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With both Calen and Taro, unarmed as the latter was, going on the offensive, Setsuna thought it best to stay back, until he saw Taro go for what seemed like a suicidal attack with his bare hands while the Beringel was going for a smash. Taking two short steps he crouched, charged and attempted a shield bash into the side of the Grimm, hopefully knocking it off balance, making it miss Taro and still allowing both his uppercut and Anna's knife to hit their target.

(OOC: refer to last aura levels)

WiP Characters / Re: Lunae Terenas (Feedback appreciated)
« on: March 12, 2017, 01:11:59 PM »
Glow: I think you might have slightly misunderstood, the "exo-skeleton" I refer to is simply a way for Lunae to use two miniguns at a time with less trouble. Also, good to know your questions are resolved :D

Mythic: I think she joins in her second year, so no to the first year thing. Also, didn't think that the word choice would be a problem. Apologies.

WiP Characters / Re: Aurora Hesperid
« on: March 12, 2017, 09:29:09 AM »
Well, you're one to talk xD. Double-slitted maxi dress? Concealer? Garter belt? V-neck lace tank top???
God knows what you have in your wardrobe. (Not meant to criticise, just...what on earth) Also, the longer the weapon section, the more confused the mods get, so maybe it's not the best idea to jam every detail into a weapon.

One more question: can she hold several things in "orbit" around her, like her knives? So she becomes a spinning top of death or something?

WiP Characters / Re: Lunae Terenas (Feedback appreciated)
« on: March 12, 2017, 03:33:01 AM »
Yeah, I may have gone a bit overboard on the firepower department...

The ammo created by her Semblance only lasts for around 10 seconds after firing, after which they dissipate into nothingness.

Changed to only accommodate two miniguns, and specified that they are miniaturised. Also stated that the fire rate, as well as the recoil is reduced from the original version. May also add that Lunae cannot use them consecutively/for a long duration, as the recoil starts to hurt her.

Changed the backstory from "complete exo-suit" to "half-complete, broken suit" that her uncle got from a trade. Basically, from illegal to "somewhat" legal, I suppose. For the suit itself, it was never really constructed by her uncle, merely repaired, something that was well within his skill range, due to the fact it was only the arms, and not remotely controlled. Actually, scratch that completely, it can't even be DEFINED as a exo-suit because it doesn't even cover the person. More like one of those mechanical aids that help old people walk, except it's the arms instead.

Should I create a new section detailing the support itself?

WiP Characters / Re: Aurora Hesperid
« on: March 12, 2017, 03:13:37 AM »
Huh, I've always found that the semblance section was one of the easiest to write (curse you appearance/history). Since we seem to be polar opposites, might I be allowed to give you a hand, as you did with me b4?

When you say "crude", does that mean she simply hasn't unlocked the full potential of it yet, or is it simply worse than normal telekinesis semblances?
Elaborating on a bit more detail, how many items can she hold up at a time, and the weight of those items? Say she is holding one of her knives, how long can she hold it for? Can she throw the knife with her semblance, and if so, how far? "In proximity to Aurora" may need a bit more detail, like how close/far? Adding such details normally helps convince the mods (JJB for example) and usually gives the impression that your semblance isn't as powerful as the mods think.

To finish off, a question: How do you resist writing massive weapon sections? When creating a profile, I always think of the weapon first, then the semblance to complement, and the rest follows. The way you do it seems completely flipped round to me, not saying that's anything wrong :D

Approved Characters / Re: Kei Tsz Fung
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:25:30 AM »
Changed to make it more realistic (damaged nerves and sections of bone). Basically, enough to paralyse him, but not enough to kill.

Approved Characters / Re: Kei Tsz Fung
« on: March 09, 2017, 04:21:23 PM »
Bump. Note that my time zone seems to be 6 hours ahead or so, technically 7 days now.

WiP Characters / Re: Luna Terenas (Feedback appreciated)
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:26:53 AM »
I don't think I will. I want this character to be short and sweet, easy to understand. Thus no Dust semblances I reckon. Might have to make it more clear...

Beacon Academy / Re: A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:02:51 AM »
(OOC: Just to keep the ball rolling since it's been 4 days now)

Yes, Tina thought in satisfaction as half her shots landed on her target. Seeing as it was the start of the fight she was expecting a worse result. However, that satisfaction turned to a jolt of pain as Cat returned fire, two of his shots finding it's mark before she flattened on the ground. That hurt...

Rolling behind a tree, Tina peeked out and saw Cat and Chris duelling it out between each other. ”That's two of them, where’s—What the HELL?” she gasped as a massive dust-filled shockwave came rolling her way. Frantically climbing the tree she was taking cover behind, she saw the destruction that the wave caused, basically recreating the arena into a barren, rocky battlefield. And all that came from Griz... she thought, shocked. Just who am I fighting?

Taking a better look at her surroundings, something came to her mind. Actually, I can use this. Semblance is more useful now. Just keep fighting each other for a sec, will ya? she wondered, using the short respite she had to reload both revolvers with kinetic dust rounds, before taking careful aim on her precarious perch on the now tilting tree. Let's see you dodge these! she exclaimed in her mind, firing 3 kinetic rounds (4% each) from each gun upon Griz, specifically aiming for his arms and legs in an attempt to cripple, before swiftly turning and unloading another 4 normal rounds(3% each) in the general vicinity where Cat and Chris were fighting, not aiming at any person in general, more to distract them from the wave of doom than anything. Wait, I’ve just given away my position to everyone, haven’t I? she sighed.

Battle Data: ShowHide

Nightfall and Sunrise=7/12 rounds loaded

WiP Characters / Lunae Terenas
« on: March 08, 2017, 05:33:26 PM »

Name: Lunae "Luna" Terenas

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Three used cartridges falling to the floor, outlined by an orange explosion

Occupation: Second Year Beacon Academy student

Appearance: A 5'4, energetic and happy-go-lucky girl, Lunae has brown, almost blonde hair accented with gold which is kept in a ponytail, light blue eyes with flecks of grey, a friendly face and a wide smile. She wears a yellow crescent moon earring on her left ear, and has a pin shaped like a bullet which she uses to hold up her ponytail. She normally goes pretty hard on the makeup, altering her look but not enough to make her seem strange, sticking to the basics like eye shadower and powder. Usage of her weapons have left her with surprisingly strong arms.

Lunae shuns the school uniform for a more revealing orange corset under a brown and white tank top, usually covered by a leather jacket with shortened sleeves and trimmed waistline. She also wears a short grey combat skirt, complete with brown combat boots. These boots have spikes that extend and retract at the press of a inner button, anchoring Lune to the ground and reducing recoil from her weapon. An alternate outfit has her wearing a bright orange and black hoodie, resembling multiple nuclear explosions, and biker trousers(despite her not owning a motorbike) for more casual occasions. She normally grabs whatever footwear is close at hand, no matter if it goes well with the clothes she is wearing or not.

No matter the choice of clothes, Lunae rarely goes out of Beacon without something that makes her stand out from everyone else in a crowd: her exo-skeletal arm support. This is strapped to her back and is a shining metallic grey, with brown piston components and silver metal plates interlocking in a complex Atlas-based design.

History: Lunae has had as peaceful a life as any could have wished for, living in a gun shop located in Vale, owned by her father and uncle. The shop had many customers, and thus Lunae was blessed with a well-off family and income. Her uncle also ran a small smuggling business that specialised in Atlas tech, and resold the stolen goods in their store. But, of course, Lunae didn't know about that.

When she was young, she was immersed in stories of being a Huntress, thanks to the stream of Hunters purchasing from their store and taking time to intrigue Lunae with tales of Grimm being slain by them, several of which may or may not have been over-exaggerated. This piqued Lunae's interest, and she asked her father to bring her to see Hunters in action. Her father refused for the reason that it was too dangerous for a young girl, but promised that he would make it up for her. True to his word, her father got tickets to a fireworks show along the coast of a nearby village. The fireworks show was small, but to the childish eyes of Lunae, it was one of the most beautiful things in existence, especially with Remnant's shattered moon in the background. While other kids her age covered their ears and hid behind their parent's legs as normal kids do, Lunae basked in both the light from the fireworks and the explosive crackles and pops. She was later brought to the firework cannon and it was like she found a long-lost treasure, such was her excitement at seeing the thing that created such fun for her. The staff had to drag her away from the machine before she started climbing all over the machinery.

The next day, her father walked into the store to see Lunae struggling to lift a 8-kg bazooka and about to pull the trigger, aimed right at the house next door. He dashed over to lift her away from the weapon of destruction, before looking up to see Lunae's uncle doubled over with laughter at the shock on her father's face. He'd set it up all along with a blank charge, just for a laugh, it turned out. Looking back at Lunae in his arms, her face filled with wonder, he felt obliged to take the rocket launcher out for a demonstration. She delighted in both the noise and the explosion that the rocket made. The neighbors were less amused. This only solidified Lunae's love for explosive weapons, much to her parents's astonishment. However, they still had control over her life, and demanded that if she was to use such weapons, she had to learn every dang safety rule to using such dangerous equipment. She instantly and happily agreed, if only to be able to wield such tools of pure awesomeness.

Her father agreed to start teaching Lunae the proper way to use explosives when she was at the right age, as well as the basics of being a Huntress, seeing as she was learning to use weapons. She had already been attending school, so academics wasn't much of a problem. The more obvious topic was the way she was going to use her chosen weapon, as she couldn't start unloading rockets wherever she liked. Besides, those rockets were expensive. The cost problem was solved in a unexpected way when Lunae was out practicing proper procedure with a stock RPG. Without realising, she had stopped reloading and was just unleashing rocket after rocket, before suddenly feeling faint and blacking out. When she awoke, she was in her bed, with her parents hovering protectively over her. They explained that she may have unlocked her semblance, as the rockets she was firing were glowing a bright orange. That, and the hardly recognisable remains of the training range.

A few days after the incident (she was 15 now), her uncle came in the store with something they had never seen before: a battered, broken, half-complete exo-skeletal frame with only the arms attached. Her uncle had got the frame as payment for a previous trade. Along with the frame came two Vulcan miniguns, which Lunae paid no attention to at first. It only took her father 3 seconds to make her fall in love with the gun (He picked up a minigun, aimed at a target board and shredded it in that time), and begged her father to let her use it. All he said was "We'll see", and nothing more was said of the topic. Lunae thought her father had forgotten all about it, until her 18th birthday when she was presented with both the now unrecognisable exo-skeletal arm frame and the twin upgraded miniguns by her uncle, and a new, custom-designed RPG specially designed for Lunae by her father, signalling their approval for her to join Beacon.

Personality: Loud, confident, self-sure are some of the most common words used to describe Lunae. Those traits allow her to easily engage in conversation, even with strangers. However, this does not mean she befriends every person she meets; rather, she finds it hard to actually make proper friends at times. Her confidence is the main reason why she jumps headlong into most things, trusting her instincts and her weaponry to bail her out if something goes awry (which it does sometimes). This does put her in trouble when fighting Grimm, as her overconfidence puts her in tough spots at times. Her loud voice is another defining feature, and as she likes to say: "Being able to be heard anywhere at anytime is a essential thing." Energetic in most situations (apart from school), Lunae is athletic for her age, but at the same time, she isn't incredible at school subjects in general. She is not afraid to pull some...mature stops to get what she wants from others sometimes, but does not do it for the fun of it.

When people ask her "Why did you want to become a Huntress?", they are mostly astonished by her answer of "Because I can see the pretty explosions!" She loves loud noises, and especially adores firework shows, being the source of her enjoyment. She has an obsession of sorts toward any weapon that makes a big bang, and will go as far as to stare straight at a flash-bang with sunglasses on.

Aura and Semblance: Lunae has a orange aura, and she has a large aura pool to draw from when using her Semblance. However, she is not good at using her aura for anything else than regeneration, but her stamina regenerates faster than others.

Lunae's Semblance, Salvo Core, allows her to manifest her aura as projectiles. More specifically, any weapon she is touching, she can provide infinite ammo for, as long as she has the stamina for it. The ammo she manifests out of aura will retain all of the original ammo's characteristics (caliber, size, etc) but will not copy any dust effects. This includes any special, custom-made ammo with whatever special effects it originally had. The same goes for any explosive weaponry, like RPGs and grenade launchers. Basically, this means Lunae can pick up any gun and use it regardless of ammo. Oh, and she doesn't have to reload either, as the bullets/rockets manifest in the magazine/launch tube. However, she cannot rapid-fire her RPG due to the recoil. The ammo created by said Semblance eventually dissipates in 10 seconds after being fired. Any bullet or rocket created by Lunae's Semblance glows orange, making them easily recognisable. If any gun with manifested bullets leaves contact with Lunae, the bullets dissipate.
more details: ShowHide
 Lunae has used her semblance most with her selected weapons, and thus requires less effort to manifest ammunition for them. However, if using her semblance on other weapons, she has to use more stamina to create the same amount of ammo for, per say, a magazine for a pistol. The stamina used varies on the amount of ammo, the size (caliber) of the bullet and any special features included. The base stamina numbers are as follows (for reference):
For her own weapons:
Full reload of 300 rounds for one minigun: 18% of stamina
Rocket for RPG: 8%
10-round magazine for pistol: 2%

Other weapons that aren't hers:
10-round mag for pistol: 4%
15-30 round mag for machine-gun: 8%
6-round mag for sniper-rifle: 8%
1 grenade/1 rocket for grenade/rocket launcher: 12%

Lunae's Semblance can be further upgraded/improved via a one-use Foci, infused with powdered Ice Dust. This said Foci is the aforementioned "cartridge" pin that holds up her ponytail. When used, she loosens the pin, letting down her hair and gaining a more wild, unkempt appearance. Her Aura gains a slight light-blue tinge, and all ammo created gains a small freezing effect. This also cools her miniguns, meaning that for the duration that the Foci is active, her miniguns do not overheat, allowing for continuous fire. This does not change the recoil, however. In her RPG's case, any rockets created/fired create ice shards that spread on contact, like a frag grenade. The Foci's effects last around 10 seconds.

Combat Behavior: Dual miniguns and a modified RPG mean that whatever Lunae chooses to do, it'll be very, very loud, and very, very powerful. Using the destructive firepower of her weapons, she can provide heavy cover fire and shell out positions, forcing her enemies out into the open, where they get mowed down by her miniguns. Due to her semblance, Lunae can keep the firepower going for up to 20 seconds before her miniguns get too hot, in which case she either uses her second minigun, or switches to her RPG for more explosions. She is by all means the heavy artillery of the team.

All that being said, she has very exposed weaknesses. Due to the 20mm rounds being too heavy to carry in bulk, Lunae only carries 150 rounds for each gun. When that runs out, she has to rely on her Semblance, and if her stamina runs out as well, she is left helpless. The same applies to her RPG, as she doesn't carry a single rocket with her. As well as that, her choice of heavy weaponry leaves her largely immobile, and her utter lack of melee capabilities means if she gets jumped, she is a sitting duck.

Simply put, Lunae counts on the sheer power of her weapons to repel or fight off enemies, while simultaneously either keeping enemies in one spot via cover fire, or driving enemies out of hiding locations via RPG bombardment.


Name: None given

Primary Form: 2 modified, minaturised M61 Vulcan miniguns with only four barrels instead of six and decreased fire rate/recoil, mounted on a exo-skeletal arm frame that extends from Lune's backpack. The gun itself is around 120 cm, 2/3rds the original length. Each gun has a maximum of 300 high-velocity 20mm rounds per belt. It takes up to 3 seconds to spin-up to full RPM. Fires 4000 rounds per minute, or 66 per second at maximum capacity, but in the interest of conserving ammo and stamina, Lunae normally uses 1/4th of the RPM, totalling 16 bullets per second. Prone to overheating if fired for more than 20 seconds at a time. Lunae only carries 150 rounds for each minigun, and rounds are ejected off to the side after being expended.

Exo-Skeletal Form: The exo-skeletal frame, mounted parallel to her arms, is designed for ease of movement without constricting natural arm movement, so Lunae can move her arms just as easily as she could without the frame, except slower. Each arm supports one minigun on the sides of the arms, reducing the recoil from said gun. The miniguns themselves can be detached. The ammo belts lead from the gun to two chests behind the frame, located around the back of Lunae's ribcage, which themselves can be detached like ballast. A side effect of the arm supports is that Lunae gains massive punching power, but this is very rarely used by her intentionally.

Storage Form: The barrels on each minigun retract into the main firing mechanism, and the arms fold up behind Lunae, above the ammo chests, with the barrels pointing downward. In this mode they are not much more than dead-weight, and is only used for ease of mobility.

History: Originally Atlas tech, then rebuilt and modified by her uncle, and created to sate Lunae's hunger for loud and powerful weapons, these dual vulcan miniguns are part of a dual set of weapons designed for use with the exo-skeletal arm support.

Name: None given

Primary Form: Customised rocket-propelled grenade launcher with a sight which swivels to fit the user. Has about the same range as a sniper rifle, and a projectile speed of around 120 mps. That's basically it. Lunae doesn't even carry ammo for it due to her Semblance. However, the rockets it fires do just about the same, if not more, than one of Magnhild's grenades.
Fire, hit, go kaboom. When not in direct usage but in combat, the RPG is slung behind Lunae's right shoulder, and when needed, unfolds over her shoulder, exposing the sight which moves in front of Lunae's right eye. A handle and tripod grip unfolds from the base of the firing mechanism in this mode. Otherwise, it is held like a normal RPG.

Secondary Form: The grip and trigger disconnect from the whole launch tube, revealing a modified pistol that fires .50 caliber bullets. Holds up to 10 rounds per magazine, but Lunae only carries the one always inside the pistol.

Storage Form: The discharge tube disconnects from the firing mechanism and trigger. The tube is then stored horizontally across the back of Lunae's waist, while the firing mechanism is holstered at Lunae's side.

History: Designed and built by her father, and created to quench Lunae's thirst for explosive weapons, the RPG is the second part of a dual set of weapons designed for use with the exo-skeletal arm support.

RPG Discussion / Re: New Horizons: Lexicon Update
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:20:21 PM »

White Fang (CANON):The White Fang is a Faunus terrorist organization in Remnant. Founded following the Faunus Rights Revolution, the White Fang was initially created as a symbol of the peace between Humans and Faunus.
However, in the face of continued discrimination and a change in leadership, the White Fang began to adopt more and more radical methods, eventually becoming a violent terrorist organization that has earned much notoriety in the world.
Enemies of the White Fang include the governments, militaries, schools and Huntsmen. Their goals are to destroy these institutions and cause the collapse of the pillars of society.

Glamour (AU/CANON): Dust can be cosmetically applied to clothing and equipment. This effect gives a wide range of purely decorative effects, from sparkles to shininess to what have you. These effects can also provide minor, non-combat based benefits. Adding Ice Dust Acrylics to your clothes can help keep you cool in the hot deserts of Vacuo, for example.

Beacon Academy / Re: Initiation? What's that? [CLOSED]
« on: March 08, 2017, 01:31:59 AM »
Finally, someone who actually knows what they're doing, Tieren thought. "Uhh, yes ma'am, I'm supposed to be going around Beacon Academy and eventually meeting at whatever they call training rings in this maze. Would be greatly obliged if any help could be offered, since Know-it-all over here isn't giving any." All that being said, he pulled out a bottle of lemon tea from his backpack and took a deep swallow. Boy, did that help with his temper sometimes.

WiP Characters / Re: Caro Hopplen
« on: March 07, 2017, 12:30:33 PM »
It might be better that, seeing as so many characters have this traumatic life and that orphaned experience, a simple, carefree life with none of those sob stories nor any unique events might work well. I mean, the mods have seen everything there is to offer anyway.

Teams / Re: 1st Year Beacon Team
« on: March 06, 2017, 04:05:56 PM »
If you don't do the same as your old teammates, sure :)

Damn, this semblance can be annoying at times! Setsuna thought, frustrated at his helplessness after expending his energy for just one attack. Bringing Harmony to bear in front of him, he braced for the eventual pain that the Beringel was sure to bring.

Except that never came. Thanks to both Taro and Calen's combined efforts, the Beringel's body slam only just grazed Setsuna's shield arm as the beast went stumbling past. Taking his time to catch his breath, he looked around and noticed the already crumbling remains of the other Grimm, as well as Anna once again sending her chains at the remaining one.

"Well done," he congratulated the pair, despite the condition he was in. " Good to know you two had a better time than we did. That being said," gesturing with his sword, "I think it's almost down as well. Ready to take it down?" he said, shifting into a classic defender's stance, feeling part of his strength return to him.

"I can take the brunt of its attacks. Keep the aggro on me?" he called. "Oh, and Taro? Sorry for putting you on the spot just now."
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