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Beacon Academy / Re: A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:48:08 AM »
Tina had only just closed her eyes and let out a despondent sigh, when she just managed to hear a almost inaudible dragging sound. Curious, she opened her eyes a tiny crack, enough to see a young man carried out the front door. His body made a loud "thump" as he got unceremoniously chucked out by the staff.

"Um...A-are you alright?" Tina timidly asked, her voice quavering. She couldn't help but hurry over to the fallen boy, unintentionally ignoring the masked person who had just tried to get her attention.

Approved Characters / Re: Tieren Augus
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:50:30 AM »
Was originally posting bump, but realised it wasnt the right time. Apologies.

Beacon Academy / A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:01:37 AM »
Tina walked out of the arcade and sighed. She had just spent the last of her tokens trying to beat one of those shoot-em-up games that you never seem to win. Despite both her experience and time spent, infuriatingly, she couldn't seem to get past that single level, and now she was left with nothing to do. Not even a single Lien for her to play around with. She was hoping to come out excited and ready to work, but the polar opposite had happened and she was left dispirited, annoyed, and most of all, bored.

"Sigh...There's that combat test tomorrow, and I'm nowhere near ready for it...Wish I had a team to spar with, but..." she trailed off, wondering if she could find a partner or two that she could practice against. Leaning back against a wall, she searched through her scroll to see if she recognised anyone.

Plot Zone / Re: Casual Time-Wasting Spar
« on: February 17, 2017, 05:26:48 PM »
Time: Sure, now we have the full 3 members + me for this casual thread. I'll set something up (probably a short PM thread) before the actual thing just so we know the general gist of things.

Cap: I feel a bit bad about turning you down, so I'll try and think of something to slot Acero in. Would he be OK if he became a temporary combat judge/boss-esque person?

Plot Zone / Re: Casual Time-Wasting Spar
« on: February 17, 2017, 12:17:18 PM »
There are 2 reasons why I would turn you down:
1. A 4th year would clean the floor with the rest of us, but since you said there would be some restriction on his fighting, this is less of a problem.
2. I would prefer if we had characters who haven't seen a lot of action, since this thread aims to get said people into some action.
If there are no takers, I will gladly accept. However, until then, I would prefer to reserve the place for others. Do please understand.

Plot Zone / Re: Casual Time-Wasting Spar
« on: February 17, 2017, 10:33:23 AM »
Sure. Any special details/side plot you want to put in, like Siuwa did?

Glancing at his new teammate striding along beside him, Setsuna commented: "Well, you seem to know worlds more than me on this subject. Care to elaborate on where you learned this..." He trailed off as he noticed Calen's sudden shift in mood, and not toward the good side either. "W-Well, maybe not..." he stuttered, taken aback by the look Calen shot his way. "What's with him all of a sudden? Probably shouldn't dive straight into someone's backstory, I guess." He thought.

Trying to find a topic to divert the sudden awkwardness, Setsuna pointed at the clearing ahead of them, partially covered by the red foliage that was everywhere in the forest. "I guess that's our stop. Who were the other two again? Anna Fall and Taro Espada? Are they there already?"

Brushing the dense leaves aside, Setsuna cautiously emerged from the bushes, Calen following suit, to see what looked like a small setup of rocks, reminding him of the "Knights of the Round Table" of old, hosting King Arthur and his legendary knights, except there were only two people there. One boy, one girl. They seemed to know each other already, given that they were shaking hands.

"Anna Fall and Taro Espada, I assume?" He called by way of greeting.

Plot Zone / Re: Casual Time-Wasting Spar
« on: February 17, 2017, 05:31:08 AM »
If you would be so kind to tell me what it is, sure :)

Plot Zone / Casual Time-Wasting Spar (Closed)
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:22:50 PM »
Hiya everyone!

Seeing as I have a character just sitting there doing nothing (And I reckon a couple of you do too), I would like to start up a new thread to involve our characters in some action. The basic plan is for a couple of 1st years to bump into each other, bored out of their mind, and go have a short practice fight to liven things up. There is NO backstory or anything to this, simply a way to get your character into some action. And also improve your writing skills, I guess.

I'm considering the amount of people that I can work with, and I think 2-3 people, excluding myself, can join and work this out. 1st years would be preferred, but that is flexible. Humans or Faunus does not matter. For myself, I'll be using Tina Allan, since she hasn't gotten a chance at any action at all.

1. Catalina Glenn
2. Chris Sebei
3. Griz Blancard

"Thanks," Setsuna smiled as he sheathed Dischord and accepted the slice of cake. "The name's Setsuna. Setsuna Antiqua. Good to see something that isn't Grimm or any shade of red. Judging by your first words I'm assuming you know where we're going. And to be honest," he looked around sheepishly, "I have gotten pretty lost after being jumped on quite a few times. Guess this won't be the first time you're gonna be saving my skin."

Even with this short conversation, Setsuna was already scanning Calen up and down, trying to figure out his soon-to-be teammate's strengths and weaknesses. "Pale, almost ghostlike skin, tall and thin figure, very slight limp...swordsman?" Setsuna wondered as he noticed what looked like a sword handle poking out.

"Unfortunately I can't return the favor right now," he gestured at his backpack, still open and pitifully unfilled, "But I'm sure I'll find another way. Want to get moving?" Setsuna zipped the bag up and slung it on his back. "'Cuz I sure do!"

Plot Zone / Re: War of Secrets [team]
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:07:50 AM »
I'll throw Tina Allan in if you don't mind. She needs to learn to socialise more, and doesn't have any particular love for combat.

(OOC:Got it. By the way, now's your cue! Feel free to take it or leave it!)

Setsuna would have loved to take time off to admire the breathtaking scenery, especially the places where everything wasn't just one shade of red. Instead, he had already been assaulted by multiple smaller Grimm, mostly Beowolves. Not a problem, but enough to put Setsuna on alert at the slightest movement, or anything suspicious.

"Godammit. The one time I get to be by myself in such a amazing place and the Grimm come and ruin everything." he complained, Dischord activated and Harmony holstered at his shoulder. Unfortunately, in his rush to get here, he hadn't packed anything suited for a long-term journey. Only the bare essentials: Dust, small first-aid, food, water, and his scroll. He didn't even have a spare change of clothes.

"Fantastic. Great start, Setsuna." He rebuked himself, repacking his stuff. That's when he noticed, or rather heard the rustling. In his concentration, he hadn't bothered to check his surroundings, and now there could be someone, or something, just out of view. Setsuna rose slowly to his feet and drew Dischord, the blade catching the afternoon sun, shining and flashing. Holding it at the ready he challenged: "Halt! Who goes there!"

"Wait, I'm jumping? Don't you have a rope or something?" Setsuna exclaimed. Looking over the crimson-red Forever Fall forest, Setsuna's Bullhead was hovering just above the canopy, far up enough that just jumping would cause some damage. Not that he couldn't take it, he just didn't want an injury before he even reached the ground. Probably not the best start.

"Why didn't I design Harmony with a jetpack function...oh wait." Setsuna reflected on the design process of his shield, recalling the moment when it literally backfired and left him with a semi-permanent afro. "Well, here goes nothing." Detaching Harmony and holding it in his left hand, Setsuna casually dived out the side of the plane. "Cheers for the ride!" He hollered.

As the red leaves approached at a alarmingly rapid speed, Setsuna took a brace position and hoped that the combined weight of himself and the speed of the fall was enough to break any branches, and his fall. "3,2,1--Impact!" he thought as Harmony crashed into the topmost branches of a tree. "Bad...landing...strategy!" Setsuna cried as he got slapped in the face and various other parts of his body by the swinging leaves. However, he could see the ground from where he was. Unsheathing Dischord, he stabbed the neon-green blade into the nearest tree he could reach, grinding down the side of the trunk until he reached the bottom. "Huh, impressive." Setsuna noted as he gazed at the remainder of what used to be a majestic maple, neatly split in half all the way to the bottom.

"Well, nothing to do but get moving, I guess?"

"Anna Fall, Taro Espada, Calen Shrike..." Setsuna mumbled to himself. He was sitting in the back of the grey transport Bullhead on his own, Harmony and Dischord polished and ready beside him. Secretly, he couldn't wait to meet the team he would be working with for the rest of Beacon, but his face showed little of that excitement. Rather, it showed nervousness. He didn't know where to find the rest of his teammates, what the "main objective" would be, or what they would face.

"Dammit...Can't this thing go any faster?" he wondered, peering out the side of the Bullhead and admiring the view below. In the distance, the Forever Fall forest loomed, red like the crimson sunset. Soon, he would be jumping headfirst into another new adventure, and he was eager for every single bit.

Teams / Re: First year Beacon Team (again)
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:10:49 PM » are entitled to bump the profile to keep it from being considered MIA.
Bump? What's that?

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