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The Vale Region / Re: A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« Last post by Siuwa on Today at 09:04:07 AM »
Judging from her reaction, Cat really has overestimated himself when making that comment. He thought being in the 16s rounds means that he would have some recognition. Apparently not, not even from people who are supposed to encounter him in a match. That reminds him; he should probably watch the fights in round 2 as well.

"A lasso is fairly useful though. I suggest you train to have finer control over it and a longer range. It can increase your aptitude in multiple fields, including offense, defense, and mobility. Training your strength is still a step in the right direction nonetheless, allowing you to actually pull off the maneuvers instead of as you said, pulling yourself towards doom. As for my design philosophy, it is a hammer because at the time of it's conception heavy hits are favored over several small ones, and I asked for the holes in it because flamethrower makes for a decent AoE and gives a thrust that offsets it's generally low attack speed. It's the same deal with the sniper form in that it produces hard, somewhat slow attacks. My idea of using it is to either snipe you down from a hidden position or shove the gun in your face and perform gun katas."

Gotcha. Here's where the fun begins. Catalina triumphantly thought to himself. Ayaka's body feels neither warm or comfortable, but that's because 1)Aura and 2)She's constantly struggling. Plus, we're talking about constraining an enemy as the context here, it's not like Cat is embracing his lover or something.

Seeing Ayaka has shot out the wires to wrap it around Cat is no less than ideal, because that makes rounding her up so much more efficient. All Cat needs to do is take it from her hand. So Cat just reached out with his Semblance and struggled against her hand delivering the choke. Then in his toolbox, the lightning Dust is uncapped and it's content infused into his field of Aura, including that thing that was sent to confront Ayaka's threatening hand. They provide a constant electric shock to hopefully weaken Ayaka's resistance.

Using this chance, Cat draws some more upon his Semblance by using it to hold his rifle, pointed it at Ayaka's back and pulled the trigger. Hopefully, this would hit because using his Semblance as hands allow the recoil to damage itself a bit, and the strain on his mind is already manifesting in the form of heavier breathing.

Combat stats:
Aura: 83% (-3% from recoil)
Ammo for Take That!: 15/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 0% Fire/100% Earth/25% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 65%

The hug is now imbued with lightning Dust dealing 5% damage per second of contact.
Sniper shot: 15%x1
Character Creation / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 06:48:30 AM »
I don't understand how you have drawn your conclusions. History is full of examples of people being trained from much younger than 14 years old in organised academies the same isn't so for medical students. The skills required to be a good doctor are not the same as being good at hitting people with sticks and although they both definitely require cognitive aspects I don't think it's a fair comparison. But like I said it's not something I need you to change.
Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Two
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 06:40:07 AM »
(sooooooo opps. No pressure if you guys don't want to continue, I already know Mike isn't around much anymore)

Although the no-quite-Paladin wasn’t particularly heavily armoured it still took a few of Nathan’s rounds before they started finding their mark. Clearly ‘skilled’ at cutting the hunters-in-training’s sightlines the droid was darting between the trees to prolong its ‘life,’ fruitlessly of course as the combined weight of Nathan’s fire and Revya’s fireball was simply too much punishment for its light chassis to handle. With a crackle, fizzle and a pop the droid crashed down motionless, likely the forest was kept rather moist by the ‘rain’ so only small bits of shrub started to catch alight. Luckily for the hunters-in-training whatever they were testing seemed to desire to remained unburnt as them which resulted in a thick fog starting to fill the forest. Despite the obvious benefits of extinguishing the fires fog had the far more pressing effect by drastically reducing the hunters-in-training field of vision making seeing where they were going and where they came from almost impossible.

Nothing else of interest would transpire for a good half an hour as the hunters-in-training continued deeper into the forest. If they decided to investigate the destroyed droid they would find very little of recoverable information but it could serve as an impromptu shield or bomb given it's not insignificant dust storage. Even though whatever power was hiding within the forest didn’t continue to act directly there was clearly something moving out there hidden by the undergrowth and thick fog. The snapping of twigs echoed a thousand times over in the otherwise silent forest coming from all around the party as well as strange rustling like the wind blowing across rocky outcrops. Nothing that can be detected through aura and if the hunters-in-training tried to chase after the sounds there would be nothing but the figurative wind and a significant chance of getting separated. The sounds started to grow in intensity until finally after almost an hour of silence things started to emerge from the fog.

Two worms like robotic creatures emerged with another two following behind all coming in from the left of the party. They are massive constructs, over ten meters or thirty feet in length visible and more hidden by the fog and another few feet or meter in radius. A gaping maw of razor-sharp teeth rotating like drill struck out with surprising speed, one at each of the hunters-in-training for a frenzied flurry of drilled teeth bites but those were merely a distraction as every bite that went wide was an opportunity that the robotic worms used to wrap around their opponents. This was where their real danger lay, as if they managed to get wrapped around their target they would release a huge amount on ice dust, hoping to render the hunter-in-training temporarily powerless then retract back into the fog.
Character Creation / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Erukolindo on Today at 04:48:17 AM »
In my defense, I'd like to point out that while we don't know (or at least I'm not aware of) the length of the education at academies like Signal, it has to be at least 3 years (since in the show Ruby skipped last two years of it). And after graduating from it, students would enroll at Beacon at the age of 17.

That means that there is a combat school that accepts 14-year-old students, or even younger if the education there lasts longer. Keeping that in mind it doesn't seem like too big of a stretch for a medical school to have comparable age requirements, at least in my opinion.

But if that doesn't work, then I can change the requirement to be 16 years.
Character Creation / Re: Attom Goldwyn
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 03:35:07 AM »
I feel you need a little more detail around the semblance. Firstly because if one symbol can add or cancel out kinetic force do you really need both? But secondly and more important we need limitations like how fast does it accelerate objects? Are there limits on the size of the object it can be put on? Can it be put on living people/grimm? How does it interact with aura? That sort of thing.
Character Creation / Re: Saffron Biel
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 03:23:30 AM »
Well, this character seemed to have come together quite well so good job there. I have a pretty big issue with there being a medical school which accepts fourteen-year-olds but it's not really that impactful I guess.

Regardless of +1.
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by Glow on November 19, 2018, 08:41:29 PM »
'Yea, no.' Samantha thought, eyes widening as the storm of gravity started crawling towards her. Now the storm of shards weren't so thick, and she'd bought herself a little distance from the vortex, she moved one of the spare chains backward, then tugging herself away from the... thing. She then repeated the action with the other chains, moving a little like a spider away from it - if a spider had drunk a human-sized portion of vodka, maybe, but still moving away from it. More importantly, she was circling around it; trying to get out of the direct line of fire from the storm, and into direct line of fire to Camelia. She'd still have the shield to block anything, which was an issue, but at least she'd stand a chance that way.

[AURA: 22%]
[HELD CHARGE: 20% (Kinetic dust crystal)]
Character Creation / Saffron Biel
« Last post by Erukolindo on November 19, 2018, 03:40:53 PM »

Name: Saffron Biel

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Human female

Symbol: Crocus flower in white and gold color scheme

Occupation: First year student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Saffron is 158 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. She has dark brown, shoulder length hair, brown eyes and pale complexion. Her standard outfit consists of: a white lab coat which she used during her last two years at school in Atlas and which she modified by adding a hood and saffron colored stripes (giving it appearance similar to the robe in icon below).

She uses two large pockets in the coat to carry dust containers and two pairs of white latex gloves, which, although rarely used are considered by her to be an essential part of her outfit. Underneath the coat she wears a white T-shirt with her emblem on the right shoulder. In addition to that she has a pair of white, skinny jeans, tall, leather boots and a leather belt around her lab coat, giving it an appearance similar to a tunic. On that belt she carries a sheath for her dagger, small first aid kit and even smaller water bottle.

History: Saffron was born in a family which generation after generation gifted the world with skilled physicians of various specializations. She grew up in Vale with her parents (both of them were doctors) and a brother who was 4 years older than her. She had a happy, peaceful childhood, which ended on her 14th birthday, when she chose her path through life. She wasn't sure if it was a right choice, but out of lack of better ideas she decided to follow her family's tradition. And just like her brother 4 years earlier, she traveled to Atlas to enroll at a medical academy located there. The same one that many of her relatives graduated from.

From the very beginning she was recognized as a member of Biel family, which came with an unforeseen legacy to uphold - she was expected to do at least just as well, if not better as her relatives in the past. It wasn't so bad for first two years - not only they were only learning the basics, but also her brother was still studying there, and he was always able to find some time to help her if she had trouble with some subject. As a result, she felt the true weight of that responsibility for the first time during the third year. The fact that she had very specific interests didn't help - she was fascinated by artificial body parts and herbalism - both of which were only covered in basics, as they were unlikely to ever be useful to an average physician. That part of her time at school lasted 3 years and was filled with hours of learning, spent not to gain knowledge, but to do well enough. That changed at the beginning of her sixth and final year in the academy, when a classmate introduced her to his cousin - a huntsman in training from Atlas Academy. From that moment she spent less and less time on studying for her school, instead spending time learning about Grimm, dust and everything huntsman related, as a dream slowly formed in her mind. She stopped trying to uphold the standard that previous members of her family set. She now had a goal, a vision that she was willing to dedicate her entire life to, should that be required.

She started visiting her new friend to watch him and his team practice and after creating her own weapon - also join them. She almost completely ignored studying for many subjects at school to focus on few which she thought would help her achieve her goal. She worked harder than ever before, which eventually lead her to discovering her semblance. All of that didn't mean that she stopped putting effort into learning all the subjects at school. She still did her best to gain as much knowledge and experience from them as possible, but only during classes and not a second longer. She remembered the last part of the year as an exhausting streak of studying, exams and work. In the end she managed to graduate the academy with a very average score - significantly lower than what was expected from a member of Biel family.

After returning to Vale she announced that she wants to enroll at Beacon Academy, which was a surprise for most members of her relatives and a big shock for the rest. Not listening to any arguments, she took the Enrollment Exam and at the age of 20 began her study at Beacon.

Personality: Saffron was always a cheerful, selfless person and she stayed this way throughout the years spent in Atlas. But one noticeable trait she gained there was talkativeness - most conversations with her sooner or later turn into a monologue about whatever is on her mind at the moment. And just as much as she enjoys talking, she dislikes listening. Unless she's interested in the topic of the conversation she gets bored very quickly and while she tries to hide it, she's not doing a very good job at that.

Although as a child she was repelled by mere sight of blood, during the time spent in the medical school she became indifferent to the sight of even serious injuries. That didn't stop her classmates from jokingly claiming that the exceptional speed at which she worked was caused by the fact that she wanted to stop seeing the wounds as quickly as possible. Saffron considered it to be really funny and often used that claim herself.

While cheerfulness is a defining feature of Saffron's personality, when a situation gets serious - be it because she was about to fight, or take care of someone's injury, that feature disappears without a trace. She becomes serious and focused on her current task. The only thing that doesn't change about her is her selflessness. Which can be seen in her fighting style.

Aura and Semblance: Saffron's aura was unlocked with help from a student at Atlas Academy during her last year in Atlas. It is saffron in color.

Her semblance - Rally - allows her to temporarily strengthen the willpower of either herself, or someone who she touches. As a result, the affected finds it easier to make certain decisions - from waking up on time, resisting peer pressure, doing whatever they are supposed to do instead of procrastinating all the way to getting back up after a crushing defeat. But while it might help someone get over the obstacles that life puts in their way, if a person intended to give up as soon as things start getting more difficult, being affected with this semblance would just fortify their decision. Using this semblance requires Saffron to first focus for few seconds. She can only affect one person at a time and to do so, she must maintain physical contact.

Combat Behavior:  Saffron tends to fight from just behind the first line, focusing on supporting her allies. Provided that she has proper dust types, she can prove to be very helpful, despite rarely landing a finishing blow. Disrupting enemy attacks, creating openings, pushing allies out of the way of a strike and many more - her most common actions during battle all revolve around getting the most out of ranged options of her weapon. Still, if needed, she can replace a fighter in a front line, using the blade of her weapon to cripple her opponents.
Saffron is a team player. But that skill turns out to be useless when she's alone. When there isn't anyone she could support, all the flaws of her weapon become apparent, most significant two being lack of good defensive options and the fact that dust must be loaded right before firing. That leaves her only with her agility and close range combat - both of which are considered by Saffron to not be that important for her fighting style. She never fought a serious battle alone and as a result she isn't fully aware of these weaknesses.


Name: Phoenix's Claw

Primary Form: In its primary form Phoenix's Claw is a single-edged dagger with 12 cm long, wooden handle and 20 cm long, obsidian blade. This choice of material allowed for sharpest edge physically possible but at the same time it made the blade extremely brittle. Because of that it can only be used when protected by user's aura. This weapon lacks a pommel and instead a small ring is put around the end of the handle to prevent it from slipping out of user's hand.

Secondary Form: The handle of Phoenix's Claw can be extended to 60 cm. It changes nothing about the basic functions of the weapon.

Dust Functions:  Lack of a pommel leaves the inside of the handle open, allowing the user to fill it with dust, which is used to shoot out a continuous beam of energy. Once the dust is inserted into the weapon it'll fire with few seconds of delay. Beam's power can be adjusted by rotating the ring on the handle, but it's impossible to stop it until it runs out of dust. Because of small size of the handle it can only contain small amount of dust, heavily limiting it's usefulness as a weapon, since a beam powerful enough to cause serious damage would only last a fraction of a second. In it's secondary form, due to increased volume of the handle, significantly more dust can be inserted, allowing even a powerful beam to last for significant amount of time; the delay before firing is also increased to make sure that the user has enough time to load the dust and point the weapon towards their enemy.
While this function can be used with any kind of dust to give the beam different properties, Saffron's primary choice is fire dust.

History: Saffron created Phoenix's Claw during her last year in Atlas, after she learned basics of that process from a student at Atlas Academy. She designed it to resemble (and work as) an improvised set of medical tools - the blade could perform precise cuts, and the beam, set to low power and generated with fire dust, could cauterize wounds.
     So the rat actually popped out of it's hole, much to Ayaka's surprise. Being a coward she thought he'd do something dumb like brace himself but it seems like his semblance Yanked him out like a weed in the ground.

     Getting arms wrapped around herself was no good, and Ayaka's sword arm was pinned to her side. She managed to not get knocked down, however, she had her footwork to thank for that.

     The swordswoman struggled to free herself but given the position it would be stupid to keep moving without a plan. With one arm free and her lengthy sword's hilt at her side, Ayaka shot out several wires to her free hand, from behind Catalina's back, and attempted to wrap the wires around his neck if he didn't let go. Not letting it be an easy grab, however, Ayaka moved every now and then and started angling her sword upwards as well.

Aura - 100%(no damage taken from grab since none indicated)

Makeshift Garote - 2% if successful choke.
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