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Arashi Kusanagi
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:12:01 AM »

Arashi Kusanagi (Prefers Kusanagi)

17, Born Tulikuuma 13

Species and Gender:
Human Male

Pair of crossed black throwing knives in front of a flame, blades pointed down.

First Year Beacon Student
Part Time Bartender
A Fukugensa re ta Seinen Leader (Meaning The Youth Restored)

Height: 6'0
Weight: 179lbs
Kusanagi, despite being born and raised in Vacuo, is actually remarkably pale. Tall and thin, he has loose dirty blonde hair that falls around his eyebrows, and his soft orange eyes always have a glint to them, not that you'll ever notice with the sunglasses he wears consistently. His casual wear consists of a white dress shirt with a black jacket over it, jacket left open and shirt's top two buttons undone, with a dark jeans and black dress shoes to fit, as well as his customary sunglasses, of which he has a many and varied collection. Kusanagi also has a trio of tattoos, the first is his symbol on the back of his left hand, the second is his gangs symbol, a trio of birds flying through a sunset, on the back of his right hand, and the third are a pair of phoenix wings, with fire emerging from them, on his back, from his shoulder blades to his hips.

When in combat, Kusanagi makes slight alterations to his outfit, replacing his normal jacket with a tougher leather one and swapping his dress shoes with heavier combat boots.

As for his uniform, the only modification he makes is that he keeps his top buttons open on his shirt, and his tie is left undone.

History: Kusanagi has had an interesting life. Born in Vacuo's capital, Kusanagi was raised by his parents and uncle in an apartment above their bar, Oasis Spring. Kusanagi was taught many things in his childhood, ranging from more common skills such as piano, sewing and programming, to more unique skills, like mixing drinks, lockpicking and Krav Maga, with his parents, and uncle in particular, believing that Kusanagi should have every available tool at his disposal. With this, Kusanagi's first ten years went by without a hitch.

However, this changed a few days before his eleventh birthday. His parents were out buying him a cake, and they were robbed and killed by a mugger. This devastated Kusanagi, and he refused to leave his room for weeks. When the mugger was caught, however, it was revealed that he was merely trying to bring some food home for his starving children. This event, and the revelation of the mugger's motivation, caused Kusanagi to develop a burning passion to help the unfortunate youth of his home city, so that no child would suffer. His friends, Mikoto Yata, Izumo Hatake, Ayato Momoshiki, Seri Munakata and Hinata Totsuka, had been planning to start a gang, and Kusanagi managed to convince them to make the protection of youths their goal. Taking the name Fukugensa re ta Seinen, or The Youth Restored, the gang set up in the back room of Oasis Spring, with Kusanagi's uncle giving them free reign of the room. Ayato's brother, a trained Huntsman, awoke all of their auras, and in his spare time, trained them in combat and the usage of their auras. The gang elected Mikoto as their leader, with Kusanagi as his second.

From there, the gang spread out, taking in stray kids and looking after them, sometimes just during the day, and sometimes on a more permanent basis. The leaders made sure to carve out a safe territory around the Oasis Spring, with the other gangs respecting their dedication to their cause, or fearing their wrath. Now, with the other leaders, bar Izumo, planning to go to Shade Acadamy to become Hunters, Kusanagi has decided on a slightly different path, instead travelling to Beacon, in a desire to see the world. Despite his lack of formal training, he managed to pass the entrance exam, though his lack of training and experience gave him difficulties on the more strategic and theoretical combat parts of the written exam, that other students learn at combat school, as well as being a bit weak on the physical, though not overtly so. He plans on returning to his home though, as do all the leaders, and making sure that their people will continue to be safe.

Personality: Cool, calm and collected, Kusanagi is his gang's straight man. A firm believer in logic and reason, his understanding of life makes him a source of guidance to those in need, and has caused him to keep a level head in many a situation. There are few things Kusanagi loves, his gang and it's cause, his uncle and his bar, and his trademark lighter. Kusanagi is a loyal man, a devout believer in bonds, and, should you make a bond with him, he will defend you with his life. The only other thing Kusanagi believes in is that childhood is a time for joy, and he has dedicated his life to protecting children in need, with Fukugensa re ta Seinen standing at his side. Always quick to smirk and make a joke, many people who meet Kusanagi believe that he cannot take anything seriously, but this is merely a fašade for the dedication and affection he has for his friends and family. The education that Kusanagi received has made him smarter than the average person his age, though he prefers language based studies, with mathematics being his weak spot in terms of basic education. The fact that he never attended a combat school means he doesn't have the same tactical training other students do, though he makes up for this with his quick thinking.

However, that isn't to say Kusanagi is always relaxed. Should you ignite his temper, usually by threating a child, he becomes like the storm he was named for, obliterating you and everything you happen to be near.

Also, should be noted Kusanagi has taken up the habit of smoking, though he only does it when he is alone, so as not to irritate anyone.

Aura and Semblance: Kusanagi's aura is a sunset orange that flows around him like a liquid.

Kusanagi's semblance is pyrokinesis, and is the basis of his fighting style. He is capable of manipulating any flame in a ten foot radius of himself, and can do many things with it, such as expand, shape or enhance the heat of the flame. Once he has control of the flame, however, he can exceed the ten foot radius. However, he cannot create fire, and as such, relies on his lighter to provide the much needed spark that burns his foes. Kusanagi can increase the temperature of the flames to a maximum of 550 degrees centigrade, though heating this drains him greatly. This doesn't apply to flames that start at a temperature higher than this. The flames operate like normal flames, though he can use his aura instead of oxygen should the situation arise, though this doubles the normal drain on his aura. This semblance drains Kusanagi's aura by 3% when he takes control, and then at a further 3% every 30 seconds. Modifying the flames in any way drains between 3-7% aura, depending on the modification, with temperature increasing drains by 6%. Kusanagi can hold the flames in place with his aura if they would normally by extinguished, but at a cost of 6% of his aura every 10 seconds. Can counter or be countered by water or ice related techniques, but this depends on the temperature of the flame and the type of attacks.

The typical shapes that Kusanagi uses include whips, small, condensed bolts, looser fireballs and waves, as well as more complicated shapes such as swords, shields and other, more artistic designs, though the amount of aura required to shape and solidify the fire, as well as the concentration required to maintain it, mean that Kusanagi is unlikely to use them in a fight, instead, he'll use them more for showing off to people. This is also why he received his throwing knives, to counter this issue.

Combat Behavior: Kusanagi has had several years of Krav Maga training, and is a competent street fighter. However, he prefers to be near the back of an engagement, his fire and knives making him more of a mid range combatant. Years of covering his gang members and friends in street brawls have taught him how to support and protect his allies in a fight, and he specialises in tag team engagements where he can let his fires blaze around his comrades and smite his enemies. He preferences the use of firebolts and fireballs, and tends to shape the flames into a whip emerging from Hikari, when pressed into a closer engagement. He also knows how to combine the use of his fire and his knives, combining their use, usually with the fire as a distraction to allow the knives to strike. However, Kusanagi finds close quarters combat to be troublesome, and he knows that his Krav Maga will only be able to protect him for so long, so he plans to learn another style, to cover this. He also finds one v one engagements to be awkward, though he isn't overly disadvantaged in these scenarios. And, if his fire is put out, it's almost guaranteed he will lose. His lack of formal training is both a hindrance and a help, as he doesn't have the focused skill set other combatants may have, though it also means his style isn't as easily read, as there is no training in them that the students from combat schools would be familiar with.

Primary Weapon

Name: Hikari (Light)

Primary Form: A crimson lighter with his symbol etched on either side, Hikari has a flick top to cover the release. Hikari also contains a specialised mechanism at the bottom, where dust can be added to increase the power of the flames.

Dust Functions: Either fire or wind dust can be added to Hikari. Fire dust causes the lighter to release all the remaining gas as a cataclysmic eruption of flames, while wind dust increases the kinetic force of the fire blasts, thus causing them to move faster and throw an opponent away if they connect. The use of dust reduces the amount of control Kusanagi has over the fire severely, with the fire dust being completely uncontrolled, and the wind being slightly alterable, usually by a few meters in a direction as it flies. The dust causes the symbol on Hikari to glow that particular colour, red if fire and green if wind.

Secondary Weapon

Name:Tanken (Daggers)

Primary Form: Simple set of throwing knives that Kusanagi keeps hidden on his body. Can be ignited with his fire for added damage. Has his gangs symbol engraved on each hilt.

History: Hikari was Kusanagi's Father's lighter, that Kusanagi modified in his spare time to become his primary weapon, in memorial of his parents. Kusanagi values Hikari dearly, and will never leave it more than a foot away from him. The Tanken, meanwhile, are a set of throwing knives his friends gave him for his fourteenth birthday, and each has their gangs symbol engraved on the hilt