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Alternative fatality methods


In case you'd like your edge lord's parent(s) to die for a reason other than Grimm or bandits of some sort (which includes Atlas military), Wikipedia has quite the interesting sample. Several of which would justify excessive usage of the Psyduck 'moji.

Oh, I suspect I'll be putting a few of these to work in the future. Thanks!

Cruel, unusual, and sadistic with just the right amount of traumatizing. I love it.

The some of older ones are so terrible.

In the context of making a character, it feels to me they weren't killed because they need to die, they're killed in this manner for the evulz if deliberately inflicted by a humansentient being making the their revenge or angst or whatever so much more personal, or make the extermination of the Grimm extra guilt-free, or make... the edgelord so speechless he can't even lampshade it if it was an accident?

Why does it even concern me, I'm not touching edgelords anytime soon... unless Cat was being one and I didn't realize.

But no, not going to use them any time soon.


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