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The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on March 05, 2019, 05:46:55 PM »
It was at that point that the faunus took note of the scars on his bare arm- Not a very alarming sight, but a surprise nonetheless. She quickly moved on from that with little thought, continuing to prep herself while confirming his brief line of questioning. "Yep. That's about what I had in mind." Isabelle placed her bow down to stretch for a couple seconds before grabbing it, testing the tension in the string yet again to familiarize herself with it. After getting her own arrow quiver ready, she gave a quick overall double-check. Everything seemed to be in order, as far as she could tell. A little eager to see his archery talents, she turned to give him a smile and nod. "Ready when you are."
Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« Last post by Rush on March 05, 2019, 03:53:26 PM »
The young man froze in response to Prism’s comment, letting out an awkward cough as he straightened up. Again, her explanations and actions made things sound so simple. Maybe it was? Maybe.

”Well… If you’re offering.” he replied, striding beside her with his blade drawn. Steeling himself, the young man called his aura forth, a violet inferno enveloping the young man as he focused on his sword. Damage and channeling, he had at least one of those…

The young man threw out an experimental slash, the blade coated in his violet aura, only to face disappointment as he felt nothing past the blade. The lack of success was expected, but still, the idea of projecting his aura off of himself was… New.
The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 3/5]
« Last post by TheKaru on March 05, 2019, 11:31:56 AM »
Gram had honestly not paid much mind to the incredibly flamboyant man that had thrown the last round. Although he had very much appreciated the refill, this person was trying way to hard to stick out of the crowd. To Gram it felt fake, like a costume (which it probably was), not real or authentic. Needless to say, he had so far not bothered interacting with that person and from his current position didn't plan to either. It was the little spark of judgment, the speck of prejudice that he allowed himself to have.
This new arrival, however, dressed mysteriously and way less crazy, seemed worth a talk, even though he did in fact come out here with intentions of acquiring goods that would otherwise be a lot harder to acquire. With an interested smile, he looked up from the drink and nodded. "I always am. But right now? More than usual. What about you? You... stick out.", he asked, his voice somewhat shakey and nervous. It wasn't exactly this encounter that made him nervous but rather the people around him, the amount of people. There were many of them, the bar seemed to get busier by the minute and he was usually a lot more intoxicated by this point so he usually hadn't really noticed. It was an incredibly stressful experience and thinking about it did not exactly help with his stress levels. Without thinking properly how this might come off, Gram decided to down the rest of his drink. To obersing individuals, a tiny cloud of purple gas exiting his nose as he exhaled afterwards would probably seem weird, followed by a strange scent, similar to that of jasmin blossoms but stronger, slightly heavier and a bit more uncomfortable, surrounding Gram. He only gave an apologetic look to Lucas. "I'm sorry, I'm not great at... this..." He gestured to the cround surrounding them and the amount of noise that was actually flaring up once one would focus on it.
The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 1/5]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on March 05, 2019, 05:27:28 AM »
Calen was far less flamboyantly dressed than he could have been, that isn’t to say he wasn’t dressed flamboyantly in a thousand shades of green, fake leaves and a flowing cape which looked a lot better from far away and under bright light Calen still looked incredibly fae. Appropriate for himself, of course, having just finished his last performance playing Oberon which had been quite the steal for Calen, his first leading role and he had performed admirably to the point some reviews only mentioned his attendance at Beacon in passing and two not at all. Nevertheless seeing the Fae King walking down Beacon’s streets, hair fluttering in the non-existent wind and remaining completely dry despite the pouring rain drew more than a few glances. Of course, the reason for this was a wind dust device hidden in Calen’s crown but he was hardly going to ruin someone’s mystical wonder, not when it was giving himself such attention at any rate. (Just think a slightly more advanced air umbrella.)

Feeling on top of the world, Calen was on the prowl looking for excitement and adventure, months of all his already limited free time being eaten up by practice had paid off and he had things to catch up on. There was no reason to dive in too quickly, however. Didn’t the anticipation for the feast only build the appeal and inevitable satisfaction. Calen reasoned to himself. Recalling a small tavern which would serve his appetite well enough Calen hurried quickly over to the ‘Dish’ even using his semblance to clear the occasional building that got in his way. Recalling the promise of drink, company, stupid games and even stupid brawls only emphasised the delight the gaunt boy took in the cries of surprise, wonder and outrage as he made a mockery of road laws as well as trespassing ones.

Finding his way to the ‘Dish’ in quick order Calen even managed to make it inside without the police following him despite several threats he had heard from his way over. Good. It was far too early to be dancing with the police… maybe after dessert.’ Calen thought to himself. Still, the trip had taken a bit out of Calen and he was a bit flushed when he went straight to the bartender to order. ’A glass of sherry and a refill for everyone in the bar.’ Calen remarked tossing over a significant stack of lien and raising his voice so everyone could hear his generosity as otherwise what was the point. The cheers from the other drinkers were almost worth it in of itself and although Calen wasn’t terribly wealthy he had just gotten a substantial bonus from his dancing and the hunting contracts came in often enough so he could make these sorts of gestures. But there, of course, was always a way to make money in taverns you just needed to know where to look and how to get everyone's attention. And luckily for Calen, he had already finished stage two.

The darts table seemed to be the most likely culprit, cries a little too loud for there to just be pride on the line and the awkward shuffling which suggested something changing hands, something they didn’t want others to see, something Calen could work with. Sipping slowly at his drink, already his baser instincts were challenging his control and Calen wanted nothing more to drink until he could drink no more, well not nothing… Having enshrined himself as the bar favourite patron for at least the next round Calen managed to easily enrol himself in the game of darts. All that was at stake was money which was a little disappointed although more because Calen had gotten his hopes up rather than the men and women involved looked like they would be into anything harder but money would do for now. Calen threw the first game to ease himself into the new crowd, no need to chase everyone away too quickly, but after that started taking these players for all they were worth.

While waiting for his turn to throw again Calen turned his attention to the rest of the bar, he had too focused on making a good entrance to pay much attention to specifics other than what was directly in front of him. What he had been told of this place sung true and it did definitely feel and look like an old-timey pub or at least what the movies showed them to be… which was probably a bit better than they actually were. Catching his attention was the bar front where two seeming strangers seemed to be starting up a conversation. Best of luck Sir. Calen thought to himself as he raised his glass in salute to the black haired half to encourage his complete misreading of the situation. Calen was seriously projecting.
The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on March 05, 2019, 03:50:53 AM »
The leader of the renegade miners gave a cruel, ugly smile. ‘It’s a dangerous land out ‘dere kiddo or did your mamma never tell ya. But now we got work to do and … er wassa the word…. Quotas, yea quotas to fill.’ The miner’s leader yelled out at Toast. Now as their eyes adjusted to the light ladybug continued the stream into the mining shaft the miners looked like they were getting some of their confidence back. Two kids, Dawn was out of their sight, against four miners seemed good odds to them. They weren’t. Still, they advanced buoyed by their leader's words, their number and size advantage and of course to protect their ‘get-rich-quick scheme.’

Some of the miners laughed at Toast’s second joke but even that was dominated in sound and enthusiasm by the leader’s. ‘Yo’know what’s so funny ‘bout dat, old Steevey here does a few sing jobs, funerals mostly. A bit too much like double dipping for me but I never say no to coin, so what’s this thing you want done. Maybe we can help or maybe we can show you all on your way.’ The mining leader continued her taunts and threats clearly not taking well to Toast’s attempt to calm down the situations. ‘Steevey,’ the one who reacted when his name was called, grinned widely and followed his fellow miners, they had gotten pretty close by now and the miner in the drill had managed to turn it around and was following suit, it looked capable of some pretty crazy speed but for now it’s driver seemed content to slowly catch up to their fellows. Not nothing more than violet taunts have been offered yet.

There was a heavy intake of breath from the other side the speaker Camelia and Cauze. The doctor was clearly annoyed about how the Huntsman team he had requested had delayed themselves as well as finding very little of merit from Camelia. ’I have no questions for you girly, you lot are here to assist me in providing a third-party analysis to these horrible accidents nothing more. Go get your teammates a bring them here, if there are rats in the tunnels we will send exterminators in, no need for you to distract yourself further.’ Dr Cauze lazily responded, what little courtesy he offered was at best backhanded and far more likely sarcastic. 
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on March 05, 2019, 02:31:15 AM »
Ismael looks at everyone's hands and realizes that he is far from the top as even in points he lost and no real rule could save him at this rate.

So he set his cards down and ruffled his own hair as he sighed and fell backwards onto the ground and made a loud thud as he sighed and said, "I guess you win"
The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 1/5]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on March 05, 2019, 12:07:45 AM »
In the wet, rainy streets of Vale in the evening, a stranger walked alone.  Wearing a pale green coat with the hood up, what facial features that did show marked him as a foreigner.  And as he walked through the darkened roads, some might initially think him an easy mark.  But those minds would soon change after witnessing the eerie phenomenon that followed him.

A ghostly lantern, suspended on nothing more than thin air, lazily hung above him and casted a spectral light that illuminated his path.  Strapped to the man’s waist was another, albeit larger, lantern with eight different colored windows.  Foreigner as he may be, this man was clearly more than he appeared.

As the man walked through the city, he eventually came across a dive bar, a place called “The Dish” if the sign out front is anything to go by.  ”This place will do, I guess,” Lucas muttered to himself as he walked towards the entrance.  It was still relatively close to the rest of Vale’s nightlife, but it was far enough away that it wasn’t too crowded.  And while the hermit would generally prefer a quieter place, he nonetheless walked through the door, the lantern vanishing into thin air as he does.

Observing the interior, Lucas noted the place needed some serious maintenance.  But despite that, it seemed to be relatively busy, all things considered.  People of all ages seemed to congregate here, which meant this place somehow had widespread appeal.  ”Hmm, I don’t really get it, but whatever works for them, I guess,” the young man thought to himself as he grabbed a seat at the bar.

”Excuse me,” he hailed the bartender, ”Could I get a whiskey and lemonade?  I’ll start a tab.”  after taking care of the financial details, the bartender went off to fetch his drink.  In the meantime, he noticed another man sitting two seats down with a rather busy color scheme, for lack of a better term.  The pink-haired man seemed to be checking the clock every so often.  I did come here to get a feel for the city.  Might as well talk to the locals while I’m at it, he thought before addressing the fellow patron.

”You waiting on somebody?” 
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by NotSurprised on March 04, 2019, 10:28:45 PM »
”Of course, those are the common sense rules. I was referring to more competitive rules in term of archery, albeit however little there are.”

As Iron clarifies himself, he also gestures towards the targets that sport multiple colors representing the point values, as if it was used for actual competition before. ”In the case that you are not familiar with the rules,” and Iron didn’t particularly cared if she knew or not, ”A good refresher would be nice to get ourselves familiar with the activity.” Iron picks up the waist quiver with arrows as he starts to make his way over towards the shooting line. While doing so, Iron rolls up the sleeve on his right arm to reveal the toned yet scarred arm. He starts to extend and retract his arm to see if it retained flexibility before lining up with his left side facing the target.

”To state the obvious, which I hope you didn’t need since you’re familiar yourself, the goal is to fire all the arrows as close to the center as possible.” Iron begins to shuffle around on his spot in order to prepare himself for the shots ahead of him. ”There will be a signal for you to raise the bowarm and then fire the arrow before the countdown is over, then lower the bowarm with the next arrow ready. Thankfully, the range is outfitted so that a program would handle the signalling for an official proctor. Simple enough?” Iron pulls out his scroll and places it somewhere safe nearby, brining the app up and connecting it to their part of the range so that they can start with the activity.
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on March 04, 2019, 09:58:14 PM »
Isabelle stood idly beside him as he spoke with the woman behind the counter, curiously peering around the facility. It seemed much bigger from the inside than on the outside, that much was certain. All the while, she still felt her mind nagging at her with those bad thoughts, but she was in a decent enough mood to push them deep down where they belonged. The shorter girl waited with her hands behind her back until he started to walk again, following him to the archery range.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Belle was eager to take a look at the tools they'd be using. After taking the gear that he tossed her and fastening it onto herself, she skipped over to the equipment. Had she known that they would be doing this today, she would have most certainly brought her own bow. Overconfidence was a feeling that she almost never had, but when it came to her ability to hit a target with her own weapon, Isabelle was definitely a little too sure of herself. However, when she inspected the bows on the rack, she couldn't help but feel a tad bit out of place. One by one, she would pick a bow and test it out, pulling the string back before slowly returning it to its neutral position. As she did so, Isabelle responded with a shrug. "Can't say I know them for sure, but I imagine it's mostly common sense. Don't point at people and be careful. Anything else?" She continued along with inspecting a few different bows before finally settling on the one that felt most similar to her own. It wasn't exact, but a few arrows would probably be enough for her to calibrate her shooting.

"I never spent a lot of time in ranges like this. Most of my practice was either at school, or the woods near my old home." A little smile came to the catgirl's face, looking down at her feet as she recalled one of the few fond memories of that place. "I definitely don't do this anymore, but... I used to practice on small game before I moved into the city. Looking back on it, that was... a little messed up. I couldn't do a whole lot with the things I shot, and my mom hated when I brought anything home. I'm much better off killing Grimm than rabbits and squirrels anyway." Returning her gaze to Iron, she noticed his sudden lack of a lab coat. It wasn't often that she saw him without it, so it caught her off guard a little, but she didn't mention it.
The Vale Region / Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 3/5]
« Last post by TheKaru on March 04, 2019, 03:53:01 PM »
It was a rather dark night in Vale, the sky was completely veiled in early spring clouds and the air was still chilly and wet from the rains the winds had brought over the city. Amidst one of the darker parts of the settlement's still bright clubbing areas was a somewhat unremarkable establishment, merely a front between more imposing brick buildings. Over the entrance hung a neon sign reading "The Dish", though the "D" seemed to have suffered some damage over the years that nobody had bothered dealing with so far, causing it to constantly flicker. In front of the building stood only a few people, clothed in mostly dark and earthy colours though some of them had bright accents woven into their outfits. Small puddles that had formed over the day, remnants of the rain, shimmered and vibrated from the vibrations of beats heard and felt from the nearby clubs and bars.
Inside, the establishment fulfilled most expectations one would have before entering it: It was dark, outdated and generally not in the best condition. Yet, it was full of people of different ages, some old and grey, others young and energetic. The Dish was definitely not a place you visit for the experience but rather somewhere people would meet up after a hard day of work or before going out to party through the night. It was something like a well known secret, a place that many people knew but still kept the charme of a niche bar. This, combined with the owner's ever-present hospitability and sense of humour made for a great hangout.
Sitting by the bar on this evening was a young man with hot pink hair, dressed in shades of pink and purple. He bobbed his head to the sound of electric guitars and drums while sipping a cocktail that probaby had been colourful once but by now mixed into a dirty shade of brown. He seemed to be waiting on someone or something, looking at a small clock behind the counter every so often.
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