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Hello again! I am here with the collection hat looking for donations. This time around will be a little different, however. I will leave the hat open basically forever(if someone donates like $1,000,000 to me I may close it because then I might have to start letting the IRS know about the money.)

Donations collected here pay for our expenses which cover server hosting, mostly. For now, extra funds will be collected and pooled up, but we are considering using them on other things to help the website out. Finally, some money will occasionally go to Vox for all the behind the scenes work he does for us.

If you want your money to be spent on something specific, please add a note to the donation specifying what to use it for! Also, note that your personal information will never be used for anything. You may also opt to choose "No shipping Address Needed" to skip that part.

You can donate here.

We also considered setting up a Patreon for the website, in the chance that people would rather use that or would like to pay us small sums monthly. It allows more anonymity than Paypal does, for one. Let me know in this thread if you are interested in that idea. We'd also be open to having goals and the like or offering rewards. Just no details on those things yet.

Well the advantage of Patreon is we can see how much everyone is already donating and you can be more specific on what is going to what. But personally I'd prefer Paypal because I don't really value my internet anonymity and it charges slightly less if you are paying $10+.


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