Even knowing the enemies’s position, both sides were at a standstill. Knowledge is power, it is often said, and Setsuna just didn’t have any knowledge about his opponents (no, knowing one of them was a dickhead didn’t count). However, if he could isolate one member from another like his last match, Setsuna was fairly confident in Calen’s abilities, sick or otherwise, to be able to handle the other opponent. Hell, Calen went up against a bona-fide immovable object and came out scathed, but with the upper hand.

Knowing this, his shield detached from his left shoulder binder with a mechanical whirr, perhaps detectable by a keen set of ears, though likely muffled by the gusts of wind. Opting to bridge the gap without actually crossing the bridge lest an ambush was in place by the other member via a Aura-boosted leap, he slowly made his way toward Calen’s whistles, shielding his body.

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Weapons: Discord

OOC: Stupid schoolwork saddling students with excruciating essays. I'm really sorry for the delay.

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