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Hi! I'm Moth, found this place through a friend. I just started watching RWBY and it kickstarted my creativity hard, so I'm looking forwards to... well, everything! Hope everything goes well  :D

Most of my RP experience comes in the form of script instead of paragraph, so I'm still adjusting to forum usage. Any tips/suggestions/etc would be lovely!

Welcome welcome welcome! ;D

Always nice to have newcomers join us. I'm Riven, the dusty ol' RP veteran who wandered in out of the wastes about a year back and decided to settle down here. Welcome to the forum! If you need any help getting started or have any questions, feel free to touch base with myself or any of the talented staff members -- we've got a lot of good and talented people here. Definitely be sure to hit up the Discord chat, as that's where all the cool people hand out (and troll each other).

Now then... I have a bit of a tradition for newcomers. They all get muffins. Welcome muffins!

Weaponized welcome muffins!  ;D

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