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Celeste Aurora Pendragon:
My name is Christina.... um.... i'm sorry i dunno what to write right now, just saw this place, wanted to look around, decide if i wanna try to join etc etc....

Hi hi hi! Hello and welcome, Christine! Feel free to have a look at the RP and characters that currently exist and even (after looking up the rules, annonouncements and character template) make your own! You can also pop onto the Discord server (links and stuff under announcements again) to have a chat with fellow members.

Here is a (now mandatory) muffin.
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Welcome! Gotta say, loving the Arthurian lore vibe from your username. Very classy.  ;D

Introductions, then. I'm Riven, the forum's officially-unofficial grumpy old RP veteran and part-time Photoshop wizard. I do hope you'll consider joining us here -- should you have any questions or want help getting started feel free to ask me, our friendly staff members, or just about any other member here (we tend to be a pretty helpful bunch by-and-large). Also, feel free to pop onto the Discord chat if you'd like to get to know the forum community.

And -- although Nate beat me to it -- I'd like to offer you a complimentary Welcome Muffin (see below). Bit of a tradition of mine.

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