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Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on October 09, 2018, 03:17:30 AM »
As she’s only just now entering the conversation, Aurelia wasn’t quite sure what to make of the situation presented before her.  On one hand, Saffron had wrapped her arms around the other girl, her faunus trait revealing themselves due to some form of excitement.  On the other hand, as soon as Aurelia walked up, the woman named Azure had stripped her jacket off.  The resulting amount of skin showing did little to assuage Aurelia’s growing concerns.  She had wanted something to do in order to distract herself, but she wasn’t expecting to have to play disciplinarian, especially not to an Atlas student of all people.

”*Ahem* Yes, well, I can relate to the stress quite well, the tournament bouts were all hard-fought battles.  That being said, and while I certainly can appreciate wanting to—shall we say—vent your frustrations, perhaps there are better times and places than the middle of an academy garden in the middle of the day,” Aurelia says to the two of them rather sternly.  In any case, from Aurelia’s tone, it seems clear that Azure’s name doesn’t ring a bell. 

”Anyways, I had merely wandered over to sate my curiosity.  It’s somewhat rare to see an Atlas student here in Vale, and I simply wished to introduce myself,”  she continued, her voice still carrying that stern undertone.  ”Might I ask what brings you to Beacon?  That question goes to you, as well,” she asks, gesturing towards Azure.  As far as Aurelia knows, she’s a total stranger with no visible indication that she is a student of the academy.  She might have been a guest of some sort, perhaps a companion of Saffron’s. 

Turning back to Saffron, Aurelia says, ”You also mentioned that I might be helpful in some way.  If I may be of assistance, I’d be happy to lend a hand. How may I help?”   
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by nathan67003 on October 08, 2018, 09:02:18 PM »
Camelia was now right besides the gravity zone encompassing her opponent. The burst was still charging. She prepared a strike, aiming to-

- Aaaaaah, fuck. This was unpleasant. The chains had come around her back again but this time, she'd tried to yank her arms up. Thankfully, she'd only partially succeeded, leaving Camelia in an odd position where her elbows were lifted. The arm carrying Orion hadn't risen too much due to the shield's sheer weight, but it still made her uncomfortably exposed.

Using all her strength, she brought it back down as fast as she could while bringing the half of Unity she was currently wielding onto her enemy, the haphazard (due to previous meddling by a certain individual's supplementary limbs) downwards swing coincided with the sudden resurgence of color surrounding her target.

(Sam's immediate surroundings are now under an additional 6.6 g for 0.5 seconds, for a total of 8.6 g; ~6% inherent damage +6 or so % if she has a bad fall/12% if she falls and hits her head on the ground, 8% sword strike with +15% gravity assist)

[Aura: 79%]
[Stamina: 85.5%]
[Orion: 1/2 1/2 1/2]
Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« Last post by Rush on October 08, 2018, 08:40:31 PM »
[Scripted with Riven]

Juno scowled as the ring was thrown his way, snatching it out of the air with a tad more force than was probably required. A quick visual inspection confirmed that it used the same physical hardpoint connections as most other devices, which thankfully meant Phi would be able to take a better look at it than he would. Reaching behind him as though he were putting it in his back pocket, Juno slotted the disk into the hardlight generator, letting Phi work her magic. “And why should I trust a damn thing you say?” he inquired, a fair bit of venom in his voice.

Not-Caja shrugs. "Because it's your best and only lead, maybe? C'mon, we're just gonna burn through time with the second-guessing at this point. Deal, or no deal?"

After a few moments, Juno let out a resigned sigh. They had a point, and as much as Juno hated the idea, the only thing he could really do was play their game. “... I swear, I will find you one day. You aren’t getting away with any of this.”

"Which part: when I told you that your little puppy-dog is still breathing, or the bit where I turned a warehouse into toothpicks," As if it had been there all along, the impostor was suddenly holding and admiring a small switchblade. "Instead of trying to gut you. You're angry, I get it, and from your perspective I'm just part of the problem -- one of the people keeping you and Caja apart. But am I really? Think about it."

“Oh, you’re definitely part of the problem. How much of it though, I haven’t decide-“

”Pfft... ultimatetacotuesday?” the AI materialized on Juno’s shoulder, sitting down as she did her best to hold back her laughter. The girl’s sudden appearence prompted a bewildered look from Juno, which was quickly refocused to a glare toward Caja’s impersonator.

It wasn't immediately clear which almost caused not-Caja to stumble -- the appearance of the holographic figure of Phi, or the familiar password being stated out loud. Stopping to regain balance, the impostor momentarily fixed Phi and Juno with a blank stare, the kind of non-expression that happens when a train of thought is abruptly and utterly derailed. The next moment saw the face take on an impish, almost embarrassed look. "Weeeeeeell... guess that cat's out of the bag." With the sound of sirens getting nearer by the moment, it was clear that whatever was going to happen would happen fast.

And it did.

The switchblade being thrown at Juno's head was clearly just a diversion; an attack like that, even if it hit, didn't have any realistic chance of breaking his Aura. It did, however, come fast, and by the time Juno responded the interloper was already in a full sprint... towards the edge of the canyon. Every step let off a trail of thick, inky black smoke and Not-Caja seemed to be producing more of it by rubbing their hands together, creating a quickly-growing smokescreen.

Juno was quick to tilt his head out of the way of the knife, frowning as it embedded itself into the wall of the transport. When he looked back, the impostor was running as fast as they could, a smokescreen quickly shrouding them as the distant sirens grew ever closer. It was about time he and Rory hit the road too. “If Ver and Sam are coming, tell them to get here quick. We’re low on time and I’m out of patience.” The young man’s tone was probably harsher than intended as he spoke to Rory and Phi, but at this point he didn’t care. The day’s events were hard enough on him as they were. He just wanted to see Caja again.

Directing Rory to join him with a wave of the hand, Juno stepped aboard the ship, taking the pilot’s seat and plugging the navchip into the center console. However, Juno quickly approached another problem. ”Hey, uh… Rory. Do you know how to fly this thing?”
Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« Last post by Walter on October 08, 2018, 11:11:06 AM »
...pig? Well, that was certainly a new one to Reggie. He had been called scum, a douche, a dick, a twat, a cum stain, a prick, a fucker, an insufferable asshole, fuckface, dickhead, kumquat, cuntrack, bitch, bitch boy, little bitch, massive bitch, baby bitch - the list goes on, really - but 'pig' made him reel back, especially from a girl he had only just met. To be compared to a farm animal, one who spent its days in the mud - that combined with the girl not knowing who he was to begin with struck a nerve.

"Wh- Why, you insolent..." Reggie forced through gritted teeth just as Shiroe would enter the room. He briefly peered at his old teammate, before scoffing and heading towards his bed again. "Peh. No surprise that your type would come in pairs" he said with a glare towards Akel.

The boy's cape fluttered as he spun to take a seat on the side of his bed, arms crossed on his chest and one leg dangling over the other. His gaze turned to Lilla. apparently not content with the conversation being over like that just yet. "If you must ask who I am, the name is Reginald Royale, son of Beige and Marvin Royale. I'm certain you've heard of them."
     Vermilion felt weightless for a moment, and then suddenly heavier. The sensation was unnatural and all he could think of was how this punk managed to throw him off his feet. His weapon felt heavy, his body felt heavy, almost as if there was some gravity dust in place somewhere.

     However, he saw no dust. Not a spot a speck of dust as he was thrown forward, and his mind flew back to his spears. There they were, floating in midair where he left them. And then, they were gone.

     Red aura dissipated as he called off his spears and whilst he flew, he activated his piledriver to spike into the ground, seeing as how it was already practically careening downwards in the first place, and stopped his fall then and there. Next thing he knew the scrawny punk was ramming something into his side.

     Pain flared at his side as he felt the blow land and he even expelled some of the air in his lungs as he gasped. So he grinned.

     "Looks like you got it in you after all don't you, blondie?" he groaned, pulling back the piledriver's spike as a spear formed in his hand. Planting his feet back on the ground Vermilion lifted his weapon and aimed it at his attacker, a near point blank strike as he spun and released a pilebunker strike for the scrawny one's torso.

Aura - [64%]

Attacks -[Close ranged Piledriver - 12%]
    Things weren't going to go well unless they did something about the fog, Shiroe thought. Though familiar to the cold, Shiroe never did venture too much in poor weather, it was unheard of and frankly suicidal if not for the controlled conditions.

     Being a few feet away from Reggie, Shiroe couldn't react to Calen's attack. The fog made it hard to see, and unfortunately, also hard to hear with the blizzard and all Shiroe could make out of the whistling over the sound of icy gusts was the occasional toot. Reggie seemed to be perfect bait, unironically enough. With his loud nature and rather striking coloration it seemed like he was the opponent's first pick.

     Racking his brain for a plan Shiroe grabbed a hold of a vial of gravity dust and started forming a rune on it, he didn't have much of this type, being a rather complicated mixture, but if it meant this or clearing the fog he'd prefer the former.

      He stayed quiet in the blizzard, keeping Reggie in sight but not in his immediate vicinity to avoid being a larger target. He heard the whistling again, now coming from a different direction. Were they circling them perhaps or were they spread out? It was disorienting but after a little thought it made sense in this weather and lack of visibility. At the next sound of a whistle Shiroe tossed the vial ahead of the sound, wondering if they really were circling or just spread out and moving. It wouldn't reveal his position, thankfully, unless they came close enough, but it would cause enough of a disturbance to at least disrupt their rhythm.

     Not a moment later whilst in midair, the gravity vial exploded, or rather imploded on itself in a rather dark explosion of gray and black. Air and snow jerked towards the epicenter of the explosion and quickly dispersed right after, wanting to normalize, and should be able to knock someone off their feet if they strode too close.

     Keeping his sword ready, Shiroe prepared a force rune on his legs, readying to lunge from the disturbed fog should the opponents reveal themselves. Should the fog clear, even for a split second in that area, he hoped that Reggie would open fire and draw them closer with his jeers and taunts.

Aura - 100%
Attacks - Gravity Implosion - 8% if caught in radius. Fall damage not included
Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on October 08, 2018, 02:49:33 AM »
”Look, if  you must know, I’m doing independent research,” Smokey stated flatly as he locked the cylinder back in place.  As he does, a dark-gray aura surrounds him and solidifies, indicating that he has activated his semblance.

”I’m testing these here prototypes to see how much cover they offer from spread weapons.  The objective is to block the entire spread with the least amount of material,” he continues as the barrel of the revolver levels at the first dummy.


The gun fires, and in the next instant, the target with no “shield” was blasted back and knocked over a good distance away.  Strangely, though, it was still intact, despite taking a direct hit from one of the hardest hitting weapons in Beacon.  It didn’t seem to bother Smokey, though, as six more shots ring out in succession, producing similar results.

From a distance, it’s hard to tell why the targets didn’t get blasted into smithereens as soon as Matchstick went off, but if anyone studied the contents of the peculiar ammunition Smokey loaded, they’d find that the shell contained paint, rather than shot.  The only reason the targets were blasted back in the first place is simply because the gun just carries that much energy.

After emptying the cylinder, Smokey made his way over to the targets and studied them for a bit before taking out his scroll and taking pictures of the results.   
Character Editing / Re: Liliana Blossom
« Last post by Vision on October 07, 2018, 08:30:47 PM »
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Name:Liliana Blossom
Species and Gender:Female Faunus (Cat)
Symbol: [spoiler]

Occupation:1st year/Former Pop Idol
Appearance:Liliana has cherry blossom pink hair, light complexion and stands around 5' 3". While she does not have a set outfit she wears everyday, she can usually be seen in a black and gold tank top long skirt combo with a light grey see-through shirt underneath.
History:Growing up in Vale, Liliana was always surrounded by music. Her parents, who after years of being in musical theatre, retired to set up a small time theater. There they would put on concerts or shows once or twice a week. At a young age, she took up singing lessons and song writing due to her fascination with music. At the age of 6, she started to preform in her parents theater as opening acts for much more big names.

They began to teach her dance and song composition in order to expand her knowledge and skills. This led her to doing small concerts alone. She was loved by the audience. She did not enjoy the spotlight at first. Her parents eventually decided to give her a few lessons in self-defense, due to a small indecent with an over-adoring fan. She would later put this knowledge into use.

She started to make connections within the music industry. Eventually she was picked up by an agent who want her to do tours and made her an icon. After about 9 years of performing in various kingdoms and countries, with the whole world watching and worshiping her, she retired from the spotlight, having no desire to continue her career. This was due to a small concert she did one year ago in Minstrel when a pack of Beowulf attacked her concert. Everyone was alright but she was shaken up. She could not think of just sitting back while others fought. She decided to become a Huntress at that moment.

She entered a small combat school to learn how to fight, even transforming her microphone stand into a weapon. She spent around 2 years learning the ins and outs of combat. She did not wish to fight but to protect people from the dangers of the world around them. After her time there, she decided to continue her training at Beacon.

Personality:Liliana is usually a nice person. Like overly nice, nothing really gets her down and she always tends to find a silver lining with any problem. While she does have her slight diva moments, she tends to not let those get in the way of making a good impersion. While she is not the best when it comes to academia, she still tries her best and is never really afraid to ask for help. During combat, she tends to stay cheery and acts bubbly. However, if she becomes overly stressed, she will break down and attempt to surrender or give up. She combats this by slowly singing to herself quitely to calm down. The singing usually calms down her allies as well.

Aura and Semblance:She lets out a roar that deafens her opponent however, if used to often, she could go mute. The roar deafens the opponent by using a loud bang, similar to that of a sonic boom, that will last for around 10-15 seconds. The force that she exerts by using this semblance causes slight hoarseness of the voice as she draws upon it from her vocal cords. If used too often, she could go mute for a couple days, if the semblance is used after this stage, she could face permanent vocal cord damage, leading to permanent mute.

Combat Behavior:She tends to fight side by side her teammates more rather then fighting alone. She uses her own strengths along with the teammates to overcome most obstacles. However, if she ever sees a bug, she will freeze in place and scream until the bug leaves or she is pulled away. This tends to lead to her team sighing or laughing.

Name: Cacophony
Primary Form:A gold, black and pink trimmed white oak pole around 6 ft.
Secondary Form: With the push of a button, a small spear tip extend from the the top of the pole to create a pole arm.
History: She modified her microphone stand into the weapon before she entered into combat school. When not in use, she tends to keep it as an adjustable microphone stand.
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Azure Blair on October 07, 2018, 01:16:01 PM »
“Yeah, I think there are definitely things I won’t be putting in music for sure,” she laughed w little, somewhat awkwardly. “But I think I’ve managed to make it something that’s less of an escape, and more as a means to tie everything together, ya know? Like before I got the record deal it was just this separate thing, but now, especially after I made Renegade, it can work as a kind of constant in the chaos, if ya know what I mean?” Azure gestured to Renegade as she mentioned the weapon. She grimaced as Saffron mentioned sewing. “Oh hell no, ew, gross. Sewing is awful. Boring. I hate it,” she declared, before noticing Saffron’s indication of her severely ripped jeans. Her eyebrows arched. “Oh well I’m sorry my fashion choice is not up to you atlesian standards,” she joked, laughing. “I just like to show a little bit of skin.” She added a playful, teasing wink after her statement, smirking.

Azure listened intently as Saffron described how she used her weapon, thinking of how she could use this knowledge to her advantage if they were ever to spar together. Of course, not that it would really matter that much anyways; Azure didn’t like taking other people’s fighting styles into account, she didn’t adapt to different situations. But that was probably because she didn’t have anything to adapt in the first place; her style was so random and spontaneous that it was hard to really call it a style, and more like just flailing around and hoping for the best. “Yeah same here, with the Dust thing, wind Dust is an easy way for me to move around. Renegade actually uses a wide variety of Dust, I don’t know what I’d do without it.” Her guitar didn’t just use Dust in battle, the entire design was built around Dust. In order to not have to drag an amp around with her every time she wanted to play her guitar, Azure had implemented a Dust core into Renegade that served as an amp, converting the vibrations of the strings that the pickups registered into a louder sound that came from the body of the guitar. Without Dust, that core wouldn’t existed, and Renegade would more or less be your average electric guitar.

She perked up excitedly, always happy to talk about her guitar. She wasn’t even thinking of how giving away such knowledge would be disadvantageous to herself in combat, as she leapt to her feet and grabbed Renegade. “So obviously,” she activated the blades, “it’s an axe.” The guitar would hum sightly as the core warmed up, the lights along the edges of the pickups, pickguard, and various dials glowing to life. The whole guitar would begin to pulse with a very faint black-colored light. Dark, navy blue aura would begin to crackle up and down the reinforced steel strings like lightning. “But then, I can’t use a strap in combat, right? It would just get in the way, and I’d have to be able to switch from swinging it like an axe to playing it, yeah? So what I’ve done, is it’s all infused with gravity Dust, which is partially where the black color comes from. And then I can-” she knocked her fists together twice in quick succession, which caused the thick metal bracelets around her wrists to light up. The bracelets were each about an inch wide, with thick strips running through the middle, covering nearly the entire width of the bracelet, and made of what appeared to be a white, opaque, plastic-like substance. As she activated them, the strips lit up with white light. “I can activate Rock and Roll-- the left one is Rock, the right one is Roll-- and-” a quiet beep could be heard as the bracelets paired with the guitar, the white strips began pulsing with the same black-colored light, “and it keeps Renegade up. They use gravity Dust, and they pair with Renegade, and so now it floats!” She let go of her hold on the guitar, revealing that it stayed in mid air, floating near her bracelets, in perfect position to play. She spoke quickly as she explained the workings of her guitar, obviously very excited to discuss it. She managed to catch herself before she launched into an explanation of how the Dust function worked. She’d at least be able to keep that a secret in combat. She had to physically restrain herself by biting her bottom lip lightly to keep herself from explaining the Dust function. As soon as she was done showing off her guitar she would deactivate it, prompting a sound like that of a generator winding down, then sit back down on the grass, laying Renegade next to her on the ground.

“I mean it’s not like I really dislike being a political statement-- I mean, I get to be a voice for those that don’t have one, and that’s amazing. But I just wish I didn’t have to be a political statement. Like, there are times when it seems like I am defined solely by the fact that I’m a faunus. Why can’t I just be a rock artist who happens to have a wolf tail too? Why does such a tiny trait have to define me so much?” She was clearly very passionate about faunus rights and representation, but she quickly cooled down as Saffron further discussed her watch. She peered over at Saffron’s watch as the redhead began describing it. Saffron had mentioned it was more accessible in combat, leaving Azure to wonder how she used it in a fight. Maybe she could remote control her boomerangs?

“Why the hell would you want to stay in Atlas?” Azure asked before she could stop herself, her lack of filter letting her speak her mind without thinking of the consequences. “It’s cold and drab and awful and places like here are just so much nicer to look at!” She gestured around to the garden as she spoke. “Like yeah there’s few Grimm, but it just seems much more... suffocating. As soon as I graduate from here I’ll probably move here permanently.” She didn’t even realize what she was saying would probably have a negative effect on Saffron-- trash talking the kingdom she’d just said she preferred above all the others, it wasn’t the most mindful thing to do. But Azure couldn’t help it, she spoke her mind without thinking.

Azure shrugged Saffron off, waving her offer away. As she watched the group of laughing students walk away, she realized it must have been because her semblance was still active. “Nah, it’s fine. It’s just my semblance, it gets a little... sensitive when I’m tired, especially after traveling. I’m just...” she gestured vaguely, “I should probably turn it off before that happens again.” She didn’t go into detail about what exactly her semblance was, that, at least, was something she could keep a secret. It wasn’t just to have an advantage in combat, though; she often tried to stay away from having to explain her semblance, as most people found it confusing or unnerving-- they would sometimes become paranoid, and accuse her mind controlling them at times.

As a new voice spoke up, Azure looked up to see who had joined the two of them. Her navy eyes landed on the girl-- clean, pristine, organized, not even a single strand of hair out of place; perfect posture, she seemed more Atlesian than Saffron, and Saffron was the one in an Atlas uniform! And she looked like some type of goddess too: all bright and golden and perfectly kept. Everything Azure wasn’t. Much like her initial reaction to Saffron, Azure found her lying back slightly, assuming a more casual, informal position. She took off her black leather jacket in a motion that seemed nonchalant and meaningless-- why would she need a reason to take off a jacket? Maybe she had just gotten hot-- but was really a subtle attempt to draw the new arrivals attention to the fact that, not only was Azure the only one not in uniform out of the three of them, but also that she technically wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Beneath her jacket, she had on only a dark, charcoal grey sports bra, with her emblem emblazoned on the front in midnight blue. This action also brought to light both her navel piercing, in which she was currently wearing a simple black, curved barbell stud, and her tattoo: a long vine that stretched from somewhere beneath the waistline of her jeans up to the bottom of her ribs, along the left side of her body. The vine was decorated with thorns and flowers. It was, by far, the largest tattoo she had. And thus, she thought, the perfect thing to display to show the newcomer what she should be expecting from Azure.

Azure hadn’t participated in, nor even witnessed, really the tournament of which the two girls spoke (she had been on tour during that time, which left for little time to relax and watch TV), so she couldn’t add any input there. However, after Saffron and Aurelia had introduced themselves, Azure reached up to extend her hand to the new girl. “Azure Blair,” she said, flashing a grin, “might’ve heard of me, might’ve not. Depends on your musical taste.”
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on October 07, 2018, 07:49:54 AM »
’Maybe keeping something back on a personal level might help make sure your music can still be an escape if it is different to what you perform. I understand you might not have that luxury but I do feel it’s important to have something even if it’s not music. It’s kept me sane so far.’ Saffron offered. Finding coping measures for herself and others caught up in the intense environment of Atlas was a common experience for Saffron but finding a coping mechanism from your own coping mechanism might be out of even her expertise. She still couldn’t truly abandon the issue, Saffron had seen enough dropouts and worse from burnouts to ever not offer some sort of solution.  ’You could take up sewing, help keep yourself together in more ways than one.’ Saffron teased gesturing at Azure’s ripped jeans. The rebellious fashion statement wasn’t exactly one Saffron agreed with and although everyone was free to dress any way they wish it was difficult to let Azure’s fashion choices go unremarked upon. ’Yea I lead Team SALT and yes again they aren’t here, still stuck in the cold. This is as much about self-exploration as it is completing missions as well as training for … in less than two years time we will go our separate ways.’ Safrron responds saddening greatly as she realised how little time she might have left as part of a team, it wasn’t a thought she frequently pondered and there was a reason; she needed them, she wasn’t ready to move on but the world didn’t care either way.

’Oh right.’ Saffron began remembering she had missed one of Azure’s questions before and quickly went on to correct that. ’Well I’m not particularly fast on my feet, neutrally call myself stocky, and combined with the armour I wear I won’t be winning any races. So I need a good stockpile of range attacks as well the shotguns can be loaded with wind dust to give me a bit of a boost when I need it or ice dust to slow down targets. And the hatchets… well that’s kind of straightforward, I’d break too many nails if I used my fists.’ Saffron explained smiling widely at her self-deprecating humour. It was tempting to go into more detail about the tricks her specific combination of weapons could make use off, mainly the shotguns being linked to her wrist mounted scroll.  ’Well if I am going to be helping you with combat school stuff it might help have more of an idea of how you use your guitar, I understand that this is a personal thing so I could start on something more general but as I’m sure you remember with guitar, making sure you fundaments are in place before moving on is key to cultivating good habits.’ Saffron continued, although she was still smiling Saffron tone did become more serious, it was a serious topic after all and if everything went to plan they would end up as competitors to some degree so knowing all of Azure’s secrets would be quite the unfair advantage.

’Well there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s a direction you want to go in and it’s for a good reason. Outrage is definitely profitable but, and I know you didn’t choose this, but there are a lot of eyes on your and no pressure but you might be the only Faunus some people regularly interact with even if it’s only listening to your music. That gives you a lot of opportunities to change minds but also reinforce stereotypes… so no pressure. You are not the only one of course but …. I don’t envy the role you’ve chosen to play but I’ll help any way I can.’ Saffron remarked, it was getting a little heavy so she tried to find a more pleasant topic. Her wrist device would do. ’Yea it can do a lot of stuff, closer to a laptop than a scroll really, clashes with a few fashion choices unfortunately but that’s the price we pay I suppose. Utilitarian works sometimes but its a bit of a push here regardless of how useful the mini-supercomputer is.’ Saffron joked before pausing to think about Azure’s question about traveling. It was something she was well familiar, having set foot on each of Remnant’s continents by five and expeditions only getting more serious since then but she always returned to Atlas. There was something in that imposing utilitarianism which spoke to her on a deep, personal level. Like a stack, a part of the headland which has stood against the sea for so long it has become separate from the rest of the cliff, Atlas was nothing like anything else.  ’There is nowhere I would rather be that Atlas, not that you aren’t pleasant company but I could spend a hundred lifetimes wandering Solitas. There isn’t much Grimm in the ice so it’s peaceful; freezing cold, blisteringly windy and a nightmare to get deep into the snowfields but peaceful.’ Saffron responded, it was hardly the most interesting answer but the truth often isn’t.

Saffron reacted immediately as Azure seemed to have a little episode right in front of her. Taking the younger girl into her arms Saffron’s quills immediately standing on edge as her eyes scanned the park. There wasn’t any obvious cause and Azure seemed to come down quickly enough but it was more than enough to activate Saffron’s more protective side.  ’We can go somewhere more private if you want? Saffron asked not giving in to her curiosity about what caused the episode. How quickly Azure recovered did assume some degree of regularity but that didn’t mean it was a topic for discussion. It was now Aurelia entered the conversation. Subconsciously shifting herself between Azure and Aurelia Saffron looked up and down the newcomer. Of course Saffron immediately recognised Aurelia, the preparation she had put in before the Vytal tourney had gone a lot deeper than appearances and nodded in response.  ’Yes I’m Saffron de Cortez, honestly, most of the tourney is a bit of a blur, so much adrenaline and stress have left quite the haze but I remember you having a fight against one of your fellow Beacon student, Airi Okairos. It was an impressive performance.’ Saffron introduced herself settling down slightly. Aurelia wasn’t likely to be a threat, frankly, any threat was unlikely to be at Beacon. Moving a little away from Azure Saffron left her hand on the rock star’s shoulder. The bow was a little overboard in Saffron’s books but no one could fault the horse Faunuses posture or sincerity and both did a lot to ingratiate Aurelia with Saffron. ’Your arrival might end up being quite helpful to us but I don’t want to be presumptuous, do you have a request or simply looking for a chat?’ Saffron asked perfectly happy with either outcome.
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