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Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« Last post by Siuwa on October 12, 2018, 09:16:42 AM »
Alright, here's a good full hit. While waiting for Azure to get back to the fighting Cat loaded some of his fire dust into his hammer. It could be easily seen from even as far as she is, so it could be fairly obvious what Cat will do next.
When Azure started charging, Cat prepares himself as Azure charges and when she got just out of melee range, Catalina pulls the trigger with a click. After that comes a vroom.
A blazing heat bursts forth from Catalina's hammer, the Dust-powered fire covering a meter or two in front of him with a fairly large spread. Flamethrower in the face, works every time, except that one time. Let's see what she pulls in response to his counter-AoE.

Combat stats:
Aura: 81%(attacks interrupted)
Ammo for Take That!: 17/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 85% Fire/100% Earth/100% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 100%

Flames: 5% per second for 3 seconds
’Says the person using a rifle.’ Calen responded. Calen was a little annoyed at Reginald’s taunts even though they where perfectly accurate, Calen was going to be hardly a honourable opponent. More shots wisped through the fog and although Calen was careful to move the moment he made noise Reginald still managed to clip him twice. Grimacing at the pain and the cold Calen had to keep moving to keep some semblance of warmth as well as for protection. Reginald was rather obvious but there was still another combatant who hadn’t revealed themselves, Shiroe, the only unknown in this entire fight, and that did unnerve Calen significantly. Not immediately rushing to the aid of their partner showed a larger degree of forward thinking than Calen was looking forward to dealing with.

For the millionth time, Calen thanked his incredible balance, skating around ice was difficult but not impossible with his years of dancing and momentum based semblance gave him a huge advantage in that environment. But that advantage would mean nothing if Calen was forced to remain on the defensive and as such, he needed to continue attacking even if that would leave him exposed. Rushing in again at Reginald with his semblance Calen feinted low before flipping up for a heavy overhead attack aimed square at his opponent’s head. Losing his forward momentum allowed Calen to put a lot more powerful strike but it leaves him more exposed for a counter attack. ’But if you want me closer, all you had to do was ask.’ Calen taunted as he sent forth the bone-crushing blow.

Combat Data

Aura: 80%(2xHalf hits from Reginald’s shots)
Semblance 90%(One use)
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: 14% Heavy blow.
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by Glow on October 11, 2018, 06:01:53 PM »
See, the whole issue with the fight so far was that it was fairly conservative. Samantha was many things - fairly lazy, for one. She preferred getting things done quickly if at all possible and go back to kind of dawdling about in a somewhat awkward fashion. So, in this case, a long and drawn out battle was beginning to work against her - she'd gotten in some pokes at the start, and now she was being weighed down quite literally by Camelia's semblance. So, she made a decision.

She had a fair amount of aura, and a helluva lot of built up charge. It would hurt like bugger, but...

Instead of making any major movement to get away or counter the attack, Samantha pulled herself forward towards her opponent with the chains, charging what she could into the sword to prepare for the next step. This lead to her hitting the floor in a fairly haphazard position as she placed her sword above her, Unity getting a fairly solid hit in on her as she let out a gasp from the hit to her side. Prismatic Performance blocked what Samantha could of the attack, but it was still a powerful gravity-enhanced blow. However, this also left the hilt of the weapon touching against her opponent directly. Focusing herself despite the pain at her side, she released the entirety of the built up sound into one singular point, creating a sudden loud booming noise and causing a powerful wave of force to blast outwards, aiming to send it directly into her opponent - she'd taken the hit to get into point-blank range for this, after all.

(Combined damage from Unity and fall: -25% aura (10% fall, 15% blocked hit), Semblance charge into Prismatic Performance: -9% stamina, Sound Cannon: -34% held charge, -40% aura, possible disorientation/damage on landing, large knockback)

[AURA: 52%]
[STAMINA: 33%]
Smokey was about to take Siu’s advice and start heading to the rendezvous point, but the untimely arrival of the Nevermore managed to thwart that plan.  With no cover and no real shielding to protect him, Smokey was forced to take the full brunt of the volley.  Fortunately, not too much damage was done, and the pain quickly passed. 

Still, the group’s out in the open in this valley, and Smokey has nothing that can bring down that bird from this far away.  Well, there is that, but he’d rather not bring that out at this point in the game.  The mission’s already accomplished, and as much as Smokey would like to go trophy hunting, there are other, bigger fish to fry.  In the meantime, though, that leaves him on scrub duty.  Shooting individual Beowolves feels like a waste of ammo, but there’s really not much else to do. 

Ignoring Mikado’s teasing and leveling Matchstick at his quarry once again, the familiar gray aura surrounds and solidifies around Smokey as he activates his semblance one more time.  Then, two shots fire off from the revolver, taking out two of the four landlocked Grimm, as Smokey strafes towards the remaining two Beowolves in an attempt to bait them towards himself.  If they charge him, then at least he can kill the remaining two without wasting any more ammo.

As he’s doing all this, though, there’s one thing that’s bothering him. Didn’t Siu say there were two Nevermores?  Did Siu take one out with her scouts?  Or did it fly off toward another target…?

”Oi, weren’t there supposed to be two of those things?  What happened to the other one?” Smokey asked, deciding to voice his concerns.  Best case, he’s fretting over nothing and the Nevermore buzzed off somewhere.  But if something else caught its eye, such as a transport or an evacuation ship, the hunters might need to shift priorities.

Smokey's combat stats
Aura: 96%
Matchstick: 5/7 ~No Dust Loaded
7/14 Fire Dust, 7/14 Ice Dust

Action:  Shooting 2 bad doggos, moving toward other bad doggos
”Bam!” Vivian let out a yell as Topaz took the blow square in the middle of her body. Normally she wouldn’t get so excited over a single hit, but this one had put her right where she needed to be. A stunned enemy standing within arms reach was one of the best advantages Vivian could have, as far as she knew. The massive ice attack had made her own arm a little stiffer than usual, but thankfully, she had two!

The faunus moved in again, using her good arm to swiftly follow up with a hook aimed at the girl’s head [-5% aura]. Trying to keep up the offensive before Topaz could collect herself and retaliate, she didn’t hesitate to attack again. Vivian lifted her right leg, opposite foot turning to the side and digging into the ground. Her knee extended out as she spun, driving her shin towards her opponent’s ribs in a rising, side-angled kick [-4% aura].
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on October 11, 2018, 12:28:59 AM »
’I noticed, no point doing all those situps and hiding them away I guess. Huh that’s a… nice piece of ink I believe the phrase is, does it mean anything?’ Saffron responded spending a short moment searching for the ‘hip’ phrase. Saffron was no stranger to showing her fair share of skin herself, even going so far to use fire dust runes to allow her to do such comfortably in Atlas’ arctic climate. Ripped jeans, however, weren’t something that Saffron understood but she guessed it fit with Azure’s punk persona, the tattoo was much more impressive to Saffron as it showed action rather than inaction. ’A common thread is also helpful, having time to yourself might not always be possible with a life like yours so making sure you are always doing what you love is the only way to stay sane. Not that we aren’t all a little insane when you think about it’ Saffron continued looking off into the distance. A lot of effort was put into social support at Atlas, it’s more regimented outlook allowed for more of a hands-on approach to recovery, both physically and mentally. It was a necessary thing in Saffron’s view, the darkness they all faced every day could never be withstood alone and it isn’t always easy to confide with your team.

’Dust is an incredible asset.’ Saffron agreed innately but a ‘but’ was clearly coming. ’But remember it’s only a tool, the only thing you can guarantee you will have at your back every fight is your body and your friends. You should try to get some practice in with fighting without dust, not only for the situations in which you have to but also when you think you will have to save up for future encounters.’ Saffron warned. It was a common problem with Atlas student and when self-reliance is tied to failable technology it wasn’t really self-reliance and when those devices broke or simply ran out of power the results weren’t pretty. It was a harsh reality check for many, one which luckily enough Saffron’s parents had been drilling into her since before she wanted to go to Atlas Academy. Saffron’s electroreceptors could easily tell that little normal electrical current flowed through Renegade as Azure did her demonstration. ’I guess it also keeps the guitar in your hands when you are dancing around on stage. And I could imagine a few attacks from unexpected angles resulting from playing around with gravity. Very impressive. Just remember not to slack off on those sit-ups, your abs don’t run out of ammo.’ Saffron responded with a smile. As serious these issues are they shouldn’t kill the mood entirely.

Azure’s outburst was completely understandable and Saffron wasn’t at all offended by it, a little saddened that Azure wouldn’t return to Atlas but no one is obligated to stay where they are hated. ’Well beyond the weather I guess it’s because I’m OK being a political statement as well. Not that I’m accusing you of running away but not everyone has the means to leave Atlas, there needs to be proof that we can make our lives back there. That we can be successful, rising to the peaks of Atlas society regardless of the roadblocks in our way. Also, I can change more from the inside than the outside.’ Saffron responded a small smile beguiling deeper inner conflict. Every day was literally a day closer to her dream but it didn’t always feel like that to Saffron and when she looked back on all to progress she had made it seemed so little compared to harm others could, and often did, so easily inflict. ’Maybe think of it like songwriting, time signatures and instrument choice may at first seem confining but with restrictions come ways to subvert them, showing your own personal style in a way impossible without said restrictions. And… you can’t break the rules if there aren’t any rules, to begin with.’ Saffron continued her smile growing as she sort to convince Azure, herself as well as in a way Aurelia who could easily hear the entire exchange.

Saffron was still a little worried about Azure even as she brushed her off, a semblance with that kind of drawback could be very dangerous, particularly with Azure’s lifestyle. Still, it would have to be something Azure has to deal with on her own eventually and all Saffron could do was support that. As such the Atlas student was caught quite off guard by Aurelia’s comment, quickly turning as red as her hair and separating from the punk star. ’It’s… not like that...Azure was simply feeling the effects of her travels… she’s fine now though… there was nothing like that.’ Saffron replied incredibly embarrassed as she reluctantly backing away from Azure. A few deep breaths managed to calm down Saffron enough but her blush was still noticeable down to her neck. ’Well nice to meet you, Aurelia… hope you are having a nice day. I asked Headmaster Lovis if I could partake in some advanced classes focused on more real-world situations. As such I’ve been taking missions across the various continents with my stay here generously supplied by your Headmaster Inverno.’ Saffron responded falling back into a much more regimented response than what she gave to Azure even if they both ending up meaning the same thing.

’Well I’ve just been to comfor...reassure Azure here of her abilities and offering my help in bringing those to the fore. You two will obviously be around each other longer than I so perhaps together we could provide Azure a good base moving forward? Confidence comes from knowledge after all.’ Saffron explained, honestly having an older Beacon student would make the situation much easier, as much as there would be an advantage in offering a different perspective on the matter simply knowing what will be tested would be more effective in simply getting Azure to pass. ’As long as that is OK with you Azure? More the merrier after all… er for purely educational purposes of course.’ Saffron continued overly examining her words so Aurelia doesn’t get the wrong impression accidentally doing the exact opposite. Well that might make it more likely for her to accept if only to chaperone. Saffron thought to herself dryly, she had not made a good first impression.
Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 10, 2018, 08:23:23 PM »
Azure didn’t have time to move out of the way before Cat’s sledge hammer came flying at her. Her fingers leapt to the fret board to push herself back with a blast of wind Dust, but before she could play the chord the head of the hammer was colliding forcefully with the body of her guitar, sending her flying. Renegade blocked most of the force of the hit, but did nothing to lessen the impact of her body against the wall. Azure was pretty sure the wall cracked from the force of her slamming into it.

“Damn...” she mused, climbing to her feet once she’d landed-- none too gracefully-- on the ground. Her aura would have taken a severe blow from attack, and the crashing into the wall part, but Azure wouldn’t notice. She never checked her scroll during combat, she never paid attention to her aura. She figured she’d just fight until she started taking real injuries, and even then, why should that mean she should stop, when she could just grit her teeth and deal with the pain? If she no longer had the protective shield of aura, then it would just add an extra challenge, she would just have to be more careful to not take any serious hits.

Azure loaded a mix of fire and lightning Dust into Renegade, before charging at Cat. She would feint left, before switching to the right to aim a blow at Cat’s torso. Her guitar would be angled in a somewhat downwards, diagonal strike, positioned so that the face of the guitar body would aiming at Cat’s head. Or, around that area. As she was swinging down, she would simultaneously drag one hand across the fretboard to send a wave of fire and lightning Dust towards Cat.

[Aura: 67%]
[Slash: 7%]
[Fire: 10%] [due to close range]
[Lightning: 10%] [due to close range]
Reginald would not know if any of his shots landed, but he knew well enough that they alone could not stop their opponents - he wasn't aware of what Shiroe was doing, but he doubted he'd be able to do much either.

He didn't know his opponents that well, though he had encountered Calen before - during their free-for-all between him, Reginald, Akel and Catalina. Reginald had thoroughly lost, though he would not admit it - he had been at a disadvantage, after all. Even so, he struggled to remember much about the guy's fighting style. He was a swordsman, and a good one - in an open melee, Reginald would be at a disadvantage. Shiroe, however... He might be able to face him well enough.

Any consideration on Reginald's part is cut short as he yelps, struck in the legs as something - someone - leapt at him from the fog. Reginald could barely hold his balance on the icy surface, nearly doing the splits in an attempt to not fall flat on his back again. This was bad - preoccupied with how bad the terrain and weather was for him, he hadn't considered how advantageous it could be for his opponents.

Reginald briefly clutched his cape. "A hit-and-run from the fog against a ranged fighter? And here I thought I might be facing an opponent with some honor!" he shouted before opening fire as he heard his opponent whistle - three more shots, aimed about a foot ahead of each whistle. It was hard to properly gauge the distance and the direction the sound was coming from, but, well, it was all Reggie had - at least until his opponent would charge him again.

(Shots towards the whistling: 3x5%)

Aura: 90%
The Vale Region / Re: Through rivalry and friendship... and a bunch of Grimm [closed]
« Last post by DEXES on October 10, 2018, 10:51:06 AM »
Mikado stared at the path in front of him for a while longer. They did what they were supposed to do, the villagers were save and evacuated and the reported part of the Horde was taken down. Judging by what was next to come, the obvious smarter idea was to leave, but still, he would have liked to fight a bit more. Sure, the Deathstalker had already been a challenge in itself, for which it nedded the full strenght and concentration of the two students, plus the help of Mikados Semblance. But they did it. They did it without even suffering the loss of Aura. Even if Mikado had to work together with Smokey to achieve that. Even now, he wished to have any other student of Beacon by his side, but otherwise was he grateful for the bundle of firepower assigned to him.

He turned around, turned his back to the path and its Grimm which loudly announced there soon arrival, and followed Siu to the opposite path. During the turn Mikado brought his thumb and index finger to his mouth whistled through it. The whistle made Kiro look up. The first movement the dragon has made since they defeated the deathstalker. The aura dragon stood up silently and walked to his owner, still in its grown form. After all, they were still on the open field. And as if this had been the Secret Signal, a black avian shot out of the shadows of the mountains and circled above them.

Mikado didn't say anything. He just stared at the giant bird. The bird. One bird. Singular. Well, he shouldn’t complain, this eventually made the situation easier. This looked like a fight from which they could not leave so easily. And it was to late to try, as the Nevermore had already seen them and spread his wings to unleash the rain of razor sharp feathers upon them. Mikado was able to dodge the incoming attack, but after his dodge roll to the side, he felt a stinging pain in his leg. He looked up, his eyes falling on Kiro, who with his size and lack of reaction didn't has the time to escape the attack. Despite the pain in his leg, which is now slowly fading away, Mikado grabbed his Bo from the holster and grasped the staff with both hands.

In the turmoil of the feather rain, the four Beowolves managed to snuck into the battle and were now creeping slowly towards them from different angles, all while the screaming Nevermore above their heads prepared its next attack. Great, just great.

This shouldn’t be a problem for a trained huntress, but as long as he had enough strength to stand on his feet, he also had enough strength to kill the Grimm. He looked to his side, right at Smokey, "You think you can handle the wolves yourself?" he teased him, already knowing the answer.

With the Nevermore ready to attack again every second, Mikado didn't waste any time. As before, he attracted Kiro's attention with a quick but clear whistle and then motioned him to the sky with a quick gesture. There wasn’t much he could do against the giant bird. Unless the Nevermore comes down close enough for him to ram his kusarigama into its flesh, he had no choice but to send Kiro up there.

Mikado watched the dragon, considering any tactics that might help him now. In a 1v1 between the two, it could get pretty bad fast and end against his favor. He glanced at the Nevermore and then Kiro, who was only about half the size of the beast, then looked back at the Nevermore.

"Kiro, taunt! Make him follow you!" he finally called to him. This plan would most likely go wrong, but as long as there was a chance of success, you had to take it.

Attack Log:

(Kiro) - Taunting the Nevermore

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 15%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 100%
Pock: 14/14


  • Mid-sized Nevermore: x1
  • Beowolves: x4

Grimm's battle log:

Mid-sized Nevermore: Feather rain - 5% at everyone
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Complete]
« Last post by MonsterManic on October 09, 2018, 05:09:31 PM »
”Right, here we go then.” Stretching one arm under Prism’s slim legs and the other bracing Prism’s back, Jocelyn slowly rose to her feet with Prism cradled in a bridal carry, with special care taken not to disrupt the wings. ”You sure live up to your name. Light as a rainbow-colored feather and many times prettier.” Jocelyn giggled, beginning the trek back towards Beacon’s dining hall where, hopefully, there wouldn’t be too many people lining up at this time in the morning. After all, not many hunters-in-training woke up early on a weekend to get extra training in, let alone with a dear friend.
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