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The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on September 26, 2018, 08:53:24 PM »


Carmine looks towards the mayor as he hears a festival, yes the idea could help the situation, or hurt it. If one sour apple ruins the mood, then more bad thoughts will spread. Leading to a negative emotion well spring, and causing problems. That was not Carmines worries as he thinks, there should be a bit more precaution even if to hide the fact of danger on the down low, there was nothing here that signified increases in any protection other than hiring students, and having another hunter here. There was something off, Carmine couldn't pick up on it, but it's there.

Carmine pins it in his mind as he listens in on the others who are talking, he stays silent as he feels his head ache get worst, as he keeps a poker face on. Carmine begins to run every idea that could be going on: super low stress of the situation, super high stress of the situation, misunderstanding the situation, and so on. Yet none fit right with Carmine, and when the others end Carmine gives a shrug and says, "I have no question".
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Azure Blair on September 26, 2018, 06:39:25 PM »
Azure could tell the girl was lying-- she wasn’t all that subtle about it. But, she also inferred the girl didn’t want to further touch on the subject, so simply replied with, “yeah, I know the feeling,” in response to the girl’s claim of self deprecating humor, and then let the topic rest. She absent mindedly reached up and picked a leaf from the branch above her head, slowly tearing it into shreds as she listened to the girl talk about her twelve string guitar.

“I think the only real adjustment I’ve noticed when switching to acoustic to electric is that ya have to press harder on acoustic. On electric the strings seem more... flexible.” She commented. “But I think with twelve strings, my main issue with them I find them too cluttered. Like, the fretboard is just- it has an overwhelming amount of strings, ya know?” As she spoke, she let the leaf shards fall from her fingers, they fluttered to the ground. “But if it was your first instrument, then I could see how it would be easier for you. I imagine a six string must’ve seemed like some simple, amateur instrument to you the first time ya switched over, yeah?” She accompanied her question with a light chuckle.
“Well, if you’re going to use an object already designed for combat, then I’d say boomerangs are definitely a more unique pick. Most people go for guns or swords when making weapons; they don’t think outside the box that much. Ya know, I once knew someone whose weapon was a ring that would spread out into brass knuckles, which, in turn would produce poisoned spikes.” She shook her head slightly at the memory. “The things people come up with...”

Upon the question of the workings of Renegade, Azure smirked a little. “Something like that,” she told Saffron. She decided not to reveal the true, dust-based use of Renegade just yet, in case she ever met Saffron in the sparring ring sometime-- she wouldn’t want to lose the advantage of surprise in battle. A short laugh escaped her lips as Saffron discovered the axe blades. “And it’s also an axe,” she smirked.

“I can play a variety of stuff, mainly different guitars. Acoustic, electric, hybrids, double neck...” she shrugged as she spoke, “a bit of piano; I’ve dappled in drums and violin a little, but I can’t do much with them...” Her voice trailed off as she thought. “I think that’s about all, yeah. Mostly guitar-- all types of guitar, besides twelves string obviously.” She didn’t want to make it sound like she was bragging, that was the last thing she wanted. But she didn’t know how else the question, so she tried to bring the most emphasis to the instruments she wasn’t very good at.

“Well, considering I haven’t even looked at my schedule yet, I don’t really know what classes I have, let alone which one’s I think I’ll like. But I’m guessing any type of sparring or combat class will be good, I can’t learn in lecture environments, so I’m absolutely dreading any other classes.” She accompanied her word choice with a smile to play it off as a joke, but in reality she truly was dreading most of her classes. She wasn’t lying when she said she couldn’t learn from lectures. She learned best by doing, by interacting with what she was supposed to be learning; having to sit in a classroom and listen to someone talk would do little to help her retain any information given to her.

“Sparring would be great,” she said, her face lighting up. “I haven’t had anyone good to spar with in years.” She stopped herself before she could continue, not wanting to disclose the reason for not having good sparring partners. ‘I had to redo two years of regular combat school so everyone was so much younger than me’ really didn’t sound all that great, and would probably raise too many questions.

“So what about you?” Azure asked, diverting the topic, “you’re in Atlas uniform, are you here at Beacon as some type of exchange student, or...?” She tried to think of any other reason why someone dressed as an Atlas student would be at Beacon. Maybe she just liked the uniform? She picked another leaf from the tree as she listened to Saffron’s response.

Her scroll suddenly went off in her pocket, the loud, relentless buzzing sound of an alarm going off: her reminded to take her meds. Which, she realized, she’d forgotten to do. She couldn’t do that at the moment, obviously, so she set another reminder on her scroll, scheduled to go off in a few hours. However she had a feeling would just keep setting and ignoring reminders, which had happened before.

“Sorry ‘bout that...” she mused as she turned off her scroll slid it back into her pocket. She flashed a smile at Saffron as if to tell her not to worry about it, or question it.

“Anyways, where were we?”
1v1 Matches / Re: Fourth Year 1v1 bracket- Semifinals: Infrared Ray vs. Kei Tsz Fung
« Last post by MonsterManic on September 26, 2018, 03:52:18 PM »
Perhaps Infrared’s reaction meant that she’d already figured out what he wanted to do. But then again, she could just be preparing for whatever he was doing. As Kei kept darting around the circumference over and over, he began alternating between striking the mountain itself with a steel core lance and further embedding the already implanted lances into the rock, until each one was buried more than halfway. It was exhausting work even with the repetitious motions, but the end result would hopefully be more than worth the effort.

Kei’s strategy involved some geographical knowledge - not something many people would come to associate with fighting, let alone a combat academy. But Kei was an old hand not only at adapting, but also strategising, and this trick pulled from knowledge learnt outside of combat training. What he was currently trying to execute was something known in the real world as the process of “freeze-thaw weathering”, which occurs when when water continually seeps into cracks, freezes and expands, eventually breaking the rock apart. The mountain was naturally devoid of water, so the natural alternative was to use Ice Dust, forcibly inserting the frozen water into the cracks being made by Kei’s lance strikes. However, the process would only work if the ice defrosted and became water - which was where the Fire Dust lances came into play.

Making one last circle around, Kei began to activate his lances in order. Firstly came a Ice Dust lance to jump-start the process, forcing cracks throughout. Then came Fire Dust, melting the ice and forming water, which the next Ice Dust activation then refroze and made the cracks wider. Another Fire Dust lance, melting the ice so that there would be less resistance to Kei’s last move. The entire process was a fast-forwarded example of freeze-thaw weathering. Sparing one last glance at the peak, Kei stopped at the last lance to be activated.

Kei’s Stats
● Aura: [█████-——] 58%
● Semblance: [速] [15 SECOND DURATION]

Actions: Triggering Dust within lances (2 Fire and 2 Ice). 1 lance remaining untriggered.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on September 26, 2018, 03:33:53 PM »
Despite what Prism claimed, hugging her was like hugging a stress-relief pillow; small and feathery with a hint of what Jocelyn called “mother’s embrace”. The perfect feeling of just letting your worries and anxiety flow out of your body, like yoga but more comfortable. While she admitted that yoga did help with the body’s muscular functions by getting them used to stretching, it didn’t mean she liked it. It hurt. She wasn’t a very ‘stretchy’ girl.

”I think we’ve strayed far enough from our initial intents of getting some target practice in.” Jocelyn murmured, her chin resting on Prism’s shoulder and still in their hug. ”Want to get some proper breakfast? Coffee’s nice and all, but I’d like to prevent you from becoming even more hyper than before.”
Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« Last post by EdgeyReyes on September 26, 2018, 05:58:09 AM »
"You can relax Lilla, he isn't talking about you. Akel spoke with little emotion, although there was the slightest hint of anger that was directed at Reggie.

"Hello Reggie, nice to meet you again. I guess this mean we're teammates. I hope we will get along from now on." Although Akel may have tried to put on a friendly gaze, she looked like she wanted to kick him in the face.
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on September 25, 2018, 11:31:08 PM »
Saffron's smile faulted slightly as Azure tried to give her some encouragement. 'Sorry, just a bit of self-deprecating humour, nothing you need to worry about.' Saffron lied, lied poorly in fact. Immediately breaking eye contact and running her left hand through her hair. The last thing Saffron wanted to be was a source of pity and although that wasn't what Azure was trying to be the Atlas student internalised most assurances as coming from a place of contempt or at least disappointment. Saffron did brighten up considerably when the conversation turned to her 12 string but there remained some degree of hesitation. 'Twice the strings, twice the skill, twice the pleasure, twice the pain. My father always said that but it's not quite true of course, if you can play six you can play twelve but just as there are some adjustments you need to make not unlike swapping from acoustic to electric. But those adjustments can be hard to make when going from six to twelve, my first instrument was a twelve string so I didn't have that problem.' Saffron explained chuckling away as she mentioned her family's antics.

Nodding along as Azure continued to talk Saffron raised an eyebrow when the punk rocker implied she used her guitar in combat and handed it to her. 'You fight with her? That's ...impressive commitment, it's always interesting to see what other people turn into their weapons. I once thought my boomerangs would be one of the more unusual weapons but the more I travel the more pedestrian they seem. So how do you fight with it? Does it spit fire? Could serve double duty as pyrotechnics and Grimm deterrent.' Saffron asked struggling to hold in her laughter as she looked over the weapon. There was no malice in it but she wanted to make sure she wasn't perceived as rude however the image of Azure leaping into a pack of Beowulfs, strumming her guitar as it spat out flames was hard to ignore.

Finding a switch Saffron pressed it revealing some rather menacing looking axe blades which took the Atlas student by surprise. Looking up rather sheepishly at Azure Saffron gave a silent apology before handing the weapon back, axe blades resheathed. 'Or axe blades, axes are cool.....So you've tried your hand at electric and twelve string, have you tried another instrument? And don't worry I won't go running to the papers.' Saffron teased. She would never do that of course, Azure must be under a fair bit of scrutiny being an Atlas-based Faunus punk musician and Saffron wouldn't want to add to that. In fact, that could explain why she went to Beacon in the first place.

'Yea I was admiring the flowers when I was walking past. Kirkka Scarlet has clearly put in a lot of work here.' Saffron responded naming Beacon's groundskeeper. 'Well if you haven't had a class yet, what are you looking forward to? The first years can be a rowdy bunch but I guess that means you will fit right in given time.' Saffron continued looking closer Azure getting her guitar at 14 five years ago puts her at 19, a little old for the first year courses and then there was that mention of 'schools,' all together that did imply some troubled upbringing. Unfortunately, that was far too common on Remnant, particularly among the Faunus. 'If there is anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask. Atlas and Beacon do have their differences but it's mostly the same course matter so if you need advice there or just a simple sparing partner I would be happy to help.
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Golden Koi on September 25, 2018, 10:22:19 PM »
"Sure, I guess. Um......oh! I know! I work as a part-time clothing model down in Vale. I do both guy's and.....girl's clothing." He pouted a bit at the last one, muttering about his 'stupid trap looks' , dropping his duffel bag on the bed, and flopping down on it.

"What about you, er.....Kisha? Any cool things you wanna talk about? Like your weapon, or your favorite food?"

Truth be told, if none of them even mentioned pastries, Kin would have to introduce them to the glorious world of desserts. After all, he was gonna make sre he would be the team's permanent replacement.......or, if anyone wanted to come back, he could let them take his place.

He wasn't one to judge. They'd better make up for it, though.
Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
« Last post by NotSurprised on September 25, 2018, 08:50:45 PM »
Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
« Last post by Kaliot on September 25, 2018, 08:42:52 PM »
Slight change in wording for nicknames
Changed to 3rd year
Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
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Name: Yu Mei
   Affectionately referred to as Yumi or Yume

Age: 18, Born 27 Huā

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: -

Occupation: First-Year Haven Student, Artist

Physical Characteristics: Yu stands at 5 feet, 6.5 inches and weighs in at 140lbs, his frame being a little smaller than average. His skin is a slightly darker shade of almond and his eyes are a deep-jade. Yu's face is round and completely clean-shaven, genetics being a large factor in that, making his face appear somewhat feminine. His long, straight hair extends smoothly to below his shoulder-blades and, while appearing black, is revealed to be a dark-violet when put to light. He either lets his hair run or has it put into a bun. When he leaves it to run, he lets it run untamed or in a ponytail, and when he doesn't feel like dealing with it, in a bun directly positioned on the back of his head (closer to the top when wearing a beanie) . Even from a somewhat short distance, it is not uncommon for Yu to be mistaken for a girl. [ ]

Yu's typical outfits consists of a button-up shirt and jeans of all varieties and styles complimented with black or tan sneakers. When the weather isn't scorching, Yu also likes to put on a dark-blue parka. [ / ] [ ]

His voice is a bit higher-pitched than normal but still noticeably masculine.

History: Yu grew up in the suburbs of Vale, his mother a beautician and his father a Huntsman and aquarist. During his early grade-school years, he was often picked on for his girlish looks. This led to him forming friendships with many girls but few boys, and from this, he picked up interests typically considered feminine, becoming closer to his mother in the process to the (humorous) disappointment of his father. As he grew up, so did those around him, and that gave him the room to expand himself, but by that point, Yu had reached the middle-school cool stage, and all the activities he picked up were rebellious in nature. A lot of his skills went into pen-spinning and drawing (mainly graffiti at this point in time) with a little bit going into making amateur comics, and he took these skills with him all the way to Signal.

Yu entered Sanctum with the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword" as he hoped he would be able to make it work somehow. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't great at fighting and even less so with a pen of all things. Though he didn't give up on it, he was supplied with a bow in the meantime and trained with it along with hand-to-hand combat to make sure he wasn't defenseless when engaged upon.

During one of his summer breaks, Yu decided to experiment with Dust-infused ink. At first, nothing came out of it except some cool-looking drawings, but it wasn't until he started trying to recreate glyphs that he discovered the extent of its usefulness: Yu wasn't able to make glyphs directly with his aura, but he was able to with his pen, and effectively so. With the help of his instructors, he unraveled and refined his semblance.

His remaining tenure at Sanctum was uneventful.

Personality: Yu's early period of having his friend circle consist mostly of girls set the foundation for the further development of his personality as seeds of femininity were planted and began to blossom throughout his childhood. He grew to love flowers, small or baby animals, stuffed animals, and children. Yu loves gardening and can often be found in Beacon's garden in his free time. He also finds sewing and knitting to be relaxing and cooking to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

It was later in life that Yu began to take on boyish characteristics: innocent teasing and pranking, turf tagging, and a certain chillness that is better described as relaxed than laid-back. He has earned the nickname "Yu Sonuvabitch" or "Yu sob" among his close friends because of his eagerness to constantly mess with them. He is often the one leading his friends on silly or crazy expeditions to do silly or crazy things, taking the fall if they end up getting into trouble due to their voyages. When plans start to go awry, he is quick to take a step back in order to get a grasp of the bigger picture before things crumble altogether.

It is not uncommon for certain characteristics of each side of him seep into the hobbies of the other. For instance, he enjoys drawing flowers, plushies, and nature with an urban flair

He is a kind and caring individual who loves to nurture things and watch them grow, eventually blossoming into something wonderful. He is an emotionally sensitive person, but he chooses to hide it, or at least tune it down, in favor of running a smoother, less complicated life. His negative emotions are slow to build up unless the stimuli is sharp and impactful, and if surfaced, are quick to disperse. On the other hand, his positive emotions are quick to surface and can overwhelm him if he is unable to keep them in check.

Yu is straight and is open to relationships. For better or worse, he is often described as prince-like; he is intimate, though not overly so.

Aura and Semblance:
Pink Plum (#AE6576)

Yu's semblance is a variant of glyph-usage and is able to do exactly the same things, the point of difference being that he must manually weave them with his pen and can create "glyph tokens" which ready to be used anywhere and by anyone (half-life: ten days, effectively duds after twenty days; for simplicity's sake, let's say they are full power for the first ten days and half power for the following ten days) by drawing glyphs on circular tokens with Dust-infused ink. A token's strength is related to the complexity of the glyph, not the size of the glyph drawn, the simplest being as impactful as a heavy-weight's punch and the most complex (that's practical) being as impactful as artillery. He is working to establish a level above that, but for now he considers it unfeasible to complexity and instability.

On the field, he draws the glyphs directly in the air which is troublesome because the enemy can see and easily disrupt him; this typically limits him to the simpler, weaker range of glyphs.

His prepared glyph tokens are artillery-class projectiles (base: propulsion Dust) with all four elemental Dusts, repulsion Dust being added for each for an explosive effect if desired.

The aura-usage for his semblance is minuscule, but his semblance is capped by a variety of other factors, the major two being his Dust supply and time to create the glyphs. To alleviate the latte, Yu uses precise pen-spinning to speed up the process when out on the field though he is currently only capable of doing the simplest of glyphs in such a manner.

Combat Behavior: Yu's skillset lends himself to staying in the back-line so that is where he resides. Typically, he would want to rain hell on the enemies with both his tokens and manually, but because most Grimm fight in melee range, it is difficult to find space to use them without putting his teammates at risk. If that's the case and if he can't find isolated enemies, he will use his bow or less powerful glyphs to pick them of.

While he is mainly ranged, he is not completely defenseless in melee combat. Yu is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, but is edged out over those of a similar skill level who have much more experience than him (which should be most people). He also has a hard time dealing with those who have longer reach than him.


Name: Jiang

Primary Form: A 5', high-grade, aluminum folding-bow with a composite-fiber string. The bow is split into thirds: the middle section and the two arms, each half the length of the middle section, which can fold in for easy transportation. Fires normal and Dust-tipped arrows, both full light-weight metal.

Quiver holds 30 normal arrows and 15 Dust arrows of various types.

Secondary Form: When the arms are folded in, they can connect to the middle section and the middle section can split in half to form nun-chucks. This form is uncommonly used for fear of damaging the string and body of the bow.

Dust Functions: Dust-tipped arrows of various types.

History: The bow created for Yu at Signal when everyone thought he was crazy for trying to fight with a pen. While it does have a melee form, he prefers to use his fists over it.


Name: Yishu

Primary Form: A steel pen. At the blunt end is the cap in which ink cartridges are inserted. The cap is taken off with a quick few twists and if held onto the body by a wire. A button lower on the pen opens up the flow channel allowing the ink to be utilized.

Dust Functions: Carries cartridges for all pure Dust types. Fire is typically the default used for combat.

History: The bow created for Yu at Signal when everyone thought he was crazy for trying to fight with a pen. While it does have a melee form, he prefers to use his fists over it.


Name: Ziran

Primary Form: A 4' yew bow with a steel string. Fires normal and dust-tipped arrows; wooden. Used casually.

Dust Functions: Dust-tipped arrows of various types.

History: As his passion for archery grew, Yu decided to make a traditional bow from hand. He considers it to be one of his treasures.
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